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BobS: hi Guy
BobS: lonely??????
Guy B.: Hi Bob
Guy B.: Just got here
BobS: me too
BobS: hot hot hot
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BobS: today was a humid bugger and 85 here
BobS: YO Daniel
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BobS: how are ya????
changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi ya.
BobS: Dale TOO
BobS: Hi dale
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Bob, Dale and GuyB
BobS: ready for convention?????
Dale: Why is everyone on so early.
BobS: tis 9pm
Guy B.: Hi Dale and Daniel
Dale: Well, I don't know but it's soon.
Daniel Bienvenu: ready? not yet... but I'm working on it.
BobS: actually 9:02
BobS: Richard shoulda been here already
Dale: And next wednesday I'll be at Walking with Dinosaurs Live! Tour.
BobS: where's that?
BobS: and what is it?
Dale: That's at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto.
BobS: close to home
Dale: It is on in Toronto Wednesday-Sunday duing AdamCon.
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale, will you send me a new version of Get Booty before the convention or I will have to bring my solder iron at the hotel to make the cartridges live?
Dale: I want to send at least one before the convention.
Dale: Will you be able to bring your programmable cart? I somehow haven't bought one yet.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm working on the graphic menu tonight, and I need to know which size will be your game in the cartridge? I think it's actually under 6K, maybe 5K.
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Dale: Well last time you said it shouldn't change too much. Let me check it.
changed username to rich-c
Daniel Bienvenu: I have my eprom programmer... somewhere... I have to search for it, because it's not pluged already.
Guy B.: Hi Rich
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rich-c: good evening all
changed username to Pamela
Daniel Bienvenu: hi pam, Rich
Guy B.: HI Pam
BobS: goday mate Richard
Pamela: allo / bonsoir
rich-c: ah Pam, you did get on!
BobS: hi Pamela !!!!!
Dale: Yup, it is still <5k I guess.
Pamela: internet came up while I was talking to John
rich-c: did you talk gto Jhn or are you on dialup, Pam?
Pamela: no DSL
Pamela: I told him of all the nights not to be on this is NOT it
Dale: The current version is 4530 bytes.
Dale: And fixing those last few bugs it should be <5k still.
rich-c: so you are on with DSL then?
Pamela: yes
rich-c: wonder what was bugging your line - we are fine, been on all day
Daniel Bienvenu: Well Pam, I don't know who will get me to the airport, but I'm happy to be able to go to the convention again.
Pamela: I'm thrilled that you're able to fly Daniel
Dale: The local electronics component store has 27c256 DIP eproms for $6 each.
Pamela: someone will be there, rest assured
Dale: Does that sound okay?
Daniel Bienvenu: So, when I posted my check, I did a mistake on the envelop or it simply goes to the wrong address by mistake?
rich-c: well, there will certainly be someone to pick you up in Hamilton and take you there after, Daniel
Pamela: mistake on the envelope - it's M9N, you had M6N
Pamela: that's okay, it got here
Pamela: and by the way Daniel, I loved the card - I'm bringing it with me so everyone can see it : )
rich-c: the post office never pays any attention to the postal codes anyway
Daniel Bienvenu: it's expensive, Dale. Let me check if the eprom programmer can handle teh 27256
BobS: you ready for next week Pam ????????
Dale: Well they are willing to negotiate on the price, if I buy a bunch at once.
Pamela: pretty much, Bob
Dale: How much should I pay?
BobS: BTW, remind me take the raffle tickets via EMAIL
Pamela: okay
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changed username to Judy
BobS: made my list of things to bring, but think I forgot the tickets onthat list.........
Judy: Hi, everyone
rich-c: Pam and Russell are going down early, on Tuesday. Frances adn I plan to, too
Guy B.: Hi Judy
rich-c: welcome aboard, Judy
BobS: we are still planning on Thurs midnight and arival for breakfast
Pamela: Done : )
Pamela: Hi Judy
BobS: oh, and we willb e bringing a friend also.....hope it is not too late, but Adam will come too
rich-c: by that time we should eb well ensconced
Judy: ya, who sleeps in the night
Pamela: couple things you should know Bob
BobS: he doesn't take too much to keep him happy
BobS: oh oh, sounds serious
Pamela: your best trip is through Sarnia rather than Detroit
Daniel Bienvenu: Each time, maybe I was lucky, I did pay approx 2$ each 27c256 eeprom chip, and they came from old PC motherboards (bios was stored in these kind of chip).
Dale: I'm not sure when we will be arriving. I'm still thinking of doing a "1 hour car rally" starting at 4pm for Jeffrey's school.
BobS: planning on that
rich-c: long as the hotel is pet-friendly
BobS: thru Lansing to Sarnia, onto 401 to St Catherine's
Dale: Wow, $2 each? Really. But they all need to be erased first. Interesting.
Pamela: I 75 is apparently under construction through Detroit. Hwy 401 is under construction for about 1/2 hour outside Windsor. And, they've closed the Tilbury rest stop for reconstruction
Pamela: so you're better to come through Sarnia, take 402 to 401
rich-c: actually you'll get 402 at Sarnia, pick up 401 and the traffic at London
Pamela: and take 403 outside Woodstock towards Brantford, Hamilton and Niagara
rich-c: then you'll turn off that onto the 403 for St. Catharines so you don't go near Toronto
Judy: that is the way we were planning on traveling
Daniel Bienvenu: amd am27256, Fujitsu mbm27256, Intel D27256, Thomson M27256. These are the models EPROM 27256 I can burn with the eprom programmer.
Pamela: Guy, are you paying attention?
Pamela: Your reminder e-mail has been sent Bob
BobS: 25 lot on Ebay Auctions of the eprom chips currently @ $17 - used; erased
Pamela: Guy!
Judy: must be he is not
rich-c: Guy never pays attetnion, Pamela
BobS: always chatting with some female......................
Dale: I think they have 75 of the amd27256 but I can't remember if those were tubes if 6 or singles.
Judy: not a good idea
rich-c: yeah, often enough named Annie - or watching the ball game
Pamela: brb, gonna go get my dinner
Daniel Bienvenu: amd am27c256, asi smj27c256, atmel at27c256r, cypress 27c256, cypress 27c256t, fairchild fm27c256, fairchild nm27c256, fairchild nmc27c256, fujitsu mbm27c256a, hitachi hn27c256a, hn27c256g, hn27c256h
Dale: Last time I went through Detroit, it was very efficient.
rich-c: is there any chip in that series your burner can't handle, Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: you can't erase 27256 chips, it's "one shot"
Dale: So if they already have a bios on them, then how did you put your game on them too?
Pamela: back
Daniel Bienvenu: they are chips my eprom programmer can handle.
Pamela: where's Meeka tonite?
BobS: but they have to be written too ?????
Dale: So 27c256 isn't the right thing to get then?
Judy: welcome back, whats for dinner
Pamela: sirloin pot pie
Daniel Bienvenu: I bought an eraser that uses UV light with teh 27c256 (the C between 27 and 256 means it must be reset by using UV).
BobS: ah HA
Pamela: microwaveable : )
Judy: don't know was talking to her earlier today
rich-c: we have to find a way to introduce these folks to some of the Presidents Choice goodies, Pam
Pamela: oh yeah
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't contacted Neil directly about my travel by plane rather than using bus to ottawa.
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Pamela: altho this one is Master choice
changed username to Meeka
BobS: hi meeka
rich-c: maybe have some PC Dexcadent Choolate Chip cookies in the meeting room?
Pamela: there she is
Guy B.: Hi Meeka
Pamela: Hi Meeka
Meeka: hello
rich-c: hey, Guy is here, Pam
Pamela: we were just talking about you Meeka
rich-c: welcome Meeka
Pamela: that's not a bad idea, DAd but we're not supposed to have outside food in the meeting room
Dale: Well, he'll want to know where he's meeting you Daniel.
Dale: He came to Brooklin on the weekend to see the Brooklin Spring Fair.
Pamela: means we'll have to find a way to disguise our Coke (the hotel is Pepsi)
Daniel Bienvenu: the actual eeproms I have in stock, and erased with my uv eraser thing, are nmc27c256q
Pamela: and put our nibbles in generic containers
rich-c: if Daniel is going to fly, why does he have to meet Neil?
Meeka: good things I hope Pam
Pamela: do you want me to send him an e-mail Daniel?
Pamela: always Meeka : )
Judy: hi Meeka
Dale: Daniel where are you flying to?
Daniel Bienvenu: I hope he will not suddently change is mind about going to the adamcon.
Meeka: hi mom
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm flying to Hamilton... I sent details to Rich (at least)
Dale: He is going to AdamCon, and will have to go back to Ottawa for Saturday.
Dale: He was looking forward to travelling with you. Oh well.
Judy: we are sitting outside and the wren is singing away
Guy B.: Cubs are winning 7-0
rich-c: Daniel has his flights booked for Thursday and Monday - Air Canada to Hamilton, via Montreal
Pamela: yes he's putting a lot of mileage on the car that weekend, Dale
Judy: so glad to hear the hawk just flew in and landed in the rose busy right next to the tree the wren house is in
Judy: thought that he may have gotten the wren
Pamela: oops
Daniel Bienvenu: Yeah, it was the plan, but my father wanted to offer me a gift for my birthday and he said "why not traveling by plane?" so he gave me air miles points to pay my tickets 100$ rather than 600$. and 100$ is less than Bus to Ottawa and then gas to Niagara falls.
Meeka: thats good then
rich-c: that is really neat, Daniel, and I think you will enjoy the flight
BobS: COOL Daniel
Judy: was quite a sight to see, but don't want to lose the birds
rich-c: do you change planes in Montreal or does the flight just stop there?
Meeka: send him my way, I have plenty of squirles and rabbits for him
Daniel Bienvenu: I hope Neil will forgive me to not pay part of the gas like it was planned.
Pamela: the nice thing, Daniel will save himself quite a bit of travel time by flying - unfortunately it means he won't get to spend as much time with Neil
BobS: thos one prefers small birds
BobS: he is a snacker Meeka
Judy: went out to find mom a feeder for dad for fathers day that won't allow squirles
rich-c: we have a hawk seems to have taken up residence in the neighbourhood lately
Pamela: Dale, with this development, do you think Neil will want to come back on Sunday?
Meeka: any luck
Judy: called Wild Bird, they had one for $129.95
rich-c: Frances got a picture of him sitting on teh back fence about a month ago
Judy: she said no way
Judy: yes, found one for 19.95
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale, because soldering means toxic vapors, I need to do this not inside the hotel... and I may have to bought a brand new one to avoid too much problems at the security airport
rich-c: I guarantee, Judy, it will not defeat the squirrels. Neither will the more expensive one
rich-c: the only difference is how long it takes them to shew their way in
BobS: put the soldering iron in your checked bag Daniel
Judy: yes, the expensive one does, my sister has one
Daniel Bienvenu: I always need 2 solder iron ... well, those I have are cheap and I have to replace the iron or bought a new one.
Pamela: perhaps not a good idea Bob - it's a slow burning intense heat source
BobS: for $130 it comes with a security guard
Judy: it is called a Yankee Spinner
BobS: but it won't be plugged IN Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: The hard part is all the pcbs to be in the cartridges.
Daniel Bienvenu: I have to bring them with me.
Daniel Bienvenu: otherwise, no cartridge for the adamcon
Pamela: yes but that's the sort of thing that makes security nervous
Judy: spins the squirles right off
rich-c: you will be flying only in Canada, Daniel - most of our security people are more or less sane
BobS: NONE anyuwhere are sane Richard
BobS: they are aLL nuts
Pamela: Guy, did you see the info I posted earlier about Detroit?
rich-c: I did say more or less, Bob - you see few stories from Canada on
Daniel Bienvenu: a solder iron, they may think it's a futurist weapon, but pcbs...
Judy: is all clouding up
BobS: Detroit.......MOtown.......Piston City...........//construction........
Guy B.: No, where was it?
rich-c: what are pcbs, Daniel?
Judy: Meeka, the butterflies just came on
Meeka: cool
Pamela: I just mentioned to Bob that he should come through Sarnia rather than Detroit
Pamela: have you decided which way to come?
BobS: there was construction in central Detroit when we were there last year
Daniel Bienvenu: the little circuits to put the chip (that contains the game ) to be in the cartridges I sent by post to Dale.
BobS: well.......priority type mail to Sale would not be problem..........
BobS: Dale
BobS: correct?????
rich-c: right, the circuit boards - yes, mailing them likely was a good idea
Meeka: brb, need a drink
Pamela: apparently I75 is so torn up they're detouring people through the city
BobS: was then also
BobS: and NOT pretty
Daniel Bienvenu: the other solution is, if Dale can bring my stock to the convention, I ship all the pcbs tomorow by mail... and I will be free to use the airplane
Guy B.: I have the map up of the route.
Pamela: Garth went over to Ann Arbour on Saturday night and told me about it when he got back
Pamela: are you coming through the US or Canada Guy?
rich-c: well the Lansing - Port Huron -402-401-403 route is much easier driving and far less traffic
Guy B.: I would be coming through Michigan
rich-c: he's using the same route as the Slopsemas, Pam
Guy B.: According to the directions, I take I-94 to I-69
Pamela: so come through at Sarnia, take 402 to the 401, then 403 exits just past Woodstock down to Brantford, Hamilton and Niagara Falls (and St. Catharines)
Guy B.: Then to the I-94/-I-60 east ramp which then changes to Hwy 402 Blue Water Bridger
Guy B.: Bridge
Daniel Bienvenu: well, there still the eeproms to bring too... well, I suppose I can put them with the pcbs in a box and ship them all to Dale... or maybe Pam, or maybe the hotel if they are more sane than the airport.
rich-c: St. Catharines is actually on the Queen Elizabeth Way but if you get to 403 and the QEW, you're in
Pamela: that works
Pamela: Guy
Pamela: Daniel if you can ship them to the hotel directly c/o me, we can store them till you arrive on Thursday
Guy B.: Yep, that what is says on the directions
BobS: roight mate
Pamela: I can let the hotel know the package is coming
rich-c: Daniel, don't worry - you just have small stuff anyway, though circuit boards do make security nervous when they x-ray
Guy B.: By the way. Got more work done on the car, so it's pretty well set
Pamela: good to know Guy
BobS: zig round the square, then take a left and a right thern be straight...........
Pamela: dosey do and allemande left
Guy B.: New brakes, fuel injectors and a new battery. Going to check the tires next
Guy B.: Just turned 47000 miles
rich-c: I just had my a/c and exhaust gaskets done - over a kilobuck with the new condenser
Judy: Doug and Meeka had some work done on there van, that we are taking so we are all set, also
Daniel Bienvenu: To be sure to not make any mistake, can you please give me the "TODO" list and the correct address to ship my electronic stuff and then avoid "probably" minutes of problems at the security?
Guy B.: I'm recording some more music to burn, so I can listen to them on the way
Guy B.: Oh, I'll have somewhat a surprise for you all. It's involving my Cochlear Speech processor
rich-c: Daniel, check with the Post Office but you may find an Expresspost envelope will do the job for you
Judy: didn't know that it was a speech processor
Pamela: Daniel, I'll send you an e-mail with the proper hotel address and how to address the box
Daniel Bienvenu: The last time I did sent my stuff to where a convention was done (in usa), my stock was simply put aside by the hotel and when the people in charge of the convention was leaving the hotel, they saw the box... but too late for the convention.
Guy B.: It is. The implant is was surgically implanted
rich-c: well, all you need is a "hold for arrival" address label and teh front desk will have it waiting
rich-c: you can even send it to yourself at the hotel that way
Daniel Bienvenu: I prefer to send it to the person in charge of the convention.
Pamela: that would be me : )
Judy: \then it isn't just a hearing device
rich-c: don't worry anyway Daniel, remember all of us will be online at the hotel and checking our email while we are there
Pamela: I just spoke to the hotel (I LOVE having DSL!) Daniel it's fine to mail the box and I'll send you an e-mail outlining exactly what the label should say
rich-c: yes, since Pamela will be there two days early it should be easy
Daniel Bienvenu: I will need the phone number, to call when I will be at Hamilton airport.
rich-c: she can even send you an email saying it has arrived if it gets there in time
Pamela: however I recommend that you send it as fast as possible and get it off tomorrow if you can in order to ensure that it arrives on time
Pamela: Daniel I'll put my cell number in the e-mail as well
Daniel Bienvenu: I will prepare the electronic stuff tonight to ship it early in the morning... in express if needed.
Pamela: make sure you print it off and take it with you in your wallet
rich-c: Daniel, if you get stuck, my cellphone number is 416-399-6541
Pamela: writing the e-mail now - be right back
rich-c: I normally leave it off but will turn it on when your flight is due in Hamilton
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale still online with us? ... Normally I'm the one almost quiet during chat sessions.
Dale: I'm here.
rich-c: the only question is which of us will pick you up at the airport - we are all interested in seeing it
Dale: I'm just distracted. But I'm following.
rich-c: just make sure we all know the number of your flight
rich-c: do you change planes in Monteal or go straight through?
Judy: there we are back inside
Judy: the mosquitos were coming
rich-c: ah yes - last thing we need at rthis point is a case of West Nile virus
Pamela: There, it's done, Daniel
Judy: I already have two bites of some kind
Pamela: Dale, I'm having trouble finding a t-shirt for Jillian. Any suggestions?
Dale: Hmm...
Dale: Not really.
Dale: Either you can find it or you can't.
Pamela: well if worse comes to worst, hers will be a slightly different colour than the rest
Pamela: I'm not completely out of ideas yet
Pamela: does anyone have any suggestions for an alternate to Photoshop?
Dale: Have you tried It is quite good.
BobS: no
BobS: maybe Meeka does
Pamela: is that online Dale?
Dale: Err:
rich-c: for what, Pam? is it something Irfanview can do or do you need Ultimate Paint?
Daniel Bienvenu: opensource GIMP is more a paintshop than photoshop, and someone did a "photoshop look" to use GIMP with a "photoshop look'n feel" interface, but it's not exactly what you are looking for.
Pamela: I suppose I could try using Powerpoint
Meeka: i use mgi photosuite for most of my simple editing
Pamela: the most difficult part is superimposing the flags on the picture of Niagara
rich-c: Pam, phone me later, I have lots
Dale: I like GIMP, but the Windows version requires a little more work installing than the average user is willing to do.
Pamela: what about Picasa?
Daniel Bienvenu: wait a minute, I did send some details with hours about my "plane travel".
Pamela: yes you did Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: picasa is most to adjust and manage pictures
Dale: Or if you want to make more of a drawing than a painting I quite like
rich-c: no, it's very awkward to use,, and dangerous as well - unless you want your picture on the side of a bus
Dale: It's awesome.
Daniel Bienvenu: inkscape? it's drawing with vectors, right?
Dale: Right.
Dale: It is like Adobe Illustrator.
rich-c: yes, Dale, but have you read the EULA? Use Picasa and you sign away ownership of your pictures
Pamela: anyone know Powerpoint?
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't have a cellphone, so I will use a public phone with some quarters to try contacting you when I will be at the air port.
Meeka: i only have very basic skills with it pam
rich-c: no, although there is a Linux equivalent that's been ported to Windows - I have it somewhere
Pamela: we will try to be there before you land Daniel
Pamela: making a phone call unnecessary
rich-c: you wont need to Daniel, if we have the flight number we will be waiting in the concourse
Daniel Bienvenu: I wonder if there is any french service at the Hamilton airport...
Pamela: However, do send me the flight numbers please
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rich-c: in fact if security allows we will be right outside teh baggage pickup door
Roberto: "solly cholly, gonna hibernate now"
Pamela: ya gotta talk more, Bob : )
rich-c: Pam, is Hamilton an international airport?
Roberto: ok
Pamela: I have no idea
Pamela: Daniel. do you have your flight number handy?
Pamela: oh, and which airline
Meeka: well we took Daniel down to see the admissions guy at davenport tonight
Pamela: how did it go Meeka?
rich-c: yesa, and airports are run by independent authorities - still, I'm sure Hamilton has service in French
Roberto: and??????
Dale: Richard, what are you talking about Picassa? I've never used picassa as far as I know.
Pamela: Ron uses it
rich-c: it's an Air Canada flight Pam, he did say that
Daniel Bienvenu: AC7885 ... well, it the number I've got in the confirmation form.
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Meeka: good, sounds like Doug is seriously talking about going back for a second batchelors degree also
changed username to Judy
rich-c: OK send that to us by email - that is how we will find you at the airport
Pamela: thanks Daniel
Roberto requested to ban Judy
Judy confirmed ban
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rich-c confirmed ban
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Bob, Judy
Pamela confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
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Roberto requested to ban Judy
Pamela confirmed ban
Dale confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
changed username to JudyS
Meeka confirmed ban
JudyS: back again
Meeka: wb
JudyS: phone rang and computer went to sleep
Daniel Bienvenu: in exactly 7 days, it's my birthday.
rich-c: as soon as you have got your luggage, Danilel, just walk to the public area outside of the security perimeter
Dale: Happy Birthday in 7 days Daniel.
Dale: :-D
rich-c: one of us will be there and maybe quite a bunch
Pamela left chat session
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changed username to Pamela
Pamela: I think I just found the Daddy button
rich-c: those who can meet you include Frances and I, Pam and Russell, and Ron
JudyS: is it that time of the night
rich-c: I don't think Jean will be up to it as she does not know the area
Roberto: WHAM !!!! and you are off
Pamela: I think I knocked myself off, Judy
Roberto: that mean you are expired ?
JudyS: my computer did it
Pamela: nope, just klutzy : )
Pamela: my mouse pad is way too sensitive
rich-c: guess I better get my beer for reinforcement
Pamela: drives me nuts and connecting a regular mouse doesn't disable it
Pamela: I'm forever brushing it with my thumb or my bracelet
JudyS: we were just talking about hybernating and that is what it did
Pamela: usually doesn't knock me off but it did this time
Meeka: mom, did you catch the comment about your son going back to college
Roberto: yes we did
JudyS: no, what is that about
Roberto: for what 2nd degree?
Meeka: for a 2nd batchleors degree
JudyS: in what
Pamela: a second bachelors rather than a master, Meeka?
Meeka: computers of course :-P
JudyS: what would that do for him?
Meeka: yes Pam, thats what he says
Dale: Pam, is there a written schedule yet?
Pamela: not yet Dale, I was going to work on that this weekend. Any preferences, besides Sunday afternoon?
Meeka: could possibly get more money
JudyS: P and C will pay for it, won't they?
Dale: I like my talks to be spread out, and not on Friday morning if possible.
Dale: Neil was saying that his topic would be Friday sometime, since he'll be away Saturday and much of Sunday.
Pamela: I'll have to schedule Neil on Friday anyway, its the only day he has
Meeka: but he can get remeburse through wook for a lot of it as long as he passes the couse with a certian grade point
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm sure people will not want to stay inside during hours a friday morning to listen to my speech about coleco sounds... it's too technical.
rich-c: I am surprised that he would not find a masters more advantageous
Meeka: I think a lot of it is having someone to go through classes with/studdy buddies
Pamela: you want six hours right Dale?
JudyS: are there that many classes that he can take that he doesn't already know?
Meeka: masters is more work, batchelors is easier to get
Dale: Well, 3-6 hours.
Dale: But I was hoping to know ahead of time how much to prepare.
Dale: I was going to be preparing between now and Monday.
JudyS: how many classes would he have to take?
Meeka: yes, and some of them he can take as a refresher class in the new pieces since he went through
Dale: Thursday I'm off work, but I'll certainly be packing all day.
rich-c: I suspect Dale you'd better set up for six - it's easier to cut back than load on
Pamela: You let me know how much time you need and I'll schedule accordingly. So, how much work do you want to do?
Pamela: I also have Neil,
Daniel Bienvenu: go for 6 hours
Dale: I have a variety of things to talk about.
Dale: What's going on on Saturday?
Pamela: Daniel, Ron, Guy and Rich on the schedule.
Pamela: Bob, you too?
Dale: When is the off site event?
Pamela: in the afternoon on Saturday
Dale: Daniel votes for 6 hours.
Dale: So I'll have 4 topics I think.
Dale: Neil could go for 1 or 2 hours. He hasn't told me a preference.
Guy B.: I've got to start mine.
rich-c: put teh heavy ones early in the morning, since us old folks likely won't need them anyway
Daniel Bienvenu: I like listening to some tutorial stuff in video format. I did watch Dr.D. dvd about graphics two times in a row... to finaly find a mistake, but it's ok. ;-)
rich-c: when Neil gets wound up on Coleco history, it's better if he had two hours to work with
Pamela: Bob? Am I putting you on the schedule?
rich-c: how about Murray? is he doing anything?
Pamela: aside from the ANN meeting, of course
JudyS: Meeka, how did your basement fair with all the rain we have had?
Pamela: um . . . lemme check
Roberto: only as a fill in Pam....we will bring along the compact flash "hard drive" system........
Meeka: i think him and doug were going to do an info session on the hard drive thing pam
Dale: Murray requires a couple of months to prep his talk in my experience.
rich-c: we have to see that, Bob
Meeka: it is a bit damp agian, but not as bad as this spring
Roberto: AND, did not5 Doug get a sparc drive working with the ADAM as well??????? working thru the same principle as the compact flash?????
rich-c: I assume if Murray isn't signed up now, he isn't going to be
JudyS: did you ever get the guy to come out to give you a price on eves
Pamela: Murray didn't say anything about presenting but I can squeeze him in if I have to
Meeka: ya, one of the three has shown up so far
Meeka: they said about 200 installed
JudyS: not real eager to work are they?
rich-c: you don't have any eavestroughs, Meeka?
Meeka: dont know dad, you would have to ask him
Meeka: guess not
Meeka: dont have any on the back of the garage
Pamela: why do we not have any women on the agenda???
Meeka: and its causing water problems in the basement
JudyS: he thought that sounds about right
rich-c: we';re waiting for your presentation, Pam
Pamela: not me, I'm the host
Pamela: I have enough to do thanks
Roberto: price sounds about right Meeka
rich-c: excuses, excuses
JudyS: cause you have to have a computer brain
Pamela: and besides, I am on the agenda - as keynote
Pamela: so there (nyah, nyah)
rich-c: I don't think Jean is up to it, but maybe your mother could show Logo again
Pamela: she says, maturely
Daniel Bienvenu: At whiteby, I talked too much, and then we didn't had the funny contest that was scheduled after. I don't know if there is any funny contest in the current schedule, but I think it should be fun to add one.
Pamela: only if she's feeling up to it Dad
JudyS: there you go, a lady on the agenda, takes the pressure off the rest of us
Dale: I told Jill that she has to present
Meeka: :-)
Dale: But she says that her last topic was stupid...
Pamela: no it wasn't Dale
Pamela: 'twas very interesting
Guy B.: Cubs Win Final 7-2
Dale: I said that it was cool.
Pamela: Dale, you're bringing the projector, correct?
Dale: But I'm not sure if she bought into it. :-D
Dale: My projector.
Pamela: please
Dale: It'll be there with bells on.
Pamela: otherwise we're sunk
Dale: Sunk?
Pamela: Dad, have you found the projection screen yet?
rich-c: down with all hands
Dale: blub blub blub.
JudyS: we will all be looking for the bells, then
Dale: ^G^G^G
Dale: (ASCII BEL character is Control+G)
Daniel Bienvenu: I've just catch sunk... thanks Dale. :-)
Dale: ;-)
rich-c: I am right noqw physically looking at it (or actually the box it is in)
Pamela: good, thank you
Pamela: now if everyone packs a power bar and heavy duty extension we're rocking
rich-c: I also haVE A NOTE ON THE CALENDAR
JudyS: are you staying calm, Pam?
rich-c: oops, sorry, didn't mean to shout
Pamela: I doubt we'll need them all but it's better to be safe than sorry
Meeka: i have two or three power bars on my list
Pamela: so far, Judy
Meeka: whatever I can find when I pack
Pamela: but it's like the wedding - I will likely melt down on Monday : )
JudyS: good for you, it will be great
rich-c: I have one power bar and can look for an HD cord - I gather an indoor cord won't do?
Pamela: my car will be packed to the gills
Pamela: we may need a three prong Dad, hence the outdoor
Pamela: don't forget to mark your cords and power bars, everyone
rich-c: I'll check for three-prong indoor (I also have a cheater but the hotel would not like that)
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Daniel Bienvenu: Now, I wonder when in the schedule I will find time to solder a couple of eproms into cartridges, and where I will be able to do that.
changed username to BobS
Pamela: I have faith in you Daniel
rich-c: don't worry Daniel, there will be free time and likely a place to work too
Meeka: durring the general "oh sh-t this is working, please pause for repairs" session LOL
Pamela: LOL Meeka
Meeka: isnt working ****
Pamela: Bob, you're bringing an ADAM?
rich-c: you have been to an Adamcon, Daniel - you know they work, somehow
BobS: ya
Daniel Bienvenu: I have no power bar I can bring... or I will have to turn of my desktop computer during my vacations... that is not good because I use it as a digital tv recorder during its free time.
Pamela: okay I'll need to make sure there's a place to set it up
JudyS: have to have one there
Pamela: don't worry Daniel, we should have enough to cover
rich-c: don't worry about it, Daniel - just arrive with what YOU need, we can handle the rest
rich-c: if worst comes to worst there's likely a Canadian Tire within walking distance
Dale: I probably have 4 perminant AdamCon powerbars.
rich-c: if you have a laptop, Daaniel, feel free to bring that
BobS: RIGHT !!!! and I can bring my Canadian Tire money !
Pamela: wow, that's perfect Dale
Dale: That are always ready to go along with my hub and many ethernet cables.
Meeka: i got some of that too
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I will need my laptop, some clothings, money, a toothbrush, and a couple of things I will not send already to the hotel.
Pamela: you can have my .90 cents worth : )
rich-c: since we're on wireless I don't think we will need the network cables
Meeka: i think i have a whole two bucks worth now
Pamela: wow, how did you manage that Meeka?
Meeka: doesnt hurt to have a couple though rich
Pamela: which reminds me I need to make a trip to Crappy Tire
rich-c: I don't even want to think about the extra stuff I have to bring (meds, machines, etc.)
Meeka: one of the last canadian ac's we picked some up i think
Pamela: Dad will you need help packing the van?
Dale: Well, there is always some reason that the wireless might not work well for at least some people.
rich-c: no but we may have some spare space if you need some
Pamela: I may take you up on that : ) We'll see
rich-c: remember stuff can always be put under and on the walker
Pamela: between my luggage, Russell's, Erin's, the printer, the computer, the two boxes from Jean and assorted amusements, I'm gonna be packed
rich-c: well, we should have room for lots and lots of overflow if needed
Pamela: thank goodness for folding seats
Pamela: I also need to remind Erin to be packed by Monday night
rich-c: as long as your mother doesn 't insist on bringing her whole wardrobe, of course
Meeka: mom, you busy tomorrow
Pamela: oh please, Mom packs the lightest of any of us, including Russell
Pamela: oh yes, let us not forget the T-shirts as well
Daniel Bienvenu: I will need to bring my colecovision to test the cartridges... I can't just solder the chip and put the circuit in the cartridge, I have to test them... ho well, I will bring my console.
JudyS: no, just have to go to the grocery store
rich-c: we will likely be able to take the computer, printer, Jeans' boxes with no trouble
Pamela: nah, we should be okay
Pamela: you'd be amazed at how much I can cram into the back of the truck
Meeka: k, i was thinking i would stop by, i have to go to hobby lobby and jcpennies
rich-c: likely I can cope with those as well - it's very negotiable, Pam
JudyS: will see you then
Pamela: BTW Bob Judy and Meeka, I asked the hotel about getting you into your rooms when you arrive on Friday morning - they're going to do their best
rich-c: yes, but remember I have a pukka truck with good loading doors - and can afford to have the inside view blocked
rich-c: it was built to carry cargo with no interior mirror anyway, so to speak
JudyS: that would be great, Pam
Pamela: we'll see Dad, I'll know by Monday night
Daniel Bienvenu: my actual colecovision uses rca cables rather than the rf-switch.
Pamela: if we can't get you in Friday morning, we'll store your stuff in one of our rooms until yours are ready
rich-c: yes - btw did you find out if breakfast in included for the extra days?
Pamela: it is not, Dad
Daniel Bienvenu: so , it should be more easier for me to find a way to test the games with a console that uses rca cables
JudyS: would be nice to have the room for the day but we can make do
Pamela: didn't have to ask, I already knew that
JudyS: we are pretty easy going, ya know
Dale: Did you install a mod for that Daniel?
rich-c: well, I expected as much, but thought I would check - for weight control purposes I would rather eat in my room
Pamela: sorry Judy, that comment was re: breakfast : )
Meeka: as long as we got a room by bed time i am good
rich-c: though it would be nice if the place had a toaster!
Pamela: bring your own : )
Meeka: :-P
rich-c: I had though of that - or even buy a new one, we are dubious about the one we have
Pamela: what the heck, if the rooms can accomodate microwaves, they can certainly accomodate the draw of a toaster
rich-c: the rooms have microwaves? can you make toast in a microwave?
Dale: Not really.
Dale: It makes really great soggy bread though.
Meeka: oooh, microwaves in rooms means we could make popcorn
Pamela: not all of the rooms have microwaves, only a few, and not the disability friendly ones unfortunately
Dale: I use the microwave to make grilled cheese on occasion.
Dale: But it is quite messy.
Pamela: and no you can't make toast in a microwave unless you want tasty hockey pucks
rich-c: also great for making that morning coffee (ceramic pot, please!)
BobS: well time to go
Pamela: coffee can be done - there are coffee pots in the rooms I believe
Meeka: ya, us too
BobS: will talk at ya next week from convention headquarters central
Pamela: sorry, coffee makers
Meeka: doug has to be at work by 7:30 now cuz thats when daniel has to get there
Pamela: we'll be there!
BobS: and see ya on Fri !!!!!!!
JudyS: yes, night all
BobS left chat session
rich-c: yes, next Wednesday we will be on line from the hotel
JudyS left chat session
Pamela: goodnight, Bob and Judy
rich-c: so sleep tight folks, catch you then
Meeka left chat session
Guy B.: Well folks, going to take Annie out soon. Will see you all next week the day before we come over
Pamela: goodnight Guy
rich-c: right Guiy, we will look for you - take care
Pamela: getting excited!
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Dale: So will we be back from the outing/dinner on time for the traditional Saturday evening chat Pam?
Pamela: yes Dale
Pamela: I've scheduled it for 8:00 but that's flexible
rich-c: anyway, Daniel, do not worry - just get on your plane at the right place, get off in Hamilton, and we will look after the rest
rich-c: you have Pam's phone and my phone and the hotel phone - some one is going to answer!
Daniel Bienvenu: Should I take my laptop with me inside the place to be sure to not have it lost like the rest of the luggage
Pamela: that's probably a good idea Daniel
Dale: I usually carry my laptop as carry on luggage for sure.
rich-c: You are allowed certain carry-on luggage - carry on what you would least want to lose
Dale: Lately we've been doing some kind of a "challenge" on Friday nights.
Dale: Before that it was called "Free Time"
Daniel Bienvenu: my laptop with the presentation ready inside it is crucial
Dale: It is almost the same :-D
Pamela: who is we, and what kind of challeng?
Daniel Bienvenu: plus the eprom burner for the cartridge
Dale: Well I think last year the challenge was "Do something on the Adam that you haven't done recently"
Dale: Then I gave some example activities, I guess.
Pamela: oh at the con - you lost me for a second
rich-c: should we bring some programs, perhaps? Logo? Adamcalc?
Dale: In the more distant past Friday evening was used to demo new commercial Adam products.
Dale: But there aren't any of those these days.
Pamela: I guess it will depend on how hard the Mighty Mitchell award challenge is
rich-c: unless there's a USB disc drive interface?
Pamela: don't forget that
Dale: Sorry mine isn't ready yet.
rich-c: but Doug's is and Ron is getting there
Dale: But there will be the new minigame collection that Daniel, Guy and I are releasing at AdamCon.
rich-c: so there you are
rich-c: will there be enough monitors?
Daniel Bienvenu: and I hope GuyF will be with us to talk about this project togheter and have a picture of the official release
rich-c: no, Guy Foster is not able to come
Dale: I thought he was coming for sure?
Pamela: hopefully he'll be able to attend via cyberspace
rich-c: we are all very disappointed; he only told us last week
rich-c: yes, he did say he would be monitoring the internet feed
Pamela: I'm sorry Dale I thought you knew
Dale: I guess I missed the news.
rich-c: well he sort of broke it as a bombshell
Pamela: I guess I can understand, given that they bought a house and added anothe mouth this year
Pamela: still, I'm disappointed
rich-c: essentially, he doesn't want to come alone, which figures, but en famille costs too much
Dale: Always a tough choice.
Daniel Bienvenu: well, maybe we can have GuyF with Internet, by using webcam like we did last time with the web site stikcam, or something like that.
Dale: It's quite possible Daniel.
rich-c: he swas talking about doing that, Daniel
Pamela: we're not missing many this year - just Guy and James
Daniel Bienvenu: so, a picture of us with the cartridge is possible then. ;-)
Pamela: too bad we don't have holo-technology yet
rich-c: yes, he can send an image on the net and we'll paste it in
Pamela: : )
Dale: Ah well, next year, we'll do the holo-telepresence.
Pamela: We're counting on you Dale
rich-c: Pam, do check with me about photo-editing and paint programs - what you need I have
Pamela: so, any last minute questions?
Dale: That's pretty good Pam.
Dale: Did you email me a bunch of stuff to put on
rich-c: yes, but I can't remember what they are ; - )
Pamela: you can call me, Daddy
Dale: Will you be able to email me the schedule as soon as it's ready to
Pamela: yes, I can do that Dale - both the schedule and the convention info
Dale: Super.
Pamela: sometime this weekend
Dale: is the place to send it to.
Pamela: that's the addy I have on adamcon20news, right?
Pamela: answering myself, yes
Dale: I think so.
Pamela: I check that at least twice a day so if you think of anything, send it there
Pamela: anyway gentlemen, I'm for bed
rich-c: OK Daniel, you have our phone numbers and email addresses, we have your flight number and time
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight
rich-c: night Pamela
Dale: Thanks Pam
Dale: See you in a week.
Pamela: woohoo!
Pamela: goodnight Dale and Daniel
Dale: I hope to get there Thursday night between 6 and 9pm
Daniel Bienvenu: the only thing with the plane is I had to leave very early monday morning... well, goodnight and see you later.
Dale: But I'm always late I guess.
rich-c: we will likely be off meeting Daniel
Pamela: I'll be hanging around the lobby waiting
rich-c: it';s OK Daniel, we will find a way to get you on your way
rich-c: Dale, see you when you arrive
Pamela: goodnight Daddy, will call Friday so write down your questions
rich-c: I'll try to have a beer on ice ; - )
rich-c: OK Pam will make notes
Pamela: I'm outta here
Dale: Where will we find the reception when we check in?
Pamela: right in front of you : )
Pamela: I'll be hanging out in the lobby to greet people
rich-c: I think he means the convention reception, Pam
Pamela: I'll let you know
rich-c: anyway, time to fold it for the night
Pamela: yes, I'm definitely going . . .
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela: g'nite!
rich-c: and I am closing down too
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: goodnight all and Daniel, any questions, aks Pam, if you can't get her, I'll try to help
rich-c: and we will have someone meet you at the airpiort
Dale: See you next week Rich.
rich-c: Dale, goodnight; Daniel, bonsoir
Dale left chat session
rich-c: colour me gone
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