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Meeka: hello
Guy F.: Hello all...
Guy F.: Hope you guys have recorved from the adamcon.
Guy F.: *recovered
Meeka: mostly lol
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Meeka: still trying to catch up on sleep though
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changed username to Judy
changed username to BobS
Meeka: hello
Judy: Hi, All
BobS: hello all
Judy: me too
Judy: slept thru the alarm this morning, dad got up and I didn't even hear him bring me coffee
BobS: well looks like it is us
Meeka: lol
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changed username to Jean
BobS: got some new toys today
Meeka: hello Jean
Judy: Hi, Jean
Guy F.: new toys?
Meeka: cool
Meeka: what you get
BobS: AND mom got a new inverter for that craqy blinking screen
Meeka: lol
Judy: how was your flight home
BobS: 23 in 1 card reader
Jean: Hi everyone. We got home yesterday. almost rested up.
Meeka: broke down and put it in huh
BobS: yup
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changed username to Dr. D.
Meeka: hello
Judy: hi, Doug
Dr. D.: Hi all.
Jean: what kind of toy are you talking about?
BobS: 'AND a zip drive and disks which will become removeable ADAM hard drive disks
BobS: hi Jean
Judy: hi, Dr D
Jean: hi bob
Meeka: cool
BobS: glad you remembered !!!!!!
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: Jean?
Daniel Bienvenu: Meeka
Daniel Bienvenu: GuyF
Dr. D.: I remembered, just got home from an outing with the girls.
Meeka: hello
Daniel Bienvenu: Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: Doug
Jean: appreciated all of you at convention
Daniel Bienvenu: Bob
Judy: hi, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr.D.
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Dr. D.: I doubt Rin will be here tonight though, she is still out.
BobS: in the flesh Daniel....don't she look GREAT ?????
changed username to rich-c
Dr. D.: Nice you could join us again, Hean.
Dr. D.: Jean
Dr. D.: stupid fingers not working after supper
Judy: we were glad you could make it and enjoyed meeting Melanie
BobS: bit them off ??????
rich-c: Hey Jean - hi!
DougS: hi everyone. sorry been afk working on the adam.
rich-c: and of course all the rest of you
BobS: you don't have Melanie working too hard on the first day back, have you ?
Dr. D.: Just too sleepy after good supper
Meeka: yes we did
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm sorry... Jean is generaly a male name in french... I didn't make the connection
Jean: yes, she's right here--says hi all
DougS: rich, do you happen to remember the base ide address for the adam hd?
Judy: we have been sleepy also all the time
Meeka: hi melanie
BobS: HI Melanie
Dr. D.: Oh wow...let me think Doug.
Jean: hi meeka!
BobS: Doug is gonna tax your memory Dr D
Judy: say hi back
rich-c: then pass on all our best to Melanie, please!
BobS: Daniel......good flight home to Quebec City ?????
Daniel Bienvenu: great flight
BobS: super !
Judy: hi, Rich didn't see you come on
Meeka: I have been working on putting up con pictures tonight
Daniel Bienvenu: welll, great flights, because I had to transfer to a second plane at Montreal
BobS: now you are hooked on flying and want to get in the air soon again, eh?
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BobS: still at the hotel Richard ????
rich-c: Ron got you on the right airplane, did he? ;-)
Jean: mom is working with all the pictures from the con. lots of good memories
Meeka: cool
rich-c: yes, we leave Friday for home, Bob
BobS: you managed to not lose any pictures then
Daniel Bienvenu: I think it's the best solution to travel a long distance
Meeka: I will have to trade cd's with here. Dale birned off everone elses for me on cd, but somehow neither of us had Jean's set
Jean: think so
rich-c: went over to Lockport, NY ysterday then came back and took Ron to dinner
BobS: Melanie, did you get to the Niagara Falls on Monday AND see the motorcycle show?
Judy: and get up on the Skylon okay?
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Jean: didn't see the "golden helmets" but did see the falls. tried to go up the needle but not very wheelchair friendly.
rich-c: btw
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
Judy: that is too bad
Meeka: hwllo
BobS: hi guy
Judy: hi, Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: guy
BobS: but did you get to the top?
Jean: we still had a good time. I did manage to hit one more vineyard for wine--go figure
rich-c: Rich, I gather the early departure and long trip to Pittsburgh were well worth every bit of hassle
BobS: :-)
Jean: no, didn't get to the top. guess we'll do it next time
BobS: but Dr D, DID YOU WIN ????
Judy: we are going to start worrying about youand all that wine
rich-c: hello guy
Dr. D.: It was a hassle Richard.
Daniel Bienvenu: hehe
Dr. D.: But you aren't on coladam so you didn't get my message
Meeka: as long as she doesnt try to drink it all at once :-)
Judy: congradulations then
rich-c: I am on the
Dr. D.: thanks
Dr. D.: Doug I am still looking through some files...Rin is on the phone now
rich-c: Adam list and saw your message - that's what prompted teh remark
Judy: say hi to Erin
Dr. D.: Erin says hi
Meeka: hi erin
Daniel Bienvenu: 'rin
BobS: she'll hear that for sure
Jean: hi erin!
Dr. D.: Hello to everyone, she says
BobS: Doug, are getting the ADAM chat messages??????
rich-c: hi right back from us
DougS: ok Dr. D. just can't member if i did know it before. can't seem to find much about the ide controller on the web (go figure). Can't do the z80 compile without the idebase address.
Dr. D.: I have a portlist somewhere too
Meeka: I dont know about Doug, but I havent been getting the adam mail for a while now
DougS: i think i am getting the typings in the chat dad.
DougS: but i haven't been getting the adam list.
Dr. D.: Doug, I can tell you where to find the info...
Dr. D.: in the files I gave you...
Dr. D.: look in the EOS8 folder
DougS: haha you mean the ide base number i am looking for is 0?
Dr. D.: yes in the file IDEOVR.ASM
Dr. D.: the equates for the IDE are there
BobS: ok Meeka, then none of us in Grand Rapids area are getting the ADAM messages
DougS: i been wracking my head trying to remember what base address the controller is on and it is 0 :)
Meeka: lol, poor doug, the answer right under his nose
Jean: mom befriended the SWAirlines attendant and whipped up a crocheted bag for her before we got off the plane. she rewarded her with a huge bag of peanuts and pretzels. snacks for next year?
Meeka: cool
rich-c: neat
BobS: ya aren't allergic to peanuts, are you?
Meeka: we had one of those on the red-eye after ac15
Meeka: went home with bags of them
Jean: nope
Judy: good for her and now you can have all the peanuts and pretzels
Judy: they are kind of nice to have for a snack
Meeka: ya, just the right size
Jean: rich-c sorry we weren't able to connect with you and Frances for dinner
rich-c: we are very sorry too - we were trying to get back for 6 p.m. but misjudged it just a bit
Jean: mom has me slaving away on her list of things to accomplish. got to get back to work. just wanted to say hi.
BobS: she doesn't even give you the nights off?????
rich-c: luckily we are at least able to get Ron yesterday
Meeka: lol, moms are good at using slave labor LOL
Jean: no, she's pretty much around the clock kind of gal--haha
Judy: don't work to hard, glad to talk for a little while with you, Melanie
BobS: bummer
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changed username to Pamela
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm still here. watching tv at the same time.
Judy: hi, Pam
rich-c: stay tuned melanie, I'm sure the internet works from Albaquerque too
Meeka: hi pam
rich-c: ! ;-)
rich-c: hi daughter
BobS: PAMELA extrodinair
BobS: you get the jist
Hi everyone, sorry I'm late
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as always I get sidetracked
Guy B.: HI Pam
changed username to Guy F. take 2
Daniel Bienvenu: e
Guy B.: HI Guy F
Judy: yes, we would love to hear from you from where ever you are
Guy F. take 2: re-hello
BobS: back again
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BobS: Guy ?
changed username to Pamela
Guy F. take 2: BobS?
BobS: when you leave for down under?
Daniel Bienvenu: a big hand of applause to pam. it was a great adamcon
Guy F. take 2: Leaving end of August.
BobS: soon yes?
BobS: oh, lots of time
rich-c: welcome GuyF - hope we don't lose you when you go down to the underside ofthe world
Guy F. take 2: Oh yeah, tons of it... gives me time to pay for the ticket.
BobS: si senor Daniel
BobS: "time payment plan"
Pamela: merci Daniel, but I didn't do it alone
Jean left chat session
BobS: got the hotel all squared away; no problem?????
Pamela: Daddy, opened my birthday card - please tell Mom "pretty dragonflies!"
Pamela: no problem
BobS: B day ?????????
BobS: when???????
rich-c: will pass that on
Pamela: My biggest problem is I didn't get to say goodbye to you folks!
Meeka: this week i believe
BobS: we coulda had them sing HAPPY BDAY to ya
Pamela: so consider yourselves thoroughly hugged
BobS: oik
BobS: parting is such sweet hoo
BobS: just say...till we meet agin
Judy: oh, that is right is Pam's birthday this week, happy birthday
Pamela: thanks Judy
Pamela: we have a lot of June babies here!
Daniel Bienvenu: Some of Dale's pictures I don't understand... otherwise, very good pictures overall.
Pamela: 'tis tomorrow
rich-c: your mother has been informed - she's glad you like them
Pamela: thanks Daddy
Pamela: I loved the chatty e-mail too
Pamela: can't wait to share it with
Pamela: Russell
Pamela: there's that darned enter key again
Meeka: lol
Pamela: where did Jean go? She was just here
Judy: it does get in the way at times doesn't it?
Pamela: it does : )
Pamela: right under my pinky
Meeka: not sure, she must have been booted cuz she didnt say bye
Pamela: was Melanie on too?
Meeka: yup
Pamela: shoot, I hate getting delayed
Judy: maybe when Melanie left that was it
Meeka: could be
BobS: Jean does have Melanie working hard, even evenings she said
Pamela: Rich, any further word on your paper? Any other prizes?
BobS: YA
Pamela: I know he got one
Pamela: was wondering if there was a "best in show" type as well
Pamela: Dad, Ron flew out today?
rich-c: yes, he was off and away I think befoe dawn
Pamela: oh my
Pamela: let me just say, ick
rich-c: his flight out left around 6.30 a.m. or some equally ungodly hour
Meeka: yucky
BobS: tha's like a red eye
Judy: ohhhh
Pamela: I'm with you Meeka
rich-c: yes, he had to drive to the airport, return the rental car, and till be an hour ealy forthe flight
Pamela: did he bother to go to bed?
Meeka: lol, not much point in that I would think
rich-c: personally, I can't think of anyplace I'd want to go that badly
BobS: so say leave at like 3:30am
Pamela: that's what I'm thinking - you can always sleep on the plane
Pamela: right now, he probably wants to go home : ) I'm pretty sure he's tired of travelling by now
Meeka: yup
rich-c: yes and he picks p three hours on the time diffeence
Pamela: yes the joys of flying west
rich-c: dont know how long a layover he had at Edmonton
BobS: he is GOOD at layovers though
Pamela: he's had lots of practice : )
Daniel Bienvenu: I can't wait to be at the next adamcon. each time I learn something new about coleco adam.
Pamela: like Dad with the computer gods, Ron seems to have offended the airline gods somehow
Judy: keep thinking that way, Daniel
rich-c: and both sets are nasty even without being offended
Pamela: LOL Dad
BobS: he didn't do that AGAIN, did he Pam ???????
Pamela: not that I know of, but he keeps spending inordinate amounts of time in airports!
BobS: Richard Clee ?????
Pamela: no, Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm really sorru to not be a real coleco adam user... I'm a colecovision maniac, but I don't know anything about coleco adam, except what you teach me each time.
BobS: Daniel, it is an addicting littl computer system
rich-c: wel, I suspect you can master most of it, Daniel
Pamela: heck Daniel, I'm still yelling for help every time I use the thing
BobS: we got you hooked like a fish, now we are gonna reel you in !!!
rich-c: it is very much a generic 8-b it computer of its time
Meeka: lol, dougs getting excited over there....i think he making headway one whatever it is he doing now that dr d gave him some help
Pamela: ah, and that fishhook looks so cute hanging out the side of his mouth
BobS: :-)
Pamela: what is Doug doing, Meeka?
Judy: sounds painful
rich-c: I'd think for you, Daniel, having the Adam for comparison with others would be useful
BobS: the FUN of monkeying around with anything is to make it work correctly and do things it was never designed to do
Meeka: dont quite know for sure, he got home the other day and within hours had his adam out in the main room to work on something related to the number of hard drives it could access at the same time
Pamela: oh! I didn't know more than one at a time was possible!
Meeka: it currently isnt
rich-c: one of the Walter twins had it up to four, I think, and felt he could double that
Pamela: I note the "currently "
Meeka: but he got a bunch of code from dr d this weekend and is trying to hack his way around the limitation i believe
Pamela: cool
Judy: our trip to the Liz C store wasn't good but found a shorts set at Sam's by LC
Meeka: lol
Meeka: that figures
BobS: Micro Innovations Mark Gordor had 2 hard drives in the Powermate unit of which I have some
rich-c: my memory is that it can be done, Meeka
BobS: he found the way around
Pamela: I thought that was "he who shall not be named"
Pamela: or was that someone else?
BobS: no. that is Teryy.....what's his name ??????
BobS: Terry
Pamela: gotcha
rich-c: Fowlball, or something ;-)
Pamela: LOL Dad
BobS: thas the one
Pamela: which store Judy? In GR?
BobS: Sams Club
Judy: outlet on the way home
BobS: Liz Claiborne
Pamela: the LC store in GR is quite good IIRC
rich-c: Frances found a JoAnn's in Amherst, NY yesterday but didn't buy anything
Judy: no Liz Claiborne in GR in the outlet this side of Howlell
Pamela: brb, gotta get a fan going in here
Pamela: there was one
Pamela: or wait, was that an Elizabeth?
Pamela: I know it was there, I bought my black shorts there
Pamela: darned south west wind, the only side we don't have a window on
Judy: can't think of what store that is
rich-c: gather it's warm in Toronto, too
Pamela: 'twas in a mall Judy
Judy: is is so warm their today, Pam?
Meeka: lol, we gots three of them things so how knows pam
rich-c: we used the a/c in the van for the first time this year to any exent today
Pamela: it's currently 23, winds SW at 19 km/h
Judy: Ann Taylor?
Pamela: no was a Liz Claiborne store
Meeka: lane bryant
rich-c: looks like youget good overnight cooling,then
Daniel Bienvenu: I hope you like colecovision games because I didn't finish all my projects yet.
Pamela: hope so, I shut off the A/C when inside and outside equalized
BobS: we do Daniel
Meeka: games are always good
rich-c: we hae the room a/c on for the first time too but will turn it off at bedtime
Judy: Penney's sell Liz Claiborne but can't think of the store in the mall
Pamela: the new games have to come back next year Daniel - I didn't get a chance to try any of them
Meeka: the other requireent to that statement whould be you have to come to Pam so you can try them
Judy: we had to close the house due to the rain, but opened the front door a little while ago because it got still in here
Pamela: but of course : )
Meeka: we have our air on
Pamela: which mall has the Lane Bryant Judy?
rich-c: having a bit of a downpour, Judy?
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changed username to james
Meeka: rivertown has one i think
Judy: CenterPoint Mall
Pamela: hi James!
Guy F. take 2: hi james
james: good morning
Guy B.: Hi James.
rich-c: good morning james
Pamela: that's where I found the LC store too
Meeka: hi james
BobS: Hi James
james: how is everyone?
Pamela: is the CJ Banks there as well?
Pamela: missing you James
Meeka: yup
Pamela: that's the one
rich-c: well, we all got through the Adamcon OK
Judy: CJ Banks is in CenterPoint but not Liz C
james: have been busy, as always
Pamela: must have closed it after we were there in '02 : (
rich-c: yes; do the Japanese have summer vacaions, james?
Judy: has Old Navy, also
james: elementary school kids do
Pamela: we missed you over the weekend James - a great time was had by all
james: there are a few national holidays
rich-c: but not secondary?
Daniel Bienvenu: bonjour james
james: bonjour
Judy: hi, james
james: they have summer "vacation" whereby they still go to school and study and do all their club activities
Pamela: BTW Jillian tells me Dale made his plane and is safely in Zurich
Meeka: thats good
Pamela: we chased a monster thunder storm cell home on Monday
Pamela: they must have had to drive through it
Judy: we went thru it a couple of times
Pamela: got off the highway to find hail on the city streets
Meeka: we did too for a few minutes was hard to see the road
Pamela: that was a bit disconcerting
Judy: rained so hard at one point you couldn't see much
james: i see from the main page you just had 'con 20
rich-c: I gather the weather in Toronto has been rather rough
Pamela: it was on Monday afternoon Dad
Meeka: yup, and we are all still recovering from it too
Pamela: I misjudged how much gas I had left and had to stop on the way home to get some
rich-c: long as it didnt upset my tape setting from Sunday, all is fine
Pamela: since we were there, stopped for lunch as well
Pamela: I think that's what saved us from having to drive through it
Pamela: you missed a great convention James
Judy: we didn't have to get gas until we got back in the States
BobS: was crazy weather on the way home....sunny,then storms off to the north and in front, lightning, then rains, then sun
james: yeah, it's a little hard for me to get over there
rich-c: yes, we will have to get home early Friday as the weekend traffic will be monstrous
BobS: like a time warp
Pamela: we were getting quite the light show, that's for sure
Pamela: I know James
rich-c: we were out Tuesday vsiting a winery among other things when teh storm broke
rich-c: being trapped in a winery is not the worst fate available
Pamela: you poor thing : )
Pamela: I'd have been fine on the gas Judy if we hadn't made that run to the States on
Pamela: Wednesda
Pamela: y
rich-c: well actually it meant we were just a bit late to catch Jean nd Melanie for dinner, and that hurt
rich-c: you should have bought gas in Buffalo - it was about $4.26/gal in Lockport
Pamela: at that point I wasn't even down a 1/4 tank
Guy F. take 2: $4,26/gal L what a bargain!
Daniel Bienvenu: did Jillian sing sometimes? she got a powered voice during the banquet, so I suspect she can sing opera easily.
Pamela: $4.63/gallon in Buffalo
james: i'll say
rich-c: if the price is right, top up anyway!
Pamela: what are gas prices like for you James?
james: we're at $6.10 / gallon after i do all the requisite conversions
Guy F. take 2: price is right at 53,9 cents / L like it was 10 years ago. :)
Guy F. take 2: yeah, but Japanese cars are more fuel efficient.
Guy B.: I managed to find a station in Battle Creek on the way home for $3.99
james: 171 yen / litre for the adventurous
Pamela: so about a $1.60 a litre
james: yup
Guy F. take 2: Close to what we pay for our gas here in Montreal.
Pamela: that's incredible Guy
rich-c: when are you buying a Prius, james?
james: i've had one for 3 years now
Guy B.: I know. It's $4.23 here in Chicago
Meeka: its about 4.07around here
Guy F. take 2: Looking into an economical 4 door hatchback myself...
Guy B.: You like it James
Pamela: aren't you already driving an accord, Guy F?
james: yes, but the mileage claims were .. somewhat exaggerated shall we say
Guy B.: Here in the US. There's a 8 month waiting list for those
Guy F. take 2: Pamela: Not considered "economical"
Pamela: ah
Guy F. take 2: Automatic, V6, 3.0L...
Pamela: so, just like mine then
Guy F. take 2: A bit better, it's not American. :)
Pamela: I just don't drive enough to fuss too much
Pamela: except the last couple of weeks
rich-c: meanwhile, I have a 350 CID V-8 to feed...
Guy F. take 2: You drivin' a van or something Rich?
james: i can't imagine what some people here who drive suvs are paying at the pump
Pamela: let me just say "pbbbbtttt"
Guy F. take 2: SUVs are a dying breed.
rich-c: yes
Guy B.: Yep, that's happening here now
Guy F. take 2: same as pickup trucks
james: at $1.60-$1.70 per litre they must be easily doing $100 fillups
Guy F. take 2: I did my first $80+ fillup a few weeks ago....
Pamela: ouch
james: hell, even on the prius i can do a 7000 yen fillup
Guy F. take 2: I'm so happy I don't rely on my car to go to work, otherwise, I'd be broke, fast.
Pamela: my worst has been $67.00
james: big cars are stupid
Guy F. take 2: big cars are stupid, indeed.
rich-c: yes, I hit a pump in NY that stopped t $75 and another in Toronto that shut off at $100
Pamela: they are if you commute at all
james: big tanks that hold more gas and thus increase the weight of the car
Meeka: we had alost $80.00 fill-up on the way home this weekend
Guy F. take 2: big cars are good for long trips.
Guy B.: I've hit $50 with mine so far. But, I managed to keep that under that amount
Guy F. take 2: what car do you have guy B>
james: the fact we're still burning hydrocarbons in this day and age is pathetic
Guy B.: And the trains are getting crowded here in Chicago
Pamela: strangely enough, no one seems to have changed their habits much around here
Guy F. take 2: Well, double the gas prices and solutions will pop up real fast.
Meeka: but we cant complain much we got an average 29-30 miles to the gallonon our trip
james: i typically get 22 km / L
james: 53mpg
Pamela: train ridership appears to have remained the same
Pamela: at least judging by the number of people on the platforms
james: far from the advertised 33 km / L
Guy F. take 2: nice... our metro station in Montreal is packed every morning.... not enough trains.
Pamela: oh I stopped taking the subway Guy
rich-c: yes but highway speeds re down - you can cruise at 108 and be in tune with traffic now
james: maybe we'll start designing cities around people instead of cars
Guy F. take 2: I take it everyday, best way to get to downtown from where I live.
Pamela: I take the GO train instead
Guy F. take 2: I feel bad for people who are stuck living 60-75 KMs away from work and who commute to work.... must cost them a bundle.
Pamela: sheesh Dad, i was doing 115 on the way home and getting passed by semis
Daniel Bienvenu: I would like to travel by train one time.
rich-c: odd - my 50th percentile speed to Ottawa lst year was 117 kph, but tis year seems about 108
Guy F. take 2: Train is nice... Montreal - NY is beautiful!
Guy B.: Amtrak here in the USA has seen record numbers of people taking the train across the country.
Pamela: I weighed the cost of gas to get to and from the subway station, and the time I spent in traffic, plus the 35 minutes on the subway itself, vs. the six blocks I drive to the GO station and 17 minutes to downtown
BobS: and?
james: maybe now cities will invest more in public transit infrastructure
Pamela: no contest
Guy F. take 2: I used to take my car to the subway station, but now, instead, I bike there.... it's cheaper and faster.
Guy B.: They should
Guy F. take 2: What's a GO station
Guy F. take 2: ?
Meeka: brb, need a drink
Pamela: I normally fill the Escape on Saturday morning before heading to the trailer - 170 km round trip including into town for groceries
rich-c: and overall better for your health
Guy F. take 2: brb, need a fuel-efficient car
Pamela: then don't fill again until we go back three weeks later
Pamela: I use so little gas in the three weeks it far offsets the slightly higher cost of a GO Ticket
rich-c: GO - Government of Ontario rail operation, mostly commuter services on rnted tracks
Guy F. take 2: good for the health yes, but it's also ironic that with my bike I can park righj next to the entrance of the subway, with my car, I have to walk literally for 10 minutes from where I park to access the subway.... so it just makes no sense.
Daniel Bienvenu: it's raining outside... with thunder... I may be disconnected at any time
Guy F. take 2: Your Internet is affected by thunder?
rich-c: long as you're smart enough to figure it out, Guy
james: must be on dialup
james: ah
Guy F. take 2: There's still people on dialup in this day and age???
james: maybe he means he'll lose power
Guy F. take 2: maybe he's just scared of thunder and will go run under his bed and won't be able to type from that particular location?
Pamela: heck even we bit the bullet and got DSL
Daniel Bienvenu: a computer needs electricity. if I lost electricity during a storm, I will be disconnected.
rich-c: you don't have a UPS?
Guy F. take 2: no UPS? What's wrong with you
Guy F. take 2: ?
Guy F. take 2: Actually, I don't have one either....
Guy F. take 2: Must be a Quebecer thing.
Meeka: our servers have them, but not our normal computers
rich-c: if you have a laptop to switch to, it rarely mtters
Pamela: think it's more of a money thing, Guy
Pamela: we don't have one either
Pamela: but then if we take a hit, everything in the building goes down and we up a creek anyway
Guy F. take 2: I'd need a UPS for the cable modem and router.
rich-c: no for those what you need is a surge protector
Guy F. take 2: a surge protector will power my cable modem and router? COOL
Pamela: my solution is to unplug the laptop and run on battery
Meeka: a surge protector will not power things, just conditions the power
rich-c: but a Guy pointed out, your modem and router still need their own power sources
Guy F. take 2: Actually, it protects your electronic equipement from electrical spikes (surges)...
Guy F. take 2: but can't power. Some UPS have surge protectors built-in.
Pamela: I shudder to think what would happen if our building took a direct hit
rich-c: yes, we have a whole-house surge protector, right in the main box
Pamela: our 1960's wiring would be fried
Guy F. take 2: hey, nothign wrong with 1960s wiring!!! That's what I have and it seems pretty reliable to me.
Pamela: it would be, if the freak who wired the place knew what he was doing
Guy F. take 2: haha
rich-c: hell, we have 1953 wiring and aren't fussed
Guy F. take 2: I'm dealing with the previous owner's bad wiring habits in the house we bought, ripping out tons of wires and re-doing it... the guy had no concept of electricity.
Pamela: but when half the apartment is on one 15 amp circuit, and there's just one plug on another, ya gotta wonder what buddy was smoking when he wired the place
Guy F. take 2: oh boy... resetting the breaker often, aren't you?
Pamela: not anymore, but we got a lot of practice at first : )
Guy F. take 2: I can imagine running a stove, A/C and heating up water in the morning for coffee....
Guy F. take 2: with someone drying their hair in the bathroom....
Pamela: a/c in the bedroom is plugged into the single plug circuit in the LR
Pamela: a/c in the LR is plugged into the stove, which is a 20 amp dedicated circuit
Pamela: don't run the hair dryer and the heater at the same time
Guy F. take 2: OK, good, so it's not too bad.
Guy F. take 2: heateR? you have electrical heating?
Pamela: or the microwave and the toaster oven or the kettle
Pamela: spaghetti everywhere
Guy F. take 2: move!!!
Pamela: it's a wonder we haven't killed ourselves
Pamela: small space heater for the really cold nights
Guy F. take 2: yeah, we have central heating, BUT I always keep a small space heater for emergencies.
Pamela: believe me, we're keeping an eye out
Pamela: however, the number of really small apartments out there is mind boggling
Guy F. take 2: how much is rent these days in your area? For a 2 bedroom appt, it's like $750 or so here in Mtl.
Guy F. take 2: yes, that's the problem in Mtl, lots of small appartements, not enough large ones.
Pamela: we are in a 2 BR for $995/mo including all utilities
Guy F. take 2: Large ones that accomodate families are in the $1000-$1100 range.
Pamela: except phone and cable
Guy F. take 2: if heating is included, that's not too bad.
Pamela: the thing is we have an uncommonly large apartment
Daniel Bienvenu: we have a cat here... afraid of thunder... he is actually hiding under my desk, beside my feet and the powerbar.
Pamela: probably at least 1000 square feet
Guy F. take 2: make sure not to step on him by accident.
Guy F. take 2: Wow,1000 square feet is huge! probaby close to the size of our house.
Pamela: someday I'm going to measure accurately
Guy F. take 2: our house is 40 X 30 feet....
BobS: like 1200 swuare feet
rich-c: yes, with the odd shape you will have to do it in segments
Pamela: because of where we are in the building we were lucky enough to get the largest apartment
Guy F. take 2: well, that's the exterior... but livable space, I dunno.
Judy: just ask Bob, Bob the Builder, ya know
rich-c: right - nominall we have a 40 x 25 house, wich is true for the exterior dimensions
Pamela: so of course, everything we've looked at seems tiny in comparison
Guy F. take 2: maybe it's time to buy a house!!!
Pamela: believe me if we could afford to, we would
Pamela: however I don't have a spare $400,000 at the moment
rich-c: but in erms of net space less walls and stuff, we're far hort of our nominal 1000 s. ft.
Guy F. take 2: you don't have to pay $400,000 in one shot, you know? :)
Pamela: the bonus of the house is you have the basement Dad
rich-c: yes, and the garage and porch
Guy F. take 2: with the basement it's times 2... like us. makes it more house than we need with the basement.
Pamela: heck, 5% is $20,000, and we don't have that either
BobS: BUT, you DO have to pay for it all over time WITH interest paymens on top; of the price
Pamela: we looked into a mortgage and the best we could do right now would be about $165,000
Pamela: not even enough to get a condo
Guy F. take 2: yup, I've been paying my mortgage for 6 months now and am sick and tired of it... can't wait to finish paying it off.
Guy F. take 2: you couldn't even get a run down house in the suburbs of Montreal with that amount, sadly.
rich-c: even if you push, it will take a while, Guy - but it's well worth it
Pamela: we've been looking at places in Mimico, down by Russell's office
Pamela: but they're all tiny
Guy F. take 2: I'm 19 yrs away from finishing off to pay my house.... CAN'T WAIT.
Guy F. take 2: tiny as in how small?
Meeka: we closer than that...only another 2-3 years
Pamela: what we need is someone who's willing to rent us a small bungalow for below market value
rich-c: remember Guy you can make extra payments on your mortgae to pay it off faster
Pamela: tiny as in 700 square feet + -
Guy F. take 2: 2-3 yrs? awesome, congrats, what are you going to do with all that extra money every month?
Pamela: or smaller
Meeka: who knows, wont start worring about that till it happens though
Pamela: I'm hoping 6/49 will come through tonite
Guy F. take 2: Rich: My payments are large enough, I cant afford to make extra payments.
rich-c: we ended up paying ours off in five nd a half years
Guy F. take 2: Rich: Youll rarely hear of anyone doing that these days.
rich-c: the psychological boost of owning a house free and clear is unbelievable
Guy F. take 2: I can only imagine...
Guy F. take 2: It took me 1.5 years of intense savings and 65 hrs weeks to save up to pay a 20% downpayment....
rich-c: you didn't hear of it being done then, but Frances can be rmarkable blody-minded...
Guy F. take 2: Ive heard of a few people in the 80s who paid off their homes in 5 years or so.... but thats with a lot of overtime hours.
Pamela: I often wonder what happened to the money manager gene - it seems to have skipped my generation
rich-c: and having an over 50% down payment didn't hurt
Dr. D.: sorry I was away folks
Meeka: wb
BobS: and you should be !!!!!! ;-)
Pamela: hey Rich
Daniel Bienvenu: re - bonsoir
BobS: got life straightened out?
Guy F. take 2: Ahh, there you go... if people waited till they had 50% of the value of the house, no one would buy nowadays.
Dr. D.: was on the phone with Rin
Dr. D.: trying Bob
BobS: good mon
Guy F. take 2: those teenagers, always talking on the phone... :)
Pamela: Rich, any further prizes won?
rich-c: well we were never with the crowd, Guy - that's why we can afford $100 gas fillups now
Dr. D.: no further prizes, just plaque and $150 that I know about
Pamela: oh and by the way, I've got tons of picture hangers you can have if you're patient : )
Dr. D.: haha GuyF
Dr. D.: picture hangers? ah for plaque
Guy F. take 2: plaque, isnt it better to go to a dentist for that
Dr. D.: I still have all the ones from the things in my old office, I never rehung them in the new.
Pamela: we can fix that : )
Dr. D.: Ask the folks at ADAMcon 20, they heard the talk, if they were grinding their teeth in boredom, maybe that got rid of plaque
Daniel Bienvenu: australia... it's far from here. if you can go that far, I suppose you can go at the next adamcon, no?
Pamela: no boredom here!
Dr. D.: Rin said she zoned out after a few slides :-(
Guy F. take 2: Well, yes and no Dan.... it all depends.
Dr. D.: BTW Doug, did that file have the IDE HD info you needed?
Pamela: I was trying to listen over Jeffrey
Meeka: i got rid on mine before i can rich :-P
Guy B.: Well folks, got to take one dog out for a short walk. Will see you all next week
Meeka: came**
Meeka: night guy
Dr. D.: By Guy
Pamela: g'nite Guy
Guy F. take 2: goodnight guyb
Dr. D.: So how was the Last ADAMite Standing contest?
rich-c: night, GuyB
Pamela: Bob won
Dr. D.: Seeing as I was in Pittsburgh and missed it.
Meeka: good
DougS: yep. busy reassembling the eos hd boot disk Dr. D.
Meeka: bob won
Daniel Bienvenu: did frances recover her logo programs from floppydisks?
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Dr. D.: Glad to hear Doug.
Meeka: dale was the first eliminated
Dr. D.: no...
Dr. D.: Dale?
Pamela: yup
Dr. D.: I figured he'd win.
Daniel Bienvenu: in fact, yes... he was the first eliminated
BobS: why????
Pamela: last three standing were Dad, Bob and Neil
Dr. D.: Holy $DEITY
Guy F. take 2: Rich: Saving is all fine and dandy, but one cannot forget to live, otherwise why are we working for if not to make our lives more comfortable?
Dr. D.: Were there enough questions?
Pamela: and I'm proud to say that two of my questions knocked people out
rich-c: more comfortable in parts, or all the way?
Pamela: more than
Meeka: yes there were
Dr. D.: That's good...I gave Ron 20 just in case.
Meeka: we were just all making silly mistakes
Dr. D.: So they didn't get to my #20 then I bet.
Guy F. take 2: well ladies and gents, I'm off to bed, the witching hour has struck for me... up in 5:30 hours...
Daniel Bienvenu: I had some chances with games... but I had not enough adamcon experiences to answer the questions
Pamela: I was impressed at how many I knew the answers to
BobS: PAM, shame on you !!!!!
Meeka: night guy
Judy: have to go is that time of the night, night all
Pamela: why?
Guy F. take 2: good night all. Dr. D congrats on the award.
Pamela: gnite Guy
rich-c: what bugs me is that when I downloaded the emulator a few wseeks ago I noticed it was way old - but forgot the exact year
Dr. D.: Thanks GuyF
BobS: Pam you knocked people OUT of the competitiion
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm leaving too.
Guy F. take 2 left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit
Pamela: bonsoir, Daniel
Judy left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: good night
Dr. D.: Bye Daniel
Pamela: yeah, ain't it great?
rich-c: night, GuyF
BobS: leaving along with Judy.......see ya's next week
Pamela: goodnight Bob and Judy
BobS: YES Pam
Dr. D.: Okay Bob & Judy, bye
Meeka: guy got bummped with one of mine
Meeka: night
BobS: be good, and have FUN
Dr. D.: So Pamela is an ADAM killer app?
BobS left chat session
rich-c: night Bob and Judy
Pamela: guess so : )
Dr. D.: I tried to make balanced questions, not all about tech
DougS: mr easter egg you were
rich-c: yes, we never did get to furnazi
Dr. D.: I only asked about the "Hi Cathy" one.
Pamela: the Jillian's pregnancy one was mine
Meeka: ya, and it knocked doug out when he got it wrong :-P
Dr. D.: I thought about an ADAMcalc question, but decided it was too insular.
Pamela: as was the one about Zonker's brother
rich-c: yes, I was surprised that one was missed
Meeka: poor judy, just couldnt subtract right
Pamela: I was pleased just to be able to come up with five legit questions
Dr. D.: Pamela may be flattered to know that there is an ADAM program with a hidden "Pam's face"
Pamela: not mine, I'm assuming : )
rich-c: I must admit I didn't know Zonker had a brother - and I was at Seattle!
Dr. D.: Not yours...can't really tell whose it is.
Dr. D.: It is a tiny bitmap.
Pamela: is that in Chip's Challenge by any chance?
Dr. D.: No it's in ADAM CP/M 2.2, in unused space in the boot block if memory serves.
Pamela: now that's well hidden
rich-c: some day you must give a seminr on Easter eggs in Adam, Rich
Dr. D.: Yes, you have to use a hex editor to dump the block and then see the string and then decode the bitmap.
Dr. D.: I suppose I could...
Pamela: someone remind him of that in about a year's time . . .
Dr. D.: ADAMlink I has an unimplemented dialing directory full of names and numbers of defunct BBSes
Meeka: well, its about that time for me too
Dr. D.: SmartFiler has a deleted test database on it filled with garbage nonsense text, the same sentence over and over
Meeka: see ya next week
Dr. D.: From memory anyway
Pamela: gnite Meeka
Dr. D.: Bye Meeka
Meeka left chat session
rich-c: I am hearing impatient noises in the background - time us old folks got our shuteye
Pamela: and probably past time for me to be in bed as well
Pamela: ask Mom to send me another e-mail Dad
rich-c: so james, Doug, Daniel, Rich, Pam - goodnight all
Dr. D.: okay, good night
Pamela: goodnight Daddy
Dr. D.: I ought to go too, sent Rin to bed 15 minutes ago
rich-c: ok Pam
Dr. D.: glad everyone got back okay
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight... I'm already in my bad and sleeping. ;-)
DougS: night all
Daniel Bienvenu: bed
Daniel Bienvenu: anyway
Pamela: gnite Doug
rich-c: colour me gone
DougS left chat session
rich-c left chat session
Pamela: goodnight Daniel
Pamela: gnite Rich
Dr. D.: All right, I will sign off too
Dr. D.: <poof>
Pamela: James, come back soon
Dr. D. left chat session
Pamela: kerpoof!
Pamela left chat session
james left chat session
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