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rich-c: hey, you got here first!
BobS: hey Richard
BobS: yup
BobS: fast aren't I ?
rich-c: what's teh occasion?
BobS: just sitting here doing nothing
BobS: how are the 2 of you doing?
rich-c: oh, well now you get to talk
rich-c: oh we are hanging in there, enjoying the spring, wondering if we will ever get to take out the trailer again
BobS: know what you are feeling, I need to fix the motorhome berfore we can go anywhere
BobS: had a water leak somewhere in the cooling system
rich-c: well, we are simply wondering about out physical abilities to manage teh trailer
BobS: started disassembly MOnday, have to keep going on it
BobS: I figured that is what youj meant, but didn't want ot think it
rich-c: you mean teh engine coolant is leaking out?
BobS: yup
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: good evening!
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir
rich-c: as long as it's leaking out and not vanishing inside, you're OK
BobS: think it has to be a hose, BUT couldn't even see where the leak was on the way to Mississippi and back, so just kept adding water/antifreeze til we gothome
rich-c: salut, Daniel
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changed username to Pamela
BobS: think it is a hose spraying towards the radiator, or it might be tghe radiator
BobS: Hi Daniel
rich-c: hello daughter
Pamela: hi
BobS: NICE tutorials
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Rich, Bob and Pam!
BobS: Hi Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: thanks
Pamela: eating
Pamela: so
Pamela: quiet for a bit
Daniel Bienvenu: @Pam : I will have the verdict next week about my vacations, but they presume it will be ok. that's why I answered the form
BobS: you can type and chew at the same timne
rich-c: replacement radiators are one of the less outrageous items in reapirs
BobS: that is what I figure richard, either radiator hoses or radiator is not a big money deal
Pamela: its holding the bowl and typing
Pamela: I have problems with
rich-c: our problem is teh physical work in hitching and unhitching teh trailer
BobS: just have to find it and fix it, hoses need raplacing anyway, but want to know where the leak is before I start raplacing things
rich-c: yes, there are definite advantages to knowing what you are doing and why 8-)
Pamela: on the rv, bob?
BobS: ok, Richard ........12 volt motor powerede jack on trailer
BobS: si senorita
BobS: not a major problem just need to find it
rich-c: I have that adn know the tricks, Bob
BobS: well then..............
BobS: buttons and placement of van
rich-c: the spring bars can present a but of a challenge
BobS: ah............ torsiion bars
rich-c: and lifting teh drawbar into the hitch is not easy
BobS: can see taht would be problem
rich-c: it's a little heavy when you hae a broken back
BobS: leave the bar IN the hitch for starters, .......... now how to do the bars
BobS: hmmmmmmmm
rich-c: jack everything for the sky then do the connections while it's still up
BobS: can the jack motor push up far enough to let you simple hook the bars and then let the motor down to load the torsion?????
rich-c: there are problems (like it's often illegal) with leaving the drawbar in
BobS: tis what theya re for
rich-c: it's also a liability danger, people don't see it, fall over it
BobS: naw, the drawbar just whacks your leg and knees real good
BobS: put a flag on it
rich-c: won't stay
BobS: hmmmm
Pamela: sorry 'bout that - I'm back
BobS: sell th trailer to pam and let her use the van to pull it
Pamela: with full tummy
BobS: good girl
rich-c: getting the battery installed and charged is no cinch either
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Pamela: I heard from Ron
changed username to Judy
rich-c: hi Judy
Pamela: hey Judy
BobS: get lazy, leave it in, that's what I do
Judy: hi, everyone
rich-c: good, Pam - what did he have to say?
BobS: and heard WHAT ?????
Pamela: Daniel, regarding your vacation, just don't take no for an answer
Pamela: after all when was the last time you had any time off?
Pamela: not much but his hotel has wireless internet so you can communicate with him through his regular e-mail address
rich-c: OK, that's neat then
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BobS: didn't even say if he is having the time of his young life???????
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greeetings!!!!
BobS: HI guyb
Pamela: hi Guy!
Judy: hi, Guy
rich-c: Pam, for those of us taking extra days, should we book direct or through you?hello Chicago Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Guy
Guy B.: Cubs are winning 4-0
Pamela: through the hotel Dad
Pamela: go Cubs
Pamela: and where is your completed form Mr. Clee???
Guy B.: Oh by the way, we are in 1st place
rich-c: hello Guy
BobS: "I" sent mine in..............................
Pamela: yes you did and thank you Bob and Guy
rich-c: OK, you want teh formal form? I'll ask your mother to send it now wee know about the extra days
BobS: we are the only attendees ?????
rich-c: you c an tell my spellcheck doesn't work on this applet, can't you?
BobS: gonna be a QUIET convention
BobS: spell check??????? just for whimps mon
Guy B.: Pam, would a personal check be Ok?
rich-c: oh, occasionally I want to impress someone
Pamela: no, we have confirmed: Murray and Mrs. McCullough, Ron, Bob and Judy, the Wicks, Erin and Rich, Guy B, and ourselves of course
Pamela: waiting on the Fosters, Neil
Pamela: oh and Jean and Melanie are coming of course
Pamela: a personal cheque is fine Guy - but make it payable to Richard Clee if you're sending US dollars
Guy B.: Ok, great. That I got. I'll be able to send the check off this weekend
Pamela: great!
rich-c: soon as she deposits it my US dollar acc ount, I give her a cheque in Canadian dollars
rich-c: that way we all get our money without paying exchange fees
BobS: great idea !!!!!
Judy: that is a very good start for convention
Pamela: Daniel is also confirmed
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BobS: maybe you want to barter in gas futures
changed username to Guy F.
Pamela: greetings Guy
rich-c: well, there is Messr. Foster now
Judy: hi, Guy F
BobS: Hi Gy
BobS: FuyF
Guy F.: And a big howdy to all of you.
BobS: GuyF
Guy B.: Hi Guy F
Guy F.: Every time I watch a Penguins game and see their head coach, I think of you Guy B. He's your spitting image!
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir guyf
Guy F.: Aloha Dan.
rich-c: Speaking of which, have the Habs fired their coach yet?
Guy F.: What's wrong with our coach?
Daniel Bienvenu: as-tu plannifié ton congé pour le adamcon?
Guy F.: Not sure about the Adamcon unfortunately.
Daniel Bienvenu: ok
rich-c: I've heard local opinion is not totally in his favour
Guy F.: Hmm, haven't heard much about him being the reason we lost in the playoffs...
Daniel Bienvenu: firing the coach will not help... it doesn't really help during the last 10 years.
Pamela: Guy what can we do to make it a sure thing?
Guy F.: Well, wasn't the Pittsburgh coach a Habs coach a few years back? Therrien
rich-c: well, we know that among us, Daniel, but it seems that the fans in general don't
Guy F.: Pamela... It's the transportation that's really the issue for me.
Guy F.: Unless I can find a way to sedate 2 crying children. Muahaha.
rich-c: a day down and a day back is too much?
Pamela: a little whiskey in the bottles?
Guy F.: Rich: Try it with 1 toddler and 1 infant.
rich-c: we went everywhere with Pamela before she could weven sit up
Guy F.: I drove from Niagara Falls to Montreal straight on a motorcycle a few years back, no problem at all, a bit uncomfortable, but doable....
BobS: THAT would be one wild ride Gujy
rich-c: long as mommy is there they just sleep
Judy: do they sleep when you drive, Guy?
Guy F.: But that's part of the issue, the other one is being the reliability of my car.
Guy F.: Yes, they calm down when we drive for sure... The older one is actually OK, it's the younger one.
Guy F.: How are you getting down there Dan?
rich-c: it's not that long a trip, only about 400 miles - is reliability an issue for that?
Guy F.: Rich: Yes, last ADAMCON I left Gatineau and ended up having my alternator mount break... needless to say the battery wasn't charging anymore and had the get that fixed pronto in the middle of nowhere...
rich-c: you need to remember, Guy, I did 180.000 miles on the same car, pulling a trailer all over the contient
rich-c: and that was with my 1973 sedan - they are a lot more reliable now
Guy F.: Rich: I did 1900 KMs NORTH with Sandra a few years ago in 2 days and it wasn't too bad...
Judy: but that is a long way with 2 small children especially if the car is not reliable
Guy F.: My car, I use it to go to work every day, 6 KMs round trip....
Guy F.: I trust it for that.
rich-c: well, my curiosity is roused by why it might not be reliable - is it that old? 150,000 km or something?
Guy F.: I've had many problems with it, ranging from a transmission failure, to alternator failures to ball joints, to many things Rich... It's just no reliable.
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rich-c: I dove up to the Hull Adamcon in a 13 year old van with a non-standard engine
changed username to Ron-Italy
Guy B.: Hi Ron
Pamela: Wow - hi Ron!
rich-c: hey Ron!
Ron-Italy: Alo
Pamela: what on earth time is it, Ron?
Guy B.: What time is it there?
Ron-Italy: about 3:30 am
Judy: hi, Ron
Guy F.: Rich: Planning on getting a new car soon, but need some funds for that...
Guy B.: Whoa
Ron-Italy: Was asleep but woke up
Pamela: so you're either up really late or really early!
rich-c: Frances says good for you - for getting up and getting on
Ron-Italy: Well probably won't stay for long, - or at least until I fall asleep again
Ron-Italy: zzzzzz
Judy: well, good morning then
BobS: we are HUMBLED that you stayed up to be with us
rich-c: I'll bet teh hotel charges by teh minute for the internet, too
Ron-Italy: Actually, I went to sleep about 11 pm
Pamela: I was thrilled to get your e-mail today - didn't expect it
Guy F.: Dan: How are you getting to the Adamcon?
Ron-Italy: They've got wireless internet here....ain't technology grand!
rich-c: so how are you finding life in Firenze?
Judy: so, how is the trip, Ron?
BobS: yes update us on your travels !!!!!!
Ron-Italy: yesterday was day 1. Haven't actually been to Firenze yet
Guy B.: 6-3 Cubs
Ron-Italy: We're in Figline -- about 20 minutes SE
rich-c: flight OK, not too many security hassles?
Ron-Italy: where Francesca's Dad lives
BobS: oh travel tales yet
Ron-Italy: yes, flight was routine..... except Francesca got airsick
BobS: oh oh
BobS: poor thing
Pamela: oh dear
Ron-Italy: she warned us, she's a terrible flyer
Judy: that is the pits
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rich-c: wwas the flight that rough? lot of turbulence?
changed username to Dale
Guy B.: HI Da
Dale: Hi all.
Judy: hi, Dale
Pamela: hi Dale
Guy B.: HI Dale
rich-c: hello Dale
Ron-Italy: Well no, not particularly, but she was awfully nervous
BobS: hi Dale
Ron-Italy: Hi Dale - from the Italian boot
rich-c: what type of aircraft did you have?
Ron-Italy: Airbus 340-600
BobS: one with wings.......I hope
BobS: ah BIG one
Ron-Italy: not bad at all...really quite comfy
Dale: Good sounding trip Ron.
Pamela: so what are you doing to pass the days?
rich-c: well, not in the 747 class, but transoceanic capable
Ron-Italy: So yesterday we just kind walked around the city here and got our bearings..nothing too ambitions
Dale: Airbus 340-600 is a big beasty.
Ron-Italy: yes Rich....that's true
rich-c: did you fly with the People's Airline or Alitalia?
Dale: I'd say 747 class for sure.
Ron-Italy: Lufthansa
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm back... eating ramens
Ron-Italy: Via Frankfurt
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Dale
Dale: Not like the little airbus 340 regular version. I think it's 3 times as big actually.
Ron-Italy: they really do provide exceptional service
Ron-Italy: yeah.... this one seemed to be a stretch version.....
rich-c: ah, OK - I know the regular 340 but didn't realize there was a stretch version that big
Ron-Italy: it had a downstairs area where all the washrooms were
Ron-Italy: Three seats centre aisle, and rows of two seats either side
rich-c: Dale, one of my cursor cronies is in Seoul now - got there on Singapor Airlines new A380
Ron-Italy: aha
Ron-Italy: now there'd be a trip
Daniel Bienvenu: I forgot to contact Neil again... well the plan is to traval by bus, then travel with Neil to the convention, then have fun talking about coleco with everybody.
BobS: what one has 5 center seats w/ 2 seats either side????
rich-c: he was impressed and posted a couple of interior pictures on our website
BobS: we were on one of those
Dale: I used to take the 340-600 on Friday night when I was returning from my monthly trips to Vancouver on Friday night
Ron-Italy: Think that was the L1011????
BobS: was an airbus..........
Dale: That flight was always an hour late it evenutally they rescheduled it to reflect that.
BobS: that is what is called, go with the flow, Dale
Ron-Italy: Frankfurt Airport sucks
Ron-Italy: spent 6 hours there
Dale: It was a guranteed connection for some asian flights that always seemed to get caught by headwinds.
BobS: oops
Pamela: oh?
Ron-Italy: It looks like about 380 planners have had their finger in it since the 1st world war
Ron-Italy: 370 of whom are now dead
rich-c: inbound connections from Asia should have tailwinds most of the time
Ron-Italy: conglomeration of buildings with no particular pattern, and 1/2 of them are under construction
BobS: NO airport is good for that long, a couple hours to explore and geta bite, then find your plane
Pamela: and no directions in English?
Ron-Italy: yup exactly
Pamela: figured : )
Ron-Italy: first place I've ever seen airplanes, passengers and service vehicles so close together mingling on a tarmac
Dale: Framkfurt was a confusing airport.
rich-c: I thought airports were primarily standard symbols anyway?
Ron-Italy: just about got run over by a aircraft
Pamela: ya gotta watch them
Ron-Italy: I know eh
Dale: I had a 45 min layover there, and it took me 55 min to get to the other terminal
Pamela: German pilots - they're nuts
Dale: It was impossible to catch the other flight.
Ron-Italy: they are!
Dale: So I had to wait 4 hours for the next one.
Daniel Bienvenu: [coleco topic] we still have no label for the minigames cartridges.
Ron-Italy: You get off the airplane right onto the tarmac, and there's a whole line of busses there to take you to the terminal
Dale: And all the while that I'm frantically trying to get to my gate they announce flight numbers in German that have changed gates.
Dale: I had no idea was they were talking about :-D
Ron-Italy: right Dale... my German ain't too swift either
Dale: No label.
Dale: I said I could get them printed, if there was a design.
Ron-Italy: :)
Dale: Who were we going to get to do the design?
Dale: Would Luc consider doing one?
Dale: Is there someone else we talked about?
rich-c: can you get them looking professional, Dale? like "real" games?
Daniel Bienvenu: I was hoping someone like Sandra, Jillian, or any one from the adamcon can make one.
Ron-Italy: silence?
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Pamela: sorry Ron
changed username to Ron-2
Pamela: trying to do two things at once
Ron-2: Looks like I might have a problem
Pamela: not terribly successfully
Dale: How can half of Frankfurt still be under construction.
Pamela: what happened?
Ron-2: The net connection in my bedroom is not as good as the living room
Dale: I was there two years ago, and that's what they were up to then too.
rich-c: wireless connections have their idiosyncrasies
Pamela: really really slow contractors : )
Guy F.: back
BobS: OR they are working on the OTHER half of the airport now
Pamela: do you mean design them Daniel?
Ron-2: Yeah Dale, I'm not sure either, but that's sure the way it appeared to be
Ron-2: We took one tunnel between one set of gates and another that seemed to take forever
Dale: Oh well, maybe it's a good sign that they are still working on Frankfurt.
Ron-2: then we were told that our gate had been changed..... back thru the tunnel again
rich-c: we are familiar with that sort of scene in Toronto, too
Pamela: so, you got your exercise for the day then : )
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Ron-2: Well there were plan diagrams all over the place.....with detail in German, but I couldn't make much of it
changed username to Troy
Dale: Frankfurt seems disorganized, and the gates seem to constantly change.
Pamela: sorry, airport hell for me is O'Hare
Ron-2: Jeff said it was the same thing for them last trip
Dale: I'm not sure if it's true or not, but that is how it felt.
rich-c: hello Troy! how's like in western Ontario?
Ron-2: Oh yes, Pam.... O'Hare still ranks number one
Guy B.: Hi Troy
Dale: I flew back through Heathrow, and it is run more like a big Canadian airport.
Pamela: hello Troy
Troy: hello folks
Ron-2: Hey Troy
Judy: hi, Troy
Guy B.: I know O'Hare is a hassle. I was delayed last year to Ottawa
BobS: Hi Troy
Pamela: and, they speak English : )
Troy: rich-c: it's not bad, not too hot and not too cold
BobS: O'Hare is for sure a pain the backside
rich-c: we still don't have Dr. D. aboard, but maybe Ron or Dale can answer your questions, Troy
Dale: Well I don't know if I asked Jillian to make cover art.
Pamela: Rich just got home today
Dale: Did you ask Sandra?
BobS: BUT now let's talk Atlanta airpport..........the place of almost NO return
Ron-2: I've heard about Atlanta....not good things
Pamela: just ask Jillian, right Dale?
Daniel Bienvenu: I mean making the visual for the label, a drawing that represent the games plus using the right fonts to make the label looks great. Dale will print them.
BobS: Atlanta is a place ofr all travelers to get old and disappear
Ron-2: <grin>
Dale: Jillian got trapped by the nightmare of Atlanta.
rich-c: do you hae a company name you use for your games, Daniel?
Troy: rich-c: cool thanks, I have the expansion unit and been meaning to get it up and running but I do believe that I may have a) dead tape drives or b) blank cassettes
Dale: But when I fly to Atlanta it was no problem.
Daniel Bienvenu: I simply use my name, it's more simple.
BobS: see what I mean??? was after ADAMCON in ElPasi, right?
Ron-2: I don't mind airports....but there has to be a place for me to sit down if'n I'm gonna be there a while
Ron-2: Have to be able to set a spell
Dale: It was on the way home from El Paso
rich-c: or, you have a dead Adamnet, that can happen too, Troy
BobS: OR missing rubber tires over the timing wheel to the right of the tape read head
Dale: Jillian couldn't get Monday or Tuesday off work, so she flew back "Sunday night"
Dale: But not really. She got trapped in Atlanta by thunderstorms or something and I nearly beat her home with Jeffrey on the later flight.
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, let's make it this way... the person who want to make the design for the minigames cartridge label, please contact Dale.
rich-c: I've been in the process of getting some stuff together for Trot - but it's slow
Ron-2: yup thunderstorms will do it every time
Troy: Rich, Bob: ok, so how would I go about eliminating those as issues? I can go pull the drives and have a look about the rubber wheels but what about the Adamnet?
Pamela: it's what did us in at O'Hare
Dale: Then the customs and immigration guy gave me a really hard time about bringing Jeffrey home without a notarized letter from Jillian saying it was okay.
Ron-2: Pam... looking for subject material for a 'con session
Dale: I was like, my wife had to go home early...
Ron-2: any ideas?
Pamela: don't look at me, I'm just the organizer
Pamela: I'll find you the time for whatever you want to talk about
Ron-2: right.... well, I'll think of something
BobS: first off, you don'/t have to pull the drive, just pop the front cover and look inside. IF the timing wheel does not have a nice smooth soft tire on it, you cannot time the tape efficiently
rich-c: generally if teh Adamnet is wonky it will show in interference with the graphics
BobS: right Richard
Daniel Bienvenu: I will leave now, so I will talk to you next week with some good news, I hope. goodnight! bye! take care! *poof*
rich-c: if the picture is all messed up, and changes when the drive is put in or out, it's the Adamnet
Pamela: goodnight Daniel!
Ron-2: Nite Daniel
rich-c: take care, Daniel
Ron-2: be well
BobS: nite Daniel
Dale: Bye Daniel
Judy: night Daniel
Ron-2: or whatever the hell time it is
BobS: what do you have for an ADAM setup ????????????
Guy B.: Nite Daniel
rich-c: teh big problem, Troy, is that basically your troubleshooting is like a car - by parts substitution
Judy: it is 10:07 here
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Guy F. left chat session
rich-c: yes, my beer time
Ron-2: My Mac says 7:05pm, my watch says 4:03 am
Ron-2: Lord knows!
Troy: Ok the Adamnet is probably fine then as I've never had any graphics problems
Troy: I've pulled out the drives and looking at them closely
Troy: so there is a small wheel to the right and that should have a rubber wheel?
Dale: Ron, could you do a session on newsletters maybe? I would find that interesting.
BobS: rubber tire on a steel wheel
Ron-2: Hey, now there's an idea
Ron-2: Yes.... thanks Dale, I never would have thought of that
Ron-2: great!
Pamela: Bob, what about you?
Dale: There's a lot of different things you could talk about there, but I'm sure it would be interesting.
Ron-2: yep, sure
Ron-2: I have a purpose in life
Pamela: and lots of time to plan : )
Troy: BobS: yeah I have no rubber tire
Ron-2: yes
Troy: on either drive
rich-c: don't forget the Mighty Mitchell Award!
Troy: should the wheel have free motion or be stiff?
Ron-2: It will be something from Italy I think
Troy: as one is free moving and the other quite stuck
Pamela: yes!!
Ron-2: the Mighty Mitchell Award I mean
Pamela: a nice pair of Ferragamos perhaps? : )
BobS: therefore you cannot get either data drive to read ANY tape, becasue it can't find out where it is
Dale: I really ran out of time last year for compression.
Dale: I maybe should do more on that this year.
Ron-2: Ferragamos, or Ferrari's
Pamela: we have lots of time to fill Dale - go for it
Pamela: either / or, Ron : )
BobS: wheel should spin freely, probably won't becasue the rubber turned to goo and flwed down into the wheel well
rich-c: yes, one wheel drives an internal strobe that tells teh drive where it is
Dale: And I'd like to do something more on story telling in games.
BobS: flowed
Troy: BobS,rich-c: Ah ok, so I'll have to clean the one out and get new tires for both! Thanks, so where would I acquire these tires?
Dale: And maybe something on sound effects on the Adam, although I'm sure that Daniel is better qualified to do that than me.
BobS: got some of those here too Troy.......and the don't work too well
BobS: I don't know where to get any Troy
rich-c: hate to say it, Troy, but if you ever find out plase let me know 8-(
Ron-2: right Pam
Ron-2: will have to look about
Dale: I haven't asked Jillian if there's a topic she wants to present on.
BobS: cleaning the wheel well out of the goo is a major job, easier to buy new drives
Ron-2: People, I hate to love you and leave you, but I"m beginning to fade
rich-c: understandable Ron, marvellous to have you aboard
Pamela: I would love to have her present something as well Dale, we need more female presenters
Dale: Is it 4am there Ron?
rich-c: hope you can make it next week
Troy: how much are new drives going for?
BobS: well we are HAPPY you graced us with your sleepy presence Ronal
Judy: go back to sleep, Ron, night, night
Pamela: goodnight Ron, go back to sleep
Troy: I'm not terribly worries about the work, I rather enjoy taking this stuff apart
Judy: and have a good and save trip
Pamela: we are thrilled to see you
Ron-2: Will try to make it in here as much as I can over the next few eeeks
Ron-2: and my net connection is getting flakier
Troy: sorry that should have been worried instead worries
Pamela: anything is flaky at 4:00 am : )
Ron-2: yes, particularly me
rich-c: Troy, this session is about ansers, don't worry
Pamela: I did NOT say that : )
BobS: I have them for $25 shipped to you in the states ....
Ron-2: So I'll bid you a fond g'nite / g'morning or whatever it is
Pamela: ciao!
Dale: Bye Ron.
Ron-2: love ya's all
Pamela: you too
BobS: the BIG problem is finding a replacement tire to fit the wheel so it turns, Troy
Ron-2: poooof!!
Ron-2 left chat session
rich-c: yes, $25 is the going price I think; it is swhat I have been charging
BobS: would like to find some for my collection and fix the ones I have
Dale: Pamela, the usual advice is to spread me out over all three days.
Dale: I don't mind doing just something short on Saturday if we are off for most of the day doing other things.
BobS: I think biggest problem is melting in a hot environment .... or cleaning with solvent cleaners
rich-c: yes, but she should also get Neil wound up on his history session, and/or Murray
Troy: Hmmm does anyone have a picture of this rubber tire?
Troy: I have many rubber gaskets and o rings from other projects
Pamela: guess I should figure out just how many hours I have to fill, shouldn't I
rich-c: I would imagine thickness would be critical since it's a timing device
Dale: Sorry I stopped using a tape drive a while ago.
Pamela: note to self: GET ORGANIZED!
Dale: I'm also working on a project to interface PS2 controllers to the Adam.
Dale: I'm not sure I'm ready to present that yet or not.
BobS: iy is as wide as the wheel, and approx 1/8" thick.
BobS: will go take a look once
Dale: There are 5 different tape drive designs that Coleco used.
Dale: So it depends on which exact revision of tape drive you ended up with.
rich-c: yes, and a couple of them are eral pains to adjust
Dale: They are all mostly the same, but over time they changed the design a little here and there.
rich-c: I suspect that teh timing wheel design stayed pretty well teh same, Dale
rich-c: it least I have never noticed any variation
Judy: Bob is sticking to the 1/8" thick and it spins freely
Dale: Well I've only ever had 4 tape drives and used maybe just two of them.
Judy: Bob has a lot of them
Judy: and used them for forever
rich-c: I've had lots, inclusing at least one on which teh wheel melted while in use and for no discernible reason
rich-c: did you and Doug ever manage to fix any of that lot I sent you, Bob?
Pamela: Dale how many hours do you think you'll need altogether?
BobS: 2 basic drive problems are the U6 chip burning out, which results in the tape giiong left and just banging; and the rubber wheel disintegration causing loss of speed control and therefore brain function
Dale: Pamela, somewhere between 3 and 6. But tell me a few weeks ahead so I can try to be as ready as possible.
Pamela: you let me know what you need - I'll find the time for you
Dale: I'm not that picky. Hands on sessions take an hour or two to do properly though.
Pamela: so start planning : )
BobS: maybe one or two Richard.......most needed the wheels or we tried U6 chips and they still didn't work, so we gave up
BobS: you take a shot at fixing, and if it dont' work, you throw in the towel
rich-c: damn tires
BobS: exactly
Dale: Bob are you coming to AdamCon?
BobS: YES, will come in early Fri am
BobS: planning on it anyway
Dale: What are you presenting on then?
rich-c: the question is, will Meeka and Doug make it?
BobS: still trying ot talk Doug & Meeka into coming
Judy: don't know yet
BobS: nothing so far......have no ideas or much time to prepare either
Troy: Yeah I'll probably rip them apart and see what I can do, otherwise I guess I'll grab some replacements
rich-c: how about getting Guy B to finally explain about his AdamEm untilities?
Judy: they want to but may not be able to
Dale: I'd still love to see Doug's flash card harddisk.
Dale: I don't think he posted pictures.
BobS: will have it along Dale
BobS: I got one in an ADAM also
Dale: Wonderful.
rich-c: good - Ron bought one but can't make it work
Judy: we have been working on them to come
BobS: a good experience to tear it apart and see wht it is careful of the goo though
Pamela: same question applies to them as to the Fosters - what can we do to make it happen?
BobS: will try to remember to take along all the disks to program the thing
rich-c: do you know the actual number of teh U6 chip, Bob? the electronics shop order number?
Judy: not sure
Pamela: let me know Judy
BobS: not offhand........think we bought some from either Radio Shack or ADAM's House......didn't match, but worked on a few drives
BobS: trouble was.......sometimes the damage goes past the U6 chip into some other chip on the board, and who knows which one
rich-c: I'm sure I have it around somewhere, but unrearthing it is another matter
BobS: leaving the tape in the drive all the time while ADAM is on, is the reason I heard for U6 chip failure
Judy: Meeka is not working and her brother is coming and they have plans the next week-end so time will tell
rich-c: yes, and also sometimes it seems the thread on the adjusting screw strips or something
Judy: but they do want to see everyone has been a few years since the last one they attended
BobS: face it Richard.......Coleco NEVER planned on us using the ADAM 25 years later
rich-c: yes, and relatively speaking Niagara is convenient for them
rich-c: hell, if you read teh manual, we were only supposed to use it for a few hours every day
BobS: and only for a limited lifetime of 54 yearws or less
Judy: if we could get Daniel, her brother involved that would be great
Pamela: if they come will you all come together?
Judy: he is another computer person
rich-c: the DOSboxers all think I'm nuts becasue I turn off a computer when I finish with it - they don't know where the habit came from
Pamela: well bring him along!
BobS: that is FIVE years or less
Judy: that is what I am working on
rich-c: well isn't that what computers are designed for now? or is it only three on laptops?
BobS: I only use vastly outdated computers and only upgrade when absolutely necessary
BobS: financial thing
BobS: if I spend all my cash, I won't be able to rtetire some day
rich-c: if it would work on the internet, the Adam would still be adequate for me
Judy: and we wouldn't have made it thru the last two years the way we did
Dale: I used to use the Adam on the Internet, low those many years ago.
BobS: me too and it was FAST......course it was text only
Dale: I remember I was advocating it at AdamCon 007.
BobS: it worked with Freenet
rich-c: yes, that was quite an impressive demo, I remember - what were you using, 1200 baud?
Dale: I was
BobS: still got some 1200 baud modems.....need any?????
rich-c: I think I have one - the Sydmodem
Dale: I don't think I've ever tried dialup with my current laptop. And maybe not even with the one before that.
BobS: hecxk, got some AdAM 300 bauds, some 2400 external bauds.....14.4's and on and on
Pamela: was using dialup until January
Pamela: DSL is much better
Troy: cool well thanks for all the initial advice folks, I'll certainly be back for more advice and discussion
Pamela: so
rich-c: well the Adam display can barely keep up with text at 1200 so anything more just means lost message
Pamela: Troy, what are you doing the weekend of June 19 - 22nd?
Troy: is there an email I can contact you at Bob for purchasing replacement drives? I might go ahead anyways and just try and repair my existing ones
rich-c: right Troy, glad you chose to drop by
BobS: goto ........ and ckick on the link to ADAM NEWS NETWORK online catalog
BobS: and all the other ADAM links too
rich-c: remember Troy is in Ontario, Bob, so you'll have exchange problems and Customs charges
BobS: oh crap.........or I could take to convention and ship form there
BobS: OR he could buy yours, if you have any
rich-c: yes, I have a couple around
BobS: see????? sell him yours !!!!! and if you wnat to replace them I can bring some to you
rich-c: even made some progress on rebuilding my check Adam last couple of weeks
Pamela: heavens, you've been busy Dad
BobS: good for him Pam
rich-c: replacements I don't want, Bob, I want to get rid of what I have
BobS: what's a "check" ADAM ???????
BobS: ok just sell them to Troy then
rich-c: the Adam I use for checking stuff I'm going to sell
BobS: ok got it
rich-c: between my back and teh lifting rquired, I can only spend a very limited time any day
BobS: TROY, buy them from Richard ........ and check olut his other stuff for sale, is on my website as the ADAM Svcs link to click on
rich-c: and of course I have other obligastions - like today Frances wanted to buy our tomato plants
BobS: gonna freeze yet befor June Richard
Judy: hopefully not
Pamela: you really think so Bob?
rich-c: swell, common wisdom here is you're OK after May 24th, but teh forecast till them is friendly
BobS: whoh knows
rich-c: NOAA and Environment Canada can make good guesses ;-)
BobS: heck tghey can't forecast spit here for accuracy
Troy: sorry folks got pulled away from the computer for a few minutes
rich-c: they do pretty well for Buffalo
Troy: Pamela: ummm I don't know right now is that the Adamcon?
Judy: was supposed to clear at noon today, was still raining at supper time
Pamela: yes : )
BobS: back up and read the posts about the data drives Troy ..................................
Pamela: we can offer you a nice day rate if you're interested : )
rich-c: oh, he'd havwe to come down from Mount Forest, Pam, out past London'
Troy: reading... :)
Pamela: Dad, did you remember my chutney this morning?
rich-c: oh damn, no I didn't, even had the note on my table too
Pamela: put the note on the shopping list : )
Judy: don't you hate when that happens
rich-c: but Shiela phoned so we ended up going out after lunch all in a rush
Pamela: it's okay, just wondered if it was cheaper at No Frills
Pamela: Loblaws is $4.99
rich-c: yes, and this is two Wednesdays in a row, Judy - I'm mortified
Pamela: no worries, Papa - not a rush, just wondered
rich-c: but you got the message about the Butterfly Conservatory?
Pamela: I did and thank you
BobS: so whata the heck is chutney anyway
Judy: it is that senior moments that get you every time
Pamela: it's basically a savoury jam, Bob
Pamela: which sounds weird I know
Troy: Ok all caught up and reading the product catalog
BobS: tastes like, looks like, consits of
BobS: good Troy
Pamela: mango jam but spicy with chunks of fruit and sometimes things like sweet peppers
rich-c: some variants of relish are similar
BobS: ok that about describes it
BobS: what do you do with it?
Pamela: think corn relish with an East Indian twist, made from mango
BobS: spread liek ajam"
Pamela: and spicy
Troy: man I can see myself spending some money here :)
Dale: I eat it with Indian food.
rich-c: depends on what you want, Troy - most of the stuff is pretty inexpensive
Pamela: we have it with tortiere - Presidents Choice makes a good one
Troy: well it's also the quantity that comes into play
Troy: :)
BobS: a toutiere ??????
rich-c: why, what might you want a lot of?
BobS: cracker, biscuit, cookie ???????
Dale: It is a french meat pie
Pamela: meat pie
Troy: plus the cost of getting a disc drive is up there but I'm assuming well worth the investment
Guy B.: Well folks, will be taking Annie out soon. See you all next week
Pamela: gnite Guy, I'll let you know as soon as your cheque arrives
BobS: sounds like a danish type of pastie
rich-c: disc drives are very hard to come by
BobS: nite GuyB
Judy: night Guy
Troy: I'd probably want to get copies of all the games and interesting software
Dale: with ground beef and flakey pastry. Usually 6-8" but quite flat. maybe just 3/4" thick.
Pamela: what Dale said : )
rich-c: OK Guy, take care - think about an Adamcon presentation
BobS: liek a mickey D's BURGER !!!!!!!
Guy B.: Cubs Win. Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: no sir, much better
BobS: squaSHED
Pamela: shall have to educate you on this
Pamela: is nummy
BobS: tyiem to go here also gang.......will see ya next week
Pamela: gnite Bob
Judy: time to turn in so night all
Pamela: and Judy
Dale: A basic part of my monthly diet for sure.
BobS: nice to meet you Troy
Troy: good evening to you BobS, thanks for your guidance
Judy left chat session
Troy: meet you as well
BobS: AND hope we helped you rather than hurt you............
Pamela: Troy, if you want convention info, send me an e-mail at
rich-c: OK Slopsemas, see you next week
BobS: next week gang !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!poof
BobS left chat session
Troy: Hahahah I'm going to be fine but my wallet may have another opinion :)
Pamela: Dale, President's Choice makes a couple of different tortieres - the non-microwaveable one is the better of the two but is harder to find
Dale: We probably have it 3 or 4 times a month. Usually with ketchup.
rich-c: don't worry Troy, it's unlikely to go away - what's available shoulld stay so for a while yet
Pamela: try it with salad and sausage and mild mango chutney from Pataks'
Dale: I've been eating Mortimer's tortiere of late.
rich-c: Dale, do you know of anyone selling a disc driv e at the moment?
Dale: Not me.
Pamela: Mortimers is not bad but we prefer PC - just personal taste. Mortimers does have an amazing crust
Dale: One or two seem to be sold once a year that I hear about. Not really more than that though.
Pamela: this all stems from a restaurant called Millers Country Fare on Dundas
rich-c: yes, but they changed owners and went downhill, didn't they?
Pamela: they made an incredible tortiere, and that was the meal in total - tortiere, sausage and salad
Pamela: they changed owners and it's now an upscale expensive bistro with nothing in common with the original beyond the name
Pamela: so now we recreate the meal at home
Pamela: now I just have to find the recipe for Pioneer bread
rich-c: just for the record, Troy, Adamcom will be second half of June in
rich-c: St. Catharines
rich-c: everyone you met on here tonight will be there
Troy: yeah I was just reading about that as well
Dale: We;d love to have you come out if you have the time.
Dale: It's something you have to try at least once. :-)
Pamela: you would be very welcome
rich-c: and Pamela tells me she has been working to work out day rates that are fair to both parties
Pamela: yes - details available by e-mail
Troy: Well I'll drop an email and get the info, I know my wife may have to be in orlando, FL for part of June and if that's the case I'm on pet-sitting duty for that time
rich-c: Pam has an uncle and cousin in Orlando
Troy: so I'll have to see how it all falls into place, she does a lot of travelling for business and it can be rather sudden at times
Pamela: the hotel may be pet friendly - I can check that too (can't remember off the top of my head)
Troy: I don't think I could handle the drive with a dog and two cats from Ottawa :)
Pamela: if you want to come, even for a day Troy, we'll find a way to make it work
rich-c: thought you were down in Mount Forest, Troy?
Troy: me? no I'm in Ottawa
rich-c: sorry - I must have you mixed upp with someone else then
Pamela: lovely city - I want to go back
Pamela: we were there last year for AC19
Pamela: anyway gentlemen, it's time I went to bed
rich-c: yes, it is getting to that hour -goodnight and sleep tight
Pamela: Dale, I shall be in touch shortly to pick your brain about a couple of things
Pamela: Dad, I'll call tomorrow or Friday
Pamela: and Troy, I hope I'll hear from you
rich-c: OK, expect we'll be in both evenings - Corinne is coming for dinner Sunday
Pamela: oh that's good news
Pamela: okay, I'm outta here
Pamela: goodnight Daddy
Pamela: kerpoof!
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: yes, she and her daughter are passing through, coming to get teh trans-Canada
Troy: good night and good to meet you Pamela
rich-c: well, that was fast
rich-c: anyhow Troy, any otehr questions or shalll we call it a night?
Troy: man the rubber must have melted in this thing, it's a mess inside
rich-c: unusual, teh ones that have melted on me have stayed on the rim, just stuck to the tape and ruined it
Troy: hmm I guess a solvent was used at some point to "clean" it and it just broke down the rubber
rich-c: no, it's something very weird and happens spontaneously - I have had it happen to a couple whre I know the history
Dale: There was a bad batch that wasn't hardened properly and they overheat and become gooey after a while.
Troy: craziness
rich-c: it appears to be an instantaneous and spontaneous change in teh chemical composiiton - really baffling
Dale: I think it affected a month's worth of production or something.
rich-c: I wonder for how many months the drives were produxced? Couldn't have been many
Dale: I think they were produced for 16 or so months.
Dale: I'm sure that the actual number was mentioned at AdamCon 2 by Phil K.
Dale: I can't think of his last name at the moment.
rich-c: sounds credible - there didn't appear to be many loose ones left when Adam stopped production
rich-c: Polish name - Kosowsky or something - last heard of living near Albany IIRC
Dale: There were supposed to be 500,000 Adams made for sale and <100,000 in parts in the pipeline, if I recall correctly.
rich-c: my hunch would be that a lot of the remaining stock was assembled and sold too on the clearouts
rich-c: very rarely saw a boxed second tape drive around - almost all have been rfe
Troy: it certainly is quite the unit to take apart
rich-c: it's even more of something to put back together
rich-c: it doesn't help that they run the wire where they obscure the screws
rich-c: I recommend lots and lots of pictures as you disassemble it
rich-c: anyway, gentlemen, it's time for me to go
rich-c: so I shall bid you both goodnight
Troy: :)
Troy: yeah I should be on my way as well
rich-c: and hope you can make it again next week
Troy: thanks again and I'm sure we'll be in touch soon with a laundry list of items :)
rich-c: colour me gone
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