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(A strange smell wafts around the room)
Miss Ing created action SO/Diet Coke
(Miss Ing hands a diet coke to Miss Ing.)
(A dog howls in the distance)
(goes to fetch his beer)
(The lights sudddenly go out)
Miss Ing created action S/achoo
(Miss Ing sneezes.)
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changed username to George
Miss Ing: Hello
George: hello missing
Miss Ing: I'm only missing because I'm not at home.'
George: good call
George: i was surfing and came across this
George: i have no idea how
Miss Ing: oh? have you been here before?
George: i don't think so..
Miss Ing: There is (was?) a George who used to come regularily. I haven't been on in a long while.
Miss Ing: Are you an active Adamite?
George: that wasn't me.. lol
Miss Ing: :)
George: ohoh - what's an adamant?
Miss Ing: Someone who uses an ADAM computer or one who used them in the past.
George: hmmm.. i regret no... i had a commodore 64 once - does that count?
Miss Ing: Does for me, but I'm not really an ADAM user either.
Miss Ing: :) I just married one.
George: cool - so adam by marriage
Miss Ing: Geekery of all sorts in fact.
George: lol
George: so here's a dumb question.. I'm here by accident.. why are you here?
Miss Ing: The weekly chat (which is mostly social) starts in a half hour.
Miss Ing: I'm still at work so thought I would log on rather than forget to(which is what usually happens to me.)
Miss Ing: Did you come from or is there another site that links to this chat?
George: last thing i remember, i was searching for niagara falls.. next thing i knew i was here
George: have no idea how/why
George: not that i'm complaining
Miss Ing: ah. ok. Our yearly convention is being held in the niagara falls area this year.
Miss Ing: so you probably tripped on the archives. they're auto-logged and many things come up.
George: cool
George: that makes sense
George: so i guess i should leave.. sounds like this is a private thing..
Miss Ing: nope. you are welcome to stick around.
George: i just realized that ur name is Miss Ing - not missing.. lol
Miss Ing: I expect people to start logging on soon. then you'll have more people to talk to. :)
Miss Ing: I'm a little distracted by work still.
George: you and me both..
Miss Ing: Could be worse I'm the only one left in the office so it's nice and quiet.
Miss Ing: Are you still at work or just distracted by it?
George: working at home..
George: how many people joping this "chat"
Miss Ing: I can't work from home. Too distracting.
George: kids or animals?
Miss Ing: Not many. I think the most I've ever seen is 8or 9
Miss Ing: Animals, tv, housework,
George: hmmm.. all manageable
Miss Ing: I try to take work home and end up leaving it in my bag.
George: how long have u been married?
Miss Ing: 10 years this year.
George: oh - they this is nothing new to you - lol
George: *then
Miss Ing: well... in some ways it's all new every day!
George: good call..
Miss Ing: What about you? Attached?
George: ya - same as u - 10 years
George: give or take a year
George: lol
Miss Ing: lol
Miss Ing: planning a romantic getaway to the falls were you?
George: well, we passed 10 not too long ago..
Miss Ing: nice. I've been told I'm getting jewelery. dissappointed. ;)
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Miss Ing: I'm still trying to figure out what to get my hubby though. He doesn't really want 'things'
changed username to George
Miss Ing: Just experiences.
George: what the heck!
George: i got disconnect and now i'm here twice
George: how can that be bad?
Miss Ing: yeah. happens sometines.
George: it would apprea that I am multiplying
Miss Ing: the jewelery? or the not wanting things?
Miss Ing: if it starts to be a problem we can kick out the old one.
George: i think i'm confused now..
Miss Ing: about?
George: jewellery or wanting things??
Miss Ing: you asked "how can that be bad?" I thought you were refering to my " I've been told I'm getting jewelery. dissappointed. ;)" or my saying my hubby doesn't want "things"
Miss Ing: does that clear it up?
George: a bit..
George: so u don't want jewellery?
Miss Ing: the dissappointed was sarcastic(sp?) I'm sure I'll love it.
George: lol
George: ok
Miss Ing: Being logged out would have less effects if the server kicked up the last few comments when you logged in.
Miss Ing: Less confusion I think.
George: for sure..
George: ha ha
George: why don't u guys go on a nice trip?
George: a gift for each other..
Miss Ing: Hubby would like to go on a trip to Ecuador (to see the highest falls) or some place equally exotic.
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George: bora bora.. tee hee
changed username to <undefined>
<undefined> changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi ya.
Miss Ing: Tromping through the jungle to see giant bugs is not my thing I think.
George: hello.. i'm not supposed to be here
Miss Ing: lol
Dale: Where are you supposed to be?
Miss Ing: Hi Dale.
George: miss - i was thinking more along the lines of those little huts on the ocean...
Miss Ing: too tame for my hubby.
George: D - i fell here by accident and M has been keeping me company..
Miss Ing: The last big vacation we went on, we went canyon walking and dog sledding.
George: so he's the adventusome type
Dale: Well, the herd of people normally get here at 9pm Eastern.
Miss Ing: yup.
George: hmmmm
Dale: Tonight is the night for chatting at least.
George: there are some cruises that offer the best of both worlds!
Dale: So do you have a ColecoVision or a Coleco Adam?
Miss Ing: I'm ok with adventures as long as the bugs are smaller than my hand.
George: D - no comment.. let's just say that
George: lol
George: M - there's always a spa waiting in the ship - lol
Miss Ing: I'll have to investigate.
Miss Ing: Are you from close to Niagra?
George: oh - you were asking me?
Miss Ing: Sorry yup.
George: boy this can get confusing!
George: southwestern Ontario
George: maybe 90 mins from NF
Miss Ing: It sure can. I just assume all questions are for me and work from there. :)
Dale: It's even more exciting when there are 12 people here with several side conversations.
Miss Ing: I don't think I've ever seen 12. I thought it topped out at 8 or 9.
Dale: We have had 20 at AdamCons sometimes.
George: dare i ask what an adamcon is?
Dale: An annual convention for the users of a computer made from 1983-1985 called the Coleco Adam or Adam Family Computer System.
Miss Ing: I think you should field that one Dale. I'm trying to figure out how far away NF is.
Dale: It is usually a 4 day event. This year it is next month in Niagra Falls.
Dale: This will be the 20th annual AdamCon.
George: NF = Niagara Falls
George: lol
Dale: Perhaps the longest running computer conference in North America. Or at least one of the longest anyway.
George: cool
George: this is probably a bad place to make a joke about an adam then..
George: lmao
Miss Ing: Just remember everything is logged and clean would be good. :) other than that jokes are fine.
Dale: It was the most hotly anticipated computer in 1983. It shipped before it was done.
George: still - I know when to keep my mouth shut - for the most part - ha ha
Dale: The QA manager gave a presentation at AdamCon 02, and he said that 100% of the first 50,000 Adams were defective.
George: besides, never owned one, so it wouldn't be fair to say anything
George: i hd a stupid commodore 64
George: and I can say "stupid" because I had one!
Dale: Well there are still a lot of people who tinker with a Commodore 64.
Miss Ing: I figured it out. I'm 117 kms from NF.
George: tru - i have an emulator on my pc to run one..
Dale: Someone just made an adaptor for the PS2 Guitar Hero guitar, and made a Guitar Hero type game for the C64.
Miss Ing: that's funny.
George: that IS funny
George: but I think I prefer my xb360
Dale: There's a youtube video...
Miss Ing: I want a WII but we have a PS3 instead.
Miss Ing: someday.
Dale: No way. Guitar Hero is surely better on the C64 ;-)
George: Wii is pretty cool too - but it's more a "party" game
George: great for having friends over and playing against each other and as a group
Miss Ing: Friends have a game that's a Mario something for the WII that is really just a bunch of mini games.
George: the chucklehead in this video neede to pump up the lighting a bit
Dale: Yeah, I agree. Part 2 goes straight to gameplay. That might have been a better link.
Miss Ing: It was a blast when I last played it. had to do things like pretend to drink a glass of water or shake bugs off a banana.
George: ya - lots of "party" games
Miss Ing: I think our 6 year old would get a kick of playing with the WII too. Althoug I'd fear for the couch.
George: one comment - make sure you have lots of ceiling space for the wii
Miss Ing: Have you heard bad things?
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changed username to Meeka
George: witnessed them - games like bowling, golf, tennis - easy to do a full swing and if u have a low ceiling then it's asy to smash the controller into the ceiling
Dale: Hi Meeka.
George: not good
Meeka: helloo
George: I'm not supposed to be here
Miss Ing: that would be bad. I think we've got 8ft ceilings.
Miss Ing: Hi Meeka.
Dale: We're supposed to ask you if you're planning to come to AdamCon Meeka.
George: a friend had 7 foot ceilings in the basement - it was bad - VERY bad
Dale: I hear you might with the right encouragement.
Dale: You're not supposed to be that excited when you play the Wii, I'm quite sure.
Miss Ing: I'd be pretty peeved if a hole appeared in the ceiling at my house.
Dale: Anyway, what'
Dale: what's new Meeka?
Miss Ing: How are you, Meeka?
Meeka: Doug and I are trying to figure it out. Being laid off is not helping
Meeka: pretty good
Miss Ing: Never does.
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Dale: So anyway George, we talk about some technical things. Some current events. Some personal social things. A mixed bag of things are talked about here.
changed username to Guy F.
Miss Ing: Hi Guy.
Meeka: hello Guy
Guy F.: Hey everyone!
Dale: Hi Guy F.
George: actually, I would love to stay, but I have to take the dog for a walk and tomorrow is going to be a very long day..
George: Miss I - it was a pleasure talking to you!
Dale: Ah, that's not until tomorrow. :-P
Dale: But I can understand about the dog.
George: I will leave you guys to your chat.. thanks for having me.. perhaps I will join you again soemtime
Miss Ing: Thanks. Drop in any time. :)
Meeka: anytime
Dale: Stay on, and we'll be here when you get back :-D
Guy F.: With the Adamcon chat, you just have to put everything on pause and enjoy it like a good cup of coffee.
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changed username to BobS
Miss Ing: Dale you are a bad influence.
George: lol
Meeka: hello dad
Dale: Hi Bob.
Miss Ing: Hi Bob.
BobS: ok..........MISS ING ???? Rich, Erin ?
George: ok - I will stay logged in and we'll see when I get back.. perhaps I can chat for a bit.. althought like I said.. I'm not supposed to be here
George: lol
Miss Ing: lol
Miss Ing: Nope keep trying, Bob.
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Dale: George wound up in our chat by "accident".
changed username to rich-c
BobS: james
BobS: neil
Miss Ing: closer to home.
BobS: bair
BobS: jean
Dale: His 8-bit history is with the C=64.
Meeka: ron
BobS: running out of people
Guy F.: an impressive 8-bit machine indeed.
BobS: from ITALY ??????
BobS: cool
rich-c: great heavens! helo, everyone!
Miss Ing: I don't think I've been on since before last adamcon.
Guy F.: Miss ING Direct? Insurance?
Miss Ing: Hi Rich.
Dale: Hi Richard.
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changed username to Pamela
Miss Ing: =not at home like I should be.
Guy F.: Hey Rich... You're late! ;)
Meeka: hi Pam
rich-c: so who is "George"?
Miss Ing: Hi Pam.
Dale: Hi Pam.
Pamela: wow, hi everyone
Guy F.: Rich: Curious about George? :)
BobS: say WOW
rich-c: hello Guy - yes, just a little
Pamela: quite a crowd so early on
Miss Ing: George tripped on the chat through a search engine and I happened to be on when he arrived.
BobS: and who is George?
Miss Ing: I've been on for about an hour now I think. Didn't want to forget.
BobS: connected to the ADAM?
Dale: Well I logged on to update the chat archives, and Miss Ing, and George were already here at 8:30 or so.
rich-c: so does that mean Jean is among us?
Miss Ing: Random dude who was looking for trip info to Niagra Falls.
Dale: George says he's from near Niagra Falls.
Miss Ing: More northern than Jean.
BobS: ok
Pamela: what would you like to know? I'm your gal
BobS: can we convert him????
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changed username to Guy B.
Pamela: Hi Guy
Miss Ing: Maybe.. He's still logged on even though he's gone for a walk.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
Dale: He's walking the dog for now, but he did agree to try to come back after.
Pamela: got your cheque today - thank you
Miss Ing: Hi Guy.
Guy F.: Hi Guy
Dale: Hi Guy.
rich-c: hi Guy
Pamela: Dale, FYI I'm still working on a price for Jeffrey
Meeka: Pam, I just logged into my email today (I been naughty about checking it) I sending off the pic now :-)
Dale: So he could be a future Adam owner, if we can get him past his Adam jokes.
Pamela: should have that shortly
Miss Ing: Pam: Can you take credit cards?
Pamela: Unfortunately, I can't
Miss Ing: k. I'll figure it all out here.
Dale: Okay Pam. No hurry. We'll send money just before the deadline.
rich-c: she will take cheques, in US funds
Miss Ing: that's ok. I'll be paying in CDN$
Guy B.: I sent mine off last Saturday
Pamela: I'm impresed Guy, I got your cheque in four days!
Guy B.: Wow, that was fast
Pamela: yes, very fast
Miss Ing: The post office is always faster than I think it will be, some how.
Guy B.: I had to buy an international stamp.
Meeka: we trying to figure out if we can swing it Pam
Miss Ing: How many people are registered, Pam?
Pamela: at this point I think I have 17? Have to check for sure
Guy F.: Wow, big Adamcon! Wish we could make it, but buying that house 3 months ago is taking a toll on our finances as well.
Guy B.: That's about what we had last year
Miss Ing: Well someone has to be offsite on Saturday. :)
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Pamela: Meeka, I'm not counting you out till the last minute
rich-c: why might that be?
Guy F.: I'll be joining you guys via chat, and hopefully videoconference.
changed username to Judy
Guy B.: Hi Judy
Pamela: Hi Judy
Judy: Hi, everyone
Meeka: good :-)
Dale: Guy F, I've been thing about making something like: for the ColecoVision/Coleco Adam
Meeka: hi mom
rich-c: hello Judy, welcome aboard
Miss Ing: Hi Judy.
Pamela: Miss Ing, who are you?
BobS: wherefore art thou, Miss Ing?
Miss Ing: People were guessing. Should I give it up?
Pamela: Please do - I'm stumped!
Guy F.: Nice, PS2 joypads on the Colecovision!
Dale: I want to use my dance mat with a ColecoVision game.
Miss Ing: I guess that means it's been too long a time since I've been on.
Dale: It would be lots of fun I think.
Meeka: or we are all just a bit dense
Dale: Well she's Canadian
Pamela: probably more the case : )
rich-c: not Jill, is it?
Guy B.: Erin?
Dale: And she said you were closest when you guessed Neil.
Miss Ing: Don't insult my friends ladies.
Miss Ing changed username to Jillian-at work-
Meeka: we werent trying to, everyone here is like family
Pamela: It's not Erin
Judy: guess you will just have to tell us
Jillian-at work-: How'd you guess Rich?
Guy B.: Hmm, now I'm stumped
Guy B.: Jill
Pamela: sneaky, Jillian!
Judy: welcome Jillian
rich-c: oh, it just occurred to me
Pamela: Hi, sweetie
Meeka: hi jillian
Guy B.: How's Geoffrey
Jillian-at work-: He's great. Growing like weed. Smiling like sun most days.
Dale: He's playing Star Wars. I should have him in bed, but I got distracted by the chat.
rich-c: drop enough clues and we will eventually work it out
Pamela: I would have guessed but the credit card question threw me off
Guy B.: Wow, can't wait to see him
Jillian-at work-: better get him to bed, Dale, school tomorrow.
Judy: must be getting big
Jillian-at work-: I logged on early so that I wouldn't forget this week.
Pamela: that's really early!
rich-c: we still haven't sorted out who George is
Pamela: have you been working evenings a lot?
Jillian-at work-: He's six now and comes up to just under my arm.
Pamela: wow, that's tall
Jillian-at work-: on Wednesdays because Dale and Jeffrey have beavers.
rich-c: only George I can think of hangs out in Cleveland
Pamela: someone said he was from Niagara, Dad
Judy: what kind of job do you have, Jullian?
Pamela: speaking of Cleveland, I haven't heard anything from Herman despite him being on the list
Jillian-at work-: Nope, George just tripped on us whilst searching for trip info to Niagara.
Pamela: and nothing at all from Mr. Koczwara (sp?)
Jillian-at work-: I'm working for Dale's company doing the paper pushing.
Judy: I seeee
Meeka: i think thats right Pam
Jillian-at work-: My official title is Office Manager.
Pamela: and unofficially?
Judy: that works
Jillian-at work-: Office Mom? Drudge? Girl Friday? you choose.
Pamela: Jill of all trades?
Pamela: (everyone groans)
Jillian-at work-: It's a pretty good place to work, the boss is remarkably easy going about child care issues.
Meeka: thats good
Pamela: it helps to be married to the boss : )
rich-c: yeah, but you should be vice-presideent. No one ever knows what teh vice-president does
Meeka: brb, need a drink
Jillian-at work-: The executives in this company don't get paid. I'd rather be a peon and cash a regular paycheck.
rich-c: that's a definite issue, Jill
Judy: you have a point
BobS: hmmmmmm good point
rich-c: someone has to keep the family eating ; - )
Jillian-at work-: Yup. I'm told we'll get investors someday, real soon now.
rich-c: at the moment, the climater for that is not the best
Pamela: well is the family robot at least doing the dishes?
Jillian-at work-: Not yet. but the students are breaking dishes on a regular basis.
rich-c: never mind, Goodwill has lots of them, cheap
Pamela: may I suggest Corelle?
Pamela: Guy F, I am devastated that you're not coming
Meeka: b
Jillian-at work-: Even Corelle doesn't stand up to being dropped onto a bare concrete floor on a regular basis.
Pamela: I know, I've broken a couple : )
rich-c: and when it does break it costs, seriously
Jillian-at work-: The costs of things all round are going up.
Jillian-at work-: Bought yogurt for the first time in a year yesterday. I'm sure I last got it at 59 cents. the cheap stuff was 99 cents yesterday.
rich-c: regret to say, but on that point you ain't seen nothing yet
Jillian-at work-: probably not.
rich-c: when stuff has to be shipped aound using gas at $1.25/l, diesel and jet fuel more, transport costs will go through the roof
Pamela: in answer to your earlier question Jillian, including Jeffrey we have 18 so far
rich-c: won't be buying stuff from China because it will cost too much to get it here
Pamela: and I have yet to hear anything from Neil - I'm assuming he's planning to attend?
Jillian-at work-: I don't know. Last I heard he was but there are also lots of language conferences in the summer.
Pamela: I'm counting on him
Meeka: Pam, did you get my e-mail
Pamela: just sent it?
Meeka: when I got on chat
Pamela: I'll go check.
Meeka: i was bad, havent been checking it lately, so slow to respond
Pamela: speaking of which, Guy B, where is my photo????
Jillian-at work-: Guy F. Do you have a web page with pictures of house?
Guy F.: Hmm, not really, just on facebook, are you on it?
Pamela: got it Meeka - many many thanks
Meeka: yw
Pamela: and if Mr. Bona gets 18 to me we'll have a complete set
Jillian-at work-: I'm registered but haven't checked in a long time. I'll have to check it out.
Jillian-at work-: cool.
Pamela: which I'll send to you for your site
Meeka: ty
Guy F.: I'm currently learning about flowers, lots of fun, very fascinating...
Pamela: did you ID your mystery plants, Guy?
Jillian-at work-: I've got Dale and his dad to contend with. I don't need to learn, just scale them back.
Guy F.: Yes, they are WEEDS!
Meeka: lol
Pamela: are they edible or pretty weeds?
BobS requested to ban Judy
Guy B. confirmed ban
Jillian-at work- confirmed ban
Meeka confirmed ban
Guy F. confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
moved to room Meeting Place
Guy F.: One makes you sick if you touch it, injects histamine and a whole bunch of nasties in your system... the other ones, forget the names, but they are nasty weeds. I removed all of them, and starting my garden soon.
changed username to Judy1
rich-c confirmed ban
Meeka: wb
Pamela: what happened, Judy?
Pamela: oh : (
Guy F.: actually, it's my wife's garden, but I like to help.
Judy1: my computer hybernated
Jillian-at work-: I had great fun this weekend trying to convince the neighbour hood kids that dandelions are edible.
Pamela: did you succeed?
BobS: get her a sign Guy ......... Sandra's Garden
Judy1: would they eat them
Jillian-at work-: GuyF: Stinging Nettles, I'll bet.
Guy F.: I uprooted a dandellion this week-end with a 12 inch root, it was so nasty, I'd never eat that, but yes, they are edible.
Guy F.: Yep, Nettles, that's it.
rich-c: harvest teh dandelions and make wine from them - I'm told it's quite good
Guy F.: Roasted dandellion root can be used as coffee substitute apparently...
Jillian-at work-: Got two of four to try them, but don't think they believed that anyone would actually enjoy them.
Guy F.: the white milky stuff inside the stem can be used as a mosquito repellent too.
Pamela: what child enjoys salad, no matter how you disguise it?
Guy F.: also useful for fighting warts off.
rich-c: I believe teh leaves are sometimes used in salads
Pamela: wow, you have been researching, Guy
Judy1: they boys do but it is all the stuff that you put in the salad not the greens
Jillian-at work-: Jeffrey likes all sorts of veggies. unless they are warm.
Jillian-at work-: One of his favourite snacks is frozen peas.
Meeka: mickey like the greens too I think
Pamela: I'm not sure being covered in that sticky white stuff would be worth the repellent factor
Guy F.: hehe
Guy F.: It's worth a try.
Judy1: I agree, Pam
Pamela: anything else he won't eat Jillian?
rich-c: better learn to love them, Gillian, now that the province is banning pesticides
Guy F.: Quebec has banned pesticides for many years now.
Guy F.: I uproot them manually. More work, but at least my yard is pesticide free.
Pamela: important with little ones around, Guy
Pamela: ynk what's going into little mouths
Guy F.: Yes, the front yard I could probably get away with using pesticides though... sometimes wish I had access to them.
Jillian-at work-: He'll try one bite of almost anything, but doesn't like onions.
rich-c: unfortunately you need a working back to do that, and those are in short supply chez nous
Guy F.: Rich: Wrong again Rich...
Guy F.: Rich: Check out the Fiskar weed remover... super easy on the back.
Judy1: we have something going on around here there has been three birds floating in the pond this week
Jillian-at work-: The weeds are the only green spots on our lawn, Rich.
Guy F.: Rich: Available at Candian Tire.
George: you're gone for 45 mins and people want to just delete you!
Pamela: problems with the sod Jill?
Pamela: wasn't us George!
Jillian-at work-: that's not good, Judy.
Judy1: that is what I am thinking
George: folks - sorry I can't stick around - neighbour had a problem with their garage door so I was out (a lot) longer than expected
Guy F.: I remember a summer in Montreal in the 80s when pigeons were dropping like flies all around the city... it was bad.
Pamela: Welcome and welcome back George
rich-c: well the ban is a crock anyway - research 2,4-D and you'll find it is harmless, no risk to humans
Guy F.: George: A good samaritan I see!
George: i have an early day tomorrow - and I said (much earlier) I'm really not supposed to even be here
Pamela: if you want info on the convention George, feel free to send me an e-mail at
Jillian-at work-: More of a refusal to water. although with the rain this past weekend, it will be a different story this week.
rich-c: any visitor here is always welcome, George
George: have a good chat y'all
Guy F.: Rich: Most likely Rich, but there are pesticides that are lethal to humans if consumed, I'm sure.
Jillian-at work-: Night George.
George: perhaps I can cach up with you again sometime
Jillian-at work-: Please do.
George: good luck with your adamcon
rich-c: come again soon
Pamela: come back soon!
Pamela: Thanks : )
George: thanks - and good night!
BobS: nite George
Guy F.: gnight
George left chat session
rich-c: I don't have a problem with banning hazardous substances - just with those that are not hazardous
Pamela: wow, hope he sends me an e-mail
Jillian-at work-: Rich: The next point to consider is that not harmful to humans doesn't mean not harmful.
rich-c: you're getting into hair-splitting, Jill
Jillian-at work-: but I'll get off my soapbox and we can talk about something else. :)
rich-c: are you going to ban water becasue it's actually possible to drink yourself to death with it?
Guy F.: Well, the ban on pesticides is what people want and voted for.
rich-c: I don't think the people were ever rally consulted, Guy - no one asked me, or listened when I comp;ained
Guy F.: It is better to be overly cautious than to create a potential risk to the environment.
Guy F.: Its just cosmetic pesticides. No one will die out of this...
rich-c: fine - have fun drawing the line, because everything is "harmful" to some degree
Guy F.: BTW, 2,4-D is persuavely linked to Cancer.
Meeka: well, I think I am off for the night, see ya all next week
Guy F.: neurological impairement and reproductive problems.
Judy1: glad that we don't have a ban on it here
Pamela: thanks again Meeka, and keep me posted - and check your e-mail!
Meeka: k :-)
rich-c: goodnight, Meeka, see you next week
Judy1: night Meeka see you tomorrow
Jillian-at work-: Later Meeka.
Meeka left chat session
Guy B.: She's quick
rich-c: Guy, you need a more authooritative source than Greenpeace - 2,4-T is, but not 2,4-
Jillian-at work-: Guess when it's time it's time.
Pamela: once she decides to go, she's usually gone in a hurry
Pamela: Mr Bona, where's my picture?
Jillian-at work-: I can understandthat. I should be going too.
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to DougS
Pamela: Hi Doug!
Guy B.: Did you check your mailbox?
Jillian-at work-: Since I'm supposed to be working and all.
Guy F.: Source is from the OCFP: Ontario College of Family Physicians
DougS: Hi all
Jillian-at work-: Hi Doug.
rich-c: hello Doug, your wife just left
Guy B.: Hi Doug
Pamela: nothing yet, Guy
Guy F.:
Guy F.: Article and sources are in there Rich.
Guy B.: I sent to the adamcon20news
Judy1: well, Hi, Doug
Pamela: want to try again?
Guy B.: I'm not on the computer the photo is on
Pamela: arghh!
Pamela: okay
rich-c: copied and will look it up later - though I have found the activist doctors groups more than a little unreliable in other matters
Guy B.: Pam do you a Spam mailbox on that?
Pamela: nope, not to my knowledge
Pamela: you sent it from your regular e-mail, didn't you?
Guy B.: I sent 3 e-mails to you on Sunday and the last one has the photo of the banner
Pamela: let me double check
rich-c: Pam, if you need photos from 18 your mother and I have some
Pamela: I beg your pardon - yes, I do have it
Pamela: I read the first two but don't remember opening the last one
Pamela: gmail still plays tricks on me once in a while
Pamela: thank you very much!
Pamela: great picture, too
Pamela: are you okay if I send it on to Meeka so she can post it on her website as well?
Pamela: it's the banner pic I needed, Dad
Pamela: now I have all 19
Pamela: yay
rich-c: OK - I think I have one but if you're covered, that's fine
Pamela: Dad, I think I may have another assignment for you
Pamela: Forgot to mention it when we talked earlier
Guy B.: Ok, you got it.
Pamela: I hope the results are what I want - they're for the banner
rich-c: want to PM me now or phone later?
Pamela: I'll call you Dad
Dale confirmed ban
Pamela: or tell you when I see you - I have to pick up the coffee can and get Guy's cheque to you too
Pamela: now I have to figure out when I'm gonna squeeze that in
Pamela: note to self: create 26 hour days
rich-c: well, we're pretty flexible, though I think your mother may be going out for Doors Open on Saturday
rich-c: long as I see Monaco and Indy Sunday, everything's cool
Dale: What did I miss?
Pamela: won't be this weekend, we're trailering
rich-c: right, I had forgotten - must be old age creeping up ; - )
Pamela: all sorts of stuff Dale
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Jillian-at work-: Where do you trailer Pam?
Dale: Hi Daniel.
Guy F. left chat session
rich-c: salut, Daniel - home now?
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello
Judy1: hi, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, home now.
Dale: How's your new game coming?
rich-c: guessed as much from the hour
Daniel Bienvenu: it was a tough day. I'm mentaly tires.
BobS: hi Daniel
Pamela: we share my mother-in-law's trailer in a park on Hwy. 48, just south of Sutton
Daniel Bienvenu: tired
Jillian-at work-: If there is something we can do, Pam, let me know.
Pamela: Hi Daniel!
Jillian-at work-: Hi Daniel.
Guy B.: Hi Daniel
Pamela: got your e-mail and replied
Dale: Did you make any progress on the minigame over the weekend?
DougS left chat session
Jillian-at work-: We've discussed in the past getting a trailer. Is it a lot of work for the time you can spend?
Pamela: I'm not shy about yelling for help, Jillian - thanks
Pamela: well, Mom maintains it and she's there two weeks out of three during the season
rich-c: depends on the size of teh trailer and whether you park it or travel with it
Pamela: it's like being at home without a/c
Judy1: that sounds like a good deal for you , Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: @Dale : not worked on the minigames project finally. But I will work on it this weekend.
Jillian-at work-: that doesn't sound so inviting, Pam.
Dale: Just curious.
Dale: It rained pretty much all of the long weekend here.
rich-c: you can get a/c for trailers, Jill
Pamela: what's nice about it is you're away from home and it's relatively quiet - and there are no chores screaming at you to be done
Jillian-at work-: I'd like to get one like my parents had. a tent top where the top folded out to tbecome the support for the wings.
Dale: I was at First Aid training, so now I know all about what to do for your stab wound, or when you cut off your finger, etc.
rich-c: your main decision is do you want a stationary resort/cottage function or do you want to travel?
Dale: But Monday it was windy and cold. Not good canoeing weather at all.
rich-c: if you just want a place to go for weekends, then find a trailer park you like
Jillian-at work-: We have a membership at Cranberry but only every other year.
Pamela: so I can go and read for hours, or do needlework, or watch DVD's, and not feel guilty
Pamela: oh, and feed the wildlife : )
rich-c: if it's of any size, there will be one or two trailers for sale, used, cheap
Pamela: of which we have an abundance
Jillian-at work-: Wildlife is good.
Jillian-at work-: Most of the used ones that I've seen have a hard top that you have to ratchet up and there is not hard support for the wings.
Dale: Well our travel agent always looks exasperated at us and says "Your favorite thing to do is sleep? You can sleep at home." :-)
Pamela: chippies, squirrels, a couple of rabbits, a fox, (we don't feed him), umpteen different birds
Jillian-at work-: We bought a bird feeder and a bag of squirrel feed this past weekend. Have to put it up.
rich-c: find a park you really like and see what the people there already have and do
Dale: You just feed the rabbit, so that he's slow enough that the fox can catch him?
Jillian-at work-: Dale! don't threaten bunnies!
rich-c: then you can buy a trailer in place or rent a lot and bring in your own, new or used
Pamela: the rabbits are pretty shy and very quick
Daniel Bienvenu: One of my cousins is sick and refuse doctor recommandation. The familly, including uncles, aunts, his brothers and sisters, worry about him during years and now he's not in good shape and risk blood emoragy at any moment that can kill him. That's what I knew during the weekend and distract me enough to not work on minigames.
Dale: I bet Daniel.
Dale: That's sad to hear for sure.
Jillian-at work-: My uncle used to live year round in a trailer park. I've seen some pretty nice ones.
Judy1: Bob says we are camping at home this week-end
Jillian-at work-: It's always hard to watch people we care about being sick, Daniel.
rich-c: well then Jill you know how they work and the issue becomes do you want that sort of resort?
Pamela: Jillian if you're interested, you can try Tyssen Trailers on Hwy. 48 just north of Ravenshoe, on the east side. They sell all sorts of new and used trailers. And, you can come up some weekend and check out our park (and have a great steak) - Lyndhurst Golf and Trailer Park in Baldwin
Judy1: if we want to be gone we can sleep in the motor home in the garage turn off the phone and enjoy the backyard
Jillian-at work-: Does that mean that all meals will be cooked over a fire?
Pamela: only of the BBQ variety : )
Judy1: we don't fix meals by fire, the grill will work
Jillian-at work-: I may take you up on that, Pam.
rich-c: Gillian, when we are at Adamcon you can check out a couple of rather nice seasonal trailer parks nearby
rich-c: we stayed in one for a month and Frances though she would like the other better, but it's seasonal
Jillian-at work-: There is a nice trailer on this site I'd like.
Daniel Bienvenu: I think the doctor said dyspepsia... anyway, he is major and do what he want all the time regardless of people worrying about him.
Pamela: you're always welcome - we're going this weekend and every third weekend after that - just pick a date and let us know enough in advance to have something to feed you
Pamela: we go early Saturday morning and come home Sunday evening
rich-c: dyspepsia is just upset stomach, Daniel - your report sounded more like septicemia
Jillian-at work-: too much traffic on Friday's?
Pamela: no, Russell works till 10:00 pm on Friday nights
Pamela: when he was at the old job, we went up on Friday
Pamela: but the new one is M-
Pamela: F, 2:00 - 10:00
Pamela: darn enter key again
rich-c: just to change the subject - has anyone here tried IE7-Pro (a third-party upgrade)
BobS: cute li'l house Jillian
Jillian-at work-: Not I, Rich. I lag behind on browser changes always.
BobS: upgrade for ???????
rich-c: IE7, Bob
Jillian-at work-: Aren't they? Somedays I'd like to tear down our current house and downsize to one of those.
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I know for sure he has ulcers because he drink a lot of alcool during his life and he died clinicaly one time because of that.
rich-c: I got it and installed it but I use Firefox but wondered if anyone had seen anything justifying a switch
Jillian-at work-: Would he change back to regular days if given the chance?
rich-c: OK, stomach hemmorage is very serious business, Daniel - your concern is real and justified, for sure
Jillian-at work-: That was for you, Pam.:)
Dale: Jill, have you picked a topic for AdamCon yet? I'm sure Pam has a one hour slot on Friday or something.
Jillian-at work-: I was thinking of showing pictures from Zurich.
Pamela: no, he loves the afternoon shift
Pamela: it's what he always wanted - straight afternoons, no weekends
Pamela: Dale, did you say you needed 3 - 6 hours?
Dale: Someone recently got the Nobel Prize for Medicine for proving that stomach ulcers are caused by bacteria, and not stress, or other factors.
Pamela: in case you hadn't noticed, Russell is not a morning person : )
Dale: I did say that. Do you have an opinion on whether 3 is better or 6 is better?
Pamela: I have no opinion : )
Dale: I have some small topics, and a big topic that should be broken up probably.
Dale: But I would like a 2 hour slot on Sunday sometime, if that's an option.
Pamela: hmm, i'd better get scheduling then
Jillian-at work-: Ok. I really need to get work done. Have a good evening.
Pamela: goodnight Jillian
Judy1: night Jullian
Pamela: come back next week!
Jillian-at work-: I'll try for sure. Night all.
Jillian-at work- left chat session
rich-c: night, Jill
Daniel Bienvenu: May we talk another time about the schedule? I really want to have a good sleep and talk about presentations when I will be more relax and less tired.
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight and take care!
Pamela: one thing that's great about the laptop, I can work on convention stuff at the trailer
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit! et prenez soin de vous!
Guy B.: Bye Daniel
Pamela: goodnight Daniel - get some rest
Dale: TAlk to you soon Daniel.
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, we will talk soon... probably friday
Judy1: night Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel
Dale: I guess Ron didn't wake up at 4am to talk to us this week?
rich-c: seems to be tehe case, more's the pity
Pamela: guess he's gotten used to the six hours : )
rich-c: or maybe he's too busy carousing to come on?
Pamela: heck he'd be better off to still be up at 4:00 AM
rich-c: I don't really think his trip agenda involved much revelry and debauch
Pamela: Dale, I didn't look - have you put anything on the website about date time and place of the convention?
Dale: Nothing specific I guess.
Dale: I'll try to get on that before next week.
Pamela: would you mind? Even without a logo yet, the info would probably be good to have up
Dale: Will do.
Pamela: thank you - I know you're busy and appreciate it
Pamela: should I e-mail Neil to ask him about attendance?
Judy1: well, time to call it a night, so night all until next week
Pamela: goodnight Judy
rich-c: night Judy, catch you next week then
Dale: I think so. He offered Daniel a ride to AdamCon a while back, so I believe he is planning to attend.
Pamela: oh good - I haven't heard a peep out of him
Judy1 left chat session
Pamela: Bob, are you going too?
rich-c: yes, and isn''t a quiet linguist almost an oxymoron?
Dale: He's been trying to catch up on his stuff for his phd. He didn't make that much progress since last AdamCon, so he needs to turn that around.
BobS: yup about time to get ready to hit the hay
rich-c: yes, doctoral programs aren't rigid but they do need to show progress
Dale: He suffered over the winter particularly from a lack of sun.
Pamela: I did see from his Facebook that he's been working to finish things up
Dale: Vitamin D deficient.
BobS: so with that..........I guess I will sign off..........
Pamela: goodnight Bob
rich-c: showing signs of vktamin D deficiency?
Guy B.: Nite Bob
Pamela: until next week . . .
rich-c: night Bob
Dale: So his theoretical paper that was rejected in February is now going to be submitted as an application paper I believe.
BobS: have to send check......... US funds to Riuchard's address, or you want it to your address?????
Dale: And I think that that is what he's better at anyway.
Pamela: US funds made out to Dad, mailed to me please
Pamela: thanks, Bob
rich-c: made out to me, her address
BobS: hokay.......will do
Dale: Then next year he'll have to find a new topic for a theoretical paper. But at least he'll have completed the application paper.
Pamela: that way I can track the $ as it comes in
BobS: see ya's next week
BobS left chat session
Guy B.: I think I will be going too. Will be taking Annie out soon.
rich-c: OK, gie her a good walk, Guy
Pamela: what are you going to do wiht Annie while you're away Guy?
rich-c: and you take care
Guy B.: She will stay with Jeanene
Pamela: oh good
Pamela: take care, and have a good week. Thanks again for the picture : )
Dale: I submitted my very first academic paper to a conference last week. I find out if it is accepted or what changes are required on Monday.
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: what conference, Dale?
rich-c: Why would you be writing academic papers, Dale?
Dale: I'm not sure that it is "hard enough to understand" for their taste :-D
Dale: I'm doing robot gripper research at the moment, and so I co-authored a paper with my co-op student.
Pamela: cool
Pamela: so if it's accepted, you'll have to present it at the conference, correct?
Dale: As near as I can tell consumer robotics is still a research field, so I'm doing research, and publishing my findings.
Dale: That way I'll be able to reference them later.
rich-c: if it goes through it will be good for your reputation, Dale
Pamela: and it will bring you to people's attention
rich-c: hadn't realized that would be among teh assets of taking on co-op students
Dale: That's right. The conference is the one in Zurich, Switzerland. I've been to the last two, but didn't get around to submitting a paper ahead of time.
Pamela: oh you poor thing, having to go back to Zurich : )
rich-c: going to Zurich on your own dime is qualified fun, I'd reckon
Dale: The last two times it was in the US. But this one is in Europe.
Pamela: oh and btw, apropos of nothing,
Dale: In the fall I'll be going to a computer vision conference too I expect.
Pamela: Daniel e-mailed me to say his vacation has been approved
Pamela: so he is absolutely attending the convention
rich-c: OK, nopw all we have to do is get transport that is workable for him
Dale: I'm not sure if I'll have anything to publish for it on time though. You need to submit like 4 or so months ahead of time for the main conference usually.
Pamela: we'll get him there, one way or another
Dale: My paper is going to a workshop, so that has later deadlines, and less competition for acceptance.
Pamela: when is it, Dale?
Dale: The one in Zurich is the end of next month, two days after AdamCon as I recall.
Pamela: wow, that's timing : )
rich-c: barely time to go hame and repack
Dale: You did ask in January when I was busy. So you scheduled inbetween Ron and my travel plans.
Pamela: obviously I did better than I thought : )
Pamela: Rich has a conference to attend immediately after the convention too
Pamela: he will actually have to leave early in order to make it there
rich-c: had any further word on that, Pam?
Pamela: yes, he presents Monday : (
Pamela: so, he may have to leave before the banquet
Pamela: either way, Erin is riding home with us
rich-c: so he'll have to leave Sunday night - it's about a four - five hour drive, I believe
Pamela: the conference is in Pittsburgh, but I don't know if he wants to go directly or home first - the former , I believe
rich-c: you aren't taking any extra days after?
Pamela: if I see him this weekend, will have to remember to ask
Pamela: me? We're going early - Tuesday, I believe - and coming home Monday. I have Tuesday off but Russell has to be back at work
rich-c: well, Pittsburgh is really pretty close against the Ohio line
Pamela: I wanted to build in a day for shopping in the US
Dale: I'll be in Zurich on the 24th I guess, with the conference starting on the 25th.
Pamela: so are you three staying over Sunday night?
Pamela: or heading home after the banquet?
Dale: I'd better go, and get ready for tomorrow , but before I go are we doing the butterfly muesum on Saturday?
Dale: I will need to sleep in the hotel Sunday night I expect.
Pamela: definitely the butterfly museum - I have to decide on Friday or Saturday
rich-c: sorry, I was called away - just a minute
Dale: I will book my flight for Zurich quite soon. The prices are nearing the optimal target price that I wanted to pay.
Dale: So how much of the day will that use, do you think? Is it more than 50km from St Catherines?
Pamela: oh, no, it's in Niagara Falls -
Pamela: and I'm planning to make it a half day (after lunch, before chat) and may include other things as well depending on proximity and cost and accessability
rich-c: actually the Museum is on the Niagara Falls parkway, well north of the Flass proper
Dale: Really? I thought you meant the one in Hamilton. It must be a new one. Or at least new to me.
rich-c: I'd guess about halfway between the Falls and Niagara on the Lake
rich-c: lots of winerys on that road, Pam - some have restaurants
Pamela: have fun, Dad
rich-c: or some folks might like to tour Niagara on the Lake - it's very pretty
Pamela: I guess I should say after lunch, before dinner
Pamela: depending on Friday or Saturday
Pamela: anyway Dale, go to bed, if you think of anything else, call me or send me an e-mail
Pamela: I'm going too
Dale: Okay, I'll see you next week.
rich-c: night, Dale, take it easy
Dale: Goodnight.
Pamela: have a great week Dale
Pamela: gnite
rich-c: and Pam, see you when you can swing it
Dale left chat session
rich-c: so goodnight for now
Pamela: Dad, I'll have to call you to make arrangements - probably after the weekend
rich-c: whenever, is fine, Pam
Pamela: sorry, to see you, not to call : )
Pamela: I'm tired and confusticated
Pamela: time for bed
Pamela: gnite
Pamela: Daddy
rich-c: wel then, go to bed ;-)
Pamela: yes, Daddy
rich-c: nitey nite
Pamela: kerpoof
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