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Bruce: Hi all...anyone who uses or knows about Coleco ADAM??
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changed username to rich-c
rich-c: Welcome, Bruce
rich-c: What brings you to our gathering?
Bruce: well i have a problem that an adam user may be able to help me with
rich-c: I'll give it a try, or we can wait till someone who knows something checks in
rich-c: what is teh problem?
Bruce: well ... the adam was a great machine for me but the time has come
Bruce: when I have to free up the space
Bruce: and rather than throw out a good machine id like to give it to someone
rich-c: happens tyo all of us - where are you?
Bruce: who could use it
Bruce: i am in Whitby ontario
rich-c: OK I am in Toronto and I have someone in Mount Forest who wants an Adam
Bruce: is there anyone in your group who could use anything ,,, its a freebie of course
Bruce: i can give you an inventory of what i have if you or anyone is interested
Bruce: as far as i know, everything is working
rich-c: I could find tehm and forward it on - I'm saying that because outside of Dale Wick, I'm nearest
Bruce: that would be super
Bruce: cause it seems like such a shame to just landfill
Bruce: and goodwill isnt going to want it
Bruce: certainly there are lots of the data tapes
Bruce: some of the software
rich-c: if you wish, you can send me a note - I use the name cleechez and my ISP is
Bruce: that would be fine
Bruce: i will put together something right now and fire it off
rich-c: we spell it out to avoid it being picked up by spam spiders, since teh chat is logged and publicly accessible
Bruce: makes sense
Bruce: i will put together an email and send it off within the next 15 mins
rich-c: anyway, tapes and software are easy to come by, but the hardware is starting to deteriorate
rich-c: right- do you ever get into Toronto or would I have to come fetch it?
Bruce: i work in Markham so i get that far every day
Bruce: i will be glad to drop it off to make it easy if you can use it
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rich-c: could likely work something out then - I'm retired so have some free time
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Bruce: just dont want to make my storage problem YOUR problem
rich-c: salut, Daniel - comment ca va?
Daniel Bienvenu: hello... I'm at work right now, I can't talk freely... but I wanted to say hello and check who is online.
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Rich
Daniel Bienvenu: good evening Bruce... storage problem?
Bruce: hello Daniel
rich-c: oh, my test Adam just broke down last weekend, which affects my viewpoint
Bruce: just ran out of room in the house and needed to part with my ADAM
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rich-c: right, Daniel - Bruce is a visitor, teh others aren't here yet
changed username to Dale
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Bruce: so i was looking to see if anyone needed anything before i disposed of it
Dale: Hi all
changed username to Guy B.
Bruce: and I found your chat
Guy B.: Greetings!!
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Dale, Guy...
rich-c: hi Dale - Bruce here is in Whitby and needs to dispose of an Adam
Dale: How are you doing Guy?
rich-c: can you help him out or do you want me to do it?
Dale: Hi Bruce.
rich-c: hello Guy, how's the weather in Chicago?
Bruce: hi dale
Dale: Maybe I could pick it up at your place?
Bruce: how wonderful the ADAM legacy lives on with you guys
Dale: My email address is
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changed username to Judy
rich-c: there you go Bruce, two takers, take your pick
Judy: hello everyone
Guy B.: Nice for the moment. Rain due in tomorrow
rich-c: hello Judy
Guy B.: HI Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: ( I'm at work... busy ... but I will stay online and check sometimes )
Bruce: i would be happy to drop it off or you could pick it up
Judy: has been beautifull here
Daniel Bienvenu: ( sorry to be quiet )
Dale: Or you could phone my cell phone at 416-451-2697 and arrange a time that works for you.
Dale: Hi Daniel.
rich-c: de rien, Daniel - we know you're there
Bruce: let me put together a list of what i have i will forward it to both of you and see if you need or want any of it
Dale: Sounds good.
Guy B.: Where's Bob?
Dale: I'll be back...story time for Jeffrey.
Bruce: thanks so much for your help...look for an email in about 15 mins
rich-c: OK - I am having trouble with one of my working Adams and could use a replacement
Judy: he is busy working, right here
Judy: there is some paper work to this job that he has to work on on his own time
rich-c: trying to get teh computer running, again?
Judy: no, is Habitat work, making list and other things for tomorrow
rich-c: so any developments in your job hunt, Judy?
Judy: no, didn't hear a word from that interview last week, oh well
rich-c: I gather most places are a little tardy in saying yes and never quite get around to saying no
Judy: good thing this week had to watch Ryan today
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changed username to BobS
rich-c: hi Bob, got the paperwork finished now?
BobS: hosdy doody
BobS: for now
BobS: howdy doody
BobS: stupid computer can't spell !!!!!!!!!
rich-c: Daniels at wrok, he's lurking but can't talk much
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Guy B.: Hi Bob
BobS: need a spell checker
BobS: hey Guy
changed username to GuyEph
rich-c: greetings to the Other Guy
Guy B.: Downloaded the convention form just now
BobS: si senor
Guy B.: Hey Guy F
GuyEph: hey othe guy
BobS: Bruce is who???????
rich-c: Pamela will be pleased - and even more so when you get it in to her
BobS: I could guess, but that wouldn't be any fun
Guy B.: At least we can tell each other napart
Guy B.: apart that is
GuyEph: hehehe
rich-c: he's a visitor from Whitby, Ont., Bob
BobS: see ????? your puter can't spell either !
Guy B.: How's Sandra and the kids?
BobS: cool, I was in Whitby once I think
rich-c: swe did have an Adamcon there, Bob
GuyEph: Guy B: Sandra and the kids are great, thanks!!! Kids are growing up much too fast. Whitby, I love that city... city of Durham Radio one of my favorite places to spend money.
Bruce: hello all ,... just had to grab the phone
Bruce: where is Durham Radio?
rich-c: yes, I'm waiting for a call - have an offer of a 5-1/4 floppy
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changed username to Pamela
Judy: hi, Pam
Guy B.: HI Pam
BobS: to sell ??? or to buy ???
Pamela: greetings everyone
rich-c: hi daughter
BobS: or for FREE
BobS: hi Pam
GuyEph: 1380 Hopkins Street in Whitby, Ontario.
rich-c: oh, when I went to transfer it to my new computer, I couldn't get the existing one out of the old unit
BobS: got the email Pam, BUT, do you know how loiong it took to load that 2 page pdf file on my ADAM ???????
Pamela: still waiting Bob? : )
Bruce: gee...i guess i should get out more..
GuyEph: Bob: Your Adam can read .PDF files? Woah!
GuyEph: Bruce: Don't go there!!! You'll spend all of your money.
BobS: you mean it should not be able to?????? did anyone tell ADAM taht??????
Pamela: Guy, did you get my e-mails?
Pamela: F, that is
rich-c: anyway Bob I went looking for drives on the local Freecycle websites
BobS: no Pam, It only took about 20n minutes
GuyEph: Pam: Yes I did... Haven't had a chance to reply to anything, first free moment I have all week!!!
BobS: just asking ? or watching for offers to take?
Pamela: I'm familiar with the concept, Guy : )
BobS: tis an idea to advertise though.......maybe rescue some of the stuff out in cyberspace
rich-c: oh, on Freecycle you list what you want, to find or get rid of
GuyEph: Pam: Was out for the past 2-3 hours cleaning the pool, just got in, in time for the chat, throw out the garbage, etc... days pass by much too fast.
Pamela: my ice capp is frozen : (
BobS: bummer dear
Guy B.: One thing about the file. You cannot save what you write into it. You can print the form out, but the data will not appear.
BobS: only a month ago you were complaining about all the snow in Montreal Guy..........
rich-c: this month we shipped it all to Calgary, Bob
Pamela: I know you can't save it - it has to be printed
BobS: good show, mon
rich-c: how are we supposed to fill it out then?
Pamela: you can fill it and print it but can't save it
Pamela: or you should be able to
Pamela: if you can't, I screwed up somewhere
GuyEph: BobS: All the snow melted, grass is nice and green, very warm outside...
rich-c: if we cant save it we can't send it
Guy B.: One idea. Print the form out, fill it out. If you have a scanner and PDFCreator. You can scan and save the file as a PDF and send it by e-mail or fax the form to Pam
rich-c: my scanner isn't working - haven't managed the install on the new computer yet
Pamela: actually, Dad, you don't have to do a thing - I think I can probably fill yours out myself : )
Guy B.: There you go Rich. Daughter to the rescue
rich-c: not necessarily - you don't know our plans for the extra days
Judy: you would do that for your dad, Pam?
Pamela: yeah : )
rich-c: and for her mother ; - )
Pamela: oh for heavens sake Dad - just call me!
rich-c: I'm sure we'll find a way, Pam
rich-c: btw, have you and Russell decided about extra days yet?
Judy: was good for a laugh anyway
Pamela: yes we're going down Tuesday and coming home Monday, I believe
rich-c: OK - Ron is coming late Wednesday night, I think, and hanging over after for a few days
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changed username to Meeka
Pamela: we built in a day to cross-border shop : )
Meeka: hello everyone
rich-c: ah Meeka - hello!
Pamela: Hi Meeka
Judy: hi, Meeka
Meeka: how is everyone
rich-c: Dale has finked on posting the transcripts so I've lost your email address
GuyEph: ...<cough> go HABS go <cough cough>
rich-c: give me a repeat now and I can put it on the new computer
rich-c: please, Guy - En avant les Glorieu!!!
Judy: not bad, here, but talked to you this afternoon
Dale: Hi Meeka.
Meeka: lol
Meeka: hi Dale
Guy B.: Hi Meeka
Judy: did you get lots of things done this afternoon?
Meeka: enough anyway ;-)
Pamela: I know Ron is coming in on Wednesday because he wouldn't be there until late Thursday otherwise
Pamela: Bob, do I recall you saying that you're coming in Friday a.m.?
rich-c: I gather he's coming into Hamilton so I guess he's on WestJet all the way
BobS: hoping to hit you about 8am or 9am or so or........depends on sleep, we REALLY need it???????
rich-c: although I imagine he'll have to change planes at some point
BobS: so we could knock out 1 night at the hotel, I sent ya an emial
Pamela: we'll talk : )
BobS: have to work on Thurs, but took Sat off
rich-c: can Judy help with the driving?
BobS: and figured.......GR -> St Kats........5 hrs.........
BobS: NOT ??????
BobS: darn skippy
BobS: prolly about 7 to 8hrs
Judy: yes, I do drive
BobS: she drives ME crazy
Judy: don't really like to drive lately but still do
Pamela: oh oh, you're sleeping in the car now : )
Meeka: you just dont like rain/dark mom
rich-c: I suspect you'll do best coming in via Sarnia
Judy: that is true
rich-c: just remember to fill up at teh last exit before you leave Michigan
BobS: sleep FIRST, then drive like crazy
Judy: but if we are driving thru the night it will be dark
BobS: less we get tired, and may sack out some along the way
rich-c: gas is $1.20 a litre here today, and pricier outside Toronto
Judy: it went up to 3.60 in some of the station here
Pamela: I'm so not looking forward to filling the tank next week for the trailer trip : (
Judy: make that 3.70
Bruce: rich-c and Dale... I just popped an email your way...please give it a look when you can
rich-c: I know, here it's been going up 4 cents a litre a day of late
Dale: Sounds good Bruce.
Meeka: maybe we will get to go and Doug can help Dad drive then you wont have to mom
rich-c: I get my email on teh other computer so can't see it now; Frances is using it
Pamela: Meeka, I'm counting on you two to be there : )
rich-c: yes, if you have four drivers to spell each otehr that should be great, Meeka
Judy: that would be great, we really hope you do
Meeka: i know, but work though me a monkey wrench this week so we will have to see how thingws play out
rich-c: meeka, I still need your email address again
Judy: I know
Meeka: I was laid off for at least a month
Meeka: mslopsema at
Meeka: remove the spaces and replace the @
rich-c: got it, thanks - maybe I can send you some Adamcon photos now
Meeka: sure
rich-c: actually we have some on both computers - I may send a bunch and leave you to choose those you want
rich-c: I promise not to act hurt if you don't post them all
Meeka: thats fine rich
rich-c: I finally installed Picasa on the new machine and it picked up all my photo files
Pamela: how do you like it, Dad?
rich-c: the new machine? so far, I am quite happy with it but still have much to add
Pamela: no, Picasa - I know you like the new machine : )
rich-c: you do know that I transferred "all" the stuff from teh old machine to my external hard disc?
Pamela: no
rich-c: oh - I have my reservations - Google is too snoopy and aggressive - but it is very efficient and useful
rich-c: I do not intend to store any of my pictures with Google on the Web, though
rich-c: they are mostly your mother's and we burn them to CDs at intervals
BobS: good choice
Judy: Meeka is working on transferring all of our pictures from slides
BobS: cd's are alost free and hopefully permanent
rich-c: yes, it sure takes a pretty humungous bunch of photos to fill a CD
Pamela: I've saved all my pics to the computer and to a thumb drive
Judy: will sure take a lot less space than the slides that we have now
BobS: but thumb drive is eraseable
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rich-c: well, you can now get flash drives very cheaply - saw a 2 gig for $12.95 t'other day
Pamela: but much more portable
Meeka: according to the manufacturers cds are good for about 7 years dad
Meeka: although Doug says they should last longer
Judy: that all?
rich-c: a hard disc is erasable too, but it pretty well hass to be a deliberate action
Bruce: Nice meeting you all...thanks for your help rich-c and Dale. Hope to speak to you soon.
Pamela: you too
Pamela: Bruce
Pamela: (darned enter key)
rich-c: terrific, Bruce, glad you chose to come calling
Meeka: night Bruce
Bruce left chat session
rich-c: Pam, I saw Herman on your Adamcon list - is he a possible?
Pamela: I don't know but he asked to be included on the list so I hope so
rich-c: he's been awfully quiet for a long time now, but has been lurking on the list
rich-c: wouldn't it be something if Herman and George decided to come?
Pamela: I would love that
rich-c: I reckon that all of us would
BobS: Herman was last @ 15 ???? GK last came to Texas for 16..........would like to see them both again
Judy: yes, it would be good to see both of them
BobS: maybe Herman before taht........was at 11
BobS: not 15
rich-c: btw, what's with Dr. D? I sent him an email a couple of days ago but no reply yet
BobS: hasn't been here in what?,,,,,,,, amonth or more?
Pamela: he's crazy busy Dad - he's working pretty much around the clock to free up some time to visit Rin this weekend
rich-c: well he has of course been spending a lot of time commuting to Toronto
Pamela: he was up about a month ago
rich-c: and of course no word on Rin's papers
Pamela: He was my first reply this morning
rich-c: ah - I needed some technical information from him - maybe I'll get lucky
Judy: will the papers ever come thru?
Pamela: I just tried to copy part of his e-mail, but no go
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Pamela: there were a couple more items they had to submit and then it's a waiting game until they're called for the interview
Judy: this is nuts how long it is taking
Pamela: among other things she had to get her passport changed over from MacLean to Drushel
Pamela: and then she had to get her tax ID number
BobS: Christmas 2010 is coming also..........LATER !!!!! darn (expletive deleted) ins people
rich-c: have to talk to George Bush about that - it's his government making the call (or stall)
BobS: not George, jsut bureacrats in general.......ol' Hilly and Billy wouldn't do anything different
Dale: Geroge Bush's imigration/green card process seems to be especially slow, compared to what was happening when Clinton was in
Judy: we have to keep dangerous people out you know
Dale: At least from my various friends' experiences
BobS: well.......lets' not forget Sept 11 to screw weverything up
rich-c: yes, well part of it is security theatre and part of it is pandering to the anti-immigration lobby
Pamela: oh dont get me started
Pamela: I'll rant for hours
BobS: THAT totally shut down most easy entry and most of our freedoms to move around unmolested
rich-c: don't worry, Bob, there's lots more to come
BobS: we have met the enemy ......... and it is our own gov't
BobS: that is what scares me
Judy: you should try to get out of our airport since 911
BobS: flying is not even fun anymore
rich-c: Frances watches a security blog - - some of the stories are - well, wild
Judy: and they keeep coming up with new dumb ideas, first it was shoes and now it is liquid
rich-c: the real security professionals are inventing new swear words every day
BobS: we have the distinction of having the oldest moron in the TSA...right here in Grand Rapids
Pamela: lucky you
Judy: not!!!
rich-c: you should look at Schneier - it's really very interesting
Judy: that is why we try to drive wherever we go lately
Pamela: I think Mom sent me a link
rich-c: on Fridays he has a special on squid
rich-c: I think you'll find the Port Huron/ Sarnia crossing the easiest for Adamcon
Pamela: squid?
rich-c: though homeward bound with more time you might want to go via Lewiston and save on gas
rich-c: squid
BobS: tis the shortest probably also
Pamela: do I want to know?
rich-c: no, I'm pretty sure using Port Huron is fastest and easist driving by a long chalk
rich-c: much straighter for you folks, and there's a useful cutoff from 401 down to teh Niagara area
rich-c: brb - gotta get a beer
Pamela: yes, although
Pamela: Guy might be better to come through the US
Pamela: being that much further south
BobS: thought that Pt Huron/
BobS: sarnia woulod be
BobS: the shortest and fastest route
rich-c: for you, yes, for Guy, have to see what Mapquest says
Pamela: bonus of crossing the border late, too - less traffic late at night
rich-c: though Port Huron would save on Interstate tolls
rich-c: yes, although they can stall you - want to see if you're drunk
rich-c: got to manage your gas to buy as little as possible in Canada, but stay on Canadian roads to save tolls and time
Pamela: I don't think they'll look twice at teh Slopsemas
BobS: we look too old and dumb??????
Pamela: too white : )
rich-c: no, you just don't look like Arabs
BobS: ahso
Judy: that is a good thing
Pamela: oh yes
Guy B.: Trying to figure out what would be better. Flying to Buffalo and renting a car to get to St. Catharines or driving all the way there
Pamela: boy despite all that caffeine I'm still dopy
rich-c: much better to look Dutch - teh Dutch are very highly thought of in Canada
Pamela: if you drive will you bring your car?
Judy: we are all Dutch so that should go in our favor
rich-c: how do teh car rental folks feel about your taking a rental car across the border?
Pamela: no problem from what I've seen Dad
Pamela: I"m sure they're used to it in Buffalo
Dale: As long as they know, anywhere in Canada/US/Mexico is okay.
Dale: Other places require special permission. Though I've never tried to drive to Panama.
rich-c: I'd say if you can afford teh time, Guy, drive, and avoid the airport hassles
Pamela: my instincts agree, Guy
Dale: It'd be worth it from Chicago I bet, since a direct flight wouldn't be too hard to find.
rich-c: though for you it would be a pretty challenging trip, you'd be better doing it in two days
Pamela: doesn't that negate the value of driving?
rich-c: would also mean you could time your border crossings and return out of rush hour
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changed username to Bob
Bob requested to ban BobS
Guy B. confirmed ban
Dale confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
Guy B.: Welcome back Bob
Meeka confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Bob: stupid computers.......hibernate.......stupid
Pamela: gotta talk more, Bob : )
rich-c: well leave it pl;ugged in when you're online and working it hard
Dale: The airport isn't that big of a deal, though I'll never get used to the idea that flights to the US require removing my shoes.
Meeka: no Pam, needs to plug it in
Pamela: ah
Bob: airports SUCK
Dale: It's the wierdest thing ever somehow.
Guy B.: I would have the car checked to be sure that everything is Ok. Just got through having over $800 in repairs on the engine last month
Meeka: no power left means auto hibernate for laptops
rich-c: either way Guy, don't forget your passport - you need it to go home
Guy B.: And I do have my passport
Pamela: wow, Guy
Guy B.: Check engine light was the culprit
rich-c: these days, Pam, that's not a big bill, I regret to say
Pamela: although I guess these days that's not that much
Pamela: I should know : )
rich-c: fortunately my engine is all but brand new
Guy B.: The gas mileage is where it's suppose to be now, but I'll have the belts checked to be sure there are Ok
Pamela: in the year since I bought mine, I've put less than 10,000 kms on it
Guy B.: The car is approaching 46000 miles
rich-c: the rest of the van is 13 years old, but the engine is re3cent and low miles
rich-c: I use it so much I buy gas every other month, whether it needs it or not
Pamela: I've been using very little gas recently
Pamela: I think I last bought gas three weeks ago
rich-c: that's a useful strategy
Pamela: I'm hoping to get away with not filling till we go to the trailer next Saturday
rich-c: fortunately the Niagara Peninsula is pretty compact, so we should nto use too much there
rich-c: going up for the season opening, are you?
Pamela: no, that was this past weekend
rich-c: oh, were you up there then?
Pamela: I called Barbara last night to commiserate on the horrible weekend they must have had : )
Pamela: no, Lin and Barbara went
Pamela: they always open
Dale: The gas price seems to be climbing like crazy, despite the claims from Dan McTague that targets $1.12 over the summer.
Pamela: oh yeah, that'll happen : (
rich-c: that's wht I'd thought - and of course you were here last weekend
rich-c: I SO lose track of time these days
Pamela: there just aren't enough hours in my days these days
Meeka: there never are Pam
rich-c: well I don't think there is any honest explanation for the rise of oil prices on the commodity markets the last few weeks
Pamela: my day went by so fast today, it was half past noon before I realized it was lunchtime
Pamela: what does honest have to do with it????
rich-c: sometimes there are reasonable explanations for oil price variations
Pamela: I still have to sort out the T-shirt situation and the banner
rich-c: but the present deal seems to be jack it higher and see how much more we can gouge
rich-c: well Dale's here, maybe he can offer advice
Pamela: of course - because less than a billion dollars in profits would just be wrong
Pamela: I have already partaken of Dale's wisdom : )
Dale: I advice you to buy commodities exchange futures before they go up in price, then sell before they fall in price.
Dale: It works really well.
rich-c: so I've heard, but everyone who tries it seems to get it backwards
Dale: I don't know about the banner. It's easy enough to do a banner at a sign shop. Just tell them how big you want it and they'll do it for you.
rich-c: and then see how much it takes to ransom it?
Guy B.: Now I have to see if my bank can convert US dollars to Canadian
Pamela: for the convention fee, Guy? Get a money order from the post office or the bank in Cdn $
rich-c: of course tehy can, although don't forget your credit card does it automatically
rich-c: and US dollard a pretty generally accepted here, often at a good exchange rate
Bob: but Pam prolly can't take credit cards
Guy B.: I'll check and see to be sure
Pamela: nope, not set up for those, unfortunately
Bob: see?
rich-c: no, Pam can't but she can handle US dollars, no sweat
Pamela: for spending $, order from the bank in advance
Pamela: no, I want Canadian dollars please
Pamela: the exhange rate is fluctuating enough that I don't want anyone to be short
rich-c: anyway Pam, if Guy pays the convention price in US dollars, you'll make enough in value difference to cover teh exchange charge
rich-c: Pam, if you want to take US dollars, we'll swap with you even up - we still havve our US account
Pamela: we can discuss it at a later date Dad
rich-c: though it would be handier if US dollar stuff were made out to us so we could deposit it easier
rich-c: no big deal Pam, whatever works for you
rich-c: Dale, about Bruce's ADam - do you have someone to pass it on to or do you want me to do it?
Pamela: did everyone go to sleep?
Bob: yup
Meeka: nope
rich-c: I'm waiting for Dale to ansswer
Pamela: well that's definitive : )
Guy B.: I found a website to convert to and from. It would be about US$392 to 400 Canadian. Of course, this always changes
Judy: I am going to sign off now so night all
Pamela: goodnight Judy
Meeka: night mom
Judy left chat session
Pamela: the exchange rate is very close right now Guy
rich-c: Guy, just ask Pam in a separate message
rich-c: actually I think that's the bank rate you havwe there, Guy - your retail rate would be more
rich-c: the banks usually charge 2 - 2-1/2% exchange fee
Bob: well gang, tis time I hit the sack here in GRE also
rich-c: oops, missed - Bob, say goodnight to Judy for me
Pamela: goodnight Bob
Bob: ok will do
Bob: over and out
rich-c: and goodnight to you too
Bob left chat session
Meeka: night dad
Pamela: so Meeka with the layoff does that mean you're concerned about not being able to afford to come?
Guy B.: Well folks, going to go. Have to take Annie out soon. See you all next week
Pamela: goodnight Guy
Guy B.: Me too
rich-c: night Guy, see you next week
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Meeka: a little Pam
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Pamela: was this sudden?
left chat session
rich-c: well, sort of, and is Dale really here?
Meeka: yup, they told me on monday about 1/2 hour before i was sceduled to leave that it was effictive on tuesday
Dale: I don't know about Bruce's.
Pamela: wow
Dale: I'll look over his email.
Pamela: nothing like a little notice
rich-c: well, do you want it or shall I take it? he works in Markham so I can pick it up
Dale: I just don't know. I don't have a specific plan for it though.
rich-c: I have an inquirer who can use it, but it's handier for you
Meeka: ok, i will
Pamela: any way folks, it's a school night and I should be in bed
Meeka: night
Pamela: Dad, I'll talk to you later in the week
rich-c: good enough Pam, and I'll tell your mother you'll be away
Pamela: next weekend Dad - first weekend in May
Pamela: gnite Dale
Pamela: gnite Meeka
rich-c: oh OK I stand corrected
Meeka left chat session
Dale: Bye PAm.
Pamela: gnite Daddy
rich-c: nite Pam, sleep tight
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: Dale, do you want me to look after it, then?
Dale: I'll leave it to you then I guess.
rich-c: OK, I'll let Bruce know and deal with it from there
rich-c: guess that finishes the evening's business, then
rich-c: so I will bid you a good night
Dale: Goodnight then.
Dale left chat session
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
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moved to room Meeting Place
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