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Dr. D.: Hi Meeka.
Meeka: hello
Meeka: sorry i didnt answer right away
Dr. D.: No problem.
Meeka: no one else was here so I went back t editing my web site
Dr. D.: I have divided attention tonight, working on an exam topics handout for my class.
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Dr. D.: I need to finish it so I can upload it to the class website tonightl.
Dr. D.: tonight.
changed username to rich-c
Meeka: sounds exciting
rich-c: good evening, Rich and Meeka
Meeka: hi rich
Dr. D.: Hi Richard.
Dr. D.: It isn't exciting, just needs to get done, I kept getting interrupted today.
rich-c: snowing over your way too, I gather
Dr. D.: Their exam is next Wednesday.
Dr. D.: No snow here Richard, just rain/drizzle.
Dr. D.: Rin is downtown tonight, I am hoping she can get back home okay.
Meeka: yes, it is rich.....they predicting totals of 9-12 inches
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
rich-c: ah, you are in a warm sector then - we haven't been over freezing all day
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr.D, hello!
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Rich
Dr. D.: Hi Daniel.
Meeka: hello
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Meeka!
rich-c: and needless to say our precip shows it!
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel
rich-c: we had about 8 inches this morning, it quit for a bit, now we have a beast on the way
Daniel Bienvenu: a beast?
Dr. D.: He means a very ugly snowfall is coming :-)
rich-c: sorry - iamagery, Daniel - to suggest a storm with a mood like La Maudite
Daniel Bienvenu: ok
Daniel Bienvenu: mood? moud? mound?
rich-c: mood - emotional state
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings from Snowy Chicago!
rich-c: hello Guy, all snowbound? you're on early
Meeka: hello Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, so it's mood in the same way quebecers like me uses
Dr. D.: Hello Guy.
Daniel Bienvenu: good evening GuyB
Guy B.: Last week 10 inches. Tonight 3 and more on the way
rich-c: that is very possible, Daniel - Quebec has a dialect all its own
Daniel Bienvenu: not in the mood ... translate (in quebec) pas dans le mood
rich-c: that is franglais, I assume - Quebec has lots of that
rich-c: the anglophones do the same thing in reverse, incorpoate French words and phrases into their talk
Daniel Bienvenu: I invited Dale and Guy to join us tonight
rich-c: btw Guy, Pamela will be here but will be late - spent too long talking to het mother
Dr. D.: hehe Richard
rich-c: good - we need to find out a bit more about what the problem is with the mailing list
rich-c: I am not sure I understand the explanation we were given
Dr. D.: My understanding was that Dale's ISP won't let him host a mailing list due to security or anti-spam concerns.
Dr. D.: That list was a source of enormous amounts of spam to the moderator accounts (namely me, since Dale did not do much moderating).
Guy B.: I'm sure she won't forget us
rich-c: I wonder if I talked to my ISP if something could be worked out - my guy is pretty sensible
Dr. D.: You guys never saw it, but at the end, I was getting 100+ coladam-admin spams per day, that I had to delete.
Dr. D.: Now my APKnet address gets only 1-2 spams per day.
Guy B.: I guess all of you know about the chat logs. Can't access them at all
Dr. D.: The chatlogs are gone?
Dr. D.: I had not tried...I hope they are still extant...that is too big an archive to lose...
Guy B.: Take a look, Rich. It's all gibberish
rich-c: well, they haven't been updated for several weeks - Frances is quite upset about it
Dr. D.: unless the Wayback Machine has them.
Dr. D.: Ah, I see what the problem is.
Dr. D.: Dale has a script to access and format the raw logs, it requires a programming language running on that evidently is not running.
Guy B.: Can it be fixed? Don't forget the last one was back in November. We hadn't had any added since then
rich-c: if you can retrieve them, Rich, making an archive might be prudent
Dr. D.: If you view the "gibberish" as source HTML, you can see the script.
Dr. D.: I am sure Dale has the raw logfiles.
rich-c: see we've lost Meeka
Guy B.: Funny thing is, we haven't heard from him in a while
Dr. D.: But websites that archive snapshots of old websites may have them.
Guy B.: And I hope he has backed them up
rich-c: think Google might have it?
Dr. D.: Well, you haven't really heard from me for awhile, either...start of semester at CWRU, lots of Rin-related stuff...
Dr. D.: Google may, it depends, have to see.
rich-c: yes, have they found an assignment for Rin yet?
Dr. D.: No :-(
Dr. D.: And 3 months of unemployment are having very deleterious effects.
rich-c: way things are going, they'll be putting her into election work soon
rich-c: Cynthis is coming up for the opening of Ignatieff's campaign office this weekend
Dr. D.: A month ago she got word that someone in the Premier's office was telling people that she had already been picked up, and thus her applications were not being considered.
Dr. D.: Yes I know Cynthia is coming tomorrow, staying until Sunday I think.
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale is not at his computer... he doesn't answer to my invitation to chat.
Dr. D.: I will be coming back to Toronto late on the 14th, stay through the weekend.
rich-c: given the weather predictions, I doubt we'll see her
Dr. D.: I have decided that I need to be there every 2 weeks if at all possible, or even weekly if it avoids a 3-week gap.
rich-c: right - I have trouble keeping track of you three
Dr. D.: I apologize for not being more social for all the time I have been in Toronto since Christmastime...but it has been very very hard, Richard...
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changed username to BobS
rich-c: it's a lot of driving in bad weather, but with luck it will soon be over
BobS: hiya guys
Daniel Bienvenu: where are the pictures of your cake creations ?
Guy B.: Hi Bob, how much snow do you have there?
BobS: about 10.5"
Dr. D.: I have put 2000 miles on the car in the last 1.5 months.
rich-c: hi Bob, Meeka was here later
Dr. D.: We have had maybe 3 inches of rain but no snow.
rich-c: me, I'm still running on gas bought in November
Daniel Bienvenu: here, we have all the snow we need ... in this Carnaval period.
rich-c: sorry Bob, meant earlier
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BobS: THAT'S netter
Dr. D.: Lucky you.
BobS: better
changed username to Pamela
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Dr. D.: I have spent about $520 in gas since 15 December 2007.
rich-c: hello daughter, see you made good time
Pamela: this is weird
changed username to Meeka
Dr. D.: Hello Pam.
Pamela: well relatively good
Meeka: hi Pam
Pamela: hi
rich-c: welcome back, Meeka
Guy B.: Just as much as I got last week. Tonight 3 inches and more coming tomorrow
Guy B.: Hi Pam
Meeka: ty, all the sudden I noticed no one was talking :-P
rich-c: you fell off quite some time ago, actually, meeka - I noticed you were gone
Meeka: oh well
Pamela: hi Dad, hi Guy
rich-c: the secret is to keep your finger away from the key with the Windows logo on it
Pamela: that was weird, I was talking to Bob and Judy and
Pamela: reading the chat at the same time
BobS: and I was ON CHAT
rich-c: Judy doesn't show as being on right now
Dr. D.: I don't see Judy either.
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Pamela: no I mean talking to them, on the phone
Pamela: Hi Rich
Dr. D.: Oh.
changed username to Judy
Dr. D.: Hi Pam.
Pamela: Hi Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Pam
Meeka: brb, Bandit is buggin to go outside in all that snow
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Judy
Dr. D.: Now I see Judy.
rich-c: right, here she is now - hi Judy
Judy: Hello, all
Daniel Bienvenu: hi bob
Daniel Bienvenu: hi again rich, dr.d and meeka
BobS: hi dan
Daniel Bienvenu: and good evening guyb
Daniel Bienvenu: now i'm sure I forogt no one
Pamela: anyway I still haven't gotten everything done so I'm gonna go and do something quickly and come right back
Guy B.: Hi Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: :)
Judy: he doesn't care that it is awful out there
Pamela: I'll stay on here but be silent for a few minutes
rich-c: this is a night when you want a l-o-n-g leash
Pamela: Russell just called - the boss may give him a ride home
BobS: cool then he don't have to WALK
Dr. D.: I am multi-tasking too: writing an exam review topics guide for my class.
rich-c: that's nice, should save him some time
Pamela: I hope so, that would save him (and I (me?)) a great deal of time and trouble
Pamela: guess I'll know by 10:00
rich-c: yes, you don't want to go driving in this weather
Pamela: I still haven't managed to get dinner
BobS: how does Russell get home????? train and then you have ot pick him up at the station, Pam ?????
Pamela: well if I do go out it will only be up to the Superstore parking lot at Crossroads
Pamela: that's as far as I go to get to the GO train
Pamela: I can handle that
Pamela: no it's three buses, Bob
Pamela: and if he doesn't make his connections, it can take a looooong time
Pamela: One bus from Lakeshore to Bloor, a second one from Bloor to Weston Road, and a third down Weston Road
rich-c: well the subway delay was out east and that is cleared, and they have the King, Spadina and Bathurst dtreetcars running again
Judy: how long does that usually take
Pamela: none of which have any effect on Russell thank goodness
BobS: bummer, then again ........with the weather out there, the buses may be late on connections
Pamela: if he makes his connections, about 40 minutes
Pamela: if he misses one, about 65 minutes in good weather
Pamela: Friday night it took him an hour and a half to get home
Judy: this is not good weather that is for sure
Meeka: back
Judy: hello Meeka
Pamela: that's why we're interested in moving closer to his office
rich-c: no, it was a small adventure but an adventure driving about today
Pamela: I'd be much happier if he were able to walk home in 10 minutes in this weather
Meeka: hi mom
BobS: moving??????? out of paradise in your building ??????????
Pamela: more like paradise lost, Bob
Pamela: : )
BobS: ok
Dr. D.: Rin's comment is "no more cat sitter"
Meeka: lol
BobS: oops
Pamela: proximity to his office is a big factor, but so is the maintenance hassles we've had recently
rich-c: I can see where that's a major issue - maybe a deal with Lindsay?
Judy: how long have you lived there
Pamela: 11 years as of January 25th
BobS: you have hd them since you moved in, have you not?
Dr. D.: I have to apologize, Pam, if Rin hasn't already, that we haven't visited more when I have been in town...but things with Rin have been complicated lately...
Pamela: Don't worry about it Rich - we've been a little preoccupied ourselves recently : )
Pamela: heck, I saw Lindsay yesterday for the first time in about three weeks
Pamela: it's nuts - we live one floor apart
Dr. D.: I have been bringing board games to play, we have had fun, but you and Russell might too.
rich-c: speaking of which - we lose the Slopsemas tomorrow, don't we?
Dr. D.: I got a stack to have here for when the girls come over, and I took them at Christmas and Rin and I played most of them.
Dr. D.: What Richard?
Pamela: we shall have to have a game of Balderdash in the not too distant future, Rich
Judy: yes, you do
Pamela: guaranteed to leave us all in hysterics : )
BobS: NO, we are NOT going to get lost!!!!!!! just on vacation
Dr. D.: Whew
Judy: we are blowing this pop stand
Dr. D.: I was worried Bob.
BobS: why
Pamela: Bob and Judy have instructions to take lots of pictures ; )
rich-c: when did you say you'll be back, Bob? was it the 25th?
BobS: yes
Judy: Meeka knows how that goes
BobS: but we won't see ya'll until the 27th
Dr. D.: Rin and I played Life, Monopoly, Sorry, her Disney Trivial Pursuit; in the past, we have played my Aggravation and Star Trek Uno.
Meeka: lol
Pamela: I have to go and do a chore - be back shortly
rich-c: OK, my surgery date has been changed and is now the 28th
Meeka: ya, i do
Judy: yes, he is making me come home on my birthday, is that mean or what
BobS: then you can welcome us hoem richard
Dr. D.: I am to be in town again late on the 28th and through the Leap Day if you need a visitor, please let me know.
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changed username to Dale
BobS: Hi Dale
Dale: Hi all.
rich-c: yes, they are doing it as day surgery
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Dale
Dale: Daniel reminded me to come today. I always seem to forget lately.
Judy: Hi, Dale
Meeka: hi dale
rich-c: hello Dale!
Guy B.: Hi Dale
Dr. D.: Howdy Dale.
Daniel Bienvenu: GuyF is very busy... so, I will start the discussion without him...
rich-c: before I forget - if you have server issues or such for the mailing list, my ISP is small and accommodating
Daniel Bienvenu: Dear friends, the point I want to discuss is about the name to give for the coleco cartridge we are making with the tiny games made by Dale, Guy amnd myself.
rich-c: he might be able to help if asked
Dr. D.: Any name you propose should be fine, Daniel.
Dr. D.: As long as it isn't a swearword or something :-)
Judy: Meeka, have you talked to Mandy?
Dale: I paid extra to be able to have a mailing list, but somehow I haven't set it up quite yet.
rich-c: le 'tit nouveau Colecovision, peut-etre?
Meeka: not in a couple days, why?
Daniel Bienvenu: the games was submited to a compo named minigames compo... if this help to brainstorm
Dale: The last time I was going to work on it, I was away from home, and didn't have access to the data.
Dr. D.: Also, the script for displaying the archived chat logs is broken.
Judy: Ryan was still home sick today
Dr. D.: Or rather, the script interpreter doesn't seem to be running.
Meeka: yuk
Judy: today was the first day that he has not had a fevor
Dale: Sweatshop Volume 1.
Meeka: awwwww
Dr. D.: Is the game about garment workers?
Judy: he may go back to school tomorrow
rich-c: that would surely be honest, Dale! 8-)
Daniel Bienvenu: there is a space shooter, a pirate boat, and a platform game.
Judy: but took a shower tonight and got so tired that he had to sit down
Dale: Dr D, the script is installed, but I have to add the cron line for it so that it runs automatically, I guess.
Dale: That should be easier to fix at least.
Meeka: poor thing
Judy: yea, he even sounds sad
Dale: Schizophrenic Minigames vol 1.
Dr. D.: Right now accessing the archives gives a dump of the script that browsers try to interpret as HTML.
Dale: Minigames 2005-2007
Meeka: better run fast before you catch it
rich-c: Tron jumps to the Jolly Roger? ;-)
Judy: no lie, didn't have him at all this week
Dale: I specifically remember fixing that part.
Dr. D.: GuyDanDale Games #1...or pick your favourite author order :-)
Dale: I wonder why it is broken again.
Daniel Bienvenu: lol
Dr. D.: I just accessed it from Safari about 40 minutes ago, and it was kaput.
Dale: I see that.
Meeka: well he hopefully hes better before she brings him this way
Dale: Let me see if I can get that fixed again at least.
rich-c: well if you're going to skip town tomorrow, Judy, you should be OK
Judy: she is keeping him in this week-end, will probably be here watching TV
rich-c: if travel is possible, that it
Meeka: thats good
rich-c: by the way, if Pam and I vanish suddenly, suspect a power outage
Judy: yes, you do not want that flu that he had
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Meeka: no not really
changed username to Guy~B.
rich-c: I'm on a ups but ti doesn't cover the modem because ot the phone line connection
Guy~B.: Hello everyone.
Judy: hi, Guy
Meeka: hello
Dr. D.: Do you have thunder and lightning, Richard?
Guy~B.: Actually, what I meant to write was Guy NOT B. What's the mathematical symbol for "NOT"?
Guy~B.: ^ or ~
Dr. D.: ~
rich-c: oh, is that Guy-not-B?
Guy~B.: Ahhh, my instincts were correct then.
Dr. D.: but I can't remember what ^ is
Guy~B.: Yes, it's Guy NOT B!
Guy B.: So this is the OTHER Guy
Dr. D.: I never had a course in formal logic or linear algebra :-S
Guy~B.: I had a course in Discrete Mathematics. 1 & 2. Fun courses.
Dr. D.: I would rather write NOT, AND, OR, XOR
rich-c: or even l'autre Guy, if you prefer
Daniel Bienvenu: NAND and NOR too?
Guy~B.: OR is +, AND is X
Guy~B.: And so on and so forth...
Pamela: too obscure for me
Dr. D.: I have just been rereading "Goedel, Escher, Bach" again...there is a trip if you haven't read it, Guy.
Meeka: me too pam
Daniel Bienvenu: boolean operator?
Pamela: I can operate on battery if necessary
Dr. D.: If you have a real telephone line, then it will have its own 48-volt power.
Pamela: sorry it took so long, I had to finish cleaning the toilet (it was getting rather necessary!)
Guy~B.: I just got IP telephony from my cable subscriber. Is that what you guys are talking about?
Dr. D.: That is why I have a rotary phone here, it still works when the rest of the power is out, and cordless phones with wall transformers don't.
Daniel Bienvenu: who is the best illustrator in adamcon team?
Judy: that was more than we needed to know, Pam
Dr. D.: I have some artistic skills...
Guy~B.: Pam: Ahhh, an emergency toilet cleanup. I leave that to the wife.
Pamela: I'm trying to do the bathroom, one fixture at a time!
rich-c: yes, but the power spike at about 6 p.m. here stopped the power to the modem, and the power bar isnt on the ups
Guy~B.: Yeah, that's the only requirement, that the modem be powered with a small 12V or so battery.
Judy: we don't have a wife to give the job to, Guy
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Pamela: I am the wife, remember?
changed username to ronsvista
Pamela: by the way, hi Dale
Guy~B.: Judy: Hmm, a child then perhaps??? Pecking order hierarchy.
Daniel Bienvenu: good evening Ron on Vista
Pamela: Hi Ron
rich-c: I happen to use one of those little utility transpormers in the power bar
ronsvista: evening all
Daniel Bienvenu: How is Ubuntu?
Meeka: hi ron
ronsvista: hey Pam
ronsvista: guess what
Daniel Bienvenu: and What about MacOS?
Guy~B.: Hey all...
Dr. D.: He is Vista tonight, not Ubuntu.
Pamela: what??
Judy: Hi, Ron
Meeka: lol, they kicked all the kids out already (huggggs)
BobS: vEsta
rich-c: hello Ron, still into your exervise in masochism? ;-)
ronsvista: the message I sent you with Murray's e-mail
Guy~B.: Vespa? Always wanted one of those little buggers.
ronsvista: bounced back to me and I didn't have your e-mail, didn't get it
ronsvista: yes..... Rich, I enjoy self-torture
ronsvista: Hi Judy
Guy B.: Hi Ron, on Vista tonight, eh!
Pamela: either send it to my work addy or to the adamcon addy: adamcon20news at
ronsvista: that's where I sent it
ronsvista: the latter
rich-c: well, I reckon Vista will give you lots of that
Guy~B.: Aha, I knew I forgot to do something Pamela, forgot to give you my email addy.
ronsvista: sec BRB
Pamela: preferably the latter, so I can drop it directly into the mailing list
Pamela: well we know it works because I've been emailing back and forth with Bob all week
Pamela: are you using the @ symbol?
Guy~B.: hehe
Pamela: same goes for you, Guy - if you can send it there that would be great
ronsvista: Ah
rich-c: not so, Guy, I told her the consequences of using a copyable email address in a public document
ronsvista: forgive me for I screwed up hopelessly
ronsvista: sent it to adamcon20at it's on its way to you again Pam
Pamela: gmail is reaally good for weeding spam but just in case I'm trying to avoid having it picked up
rich-c: the web spidrs are out there all teh time looking for additions to spam mailers lists
Pamela: thanks Ron
Pamela: much appreciated
ronsvista: spam and spiders and bots, oh my! Spam and spiders and bots, Oh my!
Meeka: lol
Guy~B.: Pam: You've got mail!
Pamela: you're right, i do
ronsvista: We have a miserable Pacific disturbance here on the wet coast
rich-c: yes, some bot picked up my address at and now I'm getting a dozen spaqms a day from teh same mailer
Guy~B.: My .mac address was flooded with cr*p, couldn't deal with it, so went back to using a regular free email. They're good at weeding out the stuff.
Pamela: thank you both, gentlemen
ronsvista: BRB....... c'est temps pour boire quelque chose
rich-c: Pam. which version of XP do you have on your computer?
Dr. D.: Pam you got my preferred address response E-mail right?
Judy: we have had one too, Ron
Guy~B.: Ca va Dan?
Judy: got way too much snow!!!
Dr. D.: I replied to your E-mail sent from tempest but did not get a reply.
Pamela: and don't forget all of you, to add the above to your "friends" lists so messages don't get treated as spam, please
Daniel Bienvenu: oui je vais bien
Pamela: I did Rich and thank you
Guy~B.: Dan: Good!
Dr. D.: Have you sent a list E-mail yet?
Pamela: I didn't have time to reply!
Dr. D.: I haven't seen one in my spam traps.
Dr. D.: No problem...
Daniel Bienvenu: des soucis au travail... (err... some bugs at work)
Guy~B.: Dan: Our Batman & Robin duo of last week are not here tonight?
Pamela: by the time I got it, you were en route and Friday, Saturday and Sunday were nuts
Pamela: and then you poofed : )
Dr. D.: I poofed?
Daniel Bienvenu: you talk about Luc and eduardo
Guy~B.: Yes, Batman and Robin.
Pamela: I have not yet sent a list e-mail
Pamela: nothing to report yet, really
rich-c: yes, I was sort of hoping they might turn up
Pamela: yes, poofed back to Cleveland
Dr. D.: Ah.
rich-c: had a note from someone with an Adam for sale, this week
Dr. D.: Well, I had to leave by midnight Sunday to get back in time to get the girls off to school 7 hours later.
ronsvista: silly person]
Daniel Bienvenu: that's funny, I'm currently watching some old vhs tapes... with batman and robin tv episodes.
Guy~B.: Dan: Hahaha, whait a coinkidence.
Dr. D.: I made good time, beat all the sleet, no border problems, made it in 4.5 hours.
Pamela: wow, that's good time
Dale: Arg...the server is fighting me again.
Dr. D.: I was glad I went up there Thursday night instead of Friday...I beat all the bad snow.
Pamela: that's in it's nature, Dale : )
ronsvista: Fight back Dale!
Dale: I added a new user account last week, and that disabled scripting for dmwick on the website. :-(
Dr. D.: No stops en route, and 5 minutes at the border, that was part of it.
Pamela: FYI Dale, the date of the convention has now been pretty much set for June 19 through the 22nd
Guy~B.: Dr. D: Our big moving day was on Thursday for us. We were also glad to have moved on Thursday and not Friday... It was hell.
rich-c: you got through thr border that fast?
Dale: And when I try and reenable it gives an error that is for something unrelated. :-P
Pamela: between Ron, yourselves and Rich, not to mention Meeka and Doug, it seemed to be a better fit for all
Guy~B.: June 19 - June 22, I will keep that noted. I hope we can make it this year...
Daniel Bienvenu: well, they are looking for informations to be able to build their own hardware compatible coleco+adam... kind of a clone of the coleco console and computer. and for that they are looking for all technical informations
Daniel Bienvenu: including unofficial ones
Daniel Bienvenu: used by homebrewers
Dr. D.: I can only hope that the ASEE doesn't schedule my presentation in Pittsburgh for the 23rd.
ronsvista: I will show up glassy -eyed and speaking very bad Italian
Dale: brb
Dr. D.: Otherwise, I would have to leave Sunday before the banquet.
ronsvista: if I speak at all
Pamela: I hope not too, but at least you'll be able to attend part of the convention
Meeka: I have a request for those of you at the last several con's that I missed. I am reserecting/redigning the picture site I have and need pics from 17,18 or 19
Pamela: we'll wave a hand in front of you once in a while to make sure you're still in there Ron
Dr. D.: Yes. I would really rather not have to leave town until the 23rd and not be in Pittsburgh until the 24th or later.
ronsvista: think I've got some of those around here Pam
Dr. D.: But I don't know about the scheduling yet...still waiting to hear if my paper has been accepted or not.
Pamela: I gave my pics from 19 to Neil but I can send them to you as well if you want - where?
Guy~B.: 19 was where? Whitby?
Pamela: that's what I would prefer too Rich
Dr. D.: The abstract was accepted in November, the paper was turned in on 18 January, and the reviewers have until 15 February to say yea or nay.
Pamela: that was last year, Guy
rich-c: no 19 wasw Hull
Guy~B.: OK... 18 I missed, 17 was Whitby then.
Pamela: 19 is the only one I have digital pics for
Guy~B.: I have pics of 17 if anyone needs 'em.
Meeka: my home addy mslopsema at
rich-c: I've lost track of which was which - which were San Antolnio and Comox?
ronsvista: 15 and 16
Meeka: comox was 15
Dr. D.: El Paso was 16, Comox was 15.
Pamela: 16 and 15 respectively, I believe
ronsvista: I missed 16
Meeka: el paso was 16
Pamela: we missed 15 and 16
Pamela: Russell missed 17
Dr. D.: Though there was an ADAMcon 15.5 :-)
Pamela: : ))
ronsvista: mini con somewhere?
Meeka: 16 was the last one we made it too
Dr. D.: Even a website for it :-)
Pamela: and a fun time was had by all
Guy~B.: It would be nice to have a list of all of the Adamcon with a registry of the attendees.
Dr. D.: Rin and I went to the Mandarin to celebrate.
rich-c: now would be the time to go, it's Chinese New Year
Pamela: so what are we calling the "clee-nup"? 17.5?
Meeka: i have group shots for a lot of them, just not all the names to go with them for the eariler years
Dr. D.: We just missed it.
ronsvista: the year of the ????
Dr. D.: Haha 17.5
Pamela: 'twould be a madhouse, Dad
Guy B.: Those dates wikk work out great for me
Dr. D.: Only a couple photos from that though.
Guy B.: will work that is
rich-c: there once was an attendance list, Guy, but far from up to date now - maybe the first half?
Dr. D.: We went right at opening, 5 PM, and had no waiting, the run of the place, and everything hot and fresh :-)
Pamela: Dale, what about you? You said that the 13th was the only Friday in June that Jeff didn't have off
rich-c: year of the rat I think
Pamela: that's right Dad
Pamela: Hmm, haven't heard from Russell, I think that means he's getting a ride
Pamela: woohoo
rich-c: OK, I'll go get my beer then - brb
Pamela: ur?
Pamela: sorry, mental disconnect : )
ronsvista: In Heaven, there is no beer. That's why we drink it here.
Meeka: lol
Pamela: holy snow, Batman
BobS: hmmmmmmm.........a thought provoking idea Ronald
ronsvista: you're far too young for seniors moments Pamela
Pamela: I'm watching the scroll on the cable news channel and everywhere I look the highways are completely covered
BobS: with what????????
Judy: don't say that word
ronsvista: thought you'd like that Bob
BobS: rain??????
Pamela: snow and more snow
BobS: I DId Ron
Pamela: can you say ick?
Dr. D.: Rin said she would call me if she were going to be delayed getting home, and no call yet, so I am presuming she is en route via TTC.
Pamela: thank you
BobS: but I "think" it will be warm in the south...........
ronsvista: and double -ICK
Pamela: visibility is poor too, I gather
Pamela: they're terming this "heavy snow"
BobS: SHAME Bob........don't SAY that.............SLAP
Pamela: assume she'll be delayed, Rich
rich-c: anyway, the TTC seemed to be running fine when we were out
Pamela: the building on
Dr. D.: This is just "winter" of the kind I remember growing up.
rich-c: asnd we played dodgem with the ploughs, lots of those at work
Pamela: Weston road has now completely disappeared from view
Dr. D.: I don't know why people are so traumatized...
Dr. D.: Northern North America + winter = snow
ronsvista: light/moderate/heavy snow is determined by it's effect on visibility, and I cannot remember the scale
ronsvista: t'was years ago
Pamela: I'm more worried for Russell than myself
Pamela: and for Mom and Dad
rich-c: well wse got so spoiled last winter, normal weather seems an imposition
ronsvista: think heavy is 5/8 mile or less viz
Pamela: six blocks to the GO station and the train in and back + 1.5 block walk to my office = no trauma for me
Dr. D.: Traffic cams on the Toronto Star website show snow on the 401 and sparse traffic.
rich-c: don't fuss about us, Pam, we're fine unless the power goes out - and then everyone's in the same boat
Pamela: I don't fuss unless you have to go out
Pamela: and yo managed that today during the break in the storms
rich-c: other than to mail a letter, I don't
Dr. D.: QEW looks snowy but passable.
ronsvista: Ah, I live is such glorious country
ronsvista: don't have to worry about all this
ronsvista: just being blown sideways when I go to the car
Judy: don't rub it in
ronsvista: I know Judy....sorry
rich-c: just active volcanoes down the pike, and earthquakes, eh, Ron?
Dr. D.: Burlington Skyway is clear.
Meeka: what you complaining about
ronsvista: oh yes, the big one
Meeka: your the ones leaving us here in the cold
Judy: sorry
Meeka: for 2 whole weeks
Pamela: all things considered I would opt for snow
ronsvista: coastline moves into Hope, and VR Island is underwater - all because of tectonic plates
Judy: almost 3
Dr. D.: Snow is fun...
Meeka: say it agian and mean it the time :-P
ronsvista: there'
Judy: Sorry
Pamela: LOL
Dr. D.: Did Rin tell you that I made a life-sized Snow Rin at High Park when I was there over Christmas?
ronsvista: a 6 foot base up Mt. Washington. If I get desparate I can drive up and look at it
Pamela: no
Dr. D.: She made a CN Tower.
Dr. D.: We have photos.
Pamela: did you get pics?
ronsvista: Wanna see those Dr. D
Dr. D.: I think I captured her likeness pretty well.
Pamela: me too
Pamela: snow art, the new Toronto pastime
Dr. D.: Let me see if I can find them here quickly.
rich-c: can I ask our experienced guys - have any of you used ntbackup? the freebie built into XP?
ronsvista: negative sir
Pamela: OMG, just seeing some of the destruction from the tornadoes yesterday
Pamela: I will definitely opt for snow
ronsvista: wasn't pretty Pam
ronsvista: I think last night CNN didn't know what to cover first
BobS: negatory onthat richard
Pamela: not many weather events really bother me - tornadoes scare the hell out of me
Daniel Bienvenu: I did used one time this builtin ntbackup software. I ahd to install it with the windows xp cd because it didn't install it by default.
rich-c: Microsoft does not exactly scream that it's there
ronsvista: they are not fun. Can't say as I've ever been near one
rich-c: I know, Daniel - did it work well for you?
Pamela: the RESCU camera at Weston and the 401 is so covered in snow you can't see anything thru it
Daniel Bienvenu: but in the other hand, windows xp already do kind of backup in a hidden folder.
ronsvista: brother! you guys are getting it
ronsvista: BRB
rich-c: well, that's for the restore function, isn't it, Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I use ntbackup, I didn't tried to "revert" the result to restore the hd
Pamela: brb, gonna do another quick chore
Daniel Bienvenu: but, in microsfot web site, they suggest to use ntbackup
rich-c: well, I am still getting crashed about weekly as I try to get XP to work
Guy~B.: pam: another toilet that needs cleaning? ;)
Daniel Bienvenu: crashing xp? well, I don't have this problem
rich-c: it should be a lot faster than reinstalling XP every time
rich-c: at the moment Microsoft are sending me a new installation disc to eliminate the possibility that is the problem
Daniel Bienvenu: I had to uninstall xvid drviers to stop a stupid bug with windows explorer who tried to make a previous of a video file with the xvid codec and the result simply crash windows explorer.
rich-c: my problem shows up in the Windows Update operation but there is more to it than thaat
rich-c: Microsoft's support is in Beijing - they have been working on this for 18 months
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't had to reinstall any windows in my life... well, except one time and it took me days to reinstall the software and drivers I needed... without talking about the windows update through a 56k modem
Guy~B.: Update with a 56K modem = Chinese torture
rich-c: update at 56K? yes, I can see where you wouldn't want to talk about that!
Daniel Bienvenu: For some windows updates, I had to uninstall some previous updates that just makes the new updates not compatibles.
Pamela: nope, sink this time
Pamela: tub is next
Pamela: but that takes longer so I'll wait till after chat
Guy~B.: Seems to me Dan like all your problems stem from using a particular piece of software, namely Windows. Have you thought of joining the dark side yet?
Meeka: lol
rich-c: well I have never been able to install my scanner software though it works fine with the laptop
Dr. D.: okay, here are Snow Rin URLs:
rich-c: and the laptop has the same version and build of XP as the desktop
Dr. D.:
Daniel Bienvenu: actually, I had a problem last year with the xml libraries... they are 3 versions of it.
Dr. D.:
Dr. D.:
Dr. D.: the original photos are much larger, but I shrunk them to 640 x 480.
Guy~B.: Holy crap, is that really her inside all of that snow?
Guy~B.: just kidding, nice sculptures!
Dr. D.: The last one shows the live and the sculpture side-by-side.
Dr. D.: It was great packing snow, the best I have played in for many a year.
Daniel Bienvenu: .net library... that what I means
Daniel Bienvenu: xml is another story
Pamela: you shrunk her!
Pamela: Russell is safely home
Meeka: hi russell
ronsvista: mmmmm....talented are you......missed your calling have you done
Daniel Bienvenu: there was .net v1.0, .net v2.0, and .net v3.0 ... newest versions of windows update needed newest version of it, and the security patches for these libraries just didn't work and because it's importe for windows update, I had to manually update these files to finaly got everything work fine.
Pamela: great sculpture, Rich
Dr. D.: Thanks Pam.
Dr. D.: She isn't shrunk too much.
Dr. D.: Glad Russell is home.
rich-c: oh yes, .net1 was another thing I couldn't install, but .net2 and .net3 no problem - go figure
Dr. D.: Now just waiting for Rin...
Daniel Bienvenu: well, as soons as an update didn't work, I searched for a way to make it works by searching into microsoft web site with the error code.
ronsvista: Dr. D am I imagining things, or is that a new hair colour?
rich-c: great for you programmers, Daniel, but for us general users, too challenging
Pamela: you're not imagining things, Ron, she's darkened her hair colour somewhat
Daniel Bienvenu: actually, the windows update web site offer and easy step-by-step way to fix the windows update errors.
ronsvista: On second thought maybe it's just the lighting
Dr. D.: New for Rin, you mean, Ron?
rich-c: anyway I am of course sending error logs and codes and stuff to Beijing as they occur
Pamela: it's more of a very red auburn
Daniel Bienvenu: there is a link and you give the error code... well, if it's still like this.
Dr. D.: She keeps tinkering with it...I wish she would either leave it go natural, or else go to the new-penny red she had been using :-S
ronsvista: I meant new for Rin
rich-c: trust me, Daniel, it doesn't work for me - my problems go deeper
Pamela: it's a girl thing, Rich : )
Dr. D.: She also got it cut short, even shorter than she wanted.
Dr. D.: Yes it is new for her, Ron.
ronsvista: been know to happen
Judy: it will grow, Dr D
Dr. D.: haha
Daniel Bienvenu: In my windows xp, I have .net 1.1, .net 1.1 patch, .net 2.0 and .net 3.0 ... all installed and worked fine.
rich-c: oh, you can either use Windows search or Google for error codes
Dr. D.: I like long hair :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: the way I did it to fix the .net 1.1 problem was to uninstall it then go to windows update web site to reinstall it
Pamela: that's a guy thing : )
ronsvista: yes it is
Meeka: i agree Pam
BobS: you know what happens when you get new windows ??????????
Dr. D.: She says all her girlfriends tell her short = "sophisticated", and to me it just looks like she is trying to look 20 again :-S
BobS: they get BROKEN !!!!!!
Meeka: they dont have to deal with it
BobS: stick with the old and forsake the new windows
rich-c: yes Daniel, we have tried all the standard procedures (that's me and the Microsoft engineers)
Daniel Bienvenu: well, they put tips about specific windows update problems inside the windows update web page.
Dr. D.: Given that I am going whiter by the year, the contrast is a bit much.
Dr. D.: But it is a losing battle, she will tinker with it.
Dale: Back.
Meeka: wb
ronsvista: Indeed you are Dale
rich-c: we can't stick with the old anymore, Bob - new boards and processors won't run anything earlier than XP
ronsvista: Who's our incumbent Mighty Mitchell Award winner? (memory fades)
rich-c: went to buy a board last month and it said right on the website can';t be used with Windows ME or earlier
Meeka: lol, no clue
Pamela: the thing is, Rich, on a man, salt and pepper looks distinguished; on a woman, it's just "premature grey"
Pamela: Neil, I think
ronsvista: right.... the word game
Dale: Neil ran it last time.
Dale: I'm thinking Jill won.
ronsvista: Neil was in charge, so he couldn't have won it
ronsvista: Ok.... so must have a word with Jill sometime in the next 3 months
Daniel Bienvenu: well, rich, the other possibility to install .net 1.1 is to download the standalone .net 1.1 installation file from microsoft, then go to "add-delete software" and select to uninstall .net 1.1 and .net 1.1 patch, then double-click .net 1.1 installion file to install .net 1.1, then go to windows update to patch it for security.... well, it's the only way for me.
rich-c: Daniel, I have done all those things, the Microsoft engineers suggested them - they don't work; my problems are in the system which is somehow corrupt
Dr. D.: I don't know if I look distinguished or the time I am 50, I will be all white, I think.
Guy~B.: well gents, I will let you guys sort out your Windows problems. I have a bowl of ice-cream upstairs waiting for me.
Pamela: I think you will look very distinguished
Dr. D.: Sounds good, Guy.
Guy~B.: And then, its off to lala land....
ronsvista: but a child for Heaven sakes!
rich-c: that's why they are sending me a new CD - the old one may have an error burned into it
Daniel Bienvenu: maybe you have a virus then...
Pamela: good luck with the basement, Guy
Pamela: say hi to
BobS: OR is it on the hard drive because it never really gets formatted cleanly - wiped clean with no leftovers ????
Pamela: Sandra for us
Judy: night Guy
Dale: Her email is jarnott <<at>> adamcon <<dot>> org
Guy~B.: Thanks Pam, I have a long way to to go, I'm in the demolishing stage.. haven't started the re-constructing stage. Take care all.
Meeka: night buy
Meeka: guy**
BobS: nite Guy form Montreal
Guy~B.: Bye Meeka!
ronsvista: Oh... I thought you said you were 50 Dr. D..... you said, "by the time I'm 50....
Dr. D.: I am 45 now Ron, only 5 years away...
ronsvista: nite to all who leave. May the Force be with you
rich-c: goodnight Guy and take care
ronsvista: (just watched Episode 4 again)
Dr. D.: Bye Guy
Guy~B. left chat session
Pamela: yours is dmwick etc., correct?
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to DougS
Guy B.: HI Doug
Daniel Bienvenu: I have to leave now... keep me informed about the adamcon meeting, I had no message from adamcon since the new server is up (I think)
Pamela: Hi Doug
ronsvista: Hey Doug!
Judy: hi, Doug
moved to room Meeting Place
Dale: mine is at hotmail. dalemwick
changed username to Meeka
ronsvista: Hey Doug, Hi Doug
DougS: Hi all
rich-c: Daniel, it is not a virus, I'm always clean - Bob, no evidence that there are leftovers
Pamela: goodnight, Daniel
Meeka: k, that time was Dougs fault
Dale: I'll try extra hard to fix the mailing list this week.
Pamela: thanks Dale
Judy: night Daniel
ronsvista: Salut Daniel
rich-c: I raised that question because I am using the reinstall in "repair" (upgrade" mode which replaces files but does not format
Pamela: Dale, can I chat with you at some point about getting a semblance of an AC20 website up?
Daniel Bienvenu: Rich, I'm too far to help you... so, I wish you good luck!
Dale: Sure thing Pam
Dale: I'm easiest to track down on Instant Messenger really.
Dale: Is that an option?
Pamela: it doesn't need to be much, just basic info to go with the newsletters I'll send
ronsvista: a semblance? Not a real website?
rich-c: thanks Daniel - take care, a la prochaine!
Daniel Bienvenu: take care... bye bye!
BobS: very 2st, # 1 thing you gotta do is format and dump ALL the stuff on that HD
Pamela: I don't have IM at all unfortunately
Pamela: I'll just give you a call
rich-c: I am not going to dump and destroy six years worth of files, perioid, full stop
Pamela: until I have firm info there's no urgency
Meeka: how do you survive pam
Pamela: without IM? Quietly : )
Meeka: im is like breathing LOL
DougS: It's called install XP on a new HD and attach existing HD to pc to access existing files.
ronsvista: Rich, how much space is left on your hard drive?
Pamela: I have "sametime" at work for Marsh employees - it's more annoying more than anything
rich-c: maybe 8 gig out of 40
ronsvista: ok.... that shouldn't be a problem
rich-c: I'm actually split 20/10/10
ronsvista: was thinking maybe XP was choking for operating room
Meeka: but thats work
Meeka: friends are different
ronsvista: then I defer to the experts in Beijing
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight ! bonne nuit!
ronsvista: long may the rule our world
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel
Dr. D.: Good night Daniel
Pamela: i'm having enough trouble keeping up with people!
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
rich-c: and btw I did get upset enough to to reformat the C partition, which is one reason D and E are so crowded
Dale: Well email me the infromation, and I'll have a website.
Dale: Any thoughts about the logo?
Pamela: between home, work and two g-mail accounts, I'm constantly attached to e-mail it seems
Pamela: then there's the phone
rich-c: I also bought Acronis, but it keeps telling me my rstore DVDs are corrupted
Guy B.: Well folks, time for me to go. Will see you all next week
Meeka: night Guy
ronsvista: a large "20" in the background with an ADAM superimposed
Pamela: I do have thoughts about it, need to refine it and get it designed
Dale: I'm at 416-451-2697, if you want to phone me.
Dale: That is as effective as IM usually.
rich-c: see you Guy, take care
Judy: well, all, I am going to say good night and see you later, be good
Pamela: gnite Guy
Meeka: night mom,......have a great tri[
ronsvista: Niters Judy
BobS: I like Ron's idea
Meeka: trip**
Dale: Except on Saturday, where I usually hide from my cell phone, or something.
BobS: nite whoever is leaving
ronsvista: you guys goin' on a trip Bob?
Judy: I am planning on that, Meeka,
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: nite Judy
Pamela: Have a marvelous trip Judy, and bring us home some sunshine, and stay safe
Dr. D.: Travel safely Judy and Bob.
Pamela: is that your cell?
Judy: yes, Ron leaving tomorrow for the south
Dale: It is.
Dale: I don't have a land line.
ronsvista: ah yes, you told us about that one earlier...... safe travels!
rich-c: bon voyage, Slopsemas
BobS: yes Ron...leave tomorrow for 5 day cruise, 5 days sightseeing in New Orleans area, 5 days working with Habitat in Biloxi Mississippi
Pamela: that's the one I have, and I have Jillian's too, for good measure : )
Dr. D.: I should probably be signing off soon too...have to get up at 5:30 AM tomorrow.
Judy: just have to get out of the garage that will be the first trial
ronsvista: All Right! You guys have a hoot
Meeka: good luck
rich-c: OK Rich, take it easy and se you next week
DougS left chat session
Pamela: good luck with that Judy : )
Judy: bye, bye
Judy left chat session
Dr. D.: I'll try to get Rin to stop by, too.
Dr. D.: She has been making me stand in for her :-)
Dr. D.: Good night all.
Dr. D.: Stay warm.
Pamela: Rich, go to bed
ronsvista: Nite Dr. D.
BobS: we GONNA have FUN mon.........will tell ya all about it on the 27th of Feb
Pamela: Good night, see you next week
Dr. D.: I will. Nite all.
Dr. D.: <poof>
Dr. D. left chat session
BobS: so ta ta and good night !!!!!!
BobS left chat session
rich-c: nite Bob
Pamela: when did Doug poof?
Meeka: k, i off to bed too
Pamela: gnite Bob
Meeka: talk to you later
Meeka: just a min ago
rich-c: nite Meeka
Pamela: nite Meeka, have a good week and say goodnight to doug for me
Meeka: k will do
ronsvista: Nite well
Meeka left chat session
Pamela: well that was quick
Pamela: Dale, did you catch the dates in June? I've pretty much settled on June 19 - 22nd
rich-c: 'tis the witching hour, Pam, all must head for home
ronsvista: Dale, how do you find it not having a landline? Been thinking about the same myself
ronsvista: Have a cell and a landline, and two bills
rich-c: don't you need the landline for the computer anyway, Ron?
ronsvista: that's right
ronsvista: and I always have the cell on and with me
Pamela: ditto with me
rich-c: I never turn mine on except in special circumstances
ronsvista: you're with the majority Rich
rich-c: I'll bet I could get six months out of one charge - maybe I do
Pamela: was thinking tonite that it's time to get Russell a cell phone
Pamela: just one more thing to add to the to-do list
ronsvista: The landline is always the more expensive ofThu Feb 07 05:08:35 GMT+01:00 2008: Pamela : Pamela: Dale, where did you go?
rich-c: but no point in having one if you don't need it
Pamela: what's okayl, the dates?
Pamela: hello?
Pamela left chat session
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c confirmed ban
changed username to Pamela
Pamela confirmed ban
ronsvista confirmed ban
Dale confirmed ban
Pamela: I got dumped
rich-c: well, you can get a deal on long distance on the landline - we use YAK so don't even have to diathe 10-10 number
ronsvista: just looking at your last Rich.... no I don't need the landline for the computer....that's Shaw cable
ronsvista: me too
Pamela: sorry, what's okay, Dale?
Pamela: the dates?
Dale: Well, I can't use my fax machine, and I can't do dial up
ronsvista: I'm still in Italy the week before Dale
Dale: But other than weather related noise, I don't really notice the lack of a land line.
ronsvista: ok sir. Noted
Dale: I actually moved my home number to Jill's cell phone.
ronsvista: Been thinking about it for a while
Dale: That was the path of least resistence, and is now available even when changing carriers.
Pamela: is her cell number still the one ending in 6078?
ronsvista: Rumor has it that Shaw Cable's phone service will be available here soon. that's another option. No long distance charges anywhere in North America....flat rate per month
Dale: Her cell number is now 905-655-5880.
Pamela: thank you, i"ll change it
Pamela: back in a mo
Dale: Well, Jill, Jeffrey and I will be in Zurich, Switzerland June 25-28th at least, and probably a little longer to enjoy the sights.
rich-c: oh, that's a pricey place to visit!
rich-c: isn't Switzerlanmd currently the most expensive destination in Europe?
Dale: Well it's good work is paying for a bunch of the trip.
Dale: I have no idea.
Pamela: wow
rich-c: yes, a good expense account can do a lot to ease the pain
rich-c: isn't the Swiss franc well over $1 Canadian now?
ronsvista: it's mre the Euro.... which is about $1.40 Canadian
ronsvista: oh....the Swiss didn't play did they
ronsvista: no Euros there
Dale: $1 is 1.09 in Swiss Francs.
Pamela: what work related stuff are you doing there?
Dale: I'm going to a robotics conference.
Pamela: cool
ronsvista: cool indeed!
Pamela: take me!!!! (please)
Dale: It'll be the third "Robotic's Science and Systems" that I go to. The other two were in the US.
rich-c: I can remember when the Swiss franc was 25 cents Canadian
ronsvista: yup
Dale: According to Yahoo Finance, it was expensive in early November (1 to 1.25) but is back to 1.06-1.09 lately.
ronsvista: along with the Deutch Mark and the Guilder
Pamela: so,
rich-c: yes, but prices are high - I hear of Starbucks prices for plain regular coffees
Pamela: Adamcon from the 19th to the 22nd, come home, unpack, wash, repack and leave again? Holy cow, you and Ron are more ambitious than I could be
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to james
james: greetings
Dale: Neil's done it before.
Pamela: James, nice to see you
ronsvista: Hey James!
james: been awhile. hope everyone has been well
rich-c: you do what you have to do, Pam - anyway for Dale, St. Catharines isn't a big trip
Dale: Squeezed in Adamcon between trips to Korea and Las Vegas.
Pamela: was just thinking we haven't seen you in forever!
ronsvista: For me it's on the tail of my trip to Florence
rich-c: good morning james, didn't spot you coming in
james: keeping busy as usual. almost completely forgot today
james: just got on rich, how are you?
rich-c: I think we still owe you a Happy New Year
Pamela: well thank you for squeezing it in - it won't be a success if the Wicks can't attend
james: lol
james: 10 months until christmas!
ronsvista: oh be quiet!
james: so i'd like to know which one of youse sent me all this snow
Pamela: I wondered if you wouldn't be better to simply stay over in Toronto for a few days rather than going all the way back home, Ron
rich-c: not us - we're keeping it all here
ronsvista: can't be me James, Weather travels from west to east
Pamela: and here we thought you sent it to us, James : )
james: anything sent this way will be promptly marked RTS and sent packing
ronsvista: tee hee
Pamela: LOL
rich-c: hmm - maybe we ought to try that...
ronsvista: but then the world is coming to an end, so we've probably got a magnetic reversal going on
james: so did the american contingent pack in early tonight?
ronsvista: just left about 20 min ago James
Pamela: everyone packed in at 11:00
rich-c: no, it's past 11, which is when the Yanks and Quebecois leave
james: lol
Pamela: we're the stubborn ones
rich-c: and I am running out of stubborn rather quickly
ronsvista: don't know when to quit. but hey, it's just as well, we would have missed ya
james: ron, you may be interested to know that york u is succeeeding in their nabu project
Pamela: well I have to take my time with Dale when I can get it : )
ronsvista: well it is after 11pm your time Rich, you're allowed
james: sent them my nabu basic manual
james: and they're now going to reconstruct the basic interpreter. they've got the os in place and now you can apparently connect
ronsvista: oh still chasing that down eh?
ronsvista: neat
james: if you have a nabu pc and an ethernet adapter, or an actual nabu cable adaptor
james: my cable adaptor is a dud but the guy who is running the project said he got a lead on some and would send me a functioning one
james: they've apparently recovered some software
james: and a logo manual
Dale: Well, judging from Travelocity it is cheaper than New York, but maybe as expensive as Vancouver to travel to.
ronsvista: the recreation of history
james: too bad so much of the stuff got trashed before it could be preserved
rich-c: well, that isn't TOO horrible, Dale
ronsvista: Yes, and I was actually responsible for one unit being given away
ronsvista: had I only known
james: you didn't have software though right? just the hardware?
ronsvista: just the hardware James, and that one never made the trip from Ottawa.
ronsvista: so I don't have it now
james: not a huge loss then
james: the hardware turns up here and there, though it is rare
ronsvista: as I recall I never did have software with it. That was the problem
Pamela: well as much as I would like to stay, I too have to get up early
james: the software and documentation though.. rarer than a dragon's dingle
Dale: See you later Pam.
ronsvista: Would plug the derned thing in, and all it wanted to do was look for its mother
Pamela: Dale, I'll be in touch soon hopefully
ronsvista: online I suppose
Dale: Sounds good Pam.
james: yeah, that's about all it could do unless you had the standalone version and a floppy drive
rich-c: I think it's time I packed it in
Pamela: thanks
ronsvista: Nite Dale
james: take care torontonians
Pamela: Dad, will talk to you soon
ronsvista: pack it in, pack it up
rich-c: nite Dale
Pamela: Don't forget next week, James
ronsvista: yes....don't ge stuck in the snow
Dale: Bye Richard.
james: more often than not the problem is i'm not here, but yes i will try to get on
rich-c: OK Pam, don't forget the Lea & Perrins
rich-c: nite Dale
Pamela: okay Dad
ronsvista: and the group shrinketh
Pamela: Ron, thanks again for Murray's address
rich-c: also niters Ron, James and Pamela
james: well at least i managed to get here on time to see a few folks
Pamela: goodnight all
Pamela: night Daddy
ronsvista: not a problem Pam. Sorry I screwed it up last week
rich-c: nite dughter
Pamela: no worries
rich-c: colour me gone
Pamela: kerpoof!
ronsvista: be well all, Stay out of the bars
rich-c left chat session
Pamela left chat session
Dale: bye Ron.
james: so who's left?
ronsvista: nite Dale say Hi to Jill for me
Dale: Will do.
Dale: Just me it looks like.,
james: how have you been?
ronsvista: well I'm about to depart..... does it seem like everyone is walking out on you James?
Dale: So have you thought about writing a game or two lately?
james: lol, well i was more than fashionably late
james: lol, i can barely keep up with my two schools, kids and the stuff i'm doing for my sister-in-law
ronsvista: the longer I stay here, the longer I stay out of CNN junkie mode
james: of course i'd love to have the time to write a game
james: you're welcome to stay ron
ronsvista: hey, why not
james: how are things on the wet coast (besides wet that is)?
ronsvista: everything's blowing sideways. Pacific storm in play
ronsvista: been windy and wet all day
james: we're getting dumped on here
james: so dale, anything new on the adam front?
ronsvista: so I gather. Is that usual?
Dale: Too much snow here.
Dale: Storms all day and night, and all with snow.
james: yeah, where we are up in the mountains we typically get a lot. we've actually gotten off easy the last couple of years
ronsvista: Dale, have you got any idea where I'd find a 40 MEG IDE hard drive?
Dale: Just when it had all melted away too.
Dale: Well, I used to find them in computer shops that do upgrades.
james: ron, i have a 64mb ide drive, formatted for adam, 40mb maybe?
Dale: Now I'd think ebay is the only choice.
james: they've definitely gotten scarce
ronsvista: yeah, I guess I'll have to look
Dale: I recommend 120 meg Quantum IDE drives
ronsvista: Try my usual 2nd hand haunts around here and they laugh at want a WHAT???
ronsvista: would the 120 work then?
ronsvista: was thinking it had to be under 100
Dale: The 120 Meg ones work great on the Adam, and were plentyful in surplus a while back.
ronsvista: ok, that's another line of enquiry
Dale: I think anything up to 240 Meg is probably okay
ronsvista: the 40 Megger I've got has finally given up the ghost
Dale: But you only get to use the first 64 megs.
ronsvista: ok....
james: < 100mb is gonna be hard to find but uhm..
james: could you not go ide to flash?
Dale: Yeah, there was a thing about that on the mailing list last year.
james: would probably last a good deal longer too
Dale: Doug Slopsema did it.
ronsvista: haven't tried that. wonder how one would hook it up
james: not sure how "transparent" an ide to flash interface is
ronsvista: usb to serial converter?
Dale: You need an IDE <-> flash cable.
Dale: It is straight through.
ronsvista: ok
james: basically it's an ide connector on one end but on the other end instead of a hd, it's flash
Dale: flash ram was designed with that compatibility in mind.
james: far less prone to mechancial failure i'd suspect
Dale: The may be 1 pin that you have to either ground or pull high though.
ronsvista: Hmm.. you guys are pushing the envelope here, I don't think I've ever seen such a cable
Dale: It has a 10,000 write mean time between failure as I understand it.
Dale: No so bad for most of the space, but the directory may be an issue.
james: a 64mb compact flash card can be had for.. damn near nothing
ronsvista: Well, if I want my Adam hard drive back, it might have to be something like that
ronsvista: yes....I have one spare
james: i need to clear space here
james: i have an extra adam, software i'm not using
ronsvista: You too eh?
james: a big pile of disks from joe i can't read, a dead disk drive
james: micro innovations
james: i think the controller is ok but i can't for the life of me find a physical drive that i can coax to work with it
james: if the disks i have are viable, i'd like to make images
james: but can't read them in my pc
ronsvista: have you got a 5-1/4 in drive on your PC James?
james: so either toss them if they're dead, or make images then toss. either way i want them tossed
james: i do, and i've successfully read disks that i'd made myself when my mi drive was working
ronsvista: do you use
james: but the disks i received are *all* unreadable, which is suspect
ronsvista: yeah. seems like it
ronsvista: if you go
james: if there's stuff on there worth preserving, fine i'll grab it all and make it available
james: some of it looks intruiging
ronsvista: dcopy a: disk.img /s:8 /h:1 /t:40
ronsvista: that should give you the image for the emulator
james: yeah, i believe that is exactly what i tried
james: worked for my disks but not the others
ronsvista: but then if they're 360k disks, those numbers will change
ronsvista: 2 heads instead of one? I'll have to look it up
james: yeah, i tried various formats
ronsvista: ok, so then sounds like it might be the disks
james: i can try again sometime. i still have the 5 1/4" hooked up to a pc
james: would be nice if i had a functioning mi drive or coleco drive at least
ronsvista: You can find the parameters on Marcel deKogel's Adamem site
james: for experimental control
james: if they're not readable on a bonafide adam drive
james: then odds are they're not going to work on a pc. i could at least narrow down the problem a little easier
ronsvista: Well we can fix that James. I'm going over to Vancouver at the end of the month, and my son has 2 Adam drives that were supposed to be picked up by somebody there and never were. I woulc ship them to you
james: hmm.. that could work
ronsvista: would ship them to you
james: or maybe to my folks' place
james: and i can pick the up the next time i'm there
ronsvista: Whichever works best
james: would be great if i could copy the disks
ronsvista: well, I think I'd want to have one more attempt on an Adam drive before I turfed them all
james: i have a hard drive controller. perhaps i could also pick up an ide to frash cable
ronsvista: if I was you I mean
james: *flash
james: and dump them to flash cards
ronsvista: is an IDE/Flash cable a commonly available item?
james: not sure actually, never bothered to look for one
james: but probably not as rare as some stuff i've been asked to look for at times
ronsvista: well I should try anyway
james: would be interested in hearing your results
ronsvista: not that I really miss the hard drive all that much. My Adam is set up with a 3-1/2 in floppy drive and a 5-1/4
james: did i tell you i successfully auctioned a couple of adams here?
ronsvista: yes, I shall report one way or the other
ronsvista: really!
james: it'd be *really* nice if i could convert my mi controller to work with 3 1/2, since the media at least is still available and comparatively reliable
james: yeah, got about $300 for one of 'em
james: but have not been able to sell any more
ronsvista: yes, that would probably be best
ronsvista: good price!
james: indeed
ronsvista: Ya never know with this old stuff what will move and what won't
james: no idea what would be involved in getting my mi controller to accept a 3 1/2 drive or if it's even possible. dale you still w/ us?
ronsvista: the Community net here in town has opened up an eBay collection point, and some of the stuff we get in there is ancient....but it sells
ronsvista: there was an article written in the early days of Adam that gave instructions on how to convert a 5-1/4 to a 3-1/2, which I assume would entail
ronsvista: something of the same process...... not sure if I have it still, or even if I could find it
ronsvista: But you might try Bob Slopsema on that one, he might recall it and actually know where it is
james: ok, i'll ask him
ronsvista: he and Judy have taken off south (or will be tomorrow) until about Feb 27 I think, so you might not hear from him right away
james: would be a shame to toss those disks if they actually work, so i'd like to give it an honest attempt
ronsvista: meantime, I shall comb what's left of my archives
james: should have done so a long time ago
ronsvista: yes... exactly, it would seem to be worth that (an honest attempt)
ronsvista: What I'm finding with mine James, is that I can still read them. Haven't had any yet that I couldn't read. But then I have drives that I know work
james: yeah, and that's exactly the problem
ronsvista: yep
james: the pc drive is on a win2k box, is to the best of my knowledge a high density drive
james: so it comes as no surprise that i may have trouble reading something
james: even when booting from dos
ronsvista: And that *might* be part of the difficulty. Have had troubles with some HD drives here too
ronsvista: I've got an old 386 here now with a HD drive, and the only reason it's allowed to live is that it will do the conversion without complaint
james: and it may even be a pull from an old nec machine, not sure now where i got it
james: lol
ronsvista: Windows 3.1.1 would you believe
james: cool, haven't used that in .. well in ages
ronsvista: yes it looked a little strange the first time I fired it up
james: well i'd be interested in getting a drive
james: but i'll also talk to bob and see if there's any hope for my mi controller
ronsvista: actually, this Vista box will also run the conversion utilities from the command line (which surprised the hell out of me) but I keep the 386 just because
james: wow
ronsvista: Yes, well like I say I'm going to Vancouver on the 20th and will be staying with the kids for a week.
ronsvista: So I'll pick up those drives and bring them back
james: very nice
ronsvista: then we can talk about where to send them
james: if we could confirm their condition as being "functional" too that would save potential headaches
ronsvista: Yes, I can do that here.
james: i will be at the vancouver airport on march 25th at around noon
james: for about an hour or so
ronsvista: hmm..... well now. Let's see what we can work around that
ronsvista: We'll work something out
james: theoretically i land at YVR at .. sec
ronsvista: wonder if they'd allow you to pick up a package at some pre-determined spot
james: 11.10 Arrive Vancouver 13.00 Leave Vancouver (AC 148)
james: well we'll be clearing customs
james: and in the departures area
james: not sure how it would be w/ security or if it's possible to meet up w/ people who are not flying
ronsvista: not unless you leave the secured area
ronsvista: When's your next leg
ronsvista: ??
james: hmm
james: you mean from vancouver?
ronsvista: yeah
james: we leave for toronto at 13.00
ronsvista: you're arriving at 13:00 and leaving at 13:00??
james: no, arriving at 11
ronsvista: arrive 11:10.... oh ok
james: yeah, the line above is a little hard to read, sorry
ronsvista: just let me look at a calendar for a mintuee
james: whatever works for you. it'd probably cost as much for parking as it would to send it to ottawa but you'd get to see me ;)
ronsvista: well it's not so much the parking it's that I'm on Vancouver Island, and a ferry boat away. Was thinking that my son might be able to get out there but it would be right in the middle of his work week, and I wouldn't want to make
ronsvista: an y promises
ronsvista: but just let me check something I'll be right back
james: oh yeah, i keep forgetting you're not on the mainland
james: those damn island republics eh :D
ronsvista: yeah right.......
ronsvista: I'm going on a Camera club trip to Victoria was thinking I could make a side trip....but that's not until the following week.... the 31st. So that won't work
ronsvista: I'll talk to my son and see how flexible he is.
james: in any case it'd be good to see you but whatever you can work. i wouldn't want you to come all that way, especially if my flight were delayed
james: and i ended up standing you up
ronsvista: well, that might happen yes..... I've done it to others myself..... 2 hours isn't all that much for international connections
ronsvista: Anyway we'll see what can be worked out
james: originally we only had 1
ronsvista: ah.... think I'd feel more comfortable with 2
james: but i said w/ 4 teenage girls, going through customs and luggage in tow that it was way too tight
ronsvista: yup. ya got that right
james: if it were just me and a carry bag w/ no checked luggage, fine
ronsvista: I'[m headed to Italy myself Mid may to mid June
james: nice!
ronsvista: Haven't been out of the country since I was 14
ronsvista: so it
james: gonna take advantage of the strong euro are you? ;)
ronsvista: so it's going to be interesting
james: been following the dollar though. neck and neck w/ the greenback these days
ronsvista: well I tell ya, I just discoverred I can get from Vancouver to Florance Italy for about the same as it would take me to fly to Halifax
james: that doesn't surprise me
ronsvista: pretty much....give or take a penny
ronsvista: Yeah I know.... there's something wrong with this world
ronsvista: yeah we booked a while back for just under $1400 each
james: especially since you'd be flying east anyway
ronsvista: Vancouver/Frankfurt/Florence and return
james: i assume you don't fly over the pacific and russia to get to europe anyway
james: nice
james: that's very cheap
ronsvista: I'm not sure what the routing is. I assume it would be over Edmonchuch, and Greenland and down over Europe
james: lol
ronsvista: they usually do great circles here unless they're going to Asia
james: as long as we never have to go through "torottawa"
ronsvista: Right on pilgrim!
ronsvista: anyway, looking forward to it
james: yeah, i can imagine
ronsvista: Poor Pamela, she was going to have the 'con a week earlier, but want to make sure I was back
james: so the next one is in toronto?
ronsvista: a while ago, this trip of mine wasn't going to happen until Sept
ronsvista: but the kids couldn't get time off work then so we moved it up
james: ah, so you're going w/ the kids?
ronsvista: St. Catherines / Niagara Falls
ronsvista: yes, my daughter-in-law's father lives in Florence
james: ah, i see
ronsvista: her mother lives in North Van. There's a separation for you
james: "you sit quietly or i'll turn this plane around!"
ronsvista: so there will be 4 of us. Francesca's mother, Anna, myself, Jeff, and Francesca
james: indeed
james: sounds fun
ronsvista: right!
james: does she speak italian?
ronsvista: was over there as a service brat in me mid-teens, and never did get to Florence. And I'm a history nut, so it'll be good
ronsvista: yes Francesca and her mother are both fluent
james: nice
ronsvista: Jeff and I just nod our heads
ronsvista: Although I did buy "Italian for Dummies"
james: some reading for the plane ride
ronsvista: yeah.... I have 3 months to learn enough Italian to get my face slapped
james: "voglio fare amore con ti"
ronsvista: that's all I need?
ronsvista: too easy
james: yup!
ronsvista: would like to learn some "touristy" phrases
james: yeah, lonely planet guide might be good for that
ronsvista: sounds good will have to check it out
james: might come in handy. i'd love to get over there sometime myself
ronsvista: So I said to Pamela before you got here tonight.... I'd be home and over to the 'con, jet lagged and speaking very bad Italian if I spoke at all
ronsvista: think I've got about 5 days in between trips
james: yeah, jetlag is not fun
ronsvista: I have never been on anything longer than VR/Toronto
ronsvista: this is apparently 11 - 12 hours' duration
james: that's a long flight for sure
ronsvista: what does it take you to get here?
james: trying to remember what it was when i flew osaka to detroit
james: usually go osaka - van - ottawa
ronsvista: ah
james: transpacific leg is anywhere between 8 and 10 depending on winds and direction
james: what kills us is the layover in vancouver
ronsvista: I'd imagine
james: going to ottawa it's a 5 hour layover
ronsvista: and like you say, you're usually accompanied by young'uns
ronsvista: who might be bitchy or might be unruly or both
ronsvista: wired I suppose
james: yeah, teenagers are ok
james: it's usually me that ends up being bitchy
ronsvista: suppose they're excited over it all
james: i can't sleep sitting up
ronsvista: I can believe that somehow
james: so i'm typicall awake from the time we leave our hick town here till we get to niagara falls
ronsvista: Well that's one thing I've had going for me over the years. I usually can
ronsvista: although on a flight this long...who knows
james: we go all the way through. might as well get it all over with and relax a couple nights in the same hotel so we have it for the afternoon
james: i might take something this time
james: perhaps prescribed by dr. jack daniels
ronsvista: yeah..... my daughter in law tells me that for the first couple of days in Florence they don't plan anything to energetic
james: good plan
ronsvista: jack daniels is good.....but I don't do it no more. Got tired of waking up on the floor
james: lol
Dale: I'm asleep, so I'd better go to bed.
ronsvista: anyway James, I think I shall head for the chair from Hell
james: yeah, i should get back to coding here
ronsvista: and watch a little CNN
ronsvista: see who's going to be President
james: ok! take it easy and have a good evening
james: was hoping for obama myself
ronsvista: you too sir... I'll let you know re the drives
Dale: But I did get the archive index working again.
james: nice
Dale: Now I have to run the update on the archive tomorrow.
ronsvista: Oh Hi Dale good stuff
james: take it easy all. *poof*
ronsvista: so g'nite ll.. talk L8R
ronsvista: pooooooofff
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