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Daniel Bienvenu: hi Bob
BobS: YO
BobS: FINALLY got on
BobS: been out of commmission allnight
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Daniel Bienvenu: I tried since 9 o'clock to enter the chat
BobS: me too
changed username to Judy
Judy: Hi, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Judy
Judy: wasn't easy to get on tonight
Judy: so did we
BobS: oh well........hope some others come online......jsut emailed the ADAM list
BobS: SO,how are you Daniel?
BobS: and how is work going?
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changed username to Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm fine. I realized today that the next 3 months will be pain in the ass at work.
BobS: we sneaked home inthe middle of all the snow storms on Monday
Dale: Hi
Judy: hi, Dale
BobS: Hi Dale
Dale: Sorry to keep everyone out of the chat.
BobS: ya mon could not get in
Judy: what was the problem?
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't understand why dr.d is also down.
Dale: I now have a cron job that should restart it automatically within 4 minutes if it goes down again.
BobS: that would be helpful maybe
Dale: My new server was reset this morning I guess, and I didn't know.
Dale: The chat server wasn't set to auto restart.
BobS: don't think that Dr D's secondary has been operational for quite a while Daniel
BobS: I think that the server he was using ata school died or was reprogrammed
Dale: Well, maybe I should just take this time to fix the mailing list properly.
Daniel Bienvenu: having a a plan B, like a 2nd chat server, is a good thing.
BobS: Dale, I thought that with the new ISP you had that the logging etc wasa not possible
BobS: as well as the adam mailing list
Dale: I pay a lot of extra money to have the chat server, logging, and allow for the mailing list.
BobS: oh
Dale: But I have to do the work if I want a mailing list instead of a web forum.
BobS: and it won't work???
Dale: It just takes time to set up, which I haven't invested.
BobS: are youlogging the chats now?
Dale: The web forum for posts I could have had up in 20 min or less.
BobS: got an email from David Hill wonderig how come he couldn't fid any logs lately
Dale: But Rich Drushel said no.
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Dale: Well, the logs are saved.
changed username to Dr. D.
BobS: ok
Dale: I will make it update them tomorrow.
Dr. D.: Hi all, now the server is working.
Dale: Sorry Dr D.
BobS: ya mon we here
Judy: Hi, Dr D
Dr. D.: I was getting "Cannot connect to server" errors.
Dr. D.: Has Richard been on tonight?
Dale: I didn't notice until 9:45 when Jeffrey was asleep.
Judy: we did too
BobS: question Rich........your secondary site is down and out for the count is it not?
BobS: nobody has been here but us, just came onlie
Dr. D.: It is for the time being...I got the machine de-virused, but...
Judy: time?
Dr. D.: it is NT 4.0 and probably would get hacked again, so I have kept it down.
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changed username to Ron
Dr. D.: Hi Ron.
Dale: Hi Ron.
Ron: Gee
Judy: Hi, Ron
Dr. D.: I asked about Richard because his surgery is tomorrow.
Ron: had trouble getting in here before
Dr. D.: And I wanted to say good luck.
Dale: I set it now to recover after 4 minutes.
Dale: I had not put that in place before.
Dr. D.: Rin says hi.
Ron: anyway.... hello all
Dale: Chat server was down :-(
Daniel Bienvenu: GuyF was online with me... on messenger... trying at every 10 minutes to connect. I also tried the web site stickam
Ron: ah...
Judy: Say Hi back
Dale: Since 10am.
Dale: And it's been quite reliable since mid December.
Ron: Murphy
Dr. D.: Rin says "Hi to Judy, hi to everybody!"
Ron: Hi Rin
Daniel Bienvenu: Daniel says "Hi Rin"
Dr. D.: "Hi Daniel"
Dr. D.: Rin is yawning...
Dr. D.: But I am still awake :-)
Ron: is it the company or the hour?
Dr. D.: BTW I will be going to Toronto after work tomorrow.
BobS: long weekend???
Dr. D.: Hoping the snow will stay away. So far this winter, Thursdays have been good travel days.
Dr. D.: Yes Bob.
Daniel Bienvenu: saturday, I will go to Montreal, a meeting of video game collectors.
Dr. D.: I have made it there every 2 weeks since early January.
Dr. D.: Sounds interesting Daniel.
Ron: Have a real tale of woe to tell
BobS: got to hit the window of opportunity Rich
Judy: we missed the bad weather traveling
Dr. D.: Uh oh Ron.
Ron: dumped a 1/2 full water bottle on my Mac Book week ago last Sunday
BobS: we hit it coming up from the south on yucky before and after Monday
Ron: it's dead
Ron: shop tells me that the motherboard showed evidence of burning in 4 places
BobS: you have GOT to be more careful
Judy: water is not good for computers Ron
Ron: so I've discovered
Ron: keep telling everyone else not to eat and drink around a computer
Ron: Take my advice, I'm not using it
Dr. D.: oh dear
Dr. D.: Elanor killed my 286 laptop back in the day...spilled a glass of milk on the keyboard.
Judy: not cool
Dr. D.: However, it had an external keyboard jack, so with ext. kybd., it worked again.
Ron: my Mac guy tells me I'm not alone
BobS: ron is it under warranty??????
Ron: no, unfortunately not
BobS: bummer
Dr. D.: This is the one that when the screen finally died, I used the external EGA port...and put the guts into a box I built, described in a TWWMCA article.
Ron: didn't buy the extra Applecare package this time
Daniel Bienvenu: 286 laptop?
Dr. D.: Yes, long ago Daniel :-)
Dr. D.: See the TWWMCA archive, can't remember the exact date but I bet 1996 or 1997.
Ron: and my home insurance might have covered one "act of stupidity"
Ron: but I said no to the comprehensive coverage
Daniel Bienvenu: my friend got a 386 laptop but the battery is dead, he had to use it like a normal desktop pc
BobS: geez Ron
Ron: so I have the comprehensive now
Dr. D.: It's the Intel Inside that is the jinx, Ron.
Dr. D.: Gotta stick with that Motorola or Zilog stuff.
Ron: could well be
Daniel Bienvenu: well, maybe you still have an Osborne portable computer.
Judy: if not for bad luck you would have no luck at all
Ron: gave that up some years ago Daniel
Dr. D.: I want to make an ADAM portable, just want to be able to buy an NTSC LCD screen for less than $500 to use as a basis.
BobS: other tahn that problem ron, how are things on theisland?
Dr. D.: Otherwise, I could do it very easily...have built it in my head a few times.
Ron: oh well... life goes on...... but I tell ya the language around here when it happened wasn't too gentlemanly
Daniel Bienvenu: dr.d, if you need bunch of coleco adam motherboards, I have tons of them
Ron: very good sir. My daffodils have sprung forth
BobS: I can just guess wht was said.....and it ain't NICE
Ron: exactly
Judy: no fair, all we have is snow and more snow
Ron: I know. I don't talk too much about flowers to people east of me
Judy: I did see daffodils last week but not around here
BobS: BUt, we are on record for most snowfall i Dec, Jan & Feb.......and headed towards the top of the lsit for all time snowfall for the winter season
Daniel Bienvenu: here, it's snow ... storm ... visibility = I can't see the road
Ron: Was down in Vancouver over the weekend (from last Wed on) at an Internet convention. Stayed with the kids
Dr. D.: No flowers here, only 6" of great snowball snow.
BobS: and more coming your way Rich
Judy: we have a crusty kind, not good for anything
Ron: We're not exactly springlike here yet..... too cold....but then that's a relative term
Ron: So on a technical matter
Dale: Dr D, how big of an NTSC LCD screen do you need.
Judy: we are supposed to get more tomorrow night
Dale: The 7" DVD players might do the trick
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr.D... nintendo ds is 2 256x192 LCD displays
Dale: And they are about $200 if I recall.
Ron: I have here in front of me an IDE to Compact Flash card converter
Ron: tried it in my HD case but seem to have troubles getting ADAM to see it
Dr. D.: Well, something about 6" diagonal screen at least would be nice.
Dale: We didn't get the most recent promised snow fall. It's just cold here.
Dr. D.: Last time I priced them (some years ago, I must admit) those were expensive.
Dr. D.: The cheap 2" ones are too small to see an ADAM screen on.
Dr. D.: And I didn't have the free $$$ to justify it as a project.
Daniel Bienvenu: a coleco in a chip plus a very bright ninentedo ds lcd equal something I want to buy.
Ron: Spent the weekend becoming acquainted with the Wii
BobS: should see it the same as a real IDE hard drive Ron
Ron: Jeff and Francesca bought one
Dale: This is the kind of thing I was thinking of:
Dale: I'm not sure if it accepts external inputs though.
BobS: Doug has used it and I have one onboard an ADAM and it works great
Ron: Ok, so Bob, do you have to format the card, and if so how is that done?
BobS: I think it has to go thru the same ritual as the IDE hard drive initalize it.....
Ron: and is there any recommended size of Compact Flash card?
BobS: email Doug and
Ron: Yeah, that's what I tried. All it did was crash the ADAM
Dale: It says it does accept composite video in. From two sources no less.
BobS: IF I can remember, I will ask him this weekend
Ron: will do
Ron: through all of that, I did manage to format an old 10GB IDE hard drive that I had lying around, and it works fine with the ADAM
Dale: It shows the inputs on alternate view 1.
Dr. D.: I'll look at it.
Dale: But NTSC ends in 12 months. So HD will be the only game in a year.
BobS: I don't think so...........all you really need is one 64 megs in size
Dale: it is 8" screen for $159 (on sale).
Ron: Anyway, the Nintendo Wii is a blast.
Dr. D.: I am sure NTSC will be around for awhile yet, even if the broadcasting on it goes away, too much legacy equipment still.
Dr. D.: But for now, gotta go, early day tomorrow, and have to start packing for the trip.
Dr. D.: If Richard shows up, tell him hi.
Ron: niters Dr. D. Be well
Dr. D.: Bye all.
Dr. D.: <poof>
Dr. D. left chat session
BobS: be safe Rich.........anb
Judy: night Dr D
BobS: GONER in sixty seconds or less
Ron: how was the trip Bob/Judy?
Judy: it was great hated to come back to the snow and cold
Ron: I guess so eh?
Judy: was unbelievable to see the destruction left after 2 and 1/2 years
BobS: but had to return.....NEED retirement
BobS: yo know the deal Ron
Judy: we have some great pictures of what is left behind
Ron: yeah, heard about that.
Ron: retirement is cool
Judy: some day we will be there
Ron: ya never know
Daniel Bienvenu: well, it's almost 22:45, and I'm a bit tired... so, goodnight everyone!
Judy: night Daniel
Ron: night Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: and please, put me in the list when you want to start making and selling portable coleco systems.
BobS: nite Daniel
Ron: I'll buy one, but please, please make it waterproof eh?
BobS: right
Ron: or mitchell-proof, or something
BobS: waterproof
Daniel Bienvenu: water resistant is not enough?
BobS: any idea what it will cost to bring the laptop back to life?????
Ron: no way....has to be proof
BobS: like is it toatally dead, or jsut he keybaird
BobS: or the processor?
Daniel Bienvenu: * p o o f *
Dale: Bye daniel.
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Ron: basically Bob, today I asked my dealer to order me one of the newer Mac Books. He's giving me a trade in allowance on the old one for parts
BobS: just so's I know IF I would dump somthing on mine
BobS: ok
Ron: no the motherboard was fried in 4 places
BobS: maybe is better to NOT know
BobS: yuck
Ron: so it's dead
Ron: yeah...YUCK!!
BobS: no kidding, D.E.A.D.
Ron: yup
Ron: so the new one has twice the memory and 3 times the hard drive space
BobS: well,,,,,,,,you know what happens when the smoke gets OUT
Ron: and lists for $100. less
Ron: right...... One should not let the smoke out
Judy: so keep the water away from this one
Ron: yes most certainly Judy, that would be a fine idea
Ron: I will make it so
BobS: IF the water gets close, then slam it shut and put it into a plastic ziplock bag AUICKLY
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Ron: Well the thing was, if I'd had the presence of mind to turn the beastie over when it happened, I might have saved it. But I had to go into the kitchen to get paper towell
changed username to rich-c
rich-c: when did this start?
Ron: by the time I got back it was too late
Ron: Hi Rich
Ron: what?
rich-c: hi R
BobS: RICHARD greetings!!!!!!
Judy: hi, Rich
rich-c: on how goes it? and hello all
BobS: beenn online about 35 40inutes
BobS: Rich says HI and good luck tomorrow
Judy: we are fine, how are you?
BobS: surgery tomorrow?????
rich-c: looking forwrd to tomorrow - I've had this hernia too long
Ron: BRB
Dale: Hi Rich.
BobS: good, then you will be happy!!!!
rich-c: yes, they are doing it at 1 p.m. - want me there at 11
rich-c: they are doing it as day surgery - in by 11, out by 5 or such
Judy: then you just have to take it easy for a while
Ron: good luck Rich
rich-c: Ron, how are you doing at finding that 64 mb memory card?
rich-c: yes, no heavy lifting for a while, but that's the current state, so...
Ron: haven't got one yet Rich. Was trying it with a 16 Meg but unable to get the thing initialized
Judy: then nothing new
rich-c: I was looking in the shops here and the smallest card on offer is 512 mb
Ron: The 64 MB cards are on ebay...guess I'll have to order one
BobS: email Doug, he'll know
Ron: yea will do that Bob
rich-c: where did you get teh interface and information, Ron?
Ron: a small shop in Sioux Lookout. they were on the net
rich-c: could you send me the url, Ron?
rich-c: I might want to play around some myself
Ron: yes, will do
rich-c: and btw, aren't there special rules about formatting Adam hard discs?
rich-c: seem torecall at least half had to be TDOS or something, and formatting was needed
Ron: well that was what I was wondering - couldn't get the HD format program to recognize the Compact Flash card
Judy: it is that time again so night all
rich-c: night Bob and Judy, see you next week
Ron: so then I plugged in an old 10 MB hard drive I had written off for dead, and the format program saw it and set it up just fine
BobS: think tht you can make max of 10 EOS drives (10 meg) and the rest goes into 4 TDOS partitions
Ron: Nite Judy. See ya's next week
Dale: the rule is that TDOS partitions can be at most 8 mb each
Judy left chat session
Dale: and there are always 4 TDOS paritions.
Ron: yes Bob, that's it.
BobS: so you need at least a 40 meg hd
BobS: thought we could do it with 20 meg hd's though
Ron: so basically I'm using about 60 meg of a 10GB drive, but so..
rich-c: what are teh rules on EOS partitions? no minimum, max size 8 mb, max 4?
Dale: I think the smallest partitions for TDOS harddisk I've set up were 1 MB each
Dale: So 4 MB for TDOS and the other 6 MB for EOS.
BobS: wont' work with anything much above a 1 gig IDE drive becasue the drive is too fast for ADAM interfacing
BobS: the is what we ran into
Dale: The other thing is that the code is written to address at most 64 MB of the space in total.
Dale: Though you could swap out some TDOS drives to use space up to 80 MB.
BobS: yes, using MOUNT.COM
rich-c: would it be possible to partition a larger physical drive into logical drives not over 64 mb each?
Ron: I've got 10 EOS partitions of 2 Meg each, and 4 TDOS partitions of 8meg each
Dale: It is only supported up to 80 MB as I understand it.
Dale: And the eos partition has to be in the first 64 MB.
Ron: so that's 20 plus 32 is 52 meg. There should be another 12 Meg somewhere
BobS: gonna hit the sack here guys, so carry on without me........
BobS: see ya's next week
rich-c: night Bob
BobS left chat session
Ron: night Bob
rich-c: I think my HD is 80 meg, with only 64 mb actually addressable
rich-c: but it seems to have wandered off somewhere and I can't find it right now
rich-c: can't move heavy stuff around to look for it, among other thungs
Ron: kinda surprised me that the 10 GB drive actually worked
rich-c: btw Dale, what ws with the server tonight? Pam will be asking me tomorrow
Dale: It was reset this morning
Dale: I didn't have my cron job set to restart it automatically.
Dale: It is now set to restart within 4 minutes of a reset.
Dale: So it should be self repairing now.
rich-c: so it turned off and didn't get turned back on, is that it?
Ron: by the way, I take it there's no secondary chat site any more right?
Dale: When the server was reset, SpanielChat's server wasn't restarted automatically.
Dale: The web server was.
Dale: Hopefully it will be self-repairing now though.
rich-c: no, Rich got upset over spam or something and took it down - I do not understand his explanation
Ron: ok
Dale: I have to run the chat log updater though, since that wasn't set to be automatic either.
Dale: That's a task for tomorrow I guess.
Ron: always something Dale
rich-c: no and there's nothing on it after Nov. 28th - Frances is MST unhappy
Dale: The secondary one is on NT 4, and Rich said that it is not very hack proof.
rich-c: MOST
Dale: The logs are all saved, but just not posted.
Dale: I will try and update all of the logs tomorrow.
Dale: I can't do it during the chat :-(
Ron: right
rich-c: that will be appreciated, Dale - Frances isn't much for talking but she does a lot of lurking
Dale: Sure. Others do too.
Ron: well gents, think I'll be away. Good luck tomorrow Rich
rich-c: thank you, Ron, and I'll look forward to that url
Ron: yes, I'll go look for that right now
rich-c: Dale, what would be the issues using the E
rich-c: mulator within a Virtual Macine?
Dale: This mailing list software is very evasive.
Dale: My ISP hasn't made it available by default.
Dale: And it is just avoiding me.
Dale: I'll conquer it though./
rich-c: Pam is very anxious to get teh mailing list back up, for Adamcon
Dale: You aren't running it fast enough Rich? Otherwise it'll be fine.
rich-c: she was just waiting for the signed contracts to be faxed to her, I believe
rich-c: no, I'm going to have to rebuild my machine and some of my IT buddies are telling me to put in a Virtual Machine
Ron left chat session
Dale: Well, I have an easy way to make it on another domain name. Just on that it is such an issue;
rich-c: it occurs to me that the Emulator being one itself might either work well or not at all
Dale: It'll probably be fine, I expect.
Dale: Daniel found that sometimes he needs to run it in dosbox though,
rich-c: OK, that's a bridge that's a fair way down the pike, but I may choose to cross it
Dale: dosbox is a MSDOS emulator for Visa and XP when they aren't close enough to dos.
Dale: Vista I mean.
rich-c: I have no intention of going anywhere near Vista = everything I'm hearing is negtive
Dale: it's pretty.
Dale: There you've heard something positive. :-D
rich-c: so I've herd, especially if you've got two extra gigs of memory to burn
Dale: It requires more memory. Why not, I guess is the philosophy.
rich-c: even at that there's a skin out for X
rich-c: P that gives it a Vista look
Dale: I went from 256 MB of ram being plenty on Win2k to 1.5GB on XP.
Dale: I have half of that memory used just after logging in to my account.
rich-c: Microsoft seems to have forgotten there are people out there better served by a $100 laptop
rich-c: I have 512 MB on the laptop and 768 MB on the desktop, running XP
rich-c: both are upgrades, done back when memory cost serious money
rich-c: since I am not into serios graphics or anything, they seem adequate
rich-c: test
Dale: test
rich-c: ah, you're bavck
Dale: I now managed to get the mailing list base install correctr.
rich-c: did you fall off?
Dale: Next layer is to try to move over the lists themselves.
Dale: I didn't fall off. I just didn't have anything to say.
rich-c: oh, OK. Doesn't matter - I've got to prep a bit for tomorrow
Dale: I use lots of 3D modelling software, so tend to spend a lot on my graphics card.
rich-c: I really do nothing but surfing and email, pllus editing my photos lightly
rich-c: I'm still back into the photo mindset, rather than digital imaging
Dale: right.
Dale: Anything else takes a lot of time to do.
Dale: And life is short :-D
rich-c: gradually I am catching up to the modern age
rich-c: but I not certain Itruly like it there anyway 8-)
rich-c: anyhow when you get the mailing list set up, do let the gang know
Dale: I'm sure I will
rich-c: but I think we better close down now - see you next week
Dale: see you then.
rich-c: OK - nite, and take care
rich-c left chat session
Dale: until next time.
Dale: poof
Dale left chat session
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changed username to Ron
Ron: test test - Suse 10.3 with Java
Ron left chat session
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