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rich-c: test
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changed username to Pamela
Pamela: Hi dad
rich-c: hi daughter
rich-c: busy with free cell, didn't see you right off
Pamela: just got here
rich-c: I know you didn't have to wait long
Pamela: what's new?
rich-c: I set up free cell so the left hand part of the chat box always shows
rich-c: very little, really - I picked up that Adam, from Bruce who was on here last week
Pamela: did you know about it thru an e-mail?
rich-c: I also have two 5-1/4" drives and leads on two more
rich-c: no, he actually turned up here last Wednesday and Dale and I discussed who would deal with it - I lost
Pamela: and how impressed is Mom that you've got another ADAM?
Pamela: not terribly, I'll bet
rich-c: I'm not weasring it - yet
Pamela: so how would you feel if I put you to work on the convention?
rich-c: sure you wouldn't like one for your own?
Pamela: no room
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changed username to Meeka
rich-c: anyway, what did you have in mind?
Meeka: Hello
Pamela: I'm trying to get rid of stuff, not add to it
rich-c: hi Meeka
Pamela: Hi Meeka
Meeka: aquiring is easier that purging Pam :-P
rich-c: once again you are the most punctual Slopsema
Pamela: tell me about it - after 20 years, I'm an expert at acquiring
rich-c: and after more than half a century - don't even ask 8-)
Meeka: its called aquired pack-rat syndrome
Pamela: and I come by it honestly : )
Pamela: Just ask my dad : )
rich-c: oh, I'm glad it isn't inheritable then so she can't blame me ;-)
Meeka: they do say its genetic
rich-c: purely a myth and speculation
Pamela: sounds like denial to me : )
rich-c: so are you getting our warming trend tonight or tomorrow, Meeka?
Meeka: not sureit was
Meeka: a bit warmer agian today, but still only agot to mid 50s today
Pamela: to get back to my question
Pamela: Dad,
rich-c: it was nice enough today but just under freezing overnight here
rich-c: we may escape teh frost tonight
Pamela: I may need to send you to places I can't get to during the day
Meeka: we had a lkight frost on the ground this morning
Pamela: it was freaking cold out there at 7:30 am!
rich-c: OK, I'm pretty open
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rich-c: yes, I was up a bit after 8 and it was still cold, but warming when we went shopping
changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: had a fairly nasty wind out of the north, though
Meeka: hello Guy
rich-c: hello Guy, how's teh wind in the Windy City?
Guy B.: Greetings 7-1 Cubs bottom of the 3rd
Pamela: as long as we have a north wind we'll have clear days
Pamela: Hi, Guy
Pamela: as soon as it swings around we'll have air quality problems, but warmer weather
Pamela: I'm not sure what to think
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Guy B.: We had a couple of cold days including snow on Monday. Did not accumulate
changed username to BobS
Pamela: Hi Bob
rich-c: let's say that teh air quality issue is very overrated
Guy B.: HI Bob
BobS: howdy fellas and pam and meeka
BobS: SNOW ????? thas a 4 leter word
rich-c: you do know, don't you, that they had to rewrite teh index calculation because it was so low all the time it lost proaganda value?
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rich-c: hey Robert - welcome
changed username to Judy
Meeka: hi dad
BobS: guten tag, mein herr
Guy B.: Hi Judy
Pamela: Hi Judy
Meeka: hi mom
Judy: Hi, Everyone
rich-c: hello Judy
Judy: How is everyone?
Pamela: chilly, thank you : )
Judy: it wasn't too bad here today
rich-c: we are supposed to have a warming trend the next few days
BobS: was kinda nice about 3pm
Pamela: and it's supposed to rain all weekend
BobS: but but but.........rain coming in sometime
Pamela: our first weekend at the trailer - doesn't that just figure?
Judy: I got the grass cut this morning, sun was out, what more do you want?
rich-c: my cursor cronies in Phoenix are complaining because it's 96F in the morning when they get up - and 113 during the day
Judy: they are talking of storms Friday
Meeka: I still need to dig the mower out of storage
Judy: isn'
Judy: t it is the front?
Meeka: ya, dont need to move the boat to get it, but do need Doug's help with the "crap" we piled in front of it
Pamela: glad I'm not the only packrat
BobS: well ya got to NOT do that!!!
Meeka: ie: furniture...unfinished refinishing projects....wagon....etc
Judy: not a good idea
Judy: the grass was gettting really long
Pamela: we did take some positive steps this weekend
Meeka: ya, ours looksl;ong since all the neighbors cut theirs
Judy: at what, Pam?
Pamela: decluttering
Pamela: I took a deep breath and tossed out all our cassette tapes
Judy: OH
rich-c: have evetrything on DVDs now?
Pamela: we have a complete list and some stuff is duplicated on CD
Pamela: we never listen to them - you could have grown things in the dust on the cabinets
Pamela: I figure that if I really want some of this stuff I can download it
Judy: that is how our slides are, the dust was really thick
rich-c: oh, Meeka, did you get my Adamcon pictures?
Meeka: yes, I did, but havent had a chance to do anything with them yet
Pamela: cleaned out the linen closet too
Judy: good for you
rich-c: that's OK, don't ask how long it took me to get them together and send them
rich-c: I don't even remember if they were from Chicago or Ottawa
Judy: I need to clean out our closet, get rid of old clothes not worn anymore
Meeka: thats alwsays a hard thing mom
Judy: but right now am working out in the yard
Pamela: I do that every year Judy
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changed username to Dale
Guy B.: HI Dale
Judy: I haven't done it in a while
Dale: Hi all.
rich-c: hi Dale-- I have a message from Frances
Meeka: mom, you gonna be around tomorrow
Judy: hi, Dale
Pamela: when I switch in spring and fall, everything that didn't get worn in the previous year gets the boot
Pamela: Hk
Pamela: oops
Pamela: Hi Dale
rich-c: she wants the chat logs updated! ; - )
Pamela: there that's better
Meeka: hi Dale
BobS: hi Dale
rich-c: she keeps telling me to tell you
Judy: that is a good plan, don't know if I could do that
Meeka: me either
Pamela: I don't have a choice Judy - not enough closet / dresser space otherwise
Pamela: I took a deep breath last year and gave two formal dresses to Goodwill
Pamela: and a number of other formal outfits that I won't wear again for size or fashion reasons
Judy: my walk in closet is maybe not such a good thing, you think you can keep everything
Meeka: aint that the truth
Pamela: oh I have one of those - I share it with Russell though
Judy: I wear them on cruises so don't throw them out
Pamela: but in addition I have two dressers, an armoire and part of the closet in the second bedroom
Pamela: and the totes with the out-of-season stuff
Judy: I have two other closets besides
Meeka: mom, you gonna be home tomorrow?
Judy: so space is not the issue
Dale: Well I was thinking about updating the chat logs today.
Dale: But today was the last day at work for 3 of my co-op engineer students.
Pamela: interestingly, I don't add a lot
Dale: And I was leading the craft at our Beaver colony meeting.
Pamela: but some things seem to wear out all at once
Judy: yes, just have a meeting at Ryans school at 8 and doctor at 5, otherwise will be here
Dale: And it took longer than usual for Jeffrey's homework.
Judy: what time were you thinking?
Dale: So I'll try to do it tomorrow instead.
Dale: Then I'll be caught up at least.
Dale: And I can experiement with automating it again.
rich-c: Frances will be MOST gratified, Dale
Meeka: not sure, I have to grocery shop and go to menards
Meeka: thought I would stop for a visit also
Judy: should be done at school by around 9
Meeka: k, it prob wont be before that anyway
Judy: would love to have you do that, I may need to vent after the meeting
Pamela: speaking of shopping, Dad - will you make a note to look for something for me?
Judy: he was red again today
rich-c: OK, what do you have in mind?
Pamela: Patak's Mild Mango Chutney
Judy: so another visit to the office
Pamela: I don't know if I can get it at my Loblaws
Pamela: and last I saw, they had it at your No Frills
Pamela: if they do have it, please grab me a jar
Meeka: oh man
Pamela: red, Judy? What does that mean?
rich-c: pity you didn;t ask last night, Pam - we were at both No Frills and Flrtinos today
Pamela: used the last of it tonite Dad : )
Meeka: its schools form of disapline
Judy: for anything he does during the day the teacher doesn't like they have to turn over a card, which is a color
Pamela: oh
Meeka: you work your way down the colors as you mis-behave
Judy: the last card is red, not good
rich-c: don't know when we will be shopping agaqin, likely not before next Wednesday
Judy: he is having an awful time with his teachers the last few months
Meeka: brb, need to check on the banana bread in the oven
rich-c: but I have written it down and will put it on the list
Pamela: that's okay, I won't need it before then
Pamela: thanks Dad
Pamela: I'm going to check in Sutton while we're there but it never hurts to have a jar in reserve
Pamela: oh and you might mention to Mom that I'm almost out of chilisauce : ) See what she says
Meeka: back
Judy: welcome back
rich-c: will tell her
Meeka: ty
BobS: got to learn the shorthand stuff
BobS: thank you ????????
Meeka: yes
BobS: hookay
rich-c: Pam, she says there is still some left
Pamela: tell her, oh good! I try to make it last but I do eventually go through i
Pamela: t
Pamela: darned enter key!
BobS: they should take the ENTER key OFF the keyboard, yse?
Pamela: btw Bob, you got my reply?
Pamela: no, just move it out from under my pinky
BobS: yes.m and you can count on us!!!!! we'uns is coming
Guy B.: 12-1 Cubs, Soto 2 HR's tonight
Pamela: I have enough trouble with the ultra sensitive touch pad
Pamela: woohoo!
BobS: you need payment when?????
BobS: and in CA funds, yes?
Pamela: by June 6th please - in Cdn funds
Pamela: cheque or money order is fine
Guy B.: I'll see if my bank can convert from $US to Canadian
BobS: wsill have to see where I can get a CA money order or check
rich-c: Pam - we were going to discuss payment in US funds?
Pamela: no we were not
Pamela: try the post office, Bob
BobS: wondered about a postal money order
BobS: wil have to check
rich-c: they can send cash to me, I will give you the $400 each in Canadian funds
Guy B.: Now, deciding if I should drive or fly and rent a car and drive there.
Dale: As for me, I just deposted all of the USD cheques in my Canadian bank account. I had to have them on hold for 3 weeks, but other than that, I didn't do anything special.
rich-c: I think by now the creditworthiness of our regulars is well established
Pamela: I would prefer to have the funds in Canadian
Guy B.: What would work better for you Pam?
Judy: I am watching Deal or No Deal, these people are nuts
Pamela: you just figured this out Judy?
Judy: no, but I love to watch this show
Meeka: mmmm, warm banana bread :-)
Judy: sounds good, Grandmas?
Meeka: yup
Judy: speaking of food, could use something
Meeka: still needs a little adjusting on the baking time for my oven, but otherwise good
Judy: good for you
Judy: too done or not enough?
Meeka: and fairly healty too
Meeka: the top is a bit hard, grandmas was always soft
Judy: oven temp to hot?
Meeka: not sure, cooked it at 325
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changed username to Ronald
Meeka: hi ron
Pamela: hi Ron
Ronald: Hello World!
Guy B.: HI Ron
Ronald: How is da world these days?
BobS: hi ron
Ronald: Been remiss in my attendance and it's about to get worse
BobS: AGAIN???????
Ronald: probably be here next week then it's off to Flowrance
BobS: that's OK
Ronald: Jeff tells me we have internet at the hotel, so I might get on there
Dale: Hi Ron.
Ronald: Hi Dale
Ronald: Anyway, Pam before I leave (a week Fri) will send the registration and a down payment
Pamela: sorry, was away for a moment
Judy: hi, Ron
Ronald: Hi Judy
Judy: so was I had to make a lunch for Bob for tomorrow
Pamela: Ron how much will you send me?
Ronald: how does $250 sound?
Ronald: or do ya need the whole thing?
Pamela: that's fine - can you give me the balance in cash at the convention?
Judy: was getting spoiled, he was getting lunches brought in every day and now that has stopped for a while
Ronald: that's the intent, yes
Pamela: sounds good
Ronald: what's for lunch tomorrow Bob?
Judy: left-overs, not his favorite
Ronald: well feed it to him anyway
rich-c: sorry Ron, I was off getting my beer - hi
Judy: that is what he said, someone had to eat it
Ronald: Hi Rich. In Heaven, there is no beer. That's why we drink it here!
Meeka: I usually have to eat the leftovers cuz doug wont
Judy: learned that from his dad, Mandy won't eat them either
rich-c: who told you that? I thought this was the training ground so you'd appreciate teh rally good stuff when you get it
Pamela: as for the Americans in the crowd, Dad has made some good arguments for sending US dollars.
BobS: missed them I guess Pam
Meeka: there are only a few things he will eat that way
Ronald: poor
Pamela: Let me mull the options for a bit
Ronald: poor Bob, we're talking about him
Meeka: lasanga, sketti, tuna w/noodles
Judy: that is why you don't make big portions of anything
BobS: I know, and I am still alive to hear it
Meeka: yup, better at that now
BobS: YIKES!!!!!
Pamela: I'll take the leftovers Judy
Guy B.: 12-3 Cubs in the 6th inning
Ronald: With me around there ARE NO leftovers
Judy: shipping will probably ruin them
BobS: leftovers and JUST THAT......left OVER and pretty much useless.......unless it is rare steak; you can heat that up
Pamela: good point
Meeka: I wont have that problem in a month
rich-c: oh - are teh Blue Jays playing tonight?
Meeka: will have an 18 year old trash can living with us agian :-P
Meeka: yup
Judy: Daniel coming back?
BobS: gonna work at P&C ?
Meeka: he is comming up and planning on starting at davenport in the fall
Meeka: yup
Ronald: be right back.....speaking of food
Judy: good for him
Pamela: your problem won't be leftovers Meeka, it will be keeping the fridge full enough
Judy: and your lawn work will be done
Meeka: yup
Pamela: a pretty good deal all around : )
Pamela: send him to Judy - he can eat her leftovers!
Pamela: and save Bob
Judy: he is a good kid, nice to have arround, look forward to seeing him
Meeka: yup, no snow for me either with him around for school :-D
Judy: is he driving?
Meeka: yup
rich-c: I think we are pretty well past the snow season by now - I hope
Judy: and then that is a plus, he can run errands
Meeka: he thinking of hitching a ride with grenadma & grandpa to get here
Pamela: I hope so too Dad
Meeka: then have doug &/or rich help him find a decent used car
Pamela: I've had enough of the white stuff for awhile
rich-c: Guy, have you looked at Mapquest or Google or such for a recommended route to St. Catharines?
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Meeka: hello
Pamela: hi
Judy: that would be good and they could spend some time with him
BobS: snow is done !!!!!! ran the snowblowers for the last time this season
Pamela: Daniel
BobS: 107" of snow
Ronald: Was out to the interior of BC last week, on a bowling trip with 40 crazy seniors on a bus...... still lots of snow in the mountains
rich-c: salut, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: Yes Pam, it's me. I didn't post my check yet.
Guy B.: Hi Daniel
Pamela: you have a while yet Daniel
Ronald: Salut Monsieur
Judy: hi, Daniel
rich-c: they have snow year round in the mountains, Ron
Ronald: but not at highway level. Through Manning Park between Hope and Princeton, it was quite prevalent
rich-c: I can remember getting thoroughly piled on in Banff in July
Ronald: All the apple blossoms in the Okanagon are about 3 weeks late
Pamela: question for all: I can re-send the form so it can be e-mailed, but it's a somewhat convoluted process. Would you all prefer that anyway?
Judy: the mountains like snow we don't
Daniel Bienvenu: because it was raining during a few days... all the snow is finally gone. but because the temperature was below 0 'C, we got some snow this morning.
Pamela: Dad, where did I find the glacial goop?
rich-c: have the mountains got a good snow pack this year, Ron?
Judy: the tulips are out and Tulip Time is here so they are right on schedule
Ronald: Yes, our local ski hill, Mt. Washington had about 12 feet
rich-c: that was at teh Columbia Icefield on the Icefields Highway between Banff and Jasper, Pam
Ronald: So far as I can tell, most of it is still up there
Pamela: she says, substituting "find" for "fall into"
rich-c: they desperately need to rebuild the snow - the prairie rivers are running low
rich-c: we are having slightly early flowering - teh early tress like magnolia and cherry are out in all their glory
Ronald: Our Glacier will be gone they say in 20 years
rich-c: our apple and pear trees are still to blossom, though
Pamela: we have magnolia and forsythia out over here
Ronald: So anybody who lives on Glacierview Drive will have to change their address to Glaciergone Drive
Guy B.: 13-3 Cubs
Judy: our weeping cherry is done and the Magnolia froze last night
rich-c: Guy, have you checked a driving route to St. Catharines?
Pamela: oh dear Judy, that's not good
Ronald: Cherries don't weep??
Meeka: my magnolia was done
Judy: they do in Michigan
Ronald: Really!
Judy: mine had not opened yet
Meeka: the fruit tree is in full bloom now, looks like it survived though
Ronald: let's hope
Guy B.: I did download a map and I saved it on my drive at work and I can access it from my own computer\
Guy B.: It would take about 8 hours. In my case maybe 10
rich-c: did they suggest going through Canada or the US?
Ronald: Yea CUBBIES!!!
Judy: our pear tree weathered the frost last night is still pretty
Guy B.: Going through Indiana and Michigan
rich-c: entering Ontario where, Guy?
Ronald: Michiana
Guy B.: I think towards Detroit
Guy B.: I have to look at it again
rich-c: get a routing Chicago - Port Huron - St. Catharines, Guy
rich-c: it may save you a good bit in tolls and by much faster even if longer
rich-c: also you can wait longer before buying gas in Canada
Judy: our gas went up again this week
Meeka: no kiddin
rich-c: that is the route when we are going from Toronto to GR or Chicago
Pamela: there are good arguments for both
Meeka: I got some just before it went up tankfully
Ronald: I don't want to buy gas anywhere
rich-c: that figures - ours was down today to 1.19/litre
Judy: we got it in Holland Monday at 3.50 at Speedway
rich-c: yesterday it was 1.22/L
Ronald: Don't want to hear that. Still up at $1.33 here
Ronald: Somebody somewhere is making money
Judy: Sam's was 3.61 yesterday
Pamela: Guy if you go through IN, OH, PA and NY you would pay more in tolls but less in gas
rich-c: the local financial gurus are saying that it will be between .50 and 1.50/l by July - they can't call it closer
Pamela: If you come IN, MI, ON you pay fewer tolls but higher gas prices
Guy B.: Ok, I got the directions from my personal drive at work
Pamela: yeah Ron, the gas companies
Ronald: I don't believe in gur's
Ronald: guru's
rich-c: well in fact I reckon I could make that call
Ronald: no doubt Rich
Ronald: like tomorrow the sun will come up, and then it will go down
Guy B.: Ok, I would be taking I-94 through Indiana and Michigan to I-69 towards Lansing
Pamela: if you came in across the US it's pretty much a straight shot across I90 /80 all the way to Fort Erie, NY
rich-c: Guy, remember your range on a tank of gas - if you fill in Port Huron you may not have to buy in Canada
Guy B.: It would change to Hwy 402/Blue Water Bridge until I get to the border
Guy B.: I plan to do it that way
rich-c: good thought, Guy - it may even be shorter because Lake Erie really pushes you south
Pamela: From Sarnia / Port Huron is about 400 kms, Guy - about 250 miles
Guy B.: So I believe these directions I got from the hotel, would work out
rich-c: and I-80 and I-90 are all toll roads through there
rich-c: also, the Blue Water route is much less hevily trafficed
Guy B.: I would pay tolls on I-90 only and probably the Blue Water bridge I imagine
Pamela: to St. Catharines, that is
rich-c: right, our 400 series roads are not tolled (except 407 which you won't meet)
Guy B.: I do have my I-Pass which will work with the Indiana Toll Road
rich-c: yes, but you'd still have to pay about half teh width of Ohio - and endure all teh trucks
Pamela: Bob, I expect it will take you about 7 hours, depending on how long you have to spend at the border
Daniel Bienvenu: Pam, my printer is ... well... I need to buy a new one... but if I can reply to your email by another email, it will be fine for me.
rich-c: if they use teh Bluewater Bridge they should get through pretty easily, coming into Canada anyway
Judy: Map Quest says about 6 so that is close
rich-c: teh whole bridge plaza has been rebuilt so there is room for teh traffic load
Dale: Hi Daniel.
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Dale
Guy B.: I get paid three times in May, so I should be able to get the costs altogether
Judy: we are leaving in the middle of the night so the traffic should not be an issue
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale, do you remember the question you wanted to ask me last week?
Pamela: my experience from GR to Detroit was about 2 hours Judy, and it takes about 3.5 hours from Windsor to the outskirts of Toronto
Daniel Bienvenu: it's almost 23h here so... goodnight and talk to you next week.
Pamela: based on 75 mph in the US and 110 kms in Canada, and building in bathroom breaks and such, I figure about 7 hours
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit
rich-c: 403 peels off 401 and runs down through Brantford to Hamilton/Niagara, doesn't it?
Daniel Bienvenu: good night
Pamela: goodnight Daniel
Guy B.: Nite Daniel
rich-c: see you Daniel
Pamela: yes it does, at . . . hang on lemme check
Judy: takes us about three to Detroit
Dale: Nope.
Daniel Bienvenu: take care and bye bye!
Dale: But it was a burning question at the time.
Meeka: well guys, I outta here.....see ya all next week
Dale: I really wanted to ask.
Guy B.: Bye Meeka
Dale: I just don't remember.
Ronald: Nite Meeka, probably won't see you next week
Pamela: Woodstock
Dale: Good night Daniel.
Judy: night Meeka, see you tomorrow
Ronald: But I'll try to get on from Italy somehow
Daniel Bienvenu: * disparition *
Meeka left chat session
Dale: I'll think of it I'm sure.
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
rich-c: nite Meeka - let me know which pictures I sent
Pamela: nite Meeka
Guy B.: Ron have you download Ubuntu Hardy Yet?
Pamela: 401 from the US border to just east of Woodstock then 403 to the QEW.
Ronald: 8.01?
Guy B.: 8.04
Pamela: The good news is the hotel is just off the highway, about three blocks
Ronald: Yeah, just did that last night. Haven't installed it yet
rich-c: that's still in beta, isn't it, Guy?
Ronald: I can't keep track of their crazy names
Pamela: Ron will you be able to pick up e-mail?
Ronald: believe so Pam, but I'm not entirely certain yet
Pamela: are you going to use your shaw address or a hotmail account?
rich-c: keep us posted, Ron, though we wont expect you here (time difference)
Guy B.: I'm still on Feisty 7.04, but I did download Xubuntu Gutsy. Haven't burned it to CD yet
Ronald: Over in Europe, you go on line, you pay by the minute, even for a residential hookup. So Jeff and Francesca don't to much internet stuff over there
Guy B.: 13-5 Cubs. Brewers scored 2 runs
Judy: when do you leave, Ron?
Pamela: are you staying in a hotel Ron?
rich-c: does make for brief contascts
Ronald: a week Friday for Vancouver - the Monday the 12th for Florence
Pamela: May 9th? Is that right?
rich-c: so you may get on here next week?
Ronald: I'm having to psych myself up - find I don't want to leave home now..... but I'm sure once I get into it it'll be fine
Ronald: Not the traveller I used to be
rich-c: symptom of advancing old age, Ron
Ronald: yeah, I think so
Ronald: Have so much going on right here just now
Judy: just enjoy, Ron trip of a life-time
Ronald: that's right. that's what I keep telling myself
rich-c: yes, retirement is too much work, you need a break
Ronald: Interesting thought Rich
Pamela: it will go by so fast Ron you'll wonder where the time went. And you'll have the comfort of all your friends in one place at the end of it
Ronald: yes.... looking forward to that part Pam
Pamela: me too : )
rich-c: I have a little banner I use on carnuts - it says the trouble with retirement is you never gat a day off
Pamela: you must take terrabytes of pictures - that's an order
Ronald: ROTFL
Ronald: Oh I intend to
Pamela: and while away, you can work on your presentation : )
Judy: that is sad, Rich
Ronald: Jeff is setting up some kind of deal whereby we won't read e-mail on line, but download it, and read and reply offline
Ronald: shades of the mid-80's
Pamela: Hey Dad, I can put you to work if you want : )
BobS: digital pics man.........keep, look at, toss the worst, and email the rest
rich-c: didn't you say eaarlier you were plotting something?
Judy: Bob put me to work Monday almost killed me
Pamela: aside from that : )
Ronald: hoping to use my dot-mac account to upload pics to, then just point you all there to look at themn
Pamela: Robert!
Pamela: what did you do to her?
BobS: made her WORK
Ronald: Bob, if you do that, then who will make your lunch?
Judy: I worked for him and Habitat
Pamela: way to go Judy
BobS: me
Ronald: family on the payroll
rich-c: or just download your memory card when it starats getting full by burning it to a CD
Judy: no, I worked for free
Pamela: I want to hear all about that Judy
Ronald: I got more damn 2 gig memory cards than I'll ever use
Ronald: keep buying 2 for $18.00
Judy: he needed to get a house done and not much help to do it
Pamela: don't forget your battery charger!
rich-c: suspect you'll be lucky to fill even one 2-gig card within your lifetime
Ronald: battery charger won't be much good without a 220/110 transformer....which I just bought
Pamela: speaking of which, can anyone recommend good rechargeables? Mine suck
Ronald: They tell me all these devices are now supposed to be capable of both, but not the ones I got
rich-c: unless you take maximum resolution, maximum size pictures and never edit
Ronald: All rechargeables suck
Judy: I painted, knocked out braces in the basement, unboxed appliances, drilled holes and other things
Ronald: just a case of finding the rechargeable that sucks the least
Pamela: seriously, I get next to no time out of mine
Judy: how about that for a day of free work?
rich-c: I think ours came from Radiio Shack
Ronald: Good for you Judy. Bet that took you down a peg or two physically eh?
Pamela: did you get to use power tools?
Judy: yes it did
Ronald: What I would like to know is.....(totally off subject).....
Ronald: Why am I getting e-mail adds from Target when they won't even ship to Canada?
Judy: good question
Pamela: that's why they call it the world wide web Ron
Ronald: tried ordering something from them a while ago, and they don't even know where BC is
rich-c: wonder where they bought their spam mailing lists from?
Ronald: they are going to incur my wrath
Pamela: is Target affiliated with any Canadian companies, like TJ Maxx is with Winners?
Ronald: dunno
rich-c: far as I know they are pretty much a law unto themselves
Judy: they are connected to Macy's
Pamela: bears looking into
Judy: here in the states that is
Ronald: Oh well
Ronald: more mail in the junk mail box
Pamela: no Macy's here yet : (
Judy: that is ok, they are high anyway
Pamela: no Lane Bryant either, but at least they ship here
BobS: Macy's ......... Hudson ....... Marshall Fields ........ all psudeneums for Hudson Bay Trading Co
Pamela: I was in a Macy's when we were in Cleveland I think - lotsa nice stuff
Judy: 11 o'clock time for bed, night all
BobS: but not inexpensive Pam
Pamela: well there's your answer
Ronald: I am always suspicious of vendors who, when taking your address information, provide only a list of the 50 States to choose from.
Pamela: goodnight Judy
Ronald: Usually a showstopper
BobS: AND, we need to "hit the sack Jack" ........ so's to speak
Judy left chat session
Pamela: goodnight Bob
Ronald: Yes Bob, Judy - be well and work hard
Guy B.: Well, that will do it for me too. Will see you all next week
BobS: so with that, we bid youall a fond adios, and see ya's next Wed
Ronald: (oops=used that word)
rich-c: nite, Judy
Pamela: gnite Guy
BobS: RON !!!!!! 4 letter words........
Ronald: And I have to go make some phone calls
BobS left chat session
Guy B.: Poof
Ronald: I know eh
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: nite, Bob
Pamela: Ron, if we don't see you next week, keep an eye on your email
Pamela: and have a marvelous time
rich-c: OK Guy, till then
Ronald: yes - I certainly hope I won't lose touch Pam. One way or another I'll be on if I can
Ronald: thank you Pam
Ronald: later all
Ronald: pooooofffff!!!
Ronald left chat session
Pamela: oh, I am pea-green
Pamela: would love to go to Florence
rich-c: well, that sort of deals with that, doesn't it
Pamela: however, will settle for St. Catharines for now
rich-c: please, it's Firenze
Pamela: only in Florence : )
rich-c: oh, let's not be stuffy anglos about it - the Empire's gone
rich-c: now it's Livorno - and Koln, and Munchen, and...
Pamela: I'd rather use the English version than butcher the Italian
Pamela: so I guess I'll have to go to Florence and learn to do it right
rich-c: try and come close and the Italians tend to be very forgiving
Pamela: sigh . . .
rich-c: unlike the French
Pamela: well I think it's bedtime
Pamela: oh and Russell says hi
Pamela: everyone poofed before i could tell them that
rich-c: definitely - you're off to the trailer this weekend, right?
Pamela: yes, going Saturday morning and coming home Sunday evening
rich-c: tell Russell hi right back
rich-c: OK, maybe you'll get a weatehr break after all
Pamela: hope so
rich-c: at least it should be a bit warmer
Pamela: hope that too
Pamela: I'll call in the next couple of days Dad
rich-c: anyhow, take care, - will you call before you leave?
Pamela: yes
rich-c: OK messages crossed - hear from you then
Pamela: okay, goodnight Daddy
Pamela: gnite Dale
rich-c: so goodnight, daughter
Pamela: kerpoof!
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: and goodnight here too, Dale
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
Dale left chat session
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