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BobS: hey doc !!!!!
BobS: ya here????
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changed username to Meeka
Meeka: hello
BobS: ok so how's come you are early
BobS: I just went here to copy the chat address for a posting to another bbs site
Meeka: lol, if its a problem i can go ;-P
BobS: and saw dr d here
BobS: thought it was earlier than 8:45
BobS: might as well staqy on now I guess
Meeka: ok then i guess i will stay
BobS: must be Rich got here early to get a good seat
BobS: packed and ready to go?
Dr. D.: Hi folks, sorry I was away.
Meeka: almost, I have last minute stuff and bathroom items to pack yet
Dr. D.: Getting packed, last 2 loads of wash in the dryer.
Meeka: np, wb
BobS: hi doc
BobS: thought you were just learking
BobS: lurking
Dr. D.: I am waiting for Rin to get home :-S
BobS: mujst be you are IN Toronto
Dr. D.: No, I am still in Cleveland.
Dr. D.: She was at some function after work today.
BobS: doen with classes though?
Dr. D.: Yes, as of 1st week in May.
BobS: and you are spending most of your time where?
Dr. D.: In Cleveland, but had to make an impromptu trip to Toronto last week.
Dr. D.: This living apart thing is the total pits
BobS: bummer, you need to spend some time with the bride
BobS: can buy that
BobS: any word??????
BobS: even a little one?
Dr. D.: Last form (DS-230) was turned in over 2 weeks ago.
Dr. D.: Now waiting (presumably) for the call for the interview in Montreal.
BobS: good lord, again.........
Dr. D.: There have been delays in getting paperwork...mostly on the Toronto end.
Dr. D.: The period that Rin was between jobs was, shall we say, delicately difficult.
BobS: oh, now the the US fools are happy???????
BobS: but it is the Canadian gov't that is not?
Dr. D.: No, it wasn't any government, it was Rin who was not happy...I couldn't get her to do stuff she needed to do, because she was depressed about being out of a job.
BobS: understandably I guess
Dr. D.: but it put us 4-5 months back
BobS: bummer
Dr. D.: So in the meantime, she has to keep employed.
Dr. D.: Her current temporary job runs out in mid-September.
Dr. D.: She has applications in for other jobs.
BobS: the gov't thing is not working out as planned, eh?
Dr. D.: She got her current job right after she received her final severance paycheck and was going to have to go on unemployment.
Dr. D.: This is a 6-month contract job.
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Dr. D.: I will let Rin explain all the politics behind the scenes after her minister was bounced from cabinet in November.
BobS: know how the unemployment thing
changed username to Guy Foster
Meeka: sure does
BobS: hi Guy
Dr. D.: Some of it is not suitable for a public chatlog
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Dr. D.: Hello Guy.
Meeka: hi guy
BobS: :-)
changed username to Pamela the Poor
Guy Foster: hello Mr. Slopsema and a big hello to everyone else!
Meeka: hey there Pam :-)
BobS: howdy howdy
Pamela the Poor: hi everyone - wow, everyone's early
BobS: and how are thing with ya'll?
Dr. D.: Hi Pam...why poor, did all the cheques bounce? Mine was paid in ca$h
BobS: why poor???????
Meeka: we just jazzed we almost there
Guy Foster: As long as we have family and health, we are all rich!
Pamela the Poor: I left my money in Buffalo :: )
BobS: shpping he?
BobS: shopping
Pamela the Poor: oh yeah
Dr. D.: Thank God Rin cannot go to the US yet...
BobS: shuffle off to Buffelo
Dr. D.: That is the only good thing I can say about the immigration wait right now, it will keep her from shopaholic stuff.
Pamela the Poor: we just got back after a nummy dinner at Olive Garden
BobS: hotel up to your expectations??????
Pamela the Poor: oh yes
Guy Foster: Yeah, you Americans sure know how to put things on sale! Sandra and I go yearly to Plattsburgh and Burlington to buy things.
Dr. D.: More importantly, to her dad's expectations :-S
Pamela the Poor: well he hasn't complained to me yet : )
Pamela the Poor: and I'm sure I'd have heard about it
Dr. D.: Give it time...
Dr. D.: I presume net.access is okay?
Pamela the Poor: it
Dr. D.: Is it wired or wireless?
Guy Foster: Probably problems with Java... :)
Pamela the Poor: 's up and down - wireless, strength varies from low to very good
Dr. D.: 'cause I always bring my network cable with me
Guy Foster: I took out my quickcam and hopefully will be able to join you guys via webcam on Saturday.
Pamela the Poor: that would be awesome Guy
Pamela the Poor: I'm still disappointed you couldn't have joined us
Dr. D.: thanks for reminding me about the webcam, Guy (grabs it and puts it into suitcase)
Guy Foster: only thing is... I don't know where to meet up with you guys for the videoconferencing?
Pamela the Poor: we remembered everything on the list
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changed username to Judy
Meeka: good for you Pma
Pamela the Poor: it should be posted soon, Guy
Meeka: Pam***
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Judy: Hi, All
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Pamela the Poor: hi Juyd
Pamela the Poor: oy
Meeka: i almost never do that even when I make lists
Pamela the Poor: Judy
Meeka: hi mom
Dr. D.: So have you all looked at the T-shirt logo link I sent to coladam?
Pamela the Poor: there, that's better
Daniel Bienvenu: hello GuyF, Bob, DrD, Judy, myself, Meeka, Pam
Guy Foster: Yeah, I saw the logo, very realistic! :)
BobS: didn't get it
Dr. D.: Hi Daniel
Pamela the Poor: Dale was supposed to post it on too
Judy: What all did you buy,Pam?
Guy Foster: Salut mon Dan, t'est rendu ou la, en Ontario?
Daniel Bienvenu: je suis chez moi. mon avion est demain midi
Pamela the Poor: two pairs of jeans, two pairs of capris, four bras and a bathing suit - oh, and some hand lotion at Bath and Body Works, and four books
Pamela the Poor: Salut, DAniel
Pamela the Poor: est-ce que vous est pret a partir?
Judy: no wonder you are POOR
Pamela the Poor: $310.35
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm almost ready to go to the convention
BobS: ok so Buffalo has nothing lwft to buy
Daniel Bienvenu: what is 310$ means?
Guy Foster: Dan: Don't bring any liquids on board, and no shoelaces...
Pamela the Poor: oh I left plenty for other people : )
Dr. D.: now, more than that in $CDN Daniel,
Meeka: thats how much she spent
Pamela the Poor: oui
Judy: OH !!!!
Dr. D.: Since the exchange rate is about 98 cents now
Pamela the Poor: I spent your $400 US, Rich : )
BobS: GREAT, we get a deal for the cash we spend this weekend??????
Meeka: lol
Dr. D.: At least you lost nothing on conversion
Dr. D.: Only a little, Bob.
BobS: bummer
Dr. D.: Far cry from 72 cents back in ADAMcon 12 days...
Pamela the Poor: oh yeah
BobS: am not even taking any ca cash alon
BobS: g
Meeka: we gonna have a little, but mostly will use our card
Pamela the Poor: gas up in the US if you can though, gas is $1.30 a litre around here (multiply that by 3.8 to get $/gallons)
Dr. D.: It's about $5.25 per gallon US equivalent
BobS: ya bout $4.70/us gallon
Guy Foster: $1,30? I've seen it at over $1,50 here, you guys are semi-lucky.
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Pamela the Poor: gas was $4.63 a gallon at the Sunoco in Buffalo
Dr. D.: At least it was 2 weeks ago when it was $1.35 per liter
Judy: I want to stop at the outlet on the way home
changed username to rich-c
BobS: gonna gas up in Port Huron and maybe cross into Niagara get gas and then come back into Canada
Pamela the Poor: it's cheaper here in St. Catharines than at home in Toronto
Dr. D.: It was $4.229 at Angola Service Plaza last Saturday morning
Meeka: fine with me mom :-)
Pamela the Poor: HI Daed
Dr. D.: Here it's $3.99
Pamela the Poor: oy again
Dr. D.: Hello Richard
Pamela the Poor: Hi, Dad - there, that's better
rich-c: today it's $5.09 a US gsllon in Syt. Catharines
BobS: going for about $4 here
rich-c: hello everybody!
BobS: some higher, some lower
Judy: we are over $4
Pamela the Poor: where ya been, Papa?
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale told mehe will publish the schedule later tonight.
BobS: like $3.99
Guy Foster: I was reading and interesting website today... about a guy trying to sell his Hummer and he can't, no one wants to buy it... Sad story, but hey, everyone has to live with their choices in life.
Meeka: it was 4.09 yesterday when I got it
Pamela the Poor: I don't have the schedule ready yet (hangs head in shame)
BobS: it is 4.03 and Sam;s is 4.01
Judy: Meeka, I finished my knitting today
Meeka: its ok Pam
Dr. D.: Okay at current exchange rate, $1.30 CDN per liter = $4.91 US per gallon
Meeka: cool
rich-c: it's OK Daniel, she will have it ready whenit counts
Guy Foster: Where will the next Adamcon be held, is there some sort of idea or has that not been decided yet?
Dr. D.: So that is down a lot from 1.5 weeks ago
Judy: had some knitting time since you had Ryan
Pamela the Poor: it's not been decided yet Guy
Meeka: prob will be by end of the weekend guy
Daniel Bienvenu: well, my presentation about sounds is not done yet... only 10 slides done and the subject is not cover yet.
Dr. D.: Guy, if I knew for sure that Rin would be here, I would take ADAMcon 21 for sure.
Meeka: ya, tell me about it....
Dr. D.: But I don't know for I can't take it.
Meeka: Ryan/Michael got in trouble this afternoon
Daniel Bienvenu: I hope to finish it tonight before sleeping
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rich-c: yes so all you Americans, fill up just before you cross the border
changed username to DougS
Pamela the Poor: Hi Doug
Meeka: hi dear :-)
Dr. D.: Hello Doug
Guy Foster: Wow, that issue with Erin still hasn't been resolved... unbelievable.
Dr. D.: The mill grinds slowly.
Judy: what did they do?
Pamela the Poor: and FYI all of you driving, there's construction through St. Catharines, it's down to 80 km/hr just before the Ontario St. exit so be advised
rich-c: I though Daniel swanted it in Quebec City?
Pamela the Poor: also, remember you want Ontario Street in St. Catharines, exit 47 - there are some earlier ones for Vineland etc - don't take those
Guy Foster: Vancouver 2009!
Meeka: they were playing in the basement room and when I went down to change laundry I found then digging at the back side of my exercise step with the darts from the dart board
rich-c: hi Doug
Judy: what were they digging?
Meeka: caught them both red-handed
rich-c: well by next year you'll have a new president and new dminisgtration - that should help
Meeka: i have one of the foam steps for exercising
Dr. D.: We are waiting on the call for an interview at the US Consulate in Montreal.
Dr. D.: The paperwork to get that in the works was finally sent in 2 weeks ago.
Meeka: they were stabbing the darts into it
Judy: did they ruin it/
Dr. D.: I have proof of delivery...
Meeka: no, they didnt
Judy: not cool
Meeka: they were not impressed with me for a while though
Pamela the Poor: about as impressed as you were with them, right Meeka?
Judy: you punished them, i take it?
Meeka: they had to go sliently sit on chairs and be quiet for 5 minutes
Dr. D.: "The Emperor is not as forgiving as I"
Judy: that it?
Meeka: and josh not to be outdone tried to "police/tattle tale" untill he was told he would join them
Pamela the Poor: you had all three, Meeka? You brave soul you
Judy: why didn't you call, I would have come and got the little runt
Meeka: they usually not that tough
Dr. D.: gotta take a break, wash done in the dryer now
Meeka: i was fine
Pamela the Poor: like everyone else, ya gotta do laundry before you can pack : )
Judy: you might not want to do that again any time soon
rich-c: Daniel, you got my message, all clear for pickup tomorrow?
Meeka: after that i deceide that they needed to burn off energy so we went to the park and ran them ragged
Meeka: affter that they were angels
Daniel Bienvenu: happy birthday to me! happy birthday Daniel! happy birthday to me! :-)
Judy: that is what they needed from the start
Meeka: probably
Guy Foster: Daniel: Trying to tell us something?
Daniel Bienvenu: yes Rich, I've got your email, with your cellphone number
Pamela the Poor: Oh Daniel, I forgot! Joyeux anniversaire!
rich-c: right Daniel - joyeux fete atoi!
Meeka: i didnt realize it right away though, they were playing so nice when they first got here
Guy Foster: Dan: How old?
Daniel Bienvenu: june 18 , 1975 - 2008
Pamela the Poor: I did remember earlier but I'd already signed off of g-mail
Judy: Michael was looking for trouble this morning already, was throwing things to get our attention
BobS: happy b-day Daniel
rich-c: we will try to do it by sight alone, Daniel, but if that doesn't work, the phone is the backup
Meeka: ya, see if I had known that I would have run the ragged to start with
Pamela the Poor: would you like an ADAMcon printout sign Dad? : )
Daniel Bienvenu: it's a rare event to have a birthday the same day of a chat session, and almost at the same time everybody is going to a convention.
Judy: Sher should have told you when she dropped them off
Guy Foster: Daniel: Scared of flying or something? :)
Daniel Bienvenu: my first travel by plane
Pamela the Poor: really?
Pamela the Poor: are you worried?
rich-c: naw, he's got two good Canadian-made azircraft for his trip
Judy: happy birthday, Daniel
Meeka: yes, happy birthday
Pamela the Poor: I hope you love it - I do
Guy Foster: What type of plane will you be flying on Dan?
rich-c: he gets to ride a DAHS-8 - they tdesgt-fly all of them right over my house
rich-c: DASH-8, sorry!
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I'm enthousiast. I will see the new airport managment here.
Guy Foster: Ahhh, cool... I booked my flight with Air Canada and in a few weeks will be on board a Boieng 777, quite excited about that. The thing is HUGE!
Pamela the Poor: where are you going Guy?
rich-c: where are you off to, Guy?
Guy Foster: Pam: Taking off to Sydney, Austalia with the family.
rich-c: yeah, you need a 777 for a trip like that
Pamela the Poor: with both kids?
Guy Foster: Obviously. :)
Pamela the Poor: oy
Guy Foster: Wouldn't have it any other way!!! I'd miss them too much, and we are going for 6 weeks/.
BobS: long flight with the kids mon
Pamela the Poor: I envy you the trip to Australia, but not an incredibly long flight with two small children
Guy Foster: Once you're on the plane and it takes off, there's no turning back!
Pamela the Poor: Rich, are you back?
rich-c: should hve gone with Singpaore Airlines and their A380, Guy - is it true gthey have a built-in park for the kids to play?
Guy Foster: I'm more comfortable flying Air Canada!
Dr. D.: back from folding and putting away last of the wash
Pamela the Poor: just how long is the flight?
Pamela the Poor: Rich, is Erin home yet?
rich-c: given their safety record, Air Canada does make sense
Judy: good for you Dr D
Guy Foster: Mtl - Vancouver, it's about 5:30 hours and then... 15 hours from Vancouver to Sydney.
Dr. D.: No, I have not heard a peep since 5 PM today.
Pamela the Poor: hmm, okay
rich-c: Pam, any idea when Ron ws to arive?
Pamela the Poor: no I don't Dad
Pamela the Poor: I checked at the desk when we got back - he hadn't checked in yet
DougS: Dr. D. Did you ever get any luck finding the source for the centerslot ide software?
rich-c: I have the feeling his plane was to be very late in the day
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changed username to Troy
Pamela the Poor: Hi Troy
Meeka: hi troy
Troy: Hello everyone
Pamela the Poor: we were just talking about your questions : )
rich-c: hello troy, how are you doing?
Troy: Good timing I guess
Dr. D.: Yikes Doug, I had forgotten about your request.
Troy: Very good thanks Rich, how are you feeling?
Meeka: we figured as much
Meeka: you have had a bunch going on though
Judy: hi, Troy
Troy: Hi Judy
rich-c: managed some quidet exploration around teh St. Catharines area, troy - will be ready for these folks to arrive
Pamela the Poor: Troy, where are you located again?
Dr. D.: I have got it around here somewhere, probably on the HD for my 486 system whose motherboard died...the HDs are SCSI and I pulled them and copied the data.
Judy: did you find some good things for us, Rich?
Troy: I'm in Guelph ON. I guess everyone is getting geared up for the Con eh?
Dr. D.: I think those archive DVDs are in my office at CWRU. I'll look when I go in to work tomorrow morning.
Pamela the Poor: oh yeah, we're already at the hotel
Meeka: hows the pool
Troy: Very cool, if I didn't already have commitments this weekend I would have loved to come
Pamela the Poor: haven't had a chance to use it yet - had a busy day!
Dr. D.: I have to work until about 11 AM, then I can leave for Canada.
rich-c: haven't even looked at that - but the hotel restaurant is decent
Pamela the Poor: had a meeting first thing this morning with the catering manager, then off to the US
Troy: Dr. D, thanks again for all of your help so far with my Adam questions. I appreciate it
Judy: hope I can go in the pool
rich-c: you should find the reception staff pretty good when you come in - they are quite nice
Meeka: you still itchy
Judy: yes
Pamela the Poor: it's just over 4 feet deep at the deep end - more of a wading pool than anything
Dr. D.: as long as it is deep enough to swim without hitting the bottom with your arms, that will be okay by me
Pamela the Poor: everyone I have worked with so far has been excellent
Meeka: well we can make do with that
Dr. D.: bathing suit is packed
Judy: would be good to exercise in
Troy: Is there anyone coming to St. Catherines that has never been to Canada?
Judy: no
Dr. D.: I think all the US folk coming have been.
Dr. D.: BTW George Koczwara says hi
Dr. D.: I stopped over to see him for a couple hours last night.
Daniel Bienvenu: Rich, Pam, did you scan around the hotel for any good spot for eat, and a depanneur?
Pamela the Poor: oh! when did you talk to him Rich?
BobS: too bad he is not cominbg
Judy: say hi back
Dr. D.: He had something to give me, but when I got there, it wasn't where he remembered it being :-S
rich-c: yes, it is the 20th annual convention, and there have been cons in Toronto, Waterloo, Whitby, Ottawa
Dr. D.: He just retired, had some schedule and maybe $$$ conflicts.
BobS: Vancouver Island
rich-c: and oh yes, Comox, can't forget that!
Dr. D.: But he says he is as interested in coming as ever...but would like to see something on this side of the border again :-)
Troy: That's great that you are still getting together. I suppose its a nice social event for you all.
Pamela the Poor: there are a number of restaurants and fast food joints immediately around the hotel Daniel
Pamela the Poor: as for a depanneur, I haven't found one yet but haven't looked that hard either
Dr. D.: George looks good, maybe greyer than in Whitby but otherwise the same. Linda is about the same.
Guy Foster: Depanneurs don't exist outside of Quebec Dan.
rich-c: what did you want a depanneur for, Daniel?
Dr. D.: They have lots of grandkids to keep them busy, I gather.
Pamela the Poor: a variety store by any other name . . .
Guy Foster: Convenience store perhaps?
Pamela the Poor: I would have loved to have had George and Herman here for this one
rich-c: like if he needs a beer store, there are lots around and the LCBO has some too
Pamela the Poor: by the way Dad, we are changing rooms tomorrow
Pamela the Poor: moving across the hall
Dr. D.: Used up a room already Pam?
Judy: yes, it would have been good to see them again
rich-c: which reminds me, Pam, I didn't notice a Ber STore or LCBO on OntRIO sT.
Dr. D.: Herman is still interested in ADAM, too, just a lot of life has overtaken him.
Judy: why are you changing rooms
Dr. D.: She and Russell fought over the TV remote :-)
Meeka: for the challenge of it :-P
Pamela the Poor: moving us to one with a fridge and microwave -
Dr. D.: And there are too many holes in the drywall now
Pamela the Poor: we never fight over the remote : )
Dr. D.: I have no remote: my TV has mechanical tuner, klunk-klunk-klunk
BobS: ya right
Troy: What hotel are you staying in?
Pamela the Poor: tis true
Judy: I seee
Dr. D.: Honest Injun: 13" Zenith portable
rich-c: we brought our own cooler - and toaster
Pamela the Poor: Quality Inn Parkway Hotel and Conference Centre
Dr. D.: It has even been to a couple of ADAMcons
Pamela the Poor: but he must pay a penalty to regain custody of it : )
Dr. D.: Sounds entertaining
Judy: sounds like a story there
Pamela the Poor: <studys the ceiling with great interest>
rich-c: Daniel, why do you need a depanneur?
Judy: we will have to get the scoop out of you later
Daniel Bienvenu: a depanneur can be usefull... something I learned with the last adamcon
Meeka: mom, did you find those papers for the game
rich-c: we don't call hem that but tghere are lots of Ontario equivalents near the hotel
Pamela the Poor: have you found a variety store Dad?
rich-c: it favces on big plaza and is adjacent to another
Pamela the Poor: and if so, where?
rich-c: no but we weredown to teh plaza with the Superstgore today
Dr. D.: I presume "depanneur" is a "5-and-dime" or Woolworth's etc.?
Pamela the Poor: we found the Zehrs
Pamela the Poor: no, convenience store, Rich
rich-c: and I have hardly examined our walking distance plazas in any detail
Dr. D.: There are signs for a few Zehrs visible from the QEW in that region
Pamela the Poor: variety, corner store . . . by any other name
Guy Foster: well guys, have yourselves a great adamcon, too bad I couldn't make it this year, hopefully next year! I will be on for the Saturday chat...
Pamela the Poor: Chat at eight, Guy
Dr. D.: See you Saturday Guy
Judy: found it , was right next to the Adam, right where it should be
Pamela the Poor: if that changes I'll send an e-mail
Guy Foster: good luck Dan with the flight and all.
Guy Foster left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: thanks Guy
rich-c: good on you, Guy and you and the family have a safe trip down to Oz and back
Meeka: cool, throw it in your suitcase pleaase
Daniel Bienvenu: ... too late.
Judy: will do
Pamela the Poor: Judy what time are you leaving tomorrow?
Meeka: midnight
Pamela the Poor: ick
Meeka: or there abouts
Judy: when ever we get picked up
Pamela the Poor: still, you should make good time
Meeka: we planning on heading to pick them up between 10:00 and 10:30
BobS: PM
rich-c: I notice traffic is moving somewhat mopre slowly on the higways now
Pamela the Poor: coming in your van, right?
Troy: I hope everyone enjoys themselves over the next few days. Travel safe everyone!
rich-c: folks are remembering a lighter foot means a lighter gas bill
BobS: walking
Pamela the Poor: thanks Troy - sure you won't change your mind and join us?
Judy: thanks Troy
BobS: si, also, a lot of folks are dialing down to 60mph I have noticed
Meeka: so we will pack them up, get our first round of cappachino's and hit the road
Meeka: yes Pam
Dr. D.: Truck traffic on I-90 has been greatly reduced the last few months.
rich-c: remember At that hour not all the Tim Hortons will be open
Dr. D.: So the 5-hour drive to Toronto is actually somewhat soothing now.
Judy: gas stations are
Troy: It's my mom's birthday and a late father's day celebration this weekend so I'll miss it. Maybe next year. Goodnight.
BobS: can get a cappichino before hitting the canadian border
Dr. D.: Nite Troy
Pamela the Poor: goodnight!
Troy left chat session
BobS: nite Troy
rich-c: and you have to stop for gas then anyway
rich-c: leaving Troy? goodnight, then
Pamela the Poor: remember there's no rest stop on the 402 - the first one you'll hit will be just past Thamesford on the 401
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale may be online with us very late, so I will be quiet for a moment to continue my work, then check the chat again.
rich-c: so Rich, you're coming to St. Catharines and Erin is coming dow on her own?
Pamela the Poor: oh dear, and don't have the schedule ready for him yet
Dr. D.: I don't have the Pittsburgh version of my talk ready yet either, so don't feel bad...
Meeka: lol, you wouldnt be the first to finish the schedule as the con is starting pam
Pamela the Poor: must work on that first thing in the a.m.
Pamela the Poor: well I know Neil is going first : )
Dr. D.: I have a long 1-hour version, though, so I am covered for ADAMcon :-S
rich-c: since you mention that, I notice Guy isn't with us - could he be on his way already?
Pamela the Poor: now all you have to do is condense : )
Dr. D.: Yeah, but I was waiting for some input from my colleague at Wright State, and he has not given me any feedback.
Pamela the Poor: I was wondering the same thing, Dad
rich-c: he is driving, isn't he?
Pamela the Poor: yes
Dr. D.: It is easy to give a 15-minute talk...especially since I am starting from a 1-hour version...but he has more experience at national meetings than me, and I am in the running for a bigger prize than the paper has already won...
rich-c: well, if he planned to arrive tomorrow, he may well have left today to overnight on the road
Dr. D.: So I wanted to maximize my chances.
Pamela the Poor: unless he's still driving, I would have expected him to be here though
Dr. D.: BTW you who attended ADAMcon XIII will be sad to learn that the old LEGO robot lab facility has finally been gutted :-( They took everything away without telling me and it is just a bare room now.
Dr. D.: I have no clue what happened to the LEGOs etc.
Meeka: awwww, how sad
Dr. D.: I was supposed to be notified...I found out by accident when I went up to the lab 2 weeks ago on a whim (my card access still worked).
rich-c: ah, what a pity - but no teacher, no course, and no requirement, I assume?
Pamela the Poor: it's a shame - that was a fun afternoon
rich-c: but taking away the Legos is dirty pool
Dr. D.: Well, after I became a Full-Time Lecturer in Fall 2004, and did the course my last time (#19), I had to teach Biology courses. My co-instructors did it one more time on their own, Fall 2005.
Judy: that is too bad
Judy: it was fun
Dr. D.: They didn't even bother to videotape the Egg Hunt (which they held in the lab, didn't even bother to go to the Science Center).
Dr. D.: They were basically too lazy to do any of the stuff that I did when I was involved.
Dr. D.: Then one of them left CWRU...the one who at least did 10% of the work of the triumvirate (I did 85%).
Dr. D.: So the 5% of course would not be bothered...and the course went extinct.
Judy: and the students loose
Dr. D.: Yes, IMHO.
Dr. D.: It was 10 years of my life...but I had to get out from under it, I was doing all the work and getting no credit or advancement.
Judy: or lose
Judy: what a shame
Dr. D.: Memories...sigh
Dr. D.: Well, I have all the photos and videos.
Dr. D.: Including the stuff from our session at ADAMcon XIII.
Pamela the Poor: and we have tons of pictures from the convention lab
Meeka: yup
Dr. D.: But I cannot ever offer anything like that again at a Cleveland ADAMcon, all the infrastructure is gone.
Meeka: and doug and dads monster vechicle too
BobS: nothing stasy the same Rich; and the memories are as good as the original......and cannot be repeated or duplicated
Dr. D.: I can't top it though :-)
BobS: it was an awesome experience and a truly great memory of an ADAMCON
Meeka: lol, each con has its own unique value, no need for topping the last one
Pamela the Poor: so what are we going to do in Cleveland next time?
Dr. D.: No idea Pam.
Pamela the Poor: virtual dissection?
rich-c: wel, maybe you won't get a chance to top it for a while
Pamela the Poor: all the fun without the smell : )
Dr. D.: As I said earlier, I would take 21 if I knew Rin would be here by then. I don't want to do it all alone, and have something she couldn't attend.
Meeka: thats understandable
Pamela the Poor: (I can hear the chorus of "Ewwwww!" from here) : )
Dr. D.: She is better at organizing stuff like that than me anyway, or at least more comfortable than me. I can do it, but I don't really like it.
rich-c: that makes sense
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi all.
Meeka: hello
Dr. D.: Hi Dale.
Dale: Good to see that the chat server is up.
Pamela the Poor: Hi Dale
BobS: hi Dale
rich-c: I'd love to see Daneil try but three Canadian šons in a row?
Judy: hi, Dale
BobS: you question it?????
rich-c: hello Dale
rich-c: yes and teh inernet connection at the hotel is up too
Dale: A crazy last day at work, followed by Jeffrey's soccer pictures, followed by "Walking with Dinosaurs the Live Experience"
Pamela the Poor: where was the last, Dale?
Dr. D.: "Walking With Remote-Controlled Latex-Covered Dinosaur Robots"
Dale: Where was the last? I had to give my staff instructions until July 2.
Pamela the Poor: was that at the Science Center?
Dale: The dinosaurs are at the ACC. It is a show.
Pamela the Poor: ah - cool
Dr. D.: We had soomething like that at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History within the last decade, a touring show, very impressive.
Pamela the Poor: long haul for you from Whitby
moved to room Meeting Place
Dale: Sort of a puppet show, but with multistory high puppets.
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
Pamela the Poor: there's Guy!
Dr. D.: So Guy is *NOT* en route.
Meeka: hello
Pamela the Poor: hi, where are you?
rich-c: hello Guy, where are you?
Dale: Yeah, the animated dinosaurs where at the Toronto Zoo about 2 years ago. This is a little different.
Guy B.: Sorry I running late today. Got new tires for my car this afternoon and it took nearly 3 hours to get them mounted
Pamela the Poor: holy cow
Dr. D.: I am hoping for no car troubles :-)
Guy B.: But, I feel better that I got them.
Judy: hi, Guy
Pamela the Poor: we do too : )
rich-c: so when do you leave for the šon?
Dr. D.: Baby got a new pair of shoes
Dale: You get to see a T-rex try to eat an Anklyosaur, and some Utahraptors feast on another poor herbovore.
Guy B.: Just a quick cleaning tomorrow morning before I take off
Pamela the Poor: any idea what your ETA is Guy?
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Dale, I'm working on the slides for the sounds presentation. I try to find a way to make it easy to follow for everybody, not only the programmers
Guy B.: I'm estimating between 8-10 hours. I'm planning to leave at 6:30 AM Chicago time
Dale: That would always be welcome Daniel.
Dr. D.: I am presuming there is a video projector again
Dale: I am bringing my video projector.
rich-c: what is your ETA for St. Catharines then, Guy?
Guy B.: Bringing 24 music CD's with me
Dr. D.: I have my PowerBook video adapter for SVGA etc.
Dale: Almost an AdamCon tradition.
Guy B.: Just gave it Rich
Dr. D.: Someday I will have a real blackboard and chalk :-)
Dale: If all goes smoothly tomorrow we will leave between 4pm and 6pm.
rich-c: yes, I was typing and didn't see
Pamela the Poor: sorry Rich : ) - you didn't ask!
Dr. D.: hehe
Dale: Jill figures it'll take 6 hours to drive there, but I insist that mapquest says it is just around the corner....
Dr. D.: Ordinarily it is a pain to make a PowerPoint presentation from scratch.
rich-c: so you should arrive about 6.30 allowing for unanticipaed delays that always happen
Dr. D.: But this year I am reusing one I already made for a Biology Department Seminar, so it is no problem.
Pamela the Poor: six hours???
Pamela the Poor: it's just over an hour from our place to the hotel (Weston Road) so add Toronto traffic to that
Guy B.: Got my presentation just about done
Dale: I think Jill is planning to go to Elrya, OH
rich-c: well, he has to come through Toronto, where every hour is rush hour
Pamela the Poor: and the amount of time it takes to cover Whitby to Weston Road
Dr. D.: Elyria, what is there? (besides where we had ADAMcon VIII)
Pamela the Poor: Elyria?
Dale: Well, that was where I proposed to Jillian, I guess.
rich-c: it's a pseudonym for Cleveland - sort of like Weston vis a vis Toronto
Dr. D.: Elyria is an hour west of Cleveland :-) just like Mentor (ADAMcon IV) was an hour east of Cleveland
Dale: So what is the name of the hotel again?
Dr. D.: At least XIII hotel was actually in the Cleveland city limits :-)
Pamela the Poor: Quality Inn Parkway Hotel and Conference Centre
Dr. D.: I have bookmarked some MapQuest directions to it.
Pamela the Poor: Exit 47 off the QEW then south on Ontario Street about three blocks on the right hand side
Dr. D.: Seems pretty straightforward, exit 47 on the QEW and go south.
Pamela the Poor: right next to the Boston Pizza and Timmy's
rich-c: exit 47, Ontario St. from teh QEW - right in the consruction as soon as you cross the bridge - be in the right lane
Dale: There. Mapquest estimates 1:58, so less than two hours from my house.
Pamela the Poor: assuming no traffic : )
Judy: what is in Elrya, OH?
Pamela the Poor: if you use it, the 407 is a viable alternative Dale
Dale: The location of AdamCon 8, and where I proposed to Jillian.
rich-c: I've been travelling the QEW since it was just two lanes each way, and I found it confusing
Pamela the Poor: it drops you onto the QEW just this side of Burlington - avoids Toronto altogether
Judy: OK
Dale: I will use the 407. I have a transponder and everything.
Pamela the Poor: and Hamilton
Pamela the Poor: oh, go for it
Pamela the Poor: we left Toronto at 2:27 pm yesterday, pulled in here at about 3:35
Dale: Mapquest suggests that we stay on the 407 only until the 400.
Dale: Interesting.
Pamela the Poor: tell Mapquest to go jump
Dale: Then take the 427 down to the QEW.
rich-c: 407 doesn't become useful till you cross the 400
rich-c: nope, you want teh 403 (but then you'll knosw that)
Pamela the Poor: au contraire, it's very useful
Dale: Jillian wants to know what the mascott for AdamCon 20 is.
rich-c: wonder who did up the Mapquest database?
Pamela the Poor: mascot?
Dr. D.: I have a small plushy Barney the Dinosaur in the car, one that belonged to the girls :-)
Pamela the Poor: where's the dinosaur?
Dale: From my house, the 407 is straight west, so that's how I get to work.
Dr. D.: I use him to razz bad drivers, the girls think it is hilarious.
Dr. D.: He rides hanging onto my rearview mirror.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm still working on my presentation. In fact, I will probably finish it after a good sleep. good night!
Dr. D.: Elanor gave back the big 12 dinosaur, you will have to ask Dale.
Dale: See you tomorrow Daniel.
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit! and see you tomorow!
Pamela the Poor: a demain, Daniel - goodnight!
rich-c: OK Daniel, I'll be waiting for you at the airport tomorrow
Judy: night Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: I hope my luggage will travel as fast as me.
Meeka: night
Pamela the Poor: we hope so too Daniel : )
rich-c: fear not, it will - just don't you miss your change of planes
Dale: Jillian is working on a craft for her persentation I guess.
Dale: She wants to know if there is a colour for AC20.
Pamela the Poor: Dark forest green
Pamela the Poor: or failing that, green of any shade
Dr. D.: we need the RGB values Pam :-)
Pamela the Poor: fake it : )
Meeka: 934 or 935 i would guess :-P
Dr. D.: My guess is, think the ADAMcon 6 T-shirt color.
Dr. D.: BTW I am bringing my T-shirt collection, but there are now not enough days in the convention (or half-days) to wear them all in one convention the way I used to.
Dale: Jillian says "But what if the pantone colours don't match!" :-D
rich-c: by the way, has anyone heard fromean?
Pamela the Poor: um - pantone colours?
Dr. D.: And I still cannot find my ADAMcon 14 T-shirt...Christina says she might have it by accident.
Judy: Bob has quite a bunch along also
rich-c: sorry - heard from Jean
Pamela the Poor: not for a couple of days Dad
Meeka: i only packed about 6 of doug's
Pamela the Poor: why?
Dr. D.: Pantone is a printing color standard Pam.
Judy: don't know how he will wear alll of them
Pamela the Poor: ok - fruit of the loom forest green - does that help?
Pamela the Poor: one after each session, Judy : )
Dr. D.: Tell us the equivalent Crayola crayon :-)
Meeka: i told ya, 934 or 935 are the dmc dark forest green colors
Dale: Absolutely, Pam.
Pamela the Poor: I don't have a box of crayons handy
Dr. D.: Or DMC color would work too :-)
Judy: crayons, ooh, don't like red crayons
Meeka: its scarry, but i do so much crafting i have a ton of the number memorized and use them to associate with colors
Meeka: no, no crayons for mom
Dale: We'll remember.
Dr. D.: crayons mean kids writing on walls right?
Judy: not in the dryer
Pamela the Poor: I don't have my colour chart handy
Judy: with my white clothes
Pamela the Poor: Meeka, can you match the AC 6 T to the colour chart? I suspect Dr. D is right
BobS: crayons + dryer = YUCKY
Meeka: i dont ahve a 6 shirt
Dr. D.: probably means new dryer
Pamela the Poor: crayons and dryer = disaster
BobS: dryer IS brand new
BobS: gott clean it
Meeka: we only have from 9 - 16 i believe
Judy: yes, it was
Dr. D.: Go to Home Depot and buy xylene.
Dr. D.: Get blue nitrile gloves (NOT LATEX)
Dr. D.: Lots of ventilation and disposable rags/paper towels
Dr. D.: xylene will dissolve the wax, but it is very irritating to skin and respiratory tract
Dr. D.: Use as little as possible.
Dr. D.: Latex gloves will dissolve.
Dr. D.: Nitrile will dissolve too, but not as quickly.
Dr. D.: Use multiple layers of glovesss
rich-c: in fact, with xylene ake the dyer outside to be safe - the stuff is flammable too
Dr. D.: YES you must let it dry out totally before energizing dryer with heat
rich-c: otherwise you get a real bang out of it
Dr. D.: You don't want to try to clean it in an enclosed basement, the fumes will kill you
Judy: came out of the dryer with oxy clean, very easy, but clothes was something else
Dr. D.: And it is VERY irritating to skin
Dr. D.: Clothes may be a total loss unless you immerse them in organic solvents.
Dr. D.: Paraffin wax is very hard to get out of cloth.
rich-c: and isn't xylene carcinogenicv?
Dr. D.: Yes it is eventually, like all organic solvents (benzene, toluene, paint thinner, lacquer thinner)
rich-c: basically they are coal tar chemicals
Dr. D.: They are great degreasers, but very irritating to stuff that is alive.
Judy: Meeka had the right stuff for the job
Meeka: yup, i the miricle worker
Judy: my new blouse and knit top came clean with much scrubbing
Dr. D.: Well, if you managed to get it out of the dryer, that is the important thing.
Meeka: saved her new blouse
Pamela the Poor: care to take on the wood stain on my t-shirt, Meeka? : )
Dale: I used wet towels to clean out the crayons last time it came up (but older ones).
Judy: \the other shirt is much better treated it again and soaked it in oxyclean again is almost all out
Dr. D.: I would try paint thinner or lacquer thinner.
Judy: just a little yellow left
Meeka: cool
Judy: bleach didn't touch it
Pamela the Poor: it's latex stain - dunno if paint thinner will work on it
Pamela the Poor: but it's a thought to try
Pamela the Poor: now if I could just get the drops off the ceiling . . .
Judy: no, nothing will take that out, Pam
Guy B.: Dale, has the schedule been made yet?
Pamela the Poor: No Guy, I have not finished the schedule yet
Pamela the Poor: I expect to tomorrow
Guy B.: Just was curious about that
Pamela the Poor: do you have a preference?
Guy B.: No preference at all
Dale: Well, Pam, you must finish the schedule by Monday at the very latest ;-)
Dale: After that, it won't matter. :-)
Pamela the Poor: LOL
Dr. D.: haha
rich-c: anyway, spontaneous, impromptu events are so much fun
Pamela the Poor: I know Neil is going first, does that help?
Dale: But it is useful to have a schedule before Friday.
rich-c: Pam, do you know what Ron plans to do?
Pamela the Poor: no, just that he needs an hour I believe
rich-c: well, that in itself is helpful
Judy: we are always running late so allow some extra time
Pamela the Poor: I will probably work on it while waiting for arrivals tomorrow
Pamela the Poor: I suspect I will spend a lot of time in the lobby tomorrow
BobS: tis to the popint that we can have free time but we fill it up anyway
rich-c: just allow double the time each one says he needs
Pamela the Poor: schedule for one, plan for two : )
Pamela the Poor: or is that plan for two, schedule for one?
rich-c: just don't make anything Reaaly Important too early in the morning
Pamela the Poor: what do you consider really important? : )
BobS: everything
Dr. D.: ha
Meeka: play time
rich-c: I'll plead the Fifth on that one
Dr. D.: crispy bacon
Meeka: capachino
Pamela the Poor: there's a Tim Hortons down the street and a Timothy's on site
rich-c: there's a Timothy's in the lobby, on the way to your rooms
Pamela the Poor: should take care of the cappucino requirement : )
rich-c: Tim Hortons offers it cold with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles, I believe
Pamela the Poor: among other things : )
Meeka: sounds yummy
Pamela the Poor: oh yeah
rich-c: can't be sue even though we had lunch in TH today
Pamela the Poor: we had lunch at TGI Fridays
BobS: wel kids, gonna go to bed sol that I can work hard and sleep tomorrow night and come to ADAM CON !!!!!!!
rich-c: do they have that chain in Canada?
Pamela the Poor: good idea Bob
Dr. D.: nite Bob
Pamela the Poor: no : (
Dr. D.: I am still waiting up for Rin :-(
rich-c: take care and drie real carefully, Bob
Dale: Please set aside an hour on Sunday for ANN meeting.
Pamela the Poor: drive safely Bob, we'll see you at breakfast on Friday morning
BobS: so good night and see you Driday for breakfast !!!!!!!
Pamela the Poor: already done Dale
BobS left chat session
Meeka: night dad
Guy B.: See you Friday Bob
Pamela the Poor: goodnight Judy
Judy: night all see you real soon!!!!
Dr. D.: Good night Judy
Guy B.: Night Judy
Meeka: see you bright and late in the evening :-P
Judy left chat session
rich-c: night Bob (also I suspect Judy, Doug and Meeka)
Pamela the Poor: safe trip to you all, Slopsemas!
Meeka: ya, prob time for us to go to
rich-c: 'bot time I packed it in too, I think
Guy B.: Bye Meeka and Doug
Pamela the Poor: nite Meeka, Doug
Dr. D.: nite to those departing :-)
Guy B.: I'm going to get goimg myself in a few minutes
Meeka left chat session
Pamela the Poor: any with any last minute questions?
Pamela the Poor: sorry, anyone?
DougS left chat session
rich-c: right - so goodnight Guy, Rich, Dale and Pam
Guy B.: I will have my cellphone with me
Dr. D.: I can't think of anything.
Guy B.: Night Rich
Dr. D.: Good night, Richard.
Pamela the Poor: goodnight Daddy, will see you in the morning
rich-c: night all - colour me gone
Dale: Goodnight Richard.
Pamela the Poor: Guy, I have my cell phone with me and your number is on it
rich-c left chat session
Guy B.: Got yours too
Pamela the Poor: (note to self, charge cell)
Pamela the Poor: I'll keep it with me at all times in case anyone needs me
Pamela the Poor: Guy, drive safe and take it easy
Guy B.: I will Pam.
Guy B.: Got some updated directions from Jeanene's house. Dropping Annie off there tomorrow morning
Pamela the Poor: big thanks to Jeanene too
Pamela the Poor: okay folks, i'm outta here. Still checking the e-mail twice a day and will keep my cell phone with me
Guy B.: Will do. Annie's looking forward to spend time with some other dogs she plays with
Guy B.: Ok Pam. See you tomorrow
Dr. D.: Good night, Pam.
Guy B.: See you all tomorrow
Pamela the Poor: I'm sure : ) good night, Guy
Dr. D.: Guess I will sign off too.
Guy B.: Poof
Pamela the Poor: Rich, same goes for you - drive safe
Dr. D.: See everyone late tomorrow night.
Guy B.: You too Dr. D
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela the Poor: we'll look for you then
Dr. D.: Thanks...I still need to talk to Rin to finalize the arrangements for tomorrow.
Dr. D.: She evidently has not come home yet.
Dale: See you tomorrow Dr D.
Dr. D.: Nite Dale.
Pamela the Poor: remember we have her suitcase
Dr. D.: Yes.
Pamela the Poor: okay. see you tomorrow : )
Dr. D.: Bye
Dr. D.: <poof>
Dr. D. left chat session
Pamela the Poor: Dale, goodnight and safe trip - until tomorrow.
Pamela the Poor: and I should have the schedule for you by the time you arrive : )
Pamela the Poor: I'm gone
Pamela the Poor: kerpoof
Pamela the Poor left chat session
Dale: Goodnight Pam.
Dale: Missed.
Dale left chat session
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Neil: Bonjour
Neil: Tu est seule?
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