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rich-c: check
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changed username to FyuG
rich-c: hi Guy - still snowboubd?
FyuG: Yup, more than ever.. just got back a while ago from shovelling my driveway and front entrance...
FyuG: And we are expecting more on Saturday, another 15 cms or so.
rich-c: did a posting in a discussion tiday, mentioning the 1998 ice storm
FyuG: Yes, we will always remember that one... just like we will always remember 2008 for the insane amount of snow.
rich-c: well, our contractor came by and dug us out late this afternoon
FyuG: My friend's contractor wanted to charge him more because of the increase in work for him.
rich-c: we have the book abut the 1998 ice storm - fascinating in a morbid sort of way
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rich-c: the guy who does ours is our gardener - some days he ends upo overpaid, some days he ends up overworked
FyuG: Yes, next year, a lot of contracts will end up being adjusted I'm sure of that.
FyuG: I, for one, will be on the lookout for a snowblower.
rich-c: well, each time he shows up he gets paid a set amount - but we are very flexible about times, thoroughness, and so on
FyuG: Oh OK, my friend pays per year.. something like $250 a year or so.
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changed username to Pamela
FyuG: Hi Pam.
rich-c: I have no idea what ours would add up to, since it depends on snowfall
Pamela: Hi there
rich-c: mind you we are pretty loose too as to how much - or little - is a valid excuse to show up
FyuG: Yes, his doesn't depend on snowfall. This year, he's spending more energy on his contracts compared to the previous years.
Pamela: I think a snow blower might be a good idea, Guy : )
Pamela: Hi Daddy
rich-c: hello daughter, what took you so long to check in?
Pamela: ??
FyuG: A nice snowblower would be awesome!!!
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rich-c: oh, there was another unfined out there earlier - got you mized up
Pamela: ah
changed username to BobS
Pamela: wasn't me
Pamela: Hi
Pamela: bob
FyuG: Bob!
BobS: HI kiddies
BobS: twas I sir
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rich-c: you have a big place, I gather, so likely a big electric is your ticket
BobS: bailed out because my dsl conection seemed awfullyslow
changed username to Judy
rich-c: hello Roberto
Pamela: Hi Judy
Judy: Hi, everyone
BobS: allo Richard, how's the patient????????
rich-c: hello judy
BobS: assume it all went well withyour operation
FyuG: All this talk about elections, I still have no clue what the difference is between a Democrat and Republican... off to Wikipedia I go.
rich-c: pain is not going away teh way it should, Bob
Judy: yes, was just going to ask that
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rich-c: a Democrat is mistakable for a human being
Pamela: think of them as Liberals and Conservatives, Guy
changed username to Guy B.
Judy: that is not cool, Rich
Guy B.: Yeah, we're back
FyuG: Which one is liberal?
rich-c: hello Guy2
Pamela: Hi Guy
Pamela: democrat
Judy: hi, Guy
FyuG: OK, will keep that in mind...
Guy B.: Greetings Everyone. We missed the last snow storm, but might get a little later tonight.
FyuG: Man, if I were an American, I'd have a hard time choosing who to vote for.
Judy: we missed the last one too
rich-c: we all hate you, Guy - we're up to our eyebrows
BobS: we also missed the last storm COMPLETELY
FyuG: Guy B: You missed it? We got the full extent of it starting last night and it was no fun.
Pamela: I second that
rich-c: not really, guy, not if you paid attention
FyuG: Yeah, I pass the motion.
BobS: you can have it, 'cause we didn't want the song went
FyuG: We're expecting yet another one this Saturday. I hope it's the last one.
BobS: we here in Greand Rapids are above 90" for the season.........50% MORE than normal and we are NOT done with winter yet
Pamela: Dad, did you get out to get groceries today?
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rich-c: yes, it was too late for us to go out shopping tonight after the plows came and the walk was cleared
FyuG: I'd have to cehck environment canada to see how we are doing statistic wise, but I'm sure we beat some sort of record.
BobS: you got the snow inToronto, eh?
changed username to Dr. D.
Pamela: oh yeah
Pamela: Hi Rich
Guy B.: Well, I guess you should know that we had 21.8 inches of snow for the entire month of February
Dr. D.: Hello all
BobS: AND most of the snows have been the storms variety......not just steady winter
rich-c: in Toronto we had the highest snowfall of any month on record ever in February
BobS: HEY doc
Dr. D.: and hi to Richard, hope you are recovering okay
rich-c: hello Rich
FyuG: Winter is BACK!
Guy B.: Hi Dr D.
Dr. D.: I wrote to you a week ago, hope you saw it
FyuG: And I was so sure that the winters of yesteryear were a thing of the past.
rich-c: still a lot more sore than I ought to be, Rich, but I reckon I'll live
BobS: 2 words.........................GLOBAL WARMING
FyuG: One word: WARMING = no snow!!!
Dr. D.: I just popped in briefly...I have been up since 3:30 AM, and am kinda fading
rich-c: you sent it, I saw it, Rich
FyuG: And speaking of WARMING, it also colder than it ever was.
Dr. D.: There were problems with the chat last week, so I don't know if you had tried to login or not
Judy: hi, Dr D
Dr. D.: Hi Judy
FyuG: Give me Vancouver-like weather in Quebec and I'll stop complaining.
Pamela: how was your trip home, Rich
Dr. D.: It was all rain from the 427 to Angola NY.
Dr. D.: No sleet though.
Dr. D.: High winds.
rich-c: well for us global warming should mean increased snowfall - seems we're on teh trend line
Pamela: that's good - I was concerned
FyuG: I'm off for a bit, have to throw out the garbage. Garbage truck passes tomorrow morning and I don't do it now, I'll miss the garbage day (once per week).
rich-c: I finally got on way late
Dr. D.: Thursdays and Sundays are good travel days for me this winter.
BobS: good to know yo squeeked thru with only rain doc
Dr. D.: It seems they dodge the bad weather in the GTA
Dr. D.: Last night my car was covered in ice. I was on campus late for an exam review session and it got sleeted on all day.
Guy B.: Dr. Dr, I guess you know the backup chat server is not up
Dr. D.: Took about half an hour to break in and deice enough to drive home.
BobS: those times you just have to sit in it and warm it up a LOT
Dr. D.: I know it Guy, and it likely will not be again.
Guy B.: Thought you had it up before?
Dr. D.: That was what I did this morning Bob, when I drove to the house to get the girls ready for school. Let it idle 45 minutes with the defroster on.
Dr. D.: That finally thawed out the windows so I could scrape them completely.
Dr. D.: Everything is pretty here with the ice on it.
Dr. D.: Took an hour to make the 10-minute drive to campus this morning though.
rich-c: you can buy eicing fluid you just spray on - pricey, but how often do you use it?
BobS: bummer dude
Dr. D.: I used 2 cups of hot water to thaw the mirrors :-)
Judy: glad we didn;'t get that
BobS: while I feel extrememly sorryto hear of your icing problems........better you than ME
rich-c: a hair dryer works well too if you have an outside outlet - also helps with frozen locks
Pamela: I didn't make it to the funeral this morning
Judy: I am sooo ready for spring
Dr. D.: I like winter :-)
Guy B.: Man, you got it pretty good out your way. That's the storm that missed me
Dr. D.: This winter is like what I remember as a kid.
rich-c: a pity, but so unsurprising - you were lucky to get out of the house
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Dr. D.: So it's like "welcome back winter, I have missed you" rather than "Oh God what is this?"
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: I finaly made it. Good evening!
Judy: hi, Daniel
Pamela: I didn't get out today - stayed home
Pamela: with the GO train woes, it's probably just as well I took the day off
BobS: HI Daniel
rich-c: ah, bonsoir, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: backward masking guy?
Pamela: Hi Daniel
Judy: the snow is melting like crazy here,
Guy B.: Hi Daniel
rich-c: ours isn't, but we have hopes
Pamela: we're supposed to get more on Friday - ick
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Judy, Bob, Pam, Rich, Guy, yuG, Dr.D
Judy: they are talking we may get a little tonight
BobS: 1" or so
rich-c: yes, we're hearing talk of flurries too
BobS: we can handle that
Daniel Bienvenu: I had a bad morning today because of the snow and wind. simply impossible to walk outside without having snow in my eyes. and it hurts, I think it was more than snow.
rich-c: if you were getting what came through here last night, Daniel, I'll bet it hurt
Pamela: ice pellets perhaps?
Dr. D.: Gotta go lie down now folks. Glad you came through the surgery okay Richard. Stay warm and dry all of you.
BobS: be good doc
Dr. D.: Bye from scenic Cleveland.
Daniel Bienvenu: ice pellets? ... err... gresil?
Dr. D.: <poof>
Pamela: gnite Rich
Dr. D. left chat session
rich-c: and I imagine yuG is out there cussing it out now too
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Dr.D
Daniel Bienvenu: taht was fast
Guy B.: He's quick
Pamela: he's pooped
rich-c: we'll do that, Rich - you take care
Pamela: 3:30 am???
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Pamela: Bob, did you see my e-mail about Jean?
changed username to Ron-eMac
Daniel Bienvenu: hi >Ron!
Pamela: Hi Ron
BobS: ya I did
rich-c: hello Ron
Ron-eMac: Evening all you fine looking people!
Guy B.: Ron's on the Mac. Hi Ron
BobS: and I emailed her to email YOU
Judy: hi, Ron
Pamela: okay, thanks : )
BobS: yo Ron.....and the entire western contingent
Ron-eMac: that would be us all right
Ron-eMac: How did the surgery go Rich?
Ron-eMac: wasn't that last Thurs?
BobS: and HOW is the weather out there?
BobS: over here tis not so good, cept for GuyB and us
Ron-eMac: absolutely wonderful my son. My daffies are sprouting forth
Ron-eMac: we had sunshine all day
rich-c: yes, Ron - it was in by 10, out by 5, but I was woozy and hurty through teh evening
Judy: we did too, Ron
rich-c: in fact that's expected and usual for the first 48 hours
Ron-eMac: suspect that your air was a little fresher than ours
BobS: kinda like an oil change with resting afterwards
Ron-eMac: So it went well enough Rich?
rich-c: I'd be happier if the pain faded faster - not cause for concern but on the uncomfy side of normal
Ron-eMac: planted 100 daffodils. So far I see about 30
Ron-eMac: no Rich. I detest pain in any form
BobS: AND the miles ate the rest
BobS: moles
Ron-eMac: could be
Judy: give them time, Ron, is a little early
Ron-eMac: indeed
rich-c: not that early by island standards - we'll be seeing ours in a month, I'd guess
Judy: they were out in Miss when we were there
Ron-eMac: well, it's still chilly out there. (for us at least).
FyuG: Allright, back from my wilderness expedition in my backyard...
BobS: tell us
rich-c: yes, but crocuses come up regularly through the snow for us, as do a couple of others
Ron-eMac: did you achieve your objectives FyuG
Pamela: not this much snow : )
Judy: they do here also, but have not seen any yet
Ron-eMac: lots of those around here Rich, they're up and blooming
FyuG: Ron: Yes, the 6 bags of garbage are at the curb. Mission accomplished.
Ron-eMac: I have to put up a big sign out back..... "Deer don't like daffodils!"
rich-c: we have to get ours out tonight too, but there is very little
Pamela: six bags? what did you clean out this weekend?
FyuG: Dan: That's why the invented those large hats with fur around, so that the snow and ice pellets avoid your eyes...
Ron-eMac: well don FyuG
Ron-eMac: done I mean
FyuG: Pamela: I tore down a wall and we are a family of 4 with tons of diapers.
Pamela: well that would do it : )
Ron-eMac: When I got home from Vancouver there was a Blue Box on my doorstep along with a pamphlet ( which I've yet to read). So we're starting what the rest of the world has had going for years
Judy: but they are probably tasty, Ron
Pamela: by the way, I love your pics of the girls
FyuG: I don't recycle, so everything goes in the garbage.
Pamela: Don't recycle anything???
rich-c: we do recycle so garbage is an all but unknown term here
FyuG: Pamela: Nope, nothing at all...
Pamela: why not???
FyuG: Couldn't be bothered.
Ron-eMac: well yes I have been, but I've had to take them to the local shopping centre where they have the big containers to put stuff in
Ron-eMac: So now they want to do away with that and get us into the blue box thing
Ron-eMac: So I will cooperate
FyuG: I have been thinking of starting to recyle though, thus the reason I talked about it.
rich-c: we have a new blue bin system coming in that only our crazy mayor could ever get enthusiastic about
Ron-eMac: ah
Ron-eMac: each week, 7 copies of the Victoria Times Colonist are left at my door. Each week they sit in a pile by my reading table, then get taken to the recycle - mostly unread
rich-c: first of all, if you're going to garden, compost all your kitchen veggie waste, makes fine fertilizer
Ron-eMac: yep it does indeed
rich-c: yes, we have both the Star and the Globe to recycle - they are thick heavy buggers, let me tell you
Ron-eMac: then there's two copies each of the Comox Valley Echo and the Comox Valley Record and 10,000 flyers
Daniel Bienvenu: I have an annonce to do. I decided to make the Adamcon meeting the official release date for the cartridge Dale, Guy and myself are planning to release since 2006.
rich-c: yes, we get two weeklies and flyers to match, too
Ron-eMac: oh yes.... I bought a Globe once when coming back from Toronto. Just about weighted down the airplane
Ron-eMac: will look forward to that Daniel
rich-c: you mean they didn't charge you for overweight luggage?
rich-c: hey, that sounds neat, Daniel - assume you will all be there to do it?
FyuG: Dan: That's good news!
Ron-eMac: tee hee
Pamela: it's one of the reasons we don't get a paper - not enough time to read it and a waste of newsprint if it's not read
FyuG: Dan: Hopefully I'll have another game brewing before that.
Ron-eMac: Yeah, I just got my annual bill from the Colonist. Thinking I might give it up, or only get it on Fridays and Saturdays...or something like that
Daniel Bienvenu: I plan to came to the meeting with the cartridges, someone else will came with the labels, and if someone can do the manual and/or the box, it will be complete.
Ron-eMac: I should either read the darned thing or quit it
rich-c: I understand the thinking, Ron
Ron-eMac: right
rich-c: Pam, are you ready to put out the official announcement yet?
Judy: newspapers are easy to recycle around here
Ron-eMac: Oyez! Oyez!
rich-c: here we dont bale or sort them, just toss them in the big blue bin
Daniel Bienvenu: the cartridge : 4 games plus a joystick test utility. So it's a useful fun pack deal. I don'T know how to explain it better.
Pamela: Contract is signed and returned to the hotel
Ron-eMac: How much does it cost, I'll buy it.
Pamela: The date is confirmed
rich-c: that sounds pretty clear to me, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: the cartridge is free for those who worked in the project.
Ron-eMac: June 19 - 22??
rich-c: but the confirmation copy isn't back to you yet?
Pamela: yes Ron
Ron-eMac: good
Daniel Bienvenu: is it the adamcon 20 already?
Pamela: yes Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: well, special price, 20$, but you have to be at the meeting.
Ron-eMac: put me down for 1
Pamela: we'll make sure that gets around
Ron-eMac: St Kits Pam?
Pamela: Yes, Ron
Ron-eMac: k
Pamela: I'm working on the announcement e-mail
Ron-eMac: Oyez Oyez
Pamela: I still have a few things to work out
Pamela: but the basics are nailed down
rich-c: like the price, and which afternoon off and what do we do?
Ron-eMac: soon as you get to presentation subjects Pamela, let me know. I wouldn't mind doing something useful
Daniel Bienvenu: And you can add the special annonce I did tonight. The final name of the cartridge is not decided yet, but we sure need a name for that and Dale susggested a lot of names last time.
rich-c: the Clees wsill have their cars, as I assume the Drushels will - what about the others?
BobS: ya
Ron-eMac: I'm likely to rent at YYZ and drive to St. Kits
Pamela: Ron, you all are assigned to presentations
rich-c: unless you fly into Hamilton?
Ron-eMac: with either - still have to check that out. One or the other
Pamela: I think WestJet still flies into Hamilton Ron, it's something you'll want to confirm.
Daniel Bienvenu: it's possible to take the bus from Quebec to Niagara, I may just need a lift from the bus station like last year.
rich-c: hotel does have a jitney van, from what Pam has told me
Pamela: 'twould be nice if you could do a direct flight
Ron-eMac: yes, will do - thank you for reminding me. I think we talked about that before
Pamela: Actually, hotel does not have a van
Ron-eMac: Be right back
Guy B.: I don't know yet if I'm going to drive or fly out. Depends how the price of gas is by June
Pamela: let's not jump the gun on transportation yet - it's one of the things I want to research
rich-c: Daniel, Quebec-Toronto then bus direct to St. Catharines would be better
Pamela: once I have full information I'll broadcast it
rich-c: in fact the Toronto bus stops in St. Catharines on its way to Niagara and Buffalo
Daniel Bienvenu: I will need to check this, thanks Rich
rich-c: Pam, there is no GO service as far as St. Catharines yet, is there?
Pamela: Daniel, if I may suggest - a bus trip that long will be miserable. You might want to consider taking the train instead.
Pamela: No, it only goes as far as Burlington.
Daniel Bienvenu: But the train cost way more than bus.
Guy B.: He's right on that
Pamela: Guy and Gui, do you plan to drive?
rich-c: I think you would find the train connection awkward, Guy - good easy transfer in Buffalo outbound, but a layover of forever homeward
rich-c: but who knows what Amtrak is going to do?
Ron-eMac: Probably not even Amtrak knows what Amtrak is going to do
Pamela: Daniel you might consider asking Neil if you can ride with him. Then you could take a bus to Gatineau instead.
Ron-eMac: not doubt it has something to do with making money and staying afloat
Daniel Bienvenu: That's an idea
Ron-eMac: Hey, there's a thought
Daniel Bienvenu: So I must reserve more than friday to monday for this trip.
Pamela: it's up to you Daniel
rich-c: depends - if you choose to make your nights Friday through Monday it might work better for you
Daniel Bienvenu: Or we can start the adamcon meeting by going all to Neil before the official adamcon dates. He will be surprized! heheheh
Ron-eMac: Adamcon20 and 20a
Guy B.: Don't know yet Pam. Depends on where the price of gas will head. Word's going that it might $4 a gallon by June
Pamela: if that's the case Guy, you might still want to drive because fuel costs for the airlines will increase too
rich-c: so leave twenty minutess earlier and use cruise control just under 65
Pamela: I suspect the time factor will influence you too
rich-c: just because the signs say 70 - yes doesn't mean you have to do it
Judy: stay around 60 that does help
Guy B.: That I heard as well. So, I'll keep that in mind. I do have my I-Pass in the car, so tolls shouldn't be a problem
rich-c: move to the right, use cruise at 65, and watch your mile go up
Guy B.: And I do use the cruise on the highway
rich-c: when I use cruise control on open interstate, my mileage is phenomenal - and my 350 V*8 has the aerodynamics of a brick
Pamela: Which reminds me in that weird, derailed train of thought way - Dad, do you have Harvie's e-mail address?
Ron-eMac: <grin> "the aerodynamics of a brick"
rich-c: likely, but if so on the other computer - he's on tamcotec still I think
rich-c: speak nicely to John and he might even remember the username for you
Ron-eMac: did you get hold of C Murray Pam?
Pamela: I did, Ron - he sent me a lovely email and confirmed that both he and Mama plan to attend
Ron-eMac: super!
Pamela: now if only Jean would get in touch
rich-c: yes, us old folks will have someone to hang out with for a change
Daniel Bienvenu: I have to go sleep in about one hour because since canada decided to follow I have to adapt my body to wake up more ealier.
rich-c: you talking about daylight savings, Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, it looks like it's this sunday
Daniel Bienvenu: I was sure it will be next month
rich-c: I think so - won't matter to me, really - will still get up at the crack of noon
Pamela: I must say I'm not impressed by 23 hour days
Judy: yes, it is daylight savings Sunday
Pamela: my days are short enough as it is
Daniel Bienvenu: are you saying that because your clock always blink 12:00?
Ron-eMac: Takes me about an hour to reset all the clocks around here, so that's 2 hours I really lose
Ron-eMac: I'm kinda like the the old prof in Back to the Future
rich-c: why Daniel, isn't that what they are supposed to do? ;-)
Pamela: no, because we lose the hour we gained in the fall
Ron-eMac: Bob S.... a question
Ron-eMac: what's Doug's e-mail again?
rich-c: now I'll have to reset the vcr again
Pamela: doesn't the VCR set itself?
Daniel Bienvenu: you realized that the year is more during daylight savings, why not simply decided to make work day an one earlier than now and forgot about this time saving that I don't understand anymore.
Judy: it is
Ron-eMac: tk you
Daniel Bienvenu: ... to make days work 8h-16h rather than 9h-17h...
Judy: Pam, Bob is emailing Jean now on dates of June 19-22
rich-c: actually, Daniel, what you are saving is daylight hours, by not sleeping through them - evening can take care of itself
Judy: wellcome, Ron
Ron-eMac: :)
rich-c: doesn't matter what number teh clock gives them, they're the same hours every day
Ron-eMac: found a 30 Meg CF card at one of the local drug stores.
Ron-eMac: But still can't get my ADAM to see it. So need to pick Doug's brain some
Daniel Bienvenu: you want time saving, why not decided world wide that this year is 711 days, that makes each month twice the days they have normally. plenty of time to finish every urgent projects.
Pamela: Bob, remind her that I sent her that info and will she kindly respond to my e-mail or if she didn't receive it to let me know and I'll resend it
rich-c: did they pay you to take it away? They should have
Judy: he will cc what he sent Jean, Pam
Pamela: cool
Ron-eMac: sure would be nice if Jean could come up. I need another afghan
rich-c: I gather she was talking about coming up with her daughter
Ron-eMac: aha
Judy: she is a busy lady, still working at the school and teaching swimming exercise
Ron-eMac: Her hubby (name is gone) is not around any more right?
Pamela: I certainly hope she comes
Judy: maybe more than just daughter
rich-c: that's right, Jack Stone died some few months ago now
Judy: Jack, yes, he died
Ron-eMac: Jack....that's it. tks
Ron-eMac: winging its way toward El Paso, even as we speak
Pamela: thanks, Bob
rich-c: big problem will be air connections from St. Catharienes to ElPaso - they aren't exactly direct
Ron-eMac: El Paso/Dallas/O'Hare/(who knows where)
Pamela: it will have to be El Paso to Pearson
rich-c: still if she can get to Buffalo I'm sure we can figure out something from there
BobS: Jean has no problem using the wheelchair for getting around........unlike Jack - he did NOT want to appear invalid
Ron-eMac: good for her
rich-c: I understand Jack's feelings - but there comes a time when you have to give in
Pamela: How old is Jean?
Ron-eMac: yes, went through that with Mom, (God rest her soul)
Ron-eMac: she wouldn't hear of it
Judy: 85 or 86
Ron-eMac: finally there was no choice
Pamela: !!!
Ron-eMac: just about 85
Ron-eMac: oh... got the wrong person sorry - disregard my last
rich-c: wheelchairs are so damn awkward - it's just a glorified cane, but a walker works really well
Ron-eMac: somebody is probably going to have to slap me around a little when the time comes
Ron-eMac: I told Jeff....just get a gun!
Pamela: I don't think it will come to that Ron
Ron-eMac: well.....
rich-c: naw, now it's HIS turn to look after you - so tell him to GET WITH IT!
Ron-eMac: RIGHT !!
Ron-eMac: All he'
Ron-eMac: All he's said on the subject so far is that it would be a heck of a lot better if both Leslie and I lived in Vancouver
Ron-eMac: now there would be a real source of discussion I tell ya
rich-c: and I am sure he is right - bet the medical facilities are a lot better on the mainland, too
Ron-eMac: right - yes - pallatable, NO
rich-c: some day it will be meaningful to you that UBC and SFU are major teaching hospitals, UBC with a world-class earned reputation
Ron-eMac: yes, and a geriatrics ward
Ron-eMac: I would just have to suck it up and move
Daniel Bienvenu: Did you send the email about adamcon? I didn't receive it yet!
rich-c: there are nursing homes too, and some very good ones
Pamela: No Daniel, I haven't sent it yet
Ron-eMac: maybe I have a few years left yet
Pamela: I hope to have it out on the weekend, once I have a few things sorted out
rich-c: nothing says if you have decent support systems you can't live on your own, either
Ron-eMac: What... in Vancouver?
Ron-eMac: speaking of winning lotteries, I must go check my numbers - brb
rich-c: sure, find a suitable apartment, then there are integrators that will put your services in place
rich-c: when I came home from hospital last April, I had a big open wound on my leg that needed dressing every 48 hours
BobS: for airports, a wheelchair is the WAY to go mon ........... usid it and it getws you around fast
rich-c: so I had a VON nurse came in and did the dressing every other day - they have services like that and more
moved to room Meeting Place
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I have to leave now. take care! talk to you next week!
BobS: bye Daniel
changed username to Ron
Pamela: goodnight Daniel
rich-c: night Daniel
Ron: nite Daniel
Ron: Bah! Not even close
Judy: night Daniel
Ron: so I am not yet a millionaire
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Guy, FyuG, Judy, Ron, Bob, Pam, Rich and all the others who I may miss tonight.
Guy B.: Night Daniel
Pamela: 6/49 numbers Ron?
rich-c: anyway, Ron, I'd hope you won't need any serious support for another ten years or more
Ron: ya
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Pamela: I will check mine in the morning
rich-c: prize is too small today to be worth the odds
Ron: Well Rich, if I can lose the extra weight I'm carrying, and find some way to beat my deadly eating demon into submission - maybe
Pamela: it was 8 million Dad
Pamela: that is NOT too small : )
Ron: Oh is that all... glad I didn't win
Pamela: all the more for me : )
rich-c: now that it's $2 per play I consider $17 mil the minimum jackpot of interest
Ron: you've probably got a point there Rich
Ron: I know Jeff has a rule something like that
rich-c: better to play Super7 - you get worse odds but three shots at the prize
Pamela: I seem to have missed the point
Ron: Never played it. I should have a look
Pamela: unless you have $16 million floating around that I don't know about??
rich-c: oh, the statisticians will tell you I'm cracked anyway
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rich-c: and they are probably right
Dale: Hi all.
Ron: but then, you know what a wise ole fella once said
Judy: hi, Dale
Ron: gambling is a tax on fools
Pamela: Hi Dale
Ron: Hey Dale
BobS: hi Dale
rich-c: hello Dale, you just missed Daniel
Dale: I sent a test email to the mailing list on Friday, but I can't tell if anyone got it or not.
Guy B.: Hi Dale
rich-c: I think I did
Pamela: I haven't received anything Dale
Ron: to
Ron: not here
BobS: nope
rich-c: Frances is checking
rich-c: OK - our log shows nothing either - it wasx under your name?
Ron: Hi Frances
rich-c: she has to check because email is on the computer she is using
rich-c: looks like it went to the great bit basket in the sky, Dale
BobS: we still here??????????
Ron: yes sir
Ron: I can see you
BobS: waiting for Frances huh?
BobS: do I look good?
BobS: or a lilttle harried and hurried?
Ron: oh without a doubt Bob
rich-c: no, she has already told me no
Dale: It must be eating the mail still then.
BobS: cool thanks, ya'll looking GOOD too mon
Ron: tk you sir
Dale: I just sent a test message, and it diapeared
Ron: now that we have that out of the way
Dale: disapeared*
BobS: into cyberspace no doubt
BobS: that is why they call it a giant garbage disposal
Ron: orbiting the earth at maximum velocity
rich-c: Frances uses the laptop mostly so never appears here
Pamela: the great e-mail black hole
Ron: I had a laptop once
rich-c: I log in using the desktop, when it's working
BobS: ggod one Ron
BobS: and Judy says. Ron, MORE than once
Ron: I have another on the way from Cupertino
Ron: hee hee
BobS: but all things need upgrading anyways
Dale: Well, I do have the mailing list archives up
rich-c: what went wrong this time?
Dale: And you can subscribe and unsubscribe now.
Judy: I told him not to get into that
BobS: cool
Ron: yes this one has a larger hard drive and faster processor
Dale: And the admin interface shows what spam is on the list.
BobS: see???? it needed upgrading
BobS: dont' ask Richard
Dale: So that's progress. I just have to track down where the email messages are actually going.
Ron: my little presentation to the Mac Club last night opened with a spilling water bottle and a lot of yelling in the background
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Pamela: oops
left chat session
Pamela: that couldn't have been good
Ron: an undefined entity has entered
Dale: Water is the least damaging of liquids
Dale: If you can seperate the battery quickly.
Ron: was meant to get a laugh - had it all done on DVD. worked well
rich-c: yes, but upgrade Dale, Frances wants to know when the chat archives will be up
Ron: unfortunately Dale, I didn't have that presence of mind. The mother board was fried in 4 places
Ron: and the poor macbook died
BobS: <taps> ..................................... and R.I.P.
rich-c: thought they had protective films under teh keyboard these days?
Ron: will remember that for next time
Dale: Well, I didn't manage to run them last week, since I spent lots of time fixing as many mailing list issues as I can.
Ron: they do, but you have to buy one
Dale: I'll work on the archive update again tomorrow.
Ron: Think some manufacturers it's standard
Ron: It Apple's case, nothing is standard
Dale: If I can do it once, I can make it to it every week automatically.
rich-c: we will hope for the best, Dale
Guy B.: Well folks, going to take Annie out soon. See you all next week
Pamela: gnite Guy
Ron: Yes Guy. Say Hi to Annie for me
Dale: But the new server is organized a little differently, so it requires a clever trick to make the archive update successfully.
Ron: niters
rich-c: yeah, I gather getting a Mac with an accessory is like finding one with a screen you can read
BobS: ite Guy
Ron: a clever trick. You've got those eh Dale?
Judy: night Guy
rich-c: night, Guy - take care
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Ron: my screen blinks when someone enters or leaves
BobS: si, mine also
BobS: but thas OK
rich-c: yes, and that's an improvement - it used to dump everybody
Ron: better, yes
Pamela: mine doesn't do that
BobS: but all good things must come to an end; and therefore it is time for me and the wife to say ADIOS for tonight
Judy: tis that time again, so night all until next week
Pamela: wonder if it's a function of desktop vs. laptop
BobS: work tomorrow and all taht stuff
Ron: Nite Judy. be well
Pamela: gnite Bob and Judy
Judy left chat session
Pamela: thanks for sending that message to Jean for me
rich-c: right, Bob and Judy - vaya con dios, then
BobS: see ya's next week !!!!!! and be good ALL
Ron: and Bob... 'gnite sir
BobS left chat session
rich-c: and I think I may be pushing my luck a bit, so really should pack it it
Ron: my clock just struck 8
Ron: so it's 11 for y'all
rich-c: so Dale, Ron, Guy and daughter - goodnight all
Dale: So it's said.
Dale: Goodnight Richard.
Ron: nite Rich. see ya next week
Pamela: goodnight Dad, I'll talk to you in the next couple days
rich-c: OK, don't forget the time change for next week
Ron: the group doth quickly shrink
Dale: So it seems
Ron: or does the group need a shrink?
rich-c: Off - off - and AWAY
Ron: which is it
rich-c left chat session
Pamela: do we have to choose?
Dale: Is GuyF actually paying attention tonight?
Pamela: I don't think so
Ron: not sure he's been quiet
Pamela: when he's paying attention he's much more talkative
Ron: he was at the beginning....
Ron: So as it turned out, if I'd bought homeowner insurance with a comprehensive package, I would have been allowed one act of stupidity
Ron: like pouring water on my Mac book
Ron: alas, I was not so covered
Ron: I am now
Pamela: what's the difference in price Ron?
Dale: Well, when Jill dropped my old digital camera in the dish water by accident, it wasn't exactly a good thing.
Ron: about 8 dollars a month
Pamela: well there you go
Ron: so I have one act of stupidity allowable even yet
Ron: yeah Dale, that would not have been a good thing
Pamela: how pray tell did she manage that??
Ron: But I think you're right Dale, if I'd had the presence of mind to unplug the Mac and take out the battery - perhaps it would not have died
Dale: Well, I can tell you that I keep the camera well away from the sink these days.
Dale: The memory card still works at least.
Ron: And I ain't going near any of my computing devices with water
Ron: my Mac Dealer figures the hard drive is still ok and he'll be able to get the data off it
Pamela: you might want to consider keeping the cap on the water bottles too : )
Ron: yes, good idea Pam
Ron: I've been telling people for years...don't eat or drink near a computer
Ron: t
Ron: take my advice, I'm not using it
Dale: I would think that the harddisk should be the most resillient to spills.
Pamela: I've knocked over so many liquids in my time that I don't keep anything but tightly capped bottles on my desk
Ron: good plan
Pamela: and at home, nothing goes on the table with the computer except the mouse
Ron: yup
Pamela: well the IT department likes me better now : )
Ron: I'm sure they do
Dale: I don't have so much problems with liquids myself.
Ron: still on the robotics project Dale?
Pamela: after I fried the first keyboard with a can of Coke, they learned to be 'ware
Dale: I have spilled the odd thing here and there.
Dale: But never was it fatal.
Dale: I just let it dry out, and generally it starts up agian.
Ron: my Mac Dealer tells me he gets lots of spills. he says some are fatal, some are not
Dale: Like that time I tipped the canoe with my cellphone in my pocket.
Ron: oh yea
Dale: I popped the battery out and let it dry out for 2 days.
Dale: And it started working again.
Ron: well there ya go
Dale: Still on the robotics for sure.
Dale: It progresses, if slowly.
Ron: any progress?
Pamela: I would never be that lucky
Ron: No me neither Pam...
Dale: We're on our 4th prototype, and I thought it would be all built back in August
Dale: Then I thought it would be all built in December.
Dale: My engineers are saying end of next week lately. :-)
Ron: well when you're out there on the edge...
Pamela: first rule Dale - things always take twice as long as you expect them to
Ron: never pays to be optimistic
Ron: oh at least
Dale: Still lots of work to do yet, assuming that the 4th prototype is good enough for what I want.
Ron: Are we talking about a walking-talking R2D2 type thingie here?
Dale: well it has two arms, and two hands
Dale: And it uses lots of cameras.
Ron: good start
Dale: Should be fun when it's ready.
Ron: you'll have to bring it to the Adamcon
Pamela: it's shaping up to be an interesting three days if everything makes its way there as planned : )
Ron: Pam, getting back to the adamcon sessions, are you going to assign topics, or do you want us to come up with them?
Pamela: You are charged with coming up with topics - I'm the last person to be asking about topics of interest
Ron: ok
Dale: Is there a special theme?
Ron: good question
Pamela: Other than "20", not really
Pamela: That may crystallize as time goes on
Ron: will have to give some thought
Pamela: I welcome ideas and suggestions
Ron: and soon
Pamela: well before June, anyway : )
Ron: 3 months is going to go by quickly
Pamela: tell me about it
Ron: right
Ron: Anyway good people...think I'm gonna call it a night
Ron: see ya's next week
Pamela: after doing some intense thinking about all of this for the last few weeks I've given myself the week off
Pamela: will get back at it for the weekend
Ron: been there done that Pam.
Pamela: and I know I'm not alone : )
Ron: Think I can remember at 15, remarking to Dale when everyone had arrived that I was still about 2 days behind in the planning
Pamela: well building on that Ron, I hope that I won't be : )
Pamela: I remember you remarking on that
Ron: right... take a deep breath Pam, and remember that it will all work out
Dale: for sure.
Ron: anyway.. g'nite all
Pamela: well one way or the other, at least we'll have a roof over our heads, and food
Dale: bye Ron.
Pamela: gnite Ron
Ron: see ya next week
Ron left chat session
Dale: 7757 new email messages in the incoming mail.
Pamela: holy cow!
Pamela: and 7750 of them are spam, right?
Dale: I think so.
Pamela: wouldn't surprise me
Pamela: anyway, I'm off to get something done before bed
Dale: k
Dale: good night
Pamela: I'll see you next week and look forward to getting a test e-mail from the mailing list
Pamela: say hi to Jillian for me
Dale: I will
Pamela: thanks. kerpoof!
Dale: Me too, really.
Dale: poof
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