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Daniel Bienvenu: hi Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: seems to work fine
Dale: Hi there.
Dale: I hoped it would.
Dale: I'm just mailing something to the mailing list not.
Dale: now*
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changed username to Meeka
Meeka: good evening
Dale: Good evening.
Meeka: hows things upp your way tonight
Dale: Things are going great.
Dale: I had trouble with, but it was all fixed this afternoon, I guess.
Meeka: thats good
Meeka: we having quote the series of heavy thunderstorms here this afternoon/tonight
Meeka: quite***
Dale: All is quiet here so far.
Dale: But I hear it may be coming soon.
Meeka: you prob wont see it till tomorrow
Dale: Well, so I have all of the AdamCon 18 pictures posted.
Meeka: cool
Dale: But I still need stuff to post for AdamCon 20.
Meeka: i have to finish 20 up yet
Meeka: i got some on there
Dale: Daniel can you send me your powerpoint for your seminar this year?
Dale: I went immediately from St Catherine's to Zurich.
Dale: Did Pam give you back your card reader?
Meeka: yes she did
Dale: Excellent. I wouldn't have been awake enough to do it on Monday.
Meeka: lol
Meeka: we finally got caught up on our sleep from the con
Dale: Thunder Showers overnight I guess, is what they are predicting.
Dale: I was just watching Mr Bean's Holiday.
Dale: it's pretty funny.
Meeka: never seen it
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale, I discover that my presentation only works on my laptop because some images are links to files on some specific folders.
Dale: it possible to make an output version or something? I know open office allow you to export it to PDF
Dale: But no movies obviously.
Daniel Bienvenu: I think I can export to swf format
Dale: Well it's worth a try.
Dale: Well if other people get my email, hopefully they'll be along soon.
Meeka: i need to be added back onto the list, i havent gotten the e-mails for a long time
Dale: Hmmm...I must repair that soon.
Dale: It keeps breaking when I'm not looking.
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale, I sent you an email with the SWF version. for the openoffice version, you have it in the pictures folder, but unfortunatly, the pictures links are all broken.
Meeka: funny how that happens
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changed username to Guy B.
Meeka: hi guyu
Dale: Okay Daniel.
Dale: Thanks.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
Dale: Hi..
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Dale: Did you get on the usual URL okay?
changed username to Pamela
Pamela: phew
Meeka: hi pam
Pamela: hi folks
Guy B.: HI Pam
Pamela: no problems here Dale
Pamela: anyone else with issues?
Daniel Bienvenu: after two days, I was afraid of never seeing again the web site
Pamela: Oh, I had faith in Dale : )
Dale: Sorry. It expired on the 24th, while I was away on my trip.
Pamela: how was Zurich, Dale?
Guy B.: Glad you got it renewed.
Daniel Bienvenu: Zurich... help me... it's in Germany?
Pamela: Switzerland
Guy B.: It's in Switzerland
Dale: Zurich was fun.
Guy B.: Have a branch office there
Dale: But it took me a whole week of climbing up and down the mountain to figure out that there
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, sorry... I have problems to keep in mind some names, specially those I never use often.
Dale: was a tram that would do it for $1.20
Pamela: my mother would say it's good for your area of greatest success : )
Pamela: speaking of whom, no one has seen Dad yet?
Meeka: n ope
Pamela: hmm, that's very unlike him
Pamela: usually I'm the one who's late
Pamela: drat the VCR is driving me nuts
Pamela: we had a power failure earlier
Meeka: lol
Pamela: now it's flashing "auto"
Pamela: it's very distracting
Meeka: you poor thing
Meeka: u just have to reset it then
Pamela: well I can fix it, just haven't had time yet
Pamela: would help if I hadn't fallen asleep for an hour
Pamela: completely messed up my evening
Dale: I guess so.
Pamela: arrgh
Pamela: missed my window for doing laundry
Pamela: good thing it's supposed to be cooler tomorrow
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changed username to rich-c
Pamela: Hi Dad
Meeka: hello rich
Pamela: was just wondering what happened to you
Daniel Bienvenu: please, excuse me, I will be back in a few minutes.
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rich-c: oh here you all are
changed username to BobS
Dale: Hi there.
Pamela: Hi Bob
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Rich, and Bob, be right back
Guy B.: Hi Bob
rich-c: right, Daniel
Meeka: \hi dad
rich-c: I was over on Dr. D's site
Pamela: ah, that explains it
Guy B.: It came back this afternoon Rich
Pamela: I checked for e-mails just before logging on
rich-c: right - so I see Dale is on - what happened?
BobS: on dial up becasue electric is out........
Meeka: awwww
BobS: and long life on battery.....SLOW
Guy B.: Storms hit you Bob
rich-c: where did you volts go, Bob?
Meeka: we have power over here still
Dale: I am on.
Dale: I just didn't pay my bill before I left town.
BobS: yesBIG storms
Guy B.: We missed that.
BobS: we lost it about 6:30pm
Guy B.: Didn't rain very much here
BobS: just our 10 sq block area
Guy B.: Wow
Dale: It's coming here soonish. Maybe by midnight.
BobS: we have had over 5" or rain so far
Guy B.: We had our share too
rich-c: we aren't due for that till tomorrow
BobS: still thunder and lightning
Meeka: how much are you having to work this weekend dad
BobS: just tomorrow
BobS: then off till Ties
BobS: Tues
Meeka: cool
BobS: ya lady
Meeka: doug and daniel are both off till monday
BobS: sick of work....4 letter word
BobS: cool
BobS: maybe play puter this weekend???????
BobS: sometime????
Meeka: maybe we can get together on friday/saturday then
BobS: friday going to Joyce & Rob in the afternoon and supper
BobS: sittin here with oil lamps and watchin the lightning
rich-c: yes, you folks have Independence Day coming up, don't you?
BobS: si senor
Meeka: ok, sat then ?
BobS: sounds good to me
Meeka: ok, i will call mom tomorrow and work out details
rich-c: Dominion Day came up in the meat of the week, yesterday
BobS: convention was a vacation, but still busy
BobS: and way from home
BobS: Judy says HI, can only get one on dialup at a time
rich-c: yes, I have to go to the doctor tomorrow morning to repair the damage
Pamela: hi judy
BobS: until battery goes KAPUT, then get another batterya dn come back
BobS: DAMAGE?????
Daniel Bienvenu:
Pamela: what damage?
Daniel Bienvenu: this is a link to the last video I did of our cat named Shouby
rich-c: I bashed up my leg carrying that chair
BobS: waht chair?\
Daniel Bienvenu: Shouby died a few minutes ago now
rich-c: it was teh leg with the cellulitis that sent me to hospital with toxemia last year
Pamela: oh Daniel
BobS: DUDE, ya got to be CAREFUL
Dale: Who's cat is that?
rich-c: well, I didn't break the skin, but there is swelling that shouldn't be there
Daniel Bienvenu: Shouby the cat was a birthday gift to my sister, and during the last 2 weeks he was dying a little bit each day.
Dale: That's always sad to see happen.
BobS: oh daniel.....sorry bout that!!!!
rich-c: great heavens Daneil, what happened to him?
Daniel Bienvenu: his blood didn't clean up normally, poisoning himself a little bit each time.
Pamela: I'm so sorry DAniel
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm fine... but my sister is devastated.
Pamela: losing a pet is so difficult
Pamela: Dad, do you still have a bruise?
rich-c: yes, it is really rough - a number of my friends have lost cats in the last few months
Daniel Bienvenu: specially one considered as part of the family during all these years
rich-c: yes, although it's subsiding
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changed username to DougS
Pamela: Daddy, please be more careful
DougS: hello all
Guy B.: Hi Doug
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't know how old is Shouby, but he certainly did a good cat life.
Pamela: Hi Doug
BobS: Hi Doug
rich-c: hello Doug, you going to be filling in for the old man when his batgtery quits?
Dale: Well my oldest cat is 14 I guess, and she's healthy at the moment
DougS: why? he will just pull out another charged battery and dial up again.
Dale: But she had some serious surgery two years ago, and I wasn't sure it was a good idea.
DougS: he has alot of laptops.
rich-c: wow - 14 is pretty old for a cat
Pamela: we lost Willow at 15.5 and Inky at 17.5
Pamela: 'twas very tough
Dale: Yup the 14 year old is Entropy. And she's a fairly big cat, but suprisingly agile, and even occasionally playful.
rich-c: yes, you took a long time to get over it - to the extent you did
Dale: Maybe it's the influence of the two 2 year old cats we have.
Pamela: there are still days when I expect to see the cat when we come in
Daniel Bienvenu: where you put your pets when they die? here, we decided to dig a hole in the backyard, find a nice box and put Shouby inside it.
Dale: I've certainly done that Daniel.
Pamela: we buried Willow at the trailer in a lovely patch of sunlight
rich-c: I understand that is what most people seem to do, Daniel
Pamela: and Inky is here on a shelf
BobS: as a bookend?
Pamela: no, just a nice tasteful urn
Pamela: : )
Daniel Bienvenu: what is better, burried or urn? I think burried is better.
rich-c: just looked at our weather radar and Dale, you're right - quite a mess on our doorstep
DougS: Dale, have you assembled TDOS in the past?
Pamela: untill we decide whether to bury him too
BobS: don't make any difference dAniel
BobS: we SENT that weather to ya Richard !!!!!!!
Meeka: Snicky is a stepping stone now
Pamela: gee thanks Bob!
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't know, I think seeing the urn each time you clean up the room, it may extend the sad moment for awhile, no^
Daniel Bienvenu: ?
Pamela: oh that's a lovely choice Meeka
Dale: I have assembled TDOS
BobS: yes
rich-c: when it arrivwes, we'll give it back to JP marked "return to sender"
Dale: I bought a special assembler back when they still sold it.
DougS: When you assembled it, what did you do with it? is it like the EOS assembly that you clone it to a disk?
Pamela: you'd think so Daniel, but it's kind of comforting, strangely
BobS: sender refuses package.............the headlines said
Dale: I even wrote a patch for TDOS for the AIM video card.
Dale: But there was only ever one mad.e
Dale: So I never gave it out.
BobS: that's right.........any more news about the AIM card?????
Pamela: and I'm sort of reluctant to part with him for now
Dale: Well the way it works, is that you assemble it as a relocated executable in the installer program
Daniel Bienvenu: conforting... like the cat still with you, like an angel maybe?
Dale: So what you get in the end is the installer.
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Dale: And it patches the image when the installer runs with your options.
changed username to Guf Y.
Guf Y.: Hi.
Guy B.: Hey Guy F
Meeka: hello
DougS: so it should output the equivalent of like then?
Pamela: not like an angel, but I don't know how to explain it
Daniel Bienvenu: Salut Guy... drole the choix ce soir... inverser Y et F.
Pamela: it just is : )
rich-c: hi Guy - we are among other trhings discussing the weatehr coming our way
Guf Y.: Oui Dan, tu me connais, toujours aussi loufoque.
Guf Y.: hitting Ontario first I believe.
rich-c: Bob has his power out, Toronto is about to get swamped, your turn is coming
Daniel Bienvenu: Comment avance ton project ? (Any progress in your project?)
Pamela: cute, Guy
Pamela: qu'est ce que c'est loufoque?
Guf Y.: Dan: My project is advancing slowly now, but tomorrow, I should be able to have a few hours to dedicate to my project.
Daniel Bienvenu: something is "loufoque" because it's done anormally to make you laugh.
Pamela: ah
Guf Y.: Let's check Meteo Media to see hwo severe the weather will be in Mtl.
rich-c: I can't think of a precise English equivalent - have to import that
Guf Y.: Looney
Pamela: I like that : )
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, looney... think about loonytoons... that's a good reference about "loufoque" is.
rich-c: no, more to it than that I'd say, Guy, if I understand it right
Guf Y.: It's the direct translation I believe.
rich-c: more like a deliberate Spoonerism or something?
Pamela: is your silicone cured yet, btw?
Daniel Bienvenu: spoonerism is good
Daniel Bienvenu: kind of funny term
Guf Y.: Yes, it's cured and no more drip in the bathroom, thank you for asking. :)
Guf Y.: perhaps, barminess.
Guf Y.: giddiness?
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changed username to Bobby
Pamela: silliness?
Guf Y.: perhaps...
rich-c: Doug, iirc the Adam edition of CP/M 2.2 came with an installer; wouldn't that work with TDOS?
rich-c: sorry, assembler
Bobby requested to ban BobS
Dale confirmed ban
Guf Y. confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
Meeka confirmed ban
Guf Y.: Dale: Been working on a 1K game, so far I'm at 380 bytes...
Pamela: your battery can't have died already, Bob
Guy B. confirmed ban
Bobby: yup.....only have used batteries here
Bobby: last maybe an hour
rich-c: can if it was already run down a bit, Pam
DougS: Rich, i have an assembler. just trying to figure out what to do with the output of the assembler.
Pamela: you should have firm chat with them : )
Bobby: pulled out all the spares in various stages of charge to use for chat
Daniel Bienvenu: I calculated about my idea of a new coleco project... and I was right, it's only 25% chance to work. It will be too tough to program right, so I will concentrate on other project.
Pamela: Dale, is there any reason we can't burn another copy of the photo DVD from the one you made?
Bobby: IF I had known about power outage, I could have charged all the batteries up fully
Pamela: hindsight is always 20/20 Bob
Bobby: si
Guf Y.: I hear Germany is the only country that has very little power outages... unlike Canada.
Guf Y.: or the US.
Pamela: we've certainly had our share recently
Meeka: we gots power if ya get desperate dad
Guf Y.: Didn't we talk about UPS systems last week? ;)
Pamela: : )
Bobby: yup we did
rich-c: our outages used to be few and far between, until Harris forced the amalgamation of the city
Guf Y.: The way I see it is, if you pay your electrical bill on time, you should have any power outages.
Bobby: NOT
Meeka: brb, i need a drink
rich-c: our North York Hydro got merged into Toronto Hydro and service has been going downhill ever since
Daniel Bienvenu: about the ac20 pictures, because I got them as files in my laptop computer, I was able to rotate some of them and also delete those who have no sense like in Dale's folder, I don't know why there was so much pictures ofthe floor.
Pamela: that was probably Jeffrey's fault Daniel : )
Daniel Bienvenu: and the ant invasion, where these pictures was taken?
Guf Y.: nothing is headed our way Rich... barely 5-10 mm of rain in the morning.
rich-c: I don't think I got a copy of the disc - maybe I can pull one from Pamela's
Pamela: on the floor of the convention centre entrance outside our meeting room
Guf Y.: Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be beautiful days here, 24,26 and 28 degrees respecitvely. WOOHOO.
Pamela: I have a DVD - assuming it's copiable, as Erin and Rich don't have one either
rich-c: we go by Environment Canada here and their radar station just north of the city, tells up very clearly what's up
Guf Y.: ok, I'll go check with them for Montreal. brb
Pamela: Saturday 24, S
rich-c: I can copy it, Pam
Pamela: unday 26 - I can live with those numbers
Daniel Bienvenu: starting tomorow, it's celebration here in Quebec. And I know that Neil is supposed to be here, in Quebec city, but I will not see him.
rich-c: just depends on how wet we get for how long
Pamela: I don't care if it rains while I'm at work
Guf Y.: just a bit of rain tomorrow Rich, no problemo. good for my tomatos.
Pamela: I'm just hoping we'll have good weather for the trailer trip this weekend
Guf Y.: you're taking a trailer trip?
Guf Y.: to which trailer park?
Pamela: trip to the trailer : )
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm the only one who don't travel this weekend?
rich-c: yes, here we've had much more rain than usual adn the foliage is unbelievably lush
Pamela: Lyndhurst Golf Course and Trailer Park, just south of Sutton
Dale: Where will you be Daniel?
Guf Y.: I had to trim my garden today and have a huge bag full of garbage with all the garden trimmings, man did it grow.
Pamela: barely a hour away - it's great
Guf Y.: Nice Pam, enjoy!
rich-c: Frances and I are also staying home, Daniel
Meeka: back
Daniel Bienvenu: This weekend,
Guf Y.: Dan: We are staying home too... getting ready for our BIG trip in a few weeks.
Pamela: thanks
Daniel Bienvenu: I have no plan
Pamela: looking forward to relaxing
Guf Y.: How long will you be staying in Montreal BTW for the CCJVQ meeting?
Pamela: I miss being able to up Friday night though
Daniel Bienvenu: maybe watching a movie just to go outside the house for awhile.
rich-c: go down to Lower Town, find a few bussies, hoist a few Boreales or Maudites
Guf Y.: The offer is still there if you would like to stay a day or two at my place and babysit the kids.
rich-c: sorry, buddies
Guf Y.: :D
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't know how long I will be at the ccjvq meeting, but I will certainly be there.
Guf Y.: Well stay in town for a day or two... come over, we can play on the Colecovision that I setup in the basement.
Daniel Bienvenu: last time, I was there around 19h-20h and I did stay about 2 hours.
Daniel Bienvenu: I have a technical question.
DougS: Dale, so the assembled code should output the equivalent of like then?
Guf Y.: Technical Dan? Look it up in Wikipedia! ;)
Daniel Bienvenu: the ColecoVision board inside the standalone Coleco Adam computer, I can see one port as the RF, one as RCA? and one as I don't know but I know it's useful to hear sounds
Pamela: Maybe we should send Rich and Erin to you when they go to Montreal for their immigration interview, Guy
Guf Y.: I have the schematics to the adam computer somewhere in PDF format if you need it Dan.
Guf Y.: Pam: Depending on when it is, they are most welcome!
Pamela: I'll pass that along : )
Guf Y.: I think I had told him like 6 months ago that he was welcome to come by...
Guf Y.: It's taking a hell of a long time.
Daniel Bienvenu: I have 2 boards from coleco adam standalone computers... only the boards... and I know that the rectangular board is for the memory, the eos, well all the computer stuff.
Pamela: judging by other's experiences it is likely to be some time yet
Guf Y.: Wow, who knew it would be that hard/long/painful/financial straining, etc...
Bobby: says she will be gone a while in the morning with Ryan to swimming, but home before noon and then has to take him to CLC
Pamela: oh, don't get me started, I'll rant all night
Meeka: k
Bobby: home by about 10:35am
Daniel Bienvenu: in theory, I can put voltage on the board wich is the colecovision part and be able to make my own tvgame colecovision console, right?
rich-c: once they get the new government next January, maybe the bureaucracy will smarten up
Pamela: the good news is that Erin has gotten another job with the bureacracy, this contract is until March with the possibility of a year or two extension
Meeka: we gotta do sec of state some time tomortrow to get daniels license changed
Pamela: so, at least she'll be employed
Meeka: thats good
rich-c: what is the new job, Pam?
Pamela: Meeka, do people actually send the Secretary of State portion of their auto liability cards into the gov't?
Pamela: divisional issues coordinator, ministry of labour
Daniel Bienvenu: the board is about 10" x 10" with gaps... so I can use the board to make something looking smaller than the original console.
Meeka: ya if you send it by mail, bit if u go in person they kjust looka t it and hand it back to you
Pamela: given how many of the things I do every month it would be nice to know they're actually used
Pamela: AFAIK none of our companies send them in : )
rich-c: yes, but they likely have to keep the3m on file to keep Homeland Security happy
rich-c: got a new beer to try tonight - time to go fetch it
Pamela: given how often I replace the darned things, you'd think the Sec. of State would be buried in them
Daniel Bienvenu: I suppose my technical intervention was too technical for tonight. I will try again later.
Pamela: Dale is probably off putting Jeffrey to bed, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: We did take a lot of buterflies pictures.
Pamela: occurs to me I should see if the
Daniel Bienvenu: I think we have more of these than convention pictures
Pamela: DVD actually runs on my computer
Meeka: lol, its a tie i think daniel from what i have seen
Pamela: I'm still thrilled with the ones I got of the blue on your shoulder Daniel
Meeka: i started posting them, but havent finished yet
Meeka: keep getting sidetracked
Guf Y.: .
rich-c: if not Pam I can likely transfer it to a couple of CDs for you
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, I remember... this one on my shoulder... I was so afraid... it was a strange feeeling having it flaping near my left ear.
Pamela: I'm about to find out, Dad
Bobby: oh oh
Pamela: I was pleased that you stood still and didn't panic, Daniel
Bobby changed username to BobS
Dale: be back later...
Pamela: losing power again Bob?
rich-c: OK Pam, but whatever, if it's machine readable, I think we can cope
BobS: brave guy thAT Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: it was the surprise first, then I was ok.
Meeka: i had one crawling on my skin, now thats a wierd sensation
BobS: no
Daniel Bienvenu: I like the picture of Rich with the one on his head
rich-c: oh, do you have your power back now, Bob?
Pamela: I had one land on my finger for a moment but that's all
BobS: no, batt at 70%
rich-c: yes, but I'd been there before, didn't startle me
Guf Y.: at least your laptop can hold a charge, I'd be good for 2 minutes or so with my battery
Guf Y.: just enough to say hi and bye
Pamela: time for a new battery, Guy - or a new laptop : )
BobS: need tyo harness the lightning
rich-c: well, maybe a little better than that, Guy, but we know what you mean
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale, do you know how to take advantage of the colecovision board that is inside the coleco adam computer to be able to make a kind of tvgame console? I'm trying to figure out if it only miss the rca port for sound to make it possible.
rich-c: Frances and I are trying to figure out if we need another laptop - if so, why?
Guf Y.: I was this close to buying a MacBook last week... but then I looked at my personal finances and said, nah, maybe next year.
BobS: better wuestion Richard is WHY NOT?
Daniel Bienvenu: if you need a new laptop, don't buy acer... it's the one I bought and I had problem after 2 months.
Daniel Bienvenu: and the touchpad is really annoying
rich-c: by the time you start your flight to Oz, you don't know what the fuel surcharge will be
Guf Y.: Rich: Doesn't affect me, I already bought the tickets weeks ago.
rich-c: Daniel" the laptop I have (you saw it at Adamcon) is an Acer
Pamela: I think that will be our next big purchase
Guf Y.: I had problems with my Sony and cannot recommend that brand either.
rich-c: the only thing wrong with it is that it runs Windows
Pamela: we're tired of trading the darn thing back and forth
Meeka: we have always had toshibas
Pamela: yes ours is a Toshiba and we're quite pleased with it
Guf Y.: I was just going to say that, if I had a Win laptop to buy, it's be a Toshiba.
Daniel Bienvenu: I like toshiba laptops, and I think hp laptops are great too.
rich-c: well of course I have the new desktop rig
Pamela: I must say I do like Erin's new Dell
Guf Y.: I'm currently on an HP laptop Dan, and it's been running strong for over 4 years, it's an awesome piece of equipement, much better than my previous Sony.
BobS: thas just because of the hot p-ink coloram
BobS: P{am
Pamela: it's red!
rich-c: I would have to get a used one as the new ones won't support the Emulator
Pamela: don't ever let Erin hear you say otherwise : )
BobS: I would like a baby blue one please
Daniel Bienvenu: I need to run dosbox on my vista laptop to use my coleco dev kit properly... it's slower than running with dos window on a windows xp laptop.
Pamela: I like the feel of her keyboard and the "click action" of her keys
Pamela: I also like her touchpad which is less sensitive, and better positioned
Meeka: naw, purple one wopuld be best
Pamela: I'll take the hot pink one : )
Meeka: touchpad's are awful things
Pamela: oh, I agree Meeka
rich-c: you can get Vista to run the DOS box, Daniel?
Pamela: the one on this computer is so sensitive, it drives me nuts
BobS: let your fingers do the walking
Daniel Bienvenu: vsita runs the emulator named dosbox, yes
Guf Y.: I need more memory for my laptop.
Daniel Bienvenu: whatever it's vista 32bit or 64bit
rich-c: oh, you aren't talking about the command line window, then
Pamela: you will seldom find me using the touchpad where the USB mouse is remotely an option
Daniel Bienvenu: the command-line window is bullshit on vista... only good to type ipconfig and some commands like that.
rich-c: anyway, the tech guys say that Vista is far slower than XP
Meeka: i use the pin mose in the center of the keyboard most of the time and just ignore my touchpad
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't know if it still slower after the big update they did on both xp and vista reccently about the service pack stuff.
Pamela: I don't have one on mine, just the touchpad
Pamela: didn't like the pin mouse on the IBM much, either
Pamela: not sensitive enough
rich-c: I have SP3 on XP and it doesn't seem to make any difference
BobS: touch me in the morning ........................
Daniel Bienvenu: Mac SE is faster than Vista to open the computer, open a document, print it, and power off.
rich-c: I don't have Vista but what I hear from users is don't buy it, wait for Wndows 7
Pamela: Staples had a Toshiba on for $499 recently, just before the convention
Pamela: 'twas verrrry tempting
rich-c: I read teh specs on thast and it seemed excessively chintzy to me
Pamela: but no OS or software that I could see
rich-c: that's OK, I have a spare copy of XP
Daniel Bienvenu: 500$... for this price, I think you can also get a new EeePC that is not a real pc laptop, but kinda
Pamela: yes, was single core and 1G hard drive I think
Pamela: sorry, 1G memory
rich-c: and no memory worth mentioning
Guf Y.: the new eeepc is $400 at bureau en gros, but wait for the next version of it, it has a much bigger screen.
Pamela: did you see that R
Pamela: RBC is giving them away
Dale: You can get an eee pc for just $300 from Best Buy and Tiger Direct.
Pamela: with their new accounts
rich-c: yes, the vendors are getting hungry these days
Dale: Still with the 900 MHz Celeron.
rich-c: what is an eeepc? never heard of it
Pamela: aren't they basically Internet terminals though?
Daniel Bienvenu: that remembers me the time I wanted a toshiba pocketpc 900Mhz because it can run a coleco emulator on it. but it was 6-7 years now.
Guf Y.: Pam: No, they's laptops running Linux.
Pamela: that long Daniel? our desktop is that old and is only a 450 mhz
Pamela: ah
Guf Y.: HP mini looks awesome.
rich-c: Guy, my desktop now has Ubuntu 8.04 up and running on it
Guf Y.: Awesome Rich!
Pamela: thought you were a Mac person, Guy
rich-c: installed by a Ph.D. in Computer Science
Guf Y.: I am, but Macs don't make mini-pcs.
Pamela: what's a mini?
Guf Y.: Smallest is 13.3" screens with the MacBook. Mini is a 7-8.9" screen weighing under 2.5 pounds
rich-c: I need a 17" screen if I am going to see it properly
DougS left chat session
Pamela: sort of a cross between a pc and a portable dvd player then
Guf Y.: something like that.
Guf Y.: a small laptop.
Daniel Bienvenu: well, it may be a 400Mhz back then... but I'm sure there was a pocketpc toshiba at 900Mhz meanwhile.
Pamela: I'm with Dad, I need a decent screen size - I do like my 15.4
rich-c: you are a lot more likely to be right than we are, Daniel
Guf Y.: depends on the usage you make of it.
Daniel Bienvenu: you can bring a projector with your laptop... the screen can be as big as you want.
Guf Y.: there you go.... or a magnifying glass.
rich-c: also depends on your vision - sooner or later my cataractss will grow big enough to matter
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changed username to Dr. D.
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr.D ???
Pamela: Russell was very tempted to try his computer games while we were hooked up to the projector on Sunday
rich-c: hi Rich
Pamela: Hi Rich
Dr. D.: Hi all, sorry I am late.
Meeka: hello
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Dr. D.: I was putting Rin to bed
changed username to DougS
Guf Y. left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr.D. is here, Dale is still here I think, so maybe it's time to ask my technical question.
Pamela: he liked the larger projection
Dr. D.: I am driving to Toronto tomorrow to spend the weekend.
rich-c: well I noticed you got outr backup chat up and running
Dr. D.: I hope the system doesn't get hacked, Richard.
rich-c: yes, you get the other national day holiday
Pamela: Rich, you have to stop bringing the rain with you!
Dr. D.: It is running WinNT 4.0 service pack 6
rich-c: well, take it offline except at chat hurs!
Dr. D.: I have my patriotic American flag T-shirt ready to wear for Friday :-)
Dale: What is the question Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: Coleco Adam standalone, the colecovision board inside it, is it possible to just pick this board, putting the +5 and -5 voltage on it and make it a kind of portable CV console to plug on tv because of the rca port?
Dr. D.: Have to be physically in my office to power it up and down, takes like 20 minutes to boot.
Pamela: does Rin have her Canadian flag too?
Dale: I believe so.
BobS: well kids, I am gonna go now.......may have to start the generator for the fridge and sump pump, Consumers Ef says we will be online [estimated] by July 4th @ 10pm
Dr. D.: Yes Daniel, a few caveats though.
Dale: But I think it also requires +12.
Dr. D.: Yes, for the RAMs on the game board.
Meeka: lol, gee, thats fast dad
Daniel Bienvenu: +12 is for the motor parts like the tape drive, no?
BobS: yq right
Dr. D.: +12 V inductive
rich-c: great news, Bob! ;-( - just what you need
Pamela: you're kidding Bob - Friday???
BobS left chat session
Dr. D.: there is a separate low-current +12V logic supply
Dale: Well, I can only tell you that that handheld conversion of the CV also requires +12 for some reason.
Dr. D.: You are without power Bob?
Dale: I think it is for the RF modulator.
Pamela: you two need to move to
Pamela: Doug and Meeka's for a day or so
Dr. D.: The DRAMs for VRAM take a +12V.
Dale: That's pretty important :-D
Dr. D.: I am pretty sure the RF modulator runs off +5V.
Daniel Bienvenu: how it can be a "portable" version and need a power +12... I only know batteries around 1.45v and 1.5v, not 5v and 12v.
Pamela: even during the big blackout we were only without power for 24 hours
Dr. D.: Look at the schematics,
Dale: Well, 4 AA can generate 6V no problem.
rich-c: D cells in series, maybe?
Dr. D.: Delta game board
Dale: So you can double the voltage with a step up transformer to generate +12
Dale: and a voltage inverter to generate -5.
Daniel Bienvenu: I think I have a 1 E3 version and 1 E4 version.
Dale: And a voltage regualtor to generate +5.
Meeka: well i outta here for this week
Dale: Bye Meeka.
Meeka: nighty night
Meeka left chat session
rich-c: right Meeka, it's getting on - take care!
Pamela: night Meeka
Pamela: (too late)
Daniel Bienvenu: so it means it's possible but I will not able to make it myself.
Dr. D.: I misremembered about the DRAMs, the 4116s take +5V.
Dr. D.: But something there needs +12V, looking over bad schematic...
Dale: I really thought it was the RF modulator.
rich-c: Guf, what were your PDF schematics scanned from?
Daniel Bienvenu: so, if I don't use the rf thing and use only the rca thing (it's possible, I think), then no more +12V needed?
rich-c: oops - Guy has flewed teh coop
Guy B.: I'm here, Guy F left?
Dale: You can buy all of those parts from I guess.
rich-c: that's what I meant, Guy
Dr. D.: Dale, you were right, it is the RF modulator that needs +12V
Dale: okay.
Dale: It does mean that if you only need composite out, you can do without the +12.
Dr. D.: B+ on the 1889 modulator chip is +12V (pin 16)
Dale: I seem to recall someone trying that.
Daniel Bienvenu: so, only +5Volt and -5Volt... it's easier. now where to place the power switch and to pu the voltages on this board?
DougS left chat session
Dale: The power normally comes from the DB 9 connector on the side.
Pamela: Rich, what's your ETA tomorrow?
Daniel Bienvenu: the db 9 connector? it the part connected to the adam board stuff?
Dr. D.: Tomorrow, trying to time arrival for around 6 PM.
Dr. D.: Rin will not be home until 6:20 PM assuming she leaves at 5 PM.
Pamela: me too
Dr. D.: But I was planning to leave Cleveland no later than 11 AM.
Daniel Bienvenu: Actually, there is only a reset button on this board... so I need to had a power button and manage the voltage thing, and I think this is it.
Pamela: can you get in?
Dr. D.: There is still construction on I-90 in PA.
Dr. D.: No, I have to wait outside.
Dr. D.: Rin says I have to co-sign a lease to get a front door key to your building :-(
Pamela: yes, it's a pain
Dr. D.: Here I just made dupe sets for Joan and the girls, and for Rin.
Dr. D.: It's an ordinary key.
rich-c: if any problem crops up, Rich, Frances and I will be home all weekend, if that's any help
Daniel Bienvenu: If you can tell me which electronic parts I need to make the tvgame version possible, I will try to find them here and do it myself in time for the ccjvq meeting.
Pamela: it's a controlled key for the front door
Dr. D.: Daniel, somewhere is a website describing how someone made a ColecoVision handheld.
Dale: I think they even listed part numbers.
Dale: Maybe.
Daniel Bienvenu: I know, but he lost me very wuickly
Dr. D.: He had a professional plastic fabrication lab so he was able to make a custom case for it.
rich-c: who was the guy on the west coast who made the portable Adam?
Dale: You could make your case out of wood, or buy a sheet if 0.25" ABS plastic.
Dr. D.: The suitcase ADAM I saw at ADAMcon 5...
Dale: was that Gene Welch?
Dr. D.: sigh what was his name, tall guy, sandy hair, mustache
rich-c: bingo!
Dr. D.: YES
Dale: I meant to put Gene Welch in my Mighty Mitchell Award trivia, but I couldn't remember his last name.
rich-c: you have built the odd exotic Adam variant in your time too, Dale
Dr. D.: His was in a PC case...there was another guy who put an ADAM in a PC tower, had game cartridge slot in the front and all HD and disk drives internal.
Dr. D.: I think I saw that one at ADAMcon 6.
rich-c: that's my line, Dale, you're supposed to still have your memory
Daniel Bienvenu: not fair for me, I know nothing about all the previous adamcon.
Guy B.: Well folks, going to take Annie out soon. Will see you all next week
Dr. D.: Pam, I am bringing a DVD for Russell to watch.
Pamela: gnite Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Guy
rich-c: OK Guy, take care, stay dry, see you next week
Pamela: okay, which one?
Dr. D.: Pretty sure he will like it, not sure about you or Rin, though maybe; the cinematography is gorgeous.
Dale: Goodnight Guy/
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Dr. D.: It is a private production of the H.P. Lovecraft short story, "The Call of Cthulhu".
Dr. D.: It was made by the H.P. Lovecraft Society in 2005.
Dr. D.: It is an outstanding film...they did it as if it were a silent film from 1925.
Dr. D.: They have German Expressionism down perfectly.
rich-c: classic fantasy writer, but for some reason I have never been able to get into him
Dr. D.: So if you know "Metropolis" or "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari", you will love this film.
Pamela: I have no idea if he's ever read any Lovecraft
Dr. D.: It is very creepy.
Pamela: but I expect you're right and he'll enjoy it
Dr. D.: I have not read much Lovecraft, Richard, but I can say that this film adapts the story very well.
Dr. D.: Much better than most Hollywood stuff that has attempted Lovecraft in the past.
rich-c: then my guess is I wouldn't like the film, eitehr - Lovecraft and I just don't sync
Pamela: he should be home shortly, I'll ask him (if we're still on)
Dr. D.: You are too much like the Old Ones yourself, Richard :-)
Pamela: ah, but he is not silent, Rich! : )
rich-c: you may very well be right, Rich
rich-c: I'm considering changing my screen name and avatar on caruts to Treebeard the Ent
Dr. D.: haha
rich-c: the otehr option would be Cassandra but I am not female
Pamela: btw Dad, the plate on the Marauder was white on burgundy, three and three numbers
rich-c: then it would not have been an Ontario plate
Dr. D.: The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far. The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the light into the peace and safety of a new dark age.
Dr. D.: (quote from Lovecraft)
Dr. D.: In any case, Pam, after I show it to Rin, I can leave the DVD with you, until my next visit.
Pamela: he says that he'll need to watch it by himself, in daylight : )
rich-c: bit mystic for me - though I could also see it as being prophetic
Daniel Bienvenu: thank you all for your good words, and your help. I'm going to sleep in a moment, I'm sleepy actually.
Dr. D.: <chicken>
Pamela: bonsoir, Daniel
Pamela: LOL
Dr. D.: It's only 47 minutes long IIRC.
rich-c: night Dan iel, be good
Daniel Bienvenu: be good, you too!
Dr. D.: Good night, Daniel.
Dale: good night Daniel.
Daniel Bienvenu: take care and talk to you next week
Dale: I should get ready for tomorrow too.
Pamela: "Chicken, eh!" " he says
rich-c: if it's 1925 stylke, does that mean subtitles, no sound?
Pamela: he says hang on, he needs a reference : )
Dr. D.: Yes, subtitles.
Dr. D.: There is an orchestral score, but nothing else.
Dr. D.: Score is very atmospheric.
rich-c: yes, I have to be at the doctor at 10 a.m.. (that's gonna kill me!)
Pamela: "better that than a giant albino penguin" says he
Dr. D.: "More fun than a bucket of gold paint and a rockpile in the Klondike"
Dr. D.: (I think Bugs Bunny said that one)
Pamela: he's thinking . . .
rich-c: anyhow, time for em to pull the plug - goodnight, all
Pamela: goodnight Dad
rich-c: nite Pam
Pamela: will call
rich-c: OK
Dr. D.: Well, he can have triple his money back if he is not completely satisfied after watching the loaned DVD :-)
Dr. D.: good night, Richard
rich-c: enjoy all - colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
Pamela: "Bugs Bunny is a great philosopher"
Pamela: hang on I'm reading some of the older stuff to him
Dr. D.: okay
Pamela: he says he'll have more comments after watching it : )
Dr. D.: hehe
Dr. D.: well, he can Google for the HP Lovecraft society and watch the trailer for the film from their website, if he wants.
Dr. D.: But I am pretty sure he will enjoy the film.
Dr. D.: Wish we could show it at the SciFi Marathon here...but it is not on *FILM*
Pamela: he says he likes Metropolis so feels he will enjoy this too
Pamela: so I may see you tomorrow evening when I get home, if Erin is not with me
Pamela: I'll be on the 5:45 train,
Pamela: ETA about 6:10
Pamela: I may not be much help though, as Cynthia was the last person with Erin's keys
Dr. D.: The protagonist in Cthulhu looks very much like that of Metropolis.
Dr. D.: She told me tonight that her Mom walked off with a set of keys.
Pamela: oops
Dr. D.: Not sure if that meant "set with front door key on it" or if it was just one of the internal sets you guys seem to have for each other's apartments.
Dr. D.: I asked her how her Mom locked up when she left today, or if she locked up.
Pamela: and?
Dr. D.: She said she went home with a set of keys, something to the effect that it was a procedure worked out before she (Erin) ever lived there.
Pamela: probably with my spares, then - just the apartment keys
Dr. D.: So maybe it is an internal-only set (no front door), since those keys are duplicatable, and you don't need a front door key to EXIT
Pamela: I even called Cynthia to remind her to leave the keys, but didn't get a hold of her
Pamela: she could have left them with Russell
Dr. D.: I just wish that I could leave a deposit and get a front door key; Gina and Carlos know I am no threat.
Dr. D.: But in the meantime, I will make do. Just wait for Rin (or you) to come home.
Pamela: If nothing else, Lindsay has a key to Rin's as well
Pamela: one way or the other we'll get you in
Dale: I'm going to take off.
Dale: Goodnight all.
Pamela: goodnight Dale
Dr. D.: Good night, Dale. Thanks for renewing the domain name :-)
Pamela: thanks for getting us back up
Dale: I meant to do it before my trip to Zurich....
Pamela: say hi to Jillian for us
Dale: Will do.
Dr. D.: Is Daniel here, or did he fall asleep?
Pamela: I think he bailed
Dale: Mostly asleep. But still talking to me.
Dr. D.: Ah.
Dr. D.: Go to sleep, Daniel!
Pamela: yes, I thought he left half an hour ago
Pamela: and despite my nap, I should go to bed too
Pamela: as should you Rich, since you have a long drive ahead of you
Dr. D.: I suppose. Still have to pack.
Pamela: then go and do so - I'll look for you when I get home
Dr. D.: Have some campus work to do first thing, then stop to mail some more immigration stuff (the photo retakes, just got Rin's mail today), then on to Toronto.
Dr. D.: Okay, good night, see you tomorrow.
Pamela: btw if you're so inclined, the two of you could come up to the trailer on Saturday for dinner
Pamela: but we'll talk : )
Dr. D.: I think Saturday Rin is having us go to the Toronto Islands
Dr. D.: She has been talking about water and beaches for a week.
Pamela: ok
Dr. D.: Hope it is warm enough, for it will be cooler down there.
Pamela: high Saturday is supposed to be 24 in the city
Pamela: will be cooler on the island
Dr. D.: Yes.
Dr. D.: Sunday is to be warmer,
Dr. D.: but Monday starts her new job, and we didn't want her to be a zombie.
Dr. D.: So likely Saturday.
Pamela: that's a whole other kettle of fish . . .
Dr. D.: Raining hard here, thunder/lightning started
Dr. D.: need to close some windows
Dr. D.: so bye
Dr. D.: <poof>
Pamela: go to bed, drive safe
Dr. D. left chat session
Pamela: you too, Dale
Pamela: goodnight!
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
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