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rich-c: verify
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rich-c: good evening daughter
Pamela on DSL!: Hi Dad
Pamela on DSL!: Hi Daniel
rich-c: bonsoir Daniel
Daniel B: bonsoir Rich, Pam.... et bientôt Guy
rich-c: so you're happy with your connection now?
Pamela on DSL!: got connected on Monday and woohoo!
Pamela on DSL!: by the way I was right, we needed a longer cord
rich-c: so now you have it what do you plan to do with it?
Daniel B: if it's a promotion "free the first months" test the stability of your connection
Pamela on DSL!: surf!
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Pamela on DSL!: it's not, Daniel
changed username to BobS
Pamela on DSL!: this is the same carrier we've always had
Daniel B: hello Bob!
Pamela on DSL!: and may I just say, John is a genius
BobS: guten tag alles!!!!!!
Pamela on DSL!: Hi bob
rich-c: hello Robert
BobS: si, why??????
BobS: all all
BobS: allo all
Pamela on DSL!: I repeat, woohoo!
BobS: why is that a miracle?
rich-c: what did he do right? except dish teh dirt on your dad ; - )
Pamela on DSL!: actually Papa, your name never came up
Pamela on DSL!: I said a genius, not a saint Bob
rich-c: I know, I was kidding - but what went well?
Pamela on DSL!: figured out how to get me connected when the L
Pamela on DSL!: LAN didn't want to recognize the connection
rich-c: that does take geneius, it takes major mastery of the black arts
rich-c: just ask Doug S.
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Pamela on DSL!: he obviously has not offended the computer gods lately
changed username to Dr. D.
Daniel B: bonsoir Dr.D
Pamela on DSL!: Hi Rich
Dr. D.: Hello all.
rich-c: unlike certain others we copuld mentioin who again spent three hours reinstalling XP
Dr. D.: Rin sends her regrets, she is not feeling well tonight.
BobS: Hi doc
Dr. D.: As of 6:45 PM, she was going to bed with a headache.
Pamela on DSL!: again Dad?
BobS: SICKLY??????
BobS: bummer dude
rich-c: hello Dr. D. - back in Cleveland now?
Dr. D.: Pam has DSL now?
BobS: si
Pamela on DSL!: yes,yes,yes
Dr. D.: Yes I am Richard...I am very sorry we did not manage to come visit you and Frances.
BobS: smokin' Pamela they call here
rich-c: about all you missed was a major diatribe on Bill Gates and all his works
Dr. D.: Well, we could have likely redirected the conversation just didn't work out this trip.
Dr. D.: I presume Chairman Bill has wronged you again?
rich-c: I doubt it - I'm working with their centre in Beijing - they suggest somethihng, the results look good, then the computer crashes
Pamela on DSL!: Rich, thanks again for the input the other night
Dr. D.: Beijing!
Dr. D.: Sure Pam...ask anytime.
Dr. D.: Did you have a chance to look at the DVD any yet?
rich-c: I am getting overtired of re-installing XP every other day, especially when the installation disc crashes half way through
Pamela on DSL!: not yet, Rich
Pamela on DSL!: I should put it in now : )
Dr. D.: The first day is all photos. No video until the 2nd day.
rich-c: Microsoft has their support centre in Beijing
Dr. D.: Maybe Rin and I can walk you through the trip sometime.
Dr. D.: It was a nice vacation, I think the very first real one I have ever had...
Dr. D.: China sellout :-)
Pamela on DSL!: I'm not surprised
rich-c: they call it offshoring - I have other words
Pamela on DSL!: none of them polite, I assume : )
Dr. D.: This recent stint in Toronto was the longest we have been together ever, I think: 13 days straight.
rich-c: your assumption is correct, daughter - one of the milder ones is treason
Dr. D.: Immigration is hard :-S
Pamela on DSL!: speaking of which, what's happening on that front?
rich-c: any furtehr progress on that front, Rich - even a timeline?
Dr. D.: Today I just mailed off what is called an Affidavit of Support.
Pamela on DSL!: what is it?
Dr. D.: It is a form to prove that I have enough $$$ to support Rin when she gets here.
rich-c: as in yes you can afford to keep her?
Dr. D.: Fill it out, attach a letter from CWRU verifying my employment, and photocopies of the last 3 years' income tax returns.
rich-c: you will yet run them out of excuses to keep her out, but it will take a while yet
Dr. D.: There is one more, but Rin needs to do most of the legwork for it: the actual Application for Immigrant Visa (Form DS-230).
Daniel B: a new film on Bruce Lee... for this year. it's a film about his life, made by his brothers and sisters.
Dr. D.: It requires notarized copies of all the docs we have already given them, which didn't have to be notarized copies before.
rich-c: who's Bruce Lee?
Daniel B: (just trying to say something different)
Dr. D.: So Rin has to request a full set to send them.
BobS: oh for vrying out loud
BobS: WHAT THE HECK do they need anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
Dr. D.: She also has to finally get her passport changed to say Drushel instead of MacLean.
BobS: should be adoabel thing
Dr. D.: These are docs like birth certificate, name change, marriage certificate, etc. that just needed to be clear photocopies for previous forms.
rich-c: that at least should be the least of her worries - though given Canada C&I, maybe I shouldn't be so sanguine
Pamela on DSL!: so why do they have to be notarized now??
Dr. D.: And she needs to get police reports from Toronto *AND* Windsor, from the RCMP, to prove she has no criminal record.
Dr. D.: Because they do.
Daniel B: I converted some films from VHS to DVD.... it seems to work well, except that it takes a long time to record and then burn into dvd format.
Pamela on DSL!: good lord, it would be easier to get an audience with the Pope
Pamela on DSL!: or the queen
rich-c: I've never recorded a film, but burning CDs and DVDs has never impressed me as being too time consuming
Dr. D.: And I also have to go back through our E-mail archive and reconstruct exactly how many times and dates she has been in the US since ADAMcon 16.
Dr. D.: The form wants a complete list of all times she has been into the US, the cutoff of course being when we crossed back into
Dr. D.: Windsor after her birthday so we could get married in August 2006.
Daniel B: Sometimes, some movies I have in VHS are showed again on TV, but it's never the same version. Sometimes it's because when I recorded the movie, it was translated here, or they cut more scenes to add more ads during the 2 hours.
Dr. D.: I don't know if she was ever in Detroit much etc. while she lived in way to get those dates back now, I am sure.
Pamela on DSL!: if she went it was probably wiht Graeme and Sabrina - they might have a record
Dr. D.: But when DS-230 gets filed, then it is back in Homeland Security's court...the next contact will be to let her know 30 days before her interview and medical exam in Montreal.
Pamela on DSL!: why since AC 16?
Dr. D.: That is when she was in the US at the start of me knowing her.
Pamela on DSL!: ah
Daniel B: for me, buying a tv series at the shoping mall is risky, because it's very rare they include the french version in the package deal.
Dr. D.: I know the next time after that was sometime in February 2005, after the separation.
rich-c: I don't even remember what year that was, or where
Pamela on DSL!: 16 was El Paso Dad
Pamela on DSL!: 2004 I think
Dr. D.: But after that, I have to re-read all our E-mail to find out when she came here (always by bus I am pretty sure, though sometimes I drove her back myself).
rich-c: OK
Dr. D.: September 2004.
Daniel B: I have tons of VHS I want recycle. And burning on dvd supports uses less space.
rich-c: Daniel, don't the mall stores in Quebec normally sell DVDs in French?
Pamela on DSL!: um Rich, didn't you have a computer hard drive crash in there somewhere?
Dr. D.: My mail has been on computers that did not crash.
Pamela on DSL!: phew
Dr. D.: I keep my mail on the MacOS 9 machine in my office. And that has been archived to CD and DVD several times.
Dr. D.: I have never lost any E-mail archives.
rich-c: oh right, you use Macs, don't you
Pamela on DSL!: smart Rich : )
Dr. D.: I am not saying it is a plus of the Mac.
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Guy B.: Greetings!!!
Daniel B: only reccently, Quebec governement is applying a law of selling the french version whatever if the french version is made here or in another country. But for the tv series, it's another story. american series all only in english or english + spannish.
rich-c: hello Guy - how windy is the Windy City?
Pamela on DSL!: Hi Guy
Dr. D.: Hello Guy. Happy New Year (belated)
Guy B.: Not windy now. All the snow is gone from here though
Pamela on DSL!: yes, all ours is gone too
rich-c: but we sure got a big dose of your leftover wind today
Dr. D.: We had horrific winds here last night, rattled the windows so much it woke me up in the night.
Guy B.: But, we had some rare tornadoes hit up close to the IL-WI border
Dr. D.: But today was calm and warm and bright sunshine all day long.
Daniel B: Weather : Quebec, raining a little bit... tomorow sunny but cold, making ice, will be fun!
Dr. D.: Rin says it was grey and cold in Toronto today.
Guy B.: Today we are back to normal
rich-c: in the afternoon we got some glimpses of sunlight, just enough to tantalyze
Pamela on DSL!: While it was a pleasant change, i don't think I'd want that weather all the time - it was waaay too warm for January
Dr. D.: It was a bright March day here today.
rich-c: I have a doctors appointment Friday morning, by which time I suspect driving will be ... interesting
Pamela on DSL!: which reminds me, i have to sew a couple of buttons back on my coat
Dr. D.: Would you consider a cab, Richard?
rich-c: no inhibitions on that score, Rich
rich-c: but it's much easier for me to get into and out of the trucl
Dr. D.: Just want you to be careful.
Pamela on DSL!: its supposed to be 6 and light rain on Friday Dad - you should be fine
rich-c: yes, I have to go from Dr.S's office to the building next door for an x-ray
Dr. D.: BTW today is someone's birthday...
Daniel B: Quebec founded in 1608... happy 400th ... (I had to say this at least once tonight).
rich-c: anyone we know?
Dr. D.: haha, very good, Daniel, but alas, that was not the birthday I was thinking of :-)
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Dr. D.: Yes...
Dr. D.: My daughter Christina is 21 today.
Guy B.: Already!
changed username to Ron
Guy B.: Hi Ron
Ron: Evening good people!
Daniel B: bonsoir Ron!
rich-c: how about that - that's a big one - many happy returns to her
Pamela on DSL!: HI ron
Dr. D.: Hello Ron.
rich-c: hello Ron
Ron: Happy New Year to all!
Dr. D.: Her suitemates at school were making a big roast beef dinner for her.
Pamela on DSL!: and to you
Daniel B: Happy birthday! Christina!
Guy B.: Where did the time go Dr. D?
Dr. D.: Some time goes very fast, all last saw her at ADAMcon XIII I think.
Pamela on DSL!: does that make her legally an adult now Rich?
Dr. D.: Yes, totally legal beagle.
Guy B.: Back in Cleveland
rich-c: yes, we still visualize her more in the short skirts and pigtails mode
BobS: no kidding..........seems like not that long ago that we were in Cleveland and she was a young teenager
Dr. D.: She was a kid at ADAMcon 007
Ron: 21 - congrats to Christina
Dr. D.: I will convey the many happy returns :-)
Ron: Lord yes, seems like ages ago
Guy B.: I remember that. She was very quiet too at the time
Dr. D.: She is a bit more open now.
Pamela on DSL!: Ron, please check your calendar for June 12 to 15th
Ron: Will be in Italy (May 12 - June 15))
Pamela on DSL!: I thought that wasn't until September!
Daniel B: I watched a video on youtube ... about the bad way children in US learn mathematics? is that true? with math books that explain more about geography and how to use a calculator than table of multiplication?
Ron: Move Adamcon to Florence
Dr. D.: Ha
Ron: No the kids changed it. Had to do with getting time off work I think
Ron: don't move it just on my account Pam
rich-c: that sound you hear is Pamela tearing her hair and screaming
Dr. D.: So you will be known as Ronaldo Micelli or something like that while abroad? :-)
Pamela on DSL!: actually it was swearing, but . . .
Ron: I know.... and others have priority
Ron: sorry about that Pam.... the change just surfaced over Christmas
Daniel B: I have my passport, I suppose I can go to Florence... but I can't speeak italian.
BobS: same here Daniel
Ron: Neither can I
rich-c: in fact I'm not sure any of us can
Pamela on DSL!: maybe Guy can
Ron: <grin> Dr. D. Yeah, something like that....... Mitchelli the pasta boy
Dr. D.: Christina can :-) She took 2 years of Italian at college.
Ron: I have Italian for Dummies
rich-c: besides by tehn with fuel costs no one will be able to fly anyway
Guy B.: Wish I knew Italian
Ron: must open it soon
Dr. D.: You aren't a dummy, Ron, so it is hopeless
Pamela on DSL!: remember it's a Romance language Ron
Pamela on DSL!: that will give you a basis
Ron: Oh
Daniel B: Daniel Bienvenito?
Ron: last weekend of June would be OK Pam
Ron: 26-30
Pamela on DSL!: that's no good for me Ron, I have too much work then
Pamela on DSL!: and I kinda have to be there
rich-c: there you run into cost questions, Ron - too close on prime season
Ron: right
Ron: Only other space that would be a non-starter for me would be the first two weeks in August. Family comes here then
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changed username to Judy
Pamela on DSL!: Hi Judy
Judy: Hi, Pam
Ron: Hey Judy!
Judy: and Daniel, Ron, Dr D, Guy and Rich
rich-c: hello Judy
Dr. D.: Howdy Judy
Pamela on DSL!: hang on, gotta check something
Dr. D.: <Jeopardy music>
Ron: Jeff just made the airline reservations the other day.... Do you know......
Guy B.: Hi Judy
Ron: it's cheaper to get to Florence and Return than it is to get to Halifax and return?
Ron: something wrong with that picture I tell ya
rich-c: no. but I'm not surprised
Dr. D.: It was cheaper to go from Toronto to El Paso with a stop in Cleveland than to go just from Toronto to Cleveland...
Daniel B: Daniele Benvenuto... I suppose it's how my name sounds like for italian people.
Dr. D.: That is it, Daniel.
rich-c: how do they compare on Great Circle Route mileage?
Ron: right.
Ron: have no idea
Dr. D.: Though it might be Buonvenuto
Ron: be right back
Dr. D.: I will have to ask Christina, she studied both Italian and French.
BobS: ah.......the language of LOVE and the language of FRENCH FRIES
Daniel B: I shaw a "Mikes" (pizza) ads and the guy said something like "benvenuto del Mikes".
Daniel B: Nice one! Bob!
Dr. D.: Then it is Benvenuto.
rich-c: yes, there's a well known apartment block in Toronto called the Benvenuto
Pamela on DSL!: nope, I can't swing that weekend, no way
Pamela on DSL!: Rich, when will you know about your presentation date?
Dr. D.: March, maybe April. You can't wait on me.
Daniel B: I will have to say goodnight in a few minutes... I'm feeling sleepy.
Dr. D.: I have to finish writing the paper by 18 January to even go.
Dr. D.: The abstract was accepted in November.
Ron: sleep well Daniel
Dr. D.: Nite Daniel.
rich-c: right, Daniel - these days seem to be very tiring
Pamela on DSL!: gnite Daniel
BobS: nite Daniel
Dr. D.: But even if I ended up presenting on the 23rd (Monday), I would be able to attend at least some of the convention.
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel - a la Prochaine
Daniel B: keep us informed ... did the adamcon mailing list works? I did't received messages reccently.
Dr. D.: Rin would just have to travel with you and meet me there, and go back home with you, as I would have to depart for Pittsburgh.
Daniel B: Bonne nuit tout le monde! Good night everyone!
Dr. D.: coladam is not working
Daniel B: Bonne annee encore! Happy new year again!
Daniel B: *poof* *pouf*
Ron: pouf?
Pamela on DSL!: poofing in two languages, I love it
Daniel B: @Ron, it's french version for *poof*
Ron: ah
Dr. D.: No poofers here, Bruce.
Dr. D.: poofters either
Daniel B: english : errrr, french : euhhh
Dr. D.: Both are painful :-)
Daniel B left chat session
Ron: Daughter-in-law is fluent in Italian. So is her mother (who is also coming with us). Intend to stick close to the -inlaws
Dr. D.: Remember, pizza is not an Italian dish.
Ron: apparently no
rich-c: yes it is, the original is Neapolitan - but it's a bit different from the versions we see
Ron: but they have it over there. Am told that the Tuesday market it's there and it's to die for
Pamela on DSL!: what happened to the coladam list??
Ron: Will actually be staying about 30 min south of Florence
rich-c: up in Firenza they are likely too snooty to acknowledge anything from the south
Dr. D.: Dale moved to a new ISP that won't let him run a mailing list.
Dr. D.: I think he said last time I was on the chat...
Ron: what kind of an ISP is that?
Pamela on DSL!: must have missed that
BobS: well bummer, then we won't know spit
Dr. D.: One who doesn't want any non-Microsoft security holes :-)
rich-c: actually what seemed to be the name is a fairly well known local one
Ron: there are enough Microsoft security holes to deal with
Dr. D.: You could always do something on yahoogroups...our fraternity local alumni have a mailing list there.
Ron: yahoo groups, or google groups
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Ron: our camera club is using the google thing
Pamela on DSL!: gmail?
Ron: ya
rich-c: yahoo tends to be a little too nosy about personal information, and I suspect careless with it
Ron: no, actually it's not mail, think it can be a chat
Ron: I have iChat on my Mac
Ron: which I think is AOL
Pamela on DSL!: well for my purposes, I can simply create a group mailing list and send things that way
rich-c: gmail does offer a chat module in the webmail
Dr. D.: I don't have any gmail account, since Google may someday decide to be evil and read my mail...even though the guy who wrote gmail was an alumnus of my 2nd robot course, and I did the phone interview when he applied for a job...he was employee 25 or 26.
Ron: I'm really sorry about the change in plans Pamela. Had been expecting the 'con in July, so I told Jeff to go ahead and book it
Pamela on DSL!: the problem with July in Niagara Falls is it's high season and very expensive
Ron: right
Pamela on DSL!: also, very hot
rich-c: on the otehr hand in the shoulder seasons you can pick up some really neat bargains
Pamela on DSL!: and July through November are very busy months for me at work
Dr. D.: The Clifton Hill tourist area is very steep and crowded...not sure some of our group would fare too well there on walkabout.
Pamela on DSL!: so it was either May or June
rich-c: they are very seasonal though - wouldn't recommend seeking a quote for Valentines Day
Dr. D.: Where Rin and I stayed for our anniversary in August was nice and flat, though...but it was a honeymoon room, basically just a place to, well, sleep.
rich-c: sure, but who's going to bother with Clinton Hill anyway?
Dr. D.: Inexpensive, but not what you are looking for for a convention, methinks.
Pamela on DSL!: I'm looking outside Niagara Falls proper
Pamela on DSL!: St. Catharines seems like the best bet so far
Dr. D.: We did because we liked the touristy museums and stuff...I had not been there since with my high school marching band in Spring 1977.
Pamela on DSL!: The last time we were in the Falls was in 1992
Pamela on DSL!: I imagine it's changed somewhat since then : )
rich-c: unfortunately the attractions are around the city, up to the river mouth
Dr. D.: I have been to the Falls proper several times since high school, but never up the hill to the "attractions"...the Ferris wheel was not there in 1977, for instance.
Pamela on DSL!: that's in Maple Leaf Village, right?
Dr. D.: The DVD has video from the Ferris wheel, Pam :-)
rich-c: Frances and I spent a month around Niagara a couple of years ago, in the fall
rich-c: but we spent our time visiting wineries and things
Judy: we were there 39 years ago in Jan
Pamela on DSL!: I'm also pondering what to do for our outing
Judy: this week as a matter of fact
Ron: Was last there Easter 1968
Dr. D.: When I was showing photos to my stepsister and her husband, turns out that the table we ate dinner at on our anniversary at the top of the Fallsview Hilton was one table over from where they ate after they got married.
Ron: which is 40 years ago
rich-c: if everyone were feeling really weslthy, dinner at Cave Springs (Restaurant on the Twenty) is nice
Pamela on DSL!: really really wealthy Dad
Ron: having just returned from Italy, it's likely sheckles will be in short supply
Dr. D.: It was a gorgeous view...and an expensive dinner...but we were dressed up, me in tux, Rin in evening gown and pearls...gotta do that at least a few times in your life.
rich-c: no, they aren't gun and mask territory, but they do offer fine dining
Ron: I'm almost on the edge of saying you guys go ahead and have the con with it's best for ya and don't worry about me
Dr. D.: Later we went on the horse-drawn carriage ride up the parkway, waving to the crowd like royalty, it was great.
Pamela on DSL!: I'd like to do that, have never done it
Dr. D.: Rin and I really want to see everyone at this con, especially since we have had to punt the last 2 due to finances...I have already saved my $500, can't speak for Rin...
Ron: when it's best for ya I mean
Judy: ride in the carriage or dressed up?
Dr. D.: Both
Pamela on DSL!: ride in the carriage
Pamela on DSL!: we do dressed up whenever someone gets married
Dr. D.: We get dressed up just to do it :-) Got favorable comments at the show we went to at Princess of Wales on the 28th.
rich-c: since I have our gurus here, I have some Windows questions
Dr. D.: Hey, I spent $300 on the tux, by God I am gonna wear it to more than weddings and funerals :-)
Judy: we would like that too, we didn't come last year at all and only one day the year before
Pamela on DSL!: I want you all there
rich-c: on a new installation you can have four partitions, any or all bootable, right?
Pamela on DSL!: Ron, is there any way you could swing the 19th to the 22nd? I know it would be tight
Dr. D.: My Windows gurudom went out with Win98...
Ron: me too
rich-c: if I add a partition for ubuntu does that count as part of the four? even if it's FAT format?
Dr. D.: All I know about Vista is that you have to reinstall part of it to get telnet and ftp in the Command window.
Ron: never was a guru..... just a survivor of the school of hard knocks
rich-c: I have XP and will go back to 98SE before I'll install Vista
Dr. D.: Rin's new laptop had Vista, and I had to at least get telnet and ftp working so I could use the machine if needed.
Dr. D.: It would be nice if Vista shipped with ssh and sftp, but...
Guy B.: Going to install Ubuntu as my 3rd OS on the Compaq this weekend. As well as getting the Athlon ready for WinXP. Copying the hard drives this weekend as well
Pamela on DSL!: Guy, are you planning to drive up to Niagara Falls?
Guy B.: That's a good question. I wonder how long it will take me to get there if I drive?
rich-c: Guy, what are you using for your boot manager?
Dr. D.: It is 6 hours from Chicago to Cleveland, right?
BobS: probably about 12 hours Guy
rich-c: don't plan to do anything else the same day, Guy
BobS: figure 8 hours past Grand Rapids
Dr. D.: Then add another 5 or 6.
Dr. D.: To get from Cleveland to Niagara Falls.
Guy B.: I have a Trios hard drive selector on the Compaq. I have WinXP running now on an 80GB hard drive, WinME with a 60GB for the 2nd OS and Ubuntu will have a 2.1GB as the third
Dr. D.: This is including time for stops; nominally it is 3 hours to Ft. Erie if you don't stop.
rich-c: is it really that long, Rich? or are you thinking border delays in there?
Dr. D.: I am figuring weather, border delays, and at least one rest stop (probably at Angola NY on the Thruway).
Guy B.: The Dell I have Ubuntu and Win98 and using the GRUB manager to boot between the two
Ron: speed limit Rich! Speed limit!
Dr. D.: And driving 69 MPH.
Guy B.: Yes, that is right Dr. D
rich-c: those are all separate physical drives though, Guy?
Guy B.: Right, they are Rich
Dr. D.: Trust me, I know every pothole on I-90 and the QEW from Cleveland to Toronto.
rich-c: I'm interested in putting all on partitions of a single drive
Guy B.: I push a button, the BIOS configures HD and it boots up with the correct OS
Dr. D.: That is how it is supposed to work, Guy.
rich-c: I need to use FAT32 and it has a 32 gb limit under XP
Ron: Have had trouble with that Rich. Now booting ubuntu from it's own USB external
Guy B.: If you convert to NTFS, then there is no limit on the size
Ron: Partitions are supposed to work, but I've sometimes had trouble
Dr. D.: Win98 cannot read NTFS, I think that is Richard's problem.
Guy B.: By the way, I have FAT32 on the 80GB and no problems.
rich-c: well there is, Guy, but they don't make drives that big yet ;-)
Guy B.: Your right Dr. D, Win98 can't use NTFS.
Dr. D.: There are 500+ GB drives now, Richard.
rich-c: yes I know, if you want to pay for them I think there are terabyte drives around
Dr. D.: In a couple years they will be cheap.
Guy B.: I have seen 1 terabyte advertised now
rich-c: well I have some 8 and 16 bit programs I'm fond of so I am limited to FAT32
rich-c: or I could have one FAT32 and one NTFS of course
Dr. D.: You might just want to consider an external USB drive...or even a 4 GB USB memory stick. They are about $50 now I think.
Dr. D.: I think modern BIOSes support booting from external USB media.
rich-c: the fun setup I expect would be one primary and one extended for each of NTFS and FAT32, then Ubuntu on the side
Pamela on DSL!: Do we have any idea if Doug and Meeka plan to attend this year?
Ron: mine does
rich-c: I keep getting told my machine won't boot from a USB drive - I do have one
Dr. D.: If it is of a certain age, it won't boot from a USB drive, that is true. I have a P3-450 like that.
Judy: don't have a clue
rich-c: even with the older BIOSs like mine I believe it's possible if you know the trick
Judy: I would think they would if it is on the right week-end
rich-c: I mean, it does support USB ports, including 2.0
Dr. D.: I think I am going to have to sign off for tonight, eyes are getting heavy, and I have to be up at 6 AM to get the girls off to school.
Judy: if it is the second week-end they have a committment, I think
Ron: 6am.... ewwww!!
BobS: be good Rich and tell Christina CONGRATS
Dr. D.: So good night to all...yes ewww Ron, but some of us are not retired yet.
Pamela on DSL!: goodnite then Rich, please wish Christina a happy birthday
Ron: nite Dr. D.
Dr. D.: I will pass it along to her.
Judy: night Dr D
Dr. D.: 3s and 8s, we gone, bye-bye
rich-c: you sound retired, Ron - I'm told days do have a 6 a.m., though
Dr. D.: <poof>
Dr. D. left chat session
Ron: retired, retreaded, retarded, something like that
Pamela on DSL!: try unemployed : )
Ron: yeah, that too
rich-c: or some days, all of the above? 8-)
Pamela on DSL!: because from my observation, you do more work when you're not working : )
Ron: some days, yes
Judy: and at a slower pace
Ron: I get to choose what I will do and what I won't do
rich-c: yes, it still has to be done but you set the order of priority
Judy: sounds really good, Ron
Ron: heard on the news a few min ago they 've had a 6.3 quake off the Oregon Coast just about an hour ago
Ron: yes, life is good
Ron: are we all going to drown?
BobS: oh prolly just a minor inconvenience Ron
Pamela on DSL!: given the weather out there recently, I'm surprised you're not already under water
Ron: we have a 6000 ft mountain range in the way, but 60 million years ago, it too was under water
Judy: this has been a strange winter
rich-c: 6.3 off the coast should not be too significant a bump - except you've had a cpouple of them last few weeks
Ron: Edmonton had a whimp of a winter - at least over Christmas
Ron: yes, things are restless out there
Judy: we have been up and down, this week we had a 60 degree day
Pamela on DSL!: you can say that again Judy
rich-c: Mt. Ranier should erupt any moment - sell your Tacoma real estate
Ron: Zonker!!!
Ron: The Mayan Calendar comes to an end in 2012
Ron: that's about as long as we've got
Ron: Repent Ye!
rich-c: no, they aren't on the Pacific plate, they are on another
Pamela on DSL!: we hit 15 yesterday
Ron: wierd eh?
rich-c: speaking of which, Michigan has a primary fairly soon, doesn't it?
BobS: a joke of a primary richard
BobS: only democrat onthe ballot is hillary
rich-c: why? something about the organization I don't know?
BobS: the rest pulled out when the national party disavowed the primary
Judy: yes, and a real joke that is most of the candidates aren't even on it
Judy: a waste of a good vote that is for sure
Ron: educate me. Participation in the primaries is at the discretion of the candidate???
rich-c: oh, it's one of those states that decided to jump the gun and got stepped on?
BobS: seemed that way......but who knows
Judy: you got it
BobS: YES Ron
Ron: i see
Ron: a decision based on political optics no doubty
Ron: doutt
Judy: we have a real bright Governer, was her idea
rich-c: primaries choose convention delegates, so they do tend to be important
Ron: d-o-u-b-t
Ron: ah.... now I see
rich-c: maybe Hillary figures the party will be told (court case?) they have to honour the rsult?
Judy: not the way it works Rich, the delegates can take their names off
rich-c: what are the Re[ublicans doing?
Judy: news is telling people to vote undecided
Pamela on DSL!: why would they though?
Judy: they are all on
BobS: so taht the delegates could not be assigned to Hilly Pam
rich-c: I gather the GOP will honour the result, then
Pamela on DSL!: ah
Judy: must be they don't want Hilly
Judy: guess they will somewhat
Ron: sounds like the sexism is already starting..... (as in "Wash my shirt")
rich-c: sounds unlikely, Hillary is said to be the favourite of the party brass
Pamela on DSL!: I don't understand the American election system - must do some research
Judy: a real waste of money I think
Judy: most people don't Pam
Ron: do all States have primaries?
rich-c: are the Democrats miffed at the race among states for publicity by pushing their primaries earlier and earlier?
Pamela on DSL!: have pity on us poor Canucks
Judy: no some have caucuses
Ron: the difference is?
rich-c: no Ron, some have caucuses and I think some states have nothing much
Ron: difference between a primary and a caucus?
rich-c: procedural, no ballots or anything in caucus
Ron: ah
Judy: yes I think they are and trying to stop it
rich-c: in some stateeds one party has a primary and the other has nothing
Judy: caucus is more of a debate until they come up with winning person
Ron: ok
rich-c: and delegates can be shared proportionally, it isn't winner take all
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changed username to Roberto
Roberto requested to ban BobS
rich-c confirmed ban
Pamela on DSL! confirmed ban
Pamela on DSL!: having problems, Bob?
Ron confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
Ron: Disappearing Bob
rich-c: see you fell off, Bob, or did you switch computers?
Judy: he got dumped
Roberto: just got dumped [chat server is clsoing.....]
Pamela on DSL!: weird
Roberto: must have tripped on a sidewalk crack and fell off !!!!!! ;-)
Ron: nasty
Judy: they are trying to drive us nuts with election junk, will go on for forever
Roberto: I think I skinned my knee
Ron: suppose it must be hard to take at times eh Judy?
Pamela on DSL!: <gives Bob a Bandaid>
Judy: no lie
Judy: gets old real fast
rich-c: we got some mail spam today from someone wants to be a candidate if there's an election
Ron: Thank God we don't get as much government as we pay for!
rich-c: we never know when the next federal election will be
Ron: At the whim of the Prime Minister
Pamela on DSL!: given what I've been hearing from Cynthia, sometime in the spring
Roberto: just hope it is a short term thing......and doesn't hurt too long
rich-c: oh, our election campaigns are limited in time, who can talk, and how much they can spend
Judy: we only wish, they spend sooo much money
rich-c: don't see any great American movement forelectoral reform, Judy
Judy: they talk about it but nothing ever changes
rich-c: all it takes is enough folks who want it and are ready to fight for it
Pamela on DSL!: shock and surprise
Roberto: just spend more cash and last longer
Judy: not when the money rules
Ron: the best government money can buy
rich-c: it doesn't have to be that way - but if that's how you want it...
Judy: it is the democratic way
rich-c: anyway, despite our rules we still get governments that are no prizes
Ron: part of it that I don't understand is the Electoral College
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changed username to Annie
Ron: need to read more
Annie changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: Guy's back
Guy B.: Sorry folks. I knocked myself off
Pamela on DSL!: are you having trouble too Guy?
Pamela on DSL!: ah
Roberto: he just killed hisself?????????
rich-c: essentially, Ron, the Electoral College elects the President
Guy B.: Anyway, time for me to go. Will see you all next week
Judy: the electoral collage should be changed also
rich-c: in each state, what you vote for is really a delegate to the Electoral Collega
Pamela on DSL!: goodnight Guy
Ron: ok
Judy: night Guy
Roberto: the college is a throwback to the 1800's when the results had to be pony express'd in to be counted
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: some states split the candiates the electors are committed to proportionally to the vote, others are winner take all
Ron: right
rich-c: night Guy
Ron: Night Guy
Roberto: lot easier than counting popular vote......but NOW in the electronic age......well USE IT
rich-c: back when it was introduced it had much more power and broader mandate, now it's a relic
Pamela on DSL!: I think I need to find a copy of US Elections for Dummies
Roberto: correct on that count Richard
Ron: when you find it Pam, I'll go halvsies with ya
Pamela on DSL!: done
Roberto: and with that...........I am gonna bid ya'll a fond adios and farewell
Pamela on DSL!: g'nite
Pamela on DSL!: Bob
Roberto: time to hit the sack, jack.........
Ron: niters Bob. Go straight home
Roberto: will do Ron
rich-c: right, daughter, it's that time - night and sleep tight
Roberto: <[grin>
Pamela on DSL!: and Judy too I assume
Judy: save yourself the grief and just admit you don't get it, no one else does either
Roberto: :-)
Ron: probably best Judy
Roberto left chat session
Pamela on DSL!: I want to at least buy a clue
Ron: I always enjoy being a CNN junkie on election night
Ron: Wolf Blitzer will set it all straight
Judy: yes, night all have to get some sleep need to go to my parents and work for the day
Ron: Nite Judy
Ron: be well
Judy left chat session
Pamela on DSL!: face it Ron, we all get hooked in despite our best efforts
rich-c: night Judy, till next week
Ron: yup
rich-c: and time for me to go too
Ron: all right guys.....I'm off to the recliner from Hell
Pamela on DSL!: talk to you in the next couple days, dad
Ron: to watch some TV
Ron: nite all
rich-c: so goodnight, Ron and Pamela
Pamela on DSL!: nite Ron
Ron: pooof!!!
Pamela on DSL!: Night Daddy
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
Pamela on DSL!: kerpoof
Pamela on DSL! left chat session
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