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packrat: where u all at? 1st time here....getting lonley
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changed username to rich-c
rich-c: verify
rich-c: reset
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: no no... I'm not there yet! ;-)
rich-c: salut, Daniel - ca va?
Daniel Bienvenu: salut Rich!
Daniel Bienvenu: oui, ca va bien.
rich-c: how is teh wesatehr down your way?
Daniel Bienvenu: la meteo ici est "froid"... "pas trop froid"
rich-c: we have had a fairly mild period, either side of 0C
rich-c: but it looks like trop froid over the weekend - perhaps -14
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Daniel Bienvenu: who's there?
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changed username to BobS
changed username to Guy B.
Daniel Bienvenu: someone is getting problem to connect
Daniel Bienvenu: ho... finaly!
rich-c: takkes a few seconds to sjpw - likely Bob and Judy
BobS: not I
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!. I'm on two PC's tonight
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Bob, Judy, Bob...
Daniel Bienvenu: and Buy
BobS: ahso, tis Guy Bona
rich-c: half right - teh second is GuyB
Daniel Bienvenu: yeah, I know... wrong key
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir GuyB!
BobS: greetings and salutations to all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rich-c: so why do you need a second PC anyway, Guy?
Daniel Bienvenu: salutations a vous aussi, Bob!
Guy B.: Using the notebook to chat with you guys and I'm using the Compaq to record some records to burn to CD's with my new USB turntable
BobS: WHY ??????????? why is the sky blue? why do birds sing ?
BobS: why INDEED
BobS: danke shoen Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: err... ok... arigato
BobS: <thank you Daniel>
rich-c: why, don't you have a sound card that will accept output from a classic style turntable?
BobS: my german accent
BobS: yes, WHY ??????????????????????
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changed username to Guy F.
Daniel Bienvenu: salut GuyF
Guy B.: I got the USB turntable as a Christmas gift. This is way better
rich-c: hey, the Foz is here! ;-)
Guy F.: hello all.
Guy B.: Hey Guy F
rich-c: you seem low-key tonight - is all well?
Guy F.: Hey Guy B.
Guy F.: Rich: tired... just got back from a 15 hrs shift, stepped through the door a few mins ago. Catching my breath! :)
rich-c: stepped? or staggered? 15 HOURS? mon dieu!
Guy F.: I seriously envisioned myself retired today for the first time ever. Can't wait! In 24 yrs approx.
rich-c: let me just say you will find it well worth waiting for
Guy B.: Oh I can retire in about 16 years
Guy F.: I love what I do, but sometimes, I wish I didn't have to wake up and could partake in my hobbies and family life more.
BobS: 3.5 and counting
Guy F.: don't have to wake up... .EARLY. Not waking up is not a good thing. :)
rich-c: just hang in there, Bob - it's not much longer now
rich-c: Frances and I always try to make it up by the crack of noon
rich-c: of course don't as when we go to bed...
Guy F.: Nice... a very respectable houre I must say!
rich-c: well, it's how we get our eight hours sleep
Guy F.: When every day feels like a Sunday! Awesome.
BobS: I could get up by noon ........................... that would give me about 6 more hours of snooze each day
Guy F.: I wake up at 5:00 AM to get to work for 6:00 AM, soon it will have to be at 4:30 AM that I wake up... bleah.
Guy F.: Dan, how's work with you?
rich-c: why the change? transit schedule change?
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, for now, I'm still learning the way they do video games at my job. After a month of work, I'm still learning a lot of things.
Guy F.: No, I will be moving soon, and it will be further away.
Guy F.: Dan: Nice, you're lucky to be working in a field that is your passion, not many of us have that luxury.
rich-c: ah yes, moving has its advantages, but also its price
rich-c: have you changed jobs recently, Daniel?
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changed username to Judy
Guy B.: HI Judy
Guy F.: Bonsoir Judy.
rich-c: hello Judy, you got on much faster than your spouse ;-)
Judy: Hello, Rich, Guy, Guy, and Daniel
Guy F.: Guy^2
Guy F.: Double the pleasure, double your Guys, one from Canada and the other one from the States.
Daniel Bienvenu: The way they work, is receiving proposal, then argu about how and time to make it, then ask the programmer to build a prototype. After a period of time, the prototype is done but not with the "visual" and "sounds" and the project wait for the "ok". Then it's integration of visual and sounds plus debuging the code for the beta version. After, when it's stable, it's the release candidates. Actually, I'm still at the building a prototype part for one project.
Judy: it was easy, I have been working on the computer at lot today
Guy F.: Dan: Are you the lead programmer or do you work under another programmer?
rich-c: is this the same company you started with or a new one, Daniel?
Guy F.: Rich: I think it's a new company Rich, he started his job recently...
Daniel Bienvenu: a lead programmer answer my questions, but I'm alone in building the prototype. I can ask questions about how the game should be if I don't understand the text they do for the client.
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changed username to Roberto
Roberto requested to ban BobS
Daniel Bienvenu confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Daniel Bienvenu: it's the company I'm working for sincemid-december
Guy F. confirmed ban
Guy F.: Way to go Dan!!!
Roberto: BONSAI, I am back, darned comuter hibernated
Guy B. confirmed ban
Guy F.: Roberto: Pushed the power button by accident, eh?
rich-c: well don't be so cheap Bob, plug teh poor thing in and let it have some juice!
Judy: he has so much trouble with computers
Roberto: i plugged it in now........
Daniel Bienvenu: It's very different than make a coleco game. normally I start with the graphics and the code, then add the sound. now it's coding plus writing which graphic and sounds I will need, then integrating plus debug.
rich-c: he has teh same problem as I do, Judy - the computer gods hate us
Judy: good for the battery to run down
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changed username to Meeka
Guy B.: Hi Meeka
Guy B.: How are you doing?
Meeka: hello
rich-c: hello Meeka, missed you last week iirc
Judy: my instructor had that problem yesterday, the poor thing was having an awful day
Meeka: pretty gooDYOU?
Judy: hi, Meeka
Judy: how goes it?
Guy B.: Fine here. Annie's decided to go to sleep while I'm working on some music recordings
rich-c: what are you studying now, Judy?
Meeka: not bad
Judy: same old, same old, Word
rich-c: sheesh, it will be replaced by a newall different version by the time you finish!
Guy F.: Word! Is that a slang word for some type of acknowledgement?
Judy: am taking the exam next week so thought I would take get a little help before hand
Meeka: microsoft word
Judy: that is the one
Guy F.: Ahhh, OK... Word.
rich-c: no, it's a kind of cuss word used by people who have Microsoft machines
Guy F.: Rich: No, that would be Windows.
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Meeka: its not that bad Rich
rich-c: that too, Guy
Guy F.: Hahaha
Judy: that program does way too much stuff
changed username to Ronald
Guy B.: Hi Ron
Meeka: hi ron
rich-c: hello Ron!
Guy F.: Windows = the most complex virus known to man.
Ronald: Hi all
Judy: hi, Ron
Ronald: Howz the gang?
rich-c: rspecially in the Vista strain
Guy F.: Ron: Did you get your MacBook Air yet?
Judy: it is pretty bad when you are telling the instructor how to do things in a class
Roberto: HI Ron
Ronald: Mac Book Air??
rich-c: GuyF, what is your email address?
Ronald: don't tell me I've forgotten something
Judy: maybe I have taken the class too many times, worry too much
Guy F.: Ron: Yeah, the new Macbook that is 0.6 inches thin.
Guy F.: Rich: guyfoster at
Ronald: oh..... no sir, not yet. But it's probably only a mater of time
rich-c: got it Guy, thanks
Ronald: don't know if it'll be in the budget this year..... anticipate a shortage of sheckles
Guy F.: Ron: It's only priced at $3800.
Ronald: Oh golly, we'll have half a dozen!
Roberto: at least
Ronald: yes
Guy F.: Ron: Hahaha, it has 80gb of STATIC FLASH instead of a hard drive.
Guy F.: Ron
Guy F.: : Which is why it is so expensive.
Ronald: i see. it would fit quite nicely into the Federal Gov't Minor capital budget...... under 5K and all
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changed username to Pamela
Guy F.: Pam!
Ronald: besides, I'm getting to the point where I'm not interested in any box with less that 160GB
Pamela: je suis ici : )
Guy F.: Ron: It weighs 3 pounds...
Pamela: Hi everyone
Ronald: cool
Ronald: Pamela, did you get my "build it I will come" message?
Judy: Hi, Pamela
Pamela: I did and I'm thrilled, Ron : )))
Ronald: well.... what the heck. Couldn't resist. My son thinks I've lost it.
Ronald: and he's probably right
Pamela: just remember, sleep is overrated : )
Ronald: exactly
Meeka: hi oam
Meeka: pam*
Pamela: Hi Meeka
rich-c: hi daughter
Pamela: Hi Dad, hi Judy
Guy F.: can't wait to be able to chat on-line with MY daughter... :)
rich-c: GuyF, check you email
Guy F.: Ok Rich.
Pamela: and Daniel, Bob, Guy
Ronald: had snow this morning
Ronald: ground was white when I got up
rich-c: I think that may be a year or two down the line yet for you, Guy
rich-c: heaven forfend! snow on the Island!
Pamela: Erin is here and says hi to everyone
Ronald: exactly,
Ronald: Hi Erin
rich-c: hi Rin
Meeka: hello
Roberto: HI ERIN........sorry for shouting, but otherwise Erin won't hear me
rich-c: btw Rin, have they found an assignment for you yet?
Pamela: Rich sends his regrets but has to finish a paper to be submitted to a committee on Friday
Judy: hi, Erin
Pamela: Rin says no, not yet
Roberto: snow on an island .....................sounds kind of counterproductive doesn't it ???????
Daniel Bienvenu: This week, I was looking into my tons of VHS tapes with stuff I recorded during years. I realized that I have recorded nothing before year 1992, and I rediscover some good old stuff I can't find anywhere.
rich-c: hang on just a little longer and she'll be needed in a federal election, I suspect
Ronald: yes, I think it was meant to be delivered to Mt Washington, and the kinda got a little mixed up
Ronald: They've got the best ski base up there that they've had in years
Pamela: sayeth Erin "God Forbid"
Ronald: Camera club is going up Friday morning to take some pics
Meeka: our weather has been really wacky this year
Guy F.: Rich: Very funny email, hahaha. I'm going to keep this one, it is so true.
Meeka: rain...snow...rain...wnow
Ronald: But all is well with the world in Michigan. Mr. Romney won
rich-c: figured it would appeal to your prejudices, Guy
rich-c: this is a good thing. Ron?
Ronald: well, some of my lunch time group seemed to think so
Roberto: don't mean spit Ron
rich-c: why, what is their problem?
Ronald: no?
Meeka: its jsut a primary election
Ronald: trying to understand the reasons why some of the Democrats pulled out and why the timing thing happened in the first place
Ronald: Think you have to be there
rich-c: by the way, Bob, it looked like Hillary ran against nobody and only got 60% - what was that all about?
Ronald: anyway guys, I hate to do this but I'm going to have to leave ya's in about 10 minutes .... another freakin' meeting
Roberto: 54% to be exact Richard
Meeka: this is just to see who gets to run for real and have the partys backing
Roberto: kinda a letdown when undecided got 30 somje percent
Judy: we are too, Dumb Democratic governern, had this hair brain idea and it was a really bad one
Meeka: the real election is not until november
Pamela: Ron you have to stop scheduling things on Wednesday nights
rich-c: good of you to check in anyway, Ron - next week will come fast
Ronald: well that makes more sense Meeka to my frozen Canadian brain than anything I've heard on CNN this week
Daniel Bienvenu: I was thinking of throwing part of my VHS tapes... too old to be re-used. I'm recording and keeping parts I want to keep. I let my computer record during the night, then I cut parts after work, like right now.
Judy: in my book that means that she isn't wanted in these parts
Meeka: glad to help Ron
Ronald: yeah, just wanted to make sure that Pam had my message
Ronald: <confused silly grin>
Pamela: it's pretty good odds that if you send me a message at work that I'll get it
rich-c: I gather there were no write-ins for Obama, then?
Judy: sure glad it is done the phone was driving me crazy with election calls
Pamela: it's just been really crazy the last couple of days so I haven't had a chance to reply
Roberto: no write in votes allowed
Ronald: they want to count on your support I suppose
Ronald: figured that Pam. not a problem
rich-c: so if Hillary got 54% and 30% were undecided, who got the rest? Kucinich?
Meeka: there were a couple others on there
Roberto: some....and some not even showing up onthe radar
Judy: who knows
Ronald: So I'm off to my heart and stroke meeting. (more in Mom's memory than anything else) but who knows, I might benefit from the knowledge to be gleaned there
Ronald: See you guys next week....sorry to dash
Roberto: listen carefully then Ron
Pamela: glad to see you Ron
rich-c: you will, Ron - take care
Ronald: exactly
Roberto: ber good this week and hope to see you next
Pamela: until next week
Meeka: night ron
Ronald: nite all
Judy: night Ron, until next week
Pamela: g'nite
Ronald left chat session
Guy B.: Bye Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: I suppose external dvd burner still need the computer to manage the buffer. Why they don't build an autonomous dvd burner you plug usb but with enough memory inside that buring and verifying is the external dvd job, not the computer?
rich-c: I think there is such a thing on the market, Daniel, but it's horrendously expensive
rich-c: I could be wrong about its very existence - it would have a very limited market
rich-c: I think there are external DVD burners that work with tv sets, so they should work with a vcr too
Daniel Bienvenu: I prefer keeping only parts I want, not the entire tapes... anyway some tapes are not full and some parts may be too corrupted to be interresting to preserve.
Daniel Bienvenu: copying directly to dvd is not my objective. specially for the snowy and offtracking parts.
Daniel Bienvenu: it's too quiet.... hello?
Pamela: sorry, chatting with Erin
Meeka: im playin sudoku
Judy: I was playing that a little while ago
Daniel Bienvenu: don't talk about sudoku... because I'm playing that game too when I have time.
Roberto: sudoku will kill your mind !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
Meeka: lol, no it wont
Meeka: i just gettin good
rich-c: yes - if you need some relief, Free Cell works just fine
Pamela: addicted to freecell here
rich-c: that's what I play when I am wairing for the rest of you to arrive
rich-c: among other times.....
Roberto: naw, solitaire and hearts are my games
Meeka: bejewled
Pamela: the problem with Solitaire is the computer will only let you go through your cards so many times
rich-c: hearts is too fast for me - I can't see what's being played, let alone get a count
Judy: bejewels and spider solitare are my favorite
Roberto: counting cards is ILLEGAL
rich-c: I tried spider once, it looked promising, but haven't gone back
Meeka: spider is addictive
rich-c: in the real world, that's the only way you can play hearts
Judy: sure is and they even had that on the computers at school, everyone was playing it
rich-c: I used to play it in our staff room at lunch hour but cleaned them so thoroughly they quit playing when I was around
rich-c: now in my spare time I just try to get the computer to work.
rich-c: have a new Microsoft Escalation Engineer working with me -
Daniel Bienvenu: be right back
rich-c: he's talking about sending me a new copy of XP in case there is a fault in the original
rich-c: we have tried just about everything else
Judy: Pam, you should be around here the shopping is unreal, there are more sales because the Christmas season was soo bad
Pamela: colour me jealous, Judy
Pamela: I would love to come and shop
Judy: Old Navy is running a 1/2 off the sale price right now
rich-c: Ontario is very prosperous right now, so there isn't the pressure on prices
rich-c: well, unless you and Rin are going to Windsor soon - then you could always visit Detroit
Judy: and JC Penny had a 40 % off the sale price
Pamela: Erin wants to know, what about Target?
rich-c: or if you are going down to Niagara to investigate things, drop over to the mall at Buffalo
Judy: don't know how they are doing
Judy: haven't been there
Pamela: have to be in Buffalo for 48 hours to make it worth while
rich-c: especially with the dollar at par - does Walden Galleria carry the stuff you need?
Pamela: oh yeah
rich-c: well, maybe with this new Family Day you can put a three-day set together?
Pamela: I'm actually planning to build a shopping day into the trip, hopefully
rich-c: I guess since it's a statuatory holiday, Marsh gives you the day off?
Pamela: yup
Judy: the stores have to make room for the new inventory and they are over-run with left overs
rich-c: what day of the week is the 16th?
Pamela: Saturday
Pamela: but Family day is the 18th Dad
rich-c: oh, the day before my operation
Judy: what operation?
rich-c: finally got a date for my hernia repair, Judy
Roberto: ah
Judy: I seee
rich-c: you'll recall it started bothering me in Ottawa
Judy: are you having that in Feb
Pamela: I've been getting regular sale e-mails from Coldwater Creek and Lane Bryant, and oh, they're tempting
rich-c: yes, the date is firm for the 19th - though I'd take earlier if the surgeon got a cancellation
Daniel Bienvenu: I've just found a video I recorded in 1994... something I did with smurf paint'n play colecovision cartridge.
Pamela: are these TV programs and such, or recordings from a camcorder, Daniel?
Roberto: gotta save that one Danuek
Daniel Bienvenu: I pluged my colecovision to a vcr.
rich-c: reminds me - on freecycle a few days ago we had someone offering a Commodore 1802 monitor
Daniel Bienvenu: commodore 1802 monitors are great
rich-c: he was quite astonished when I told him it would not work with a PC
rich-c: yes, although I think mine are all 1702s
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I tried with a Super Nintendo console, and the result was only in grey shades... no color.
rich-c: I have more monitors than I need anyway, so I wasn't going out to Bowmanville to get another, even free
rich-c: beer time - brb
Daniel Bienvenu: these commodore monitors are great to show games at a gaming expo.
Roberto: you are correct Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: well, bad time for me already... have to wake up earlier tomorow.
Daniel Bienvenu: err.. bed time
rich-c: yes, although you have to modify a CV console to work with them
Judy: night Daniel, until next week
Daniel Bienvenu: I have now a coleco with rca cables.
Pamela: goodnight Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight!
rich-c: the Adam though can output to them without modification
Daniel Bienvenu: bye
Daniel Bienvenu: *poof*
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Guy B.: Out he goes
rich-c: oops! got away before I could say good night
rich-c: GuyF - on the Unibroue beers, I know the legend behinf the Maudite story, but what's the Fin du monde illustration about?
rich-c: test
Pamela: we're here
rich-c: I was wondering
Judy: you are still on, just not much to say tonight
rich-c: yes, both Guys seem to have stopped reesponding
Judy: Meeka isn't saying much either
Pamela: I'm somewhat distracted because I'm conversing with Erin
Meeka: i still here
Pamela: but she's about to leave
rich-c: right, even Pamela and Rin are quiet
rich-c: I imagine Guy is doing his email or something
Judy: must be a slow news night
Pamela: sorry, just saying good night to Erin
Pamela: she's gone now, I'll be a little more active
rich-c: well, I do have a question I want to hear their opinion on
Pamela: their who??
Pamela: us?
Roberto: no email from you Pam........I gathered from earlier you sent me or Judy something???????
Pamela: no, it was to Ron, Bob
Roberto: oh OK
Roberto: misunderstood then
rich-c: the Guys, Pam - computer issue
Pamela: I'm trying to give the convention stuff a rest this week
Pamela: but that does remind me, Bob -what's the status of the ANN kitty? Am I starting from scratch?
Roberto: If you need some cash up front we have some. usually, the hotels dont' need anything but a credit card guarantee
Roberto: it depends of course on the particular hotel...................
Pamela: most of the places I've talked to seem to want a credit card
Pamela: and here's another question: is it customary to feed the masses for breakfast and lunch, and let everyone fend for themselves for dinner?
rich-c: your card limit won't be a problem, will it?
Judy: that is what we ran into, also
Judy: yes, that is what it used to be
Pamela: no, it shouldn't be Dad, they just want a cc for guarantee purposes
rich-c: yes, although as you know we can get by with a light breakfast if necessary
Pamela: not me, I;m starving by 10:00 am if I don't get a decent breakfast
rich-c: I know but when they take a guarantee they also put a reserve on it with the card issuer
rich-c: go to have an expensive repair done on the car and you could get a surprise
Judy: some of the hotels have a continental breakfast that can work
Guy B.: Well, I'm doing some music recording on the desktop while I have the notebook up with you.
rich-c: oh, you're still alive, Guy?
Pamela: in everyone's opinion, how important is it to have the meeting room available on Thursday night?
Roberto: the best thing is that today a lot of the hotels have a continental breakfast FREE, then you only have to provide lunch Fri, Sat Sun and a banquet
Roberto: NOT
Guy B.: I am
Judy: up for grabs, if it works fine if not it can be worked out
rich-c: Guy, I've been thinking a bigger hard disc and multiboot
Guy B.: How big Rich?
Roberto: we for one (two's) probably wont' make it until Fri am and of past conventions, the rooms has not been utilized heavily on Thurs eve
Pamela: in your experience, has the Thursday night been extra expensive?
rich-c: but a couple of pros on carnuts are telling me virtual machine is the way to go
rich-c: you had any experience with that?
Roberto: not here in MI, but that can vary also
Guy B.: No, I don't
Roberto: usually, if you have aminimun of 8-10 rooms onthe Fri, Sat, Sun nights, they will throw in the meeting room
rich-c: I'm thinking a Windows XP FAT partition, an XP NTFS partition, and Ubuntu partition, maybe two extended partitions
Pamela: that hasn't been on the table this time around
Judy: then you have to go with what you can work in the budget
rich-c: Iwouldn't regard it as essential, Pam, but others may have different views
Pamela: I need to have some in-depth conversations with the catering managers to get way more info
Guy B.: Rich, I know that XP will support FAT32 as well as NTFS. I would use two partitions. One for XP and one for Ubuntu
Roberto: it is to the point that a hotel with no restaurant works just as good or better than one WITH a restaurant
Roberto: going OUT to eat is a novelty, yes?????
Pamela: well yes and no
Pamela: after a while, you start craving home cooking
Judy: we got the name of a caterer from the hotel you are using
rich-c: I was wondering, since Windows can't see it, does an Ubuntu partition count against the XP limit of four parttions?
Judy: we were using
Roberto: and she worked out great
Roberto: and not expensive for just a lunch menu
Judy: was someone that did a lot of business with the hotel
Roberto: hope you area sking Guy these questions Richard, becasue I am clueless
Roberto: ASKING
rich-c: hell, just take over a Tim Hortons for an hour or so
Roberto: ya mon
Roberto: pretend we are all separate and then sit together............
rich-c: yes Bob, they're for Guy
rich-c: naw, warn them in advance, they
rich-c: ll be cool with it
Pamela: tow of the hotels offer a discount on the meeting room if you have lunch catered by the hotel
Pamela: all three hotels have restaurants on site
Roberto: just got to put the numbers together my dear
rich-c: well, get some numbers to juggle and see how they look
Pamela: my numbers are screaming right now but it's early days yet
rich-c: remember that $300 limit isn't carved in stone
Pamela: there
Meeka: ok, i am off to bed, ttyl
Pamela: 's no way we're going to be able to do it for $300
Pamela: goodnight Meeka
rich-c: night Meeka, see you next week, I hope
Judy: night Meeka, talk to you soooon
Roberto: AND the location can be anywhere, Niagra could be a nice drive away and work for an outing
Roberto: nite meeka
Guy B.: Right, Windows won't see the Ubuntu partition
Pamela: at the moment we're looking at St. Catharines, which is about 10 minutes up the road from Niagara Falls
rich-c: so I can have four Windows partition plus one for Ubuntu, then
Judy: whatever works, Pam
rich-c: I'd put it nearer half an hour, Pam...
Pamela: split the difference and say 20 minutes
Guy B.: As long as one is the main partition for WinXP. I guess the other three would be for Windows programs and the last for Ubuntu
rich-c: remember that outside of Ron and our Quebecois, the others will have lower than usual travel expenses
Pamela: depends where you are in St. Catharines and where in Niagara you're going
Pamela: well that will depend on whether Guy decides to drive or fly
Roberto: doesn'thave to be a vacation spot Pam..........thers like chicago only had a view of the airport, but the convention went off fine.......tis the PEOPLE, not the location
Pamela: the good news is that at least one of the hotels offers a shuttle from Pearson Airport so getting there won't be a problem for those flying
rich-c: I'm thinking one primary XP FAT and one primary XP NTFS plus two extended partitions for data
rich-c: NTFS has a maximum size in terabytes
Guy B.: If I drive, I may leave one day early and stay over at a hotel maybe in Cleveland. I don't know if I could handle more than 6 hours of driving
Pamela: that's why I went with St. Catharines, Bob - close to Niagara but they offer more business oriented advantages
Judy: sounds like a plan
Pamela: Most hotels in Niagara are tourist and romance oriented - very few offer hi-speed internet, let alone wireless
Guy B.: I believe so Rich. There is a one terebyte drive out now.
Roberto: ok
rich-c: these days Holioday Inn level of wireless is pretty much a sine qua non
Pamela: you'd think so
Pamela: Dad,
Judy: yes, it is a touristy kind of place
Pamela: (stupid enter key)
rich-c: well I am not thinking that size, just having the potential for over 32 gig if I need it
Pamela: but not in Niagara because the focus there isn't on business travelers
Judy: very true
rich-c: there are some more modest hotels on the roads out of town, Pam, that may be more business oriented
Guy B.: I bought an 80GB for under 50 bucks. I'm sure you find a larger size for what you need.
rich-c: although some of them also look a bit - tired?
rich-c: I think you have to go to 250 gig before you hit $100 at the moment
rich-c: right now 80 gig seems the smallest size on the market, even for laptops
rich-c: anyway, first I have to find out why we have never been able to make XP work since I got it
Guy B.: Well folks, time for me to quit here. Probably will have the same arrangement next week. See you all then
Judy: night Guy
rich-c: yhen, I'll have to see if I can make sense of the virtual machine - I have the software but don't know how to use it
Pamela: goodnight, Guy
rich-c: see you Guy
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Roberto left chat session
Pamela: anyway, we're still in the very early stages of planning. As I said, I want to have in-depth conversations with all the catering managers
rich-c: anyway, think we get get Rich to play designated driver on a winery tour?
Pamela: and a scouting trip is definitely on my plate as well
rich-c: yes, and I don't know how far you've searched the field - how many did you narrow down from?
Pamela: there are about a hundred hotels in Niagara Dad, and another 15 or so in St. Catharines
rich-c: of which the vast majority are too pricey, too cheap, badly located, lacking facilities, etc. - right?
Pamela: yes
rich-c: even if you have three that look promising, that could be enough - you will evedntually have to cut it down to one, after all
Pamela: if the ones I'm looking at don't work out, I'll start looking at others
rich-c: right, but at least you're off to a reasonable start
rich-c: pity the mailing list is kaput - it could prove useful
Pamela: well, there aren't so many of us that I can't simply do a mass mailing
rich-c: maybe we should ask John what he'd charge to host it
Pamela: which reminds me, I need to put together a mailing list
rich-c: yes, there are some who haven't made the last few who are still potentially interested
Pamela: maybe we should steer Dale in his direction : )
Pamela: and Jean Stone has said she's planning to attend this one
Pamela: so our numbers will be up slightly
rich-c: yes, we can always hope for the best - get Bob & Judy, and Rich & Rin back
Pamela: I'm hoping we get everyone : )
rich-c: anyway I suspect the others have bailed on us - hold on while I rinse my glass
Judy: Bob is working on applying for a job for me
rich-c: OK, back
Pamela: go, Bob!
Pamela: just make sure you can get Adamcon weekend off : )
rich-c: ah, I though you had both dropped off but forgot to sign out
Pamela: anyway, enough is enough for tonite
Pamela: you'll all be sick of me if I keep this up
Judy: it is a place that is hiring around here but are so flaky, they will only let you apply so many times in a certain amount of time
rich-c: yes, I'll go with that - goodnight till next week, all
Judy: but it is time to call it a night, so until next week
Pamela: yes, it's bedtime
Judy: night all
Pamela: goodnight Judy - and Bob
rich-c: night, Judy, night, Pam
Judy left chat session
Pamela: goodnight Daddy!
rich-c: colour me gone
Pamela: g;nite Guy
rich-c left chat session
Pamela: kerfpoof for me
Pamela left chat session
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