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eduardo: Hi! Just testing... :)
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eduardo: Hi there! Anybody home? :)
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changed username to Pixelboy
Pixelboy: Seems we're the first ones to arrive. :)
Pixelboy: How's it going, Eduardo?
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changed username to rich-c
eduardo: Hopefully more people will come... :)
eduardo: I am thinking about getting an Adam.
rich-c: greetings, gentlemen
eduardo: I think it would be useful.
Pixelboy: Hello rich. :)
eduardo: Hi rich!
rich-c: btw, we start sort-of promptly at 9 Eastern, but...
Pixelboy: It's like a party. The real action only starts a little later. ;P
rich-c: any old how, welcome to our chat - newcomers are always a treat
Pixelboy: Thanks. Eduardo and I are here for a couple of special reasons.
rich-c: well, there's always something going on - for instance my daughter was here earlier, so she will be late on
eduardo: Let me introduce myself, Eduardo Mello, from Opcode Games.
rich-c: welcome, Eduardo
Pixelboy: And I'm Luc Miron, executive producer of Opcode Games.
rich-c: Luc - oh, now you are really giving me a bad conscience
Pixelboy: I'm a friend of Daniel Bienvenu, incidently. He's the one who suggested we should come here.
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Pixelboy: Bad conscience?
rich-c: I've had that dam disc drive sitting packed and ready for months, but now can't find the overlays
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changed username to Guy B.
eduardo: Overlays?
Pixelboy: Oh! You're Richard Clee! Ha! Ha! I didn't realize! It's been awhile!
Guy B.: Greeeetings from cold Chicago
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eduardo: Hi Guy!
rich-c: welcome, Guy - we have two of Daniel's buddies here
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Pixelboy: To Ed: Yeah, Richard was supposed to sell me an Adam disk drive and some CV overlays.
eduardo: Ah, ok.
Pixelboy: Hi Guy.
Guy B.: Hi to both of you and welcome
rich-c: you wouldn't believe the problems - my next operation is on for Feb. 28th
eduardo: Thanks Guy!
Pixelboy: I since found those overlays, BTW. But I still haven't found that 3.5-inch disk drive.
Guy B.: That's pretty hard to find now
changed username to BobS
Guy B.: HI Bob
BobS: Hi kids
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eduardo: Hi Bob
changed username to Judy
rich-c: if you still want it I think we can find a way - I'm not moving easily, but I'm moving
Pixelboy: To Rich: Ouch. Well, if it's any small conslation, I had an extra tooth removed at the dentist today.
eduardo: Ouch...
rich-c: hi, Bob and Judy - two of Daniels co-conspirators here!
Judy: Hello, everyone
eduardo: Hi Judy!
Pixelboy: To Rich: Forget about the disk drive for now. Health comes first. Besides, my Adam is at my mom's place. I only have the CV here.
Pixelboy: Hi Judy and Guy, BTW.
rich-c: oh, as long as I don't have to go out on slippery surfaces, I'm OK. Managed to get out for teh shopping today
Pixelboy: So anyway, Eduardo, what's this about buying an Adam?
Guy B.: HI Judy
Judy: was wondering who they were
eduardo: I was thinking that it would be a good idea, to have an Adam around... For testing purposes...
eduardo: And of course for some fun too. :)
BobS: indeed it would
Guy B.: Eduardo, are you into game development like Daniel?
Pixelboy: I'm Luc Miron, executive producer of Opcode Games. I'm here with Eduardo for a special reason...
rich-c: yes, I still have mine up and running, more or less, I think
eduardo: Yes, I am the guy from Opcode Games.
Guy B.: Do you do the coding of the games?
rich-c: anyway, what did you have in mind, Eduardo?
Pixelboy: You know, I haven't been on one of these chat sessions for years.. :P
eduardo: Yes, we have an ongoing project for a new CV PCB, with new features added.
Pixelboy: To Guy: Check out to see what's we do. :)
rich-c: yes, most such things tend to be bulletin boards now
Guy B.: Sounds promising there
eduardo: To Guy: Yes, I am the main programmer.
Guy B.: I'll take a look
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changed username to Pamela
Pixelboy: Our project is to produce a replacement PCB for the ColecoVision system. This replacement will be of the exact same dimensions as the one inside the original CV, but the chips and compoments on this new PCB will be modern ones. In particular, we will be using the V9958 graphic chip (instead of the TMS9928) and we will also add some superior sound chips (in addition to the original CV sound chip). The board will still be 100% backward-compatible with all existing CV games.
rich-c: hi daughter, you made good time I see
Pamela: yes, was home at 8:56
eduardo: Well, this new PCB will have new features, and we need some I/O addresses for that.
rich-c: folks that will have those (if Daniel doesn't) are likely Dale Wick and Rich Drushel
Pamela: I'm here, but I'm going to check some other stuff. If you need me, just shout - I'll move back and forth to check
eduardo: However we cannot use the ColecoVision I/O address range (80h-FFh), because they are already assigned.
rich-c: OK, go get teh wash done and feed yourself ;-)
Pixelboy: We are also planning to make it 100% compatible with the ADAM (the Expansion Module #3, to be exact) and that's the main reason why we came to this chatroom tonight: In order to insure ADAM compatibility, we need to make sure that our use of Z80 I/O adresses does not conflict with those used by the ADAM, and more importantly, that it does not conflict with any other ADAM-related hardware that uses some Z80 I/O adresses.
eduardo: Then we have the ADAM range (00h-7Fh), but I want to make sure that we don't end using some I/O address already assigned.
rich-c: sounds like you need the Adam Technical Manual, at a guess
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
rich-c: salut, Daniel! ca marche?
Pixelboy: hi Daniel!
Guy B.: Hi Daniel. We have two of your buddys here
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Bob, Pam, Luc, me, Eduardo, Guy, Judy and Rich
Guy B.: Hi Pam, I didn't see you come in\
eduardo: I found a list of unused I/O addresses in the web, but I want to make sure they are really available (like, no import homebrew devices are already using them)
eduardo: Hi Daniel! :)
Pixelboy: Yeah, we figure if someone's using them for some homebrew hardware project, we'd need to know in advance.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm glad you finaly manage to chat with the adamcon members.
rich-c: Daniel, do you have a copy of the Adam Technical Manual? Sounds like it might help Luc and Eduardo
eduardo: The addresses are: 00h-1Dh, 1Fh, 20h-3Eh, 40h-4Eh, 50h-5Dh, 60h-7Eh
Daniel Bienvenu: I can search for it... it's in a box somewhere. be right back
eduardo: I found it online...
rich-c: just if you have a copy, that's the significant part
eduardo: I think I need just a couple of free addresses...
rich-c: but of a download, but if it's all there, I'd expect it to answer your questions
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eduardo: Once the machine is in ColecoVision 2 mode, I can reassign the CV I/O map to accomodate. That is why I just need a couple of new addresses.
Pixelboy: There's also another (different) project I came here to talk about. We'll get to that later...
rich-c: just while everyone is here - there is a newsletter (FREE) put out by Tech Republic, a division of CNET
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changed username to 450Guy
Guy B.: Hi Guy F
450Guy: ... in case anyone asks, it's my new area code.
rich-c: the have occasional stories on classic computers - this week the Commodore 64 - with links
rich-c: greeting, Guy
450Guy: hi all
Pixelboy: Hi 450Guy.
eduardo: Hi Guy!
rich-c: you're in an overlay, then, or zone split, Guy?
Judy: hi, Guy
450Guy: Hello to all.
Pamela: Hi Guy
Pixelboy: 450 is in the Montreal area. I know 'cause it's also my area code and I'm in Laval.
rich-c: btw they also have a story on the 50th anniversary of LEGO, plus lots of downloads
Daniel Bienvenu: Luc and Eduardo are here. Thay look for some informations about I/O ports used on Coleco Adam, and if any kind of special decided where done that uses "not officially listed" I/O ports.
450Guy: 450 is everything outside Montreal... I'm moving away from Montreal into the far reaches of Laval.
Daniel Bienvenu: And, unfortunatly, I can't reach the box that contain the tech manual
Daniel Bienvenu: ... or it will takes me the evening.
450Guy: Where in Laval do you reside, PixelBoy?
Daniel Bienvenu: I cumulate too much stuff
rich-c: if Dale or Dr. D. turn up they may have the answers
Pixelboy: To Daniel: Don't worry too much about it tonight. There's plenty of time. :)
eduardo: To Daniel: Yes, don't worry.
eduardo: We just wanted to present the idea.
Pixelboy: To 450Guy: I'm in Chomedey. I've been there since last July. Previously, I lived in the far-eastern part of Laval, in St-François.
rich-c: OK, one caveat - remember this is an Adam board so we are unlikely to be too technically knowledgable about the Colecovision
450Guy: PixelBoy: Me too... just bought my house 2 days ago in Chomedey. We're neighbors! ;)
eduardo: I would like to make the new features available for Adam users, so that is why we want to make sure that we don't create any conflict.
450Guy: Is the SEM ready yet?
Pixelboy: The SEM... Wow... Some people still remember that? :P
eduardo: Not yet.. :)
BobS: typically though Richard, I believe that the ADAM is totally compatable with the CV........just has the additional board to make it into a programming machine
450Guy: Well, I've been out of the Colecovision loop for about 3 years, and I remember back then someone said it would be ready in 6 months, so I expected it to be ready by now!
eduardo: Yes, the CV is a subset.
eduardo: :) Right....
Pixelboy: Actually, our current project is a new incarnation of the SEM.
rich-c: far as I know, the Adam is a Colecovision with a number of parts added
450Guy: ... or better yet, the Colecovision is an Adam with things removed! ;)
rich-c: also far as I know, none were changed or substituted
eduardo: Probably not.
450Guy: Pixelboy: Awesome, glad to see people are still doing things for the Colecovision. I've been wanting to get back into programming but 2 girls, a new house and a new house have gotten into the way of things.
Pixelboy: I've heard that Skiing (by Telegames) is incompatible with the ADAM... Weird...
450Guy: *new job
rich-c: don't recall that ever being released for the original ADam
Pixelboy: No, I mean Skiing, the CV cart.
eduardo: To Luc: Maybe it's trying to use some of the Adam reserved I/O addresses. Or doing funny things with the RAM.
Pixelboy: Might just be one guy who had a problem with his cart...
450Guy: Wasn't an Adam, once in Colecovision mode, 100% CV compatible???
rich-c: was it actually released as a CV cart? don't recall it
eduardo: I am not sure if the ADAM has a 1KB RAM mode.
Pixelboy: Suposedly, yes.
Daniel Bienvenu: I find one exception between colecovision and adam in colecovision mode, and it was my fault, so it doesn't count.
Pixelboy: Skiing was released by Telegames. I have a copy of the cart here. :)
rich-c: I have never found a CV cart that wasn't playable on the Adam
eduardo: Since that 1KB is mirrored in the CV, maybe it would cause some errors with the Adam.
Pixelboy: Well, anyhow, Richard, you spoke of two persons, Dale Wick and Rich Drushel? Who are they?
eduardo: I mean, if you use 7000h then 7400h, those are the same address for the CV, but maybe not for the Adam.
rich-c: Dale is an Adam activist from the early 1980s, and host of the website, among other things
rich-c: he does a lot of Adam/CV game programming in his free time, which is scarce these days
450Guy: Dale also writes minigames for the Colecovision in assembler.
rich-c: Dr. Drushel is a biology professor at Case WEstern who recently married my niece
Pixelboy: Dale Wick... Ah yes, I remember now. He's supposed to participate to Daniel's multi-game cart. :)
eduardo: Just curious (and please forgive for the dumb question), but which kind of DOS does the Adam use?
450Guy: Pixel: Yes, that's one of the 3 mini-game programmers.
Daniel Bienvenu: the minigames cartridge is in progress, most of the job to do now is on my side.
Daniel Bienvenu: but I prefer to not talk too much about the minigames now
rich-c: he knows teh Adam inside out and had already disassemble the code before he joined the Cleveland Adam Group abpout 1988
Pixelboy: Daniel: That's okay. :)
450Guy: minigame=maxipain
450Guy: for Daniel, at least... :)
eduardo: To Daniel: did you create a bank switch capable cartridge?
Pixelboy: To Ed: No, he's using a standard 32K cart now.
rich-c: Adam has its own variant of DOS, called EOS. In fact it can also be run under CP/M as it has the Zilog Z-80A CPU
eduardo: Daniel, you could use our MegaCart (if you want, of course).
450Guy: He created a menu and simply jumps to a specific address depending on the game chosen.
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, programming in C a Rom in 4K... but it's not only that, I only had the less votes each time, and this year I don't feel stimulate to continue. I said, I don't really want to talk about minigames...
eduardo: Oh, EOS. And it's built-in, right?
Daniel Bienvenu: EOS is build-in yes
450Guy: Dan: Well, the Colecovision also is/was the underdog of classic videogame consoles, no surprise there!
Daniel Bienvenu: from E000 to FFFF, if I'm right.
rich-c: well, all the classic computers had their own operating systems then.
Pixelboy: I do have a lot of Adam documentation here... But I'd be hard-pressed to tell you what they are without reading each page...
rich-c: that was teh great thing about CP/M, it could be used on "any" of them and code ported among them
450Guy: Rich: A JAVA of sorts!
rich-c: don't know Java well enough to be sure, but you well may be right
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changed username to rondefined
rich-c: anyway, get the current issue of Tech Republic - it has big articles on the classic computers this issue, and links
rondefined: Yo!
450Guy: YoHoRon... and a bottle of rum.
rich-c: hello ron!
rondefined: hic!
Guy B.: Hi Ron
rondefined: Hi Guy
Pixelboy: Hi Ron.
Guy B.: Cold by you?
rondefined: is the Force with all?
eduardo: Hi Ron!
Judy: hi, Ron
rondefined: oh yes... not overly, but cold enough....had snow yesterday.... most unwetcoastlike
rich-c: we're growing icicles on our noses - how's things on the Left Coast?
rondefined: Hi Bob, Hi Judy!
450Guy: Yes, the force of 100KM/H winds that we've been experiencing in Montreal.
BobS: hi Ron
Judy: you should have been here, blizzard like
Pixelboy: Tell me about it... The windows are shaking here...
rondefined: who's eduardo?
Daniel Bienvenu: we had snow today, it was a wall of snow... impossible to see outside.
rondefined: do I know eduardo?
eduardo: Probably not. :)
rich-c: take heart, Guy, if what we got is any indication you'll be spared excessive snow this time round
Judy: all the schools were closed today
rondefined: ah.... Ron Mitchell from Vancouver Island - way way out west
Daniel Bienvenu: all school were open today here
eduardo: I am the guy from Opcode Games (in case it means anything) :)
450Guy: Rich: Yay, I'm lucky. I'll be moving tomorrow at 4:00 PM and don't want it to snow excessively.
rondefined: pleased to make your acquaintance sir!
Pixelboy: I'm with Eduardo, BTW.
450Guy: You guys dating? ;)
Judy: even the city schools were closed
rondefined: ok pix
Pixelboy: Bia wouldn't like that... :P
rich-c: wow, you really got it, Judy - must be lake effect
eduardo: To Ron: Hm... no. :)
rondefined: traffic on 28th was probably gone right?
Judy: don't think so, they had it on the other side of the lake also
rich-c: all the guys on carnuts were crabbing about wind and cold, but not snow, in the midwest
Judy: and it is really cold, wind chills in the below zero
Pixelboy: All Your Show Are Belong To Us.
Pixelboy: Show = snow
eduardo: Am I the only one in the US? :P
rondefined: Nah... we send it east from here before it has a chance to fall..... but now and then we screw up and it falls here
rich-c: well, our Elgin, IL member wasn't too disturbed, nor our Detroiter the other way - it was cold and windy in KC but moderate snow
Judy: you may have it, in the morning yesterday all snow melted and last night it came back
450Guy: Eduardo: US? Aren't you from Argentina?
rondefined: Everybody south of the border accuses Canada of having left the back door open
Daniel Bienvenu: you played too many NES games Pixelboy. I recognize this phrase "all your base are belong to us".
450Guy: Eduardo: I told you, been out of the loop for close to 3 years,.
eduardo: I am from Brazil. Now living in the US... :)
Pamela: Hi Ron
rondefined: Hi Pamela
rondefined: How you do?
Pixelboy: To Daniel: Glad someone picked up the joke... ;)
Pamela: well thank you
Pamela: and you?
Pamela: : )
rondefined: not bad for an old guy
450Guy: Yeah, that phrase looked familiar Pixelboy, but I couldn't remember from where...
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Pamela: I've been off surfing for a new residence so am not paying too much attention
rich-c: at the moment we do have more Canadians than Americans on, but usually the split is the other way
changed username to Meeka
Pamela: Hi Meeka
Meeka: hello
rondefined: Hey Meeka!
450Guy: The Adam was made in Canada therefore attracted more loyal Canadian partisans?
rich-c: hi Meeka - our visitors were just lamenting our lack of Americans, so jump right in
Guy B.: Hi Meeka
Judy: hi, Meeka
eduardo: Is that true? The Adam was made in Canada?
rondefined: @Rich.... how many members did MTAG have in its heyday?
Pixelboy: The Adam wasn't exactly made in Canada. The printer, for instance, was manufactured in Ireland, if I remember correctly.
450Guy: I think so, they had a factory in Montreal, no?
eduardo: Hi Meeka
rich-c: no. Coleco did have a big warehouse and design operation in Montreal, but no fabrication
Judy: have you blown away yet?
Daniel Bienvenu: Someone from Argentina contacted me via one of my Youtube video. What I understand is that their money became 1/3 of what it was before and now everything from US is too expensive. And he is looking for some help to build a multicart since he can't affort the money to buy the atarimaxx 128in1 coleco usb cartridge.
Meeka: not yet
eduardo: Cool! I didn't know that... :)
450Guy: Daniel: A classic case of hyper-inflation.
rich-c: I don't remember, Ron, couple of hundred anyway
rondefined: I take it the wind bloweth in Grand Rapids
rich-c: at one point I suspected we were the biggest Adam group around
rondefined: was going to say at least 100, but that was a big club
Meeka: very bad storm
rondefined: most we had in Ottawa was 76
Judy: that is was and tomorrow night may be worse
Pamela: lovely
Daniel Bienvenu: I were unable to help him, and he doesn't think about making some money by make a new coleco game to be able to pay the usb multicart. So, if someone here can help, he should answer him by going to the youtube video link.
Pixelboy: This guy from Argentina should contact Eduardo... ^_^
Meeka: ya, i heard that
rich-c: no, it was way over that, Ron - I remeber our newsletter postage was incredible - so was printing
rondefined: right
Pamela: with most of our regulars here, let me tell you that I've created a new gmail account for convention news
Pixelboy: Anyhow, I'd like to quickly discuss another project with you guys...
BobS: shoot pam
Pamela: it is Adamcon20news at
eduardo: To Daniel: I could help, if he wasn't Argentine... :)
Daniel Bienvenu: Because of the rain this morning, I were unable to walk normally, too slipery, and the water on the road with the cars going through them without any preoccupation of the people... like me.
rondefined: Is that the mail address we use Pam?
Pamela: so once information starts coming, please add it to your safe lists
Daniel Bienvenu: well, it's this guy :
Pamela: that's the address that messages will be coming from
Pixelboy: As you may know, Opcode Games created what we like to call the MegaCart. It's a bankswitchable cart that makes it possible to have carts with up to 1 megabyte of ROM space...
Daniel Bienvenu: and this is where you can read his message asking for help :
rondefined: shouldnt it be ??
Pamela: if you have questions concerns or comments, you can send them to me there as well
Pamela: yes
rondefined: good
Judy: we can do that
Pamela: I hope to have the first information out within the next two weeks
rich-c: ron, we do not put anything usable as an email address in a transcript - the spam bots pick it up within minutes
rondefined: I take it we're still talking about the weekend previously discussed
Pamela: yes
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Pixelboy: In a nutshell, my project is to create a cartridge version of Dragon's Lair (the Adam game)
rondefined: sorry
Pamela: don't worry Ron, gmail has great filters
Pamela: by the way Ron, were you undefined before?
eduardo: To Daniel: So he just want to create a CV cartridge? Just that?
rich-c: and you are going to need them - teh spammers are getting more aggressive by the minute
rondefined: always Pam. Never quite make it to reality
Pamela: ah, just a little fuzzy around the edges
rondefined: you got it
Pamela: been there : )
rich-c: you on two computers, Ron?
left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: To Eduardo : That's what he said. But I also had a private message from him.
rondefined: nope, just one....the Mac Book
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Pixelboy: . o O (I knew I should have waited a little longer before mentionning that Dragon's Lair project...)
changed username to Jack
Pamela: by the way has anyone found Murray's email address?
eduardo: To Daniel: Ok, I will see what I can do for him.
Judy: hello, jack
450Guy: Pixel: We won't tell anyone, promised.
rondefined: yep....second
rich-c: hello Jack, welcome aboard
Meeka: hello
Pamela: Hi Jack
Jack: is there an AdamCon for 2008?
Pamela: there is
450Guy: There should be...
Meeka: yup
rich-c: yes, Pamela is arranging it now
Jack: where will it be held?
Daniel Bienvenu: i am from Argentina, my name is Fernando, now i dont have money and time for programming, :(, i need to try to do this cart for my collection not for make money, here i dont have any Coleco Cart! only DKK and Donkey K Jr, original, but i need play other games for fun! i am a collector and a gamer.
Pixelboy: 450Guy: I'm just looking for someone who could disassemble Dragon's Lair's code and restructure it to work on a MegaCart.
Pamela: Just outside of Niagara Falls, Ontario on June 19 - 22
Pamela: where are you, Jack?
450Guy: Daniel: Sounds like a chain scam-letter! :)
Jack: Nebraska
450Guy: Pixel: You're friend Eduardo I'm sure could be up to the task. :)
Pamela: well welcome
eduardo: To Pixelboy: See... :)
Daniel Bienvenu: And that's only the first part of his message.
Pamela: are you freezing your tail off too?
Jack: thanks
Jack: yes
Pixelboy: To 450Guy: Eduardo doesn't quite know enough about the Adam to do it, and besides, he's not really interested. :)
rich-c: little far to drive, not that challenging a flight - you can go via Buffalo
450Guy: Well then, IDA is your friend...
Daniel Bienvenu: ... i have some EEprom here, i try for my hobby to do the cart and plastics case.. here nothigs have interest in old machines like me :(
Pamela: are you interested in the convention Jack?
450Guy: Interactive Disassembler.
rich-c: just make sure you have a passport or Homeland Security won't let you back in
Jack: if I can get off work
rondefined: It's now where I thought it was Pam, I'll have to look after the chat
eduardo: To Daniel: Well, I will see what I can do for him.
450Guy: Pixel: Since we are neighbors, I can give you a tutorial on the usage of IDA, it's actually a lot of fun. I spent 1 whole week disassembling a 32K game.
Jack: Is use to get the newsletter
Daniel Bienvenu: ... Thanks for the data, i will try to do the cart in next days, if you can helpme (better) i have to made the PCB and resin cart all homemade :).
Pixelboy: To 450Guy: Sounds nice, but I don't know anything about CV assembler.
Pamela: if you'll send an email to, I'll make sure I add you to the mailing list for convention news
Jack: ok
450Guy: Pixel: Assembly knowledge would probably be a pre-requisite.
Pamela: I was just mentioning that I hope to have concrete information up in a couple of weeks
Pixelboy: Yeah, I figure that.
Pixelboy: Incidently, I'll be officially starting to study CV programming in C next Saturday. :)
rich-c: Pam, that's news at gmail - don't push your luck
Daniel Bienvenu: "probably?" to do what Luc want to do, it's necessary to know well assembler.
450Guy: Personally, never thought that programming the CV in C was a good idea.
Pixelboy: I'll start by surfing the net and assembling all the compilers and tools available.
BobS: I believe that the US has AGAIN changed the regulations for reentry...................drivers license and certified birth certificate
eduardo: To Daniel: If you need MegaCarts (maybe for a future Minigames collection), just let me know.
rich-c: which newsletter were you getting, Jack
450Guy: ... but some people wrote some impressive games in C, so it just shows that I have no clue what I'm talking about.
BobS: UNLESS flying in, then you need a passport
Pamela: Bob, you are the keeper of the budget, yes?
Jack: not sure let me check
rondefined: @Bob.... the politics of the moment no doubt
Jack: brb
BobS: I guess, what do yo mean by "keeper of the budget"?????
BobS: you want ot givce ALL your money?
Pamela: well, the ANN budget I guess
BobS: ya that one
rich-c: well, Bush won't be gone till Jan. 20, 2009, so the regs will stand till then
Pixelboy: MY biggest worry about programming CV games is sound output. Graphics and joystick input I can probably figure out quickly, but sound is another matter altogether.
Daniel Bienvenu: thanks Eduardo. For now, the only Megacart I can think is mixing Bejeweled with Dacman in a single cart rather than releasing bejeweled alone. atariage like the idea, but the box is already done for bejeweled alone. so, it's on the ice, and I still have to work again on bejeweled and I can't find time for it.
eduardo: To Luc: I suppose you already know how much RAM Dragon's Lair needs, right?
Pamela: I may need some $ up front to put a deposit on the hotel
BobS: ok that is doable
Pixelboy: To Ed: Actually, that's one of the main question that need to be answered: Do the levels in Dragon's Lair fit in 16K chunks? I still don't know the answer to that one.
eduardo: To Daniel: I see. Well, anytime you need it... :)
(goes to fetch his beer)
450Guy: Yes, our paltry 2K of RAM is a severe handicap... Or is it 1K? I forget...
eduardo: To Luc: That isn't really important. The important is: can this port be made using only 1KB of RAM?
Daniel Bienvenu: To Luc : if you worries is about the sound format, it's well expain in the coleco programming manual, and I did a "remake" a this info in one of my PDF files.
Pixelboy: Yeah, that's another thing. Can DL run on 1K of RAM?
450Guy: Well, one can always use VRAM...
Pixelboy: I expect that DL can run on only 1K, but it may require some minor memory usage tweaks.
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rondefined: hah! There you see... that's the beauty of it. These guys are talking about 1K of RAM..... do you know of anything today that can live in 1K or RAM?
eduardo: To Luc: That would be a complete nightmare, to change the program to run on just 1KB.
changed username to Jack
Pamela: what happened, Jack?
Meeka: mom: i got all the albums up-to-date now :)
Jack: coladam Digest
450Guy: Maybe porting Pong would be a better alternative?
Meeka: he said brb Pam
Pixelboy: To 450GuY: LOL
Pamela: gotcha
Jack: I was getting it until Nov.2007
450Guy: Pixel: hehe... make it 100% identical to the original Pong nonetheless and use actual ROM. Wonder what CPU was used for PONG? aN 8008?
rich-c: I do know DL is less than 160K, because it fits on a floppy disc
Pixelboy: To Eduardo: A nightmare, you say?
Judy: that is good, I will have to go check it out later
eduardo: To 450Guy: None. It was all discrete logic.
Jack: could you repeat the new mailing list address?
Meeka: now I just gotta lite a fire under your son to get the ssl working for it
450Guy: Eduardo: Discrete logic generating video signals? Whoa.
rich-c: don't remember that one Jack - who put it out?
Judy: good luck to that!!!
Meeka: i know
Pamela: Ron, if you find Murray's e-mail, please send it to me at the news address so I can add him to the mailing list
Meeka: but i can always dream
eduardo: To 450Guy: I mean, they were using just 74XX stuff, no microprocessor.
rondefined: @Pamela, will do
Judy: what time do you get home from work?
450Guy: Eduardo: I understand what discrete logic is... TTL.
Pamela: Adamcon20news at
rich-c: you want adamcon20news, it is at
Jack: thanks Pam
eduardo: To Luc: Yeah, sure. You would need to change the whole program. It would be easier to write it from scratch.
rondefined: that looks so wierd!
Pamela: no, thank you for your interest : )
Meeka: lol, depends on the day. I try to leave work betwen 2 & 3
Judy: I have a 12:15 hair appointment Friday
Judy: then you probably won't be home yet when I get done
450Guy: Pixel: I think Eduardo is telling you politely that it is impossible to do it. :)
Meeka: not yet
Pamela: what does, Ron?
rondefined: the address
Pamela: yes, I agree : )
rich-c: where are you in Nebraska, Jack?
Judy: was supposed to go this afternoon but I cancelled, had Ryan
eduardo: Not impossible, but a lot of work.
Pamela: takes some getting used to, as well
Meeka: the last few days I been working late then gettting doug before i come home so I dont ahve to go back out
Jack: Hastings
eduardo: Unless you use extra RAM.
Pixelboy: To Ed: Perhaps you're entirely right, as the whole game was designed to work in RAM only.
450Guy: Well ladies and gents, the time has come for me to leave... Alas, family duties call.
rich-c: don't know that; what part of the state is it in?
Pamela: good luck with the move, Guy
450Guy: Eduardo, Pixel, it was a pleasure! Everyone else, see you all next week.
BobS: think that Jack is talking about the coladam mailing list that Dale Wick had operational.........NOW not functioning due to an upgrade inthe chat software.....or internet service
rondefined: 450Guy.... I hear ya son..... be well
eduardo: To 450Guy: See you. :)
rich-c: night, GuyF - a la prochaine!
Pixelboy: By 450Guy!
rondefined: BRB
450Guy: Poof.
Jack: yes, that's it Bob
450Guy left chat session
BobS: don't work to hard moving Guy.....
Judy: was a good idea for today you didn't need to be out on the road anymore than absolutely necessary
Daniel Bienvenu: To Luc : I saw your "want to do" list on Atariage. Nibbler is certainly one of the basic game type you can manage to program from scratch as a first coleco game in a reasonable laps of time.
BobS: AND, Jack, there is no visible signs of it being resurrected at this point Dale says
eduardo: To Luc: Man, you should learn assembly. It isn't that hard...
Jack: ok
Jack: too bad
Daniel Bienvenu: Serge-Eric did a snake game, pkk did a snake game, I did a snake game in my gamepack1
Pixelboy: To Ed: That's not what Scott Huggins tell me...
eduardo: Then you would have all the arcade ports you want...
Meeka: Doug says that i need to call and set up a slide viewing with you. apperantly in his web research the easiest way to convert is to just use camera to take pics of them projected on the wall
eduardo: Come on, if I can learn assembly... :P
Pixelboy: To Daniel: That AA post was just some musings on my part. But yeah, I agree, Nibbler should be relatively easy enough to do.
Judy: will have to wait until we get home
Meeka: ya, there is no hurry
Judy: we leave next week Thursday
Pamela: for LA?
Meeka: i knew it was next week, just wasnt sure the day
Daniel Bienvenu: For tweaking to gain some bytes, assembly is the way to go. Even if I did a lot of things in C that prove it wasn't difficult to optimize code and stay in C language.
eduardo: Ok, assembly can be a pain to debug, but otherwise it is quite simple once you get used.
rich-c: just a guess, but going by the relatively simple instruction set of the Z80A, writing assembly for the CV/Adam should be easy
Pixelboy: To Daniel: About the CV sound thing, my worries are not so much about understanding how it works. It's more about how to compose music and sound effects that don't sound like utter crap.
BobS: leaving for New Orleans and a 5 day cruise, followed by 4 days of goofing off, then a week workign for Habitat before heading hoem
eduardo: To Daniel: if you are creating a game from scratch, I agree, C would be a lot simpler. But when you want to make arcade ports, assembly is the way to go.
Pamela: aw, life's rough : )
Judy: if the weather is going to be really bad on Thursday we will be leaving on Wed
Meeka: besides I will have plenty to do if I can ever get him to set up the next site
Pamela: are you driving? and taking the motorhome?
Judy: yes
Meeka: no they are gonna fly the motorhome down Pam :-P
rondefined: @Pixelboy, there are drivers that will convert a MIDI file to data that can be used by the sound chip
Pamela: LOL, that should have been and/or
Meeka: i know, just couldnt resist
rich-c: just take along a wireless laptop so they can get NOAA when needed!
Pixelboy: To rondefined: MIDI, you say? Sounds like something I'll need to investigate...
Pamela: I know, pulling tails can be so much fun : )
rondefined: @pixelboy, yeah, get hold of Chris Braymen's MIDIBAS package. Have it here and could probably send you a disk image
Pamela: and I deserved to have mine pulled for that : )
eduardo: To Luc: Ok, so unless someone finds something, we could go with address 7Eh for our system control register.
Pixelboy: To Ed: Sounds fine by me.
Daniel Bienvenu: In the past, I did a midi to coleco converter... it helped me to make the music demo rom that play pacaman and miss pacman themes... and also the "love" music in dacman reused in jeepers creepers. unfortunatly, I lost my converter.
rich-c: anyway, Jack, what's your nearest major airport?
Pixelboy: And as for Dragon's Lair, I guess the only way it will ever happen is if I learn every last thing about the ADAM, and twaek the software myself. Which will probably never happen in my lifetime. :P
Jack: Lincoln
eduardo: To Luc: Oh, and please don't go thinking I am against the Dragin's Lair project. I would love to play it.
eduardo: I could help, if you want.
rondefined: @Daniel, Pixelboy - that would have been better for you programmers (Daniel's utility). Chris Braymen's was written mainly for SmartBASI
rondefined: Smartbasic types
eduardo: Maybe it would be a good first project for you.
rich-c: up there in the high country, then. But I guess you'll have to route through Chicago
BobS: check out the hotel thing and let me know as soon as you can, we leave next Thursday am
Daniel Bienvenu: Luc, if assembly and optimization is not something you want to do in your first projects, go for something more easy, and not necessary a remake of an arcade game, it can be a graphic test that became a new game by adding more element one by one and balancing the game play by the same time.
Pixelboy: To Ed: Disassembling 160K of raw data would be a good first project? I didn't know you were such a sadist, Eduardo... :P
eduardo: To luc: once we set the system to expanded mode, we can redefine all the CV I/O address space (80h-FFh) to accommodate the new devices.
Jack: I might take Amtrak if i go
eduardo: Come on, it is just a lot of graphic data.
Meeka: thats a cool way to go
Pixelboy: To Daniel: As I explained in that AA post, my first game will be a simple game of Sudoku. But I would still lke to have at least a few nice sounds effects in that first game.
eduardo: I am sure that the main program is quite simple.
Pamela: that would work if you could make the right connections, Jack. There's a train station in St. Catharines and the Amtrak trains come right thru from the US.
rich-c: OK, there is I believe good Amtrak service from Chicago to Buffalo 'caus it goes on to New York
rich-c: getting from Buffalo to St. Catharines is another issue but not insuperable
eduardo: Does Adamem run Dragon's Lair?
Daniel Bienvenu: @ Luc : if you code by using my kit like described in my youtube video, then you can use any of the sound effect from the os7 sound bank from my web site.
Jack: plus my city is served by Amtrak too
Daniel Bienvenu: if you code by using asembly, and use the coleco bios sound routine, then you can use again the os7 sound bank.
rondefined: @Pam and Rich:: speaking of that..... I'm assuming I'll have to fly to Toronto from the wet coast..... then on to (is it Niagara or St. Catherines). Are there any air services into St.Cath?
rich-c: the Amtrak connection from teh Buffalo train to the Toronto (St. Catharines) trains is very poor last time I looked
rich-c: but tehre is very good bus service Buffalo - St. Catharines and it's a short cheap trip
Daniel Bienvenu: if you code by using eduardo specific sound routine, you will need to use his stuff that convert wav sound to raw data.
Pixelboy: To Daniel: I'll be sure to have a look at your kit. :)
Daniel Bienvenu: if you use the original marcel de kogel sdk, you can use my wav2cv software
BobS: YES, Dragon's Lair runs on ADAMEM
rich-c: no major airports nearer than Hamilton, Ron - but Westjet flies there
rondefined: ok so Hamilton it is
eduardo: To Bobs: I need to try that. I never saw the Adam version of Dragon's Lair.
rich-c: and I believe the motels Pam is eyeing have jitney services to both Hamilton and Toronto
Jack: the actual meeting is the 19th thur the 22?
rondefined: what's a jitney
Pixelboy: One side note: I tried running DL on MESS, but I can't set the ADAM driver to accept keypad keys, so I stay stuck at the skill-select screen.
Pamela: I believe that St. Catharines has a small municipal airport Ron, however you might be better to either fly into Pearson - there;s a shuttle offered by the hotel, I believe - or into Hamilton Airport which is much closer. And I believe that Westjet does fly into Hamilton.
rondefined: ok
rich-c: bet that on Westjet teh fare to Hamilton is better, too - landing fees are way cheaper
eduardo: Ok guys, time to leave. That was really nice to talk to all of you. In fact I hope to be here next week again. :)
eduardo: See you guys next week. :)
Pixelboy: I have to leave too. Bye everyone, T'was nice meeting you!
rondefined: good to meet you Eduardo
Meeka: night
Pamela: I will check on that Ron to confirm shuttle service and other ways to get people to and from the airport besides expensive taxis
rondefined: Pixelboy.... g'nite
eduardo: Bye everyone!
rich-c: shuttle, Ron
Pamela: good night eduardo, nice to meet you!
Judy: night Eduardo
eduardo left chat session
rich-c: night, Edeuardo - see you next week
Pamela: Goodnight Luc - ditto
Meeka: night
Daniel Bienvenu: I have to leave too. it's getting late and I have to wake up earlier because of the snow and weather.
Pamela: bonne nuit, Daniel
Pixelboy left chat session
Jack: nice meeting you guys
rich-c: night, Luc - a la prochaine
rondefined: sounds good to me. Haven't decided if I'm going to rent a car yet....might want to take a few days to look around
Guy B.: Night Daniel
rondefined: not sure yet
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel
Judy: night Daniel
Pamela: um, time to start taking notes
Pamela: gotta find my note book
rondefined: How far is St. Catherines from London Ont?
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit!
rich-c: yes, might be worth checking out Toronto-Buffalo bus services, timetables and all
Jack: how soon will there be info on the Adamcon20news at gmail site?
Pamela: Jack wouldn't need a bus, the train comes right into St. Catharines
Pamela: ron, hang in there, I'm coming back to you
rich-c: St. Catharines is down in the Niagara peninsula, near Niagara Falls b- it's where the Welland Canal empties into Lake ontario
rondefined: yup
Pamela: Jack, it will be a newsletter mailout - it's an email address, not a website
rondefined: suppose I could always look at a map
Pamela: hopefully the website will be up soon too - if I can get a hold of Dale
rich-c: I assume Pamela will want to use it to establish a mailing list - but general news will likely be here
Pamela: I really need to get my notebook
Pamela: that's what the gmail addy is for - mailing list
rich-c: is Dale going to give you a page on, Pam?
Jack: I can be reached at
Pamela: Ron, about 1.5 hours from St. Catharines to T.O., and another 1.5 to 2 hours from T.O. to London
rondefined: ok. thanks
Pamela: okay got that Jack
Jack: great
Pamela: I'll have to ask him, Dad
rondefined: thinking of revisiting the place where my conscious memory begins
rich-c: cross-country Londo to St. Catharines I'd guess at maybe under 100 miles
rondefined: back when the earth was flat and Lucan was 12 miles from London
rondefined: that sounds better Rich. Was wondering why I would have to come back to Toronto to get from St kits to London
rich-c: chased out by those damn Donnelleys, were you? ;-)
rondefined: yes.... so the story goes
rich-c: they did make life pretty miserable for their neighbours
rondefined: by the time I get there I should be speaking a pretty unintelligible brand of Fritalian
Pamela: si!
Pamela: oh wait, that's Spanish
rich-c: I reckon!
rondefined: It Itenglish
rich-c: italenglish, maybe?
rondefined: My son Jeff thinks I'm nuts
Pamela: why?
rondefined: and he's probably right
rondefined: the one trip after the other thing
rich-c: kids always feel that way about their folks - ask Pam ;-)
Pamela: oh, the three day turnaround
Pamela: well, we love you anyway
rondefined: actually it turns out to be longer than that Pam... more like 6 days
Pamela: and appreciate your willingness to try it
rondefined: oh Hell....just tell me where I am, and point me to the nearest bed
Judy: the worse it can make you is tired
Pamela: I thought you came home on the 15th Ron?
rich-c: hey, duck soup - Ron is young yet
rondefined: oh sure!!!
Jack: bye people....thanks for your help
rondefined: that's right Judy....that's about it
Pamela: thanks Jack - see you next week, we hope
Judy: bye Jack
rondefined: Night Jack
Jack: I will try
rich-c: maybe so, but he'll have a fine case of jet lag plus Italian hospitality overdose
rondefined: <grin>
rich-c: bye Jack, see you soon
Jack left chat session
BobS: nite Jack
Guy B.: Nite Jack
rondefined: No.... the 13th Pam
Pamela: well, Ron keeps telling us that sleep is overrated : )
rich-c: whoof! it's been a busy night
rondefined: That's Right!
Pamela: Yes, i was trying to keep three conversations going at once at one point
Meeka: only three Pam, your slipping
rondefined: Think these young bloods need some encouragement
Pamela: makes me appreciate that fact that I can touch type even more
rondefined: They sound like they can program blindfolded
Pamela: I'm outta practice, Meeka : )
rondefined: I KNOW Daniel can
rondefined: and Guy
Pamela: so much of what they said is over my head that I just kept quiet
rich-c: actyually if you do just keep quiet you will learn a surprising lot
Meeka: ,e too pam
rondefined: they know what they're talking about. exactly Rich
BobS: it rubs off on ya Pam
Pamela: I realized recently that I'm going to learn much more at this convention
Guy B.: I certainly did
Pamela: As the host, I'm not going to be able to just slip out as easily
rich-c: that they clearly do, Ron - I'm surprised I am even ever to contribute a clue, but at times I can
rondefined: yes, you did
rich-c: it that whole gang turns up, it will be quite different from our past
rondefined: All's I have are good intentions. Makes good road pavement.
rondefined: and a half dozen or so unread books on programming in C
Pamela: If our numbers are going to swell much, i'm going to need to know fairly soon
rich-c: Oh, Bob and Judy - which dates will you be away, again?
Pamela: the meeting room will only hold 20 comfortably
BobS: Feb 7-25
Guy B.: That should do fine Pam
Meeka: we can schoosh
rondefined: Can I make airline reservations Pam, or should I wait till the news is official?
rich-c: ok, my surgery is on for the 28th now
Pamela: Can you give me two weeks without losing your deal Ron?
BobS: it 's NOT official?????????
BobS: TWO WEEKS !!!!!!!!
rondefined: don't really have a deal yet Pam, so yes... go ahead. That'll be plenty of time
Pamela: okay (phew)
BobS: so when I return on the 27th chat, we will know for sure, certain, set instone, etc ?
Pamela: the dates are pretty firm Bob, it's the location I'm still working on
BobS: under a roof
rondefined: Ha (ROTFL) Bob is a riot
rich-c: as in which motel in St. Catharines, with at lest two good contenders
Pamela: hotel, not motel Dad
Meeka: yse, and with heat oops I mean air :-P
BobS: anyhows, gotta go and make me lunch for tomorrow......... holler at me Pam!!!!!
Guy B.: Well folks, time for me to go. We'll see you all next week
Pamela: a/c is standard, Meeka : )
rondefined: oh ya, that WORK thing
BobS: motels work too Pam, as long as a restaurant is near..............
Pamela: I'll send you an e-mail as soon as I've talked to Tracey, Bob
rondefined: Gnite Bob, Judy....Gnite Guy
BobS: WORK.......another FOUR letter word
rich-c: Guy, Bob, Judy, Meeka - night to you all, catch you next week
Judy: night all
rondefined: Gnite Mrs. Kalabash, wherever you are!
BobS: yes Ron
Meeka: nightnight
BobS left chat session
Judy left chat session
rondefined: go straight home y'all
Meeka: i heading off too
rondefined: off to where?
Pamela: gnite Meeka
Meeka: bed
rondefined: nite Meeka (you can ignore me)
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: and I think Jack and Daniel are also gone, aren't they?
Meeka: NIGHT RON :-)
Pamela: think so
rondefined: :)
Meeka left chat session
rich-c: so are we ready to fold for the night, then?
rondefined: yup, I believe I can feel my after supper nap coming on
Pamela: I think so Dad, it would be nice if I went to bed before midnight for a change
rondefined: be well all
rondefined: nice meeting you Jack
rich-c: right, I found out about a new backup program built into XP and want to check it out
Pamela: Ron, don't forget Murray for me
rondefined: right away before I sleep Pam
rondefined: I'll send it
Pamela: thanks : )
rondefined: niters all!
rondefined: pooooofffff
Pamela: gnite!
rich-c: it's I know
rondefined left chat session
Pamela: I've got that part it's the first part I need : )
rich-c: right - anyway, shall we fold it in?
Pamela: Okay Papa, I'll be in touch because I didn't get to touch on some stuff tonite while I was over
rich-c: OK, night-night, sleep tight
Pamela: I need to go and get my notes organized
rich-c: and we'll hear from you whenever
Pamela: and go to bed for a change
Pamela: okay
Pamela: gnite, Daddy
rich-c: nite now
Pamela: kerpoof!
rich-c: colour me gone
Pamela left chat session
rich-c left chat session
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