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rich-c: salut, Daniel
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Daniel @ work: bonsoir Rich
rich-c: how are things in la Belle Proince? assez de neige?
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Daniel @ work: Enough snow... it's more "slushy" with all the water. I'm at work right now so I may not be able to reply instantly.
changed username to GuyF
GuyF: AT WORK??? :O
rich-c: a few distractions on teh side, I gather
rich-c: that's what he says, Guy - bonne nuit to you, too
Daniel @ work: oui, je suis encore au boulot. J'avance à petit pas dans un nouveau projet et j'aimerais que ça débloque d'ici vendredi
GuyF: Rich: Leaving so soon Rich? Why the "bonne nuit"?
rich-c: e3h bien, bon soir - desole
Daniel @ work: I forgot that this applet didn'T accept the accents.
Daniel @ work: goodnight Rich...
GuyF: Hi is easier to understand.
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GuyF: Hi!
changed username to Meeka
Daniel @ work: Hello Meeka
Meeka: yayyyy, it worked this week
rich-c: oh, so then it doesn't matter that my charachter change programme isn't working anyway?
rich-c: hello Meeka
Meeka: hello
rich-c: Daniel, you live in Ste. Foy, don't you?
Daniel @ work: Ste-Foy is now Quebec
Daniel @ work: fusion
rich-c: ah, I haven't had an address change from my cousin who lives there
Daniel @ work: some streets change their names, not mine.
rich-c: I shall habve yto check and ask her about it
rich-c: she is on rue Bellevue
Daniel @ work: at least if you have the right code starting by G..., it will go to the right steet normally
GuyF: So you must be a fan of Patrick Roy's "Ramparts de Quebec" junior hockey team, eh Dan?
Daniel @ work: google map still uses the old street names
rich-c: here since amalgamation, if you live on a street with a name duplicated elsewhere, you add the name pf the original city to it
Daniel @ work: I didn't watch hockey since the mid '90s...
rich-c: so Pamela's official address is now Church St. Weston
GuyF: Well, thet habs made it to the playoffs, whoohoo.
rich-c: the Leafs aren't out mathematically yet, but who's kidding who?
GuyF: Maple Laughs still have a chance? :)
rich-c: mathematically - but math is very theoretical
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Daniel @ work: In the past, we never asked if they will do the playoff, we asked when will be the parade
changed username to Bobs
Bobs changed username to BobS
GuyF: The lootinradeg ap?
Meeka: hi dad
GuyF: lotting parade?
rich-c: I am so old that I remember when we did that i Toronto, too
BobS: HI Meeka !!!!!!!
rich-c: hello Robert
Daniel @ work: hi Bob
GuyF: Bob!
BobS: Hi kids
GuyF: Rich,Dan,Bob,Guy,Dale,Neil - what's with those 3 or 4 letter names that we have here?
Daniel @ work: excuse me but I will be more quiet for a couple of minutes... I'm still at work so, I can't chat normally.
BobS: they all remind me of WORK
rich-c: we're all lazy ;-)
BobS: remember, that is a four letter word also
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: hello daughter
Daniel @ work: Pam is 3 letters :)
GuyF: Hello..... Newman.
Pamela: hi there
Meeka: hi pam
rich-c: no, Newtown or Newton
Pamela: uh - is that significant, Daniel?
GuyF: Yes, Pam is 3 letters, that's true, another lazy name.
rich-c: you'll have to see the transcript, Pam
Pamela: okay . . .
Pamela: I think
GuyF: We were commenting on how short most of our names are... 3 or 4 letters.
Pamela: ah
rich-c: that's the spirit - now have you told everyone about the convention (I assume yes)
GuyF: Dan, Pam, Bob, Guy, Dale, Neil, Rich, et etc..,..
Daniel @ work: well, they are more nicknames than our real names.
GuyF: Guy is my real name. hmpf!
GuyF: And I'm sure it's GuyB 's real name too. :)
Daniel @ work: I know.
Daniel @ work: :)
rich-c: yes, it is
GuyF: So what's the hot news with the Adamcon?
Pamela: the afghan came yesterday
Meeka: cool
Pamela: is that hot enough for ya?
Pamela: I haven't looked at it yet
Daniel @ work: Richard, Robert, Pamela, Daniel... shit I forgot to ask for the dates... I still have time.
GuyF: Sure! The Afghan is a lovely piece of art/work. I want to win it!
Pamela: remember to build travel time into your time off Daniel
rich-c: we already have ours - by now it's so old we will soon need another
Daniel @ work: The actual plan is to meet Neil the day before.
Pamela: yes, and I already have mine - Erin won it for me
Meeka: i have mine on my legs rigth now
Pamela: cool!
GuyF: We just bought a nice leather couch, and the afghan will be perfect on it, during cold winter evenings...
Pamela: if we disqualify everyone who already has one, your odds improve considerably, Guy : )
rich-c: just make sure you buy lots of draw tickets, then
Pamela: shall I open it?
GuyF: Rich: I'll try to slip a $20 to the person organizing the draw. ;)
rich-c: just to make sure the post office didn't spill ink all over it or something?
Pamela: alright, hang on
Daniel @ work: For those who know what AVGN means, a colecovision related video will be done by him in 2 weeks. Based on his style, it will be just "bulshit" on how bad the system is or look rather than telling it's a great game system.
rich-c: usually it's the youngest person present who gets to draw the ticket
GuyF: Dan, Erin, Dale... who else is young?
Daniel @ work: Who else? you!
Meeka: me
rich-c: their kids?
GuyF: No, I'm 35, older than you Dan, so that excludes me.
rich-c: likely Geoff will get to do the honours
GuyF: My daughter is 3 months old, so technically, I might be the proud owner of that Afghan if I can teach her how to read names on a card by then.
Daniel @ work: come on... 35, it's not old, specially in a coleco related group
rich-c: I'd have mentioned her but that obstacle occurred to me too ;-)
GuyF: Dan: Well with a lovely wife, 2 screaming children, I feel older. :)
Daniel @ work: then ask you kid to help you... so you will be younger than me , in average.
rich-c: aw c'mon Guy, you haven't even halfway caught up with me yet
GuyF: Rich: I hope to make it to my retirement. After that, who knows.
Daniel @ work: How old you think I am?
GuyF: Dan: You're like 32 or something.
BobS: 24
Daniel @ work: I will be 33 years old this june.
BobS: ok, wrong
GuyF: Hence, you are 32 or something.
rich-c: hey, retirement is just when the good stuff starts
GuyF: Rich: I know. I can't wait! Counting the years... 22 years and counting...
Daniel @ work: I'm loosing hairs, getting fat... side effect of working with computers and unsolvable problems.
rich-c: yep - mind you, lots to do in the meantime
GuyF: Dan: Yeah, I don't; work with computers and I have the same weight problem... It's also in our nutrition.
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changed username to Judy
Daniel @ work: Hi Judy
rich-c: hello Judy, welcome to the group
Meeka: hi mom
GuyF: Hey Jude!
Daniel @ work: Jude
Daniel @ work: ?
GuyF: Beatles.
Judy: Hello, Guy, Daniel, Meeka, Pamela, and Rich
Judy: no, was playing a game
rich-c: anyway, I went to see the surgeon today to check on my operation
Judy: how is everyone?
Daniel @ work: I apologize to be at work right now, and I'm going back to work from now. Talk to you in approx. 30 minutes
GuyF: an operation where Rich?
rich-c: he said ir had gone exceedingly well and described some of the details
Daniel @ work: (I'm fine, there is a lot of snow outside, water + snow in the streets, etc...)
rich-c: my hernia operation, a month ago
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Meeka: I been editing pictures most the night
Judy: that sounds like good news, Rich, do you feel good also
changed username to Rons-Dry-MacBook
Rons-Dry-MacBook: Hey all!
rich-c: anyway he said where he went in he encountered rather little fat
GuyF: Hey Ron!!
Judy: hi, Ron
rich-c: hello Ron
GuyF left chat session
Rons-Dry-MacBook: Hi Judy, Hi Rich, Hi GuyF
rich-c: anyway I guess he just didn't look in the right place 8 - )
Pamela: Hi Judy, Hi Ron
Meeka: hi ron
Rons-Dry-MacBook: Hey Meeka
Rons-Dry-MacBook: So the chat works this week
rich-c: why is your Macbook dry, Ron? is this a change from a previous wet?
Meeka: yup, seems like ti
Rons-Dry-MacBook: this is a new one Rich. the last MacBook got a glass of water spilled on it. It died
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Rons-Dry-MacBook: fried the motherboard in 4 places
rich-c: apparently Dale did get it on line last week but too late to be useful
Rons-Dry-MacBook: So I got a new one
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
rich-c: he said he checked it at 8.30 but thought the problem was in his computer not the server
Rons-Dry-MacBook: Mr Bona
BobS: yes last week got on about 10:30ish
Meeka: hi guy
Pamela: Hi Guy!
rich-c: hello GuyB
Judy: hi, Guy B
rich-c: anyway spilling water on oteboooks is too expensive an amusement for my tastes
Rons-Dry-MacBook changed username to Ron
Ron: ya got that right pilgrim!
Ron: And it was not very amusing
BobS: it does seem to be a mite highbrow entertainment, doesn't it...............................
Ron: a blatant act of stupidity
rich-c: saw a rather nice Windows laptop offered on craigslist here yesterday
BobS: what SHALL we do for excitement.....................................hmmm
Meeka: doug breaks his down into bits and pieces for fun LOL :-)
rich-c: blue smoke always creates a tantalizing mystery - as in how much can be salvaged?
Judy: Meeka, I went to G & G's today and Gramp had my bird done you will have to come and see it
Meeka: cool, that was fast
Ron: brb
Judy: yea, he must have worked on it night and day
Meeka: i guess so
BobS: but the problem is........he mountedit UPSIDE DOWN
Judy: was a new bird and guess it was something that sounded good to him to do
Daniel @ work: well, I will leave in a few minutes, maybe I will be able to connect and chat again in an hour. bye
Daniel @ work: goodnight to all of you
Meeka: lol
BobS: nite Daniel
Pamela: nite Daniel
Meeka: but they are always upside down when you see them
rich-c: OK Daniel, see you later
Judy: oh, and he was on your website, so he can get on
Guy B.: Bye Daniel
Judy: it is upside down on the stomp it is mounted on
Meeka: thats good
Pamela: I just sent an e-mail to the list showing a pic of the afghan
rich-c: that's fine if it's a nuthatch
Pamela: so check your in-boxes
Guy B.: Just sent you a message Pam
Judy: it is a red breasted nuthatch
Meeka: it is Rich
rich-c: now that Pam finally has a DSK line she's already drunk with power ;-)
rich-c: DSL
Ron: drunk?
Pamela: me loves DSL
Ron: I'm sure you would
Meeka: yes, it is really nice
rich-c: btw, Monday I sent two jpegs of 80K each to a buddy with a 14.4 modem (don't ask)
rich-c: he said it took over eight minutes to download - that sounds way out of line to me
rich-c: 80K at 14.4K per second should be about six seconds - any ideas, anyone?
BobS: sounds like along time indeed
Daniel @ work left chat session
rich-c: he's on AOL which may explain a bit
Pamela: saw it, Guy
rich-c: and of course he uses a Mac, which may explain more, right, Ron?
Ron: them's fightin' words fella!
Ron: But really, that sure seems like a heck of a long time
rich-c: well, I can't offer him a better explanation...
Ron: there is a certain amount of error checking that goes on during the transfer, which might make things slower
rich-c: I know; I spent more than eight minutes just cutting the pictures down to 80K
Pamela: now I've packed it back up to protect it
Ron: it sends packet by packet. Each packet has to be received and acknowledged. And if a packet doesn't get acknowledged, then it must be resent
Meeka: I recognize a lot of those stripes from past afghans
rich-c: yes, and strange things happen on the net, but that sounded pretty weird to me
Pamela: who aside from Erin and Guy doesn't have an afghan yet?
rich-c: well, I need a lot more information from him before I can offer useful remarks
Ron: Is that the one I'm going to win?
BobS: yup
Ron: not I mam
rich-c: meanwhile I sent him a craiglist listing from his area for a Mac g4 at a pennies price
Pamela: you don't have one yet Ron?
Ron: I already have one, and it's right here
Ron: yes, I cannot tell a lie
Judy: we have two
Ron: I got the one Meeka wanted to win
Ron: she was not pleased
Meeka: lol
Meeka: I have one
Judy: if you pay enough you win
Ron: oh that's right eh?
Pamela: Meeka, I wonder if Jean took the 20 theme and incorporated all the previous afghan colours into this one?
Meeka: could be
BobS: could be.....tis colorful
Ron: Think mine cost me about $23. plus an additional $75 in baggage overweight charges
Meeka: on of the stipes looks like it matches mine
BobS: WHAT !!!!!!!!!
Ron: yup
Meeka: we brought it with us that year, so we had plenty space to bring it home :-P
Judy: see if you pay enough you win
BobS: seems like I kinda remember something about that.......should have worn it
Ron: tee hee
Ron: Well I couldn't say for sure that it was the afghan that did it
Ron: probably some of the other stuff I should have left at home
Judy: only money, yeh
Ron: yeah right!
Pamela: mine is definitely in there (top left corner)
Ron: Any word whether Jean is going to be able to make it?
Pamela: she's determined to come
Ron: sure hope she can do it.
rich-c: regrettably, at times determination isn't quite enough
Ron: quite right Rich
rich-c: but we will all certainly be hoping she can
BobS: have you talked or had email contact with her lately Pam ????
Pamela: yes, last week Bob
BobS: good
Pamela: she let me know that she'd mailed the afghan
Pamela: and had questions about the airports
Ron: well then she's thinking about it anyway
Pamela: I have to get off my duff and finish the small stuff
Judy: I think if someone will go with her she will go
Pamela: word is one of her daughters is coming with her
Ron: If all runs true to form Pamela (as has happened to the rest of us) you'll have stuff to do the night before the convention
rich-c: I wonder if she'd do better coming through Toronto or Buffalo?
Pamela: I think she'd be better flying into Toronto
rich-c: bet she'd get an awful lot better fare to Buffalo
Pamela: that's not the only consideration though
rich-c: I don't think the connections into Niagara Falls would be any joy
Pamela: you have to think about getting from Buffalo to St. Catharines, plus crossing the border
rich-c: yes, an American citizen coming into Canada should be OK, but going home is another story
rich-c: (damn, our refrigerator light has just burned out)
rich-c: (had to go in and dig for my beer in the dark)
Pamela: wish I'd known Dad, I have a spare you could have had and I was over by you earlier today
BobS: so now it's DARK BEER
Ron: Searching for a beer in the dark
rich-c: oddly enough, it is - Waterloo Dark from Waterloo Brewing
BobS: well, tomorrow the light will come back on because you will want to drink a LITE BEER
rich-c: interesting brew with a rather unique, quite grainy taste
Ron: That's the thing about lightbulbs. They don't tell you when they're on their way out
rich-c: no, it will come back on because I go and buy a new one, since I have to go out anyway
BobS: that too
Ron: where were you when the bulb went black
rich-c: well I think this one dates back a couple of decades, so maybe it's entitled
BobS: but it gets so little use, and it IS air conditioned
rich-c: I think it blew while Frances was putting away the groceries after shopping today
Ron: that's it, blame it on poor Frances!! <evil grin>
BobS: last one to touch it
Judy: how is Frances?
rich-c: she's on teh laptop in the living room, perusing her forums of choice
Ron: Say Hi
Pamela: Hi Mom!
rich-c: every time I come down with something, she wants to know what her chauffeur and computer fixer is down with
Judy: yes, do say hi
rich-c: Frances says Hi to you-all
Ron: <Ron waves from beyond mountains, on the island>
rich-c: so now she knows all about hip replacements and broken backs and sleep apnea and hernias
rich-c: this is beyond her own ailments of course
Ron: a veritable medical cornucopia of situations
rich-c: but so far all survivable - inconvenient, but survivable
Ron: Thank the Good Lord for that!
Pamela: a very good thing in my eyes!
Judy: how is her back?
rich-c: yes, I very much prefer it that way myself
rich-c: the scoliosis is still giving her a very hard time - I think she is having a hard time deciding if surgery is worth it
rich-c: it's a very painful, somewhat risky operation with a long recovery period
Judy: the trouble is will it take the pain away or just give more?
Ron: Aye, there lies the rub
rich-c: that is one of the questions she has to weigh
Judy: bummer!!!
rich-c: we also don't know if the current pain is bursitis or muscle spasm or other temporary thing or long-term
rich-c: oddly enough, I have a very similar pain in my back, but it is apparently not connected to the breakage
rich-c: and of course x-rays show nothing, and other diagnostic machines aren't promising
Meeka: well, Bandit is insistant he wants to go out so I guess I better go
Ron: scoliosis = inflamation of the what??
Meeka: see ya next week if I remember
Pamela: gnite Meeka
Judy: night Meeka, see you soon
BobS: nnite Meeka
Ron: Bandit rules!
rich-c: right, Meeka - it was nice to have you aboard - have a good night
Ron: nite Meeka
Pamela: scoliosis is a curvature of the spine, Ron
Meeka left chat session
Ron: ok - consider myself duly informed
Ron: tks
Pamela: you can have a side to side curve or a front to back curve
Ron: got my "osis" and "itis" confused
Pamela: the latter results in a widow's hump which grows worse with time
rich-c: it is sometimes called widows hump as women are much more susceptible to it than men
Ron: right
Pamela: think of it as an "S" which out from the nape of the neck, then in to the ribcage, then out again towards the waist
rich-c: women live longer and are more prone to osteopenia and osteoporosis
Pamela: it's the top of the S which causes the hump
Pamela: sorry, curves out
Ron: doesn't sound like fun
rich-c: trust me, it is not
Ron: indeed
rich-c: topic switch - what's the most recent computer that will support the Emulator?
Ron: I know - from experience- that Vista will not run the emulator
Ron: unless there's something I haven't got set up right.
Ron: But XP will
rich-c: seems that in making BIOSs to support dual or quad core, they have sacrificed teh ability to deal with legacy programs
Ron: could be
Ron: But I am a mere AMD Sempron
rich-c: it isn't the OS fundamentally, this is the actual chip and motherboard
Ron: Worked fine when I was running XP on that box, but now.... alas...
rich-c: I went to look for a new computer and found the next generation of my motherboard
Pamela: wow you two have been busy while my back was turned!
rich-c: it had a notice saying it would not run Win2K or 98SE and so on - just not capable
Ron: I detest that
Ron: One should be able to run whatever operating system one chooses
rich-c: check MSI for their AMD motherboards - K8 series - its a big notice, can't miss it
Ron: what a crock!
rich-c: Asus are more subtle about it, but the weasel wording makes it clear
rich-c: I may have no choice but to upgrade what I have
Ron: My next one - whenever that is - I will simply not do business with anyone who will not allow me install my own operating system. Have had it with these people
rich-c: one of my buddies says go for a new machine, but run a virtual machine within Linux
Ron: yes, actually that is the way around it
rich-c: I've already downloaded Ubuntu 7.x and the freebie virtual machine program
Ron: right
rich-c: but surely to run it in a VM you still have to install the old OS like Win89SE or XP?
Ron: Well I'd install Linux first and put Windows on the Virtual machine
Ron: oh....looking at what you said above, and that's what you said.
Guy B.: Hardy Heron version 8.04 will be released in April. A beta is out, but still is buggy I heard
Ron: I heard about that Guy, and went to look for it. Couldn't find it. Still running 7.10
rich-c: ye gods, they only just relesed Gutsy Gopher - man are tehy pushing it
Ron: Maybe I'll stay where I am
Guy B.: I found out through the Ubuntuforums.
rich-c: maybe I should start with Puppy Linux?
Ron: That's the trouble with this world. There always has to be something new.
Ron: So far as I can see Rich, Ubuntu is about as user friendly as they come.
rich-c: load it in my old AMD K6-2 with about 64 meg of RAM?
Ron: There are so many Linux Distros out there now
rich-c: yes - I've heard Knoppix has a very friendly interface for Windows users
Guy B.: I'm going to put FreeDos on the Dell, but keeping Win98 on the second drive. I should be able to put a boot manager so I can boot between the two.
Ron: yup, and runs from a CD. Good for troubleshooting
Guy B.: The other two PC's I got bigger hard drives through a friend at work, so I'm going to put Ubuntu on both with the hard drive selector
rich-c: well, there's the wak spot with Linux - support is very willing but has serious limitation s
rich-c: well Guy if you use FAT32 as your main file system, you max out at four 32-gig partitions
Ron: Have a couple of guru's around here. We have a group. To me, that beats support from New Dehli
rich-c: so anything bigger than about a 150gig drive you have lots of spare room anyway, might as well use it
Guy B.: The 8GB is Fat32. I have a 1GB that is Fat16 that will work with it.
rich-c: unfortunately, I'm sure I could find a group here but never the time for it
Ron: Oh I would think so in Metro somewhere eh?
Guy B.: The other drives are FAT32 or will be converted to it
Ron: must close the's actually getting dark here
rich-c: right, finding teh group is a given, finding teh time is the taken away
Ron: yeh
rich-c: Guy, FAT32 will support up to 32 gig partitions, at least in XP
rich-c: given how cheap they are nowadays, might as well go for a 160+ gig hard disc and give teh extra space to Linux
Ron: I just got here at 500 GB external drive for $150.
rich-c: Windows doesn't see the Linux operating system so doesnt count it agaisnt you partition quota
rich-c: my issue is that my BIOS is too old to allow booting from a USB port
Ron: ah.. yes, there's another issue
rich-c: otherwise I'd be in like a dirty shirt as I already have an external drive (ca. 150 gig)
Ron: yes
rich-c: which is also why I favour a new computer - new goodies like the USB boot
Ron: there would seem to be a percentage in that all right
rich-c: otherwise, the one that I have is already too big and powerful for my needs
Ron: well I tellya.... from Adam on up, I think I've probably used about 10% of the capabilities of any computer I've ever owned, including the current crop
rich-c: I think we have lost Bob and Pamela, Ron
Ron: yes, believe so
Pamela: no I
rich-c: they still show but they are awfully quiet
Pamela: 'm still here
Ron: we're probably getting a little techie for Pamela
Pamela: it's okay I learn something
BobS: naw, I am here
BobS: just listening
BobS: Judy says BYE
Pamela: it's nice because I'm usually the blabbermouth
rich-c: you should be chipping in
Pamela: g'nite Judy
rich-c: night, Judy
Ron: Lady I know here just bought a new computer from London Drugs....Intel Quad - complete multi-media package, 3 GB Ram and 350 GB hard drive - $1100.
Ron: nite Judy
Ron: too late
rich-c: yes, you look at that and think you should be honest and use a gun and mask
Ron: right!
rich-c: then you look at the US prices and find they're all but paying you to take them
rich-c: I can't imagine what I would do with an Intel Quad
Pamela: London Drugs is not your usual computer sales outlet
rich-c: maybe not around Toronto Pam, but elsewhere they are BIG
Ron: No it's not Pam, but I do steer people there rather than Futile Shop
rich-c: you don't have Tiger Direct out your way, do you, Ron?
Pamela: anywhere is better than Future Shop
Pamela: I've never bought anything there that worked the first time
Guy B.: Well folks, will be taking Annie out soon. Will see you all next week
Ron: My own guy is not a big box, he's a local, but people tend to shy away from his shop.......looks like my old basement
Ron: Night Guy
rich-c: actually when I've checked pricing Future Shop has been hotly competitive
Ron: no Rich, no Tiger Direct
Pamela: gnite Guy
rich-c: see you Giy
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Ron: Think London Drugs is Alberta and BC only.... not sure.
rich-c: yes, there are lots of white-box holes in the wall around here, some have been in business for decades now
BobS: well gang, time for me also to hit the sack.......
rich-c: I believe they are named for and originated in London, Ont.
BobS: see you next week, OK ???????
BobS: be good and have FUN
Ron: Yessir Bob....go straight home now
BobS: will do ron
Pamela: goodnight Bob
BobS left chat session
Ron: grin
rich-c: OK Bob, see you next Wednesday, then
Ron: Oh by the way... I won't be here next week. Camera club is taking a trip to Victoria Mon/Thurs
Pamela: have fun Ron
rich-c: well, the witching hour arrived real quickly tonight, didn't it?
Ron: we're off to photograph nudes on Douglas street
Pamela: stay tuned to your inbox - let's hope I have somehting to fill it
rich-c: OK - watch out for the bunny plague
Ron: but there probably won't be any
Ron: yes
Ron: right Pam. I usually do check my email while I'm on these jaunts
rich-c: we'll make a note
Pamela: just keep thinking Afghan!
Ron: Ok folks, think I shall up and disappear too
Ron: so we'll see y'all in a couple of weeks
rich-c: btw, we seem to have acquired a backyard bunny this month
Pamela: gnite Ron - play safe
Pamela: just one Dad?
rich-c: night Ron
Ron: a backyard bunny...well.. how about that
Ron: ok... nite all
Pamela: what on earth is he living on?
Ron: pooooof
rich-c: well, that's one more than we've had before
Ron left chat session
rich-c: raccons, check, skunks, check, squirrels, don't even ask - but bunnies, no
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rich-c: nearest was one living down in the next block over
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
rich-c: salut, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: wow... I wasn't sure it will work at home since the last 2 last chat sessions I miss
rich-c: manage to get the work done?
Pamela: well Daniel, another few minutes and you'd have missed us
Daniel Bienvenu: well, at least I didn't miss the first minutes. :)
rich-c: yes, there were machine problems but Dale did get it up eventually, just very late
rich-c: unfortunately everyone else has signed off and gove to bed
Daniel Bienvenu: I will do the same.. I'm very tires now
Daniel Bienvenu: err... tired, not tires
Daniel Bienvenu: lol
rich-c: sounds like a sensible idea - Pam and I are about to sign off too
Pamela: yes and it's time I went to bed too
rich-c: so when will you give up a call, Pam?
Daniel Bienvenu: talk to you all next week. take care!
Pamela: hopefully tomorrow Dad
rich-c: OK Daniel - bonne nuit - a la prochaine!
Pamela: worse comes to worst, Friday
Daniel Bienvenu: a la prochaine! :)
Pamela: goodnight Daniel
rich-c: OK, we'll see how it goes, then
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Pam, Rich
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Pamela: okay Dad, I'm for bed
rich-c: so, goodnight, and take care
rich-c: bye now
Pamela: you too - I really will call soon
rich-c left chat session
Pamela: night Daddy
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
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