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BobS: ello Meeka
Meeka: hello
Meeka: how is u
BobS: good,k tired and busy but good
BobS: trying to get thru my emails on Mailwasher
BobS: and it seems likek I have a LOT
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changed username to rich-c
BobS: lo richard
Meeka: ya, i went through all mine today too
Meeka: hello
rich-c: Aha! i am not first on
rich-c: gredtings, slopsemas
BobS: you last
BobS: solly cholly
rich-c: so used to sitting here waiting for someone else that I stalled a bit today
BobS: so's you could enter with a flair?
rich-c: no, just so I wouldn't have to go through too many games of free cell
BobS: oh
BobS: well I am trying to surf, hang ten, and do my email onthe side
BobS: and keep; up with ALL
rich-c: shopping day today which created the usual diversion
rich-c: when I'm on chat I usually give my full attention to the chat
BobS: tis the season to be jolly mon
rich-c: though if things get really dull or if a topic needs information, I may wander briefly
rich-c: well at least ti is getting decently warm out
rich-c: trouble is, one of my meds is photosensitive - if I get much sun my arms all come up with purpura
BobS: it is gettign nicely cool here. yesteday was a bummer
BobS: humid and sticky
rich-c: today I think we were high 80s but pretty humid
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
rich-c: salut,
rich-c: Daniel
BobS: see? yucky
Meeka: hello
BobS: Hi Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: Iwas sure to be the last one online tonight
Daniel Bienvenu: salut Rich
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Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Bob
rich-c: well, I went on my walking errand and was quite comfy - I like it pretty warm
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Meeka
changed username to RibEye F.
RibEye F.: Hello everyone.
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonsoir GuyF, ca va?
Meeka: hello
RibEye F.: Oui, ca va, merci.
rich-c: bienvenue, Guy
BobS: was less humid today and about 78, tomorrow 80 and lessw humid, HEANENLY
BobS: ah a STEAK man
Daniel Bienvenu: La question qui tue : as-tu ecrit les instructions pour le manuel?
RibEye F.: Been humid round here for the past few days...
RibEye F.: Dan: Tell you what, when I do have something, I'll let you know? :)
rich-c: now your in trouble, Guy - hope you have them done!
Daniel Bienvenu: come on, just give me your source code and I will complete the text for you.
RibEye F.: Dan: Move spaceship left and right, avoiding the ennemies that are coming by shooting them.
RibEye F.: There you go!
rich-c: you been out barbequeing, Guy?
Daniel Bienvenu: This is what we have for space hunter :
Daniel Bienvenu: In this game, you are a heroic space fighter who unfortunately stumbled in an unfriendly area of space. You are being attacked and need to defend yourself quickly. The game starts off slowly, but don't be fooled, using you skills and wit you have to destroy the oncoming enemies which seem to come from all directions at an increasingly faster pace. What lies after the 13 waves of enemies? Only you can find out!
RibEye F.: Rich: Been assemblign my BBQ for the past 2 days, and today finally went to get a full propane tank...
RibEye F.: Dan: Give me a shout in private via Yahoo! messenger, don't want to bore everyone with our ramblings. :)
RibEye F.: Fired up the grill, and woah, I love it!
RibEye F.: DAN: I'll give you more details in Yahoo!
Daniel Bienvenu: ok
rich-c: you don't have the barbeque up and running yet? seems our neighbours have had them up for weeks
RibEye F.: I just bought it a few days ago...
RibEye F.: Items that appartment dwellers usually do not have lying around...
rich-c: and you've gone for propane instead of charcoal? Where's your spirit of adventure? ; - )
RibEye F.: Propane. Easy on, easy off.
BobS: charcoal is nice way to go,but gas is quicker
rich-c: oh itsquicker and cleaner and more reliable, I know that
RibEye F.: I know the traditionalists like charcoal a lot.
RibEye F.: Heck, at $25 for a small propane bottle, I might go the charcoal route. :)
rich-c: less, it needs a bit more skill so it lets them show off
rich-c: I am not sure it copoks the steaks as well, though
RibEye F.: Not sure, I like the propane route I took, cleaner, less mess, easier, etc...
rich-c: I suspect that propane costs less than charcoal, too
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changed username to LucMiron
changed username to Pamela
Meeka: hello
BobS: Pam !!!!!
rich-c: and around here for $25 you get an exchaqnge five gallon bottle of propane
BobS: Luc welcome mon
LucMiron: Hello people!
Pamela: hi
BobS: 5 gallons??????
rich-c: hello daughter, allo Luc!
BobS: seems like that is a bit much......more like x # of pounds
LucMiron: Have anyone seen Dale Wick tonight?
BobS: prlly more like 2 gallons in the states
BobS: not yet Luc
rich-c: you may be right, Bob, standard trailer size anyway
Meeka: not yet Luc
LucMiron: I see Daniel is here. Good, I need to talk to him... :)
rich-c: Dale is often pretty late checking in, Luc - anything we can help with?
Pamela: be right there, still on the phone
LucMiron: Just want to talk to Dale about ordering a copy of Canadian Minigames 1
Daniel Bienvenu: I guess Dale will be online later
rich-c: can't Daniel do that for you?
LucMiron: I've sent e-mail to Dale, but got no response, so I'm here to make sure I get my copy of the game. :)
LucMiron: Daniel says he's sold all his copies.
RibEye F.: Dang, I still didn't get my copy either of the cart.
rich-c: ah - and when is Dale off to Zurich, anyone know?
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Daniel Bienvenu: that's right, I have 6 cartridges, 2 for me and guy, 1 for Revival, 3 for the ccjvq meeting in july 19.
changed username to Judy
LucMiron: Anyhow, Daniel, quick question: Where do you get screws for assembling CV carts?
Judy: Hello, Everyone
rich-c: hello judy
Meeka: hi mom
Daniel Bienvenu: I bought screws at the canadian tire
LucMiron: I've just been to Canadian Tire in Laval, and they didn't have the kind of screws that Albert showed me.
RibEye F.: Screws can be bought at Reno Depot, Home Hardware, Canadian Tire, etc... I usually go to Home Hardware, they have tons of different screws.
Judy: how is life?
Judy: I am hoping to make it thru the week
rich-c: enjoying the summer - and it's about time
LucMiron: Today, I've been to Canadian Tire, Réno-Dépot, Rona le Régional, and even La Source, and none of them had any screws that I was looking for.
rich-c: but you could hae sent us a little less rain last night
Judy: I have Ryan in swimming lessons and that has brought on so many problems
Meeka: awww
Judy: got a lot of rain did you, Rich
rich-c: what are the difficulties, judy?
Meeka: still not getting better than?
RibEye F.: These are pretty standard screws. How many do you need Luc?
LucMiron: I'm looking for #4 (half inch) metal screws. Here in Laval, hardware store only carry #6 and up.
Judy: he has been in the doctor twice and the hospital twice
Judy: how about that?
rich-c: yes, two inches in parts of teh city, even had a guy killed by lightning in a central city park
RibEye F.: Luc, how many do you need? And how close are you to Cure-Labelle and St-Martin?
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changed username to Guy B.
Meeka: oh jeeze, twice?
Guy B.: Greetings!!
Meeka: hi guy
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, in my youtube channel I show those I'm using. it's screws for wood. #4 1/2" flat head.
LucMiron: I need 200 screws, and I live on Cartier, not too far from Cure-Labelle.
Judy: Monday he had a side hurt
RibEye F.: Don't use screws for wood in plastic. ARGH!
rich-c: hello Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: buildex bx21002, 61-8942-4.
rich-c: what on earth for, judy?
RibEye F.: OK, 200 I can't help you, I could have helped you with 15-20 or so...
Judy: his side hurt, so bad he couldn't even walk
Judy: hi, Guy
Meeka: awww poor thing
LucMiron: I've got 89 CV cartridges to assemble... :)
Daniel Bienvenu: they are fine for the plastic cartridges. all my jeepers creepers cartridges are made that way
RibEye F.: ... but give me your email address, I'll try to see what I can do, I have access to a lot of industrial shops that sell to electricians, etc... so if you give me the exact type of screw and length, I can help you out.
Judy: and his ear is still a problem and that is what started all the trouble
Judy: he has a tube in his ear that has to come out and no one will take it out
RibEye F.: The threading on a machine screw and a wood screw are different spacings, so basically Dan, you are rethreading the cartridge when you insert wood screws. It works yes, but... not the best thing to do.
rich-c: right - something Auralgan can handle or did you need antibiotic drops?
LucMiron: @RibEye: You can contact me at darzilot which is located in the server of hotmail. (Got all that, spam bot?)
Judy: has to go to a specialist for that
RibEye F.: OK, got it Luc, do you have the specification of the screw needed?
RibEye F.: I'll give you a shout tomorow let you know what I was able to find for you.
LucMiron: Screw specification I got from Albert (at AtariAge): #4 x 1/2 pan Phillips Sheet Metal Screws, Zinc Plated
RibEye F.: excellent..
Meeka: so is he going to daycare this week then?
Daniel Bienvenu: I notice that AtariAge close its online shop. And it's almost impossible to find any information about the coleco games they release except short texts in their archives news.
Judy: only tomorrow, he has been here every other day
RibEye F.: Luc: how fast do you need them for?
Judy: after swimming
rich-c: sounds as if teh water quality at the pool could be a little dubious
LucMiron: I need them yesterday. :P
Meeka: how are you doing with that
LucMiron: @Daniel: Wow, you're right, the shop is no longer accessible. I hadn't noticed!
rich-c: is the threading on sheet metal screws suitable for plastic?
RibEye F.: The problem in finding them is maybe because you asked for Phillips.. perhaps the straight slot would have been available.
Judy: not to bad, I put him to work today, he was washing floors, vacumming(probably spelled wrong)
LucMiron: Well, I've had no luck finding anything near #4 in all the stores I visited.
Judy: at 4 he went up for a nap, guess I did him in
LucMiron: Phillips or oterhwise.
rich-c: use Robertsons, Luc, so everyone will know they're Canadian ;-)
LucMiron: LOL
RibEye F.: I'm sure they make robertsons in that size... but he's not assembling the minigame cartridge.
Daniel Bienvenu: you are releasing sudoku then?
Daniel Bienvenu: or its the conversion of mr chin?
Meeka: well, let me know if you need a break
rich-c: I gather from that the other cartridges are different, then
Judy: I am bringing him to daycare right after swimming tomorrow, and dad will be home Friday so he can take over then, Sat I am sleeping until noon
LucMiron: It's a new run of Opcode games. Sky Jaguar, Space Invaders Collection, Yie Ar Kung-Fu, Magical Tree and Road Fighter.
Meeka: lol, sounds like a plan
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't know that Road Fighter was released
Pamela: there, finally free
Pamela: tonite has been phone night
LucMiron: I have the boxes, the manuals, the cart casings, the assembled PCBs/EPROMs. All I'm missing are the screws.
rich-c: great heavens, thast took long enough - Cynthia?
Judy: hi, Pam
Pamela: no, variously Russell, his mom, Russell again, Kimberly and Robyn
Pamela: and then I had to open up the windows
RibEye F.: Luc: Tomorrow, I'll let you know by noon if I found the screws for you. I'm 99.5% sure that I can...
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rich-c: yes, it's really nice out - real air!
changed username to DouS
LucMiron: @RibEye: Excellent!
DouS changed username to DougS
Pamela: yeah, as opposed to that fake stuff we've had over the last few days
Pamela: didn't like it, it smelled bad
Pamela: and was sticky to boot
LucMiron: Oh, Daniel, there's something else I wantd to talk to you about...
Pamela: Hi Doug
RibEye F.: I love my central A/C...
rich-c: hello Doug, welcome aboard
DougS: hello all
Pamela: I love our a/c too - is quite efficient - but it's nice to have real, cool air coming through the windows
Guy B.: HI Doug
Daniel Bienvenu: If it's personal, hilight my name and click Send Private Message.
BobS: hi doug
rich-c: actually we have had very little cause to use our a/c so far, only a very few days
Pamela: and believe me Guy, there are days when I long for central air
Judy: hi, Doug
BobS: so you got the cooler less humid air Pam ??????????????????
Judy: it is cooler here today
LucMiron: The "Send Private Message" doesn't seem to work for me...
Pamela: yes, finally
Pamela: cleared out this afternoon
Pamela: I"m hoping this holds till Monday - I have a date with Kimberly et al for Wonderland
rich-c: yes, we needed the car a/c for shopping, but have the house windows open now - since dinner
LucMiron: Anyhow, it's not really private. It's about your C documentation for CV programming
Pamela: that was the second call from Russell - "if you haven't already done so, open up!"
rich-c: that's OK, private messages do show in the logs anyway
Pamela: I don't bother with the car a/c most of the time - I'm not in it long enough to make a difference most days
LucMiron: @rich-c: Ah, okay.
rich-c: true, although ours ws blowing cold in the first block
Pamela: I'm usually only in it for about three minutes!
LucMiron: @Daniel: You once told me you wanted to complete those docs...
Pamela: long enough to drive from the GO station home
RibEye F.: Hmm, btw Pam, where is next years adamcon going to be held?
Daniel Bienvenu: well, if you are using the kit from my web site, the document contains informations no more correct to use due to the fact the kit uses more coleco bios functions rather than the original Marcel's Coleco library, including the sounds part.
Pamela: Right now it's set for Grand Rapids, Guy
RibEye F.: Where's that?
RibEye F.: Ontario?
rich-c: over on the western side of Michigan
Pamela: it's at the far end of Michigan, closer to the IL border
LucMiron: @Daniel: Okay... Well, anyhow, I was thinking that I could do it for you, in exchange for a small service.
RibEye F.: Who will be hosting it?
Pamela: about 2.5 hours from Windsor, barring construction
Daniel Bienvenu: a service?
Pamela: Bob and Judy
rich-c: if Erin can cross the border, that's it - if not likely Windsor area
Meeka: doug and me too Pam :-)
RibEye F.: She's got a criminal record or something?
LucMiron: Yep. In a nutshell, in exchange for correcting spelling and completing the docs, you could give me one evening of your time.
RibEye F.: Just kidding
Pamela: well yes that goes without saying, Meeka
RibEye F.: Woah, sexual encounters are not to be spoken of here guys!
rich-c: no, she married an American so now they won't let her in
Daniel Bienvenu: need technical support for your games in C?
LucMiron: I would like to spend this evening discussing sound output.
Pamela: work shared is work halved
Daniel Bienvenu: sound output like what the sound is generated? or how the coleco sound format works?
LucMiron: The subject of sound is not something I can learn easely just by reading docs. It would be a lot better to be able to discuss it in person.
RibEye F.: true Pam... very true. I should get 4 or 5 wives then, I'd have much less to do around the house. :)
Pamela: (ducks as Sandra throws something at him)
LucMiron: I'd like to take a grand tour of everything sound-related on the CV.
Pamela: wouldn't you be better with 4 or 5 husbands? : )
RibEye F.: No, wives are good enough.
Daniel Bienvenu: I suppose I can talk about coleco sounds. I was supposed to talk about sounds during the adamcon but I changed my mind to concentrate on the minigames.
Pamela: you might be better off with maid service then : )
LucMiron: Right now, I know very little about sound output in general on the CV. I know there are 3 sound channels and one noise channel, and that's about it. It's still all completely abstract to me.
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, there is many things to learn about sounds, specially when you can uses the 3rd tone channel to change the frequency of the noice channel.
LucMiron: I'm sure that if I came over to your house one evening, we could discuss it, and I would learn this stuff a lot faster.
Pamela: when do you leave for Australia Guy?
RibEye F.: Luc: I can send you the official documentation by TI (Texas Instrument), tells you all you need to know.
Pamela: is it a direct flight?
RibEye F.: Pam: Leaving end of August Pam.
RibEye F.: Pam: Montreal - Vancouver - Sydney
Pamela: how long?
Pamela: the flight I mean
RibEye F.: a bit over 6 weeks.
RibEye F.: Ahhh, 23 hrs approx.
LucMiron: @RibEye: Right now, the last thing I need are tech docs that will only confuse me.
Pamela: (Pamela's eyebrows pop off the top of her head)
Pamela: 23 hours???
Pamela: holy cow
LucMiron: I need to get introduced properly to all this stuff before I can start to understand docs like TI's.
rich-c: does that include the stopover in Vancouver to change planes?
RibEye F.: I believe so Rich.
Pamela: you are a brave soul, taking a toddler and a baby on a 23 hour flight
BobS: DOUG !!!!!
rich-c: I think it's about six hours to Vancouver, but I'm not sure about the run to Oz
DougS: yo. what?
BobS: found some ide zip drives for $8 for 3 of them
BobS: $38
BobS: shipped
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I will try to make a tutorial about sounds... something I can use later for a future presentation. I will think about it during the weekend.
rich-c: aren't zip drives dead tech now, Bob, since the thumb drivers came in?
RibEye F.: Vancouver to Oz is about 15.5 hrs
BobS: ah yes richard, BUT remember convention and the ADAM with zip drives?
rich-c: sounds like a pretty short time to change planes, then
LucMiron: @Daniel: A good tutorial would require some sample programs to compile. Otherwise, no matter how much you try to explain things, the reader won't understand until he hears actual results coming out of the TV speakers.
DougS: they appear to be 12.95 each to me
Daniel Bienvenu: I have a question for the S family.
BobS: the ORIGINAL ide zip drives will work with the ADAM as multiple hard drive setups just by putting in another zip disk
BobS: they are, but with shipping for 3 it comes to $48
rich-c: yes, but you still have the issue of the IDE interface
BobS: that is the beauty of it Richard, the ADAM ide interface works with them
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, a question for Bob and Doug about their presentation during the adamcon.
BobS: si Daniel
Meeka: thats not what you said a just a sec ago backwards
rich-c: but there is no Adam IDE interface
BobS: yes there is richar, it is what we used at ADAMCON
Daniel Bienvenu: @Bob, Doug : did the "memory card reader" board was originally made for msx computers and it explains why you find them made in Asia?
BobS: doug?
rich-c: yes, but wasn't that salvage from an MI hard disc, with no further supply?
LucMiron: I have to go take a shower before it gets too late in the evening. I'll be back later. If Dave Wick shows up, could someone please tell him that Luc was here about the Canadian Minigames cartridge? Thanks.
BobS: far as I know, nope ....... MI interface card
DougS: what was that daniel?
BobS: supply, I have some, Fowler has some
Pamela: go and soak Luc, we'll tell him
BobS: Dale has schematics and rights to produce from mark Gordon
LucMiron: (LucMiron is off to soak)
LucMiron left chat session
BobS: so the card is not obsolete, just inshort supply
RibEye F.: Luc
RibEye F.: Luc: Have a good one.
rich-c: he has the schematics and rights, but tehre isn't teh demand ot support the quantity needed to manufacture
rich-c: night, Luc
BobS: but we still have asupply in the ADAM community for now
RibEye F.: Well, how many would you need to sell to break even? 100?
BobS: probably
rich-c: and that quantity is so high that once your supply is gone, that's it
rich-c: any idea what a new production run might cost, Bob?
BobS: nope
rich-c: it's a question it might be worth finding an answer to
BobS: cards might not be so expensive...........only Dale rteally had a handle on an idea
DougS: based on what I know about the the cost to produce the board itself is very small. the cost to setup the die is the expensive part of production.
Pamela: and by the way Dad, to answer your question from right at the beginning, Dale has been to and come home from Zurich
rich-c: that's my understanding too, Doug, but what does the die cost?
BobS: Dale has figures a couple yearas ago
BobS: had
rich-c: ok, I'm going to get a beer while I consider this
RibEye F.: tried a st-urbain beer last week, pretty good beer... new beer to hit the stores.
BobS: what was the other supplier on the internet for zip drives Doug ????????????????
Pamela: didn't Dad mention something about St. Urbain a little while ago?
Pamela: like three or four months?
RibEye F.: could be.
rich-c: nope, I think I've heardd of St. Urbain but not tried it
Pamela: oh
rich-c: I think I may soon try McAuslan's Biere Blonde - apricit flavoured wheat berr for summer
rich-c: I'm hoping we will get Boreale down here sometime soon
RibEye F.: no Boreale? Woah!
rich-c: tried it at Adamcon and really liked it
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, Doug, I was talking about the compacflash - ide boards... I know that msx computers are popular in Asia, even now there are new games for it, so my question was if the board you present to us was made in Asia and the model wasdone for msx computers. but I notice that it can't be the reason, so forget about my question.
rich-c: we can get Fin de terre and La maudite, though - also very nice
Pamela: totally off topic, I finally got the bright idea to search for the owners manual for my truck online last night, since the original was lost by the first owner
Meeka: and...
Pamela: rather than spend $40 ordering it through the dealer, I found a downloadable .pdf version for free
Meeka: thats good
BobS: don't show a true ide zip Doug
rich-c: you could also have looked ofr it on Freecycle or craigslist
DougS: the compactflash to ide adapter is being considered heavily for manufacturing computers now that the cost of the compactflash cards are large enough to run alot of operating systems without breaking the budget. they are good due to lack of moving parts in a heavy stamping environment.
Pamela: finally learned a little more about the truck
Pamela: confirmed my guess of how big the gas tank is - it's 61 litres
DougS: dad, the middle one on that link is supposed to be a z100ide per the p/n listed.
rich-c: had a woman by today who wanted used razor blades - she was asking on freecycle
Pamela: did she say why?
Judy: what will she use them for?
Pamela: and specify what kind of blades?
rich-c: she has a collection of old safety razoes and wanted display parts to complete them
Pamela: well that's different
Daniel Bienvenu: I see here that a compactflash can be pluged to a tiny adapter that simulate sata interface and put inside a pc laptop. I suppose the reason why someone may want to cahnge their 40-120GB hard drive for only 4GB is to gain speed and a better power management
rich-c: she wanted teh classic Gillette pattern double edge, which I use
BobS: Doug; it says further dow taht the drive connection is "1 x storage - EIDE/ATAPI - 40 pin IDC"
BobS: how big do compact flash cards come in Daniel
BobS: ????
Pamela: definitely different
DougS: i have seen 16gb for sale. i think 32gb are also available.
rich-c: Doug, how long till we should tell disc drive enquirers to get an IDE adapter and use a zip drive or compact flash?
DougS: rich, you referring to those that want a hard drive for the adam or a disk drive?
rich-c: with hard discs teh Adam can only address 64 megabytes - is that limitation the same for compact flash and zip drives?
Daniel Bienvenu: well, my mistake, they are all ide adaptor, not sata, but yes we can use them as harddrive for pc laptop computers... but not mine because it's sata.
DougS: the limitation is in the hard drive partitioning and access software.
BobS: same limitation I think Richard
rich-c: Doug, I think they'd be delighted to have a hard drive and forget the disc
DougS: daniel, i would not be surprised to see sata adapters soon.
DougS: they still need a good way to put the software on the hard drive rich.
Daniel Bienvenu: I saw a picture here of what I'm talking about.
Daniel Bienvenu:
DougS: Yes, i have seen those Daniel.
rich-c: if it's a one time thing, Doug, run it in off a tape - it's only about 32 KB anyway isn't it?
DougS: shortly before xmas 07 was the first time i saw the securedigital to ide adapter. it is more than likely just a matter of time and demand.
Daniel Bienvenu: well, if they cost less in energy, and less in price, I will consider using compacflash rather than sata harddrive.
rich-c: I have a couple of surplus LS120 drives that might make good Adam discs
DougS: what is 32k rich?
BobS: ONLY IF they are true ide only and NOT Eide or atapi
rich-c: isn't that roughly what the disc software uses, Doug? I'm thinking TDOS 3.1 or so?
BobS: that is the hitch with zip drives, enhanced ide [EIDE] is ATA w/ packet interface and is NOT true plain vanille ide
rich-c: oh - I think one is IDFE and the other might even be SCSI, I'm not sure
BobS: scsi......nont
BobS: not.....IDFE prolly nOT
rich-c: bummer
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, there is a sata adapter for compacflash to be used as a harddrive.
Daniel Bienvenu:
BobS: see??????? aNYTHING you wanat Daniel
BobS: want
DougS: idepart (8k), 40itd45n (24k), full eos hd boot install disk (16k including boot/dir), filemanager eos boot disk (18k including boot/dir), plus any software you want to add
BobS: China has it ALL
DougS: and the more are produced the less expensive they become
Daniel Bienvenu: but 4GB is not enough for Windows these days.
DougS: the first ide to compactflash adapter i bought was over $20. the next one was $3.
rich-c: so about 68K all told, but a tape is 256K so lots of room
DougS: so use a larger card Daniel. Tigerdirect has 2gb, 4gb, 8gb, 16gb, and 32gb compactflash cards.
DougS: i just looked.
BobS: 32 gig !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what ya gonna put on it?????
DougS: Windows xp :)
Meeka: anything you want i would wager dad
BobS: that's what I would think too Meeka
rich-c: use it for a whole partition in XP FAT - backup, or set it up to boot from it
rich-c: have plug-in HDs with different OSs - XP, Vista, 98, Linux (various flavours) various others
BobS: man Richard, you are going WILD
DougS: use the dual card adapter and use two in your laptop. even better.
Daniel Bienvenu: it's 35$ for the adaptor, well, it's not bad if the compacflash is not too expensive
rich-c: yes, I just have a dual-boot XP and Linux desktop, but I could add something on my USB external hard disc
DougS: look on ebay Daniel. they are cheap when they ship from overseas.
Meeka: well, i gonna go find a drink and get ready for bed
Meeka: tty next week
Pamela: night Meeka
BobS: nite Meeka
Meeka left chat session
Judy: night Meeka
Pamela: you have the right idea, I zoned out for a minute or two
rich-c: good stiff drink I trust, meeka ;-) - have a good one, cath you next week
BobS: suck it up Pam
Pamela: fell asleep in the doctors waiting room earlier too
Daniel Bienvenu: I will check on ebay after getting some money into my p_yp_l account.
Pamela: I just hope I wasn't snoring : )
rich-c: why were you at teh doctor?
Pamela: annual breathing test to renew my scrips
rich-c: ah - I ws just over for a back xray and scrip renewal
DougS: fyi daniel:
DougS: the longer you wait the more there should be popping up on ebay and the lower the price.
rich-c: now I have to figure out why I have a sudden pain in my left heel - for no visible reason
Pamela: better get in quick - they're on holidays from July 20th to the end of
Pamela: August
Daniel Bienvenu: well, it says here that the bad part is rewriting more than 300000 on compacflash is impossible. during a windows session there is a lot of read and write process I have no control of it. how long a compact flash can support windows then?
rich-c: oh, I didn't know that - don't worry, I only get sick on holiday weekends when everyone's away anyway
Pamela: oh well, that's a relief : )
rich-c: besides, I don't think anyone can figure this out - comes from nowhere, for no discernable reason - just there
Daniel Bienvenu: thanks for the link, doog.
Daniel Bienvenu: doug
Pamela: maybe you should see
Pamela: Dr. . . . uh the name escapes me - the podiatrist
rich-c: no, there's no e3xternal clue, and I suspect it's a nerve thing - besides I don't like him
Pamela: why not?
rich-c: his whole operation bugs me - more a money machine than patient service
Judy: some doctors have it and some do not
DougS: I am not sure that rewrite number is accurate Daniel. If it was, I would not think the embedded computer industry would be using them.
rich-c: right, judy
Daniel Bienvenu: well doug, thanks for the advice and the information. I will check first if the modification can save energy because of removing moving parts inside the computer, or it's more a gadget and no real gain of energy to extain battery duration.
Judy: we feel that way about Ryan's ear specialist, but have to see him for insurance reasons
rich-c: oh, I can go to any doctor I choose and I'm still cvoered, so that isn't an issue
Judy: he is the pits
DougS: The biggest advantage for some laptop users is that fact that if you drop your laptop, your hard drive will not crash as there are no moving parts in the compact flash drive.
Guy B.: Well, I'm back. Was chatting with my friend Carla. Talking about her dog, she had to put one to sleep
DougS: and at work, they don't seem to be at all worried about being careful with laptops. the techs are replacing at least 1-2 hard drives in laptops a month.
rich-c: that's a pity, Guy. A number of my friends have faced that situation lately
Guy B.: She has two others that are doing fine, but they already miss the other
rich-c: laptops are too slioppery, Doug. Too easy to knock them off the desk
rich-c: I vaguely feel we need another laptop but I can't figure out why
BobS: so Frances acan join us
rich-c: oh, she';s on our laptop now, just doesn't feel like coming in
Guy B.: Well, she decided to turn it. Been tough on her
Guy B.: In that is
rich-c: Frances reads teh transcripts of the chats all teh time but prefers not to participate - go figure
Pamela: the loss of a pet is always tough
Daniel Bienvenu: Samsung did hybrid hardrive with flash memory, based on microsoft design, to exploit the Vista's ReadyDrive feature that save data directly to flash and when the flsh is full it save data into the hardrive.
Guy B.: And I've been there when I had to put Abby to sleep two years ago. Didn't think one week later I adopted another dog
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Pamela: for some that is the right route
Daniel Bienvenu: if they think flash is good, why not me
Guy B.: But, I'm glad I did. Annie has brought me a lot of joy.
LucMiron: Back (and squeaky clean too)
Guy B.: And she loves walks
rich-c: hello Luc - sorry, Dale still hasn't turned up
DougS: Daniel, i have a feeling the skeptics are not yet convinced in the idea.
DougS: It is all an emerging technology.
LucMiron: @rich-c: Alright, thanks. Can't stay for much longer, it's almost 11PM and I have to get up at 6AM tomorrow.
Daniel Bienvenu: Currently, flash is capable of 100,000 rewrites per cell, and specialized software has been developed to spread out the wear on flash chips, says Ethan Miller, professor of computer science at the University of California, Santa Cruz.
rich-c: oh, tomorrow is my late night - two football games back to back
Daniel Bienvenu: Miller says, this software might not be good enough when flash is used as a hard drive supplement or replacement because operating systems tend to frequently save numerous small files, such as error files or system logs. But as prices continue to fall, Miller adds, flash will become a more common option
rich-c: I'll be lucky to make it to bed by 2 a.m.
Guy B.: Just got the Cubs score. Won 5 to 1
LucMiron: @rich-c: LOL! Now you see why I rarely log on to chat rooms. ;)
Daniel Bienvenu: Luc, j'ai une idee
BobS: well. time for bed here kids
LucMiron: @Daniel: Oui?
rich-c: yes, with four CFL games a week, it's tough even on we who can sleep in
BobS: see you nextr week
BobS left chat session
Pamela: night Bob
Pamela: and Judy, I assume
Daniel Bienvenu: I will ask Dale to ship a cartridge to Revival, and I will take the cartridge I reserved for them and give it to you during the ccjvq meeting july 19
DougS: Well if that is the case Daniel, then there is still a reason for backups :)
rich-c: night, Bob and Judy
Guy B.: Night Bob and Judy
Judy: night all
Judy left chat session
LucMiron: Nighty night!
rich-c: wow, they went fast!
LucMiron: Revival...?
Pamela: they usually do
Daniel Bienvenu: Revival is a webzine about retrogaming.
Daniel Bienvenu: in Europe
Pamela: I'm going to follow since I'm drifting and Russell will be home shortly
Pamela: g'nite Dad
Daniel Bienvenu: well, it's more a magaziner than webzine because there prefer to sell their magazine
Pamela: g'nite everyone
rich-c: OK Pam... take care and sleep tight
LucMiron: No one will be left by the tmie Dale arrives. :P
LucMiron: tmie=time
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm usually one of the last ones like tonight.
DougS: goodnight all
LucMiron: Bye DougS (whoever you are...) ;)
rich-c: oh by this point he's unlikely to turn up - he's more an occasional than regular visitor
Guy B.: Well folks, will be taking Annie out soon. See you all next week
rich-c: night, Doug and Guy
DougS left chat session
Pamela: kerpoof
Daniel Bienvenu: So, Luc, what do you think? I give your cartridge during the ccjvq meeting or you prefer to wait a reply from Dale?
Pamela left chat session
Guy B.: Poof
Daniel Bienvenu: it's the solution I find out for now.
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: Doug is Bob's son, Luc, and a computer tech
LucMiron: @Daniel: Okay, so about the Cdn-Mini cart, I could just meet you at L'Enjeux on the 19th?
rich-c: OK, I'll leave you two to set things up - goodn ight, Daniel et Luc
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, L'enjeux, Montreal , Sherbrook street. around 19h-20h
Daniel Bienvenu: july 19th, saturday
LucMiron: Well, perhaps Dale will reply on his own between now and then, so we'll talk about this again next week.
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Rich
rich-c: colour me gone
LucMiron: Bye Rich!
Daniel Bienvenu: talk to you next week
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LucMiron: Eh ben voilà, on est tuuuu seul. :)
Daniel Bienvenu: presque tout seul... le log de la conversation est souvent indexe par google.
LucMiron: Salut Google!
Daniel Bienvenu: alors il y a peut-etre quelqu'un ou un bot qui va lire nos messages demain
Daniel Bienvenu: ou meme dans une heure
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit et patience pour ta cartouche, ca va finir par s'arracnger
LucMiron: Bon, treve de plaisanterie, revenons sur le sujet de la doc de programmation CV.
LucMiron: Oh, tu veux y aller t\oi aussi?
Daniel Bienvenu: tu dois dormir Luc, on en repalera demain
LucMiron: Ok, pas de probleme.
LucMiron: Bye!
Daniel Bienvenu: bye
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