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rich-c: test
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changed username to BobS
BobS: HI richard
rich-c: greetings Bob - I got your email
BobS: am sending you some nice moderate weather with some rain along side it
rich-c: and I have talked with Tyler
BobS: I assumed the guy talked to you!
rich-c: oh, don't need teh rain, we have some just leaviong
BobS: well, we didn't need it today either
BobS: rianed for about 3 hrs midday
BobS: rained
rich-c: yes, he did get my number adn did phone - we have exchanged emails since
BobS: good
rich-c: I also invited him to join us tonight, though no way to know if he will
BobS: true true
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rich-c: still tonight you are teh first of the Slopsemas on - usually Meeka beats you to it
BobS: sometimes I am still napping at 9pm
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rich-c: yes, I can see you have strenuous days and may need it
changed username to Guy B.
BobS: this job is good, fun and time consuming, but hard on me
rich-c: hello Guy
Guy B.: Greetings from rainy Chicago
BobS: hi Guy
BobS: still ??????
BobS: we had some midday
rich-c: I think it's a different system, Bob
BobS: darn
BobS: son't need more rain
BobS: don't
Guy B.: Got dark around 7:15 started pouring at 7:30 and it's gotten cool
rich-c: can't be sure, just looked over Frances' shoulder as she had NOAA up
BobS: as long as it is gone b y morning
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rich-c: we are supposed to clear tonight then no preceip to Monday - some cloud though
changed username to Judy
rich-c: hello Judy
BobS: no rain forecast here
Judy: Hi, Guy, Rich and bob
Guy B.: Hi Judy
rich-c: maybe it's just a quick kick-back that will go away equally quickly, Guy
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changed username to Guy Eph.
Guy B.: It stormed earlier today
Guy Eph.: Greetings earthlings.
Guy B.: Hey Guy F
changed username to 699-1831
BobS: greetings oh Montrealian one
rich-c: Dommage! Les Glorieux sont morts!
Guy Eph.: Rich: At least we went further than the Maple Laughs.
Judy: hello, Guy
699-1831: hello
rich-c: that wasn't hard, was it, Guy? ;-)
Guy Eph.: Now, there are no Canadian teams representing our country, bleah.
BobS: hi phone # person
rich-c: that looks like a cellphone number calling in
699-1831: nope!
Guy Eph.: quick, all 699-1831.
Guy Eph.: what area code?
699-1831: 'tis a postal code, good chaps
rich-c: with what area code? it makes a difference!
Judy: hi, 699-1831
Guy Eph.: I thought US postal codes were 5 numbers?
Judy: they are
rich-c: then it isn't North American - Italian, maybe, from around Firenze?
Guy B.: It is, but we have four additional after the 5 digits, the post office calls Zip + 4
BobS: must be the Mitchell dide
BobS: dude
rich-c: stiull isnt in the phone number format, Guy
Guy Eph.: Japan.
Guy Eph.: It's from Japan.
699-1831: :)
Judy: hi, James
Guy B.: So that has to be James
699-1831: yup!
Guy Eph.: Hey James.
rich-c: you sure, Guy? I've mailed very little to Japan but I don't recall that type of coding
Guy B.: You got us fooled there Dude
BobS: how are Myuki and the yung-uns
699-1831: i'll have to be more creative w/ my next login
Guy Eph.: Nakamura
BobS: that is creative enough
699-1831: the young-uns are good. everyone is finally over fevers, coughs and other nasties
rich-c: well, wrong again - good morning, james, you're early
699-1831: and back at school where they belong
Judy: you like it when we don't know who you are?
699-1831: i think people enjoy a challenge
rich-c: so how are postal codes structured in Japan? and how precise are they?
699-1831: it so rarely happens here that people don't know who i am
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699-1831: three digits, then 4
changed username to Meeka
Guy B.: Hi Meeka
699-1831: used to be 3 then 2
Meeka: hello
Meeka: how is everyone
rich-c: yes, but what do they indicate? for instance a US code takes in a whole town
Guy Eph.: hmm, anyone seen damn around? err, I mean dan... haven't seen him in a while.
rich-c: hello Meeka
Judy: hi, Meeka
rich-c: he was on briefly last week, james
699-1831: lol guy
Judy: About tomorrow night, what time is dinner?
rich-c: he's been mostly coming on from work of late, though - lot of overtime
699-1831: not sure what they indicate, could be county - neighbourhood
699-1831: was never curious enough to give it a second thought
rich-c: your parents code in Ottawa likely takes in no more than their side of the street on one block, if that
Meeka: I was figuring prob about 6 if that would work for dad
rich-c: my postal code actually narrows things down to my house and two others
699-1831: since they don't use street names and house numbers here, finding places can be challenging at times
rich-c: yes, I would reckon so! ;-)
Judy: yes, that would work, what do you want me to take?
Meeka: also Doug could use a trim if we have time and you bring sissors :-) :-) :-)
Guy Eph.: trying to narrow it down on google earth, are you next to fukuoka?
Meeka: wine uf you want it I have the rest
Judy: can do, no problem
Judy: we can handle that
699-1831: i'm next to hiroshima and tottori prefectures
699-1831: in shimane
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changed username to Dale
rich-c: hello Dale
Dale: Hello.
Dale: Just checking in.
rich-c: well, why not? always something going on
Guy Eph.: OK, found it, you're in the middle of nowhere! Lots of trees and forests!
699-1831: yup!
rich-c: or if not, someone new can stir things up 8-)
Dale: I'm having a dazed and confused day. I just started a new crop of students, and I'm not used to going to be early. So not enough sleep for me this week.
Guy B.: Hi Dale
Judy: hi, Dale
BobS: Hi Dale
rich-c: right, you've got a co-op crew, right?
Meeka: hello
699-1831: i'm an hour to the nearest mcdonald's
699-1831: not necessarily a bad thing
Dale: Three new students and a summer intern started this week.
rich-c: Guy, you using Google Earth or MS?
rich-c: test
699-1831: we hear you rich
Judy: we are here
Meeka: me too
Guy Eph.: Rich: GOOGLE Earth, the software.
rich-c: was wondering if I'd fallen off, but obviously no
rich-c: there's a companion download for Google Earth?
Judy: we just don't have a lot ot say tonight
Guy Eph.: Yeah, there's a stand-alone package called Google Earth.
rich-c: didn't know that - but Google seems to have new stuff every week
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rich-c: I am way behind, don't even know what's there let along what it is good for
changed username to Pamela at last!
Guy B.: Pam just sent a new fillable form to everyone
rich-c: indeed, daughter, at last
Guy B.: Hi Pam
BobS: oh oh.....just emialed her my convention registration yesterday on the old formk
Pamela at last!: wow, you must be watching your e-mail Guy - just sent it this minute
Pamela at last!: it's okay Bob, I have your info, that's all I need : )
rich-c: I'll see it later when chat is over - my email is on the laptop
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Pamela at last!: this is just an another option
Judy: Hi, Pam
Pamela at last!: Hi Judy
rich-c: salut, Daniel - my, you got logged in quickly
Meeka: hi pam
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir tout le monde (good evening everybody)
Pamela at last!: Hi Meeka
Dale: Hi Daniel.
Judy: hi, Daniel
rich-c: anyone know if Jean Stone drinks wine?
BobS: but, but, but........I wanna be like the rest of the gang !!!!!!!
Pamela at last!: so, who's the phone number?
Daniel Bienvenu: @Dale : Did you make any modification on your pirate game for the minigame cartridge?
BobS: sure she does
BobS: she and Jack bought us wine various convention dinners
rich-c: it's a Japanese postal code, Pam
Pamela at last!: you can if you want to Bob
Dale: Daniel: I haven't made any progress on it recently.
Daniel Bienvenu: @Pam : at my job, they still don't know if I can have the vacancies I asked for to be with you in june.
BobS: Ok then i can feel a part of the whole idea
rich-c: OK - then we have enough of a crowd who do to give Pam a planning option for outings
Dale: I suppose I promised to finsh it before the conference.
Pamela at last!: Dale, just how phobic is Jillian about butterflies?
rich-c: apparently Wine Spectator just ran a feature on the only world-level wine region within a day's drive of their New York office - Niagara
Pamela at last!: outing - oh yes, one more thing I must get going on
Dale: I haven't heard that Jillian is phobic of butterflies. Just most other bugs.
Pamela at last!: note to self: GET ORGANIZED!
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't say my last word yet. they will give me the vacancies I want.
Pamela at last!: so, the butterfly conservatory is okay to consider as an outing?
rich-c: les vacances = vacation en anglais, Daniel
Judy: sounds great to me!!!
rich-c: oh, the Consrvatory is absolutely super cool
Dale: It has the Jillian stamp of approval
Pamela at last!: very good - I was worried about that
699-1831: the butterfly conservatory is quite neat
Daniel Bienvenu: well, at least you all understand. :-)
699-1831: took a group of my students there a few years ago
rich-c: just be aware they may choose to light on you
Pamela at last!: James, how many times have you been there?
Dale: I went to one on Vancouver Island after AdamCon 15, and had the best time.
699-1831: the conservatory? only once
Daniel Bienvenu: so, I asked a period vacations including june 18
699-1831: wanted to take the group i had this year but they were too knackered
Daniel Bienvenu: 18+adamon... and monday 23.
Pamela at last!: sounds good Daniel
rich-c: that will cover it, Daniel - how will you get there?
Daniel Bienvenu: guess what... june 24 is a day off too. :)
Pamela at last!: and your birthday is when Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: 18
Dale: Is that a holiday?
Pamela at last!: is that Bastille Day?
Daniel Bienvenu: A special day for Quebec is June 24.
rich-c: yes, St. Jean Baptiste day, and a big one with your quadricentennial
Pamela at last!: sorry Baptiste - i got confused
rich-c: Bastille Day is France, not Quebec
Daniel Bienvenu: it's like the 1st july for Canada and 4th july for usa.
Pamela at last!: I know : (
Pamela at last!: give me a break, I've been at it since 6:00 am
Pamela at last!: so Dad, I have an assignment for you
699-1831: sheesh, pam! don't you know *anything*? ;)
rich-c: isn't that a little early for you, Pam?
Daniel Bienvenu: 4 days of vacations + weekend + Quebec's special day... it's a week.
Pamela at last!: I know lotsa things - they're just all jumbled up in there
Pamela at last!: not these days Dad
rich-c: right, you're taking the GO train and it runs early
Pamela at last!: pretty good deal, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: I hope Neil still agree to allow me to join him first to travel with him to the convention.
Judy: sounds like Bob's world
Pamela at last!: well at least I'm not in Erin's shoes - she worked a week of 6:30 - 2:30 last week
rich-c: yes, with the kids I don't think Guy would have room
Judy: this summer Bob will start 8-8
rich-c: yes, they changed the time of question period, so she had to get her prrep done early
Daniel Bienvenu: I will travel by bus like last time.
Pamela at last!: making houses while the sun's up?
Judy: that is about it
Dale: I think that'll be fine Daniel.
rich-c: I gather train service from Quebec City isn't an option?
Pamela at last!: bus to Ottawa and then the rest of the way by car with Neil? sounds like a good deal, Daniel
Judy: when he started with Habitat they were working the 8-8
Pamela at last!: probably too expensive Dad
Pamela at last! changed username to Pamela
Daniel Bienvenu: train is too expensive
Guy B.: Pam, just brought up the form. You still cannot save it, so this still would not work
rich-c: anyway have you found the info you needed about the T-shiorts, Pam?
Daniel Bienvenu: train is faster, yes... but bus is economic
Pamela: so Dad, I need to research the days and hours of operation for the Butterfly conservatory for me, as well as the admission fees for seniors, adults and children
699-1831: really dan?
Pamela: You can't save the form itself Guy, but you can save the fillable portions - that's what you send to me
rich-c: OK I will make a note - IIRC it isn't expensive but then we do pay senior prices
Guy B.: Pam, what would the cost be in US$?
Pamela: just follow the instructions exactly
699-1831: when i was doing bookings for our group to get from toronto to ottawa, the train was faster and cheaper
Guy B.: Ok, will do
Dale: The train is enough nicer to travel on, that I'm usually willing to pay the extra 30%.
Dale: brb
Pamela: I'm with you Dale, travelling by train is far superior
Pamela: same as Canadian Guy, $400.00
699-1831: if you book through via's website it can actually be cheaper too
699-1831: dan, you're trying to get from qc to toronto?
Pamela: Dad, re t-shirts, no I don't have the info yet
Guy B.: That cannot be right. Last I checked, it would be below $400
Pamela: the dollars are about par at the moment Guy
rich-c: Guy, teh price is $400 Canaidan, which with exchange is over $400 US - Pam has a way around that
699-1831: yeah, when you factor in bank charges, no one gets a premium going either way
Guy B.: I know it's been fluctuating lately
Daniel Bienvenu: I calculated and train is more than 50% more than bus.
699-1831: dan, from where to where?
rich-c: we dodge the charges by having me buy the cheques from Pamela for my US dollar account - lets me top it up without paying commission
699-1831: nice
Pamela: and hence, why US dollar cheques should be made out to Richard Clee : )
Pamela: Quebec City to St. Catharines, Ontario, James
rich-c: james, he'd be best coming to Toronto and taking the bus to St. Catharines
Pamela: Guy B, any decisions as to whether you're going to drive?
Guy B.: Ok, this would be more than the US counterparts, so at least I can use a check in US dollars
Daniel Bienvenu: ok... now i understand... hello james, I didn't catch it was you, a phone number it's special for a username
rich-c: as you know it's only a 90 minute ride and teh bus terminal is across from Uniion Station now
Pamela: actually no it's not Dad
Guy B.: Right now, lt looks like I will drive. I'm going to have the car checked and any work done if needed
Pamela: the bus terminal is up at Bay and Dundas
rich-c: I thought they had made teh change allready?
Pamela: only GO buses go into Union
Pamela: Greyhound etc goes into the terminal at Dundas
Pamela: and that's quite a hike from Union
rich-c: it's supposed to move down to Bay and Front opposite the eat side of Union Station
699-1831: yeah, you don't wanna do that
699-1831: especially if you're carrying stuff
Pamela: uh uh, nope
699-1831: so anything you'd save by taking the bus, you'll be shelling out for a cab anyway
rich-c: and the Bay bus up is no joy either
Pamela: well if Daniel can hitch a ride with Neil from Ottawa it's a moot point anyway
rich-c: that it is - and Neil could likely use some help with the gas cost
Pamela: besides, I don't want Daniel wandering around in a city he's not familiar with, and doesn't speak the language of very well
Daniel Bienvenu: exact
Pamela: by the way Dale, I haven't heard from Neil - I'm assuming he's coming for the whole thing?
rich-c: oh, swhen it comes to Toronto English, Daniel is likely better prepared than most
Pamela: Daniel, have you been in touch with Neil about this?
rich-c: in fact, Daniel's English is quite good, if we could only convince him of the fact
Pamela: it's certainly better than my French : )
Daniel Bienvenu: we talked only once about this... months ago... I didn't talk again with Neil.
Daniel Bienvenu: you make me practice my english... it helps a lot
rich-c: might be prudent to do so - his plans may have change
Pamela: your english is far better than our french Daniel, with the exception of Dale and James, and possibly Ron
Pamela: oh, and Guy F of course
Pamela: so we shall have to practice our French on you : )
rich-c: yes, Guy's French is quite good, almost colloquial, in fact ; - )
699-1831: breakfast time, and rather late at that
Pamela: he's totally bilingual
699-1831: i'll lurk and be back shortly
Pamela: have some bacon for me James : )
rich-c: pity we won't have you among us, james - in Niagara as you know the lingua franca is Japanese 8-)
Daniel Bienvenu: one egg for me
699-1831: personally, i'm much more comfortable in japanese now but as i found out in march, i can still get by in french well enough
699-1831: lol
699-1831: i'll be back shortly
Pamela: 'kay
Daniel Bienvenu: james is then... quadrilingual?
rich-c: Pam, the emoticon ; - ) can indicate also "tongue in cheek"
Pamela: really ; )
rich-c: English, Franch, Italian, Japanese at least - what else I don't know
Pamela: possibly some Mandarin Chinese IIRC and possibly some Russian too
Pamela: we shall have to ask him
Pamela: by the way Dad, I had a coughing fit I laughed so hard at those Chinese / English translations
Pamela: tell Mom please
Pamela: oh, and did you find my chutney?
rich-c: yes - my cursor crony in Phoenix was quite bemused to hear a guy on his break ask his buddies "when is the cinquo de mayo, anyway?"
Daniel Bienvenu: I learn one thing in... I don't remember the language name... it's "ahoy" means "hello" (or maybe goodmorning, I have to check again). It's not russian, it's close too geographicaly.
rich-c: Pam, we got so wound up in other stuff this morning I forgot to take teh note with me - mea culpa - sorry!
Pamela: well, if you don't speak the lingo . . . : )
Pamela: it's alright - I found it at Loblaws but is $4.99 so if you can do better at No Frills let me know please
rich-c: yes, but this was in Phoenix, where "everyone" has some familiarity with Spanish
rich-c: OK, though we won't be shopping again till next week, of course
Pamela: s'alright, it's not like I can't use more than one jar
rich-c: time I fetched my beer - BRB
Daniel Bienvenu: Wich language is used in Czech Republic?
Pamela: Czech, I believe : )
Pamela: Judy, what happened with the meeting at Ryan's school?
Daniel Bienvenu: Ahoy! Ymenuyu se <your name>. That's it you present yourself in Czech.
Judy: they say they will work with him with a social worker
rich-c: That's one of the rarer languages in Toronto, Daniel
Pamela: what are the issues?
Judy: working on a check system to give some possitive feedback
Judy: he likes to talk I guess and wiggles
699-1831: back
Pamela: and he's how old? Five?
Judy: he doesn't sit like a first grader
Judy: 7
rich-c: Now Cantonese or Mardarin or Punjabi or Urdu or Hindi or Swahili, that's different
Pamela: boy they don't want much do they
BobS: and just HOW does a 1st grader sit ?
Judy: I think they are expecting too much but what do I know
699-1831: in my experience, a first grader can sit really well for .. 15-20 seconds
Pamela: I'm with you on this
BobS: exactly
699-1831: hell, i have 8th graders that can barely sit that long
rich-c: sounds about right to me, james
Judy: he has a morning and differen t afternoon teacher and they don't work together
Daniel Bienvenu: James, I can't remember how many languages you already know... and logo doesn't count.
Judy: most of the class is having trouble
Pamela: gee Judy, you've just raised your kids and are into the next generation - what could you possibly know about it : (
Judy: very true
699-1831: kids just aren't meant to sit still. it's something i constantly have to remind myself of, especially when i'm having a "short" day
rich-c: I do think a fairly serious parent-teacher interview is in order
Pamela: and their ability to make lessons interesting doesn't factor in at all, right? Sheesh.
Judy: went to pick him up this afternoon and he was really upset, you would think they would be trying to help the little guy but they just keep putting him down
699-1831: well dan, depends what you mean by "know". if you mean carry on a conversation then i'm fluent in three and do ok in limited simple italian
699-1831: if you want to add languages for which i've done a year or more of study, then add russian, spanish and chinese, but i can't claim to "speak" those
Pamela: I'm with Dad - seems like there are some teachers who need an attitude adjustment
699-1831: though i remember their syntax well enough
Judy: that would be great if they both would
699-1831: as a teacher, i can attest, it's hard to be patient at times and some kids are.. problematic
699-1831: but you just have to let stuff ride at times
699-1831: or you'll go insane
rich-c: you could probably recognize enough of the words to get the drift of what a piece of simple writing was about
Pamela: yes James, but you have a right to expect more from your grade 8's
699-1831: lol, they're doing ok
Pamela: these kids are six and seven years old
699-1831: spacy, as jhs students tend to be at times
Judy: they have this card system and if you have to turn more than three in a day you miss out on Fun Friday
699-1831: but doing well. all girls though. man.. the only time they're quiet is when i actually want them to say something
699-1831: @judy, i wouldn't agree with a system like that
Judy: so last week we picked him up early and will be doing the same this week
Pamela: James what you have to do is get them to gossip in English : )
699-1831: it's not for a lack of trying
rich-c: I think you may end up having a talk with the principal
Judy: if you miss fun Friday you have to go to another room and write lines
699-1831: hmm.. too much stick
699-1831: not enough carrot
BobS: yup
699-1831: sounds like you're dealing with a teacher whose style is "authoritarian"
rich-c: what sort of qualifications are these people supposed to have, Judy?
Pamela: I"m thinking it's time to find him another school Judy
699-1831: aka old school nun
Judy: we have 5 more weeks and school is done for the year
699-1831: a teacher should be "authoritave" at least in my view
Pamela: don't these people know anything????
Judy: this is a charter school
699-1831: knowledgeable about what they're teaching, maintains a disciplined balance without having to come down hard
699-1831: it's a difficult balance
rich-c: well, they sure don't know from kids!
Pamela: I don't have kids and even I know better
Judy: it just seems out of balance
rich-c: oh well, charter schools - let's say it's not a place I'd sed a kid
Pamela: you should pardon the expression, but "ya think???"
699-1831: if you want to keep kids engaged, you also need child centered activities
699-1831: sounds like you've got a teacher who talks too much, bores the kids and then wonders why they get listless and can't handle it
rich-c: I'd get very curious as to what teacher traning she has had - if any
Judy: I think he is bored not enough to do, when you are flying airplanes in class, there is a problem
Pamela: is switching teachers for a.m. and p.m. the norm in the MI elementary school system?
699-1831: experience and temperament are also key factors
rich-c: I suspect there are also teacher supervision and collegiality issues at that school
699-1831: i have no formal training. i'm sure i could benefit from some, but i do ok
Judy: no, and they will not be doing it again next year
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't know for you, but it's getting late and I think I will fall asleep in a few minutes.
Judy: no communication between the two
Pamela: no sleeping on the keyboard, Daniel
Judy: night Daniel
rich-c: you've had a hard day, Daniel - glad you could hang in so long
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit! (goodnight)
Guy B.: Night Daniel
699-1831: night daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: la prochain! (see ya)
Pamela: bonne nuit, Daniel
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel
Pamela: Bob, while I think of it, please toss the rolls of raffle tickets into your "Adamcon" box
rich-c: Judy, what is wrong with the Michigan public system that you do not send him there?
Judy: we will do that, Pam
Pamela: Did anyone remind Ron to shop for the MMA prize?
Judy: the charter school is closer and they have a very good reputation
699-1831: oh, i have a favour to ask
Pamela: ask away James
rich-c: go for it, james
699-1831: i still have a box of diskettes, sent to me by david cobley
699-1831: i can't read them
699-1831: my mi drive died
rich-c: and they are 320s?
699-1831: and my pc drive using the adam utils can't make heads or tails of them
699-1831: i think they may be but i'm not sure
699-1831: either way i want to toss them - if they're good, i'd like to make images
699-1831: then toss
699-1831: if they're dead, then fine, i'll just toss 'em
699-1831: i've been clearing junk out of here
BobS: got s 1.2 drive?
Pamela: must be spring time - that's going around
699-1831: yeah
699-1831: i tried picking up a low density drive to fit into my mi controller
699-1831: to no avail
BobS: can you use it to read the Cobley disks???? read an ibm 360 first, then let it sink it's teeth into the ADAM 320's
699-1831: i've been reluctant to toss the mi controller
699-1831: but i can't get anything to work on it and it's just sitting there taking up space
rich-c: most of the 1.2 drives will actually read, write and format at low density, too - though not all
BobS: but I have found, ONLY AFTER reading a 360k disk
699-1831: i don't want to toss the disks if there is stuff on them that hasn't been archived
699-1831: @bob, interesting
699-1831: assuming they're not dead
rich-c: if thedy're readable on an Adam, any of us could do it - but that means two way transPacific shipping
BobS: media mail one way...slow boat via china
699-1831: yeah, plus the risk of damage
699-1831: which is why i was hoping to do it here. should have tried when i first got the mi drive
699-1831: years ago
rich-c: is there a possibility you could block copy them to a 3.5" disc then use the Adam utilities to read that?
699-1831: using what?
rich-c: is there a chance DC sent you any standard Adam stuff on which we mkght have originals?
BobS: got from Chris Brayman?
699-1831: @bob, i don't think so, i should check that out
699-1831: @rich, yeah, i suppose the smart thing to do would be to make a list of what i have
699-1831: if it's already been archived / had images made, then i can safely toss it
rich-c: well, if you know what's supposed to be on them, if they're commonplace we likely have our own copies
699-1831: good plan
699-1831: at least i can likely cull them a bit
699-1831: anyone up for nailing a few down now?
rich-c: like if he sent you SmartBASIC, we can find a new copy ; - )
699-1831: ANN 9202
Pamela: while you're doing that I'm going to go and pack my lunch
rich-c: if you can gie us a hint we can give top of the head answers
699-1831: ANN 9409
rich-c: Bob, you should have that - also as an IBM downloadable, right?
BobS: sshould have themn all here James
699-1831: ANN 9410
699-1831: all the ann disks can be safely tossed then?
rich-c: make a list first, james
BobS: probably
BobS: i havew most if not all back to when they started
699-1831: @bob - disks or images? (just curious)
rich-c: I have the old ones but not the new
699-1831: arright, i'll put a list online
BobS: both
699-1831: if people would be so kind as to let me know, i can get these tossed or kept aside as appropriate
699-1831: midi-mite music
rich-c: there were a bunch of those - you want the driver or the samples?
rich-c: or, for that matter, a Midi-Mite itself (I have one)
699-1831: honestly, i don't need the disks, the drivers or the samples. if the disks have already been archived, i'll toss 'em
BobS: sure that Ron has them all
Judy: I think I am calling it a night
rich-c: james, send a letter around the Adam mailing list
Judy: talk at you next week
rich-c: OK Judy, take care
Pamela: night Judy
Judy left chat session
BobS: nothing at the site bro
rich-c: and don't let those pseudo-teachers buffalo you
699-1831: yeah, what's the addy again for the mailing list? i'm not even sure i'm on it now
699-1831: @bob, just updated it
rich-c: coladam and it's at
699-1831: thanks rich
699-1831: i'll keep working on the list and send out the link
BobS: should certainly have all those James
699-1831: i'm keying stuff in now, if you get bored do a refresh now and again
699-1831: trying to keep stuff in order
Pamela: when you're done there, send your organizaton mania my way please
rich-c: remember Pam, you'll have to share it
Pamela: not till I'm done with it - in about 2012
699-1831: here's a disk i'm most curious about
Guy B.: Well folks, going to take Annie out soon. See you all next week
Pamela: nite Guy
699-1831: SmartLogo Plus 2.0
rich-c: OK Guy, goodnight for now
699-1831: goodnight!
BobS: hmmm sounds interesting don't it
rich-c: there was something very technicallly awkward with SmartLogo Plus 2.0 IIRC
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
BobS: anway, keep up the list James, we wil have ot see bout things later. time to go to bed here now
BobS: maybe Frances can remember Richard
BobS: see you all next week yes??????
Pamela: guess its bedtime
BobS: si senorita
BobS left chat session
Pamela: nite Bob
699-1831: everyone leaving?
rich-c: we will be here Bob - goodnight to you now
Pamela: I should, I have stuff to do before bed
rich-c: Frances says she hass been looking for an improved SmartLogo for 20 plus years and never heard of one
699-1831: i'm really curious about that disk
rich-c: there was a program by one of the Walters twins that let you use an expansion memory with Logo
rich-c: anyway it was just tat and you could only use the memory for restricted storage
Pamela: I'm gonna leave you two to chat, but FYI Dad, Kimberly says hello
rich-c: hello back to Kimberly, Pam - and you sleep tight. Night now
Pamela: night Daddy
Pamela: gnite James - see you next week hopefully
Pamela: and gnite
Pamela: Dale
Pamela: kerpoof!
Pamela left chat session
699-1831: nite!
699-1831: who's left?
rich-c: anyhow if there ever was a SmartLogo2 Frances would be most eager to hear about it
rich-c: you and I, and Dale maybe lurking
rich-c: not sure quite how Daniel manages to exit without signing out but he does all the time
699-1831: a lot of disks here
rich-c: well you need either a working drive or images to use with the Emulator
rich-c: as you might guess, I have discs like there's no tomorrow
699-1831: i can very well imagine
699-1831: well my goal now is to clear up space and lose junk
rich-c: don't know what the situation is in Japan, but maybe there's a repairman who can do 5-1/4 floppies
699-1831: lol
699-1831: not very likely
699-1831: this is a country where people routinely throw away 3g cellphones
rich-c: tell him not to change the jumpers, but otehrwise Mark Gordon used regular commodity floppies in iis drives
rich-c: of course if the problem is in the board...
rich-c: well I just bought a new DOSbox with 120 gig and have a 120 gig external, so I'm not space challenged
699-1831: i tried a few different drives in it, w/ no luck, though i was reasonably sure the board was ok
rich-c: I can't see the board going wonky, but I had it happen a couple of times
rich-c: I suspect there were times when Mark got hasty with his soldering
699-1831: lol
699-1831: quite possible, i'm sure
rich-c: but you'd need to find an historics hobbyist who's hardware oriented
699-1831: reasonably sure i can probably toss the ann disks
rich-c: anyhow I have to deal with the recycling so will have to check out
rich-c: oh yes, doubt there is much of vakue in them anyway
rich-c: will try and remember to check out your list, though
699-1831: ok
699-1831: i'll add to it as i go along
699-1831: have a good night, rich
rich-c: OK, goodnight then, till you can get on again
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
699-1831: bye
699-1831 left chat session
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