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BobS: OK !!!!! time to whop some butts!
changed username to rich-c
BobS: who is undefined?
Meeka: lol
BobS: define me
Meeka: not sure, they havent "spoken" yet
rich-c: me is undefined
BobS: mom says you kids got the front yard flower beds liikin good today
BobS: you dont LOOK unidentified
Meeka: yes, looks beautiful :-)
BobS: lookin
rich-c: maybe it's someone new hasn't yet found out how to get in
BobS: si senor
BobS: so how life inthe big city Richard?
rich-c: fairly tolerable today, Bob - lots of sunshine, cool breeze
rich-c: how's life in Michigan?
BobS: nice day today, near 70* with low 70's tomorrow and usn
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BobS: BUT storms again on Fri and Sat
changed username to Pamela
BobS: frost last night and maybe tonight
BobS: wierd
Pamela: oh, my poor retinas!
rich-c: yes, we're supposed to be up tomorrow, down the day after
BobS: why Pamela
Meeka: HI PAM :-)
rich-c: greetings, daughter
rich-c: what/;s with the eyeballs?
Pamela: have you SEEN what Don Cherry is wearing???
BobS: got to send yo some CASH this here weekend my dear
BobS: no have not
Pamela: it's enough to put you off rainbows forever!
rich-c: he always wears a cliown suit, what's special tonight?
Pamela: my eyeballs may never be the same
Pamela: the jacket he's wearing is rainbow plaid -and I ain't talking pastels!
BobS: makes your blue eyes turn brown, eh???
BobS: he ain't no plain jane type
rich-c: is he on some American broadcast too?
BobS: don't recall the name
rich-c: I gather there are only American teams left by now
BobS: sounds more like the Red Green Show on PBS
Pamela: that is just scary
Pamela: but anyway . . .
rich-c: me, I am tracking down 5-1/4" drives for teh new computer
BobS: ol Red Green is a cross between stupid and idiotic
BobS: ptolly only can get 1.2m drives, yes?
rich-c: far as I've heard, 1.2 drives will aqlso accept 360 formatting
BobS: can you add them in the BIOS as 360k or 1.2m??????
rich-c: I think you add them as 1.2 but I'm not sure
Pamela: who's our undefined?
BobS: yes, I have had mixed success with 1.2m drives, although they seem to be ok AFTER reading a 360k disk which puts the correct mindset in place
Meeka: we dont know Pam
rich-c: I've noticed that with a lot of stuff in DOS
BobS: as far as reading an ADAM disk right off the bat, forget it until you read a 360k ibm disk first
rich-c: well yes because teh Adam disc is a different format - missing a sector
BobS: true true
rich-c: on the 3.5" discs I think it runs OK
Pamela: Bob, did you say you were going to send me money this weekend?
BobS: and that may be the reason it won't read off the bat........sees the missing sector and "throws the baby out with the bathwater"
BobS: si senorita
Pamela: ok, good
Meeka: Us too Pam :-)
Pamela: YOU'RE COMING?????
Pamela: WOOHOO!
BobS: why you need cash for groceries????? ;-)
rich-c: hey neat! Keeka and Doug! great
BobS: we's coming in on the redeye thurs eve, see youy on Fri morning
Pamela: nope, I have Ron's $$ : )
BobS: ok
Meeka: we hitching a ride with mom & dad
Meeka: yes dad??
Pamela: that's fabulous news
rich-c: good - four drivers in the car should be a lot easier
Pamela: will you be in for breakfast?
rich-c: Frances and I are going down Tuesday, home Friday after teh 'con
BobS: well Pam we just might make breakfast
BobS: not sure, depends on driving, border goons, rest stops, potty stops............cappachino stops
Pamela: Dad, have you made your reservations yet?
rich-c: yes, phoned them in last night, Pam
Pamela: good
Pamela: I must also reserve our room - we're also going down on Tuesday
Pamela: Meeka, you'll need a total, right?
rich-c: got all identified as Adam group and asked for handicap-friendly room
Meeka: sould be same as dad's right?
rich-c: forget to ask whetehr their bathtub has a tub rail or if I need to bring my own
Pamela: I can check on that
Pamela: Dad
Pamela: I think so Meeka but let me double check - brb
rich-c: well, if you're talking to them anyway - I have lots of room anyway
rich-c: wonder where everyone is tonight?
BobS: who knows.......but we are here!!!!!!
Pamela: Meeka, your total will also be $693.00
BobS: we count TWICE
Meeka: ok
BobS: HEY that's cheaper than mine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
Pamela: that includes three nights hotel, four breakfast, three lunch, the banquet, the outing and your T shirts
BobS: <grin>
Pamela: it is not Bob
BobS: better get there for breakfast then huh?
rich-c: he's playing head games again, Pam
Meeka: ok, I will e-mail you the official form tomorrow
Pamela: yay!
Pamela: yes you had : )
rich-c: we will be on our own for dinner every night but Sunday, right?
BobS: well we figure that the maps program shows about 6 hrs, give or border and stops, so a round number would be 7-8 hrs....
BobS: midnight to 7or 8am
BobS: si sir Richard
Pamela: that's correct Dad
rich-c: likely the border delay will be minimal, assuming teh trucks don't wander into the car lanes
Pamela: Meeka, can you give me t-shirt sizes now?
Meeka: xl for both o fus
rich-c: I have teh wine route list and a Niagara brochure if anyone is into fancy restaurants
Pamela: thank you
Meeka: yw
rich-c: did you get any from the hotel, Pam?
Pamela: any what Dad?
BobS: not too fancy you see, limited budgets here.........going ot NIagra Falls though
rich-c: brochures on area attractions
Pamela: no, Dad
BobS: maybe Sat night after outing.............for a look at falls and supper
rich-c: you planning on hitting the casino?
BobS: nope
Pamela: just don't be late for chat : )
BobS: to dumb for gambling
BobS: why????? we can chat all day long with ya'll
Pamela: not that at this rate there will be anyone to chat with - we
Pamela: 'll all be together!
BobS: righto
BobS: cept for Guy and Sandra...........Daniel ???? .....Neil ?????/
rich-c: well, GuyF can't make it
Pamela: at this point the only people we'll be missing are Guy and Sandra, and James
BobS: Jean IS coming, yes?????
rich-c: didn't she say a while back she had got her tickets?
Pamela: Jean is definitely coming - sent me her money, made her flight and hotel reservations
rich-c: well, that's pretty conclusive
BobS: ALRIGHT !!!!!!
Pamela: I talked to her tonite briefly - she sounds so excited!
rich-c: that's neat - did she offer any details of her plans?
Pamela: I believe they're coming in on either Wednesday or Thursday and staying for a week
Pamela: they're flying into Buffalo and driving over the border
rich-c: good for them - your mother and I should be aound if they need help
Pamela: as will Russell and I, and possibly Ron as well
rich-c: likely the best choice, and I expect they'll have clearance for car use in Canada
rich-c: yes, I think Ron is staying on well into the week
Pamela: wonder if Ron is speaking fluent italian yet?
rich-c: do you have any idea what the mall over in Lockport, NY is like?
Pamela: which one?
rich-c: there's more than one?
Pamela: Walden Galleria? I think it's actually in Buffalo
Pamela: and I plan to find out : )
rich-c: no, Lockport is way up on highqway 31, across from Lewiston
Pamela: whatcha gonna do in Lockport?
rich-c: has the final set of locks for the Erie Canal, and a historical museum
Pamela: ah
rich-c: if there's extra time there's a fort up there, and Artpark if that's still in business
BobS: Fort Erie
BobS: right?
Pamela: that would make sense : )
rich-c: no, Fort Erie is down at the other end of the river
Pamela: oh
BobS: went past it on our honeymoon, but didn't go in...........
BobS: ah, fort on northern end also
BobS: ????
rich-c: I think it's Fort George in Canada, Fort Niagara in the US, but I could be wrong
BobS: I see Fort Niagra beach
rich-c: on the New York side?
Pamela: you two actually went to Niagara Falls, the honeymoon capital of the world, for your honeymoon??
rich-c: it's alloweed, Pam
Meeka: ya, they did, in January no less Pam :-P
Pamela: I'm impressed
Pamela: Bob, how long have you been married?
BobS: yes, Old Fort Niagara on the us side
rich-c: I'm told the Falls are very pretty when covered with ice, and illuminated at night
BobS: Microsoft doesn't list anything on the candaian side though
BobS: just Niagara on the Lake
rich-c: that figures, but it's right on the river in Niagara on the Lake, and it's a restored historical attraqction
BobS: BUT the falls were kind of neat with the sides and city covered in ice
Pamela: I'll bet
Pamela: I would love to see it someday but I'm not fond of winter driving
Pamela: perhaps we should take the train up there again
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changed username to Judy
Pamela: last time we were there was in 1992!
Judy: Hi, everyone
Pamela: hi Judy!
rich-c: well, going down teh QEW hardly rates as winter driving - they have a bare roads policy
Meeka: we were there two years ago
rich-c: hello Judy, wondering where you were
Pamela: that doesn't stop it from snowing, Dad
Meeka: hi mom
Judy: How is everyone?
rich-c: that's why Environment Canada offers weather forecasts, daughter
Pamela: we're gonna have another one of those conventions where when someone yells "Mom" we get umpteen replies : )
BobS: besides, we weren't looking at he falls anyways.......last time we were at the falls was 92 also, after AC02 I think
Meeka: proubly Pam
Judy: some mom's will just answer to anyone
Pamela: I have the most fun when I have both my Mom and Russell's Mom in the same room
Judy: could say dad and have many resond
Pamela: especially if I'm cooking
Meeka: we used to it, we got two Doug's
rich-c: yep, got that too
Pamela: we'll have two Rich's too
Pamela: three Dads
rich-c: yes, the which rich game will be in full sway, I reckon
Pamela: oh this is going to be such fun!
Judy: should be interesting
BobS: you kids are SICK
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Pamela: and your point?
changed username to hugh
Pamela: Hi Hugh
Judy: Pam is there a pool?
BobS: HIya Hugh
Meeka: hello
rich-c: hello hugh - you made it
Pamela: yes Judy - heated, but very shallow if I remember correctly
hugh: Hi. I just talked on the phone to Rich today.
Judy: hi, hugh
rich-c: folks, this is hugh from Toronto, a collector computer fan and Linux guru
Judy: that sounds good to me
Meeka: lol, dont need to be deep, just wet
BobS: cool
Pamela: I think the deep end is on 4.5 feet Judy
Judy: then I need to pack a bathing suit
hugh: I don't have an Adam, but I have a 5.25" disk drive for Rich.
BobS: then I can't drown
rich-c: we spent some time chatting this evening
BobS: well Richa can get you and ADAM !!!!!!!
Judy: works for me
Pamela: keep an eye on the weather Judy - it's usually quite warm by that point
BobS: warm is a relative term Pam
Pamela: that's part of the reason I went for the middle rather than the end of June
rich-c: he's going to see if he can get me launched in Linux
Meeka: oooo, that reminds me Pam
Meeka: Doug;s b-day is that Friday
Pamela: for the last few years Bob, the end of June it's been into the 90's plus humidex
Judy: can't be much warmer than is was here this week-end
Pamela: the 20th?
Meeka: yup
Pamela: cool - Daniel's is the 18th, mine the 26th
Pamela: and I think someone else is in there too
rich-c: but Daniel won't arrive till after his birthday
Pamela: details : )
Meeka: well then we will have to "sing" three times then
Judy: by the way, Meeka is there something that he would like for his birthday?
BobS left chat session
Pamela: can we carry a tune?
rich-c: hugh, Daniel who may turn up later writs games for the Colecovision
Meeka: not sure Pam, but we can try
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changed username to BobS
BobS: ok WHO did it ?
Meeka: not sure mom, I will find out and let you know
Pamela requested to ban <undefined>
Meeka confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
Pamela: wasn't me Bob
BobS: somebody trew me out
Meeka: aww, poor you
hugh: Somewhere we have a Colecovision as well.
Judy: that would be great, thank you
rich-c: well, if you talk to Daniel, he will sell you a new and original cartridge for it
rich-c: I think some of his buddies have written others, too
rich-c: they even fill the cartridges (32K) with as many games as fit - miost C games swere 8K or so
rich-c: OK - I don't know how I did it (honestly) - that's a url from a posting I did earlier tonight
rich-c: but Bob and Hugh and Meeka for Doug, do copy it (it ends in the break before games)
Pamela: ain't control V grand
hugh: 10 most annoying programs on the Internet?
rich-c: it's a feature from the Tech Republic website and it is absolutely roll-on-the-floor hilarious
rich-c: you got it, hugh - did you read it earlier?
rich-c: an absolutely sterling example of dry British wit
rich-c: I didn't intend to put it in there and don't know how I would if I tried
Pamela: Bob, just checked the weather over that weekend for the last 7 years - it's been dry except for two years and the temp range has been between 68 and 88, with most years being about 75
hugh: I'm reading it now. I'm not familiar with much of this because I live in Linux
rich-c: right - I'd hope you have enough memories to make it funny for you
rich-c: it also may be the best argument yet for living in Linux!
Judy: I was just on duck watch
rich-c: you got ducks in your pool, Judy?
Judy: we have a stupid femal duck that has taken a liking to the pond
hugh: "It installs a 'Message Center' that tells you about microcelebrities." -- can't wait!
rich-c: that's OK, here in Toronto one has nested in a planter or a 7th floor balcony
Judy: tonight we were eating outside and the duck came, didn't even care that we wwere out there
rich-c: yes, the list is pretty congruent with my own first choices to avoid like the plague
Meeka: i was on starling watch tonight, the misserable things
Meeka: they were chasing off the woodpecker
Judy: and scaring the fish out of the pond
rich-c: you hve your own woodpecker? hairy or downy?
Judy: downy, several
Meeka: black/white/red :-P
Meeka: I never remember which
rich-c: we have very few and they just come singly and rarely
hugh: well, to see this chat I had to install Java. On this old Linux box, that has to be done by hand. So it isn't better than the Windows Experience. (I'm reading the complaint about Java.)
rich-c: we are getting less common birds this year, but far fewer of the regulars
Judy: we have them in and out all day long
Judy: feed them suet
hugh: We seem to have a cardinal hanging around this year.
rich-c: yes, and it's finicky about the edition of Java you use, too
rich-c: when the latest revision came out, this wouldn't use it - we had to revert
Meeka: java sucks, its finicky
Pamela: Meeka, just sent you a copy of Guy's banner pic
Meeka: ty
Pamela: forgot to forward it last week
Meeka: np
Meeka: I been busy with other projects
rich-c: you've also bee3n text messaging too much ; - )
Pamela: I know I asked this before but does anyone have a recommendation for good rechargeable double A batteries?
Judy: we have cardinals also
Pamela: why? I understand her : )
Meeka: no I havent
Meeka: its standard abbreviations for instant messaging
rich-c: we have the odd nuthactch, chickadee, female grosbeak, brown creeper, redwing
hugh: there is a new generation of nimh battery that doesn't self-discharge as quickly as the old ones.
rich-c: but we're way short of sparrows and house finches and the starlings are thin too
Meeka: i'll send you ours, the rotten birds
Pamela: either I'm going to have to get another couple sets (I already have two) or get better ones
hugh: this is the first brand, but there are others now:
Pamela: are they widely available Hugh?
rich-c: a new generation, youi say? my camera batteries seem to discharge if you look at them
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changed username to XubuntuG
Meeka: hello
Judy: we have chickadee's, finches, titmouse and others
Pamela: Hi Guy
hugh: it's not that they can hold a larger charge, only that they will hold it longer when not in use (like 6 months or a year)
Judy: and the hummingbird came back this week
XubuntuG: Greetings!!! I'm using Xubuntu on the Athlon
Meeka: i saw mine for the first time this year
BobS: allo guy
Judy: hi, guy
rich-c: hi Guy - we have a visitor who's hard-core Linux - meet hugh
Pamela: I'm not so worried about that, it's that mine go dead very quickly when I'm using the camera
hugh: This machine is an old PIII running Fedora Core 1 Linux.
BobS: OLD ??????? p3 is the fastest thing I have
XubuntuG: Hi Hugh
Pamela: I actually get more time out of regular double A's
rich-c: you have to remember to turn it off as soon as it clicks - that screen devours volts
Meeka: me too Pam, they seem to last longer
hugh: Calling a PIII old is a bit rash in an Adam conclave, I admit.
Pamela: I hate the idea of using regular batteries though - that's too much waste and landfill
hugh: My oldest computer is an Altair.
Pamela: no ADAM, Hugh? (We can fix that : )
rich-c: now that is something old - won't say it's working, but I think I have a Vic20
rich-c: Also have a couple of TI99/4a
BobS: goita 286 Sumicom.......built especially for Mazda Corp
hugh: counting "not working" I have the blinking lights of a computer from 1965 or so.
rich-c: may even have an accessory-less Timex Sinclair somewhere
XubuntuG: I'll be right back. Have to restart Firefox
BobS: 5 1/4" 720k drives
XubuntuG left chat session
Pamela: oh, I have a funny for you
Pamela: Lotus Notes went down at work today
hugh: My kaypro II has 5.25" 400K drives
BobS: cool
rich-c: one or t'other Bob, they don't come as both
hugh: sorry, I misspoke, 200K drives (single sided)
Pamela: after numerous screens, I got one which was simply an exclamation mark in yellow triangle - no message, just the exclamation mark. It's like it was saying "okay, I give up!"
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changed username to XubuntuG
XubuntuG: Back
rich-c: nominally the Adam came with 160K optional drives but we got third party 320K
Pamela: that better Guy?
BobS: nope. is actually a 360k drive in an ibm, but ramps up to 720k in the 286....controller board upgrade or something
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
hugh: 5.25 DD IBM == 360K
Pamela: Daniel! Hi
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry to be late.
Meeka: hello
rich-c: no Bob, the 360DD was 1.2 meg in HD - the 3.5 drive was 720K DD, 1.44 HD
hugh: 3.5" DD IBM == 720K
Judy: hi, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't know what to do now.... Neil will not be
rich-c: salut, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: at the adamcon....
rich-c: hugh, Daniel is our games writer - from Quebec City
Judy: better late than not at all
Daniel Bienvenu: like I expected
Pamela: at all? He said he was coming
BobS: formats an ADAM 160k just great with the info on 160k, 8 tracks, etc
hugh: Daniel: what do you write games in? Z80 assembler?
Daniel Bienvenu: partially in assembler, but mostly in C.
hugh: what C compiler do you use (I don't know the z80 compiler choices these days)?
Pamela: Daniel when I spoke to him last, he said he was coming in Thursday, had to go home Friday night, coming back Sunday evening and leaving Monday
Pamela: that was last Friday
Pamela: have you talked to him more recently?
Daniel Bienvenu: Yes, that resume the situation.
Pamela: you'll be fine then
Daniel Bienvenu: Neil will not be there during the best part.
Pamela: I know : (
XubuntuG: Had to install Adobe Flash Player
rich-c: but if you ride down with him you can discuss it then
rich-c: and anyway won't Dale be taping things? or Dr. D.?
Pamela: I'm assuming Dale will be taping wiht Neil's camera
Pamela: or net broadcasting
rich-c: Guy, did you catch the url I posted a few minutes ago?
Daniel Bienvenu: what will be my roommate then?
Pamela: it will still be Neil
Pamela: don't worry, we've got you covered
Pamela: you'll have the room to yourself on
Pamela: Friday and Saturday nights
Pamela: and that way, Neil won't have to carry his stuff back and forth
rich-c: so bring a teddy bear ; - )
Pamela: I'll bet Dale would loan Jeffrey to you if you asked : )
BobS: ya think?
rich-c: I wouldn't count on it
Pamela: or maybe Jillian will loan Dale to you : )
rich-c: not unless he's taken up snoring lately - if so, all bets are off!
Pamela: LOL
Pamela: whoops, we lost Judy
rich-c: I'm not sure Guy is really here, either
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changed username to judy
rich-c: welcome back, judy
Pamela: that's better Judy
judy: thanks, threw me out
rich-c: go out to feed the duck ; - )
Pamela: pew, something's going over in the fridge
judy: no was checking on a book series I was reading and it threw me
rich-c: you must have hit what Pamela calls the daddy key
judy: just found out I read the last in the second series, not real smart
Pamela: whatcha reading, Judy?
rich-c: most work better whe you start from the beginning
Meeka: a book :-P
rich-c: but then many authors don't start at the beginning - like Star Wars
judy: A Handful of Heaven,by Jillian Hart
Pamela: (Pamela wrinkles her nose at Meeka!)
Pamela: author does not ring a bell
Daniel Bienvenu: tomorow... pay day... I will do a check for the room and
Pamela: hey Dad, isn't it beer time?
judy: a series of 15 books and I read # 9
Daniel Bienvenu: the activites and stuff.
judy: not cool
rich-c: juast finished it, Pam - snuck out earlier
Pamela: ah : )
judy: will have to go back and start with #1
Pamela: so make it payable to me Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: is it your birthday pam? or someone else birthday? or I simply put the check in a regular envelop?
Pamela: just think Judy, when you get to number nine you'll understand it better
judy: that is true
rich-c: no, her birthday is about a week after yours, Daniel
Pamela: just a regular envelope : )
judy: just finished Karen Kingsbury books so had to find a new author to read
Pamela: what genre are those Judy? Romance?
judy: no inspirational
Pamela: well I won't be much help then : (
judy: needed something good for the mind and soul
Pamela: Daniel, your birthday is the 18th, correct?
judy: Karens books are great if you like to cry
judy: not so good if you don't
Pamela: speaking of which Dad, I spoke to Kimberly on Monday
Pamela: she was very touched by your note
Pamela: and asked me to thank you
rich-c: yes, seh lost her sister in law - must have been quite young, too
Pamela: she was 45
Pamela: sorry Judy, that was a long and convoluted train of thought
rich-c: that's awful - I can imagine how Art is taking it, and his parents'
judy: that is ok, sorry to hear that, too young to die
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hugh: mentions the last con. maybe you should add the upcoming one (and a citation)
rich-c: I did get the note right back to her after hers arrived, fortunately
changed username to Dale
Pamela: HI Dale
Dale: Hi
Meeka: hi Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, Neil wrote a couple of lines about adamcon in wikipedia.
judy: Hi, Dale
Dale: I didn't manage to get my updated news about the AC20 published though.
rich-c: hello Dale, we have a visitor from Toronto
judy: no, Jillian tonight
XubuntuG: HI Dale
Dale: She's asleep already I guess.
rich-c: Guy, are you paying attention?
Dale: Beavers is over for the year, so I need to build a new routine so that I get on the chat earlier.
Pamela: Judy, Rosemary's husband established a website chronicling her battle with cancer:
judy: ok, that is sad
Dale: Daniel have you set your plans with Neil for AdamCon yet?
Daniel Bienvenu: well... we got news from Neil
Daniel Bienvenu: Pam will explain.
Pamela: hang on Daniel and I will
Daniel Bienvenu: I can travel with Neil, but he will not the with us most of the time.
XubuntuG: I'm here Rich
Dale: So you have your days off confirmed then?
Dale: I got the cartridge cases in the mail okay.
rich-c: oOK Guy copy this url:
rich-c: now go look at it and let me know later
Dale: I'll have to dig around a find that gold pen you wanted for me to buy back in February though.
Dale: Seems like a long time ago that I bought the gold pen.
rich-c: you're making up teh cartridges for Daniel's games, Dale?
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm happy you receive the package.
Daniel Bienvenu: in fact, it's our games
judy: we have a man from our church that is going thru the same kind of thing
Meeka: ok, I gotta go, gotta bring Doug to work in the morning since the van is in the shop
Pamela: Dale, in case you haven't spoken to Neil, this is the story as I understand it:
judy: night Meeka, see you
Meeka: see ya next week
rich-c: OK Meeka, really glad to hear you're coming - take care now
XubuntuG: Bye Meeka]
Pamela: goodnight Meeka - I'm thrilled and I'll forward to receiving your form and your cheque. Remember if it's in US dollars to make it out to Richard Clee
Meeka: k
Meeka left chat session
Pamela: it was terribly tragic Judy
judy: I wrote the website down will have to check it out
Pamela: please do - it's difficult to read, but lovely at the same time
Pamela: anyway back to Neil:
Pamela: he's coming in Thursday evening but will have to leave Friday night to be back in Ottawa for Saturday morning until Sunday at noonish, when he's going to drive back to St. Catharines for the banquet and wrap up
Pamela: so he'll be in the hotel Thursday night and Sunday night only
Dale: I see.
Dale: So the wrong weekend for him I guess.
Pamela: but, because he's sharing with Daniel, he won't have to worry about ferrying his stuff back and forth
Pamela: or paying the cost of a separate room
rich-c: that's going to be a hard drive Ottawa to St. Catharines
Pamela: yes it is
Dale: He's done Ottawa-Pitsburg and other farther road trips recently.
judy: at least he will be around some of the time, better than not at all
hugh: I added to wikipedia page
rich-c: does he even still have a base in Whitby or Brooklin, Dale>\?
BobS: time to go gang
BobS: tis the bewitching hour you know
Pamela: it is, too
Pamela: wow, two hours went by quickly
BobS: make some coffee for the morning, and hit the sack
Dale: Well there's always a place to sleep at my parent's place for sure.
Dale: And that's in Brooklin.
judy: yes, it is so night all until next week
rich-c: neat stuff, hugh - many of us haven't learned the way to add to Wikipedia yet
Pamela: so same reminder for you as for Meeka, Bob
XubuntuG: Well folks, going to quit here. Probably be back on Windows next week. See you all next week
BobS: see you next week
Pamela: goodnight Bob and Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: it's almost time for me to go sleep.
BobS: ok pam
BobS left chat session
hugh: night
judy left chat session
rich-c: OK Bob, Judy, goodnight and take care - see you next week
Pamela: goodnight Guy
Dale: I'll talk to Jillian more about the possibility of cover art.
Dale: Did we ever agree on a name for the collection?
Pamela: Daniel if you have questions send me an e-mail or give me a call
rich-c: OK Guy, see you - do follow that url I gave you
XubuntuG: Poof
hugh left chat session
XubuntuG: Got it
XubuntuG left chat session
rich-c: see we lost hugh too
Pamela: wow, that was quick
Pamela: didn't even get to say goodnight
Pamela: goodnight Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: well, now I know I can travel with Neil. and I think I still have your address because of the pdf file you sent to everybody... the only thing I can ask is if I need to pay more than 400$, I think I asked for 2 t-shirts, but I can't remember.
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit!
Daniel Bienvenu: let's communicate by email.
Pamela: d'accord
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Dale: Well, I guess I didn't get to chat for long this week.
Dale: I'll try to be on earlier next week.
Pamela: well I'm still here for a bit
rich-c: well, we do break up pretty promptly at 11
Dale: I just plain use my computer less in May I think.
Pamela: although it would be nice if I got some sleep for a change
Dale: I have a tour of a farm with Jeffrey's class tomorrow.
Pamela: Dale question about Jeffrey's eating habits
Pamela: I'm assuming he doesn't have an adult appetite yet
Dale: They say it'll be muddy. I haven't decided which shoes deserve to get muddy.
Dale: He usually has salad and some of my entree when we eat at a lot of places.
Dale: So he eats about 1/4 or less of an adult meal.
Dale: most of the time.
Pamela: okay
Pamela: I'm trying to refine his convention costs
rich-c: oh, swhere do swe stand on breakfast, Pam?
Pamela: some of which is the food
Pamela: it's included in your fees Dad
rich-c: I know that, but what are they offering?
Pamela: personally I don't stand on it I eat it, but to each his own . . .
Pamela: hang on to that thought for a moment Dad
Dale: I'd like a picture of Richard standing on his breakfast. It would be great.
Pamela: Dale will you order something separate for Jeff for the banquet?
Pamela: LOL - so would I
Dale: What is the plan for the banquet?
Pamela: choice of five meals all at the same price - but probably way too much food for Jeff
Dale: He would normally just have an appetizer salad and some of my food.
Pamela: okay, let me talk to the catering manager and see if I can't get some pricing with that idea in mind
Pamela: then I can roll those charges into his fees and you won't have any extra charges
Dale: Sounds good to me.
Pamela: me too , makes life simpler
Pamela: and I'll work out something for lunches as well
rich-c: I assume teh breakfast price is separate from the rooms, and won't carry over for the extra days?
Pamela: breakfast price is separate from the rooms Dad, but will be rolled into your fees for the convention days
Pamela: you will have a choice of four different breakfasts
rich-c: yes, I was concerned about the non-convention days - we're on our own, they
rich-c: then
rich-c: but bring our own orange juice?
Dale: My flight to Zurich is currently scheduled for Monday night after AdamCon. But I may yet pay the fees to shift it to Tuesday.
Dale: Jeffrey's kindergarden graduation is supposed to be on the Tuesday at 10am.
Pamela: again, I can ask Debbie about extending the breakfast menu for non convention days and a glass of juice comes with your breakfast
Dale: I booked it an the next day was told Jeffrey's graduation day. :-(
rich-c: oh, I gathered it was juice or coffee but not both
Dale: Is it a hot breakfast?
Pamela: your choice, Dale
rich-c: anyway we are into very light breakfasts and would likely just set thin gs up in our room
Pamela: Dad, I'll have to check the contract and clarify
rich-c: make it much more conveneient when we sleep in
Dale: So whatever Jillian registered me for then I guess. :-D
Dale: No problem.
Dale: What is the name of the hotel again?
Pamela: Dad, lets discuss this on the phone - it's getting too complicated
rich-c: OK Pam, whenever
Pamela: Quality Inn Parkway Hotel, St. Catharines
Pamela: Dale, you'll have your choice each day - a menu will be available shortly
Pamela: and menus will be in your folders
Pamela: okay, now that I have more info on Jeffrey, I'd better head to bed
Pamela: russell's been home for half an hour and I haven't spoken to him yet : )
rich-c: me too - I am definitely running out of steam
Pamela: okay
rich-c: so goodnight to you both
Pamela: Dale if you think of anything else, send me an e-mail
rich-c: and colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
Pamela: well that was quick
Dale: I was just looking at their website
Dale: It looks like a fine choice.
Pamela: it's a nice place
Dale: Good work.
Pamela: thank you : )
Pamela: they have a bowling alley : )
Dale: Well, I'll talk to you later then.
Pamela: okay thanks again
Pamela: I"ll let you know about dollars for Jeff asap
Dale: Sounds good.
Pamela: i'm outta here - goodnight
Pamela: kerpoof
Dale: Then I'll be able to send in those fees for next week.
Dale: bye
Pamela: great
Pamela: kp
Pamela left chat session
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