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RipVanGuy: hullo
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Meeka: hello
RipVanGuy: hi Dale
changed username to Dale
RipVanGuy: hmmm, let's see if my guess is correct
RipVanGuy: yep, it's Dale!
Dale: Hi there.
Dale: So, how goes the 1k game.
Dale: I've tried to start mine twice.
Dale: But it's tough to fit what I want into 1k
Dale: It always seems to go over.
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Dale: Hi Daniel.
RipVanGuy: It's going along good, got the screen pattern generation done, the player movement, and I'm at 548 bytes or so... need to implement AI and I'm done.
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Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Guy, Dale, Meeka
Meeka: hello
changed username to BobS
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Bob
Dale: I remembered to come on today, like you told me to.
Meeka: hi dad
Daniel Bienvenu: hehe!
BobS: Hi people
RipVanGuy: Mr. Slopsema...
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RipVanGuy: Rich!
changed username to Judy
Meeka: hi mom
RipVanGuy: Nope, Judy! Hi Judy!
RipVanGuy: Next one to join will be Rich, I'm sure...
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I have to speak with you Dale... I will not be able to do anything this friday to prepare my stuff for saturday. that means I will need to print the instructions tomorow.
Judy: Hi, Meeka, Guy, Dale, Daniel and Bob
RipVanGuy: are we going to see you Saturday Dale?
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Judy!
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changed username to rich-c
RipVanGuy: Hi Rich
Dale: I'm watching Daniel's new view about why he is still passionate about ColecoVision.
rich-c: HELLO, Everybody!
Judy: Hi, Rich
Dale: Hi Judy.
RipVanGuy: Dale: Yeah, your name is in there quite a few times Dale. :)
rich-c: heavens, the whole gang's out in force so early!
RipVanGuy: Why does the world HELLO have HELL in it?
Dale: I'd like to come, but I'm going to be in Montreal in a week and a half.
Judy: that is better, I made the font bigger, when you don't have your glasses on you need the extra size
RipVanGuy: Ahhh, for how long Dale?
Daniel Bienvenu: hi rich... sorry to be too earlier this time. :-)
Dale: Well it's actually a road trip to Labrador
Meeka: what did you do to your glasses
rich-c: reckon I can live with it pretty easy, Daniel ;-)
RipVanGuy: OK Dale, I was going to invite you over for a meal or something... :)
Dale: If I'm lucky, I'll get to see a 60% eclipse.
Judy: just having trouble wearing them
Judy: hurt
Meeka: ahhhhh
RipVanGuy: You into astronomy Dale?
Daniel Bienvenu: a moon eclipse? a solar eclipse?
rich-c: I assume that's a solar eclipse, Dale
Dale: The eclipse'll be august 1st.
RipVanGuy: will I be able to see it in Montreal?
rich-c: a lunar eclipse wouldn't be worth teh trip
Dale: Solar eclipse.
Judy: is it storming by you, Meeka?
RipVanGuy: well, on your way back drop by with the wife and kids!
rich-c: Daniel might get a peek in Quebec City though, might he not?
RipVanGuy: kid.... :)
Daniel Bienvenu: solar eclipse, mainly in russia and china
Dale: If I could afford it, I would go up to Nunavut to see the total eclipse.
Meeka: ya, it has been, but it sounds like it has let up for a bit now
Dale: But there are no cheap flights there.
RipVanGuy: dang, you're really passionate about your eclipses!
Judy: here also
Dale: Quebec City is the farest south that you'll be able to see it, as I understand the charts.
rich-c: wait a couple of years, Dale, you'll have one right in your own back yard
Daniel Bienvenu: there was one in quebec years ago... scientist wanted to see it. finally, it was cloudy during all the day.
rich-c: pick an economy flight to Reykjavik at teh right time, Dale, then yo'll see it above teh clouds
RipVanGuy: Wait a few days Dale, and it'll be on youtube.
Dale: Well NASA predicts that there is a 77% chance of cloud cover for the eclipse in Labrador.
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Daniel Bienvenu:
changed username to Pamela
Judy: Hi, Pamela
Pamela: Hi everyone
rich-c: so you have a one in four chance of seeing three-fifths of an eclipse? that need devotion
Meeka: hi pam
rich-c: hello daughter
Pamela: hi papa
BobS: hi pam
RipVanGuy: shuld book a flight to novosibirisk in Russia.
Daniel Bienvenu: there is a great animation about this eclipse in august... we will have a so-so eclipse here then.
Dale: Hey, what's that hockey game?
Dale: It looks like fun.
Pamela: I'm gonna here / not here for the next twenty minutes or so
rich-c: yes, if we can't have teh real thing, let's wait for the full one
RipVanGuy: Dale: People like you are called "Eclipse Chasers", just read that on a website.
rich-c: hockey game? is the Stanley Cup STILL on?
RipVanGuy: no, the habs won the cup Rich. Last week.
RipVanGuy: versus the maple laughs.
rich-c: oh well, the old Toronto theme. Wait till next year.
Dale: From Daniel's new video: there is a hockey game near the end.
rich-c: so Guy, well into teh countdown to Sydney?
rich-c: OK, I was wondering what it was about
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, there is a ice hockey game named Super Action Ice Hockey to be release in a few months or so.
rich-c: ah, OK, now I get it - wanna buy a Super Action Controller? ; - )
rich-c: all set to be a football widow, Pam? wow, four separate nights this week!
Daniel Bienvenu: someone leave a text comment about yie ar kung fu. I'm not sure I understand what he or she write.
rich-c: this is a marital arts action game, isn't it?
rich-c: oops, martial
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, but I think this person is trying to say that konami did the coleco game. I know it's a konami game, but did this person suggest there was a coleco version of this game in the 80s?
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Pamela: unfortunately Dad, I think Russell will miss most of the games as he's working till 10:00 pm
changed username to Dale
rich-c: mayber Sunday he can get teh afternoon game
Dale changed username to Dale W
rich-c: the only Konami game I remember for CV is Front Line
Dale W requested to ban Dale
Meeka confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Dale W changed username to Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: I remember Antartic adventure.
Dale: Sorry, the cat turned off the cable modem.
BobS confirmed ban
Dale: Antartic Adventure.
rich-c: oh, I thought his specialty was strolling across the keyboard]
Dale: I saw a youtube video of a sequal for MSX. I want it for ColecoVision.
Dale: Usually.
Daniel Bienvenu: I think the sequal need a 64K cartridge and more ram.
rich-c: an Antarctic Adventure sequel, you mean?
Pamela confirmed ban
Dale: i do Richard.
Dale: Maybe. The graphics seemed pumped up for sure.
Daniel Bienvenu: I think monkey academy is another konami game
Dale: I haven't seen that one.
BobS: monkey academy is a GOOD game for mathematics
BobS: jeffery would like it
rich-c: yes, I've heard of it but never seen it that I can recall
Dale: So when I was away (thanks to my cat) did you say Daniel what the name of the hockey game for ColecoVision is?
Daniel Bienvenu: it's a math game in a platform game with chimps and stores you need to open to reveal numbers to complete a math problem made with balloons.
Dale: I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for it then Bob. I'm sure it'll surface somewhere.
rich-c: I wonder if I have it buried in my archives somewhere? the description seems familiar
BobS: its a monkey that you have to manipulate like the bunny on you guys' new cart.......and he mumps to get the correct answer to the math question, then take it to the top row
BobS: jumps
Dale: When is the solar eclipse coming to Toronto Richard? Not in 2008, 2009 or 2010.
Daniel Bienvenu: the hockey game is Super Action Ice Hockey... the picture came from Atariage web site forum, a mockup made by the author.
BobS: kind of a math game with a monkey following the way Donkey Kong works
rich-c: oh, I have no idea, Dale, I don't follow them any more
Dale: Is that game progressing well then?
Pamela: npt for some time if I recall
Pamela: not (sorry)
rich-c: a good ephemeris will have it - Environment Canada should have one online
Daniel Bienvenu: well, it looks like someone may want this game. well, I saw one probably available this saturday at Montreal for 8$.
Daniel Bienvenu: I really enjoy monkey academy... not a boring educational game.
Dale: Well for this one, I couldn't go to the best places to see it, in northern Russia, Mongolia and Nunavut.
Pamela: Russell's star program may have it - lemme check
Dale: It looks like there is a partial eclipse predicted for Toronto in 2012 next.
Dale: On May 20th.
Daniel Bienvenu: we have a storm right now in quebec. we lost electricity during a fraction of second. fortunatly, I pluged my internet connection and my desktop computer to the battery.
rich-c: with any luck the weather should be decent for observation on that day
Dale: The next big eclipse in Toronto won't be until 2057. I'm not patient enough to wait for that.
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings All!
Daniel Bienvenu: china is lucky... the next eclipse, july 22, 2009.
BobS: hi guy
rich-c: hello Guy
Pamela: well if it does, I can't use the program to find out - not familiar enough
rich-c: I think my chances of seeing tht are pretty thin, Dale 0 I'd need to be 127
Daniel Bienvenu: again another cut of electricity.
Pamela: the last one we had was on Christmas Day a few years ago
Pamela: oh, you're not going to be around that long to pester me, Dad?
rich-c: you need a UPS (uninreruptible power supply), Daniel
Pamela: Hi, Guy
BobS: you right Pilgrim !!!!!!!
Judy: Hi, Guy
BobS: but they take lots of electricity when not doing their thing
Dale: Hi Guy B. How are you?
rich-c: well, I think your likelihood of escaping is fairly reasonable, Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: yes rich, I have this kind of battery system. it does a tick sound each tme it takes the relay.
Pamela: pooh : (
Guy B.: Doing good. Started overtime for a project in my dept. Flagging duplicate records
rich-c: from what I've seen they are not big power users, Bob
Pamela: I wondered when that would start, Guy
Dale: Well, like I say, I don't think I can make it to Montreal for the meeting, unless I suddenly get a great deal on a train ticket or something.
Dale: I would like to go though.
Guy B.: Not for semi annual reports. Those are starting to come in. I'm involved in this special project as we are going to a new database program
rich-c: I'm planning to get one of those little UPS units for my vcr
rich-c: the time on that thing is wicked twitchy
BobS: talk to Doug about the power they use Richard
Pamela: yes, on ours as well, to the point where for now, we've given up resetting the (insert expletive deleted here) thing
BobS: he swore off thema dna his bill went way down
rich-c: well there is nothing for them to use power on, Bob
Guy B.: I finally got WinXp installed on my Athlon on the third hard drive selector. Took about 2 hours, but it went well. Starting to iron out the kinks
Daniel Bienvenu: in 2009, it looks like we will see 3 consecutive moon eclipses.
rich-c: that a clean install or an upgrade, Guy?
BobS: apparently the ones Doug had just took too much electric sitting still and looking cute
Pamela: just how many did he have, Bob?
Guy B.: Upgrade
Pamela: what was on it before, Guy?
Guy B.: Win98
rich-c: oh, the XP upgrades do often go very comfortably - but if they screw up...
Pamela: ah
BobS: maybe he had some fancy one which did more than just be ready to step in when the power went out
Guy B.: I had to reinstall my printer and my external Zip drive
BobS: 3 or 4 good size ones, so that his computer equipment didn't go know doug, so take a guess how much computer stuff he had hooked up
rich-c: I'm surprised XP didn't just pick them up, Guy
Meeka: lol, he virtulized a bunch of servers so he could turn off physical servers dad
Daniel Bienvenu: well, it looks like I forgot to mention adamcon in my video. sorry
Dale: Is AdamCon important to ColecoVision games? I've never really thought so.
Pamela: that reminds me, I need to charge my camera batteries and download my pics from Wonderland on Monday
Dale: But it is a good place to meet us.
Guy B.: Well, the Zip drive I could see. After I reinstalled the driver. It installed as a legacy Parrelel drive.
Dale: Maybe that's a little addictive.
Judy: Meeka, did you get the dresser from Grandpa last night
Meeka: a WHOLE bunch of it
Guy B.: I hooked up my external hard drive to install programs and that went without a hitch
Dale: Maybe next year I'll prepare my sessions before the Con. This year was way too busy.
rich-c: I think there are some advanced UPS that manage the whole power supply all the time, convert the line current, flip in the battery when needed
Meeka: we had to buy and official server rack to store all the working ones
Guy B.: Mine was a last minute thing Dale
Pamela: can I quote you on that Dale?
Meeka: yes we did
Dale: I only said maybe.
BobS: wonder of wonders
Daniel Bienvenu: I suppose you see that I mention Dracula and Niagara in my last colecovision video.
Dale: This year I cleared the weekend before AdamCon to work on my presentations
Pamela: how's the i-phone, by the way?
Meeka: ya we have a ups in the basement too
Dale: I did gardening, took naps, read email, played video games, went to the park, but didn't do much prep. :-(
Pamela: LOL
Judy: were you late last night, Grandpa called for Doug's cell phone
Dale: I've almost turned the tables on my iPhone, where I control it, instead if it controlling me.
Pamela: good . . .
Dale: I've been subduing it by typing in my address book.
Judy: he seemed to think you were going to be earlier
Meeka: ya, i know, we got there about 5 minutes later
Pamela: did you stand in line for it?
Guy B.: Brb, Going to catch up on the e-mail
Meeka: i told him a window of time and all he heard was the begining time
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale, I did my presentation about minigames the night before the presentation. I did the reward screen for eatser bunny and the graphic menu during the adamcon. and I never finished my presentation about sounds. so you are not alone
Dale: Uh oh Daniel. Does that mean that I have to finish Niagra and Dracula now?
Dale: I see that they aren't in the list of games that will never be finshed.
Judy: that sounds like him, lately
Judy: he seems to only catch what he wants to hear
Meeka: yup
Dale: Well, I went to my local Rogers store.
rich-c: we've lost GuyF - when did that happen?
Dale: They opened at 10am.
Dale: I got there at 11am.
Daniel Bienvenu: it means that, in my opinion, you will complete these projects.
Meeka: things did go pertty well last night, better than i anticipated
Dale: It was busier than I've ever seen that little store.
Pamela: small wonder
Judy: how was joan?
Dale: Anyway there were 6 people ahead of me, with three staff on hold with Rogers activating their phones.
Dale: So I was in the store for about 2 hours on Friday.
Pamela: that
Pamela: 's not bad
Dale: Then the Apple activation server was down, so I couldn't make a phone call on the phone until the activation server came back up.
rich-c: what's the big deal? the phones will still be there tomorrow. And tomorrow. And...
Daniel Bienvenu: some people have no electricity actually because of the storm tonight. I'm ok for now and my battery will keep my computer working for about 18 minutes.
Dale: So once I got to work, I had to install iTunes, and try over and over to activate my iPhone.
Meeka: pretty good, she was polite and sociable
Dale: Finally at 3pm the activation worked.
Dale: So in a way I waited from 11am to 3pm. But the last two hours I was at work for.
Pamela: still, it's much better than the all nighters some people pulled
Judy: that is good, I think
Dale: I didn't want it badly enough to wait more than an hour or two for someone to help me.
Dale: I entertained myself trying the demo unit in the store while I waited.
Pamela: you'd think Rogers would have foreseen a heavy load on the server and allowed for it
Pamela: so was it worth it?
rich-c: Rogers?
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Dale: Well Apple says that they sold as many iPhones over the 3 day weekend as they did in the first 75 days of the older version.
Pamela: sorry, Apple
changed username to DougS
Dale: So that's 100000 iPhones.
Guy B.: Hi Doug
DougS: Hi all
Dale: 1 million.
Judy: Hi, Doug
rich-c: Rogers are spending all their time clogging my phone with calls from Pakistan and my mailbox with junk mail
Pamela: Hi Doug
Dale: Still hard to prep for that volume, no matter what you do.
rich-c: hello Doug
Dale: At least there was lots of stock around, so that everyone who wanted one got one.
Dale: I didn't have to have it on the first day, but I lost my Blackberry back in December, and the phone I've been using in the meantime is not one that I enjoy.
Daniel Bienvenu: the only reason why I will not buy an iphone is the same reason why I don't have a cellphone. except this reason, I think I will consider iphone as a potential game system device and maybe develop new games for it if it's possible.
rich-c: Doug, Bob says your UPS units are real juice drinkers - how come?
Dale: It really annoys me. It is a phone from Nokia, and I've liked all of their other phones.
Pamela: what don't you like about it?
DougS: not sure they are real juice drinkers per say. i have a 1000va ups in the basement.
rich-c: mine doesn't seem to use any noticable power
Dale: Anyway, the iPhone is good so far. It has lots of fun non-phone features like book reading, maps, nearby restaurant reviews, some interesting games, etc.
Dale: Well the Nokia has a really laggy interface.
Dale: When I want to send an SMS, or receive one (which is the thing I do most on my phone) it takes seconds to flip to the appropriate screen.
Pamela: after the introductory rate, how much will your monthly rate be?
Dale: Also the rapid typing isn't as good as the Blackberry.
Dale: I'm happy to report that the iPhone generally behaves as well as the Blackberry.
Dale: And it look like it'll be fun to program for, and with the right idea, I could even make some meaningful money for a hobby business selling iPhone apps.
Pamela: I gather from what other people have said that the BB is the best if you're texting
Dale: Blackberry is the best I've seen for texting and email by quite a bit.
Pamela: by the way, what does SMS stand for?
Dale: "Short Message System"
Pamela: Erin loves hers : )
Pamela: ah
rich-c: yeah, but teh government pays her message charges
Pamela: no, she has a personal BB
Dale: I guess that's why they usually call it "texting" instead. It is just less cryptic.
Pamela: on all my text capable phones, no one has ever explained what it stood for
Dale: Really the iPhone is really optimized for music and videos. Blackberry does those, but texting is their strength.
Pamela: I won't send text messages on mine - the predictive program drives me nuts
rich-c: receiving messages at 15 cents a pop can add up
Pamela: and as far as I can tell there's no way to turn it off
Dale: Well, I used to be a Bell Mobility partner, and made a cell phone app for them and everything.
Dale: On Rogers the messages are free to receive, and I'm on a 2500 messages per month plan.
Pamela: so far receiving messages is free Dad - sending them costs you
Dale: There is a 10,000 messages plan too, but surely that is just crazy talk.
Daniel Bienvenu: in french, some people call these unreadable text full of letters and numbers that means other things : "typo" or "sms".
Pamela: unless you're a teenager : )
rich-c: oh, the papers were saying Rogers was getting a storm of protest of a 15 cent charge for incoming messages
rich-c: people didn't like paying for spam
Guy B.: Ok, Back
Pamela: exactly
Pamela: you have no choice about receiving a text message from someone
rich-c: I have a choice - I leave the damn phone off
Judy: me too,rich
Pamela: doesn't matter if it's off or on Dad, they just show up and will be there the next time you turn on the phone
Dale: So I think that the iPhone will serve me well. But there is also a chance that I may go back to the Blackberry. It has mostly the same features at the iPhone.
Dale: I just wanted to try it. And I have a gaggle of Mac friends, and they've been telling me for a while that I "need" an iPhone.
rich-c: I'll just have to hope my phone can't receive them, then
Pamela: after going to all the trouble of getting the iPhone, you'd go back to BB?
Dale: I think it's a conspiracy. :-D
Pamela: it's definitely a conspiracy : )
rich-c: you use what works, Pam - for Dale, that's BB (which figures)
Pamela: you're still on the emergency plan, Dad?
Dale: In a year or two a bad fate normally befalls my phone.
rich-c: I don't know if there's a formal name, but that's how we use it
Dale: At that point I have to choose a new one. Then I'll know if I want the iPhone or I want a Blackberry.
Dale: I like being back in touch screen land, it reminds me of using the Palm Pilot
Pamela: the worst thing that happens to my phones is the battery loses it's ability to hold a charge
Dale: But then I have to look at the phone while texting to Jillian.
Pamela: at which point it's usually cheaper to get a new phone than replace the battery
Meeka: well, I am off for tonight. I will talk with you next week
Pamela: goodnight Meeka
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight meeka
Meeka left chat session
rich-c: maybe you should see what the batteries cost on eBay - I have heard tales
Judy: night, Meeka
Daniel Bienvenu: fast
rich-c: night, meeka
Pamela: I go nowhere near E-Bay thank you
Judy: why not, Pam?
Pamela: too much of a headache
rich-c: long as you don't check your brains at the door, they can be dealt with
Judy: we have gotten some really great stuff on E-Bay
rich-c: and they can provide things you can't find anywhere else
Pamela: I'm too lazy, Judy
rich-c: i need a beer - brb
Dale: Well, I guess I'm clumsy. I generally drop my phone once a month, and after 18-36 months it tends to stop working. It breaks the internal antenna.
Pamela: that's why mine has a nice cushy case : )
Dale: There are some amazing battery prices on eBay, and lots of reputable sellers there.
Judy: tape might work, just tape it to your hand
Dale: I'll give it a try Judy :-D
Pamela: I've been lucky with Fido, in each case since my first 5190 I've been able to replace my phone with a newer, fancier one for little or no $
rich-c: yes, on my old laptop, I got a replacement power supply there for a fraction of what Dell demanded
Pamela: we hardly ever use the laptop on battery
Pamela: although it has come in handy in the last couple of thunderstorms : )
rich-c: but then I'm not tied to a contract and don't pay a fortune for it
Pamela: contract for what?
rich-c: yes, I don't know how long my UPS will carry the desktop - longer than I trust it, I suspect
rich-c: I don't have a service contract, just get billed month by month
Pamela: I've been looking into getting a cell for Russell
Pamela: for your cell phone Dad? Neither do we
Pamela: I refuse to get tied into a contract
rich-c: yes, but my deal is a hangover from the Cantel days - it was too good for consumers so they don't offer it any more
Pamela: that and by the second billing are why I'm with Fido
DougS left chat session
Pamela: if you never use your phone, it's worth it
rich-c: yes, I bought the phone so just pay a connection charge plus any minutes I might use
Pamela: for me, my 200 minutes for $20 a month plan works fine
Pamela: I've never gone over my minutes in all the time I've had it
rich-c: I doubt I use 200 minutes a year even on landline - unless your Mom gets talking to Cynthia
Pamela: heck Dad, you use that just talking to me : )
rich-c: well, with a bit of help from your Mom
Pamela: I meant you collectively
Pamela: by the way Dad, while I think of it, I suspect the Marauder we saw was a '63 or '64
rich-c: yes, it affects my view, as yoru mother does not want to use the cell phone ever, period
rich-c: neat - when I was up at the Beer Store yesterday, there was a nioce 1955 Cadillac Coupe de Ville parked there
Pamela: and the plate that was on it said 1963 and was burgundy with white writing, and had a current sticker on it
Pamela: it was definitely Ontario
Pamela: three numbers and three numbers I believe
Daniel Bienvenu: excuse me, I will leave the chat for tonight... talk to you next week.
rich-c: yes, all of that is consisten
Pamela: bonsoir, Daniel
rich-c: bonne nuit, Daniel
Judy: night Daniel
Pamela: I wonder what the police would make of it if they ever had to give him a ticket
Pamela: how do you describe the plate??
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit!
rich-c: there would have to be a current plate tehre as well - although if he has a vanity plate in teh current format he migth be OK
Pamela: no, that plate had a current sticker on it, in fact it expires in '09
rich-c: long as it has a three digit group and three letter group, he's OK basically
Pamela: got a good look at it while we were stopped at a light
Pamela: that's what caught my eye in the first place (after the car itself)
rich-c: though the colour combination causes me problems
Dale: By Daniel.
Dale: I'll email the pdf.
BobS: here in the states, you can use a license plate of the year of the car, make a one time payment on it and never pay long as it is an OLD car
BobS: like the 60's on backwartds
rich-c: it varies from state to state, Bob - but some of my California cursor cronies still have cars with original black plates
BobS: maybe 25 yrs and older (?)
rich-c: my Meteor (i973) still wears to only plate ever put on it, and it's legal
BobS: my dad has a 65 Tbird with such a plate and had a 69 Cadillac coupe deville with same deal
BobS: you didn't have to change it alt all over the years?
rich-c: yes, gradually the various jurisdictions have come around on that point
Dale: brb
rich-c: no, I only had to add my new validation sticker every year
Pamela: actually the old plates are much better to hang onto if you can
BobS: michigan just got another new plate and did away with any use of the blue plate w/ white letters......when you renew the plates
Pamela: the three letter three number combos are much sturdier than the new ones
rich-c: I wouldn't know
Pamela: the validation stickers must be about an inch thick by now, Dad : )
rich-c: although the van has its four letter - three number plate
Pamela: the new four letter three number plates are very flimsy and don't stand up at all
rich-c: I had to peel them off, Pam, they got too thick - broke my heart, it did
BobS: after about 3 stickers, ya peel them off and then put on the new ones Pam
BobS: do that with our boat every few years
Pamela: some of the plates I saw coming off the road at Somerville after six months were bent, ripped, the paint was flaking off them - they're horrible
BobS: or more.........decal is for 3 yrs at a time
rich-c: depends more on the driver than the plate, Pam
Pamela: I peeled mine off for the first time last year since I got my plates in 1993
rich-c: sooner or later it's gotta be done
Pamela: no the new ones are aluminum, Dad - if you feel them you can tell the difference - much flimsier
rich-c: likely aluminum because aluminum doesn't corrode
Pamela: do you have drive clean in MI, Bob? (Air care, or whatever they're calling it)?
Pamela: trust me, they're crap
Pamela: when I got the Escape, David asked me if I wanted new plates - I said heck no
rich-c: they call it emissions testing, Pam
Pamela: that too : )
BobS: not yet, but the gov't keeps threatening.........even though they acknowledge that the bad air is coming over from Milwaukee and Chicago
rich-c: normally you have to have new plates because the previous owner is keeping the originals
Pamela: if I do this right, I may have the same set of plates for my entire driving career
Pamela: only if you don't already have a set, Dad
Pamela: it's plate to owner, not to vehicle, don't forget
rich-c: the real story, Bob, is that cars make so little contribution to air pollution that testing is a waste of time and money
Pamela: so the plates came off the Taurus and went onto the Escape
rich-c: it's nothing but a piece of theatre, a sop to the greenies at your expense
BobS: probably
Pamela: not to mention, new plates are $$$$, transferring the old ones costs $10
BobS: industry would HAVE to make the most pollution
rich-c: Bob, Canada at least publishes an annual review of the contribution of all sources to air pollution
rich-c: trust me, cars are not a meaningful fact (that's complex, but that's the score)
BobS: tell that to the boneheads in the gov't
rich-c: the biggest source of air pollution in Canada is the Alberta tar sands
rich-c: I've been telling them for decdes - you expect them to listen?
BobS: not a chance
BobS: we can send yo Al Gore..........the ultimate tree hugger......BTW, did you know he also invented the internet??
BobS: NOT !!!!!!!
BobS: but he takes credit for it
rich-c: at least sinc e they started publishing the annual inventory some of teh nonsense has been squelched
BobS: at least they are trying to come cleana with the facts
Pamela: what prompted the question Bob, was the three year stickers
rich-c: first, Bob, Gore never ever claimed to have invented the internet. If you looked up the truth instead of listening to Fox news you would know that
Pamela: can you get one, two or three years?
BobS: question ? boats in MI have 3 year registrations....................
rich-c: second Gore was the driving force in converting ARPAnet which was a cozy little club to the superb tool it is now
BobS: cars only 1 year
rich-c: Gore may wander around looking and sounding like Robo-po but he's due credit for a lot of critical work
Pamela: ah, okay
rich-c: yes, Pam, I have to renew my licence and the cars in the next couple of weeks
Pamela: are you going to renew the Meteor Dad?
rich-c: and even have to get an emissions test on the van - what a farce that it
rich-c: yes, if I'm ever going to get a chance to sell it it has to be road legal
rich-c: you know the van only has to meet 1980 truck standards or something?
Pamela: yes you mentioned that
rich-c: me and my "hot rod" ; - )
Pamela: LOL
Pamela: are you serious about selling the Meteor?
rich-c: if I get teh right offer from the right person, it's gone
Pamela: you know your nephews are very interested in it, right?
rich-c: I am too old and feeble to keep it up the way it needs to be kept
rich-c: yes, but I am not sure either can afford it, or should be trusted with it
Pamela: well think about what the "right offer" is and we'll chat later
Dale: You're still here?
rich-c: I'm afraid they'd either kill it or more likely themselves with it
Pamela: actually I think you'd be surprised
BobS: well kids, tis getting late and I have a full 10 hr + 90* day tomorrow
rich-c: we're here, Dale, can't tell about the others
Pamela: both of them have expressed interest in putting it on the road, and not as a hot rod
rich-c: that is not a fun prospect, Bob - take care
BobS: so I bid ya'll fond farewell, adios and goodbye
Pamela: yes, this is when working outside sucks, Bob
BobS: see ya next week
Pamela: I feel for you
BobS left chat session
Dale: Bye for now Bob.
Pamela: goodnight
rich-c: I think we lost Judy, too
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to go myself. Got to take Annie for a short walk. See you all next week
Pamela: goodnight Guy
rich-c: OK Guy, see you next week. Give Annie a treat for us
Pamela: : )
Guy B.: See got two tonight.
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: Dale, where is your office?
rich-c: I think I miffed Bob a bit, but he got my back up thoroughly
Pamela: I know I asked but can't remember
Pamela: I think he found your soapbox,
Pamela: Dad
Pamela: there's that darned enter key again
Pamela: and hubby walks in the door
rich-c: there quite a backstory to that, Pam - I usually stay quiet, but there are times...
Dale: My office is in Markham.
rich-c: Russell is home now, is he?
Pamela: yes
rich-c: so which of the kids wants the Meteor and why?
Pamela: both the boys want it, and because they appreciate unique vehicles
Dale: Near Steeles and Woodbine.
Pamela: Graeme is a Ford nut, and Garth is just nuts about cars
rich-c: well, there would have to be a call made there that could hurt feelings
rich-c: you're almost in Toronto, Dale
Pamela: think on it a bit and we can chat at a later time Dad
rich-c: I'm open to discussion, Pam
Pamela: I don't know why I couldn't remember that Dale
Pamela: Friday brain perhaps
rich-c: bad news when you have Friday brain on Wednesday
Pamela: you're telling me!
rich-c: (I should talk, I get it Monday)
Pamela: never mind, my brain got a good workout today
rich-c: oh?
Pamela: it just shuts down after office hours : )
Pamela: twas a busy work day, with much to consider and think about
rich-c: well, I shall be analyzing football strategy and tactics for three hours next four days
rich-c: follwed by teh finer points of Formula One on Sunday
Pamela: oh you poor thing
Pamela: but your butt is gonna be numb
rich-c: yes, doesn't your nose bleed for me?
Pamela: oh absolutely : )
rich-c: I'll move around a bit - to the computer
rich-c: maybe even between teh computerss
Pamela: so Thursday, Friday, Saturday night and Sunday afternoon?
Pamela: (russell just asked)
rich-c: yep, that's the patter - 9 - 10 - 7 and 4
Pamela: when is the Argos game?
rich-c: Edmonton is here Sunday at 4
Pamela: that's what I thought
Pamela: thank you, says he
rich-c: hint: bet on Edmonton
rich-c: I lack faith in our local heros at the moment
Pamela: LOL
rich-c: anyway, my eyeballs are starting to spin, to time to shut down
Pamela: yes, it is for me too
rich-c: time to let Dale post teh transcript, anyway
Pamela: I'll call you in the next couple of days (before the games)
rich-c: so goodnight P:amela, goodnight Dale, catch you next week
Pamela: night Daddy
Pamela: goodnight Dale
rich-c: colour me gone
Pamela: kerpoof
rich-c left chat session
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