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I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: test
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: salut, Daniel!
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm on 21:04
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changed username to BobS
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't understand...
Daniel Bienvenu: hello rich
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: mais je ne parle pas du heure
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Bob
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: hello Bob
BobS: aloo all
BobS: why you online @ 8:04 ??????????
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: no, that's teh revision of my OS, Daniel
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changed username to Meeka
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: hi Meeka
Meeka: hello
BobS: hi dear
Meeka: how is everyone
Daniel Bienvenu: ubuntu? 8.04? but it's a beta version, no?
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: just fine this eening, though not looking forward to teh heat
Meeka: FYI dad, Daniel made it here safe and sound tonight
BobS: cool
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: no, it got reeleased a couple of weeks ago, Daniel
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: you folks remember hugh who was on here last week?
BobS: came up with G&G ?
Meeka: yup
BobS: si Richard
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: anyway I was in contact with him because he was offering used floppies on Freecycle and had a 5.25
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BobS: he was into Ubunta
changed username to Judy
Judy: Hello, All
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I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: yes, he is a real prosyletizer
changed username to Pamela
BobS: Pamela !!!!!
BobS: get a check????
Pamela: temporary greetings, all
Meeka: hi pam
Pamela: yes
Meeka: temporary???
Pamela: Bob, got your cheque on tues
Judy: hi, Pam
Meeka: hi mom
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: hi Judy - gatehr your ma loaned you teh laptop, Pam
Pamela: yes, just for a couple minutes
Meeka: ahhh
Pamela: I'm at the parents place
Pamela: can't hog the laptop - this is "Mom" time
Pamela: I'm heading home soon
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: anyway as you noticed hugh is very interested in classic computers - even has an Altair!
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: that even predates the Adam
Judy: meeka went outside this morning and the garden looks great
Meeka: thats good
Meeka: I got all mine planted today
Judy: Put the mulch on so it looks finished
Pamela: anyway just wanted to ask - if Jean shows up and I'm not around, please tell her I got the notice from the post office today that her box has arrived
Meeka: did dad like it too
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: anyway hugh offered to bring over the floppy and, since I'd shown interest, help me install Ubuntu
Pamela: she called to ask yesterday but hadn't gotten the notice yet
Judy: got the afgan, Pam
Pamela: already had the afghan Judy, this is something else
Judy: yes he did
Meeka: cool
Pamela: won't know exactly what till tomorrow
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Pam, I send you my check during monday night, so I support you may not receive it yet.
Pamela: however I suspect it's something we'll need those raffle tickets for so don't forget to pack them
Judy: said it looked a little bare in the spot that we talked of putting the iris's in
Pamela: HI daniel
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: anyway hugh is a Ph.D in computer science, so I got a pretty good setup
Meeka: ya well, we will fix that in a few weeks
Pamela: I suspect it will come tomorrow or Friday, Daniel
Judy: that is what I said
Pamela: I'll send you an e-mail when I receive it
Pamela: anyway Id best go before I get summarily turfed
Pamela: I'll be back when I get home
Judy: Mom and Dad came and looked at it this morning and thought it looked good too
Meeka: ok pam
Pamela: ciao for now
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: anyway just about everyone has sent their cheques now
Pamela: kerpoof
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changed username to Guy B.
Daniel Bienvenu: Guy
Meeka: hello
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: hello Guy - got your cheque and all OK
Guy B.: Greetings!!!! Storms heading towards Chicago tonight
Guy B.: Great Rich
Judy: Hi, Guy
BobS: storms GO AWAY
Meeka: we dont need no more rain
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: we're supposed to have very warm weather and unsettled
Guy B.: All set for the dates. Car is going for some work this Friday
Judy: it was a rotten day today
BobS: si senor
BobS: WIERD weather for a few days
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: we had an overcast, didn't leak though, very chill east wind
Judy: it was cool, rainy, and windy here today
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: so far we have not had the A/C on at all, but had teh furnace on almost every morning
Guy B.: We have been getting a lot of rain last month and looks like this month will be just as stormy
Judy: the furnace went off Monday
Meeka: ours has been off for a bit too
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: fundamentally our furnace is off, just a bit in the mornings
Guy B.: Cubs have won 9 games in a row and going for their 3rd sweep tonight
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: of course we have an electric furnace so it's very flexible
Judy: I almost turned it on this afternoon was chilly in here
Meeka: i didnt really open ours up today so it was comfy in here
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: it was cool here too but I use longjohns and Frances wears a sweater
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: we open teh front door for light but it has the enclosed porch
Judy: I didn't open up the house today either but Mom and DAd came and were really cold, dad had been to vets and was cold in there
Meeka: ahhh
Judy: so we had a hot cappachino
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: yes, us old folks tend to feel the cold more
Meeka: daniel was excited cuz its cooler up here
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: who is this daniel?
Judy: he never has liked the hot
Meeka: my younger brother
Judy: tell him Hi
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: I gather he lives down south sonewhere
Meeka: he is back to live with us for a undetermined lenght of time
Meeka: while he works and goes to college up here
Daniel Bienvenu: the weather seems ok here. we got rain yesterday, partly sunny the rest of the time.
Meeka: my folks have lived in flordia for the last 3 years
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: which college does he plan to attend?
Meeka: davenport
Meeka: going for a computer degree
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: thought thaat was in Iowa, meeka?
Meeka: he is heading down the same career path Doug is on
Meeka: its a michigan school
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: and for tht matter Daniel - he has a masters in computers from Laval
Meeka: i know they have other locations too
Meeka: but it started here
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: it's a college then, not a university
Judy: how was the trip up here?
Guy B.: Lost Bob
Meeka: pretty good
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: who pullled teh plug on Bob? Has he been running a laptop on batttery again?
Judy: ya, his computer decided to go to sleep
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Meeka: they left early tuesday morning, stoped for the night somewhere in tennessee and made it here about 4:30 tonight
changed username to BobS
Guy B.: There he is
Meeka: wb dad
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: welcome back Bobn
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: that's a pretty ambitious drive - how deep were they in Florida?
Meeka: fort meyers
Judy: bet he is a little tired, did he get to drive
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Meeka: they had three drivers Rich, so they could book right along
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: well down on the gulf coast - two or three drivers, then?
changed username to PowerLess
PowerLess: Sup folks?
Meeka: ya, he said he drove a bit
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: well who have we here - someone on the laptop?
Meeka: hello
Guy B.: I bet that's Guy F?
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: might be, but I can't connect the handle with him
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: maybe Montreal has a power outage?
Guy B.: Well let's see who this is?
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: he'll have to give us more of a clue than the handle
Meeka: brb, potty break
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: could be Ron but it's very awkward from where he is - perhaps james?
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm back
Daniel Bienvenu: powerless?
Daniel Bienvenu: someone who need a coleco power supply? or the printer for the adam computer?
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: we haven't managed to figure that out yet, Daniel
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: that's an idea that hadn't occurred - you may well be right
Meeka: back
Meeka: you all were certainly chatty while I was gone
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: you noticed
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, yes, I did a master in computer science, on the subject of imaging, computer vision, but I didn't get too far and try to implement a new algorithm. anyway, I wanted to make my master on coleco programming and they refuse.
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: guess they're saving it all for St. Catharines, now
Daniel Bienvenu: which keywords should I use to find a tool that fill up the end of a file with zeros to match a filesize we specify?
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: academics tend to want more contemporary research at teh graduate level, Daniel
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: I'm sure there's some trick to do it, Daniel, but don't know what it might be
Daniel Bienvenu: well, the actual guys who exploit the coleco name asked me if I can make a colecovision game. so i think it's kind of contemporary. ;-)
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: what would you be looking to do, make the last block fill to the end?
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: contemporary, yes, but maybe a little over-specialized ; - )
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, I need to make a file exactly 8K. and actually it's 7.5K. I can do it manually by using a HEX editor, but I'm sure there is a way to do it in a command line.
Daniel Bienvenu: you know a master that is not over-specialized?
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: that's frustrating because when you program in BASIC it does round off automatically
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: it''s be so long since I looked at the hex code for an Adam program I can barely remember
Daniel Bienvenu: I suppose I will need to program my tool in C++ with a free compiler.
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: well, you're the computer Master's, not me!
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: test
BobS: passed
BobS: :-)
BobS: nobody gots no info for ya'll
Judy: I was just wondering if I got thrown off
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: wondering if there was anyone alive out there
BobS: me neither, cause I worked 13 hrs today
Judy: just not a lot to talk about
BobS: 7am to 8pm sucks
Judy: saving it up for convention
Meeka: ya, i here
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: yes, that is a pretty long day, that's for sure
Judy: we don't want to have nothing to say when we are all together
Meeka: chatting with Daniel also
Judy: did you say hi to him from us
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: oh, he's there with you, then? hi, Daniel!
Meeka: yup
Meeka: he says hi back
Meeka: so did Doug :-P
Judy: is he bigger than last year
Meeka: dont think so
BobS: got to work 13-14 hour days rest of the week ....... then I can have Sun & MOn off
Judy: that is a good thing
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: well, if he sits down on a computer and joins in, remember to have him use a distinctive handle
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: me, I have to go up to Civic Centre and fight a parking ticket
Meeka: lol
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: klutz apparently didn't bother to look at my handicap permity
Judy: ops, sounds bad
Meeka: i'll make him us "mini-Doug" :-) LOL
BobS: plate or hang tag Richard ?
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: we use laminated cards, Bob, about 4 x 6
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: cops have been telling us to put them on the sun visors because otherwise whole cars are stolen to get them
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I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: bet it was some Paki who didn't bother to look up - or didn't know to
changed username to Pamela
Meeka: wb pam
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: hi daughter
Pamela: ty
Pamela: hi, made good time
Guy B.: Hi Pam
Pamela: hi Guy, just gave your cheque to Dad to deposit
Judy: welcome back, Pam
Pamela: so who's in the dark?
Guy B.: He just told me earlier
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: a lurker, hasn't had anything to say
Pamela: ah
Pamela: Bob and Judy, your cheques should get deposited with Guy's shortly too
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: btw Meeka, I found a use for starlings
Pamela: sorry, cheque : )
BobS: we don't care when you get the cash from them
BobS: just as long as you put us down as paid
BobS: <grin>
Pamela: already done : )
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: you are so marked, Bob
Judy: just so you know that we are coming
BobS: target practise
Pamela: I'm counting on it : )
Pamela: expecting you for breakfast on Friday
Judy: looking forward to it
Meeka: ya, i cant wait
Pamela: <big grin>
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: you get you choice of four menus
Pamela: I got the t-shirts today too
Meeka: my "dont foget to pack" list is already a mile long
Pamela: now I just have to finish the logo
BobS: bacon and eggs please
BobS: WITH raisin toast and jelly
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: have to tell Pam about that - she's in charge
Pamela: I'll post menus on the e-mail shortly so everyone is prepared
Pamela: and make sure they're in everyone's kits too
Judy: sounds like a plan
Pamela: oh, kits! gotta go shopping!
Pamela: (note to self: go shopping)
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: we'll be going down early but with the internet connection in the hotel, you'll never know
Meeka: oooo, shoppingh :-P
Judy: you almost ready for us?
Pamela: almost
Pamela: had a look at the calendar on Monday and had a minor panic attack
Pamela: just a minor one though
Pamela: then started madly making to-do lists
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: Pam, I forget to give you the spare power bar tonight - should have reminded me
Pamela: just pack it Dad
Pamela: what you should do though Dad is start looking for the projection screen
Pamela: and when you find it, put it on your packing list
Pamela: remember, we're both going down on Tuesday
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: let me know about cords too, and if you need outdoor weight or if indoor will do
Meeka: how many power bars u need Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm not sure I can produce cartridge at the hotel, so I have to leave now and try to figure out how to solve my "filesize" problem.
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight!
Meeka: Doug says we have three or four around
Pamela: bonsoir Daniel
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: packing list? lists? we're supposed to make lists?
Judy: night Daniel
Meeka: night
BobS: nite Daniel
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: night Daniel, see you next week
Guy B.: Night Daniel
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Guy B.: Ok, Cubs are on. Will stay on of course
Pamela: toss one in Meeka (don't forget to mark it as yours) we can always use them
Pamela: yes Dad, lists are essential if you want to remember everything
Meeka: k
Pamela: although if you forget something it's not tragic - home is only an hour and a half away
Judy: let us know if there is anything you want us to bring, Pam
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: remember? what's this remember stuff? I'm too old for that
Pamela: that's what lists are for! : )
Meeka: thats what the list is for Rich
Meeka: then there is no more remembering
Pamela: just the raffle tickets Judy
Judy: that is too far to go very often, this is supposted to be fun, remember that
Pamela: Bob, have you decided on whether you're presenting?
Judy: yes, we were just talking about that
Pamela: not gonna do it if I can avoid it, Judy
I'm:on:8.04 : (goes to fetch his beer)
Judy: he doesn't have time to prepare anything, he is working an 8 to 8 build
Pamela: and if it's something small I can just ask Erin to throw it into her purse - she's coming down by train after work on Thursday
BobS: Doug and I can poresent our working ide type compact flash card hard drive...............................
Guy B.: I'll be right back. Going to switch computers. I'm on the notebook. Be right back
Guy B. left chat session
Meeka: ya, your already bringing the stuff for that anyway
Pamela: go for it - how much time do you need?
BobS: not mujch, more of a show and tell, discussion type deal
Pamela: I'm starting to worry about space in the car
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Pamela: at this rate, Russell will be sitting on the roof
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Back
Pamela: that was quick Guy
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: don''t forget I have the truck, Pam
Judy: make sure to take a picture of that Pam
Pamela: Jean mailed me a box of something for the ladies - and i don't know what yet
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: and since everyone will have their own cars (almost) I can leave out the third row of seats
Pamela: plus the afghan, plus the t-shirts, plus the printer, plus Russell's luggage, my luggage and Erin's luggage
Pamela: oh, and the computer, of course : )
Guy B.: I was recording on the desktop. Done for now while I watch the Cubs
Meeka: lol, is that all Pam
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: you can discuss with your mother having us take on some of that load
Pamela: oh, I'm not done yet : )
Meeka: we have packed that much in the trunk before
Pamela: only if we don't have enough room Dad
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: since we're going down the same day it can even go in the second seating row
Judy: you can do it we have faith in you, Pam
Pamela: if anyone can do it Judy, I can - I'm a champ at stuffing everything in
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: with your Escape and our truck, I think we'll have fair cargo capacity
Pamela: when Erin moved to her apartment here, we moved all her stuff in the Taurus
Pamela: it was a close run thing - she had to hold the toaster oven on her lap, but we did it!
Pamela: I'm also a stickler about being able to see over the top and out the back
Pamela: if I can't see over it, it's outta there
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: speaking of Erin - no word yet on her papers?
Pamela: she mentioned the other day that she gave more stuff to Rich to submit when he was up last weekend
Pamela: where we go from here I'm not quite sure
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: don't know if that's a good sign or bad
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: hope her contract lasts till she's eleigible to move
Pamela: I think once this last set is in, it becomes a waiting game
Pamela: if it doesn't she has a line on a couple of other positions too
Pamela: both in Labour
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: really? what sort?
Judy: they sure have been waiting a long time
Pamela: issues mgmt I believe
Judy: isn't it almost 2 years now
Pamela: it's two years in August they've been married Judy
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: ho boy, that's a real tar baby right now
Judy: that is what I thought
Pamela: they're both getting frustrated
Judy: and rightfully so
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: at least they only have to deal with Howard Hampton politically and no one takes him seriously
Pamela: heck, even I'm getting frustrated, and I'm not separated from my husband for weeks at a time
Meeka: yayyyyy, done with row 8
Pamela: whatcha making Meeka?
Judy: row 8 of what?
Meeka: crochet tablecloth
Pamela: how many to go?
Meeka: only 5 0r 6 more to go
Pamela: how many feet around?
Judy: that sounds good, Meeka
Meeka: will be a rectangle not a circle
Judy: at least you don't have to start over at this point like I did
Pamela: Lord Judy, that thing took you forever
Meeka: prob about 4.5 rigth now
Judy: ya, but it turned out and I love it
Meeka: i been at it speratically for a year now pam
Judy: the second time was a lot faster than the first
Pamela: so you'll finish it at the convention, right?
Meeka: lol, NOT
Pamela: I'm still working on the same cross stitch projects (something else to pack) - I haven't done anything with them in ages
Meeka: i shooting for by the end of the year
Pamela: just how big is this thing Meeka?
Judy: I am knitting now
Meeka: I will prob bring it, but will more than likely work on a xs as it is smaller
Meeka: approx 4.5 feet long
Pamela: yowch
Pamela: unfortunately, my commute is too short to be worth taking any craft stuff with me
Pamela: used to be I had 35 minutes on the subway each way that I could work in
Pamela: now, it's 17 minutes
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: the GO train is that much faster?
Pamela: oh yeah
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: you get on at the last stop?
Pamela: I can leave work at 5:35 and be walking in the door at home at 6:10
Pamela: nexzt to last
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: on e down at teh Junction?
Judy: that is a good thing, Pam
Pamela: Bloor and Dundas
Pamela: West, Dad
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: that's the Junction
Pamela: that includes walking from the office to the station, taking the train to Weston and driving the six blocks home
Pamela: I thought the Junction was Keele and Annette, Dad
Pamela: or Keele and Dundas
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: yes, I'd figured that
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: no, it's where Bloor and Dundas cross, but actually if you look at a rail map of Toronto you'll see where the name came from
Pamela: well it makes sense
Pamela: actually just norht of there is where the tracks split off in three directions so I know what you mean
Pamela: I love taking the train
Pamela: far more civilized
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: yes, Annette does go under ther tracks there
Pamela: they have one or two of the new locomotives in use already - very sleek looking
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: well, I expect that would be so - I have never been on a GO train
Pamela: first and foremost, no beggars
Pamela: believe me that's a huge plus
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: there's a problem with beggars on the TTC? I hadn't heard
Pamela: if there are forty people around, I'm the one with "ask me" tattooed on my forehead
Pamela: I'm a magnet for the crazies and the talkers
Pamela: eight car subway train and inevitably I get on the one with the nut cases
Judy: thats not cool
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: oh, the crazies and the talkers are usually harmless
BobS: we know how tht feels Pam
Pamela: good then you talk to them : )
BobS: after while you get paranoid
Judy: doesn't make you feel any better though
Pamela: there's none of that on the train
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: mind you, I guess I stopped commuting by TTC sometime in the early 60s - I keep forgetting how times change
Pamela: most of the train population is office workers and business people with a few students thrown in
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: these days I can't go downtown and recognize the place - they've changed everything
Pamela: you see the same people day after day
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: yes, that figures - how do you pay your fare? machine?
Pamela: We were at Dundas and Yonge last summer for some reason for the first time in about five years
Pamela: I didn't recognize the place
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: the Eaton Centre is on one corner, isn't it - but with the facade changed?
Pamela: it's a proof of payment system - you buy a one, two, ten ride ticket or a monthly pass
Meeka: ok, well I gonna go and visit with Daniel, just stopped in here to say hi to everyone
Pamela: if you get a ticket, you validate it at the machine where you get on
Meeka: see ya next week
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: see you, meeka - take care
Pamela: goodnight Meeka
Meeka left chat session
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: tickets are one ride, one way, basically?
Pamela: a ten ride ticket gets you a fare discount of $3.00
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: aren't the fares distance-based?
Pamela: yes, there are fare zones
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: so you set the ticket machine for teh amount you need?
Pamela: single ride fare from Weston to Union is $3.70
Pamela: sorry, $3.85 - just went up
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: so ten ride ticket is $35.50 and good for five round trips?
Pamela: yes
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: no time of day restrictions or such?
Pamela: one ride tickets are sold at a machine or at the ticket booth
Pamela: all others are sold by a person at the ticket booth
Pamela: nope
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: cash only or do they take credit cards?
Pamela: cash, credit, debit
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: it's money, they'll accept it ; - )
Pamela: basically : )
Pamela: hockey season just ended
Pamela: literally
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: some day I must find an excuse to take a GO train, just to find out what it's like
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: Detroit won, then/
Pamela: it's a very pleasant experience
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: that's OK, football camps have just opened
Pamela: yes, the red wings are the Stanley Cup champs
BobS: about time.........
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: games were 3-2 going in so Penguins could not have ended things tonight
BobS: they came onstrong and then lost a fewe
BobS: triple overtime last game.........shees
Pamela: at the very least is shows two really well matched teams, Bob
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: I gave up on hockey long ago - I'm going by the headlines in the papers
Pamela: I gave up on hockey when the fighting started
Pamela: used to be you went to a hockey game and a fight broke out
Judy: Mandy just called and was at the store tonight and the lady behind her in line wanted to pay for her stuff, she was blown away
Pamela: now you go to a fight and a hockey game breaks out
Pamela: sort of a pay it forward thing Judy?
Judy: she was putting together stuff to put in a box to send to her boyfriend in Irac
Judy: yes, you don't expect that type of thing to happen to you, she also wanted to say thank you to Jason
Pamela: Mandy was putting together the box?
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: oh, people know and appreciate the job the troops are doing, judy - it's the bunch that sent them there they hate
Judy: yes, and was asking for some items and told what it was for
Pamela: ah, now I understand.
Pamela: That's lovely.
Judy: she was really impressed
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: yes, those guys need all the support they can get
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: and deserve even more
Judy: yes, he will be gone for a year
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: that's a very long time in a very dangerous place
Pamela: everyone on both sides of the border has been very supportive of the troops
BobS: so, and he his work is with roadside bomb detail
Judy: and the troops feel they need to be there
BobS: don't know jsut what
Pamela: yellow ribbons are popping up like dandylions
BobS: but not a desk job
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: messing with IEDs in any way, shape or form makes your insurance company very nervous
Guy B.: Well folks, will be taking Annie out soon. Will see you all next week
BobS: ok
BobS: Guy
Judy: doesn't sound like a good job to have
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: OK Guy, see you then. Give Annie a pat for us
Pamela: gnite Guy, until next week
Judy: night Guy
BobS: hope it is not raining
Guy B.: Still south. Ok, I'm off
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: I believe there is to be a slight clearing trend as the week progresses
Pamela: Russell just said all his alarm activity died at 8:00 when the hockey game started
BobS: bout 30% chance of showers thru the week
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: should be interesting for the Grand Prix in Montreal this weekend
Pamela: I just hope it doesn't rain on Friday evening
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: yes, I can believe that, Pam!
Pamela: the rest of the weekend is supposed to be clear both here and in Windsor
Pamela: Dad did Mom tell you Erin and I are heading to Windsor this weekend?
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: better double check on Environment Canada, Pam - it isn't that clearcut
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: let's say tehre's no long, continuous rain in the forecast
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: yes, she did mention it, Pam
Pamela: Russell is looking forward to having the house to himself for the weekend
BobS: well kids.....time to go to bed here too.......morning comes early and long here
Judy: well, it is time to call it a night, night all
BobS: so we see ya's next week
Pamela: goodnight Bob and Judy
Judy left chat session
BobS left chat session
Pamela: and to you
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: OK people - see you next week
Pamela: well Papa, thanks again for your assistance today
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: my pleasure Pam
Pamela: and i do apologize for the parking ticket
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: you had n othing to do with it - I will vent my wrath on City Hall
Pamela: still . . . : )
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: I do my dumping whre dumping is deserved (or at least try to)
Pamela: I will try to get your cheque deposited tomorrow
Pamela: please don't let the US cheques sit too long
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: whenever - it will make your mother happier to have it clear the books
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: no, we will deal with them soon
Pamela: okay
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: anyhow, nitey-night, daughter
Pamela: I'll send an e-mail from Windsor when we arrive. If you need to send me a message, send it to my g-mail account
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: OK
Pamela: and I'll have my cell phone for urgent stuff
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: right
Pamela: I'll talk to you early next week
Pamela: goodnight Daddy
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: OK will await it
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: night now
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
I'm:on:8.04 : I'm:on:8.04: colour me gone
I'm:on:8.04 left chat session
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