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BobS: DALE !!!
BobS: finally got on
Dale: I thought it was just me
Dale: Then I remembered that I could check the logs.
BobS: nope, been trying all night, server down I suppose, eh?
Dale: When I found that the server was stuck, I could reset it.
Dale: It was running, but not cooperating.
BobS: ahso
Dale: When I checked at 8:30, I couldn't get on and I decided it was my computer.
BobS: didn't see any messages from anyone else about not getting on.......
Dale: But then when I couldn't get on at 9:15 I should have checked the log.
Dale: Sorry.
Dale: Well Daniel said he was planning to have computer problems tonight :-D
BobS: I had tht problem last week after my battery died and wondered if that was my problem this week
BobS: so tried another computer
Dale: ME too
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BobS: anyway now I know it was the server and maybe not my good computer
Dale: But when that didn't work I reset the server.
changed username to Guy B.
BobS: hey Guy
Dale: Hi Guy B.\
Guy B.: Well, finally up. Hi All
BobS: been out there in cyberspace long ??????
Dale: Sorry about that Guy.
Dale: I saw at problem at 8:30, but didn't realize it was the server that was the problem.
Guy B.: Well, looks like everyone gave up after that time
Dale: It took me a while to decide to test it on another computer.
BobS: me think so Guy
BobS: only MAYBE they will check in one last time
Dale: It's only failed once since Christmas before now. So it's been fairly reliable.
Dale: Usually they give up after 9:30
Dale: Unless someone emials out to the mailing list.
BobS: prolly won't check email anymore tonight
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changed username to Judy
Judy: Hi, Dale and Guy
Dale: Hi there.
Judy: how long has the chat been up and running?
Dale: I'm not myself. I'm trying to avoid a sore throat, and I'm about as bright as a compact florescent light tonight.
Dale: Since 10:35
Dale: I thought I was having computer problems, when I checked it at 8:30
Judy: been sick or the family been sick?
Dale: It took me just two hours to clue in to the fact that it was the server being bad.
Dale: Jillian had a fever and chills for 3 days.
Dale: I don't want that if I can avoid it.
BobS: oh oh, she have the flu?
BobS: it is going around
Judy: no, lie, who wants to get sick
Dale: I'm not sure. But she was quite sick.
BobS: tell her we OPE she starts feeling better soon
Judy: we have done quite well, and we did have our flu shots
Dale: On the radio they were saying "it's not avian flu from Bangledesh" <grin>
Dale: She's better, but I've been fighting it forever.
Judy: whatever it is it seems that some people really get sick
Dale: Well, twice earlier this winter Jill lost her voice. So there's been some good sicknesses around here.
Guy B.: I'm recovering from a little flu bought myself. Took two days off work, but don't tell that to Annie
BobS: sounds like you are holding it captive IN your house!!!!!!
Dale: Spring will come, and the sun will do us good I'm sure.
Judy: that is not nice, Dale
Judy: better not say that to her
Judy: the first day of spring is tomorrow, but we are supposed to get snow this f
Dale: I'm one to talk. I was basically unable to eat with a sore throat on Christmas day. I sayed home while Jill and Jeffrey went to a family dinner.
Judy: Friday
BobS: that SUCKED
Judy: that is the pits to get sick on Christmas
Guy B.: Well folks, time for me to scoot. Taking Annie out soon. Happy Easter to All!
Dale: sorry for the shortened session
Dale: later Guy B.
Judy: same to you Guy and good nigth
BobS: nite Guy
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Judy: it is time to go to bed so night Dale, feel better
Dale: Small chance of snow on Saturday for us too.
BobS: well Dale, time for us to hit the sack tonight also
BobS: snow........YUCK
Dale: Have a good one.
Judy: hopefully next week the chat will work better
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Dale: It should.
BobS: hope you ALL start feeling better soon, and we will plan on next week and hope the server plasn it too !!!!
BobS: plans
BobS: be good
BobS: nite
Dale: for sure.
Dale: goodnight
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