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LucMiron: Hello?
LucMiron: Okay, I'll come back later. :)
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rich-c: test
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Meeka: hello rich
rich-c: hi meeka, you're the lead Slopsema tonight
Meeka: guess so
rich-c: how's life over in Grand Rapids?
rich-c: have you been having lots of rain?
Meeka: pretty good
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changed username to fyuG
Meeka: more than normal for this time of year it seems lioke
rich-c: bonjour, Guy, comment ca va?
fyuG: Excellent!!!
fyuG: And you Rich, how is everything?
rich-c: we have been having rain at very frequnet intervals, some every other day it seems
rich-c: hanging in there, Guy
rich-c: we are rapidly developing a rain forest
rich-c: Toronto impresses visitors with its trees but this year it's incredible
fyuG: Dan should join us soon... Rain is good! It's been raining a lot here to, been wanting to finish a project this week but was unable due to the rain.
fyuG: My tomato plants are growing at an incredible rate!!!
rich-c: I wonder if your garden is anything like ours- you can see the flowers rocket up!
rich-c: yes, you can barely find the tomatos under the foliage with ours
fyuG: Oh yeah, every few days I notice the growth, it's unbelievable. I'm going to get a bunch of tomatos this year from the 9 tiny plants I planted a few months ago.
Meeka: lol, the grass grows incessently too
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fyuG: Exactly, I cant even see the tomatos, I have to dig in real deep to find them!
changed username to LucMiron
fyuG: The grass has stopped growing actually for us...
Meeka: usually we get a break in mid summer and dont have to mow as much
LucMiron: Hi!
Meeka: hello Luc
rich-c: Frances is addicted to a variety of cherry tomato - I forsee a record harvest this year just from five plants
fyuG: Salut Luc... Ici Time-Bandit. Comment ca va?
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fyuG: Well planted the "pink girl" variety.
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
LucMiron: Ca va. Justement, je suis passť pour te parler...
rich-c: ha! salut, Luc - didn't see you come in
fyuG: Ah cool, ben me voici!
Daniel Bienvenu: Too many people already... I will come back later! lol
LucMiron: @rich-c: Yeah, I'm a real ninja today. :P
fyuG: Hi Danny boy.
rich-c: allo, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: we most not use accents here, if you don't to see ??? all the time.
LucMiron: @fyuG: Est-ce que je pourrais avoir ton adresse e-mail? J'aimerais t'envoyer quelque chose qui est trop long pour ce chatroom.
Daniel Bienvenu: we must not use accents
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir messieurs,
LucMiron: Ok. Daniel. I will refrain from speaking with an accent.
fyuG: oui, mon adresse email est: frosterg at yahoo point com
Daniel Bienvenu: goodevening gentlemen,
LucMiron: C'est bien froster, et non foster?
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changed username to Troy F
fyuG: oui, froster
changed username to Pamela
Meeka: hello troy
Troy F: Hello everyone
Meeka: hey Pam :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: Troy?
rich-c: hey, Troy! I may have found the box I need today
Daniel Bienvenu: long time no see...
rich-c: greetings, daughter
Pamela: greetings all
Troy F: Rich-C, that's great news I can't wait to get a package in the mail!
Troy F: Dan, yes it's been a while since I was in chat. How are you?
rich-c: the day is drawing nigh - I hope what I got can be made to work
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changed username to Dale
Troy F: Rich: Well, I'm really looking forward to it. I think it will go a long way to helping me figure out what is wrong with my existing system.
Dale: Hi all.
Meeka: hello Dale
Pamela: hi Dale
Dale: Welcome Luc.
Troy F: Hello Dale.
fyuG: hey Dale.
rich-c: hello Dale - all our gamers are here and early, it seems
Dale: Hi Troy.
Dale: I'm looking for a tester for a new ColecoVision game I'm making.
LucMiron: Did you say Tester?
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm fine actually. I'm looking for a job, but I have health and a lot of emails to answer.
fyuG: New CV GAME? Cool!
fyuG: Dan: Looking for a job? In the programming field I assume?
LucMiron: Sorry, I was away for a minute. Guy, I sent you that e-mail.
fyuG: OK, Luc, I am checking it out now...
rich-c: Current job running out, Daniel? with your experience getting a new one should be easier than last time
Daniel Bienvenu: I actually like his new game. a mix of plenty of ideas in a single and simple game. I like it.
LucMiron: I'm off to try frogmagi, I'll be right back.
Dale: I want to know if there is a degenerate win, with the current AI.
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, should be an easy task finding a new jobs since they also claim that video game companies in Quebec are looking for programmers.
Daniel Bienvenu: The current AI was challenging enough for me. It was a close battle.
rich-c: well, you will find out if that gossip is true, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: I win by 3 points.
fyuG: Dan: I suggest you don't necessaraly look for a job programming games... perhaps programming applications could also be interesting.
rich-c: but with your own game in production and selling. it sure helps the resume
LucMiron: I tried it in Meka. I'm not too sure what this frogmagi game is about, but it's nice. :)
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, I applied on other jobs but related to programming and computers like for the governement.
fyuG: Luc: J'ai rien encore recu.
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fyuG: Dan: How about getting your PhD, did you entertain that thought?
rich-c: the various governments hire big groups of IT people constantly, Daniel
LucMiron: fuyG: Do you have a spam filter on?
Dale: Ah well, the AI kind of gives up when you get a clear advantage.
Daniel Bienvenu: frog-magi is a battle between two magician frogs (I suppose), and it's a combat game with options. Each turn you select a possible action and the animation shows if the action was effective or not.
Dale: I should change that I guess.
fyuG: Luc: No, but even then, I also checked in my spam box and nothing... it's "frosterg"... did you get that correctly?
LucMiron: Yep. I copied and pasted it striaght from the chatroom interface, fixing the at and point.
Daniel Bienvenu: sometimes, an email can take a long time to get. I'm not quite sure why, maybe because the mail server is busy with tons of mails to filter.
fyuG: OK, tu peut essayer : guyfoster at hotmail dot com
rich-c: sometimes the net is not quite as instantaneous as it claims to be
LucMiron: Yeah, and I'm with sympaatico, which is notorious for problems.
fyuG: I'm with Videotron. So far, so good... service is very good in Laval.
Pamela: frog magi, Dale? where did that come from?
LucMiron: I just sent it to the other e-mail address.
Dale: Well, my son got six plastic 1" long frogs when we went out for dinner one time last year.
Dale: And in the fall we played "Frogs" which was a wizards battle.
Dale: So that's what the game is about.
Dale: It is based on the game Jeffrey and I played in the fall.
LucMiron: Oh, BTW, Dale, nice to meet you (finally). It's a good thing I got a copy of Canadian Minigames 1 from Daniel, because you never got atround to replying to my e-mails.
Dale: All very logical, I always thought.
Dale: Daniel said that he was taking care of you, so I didn't respond.
Pamela: wow - glad to know I'm not the only one with an overactive imagination : )
Dale: And I'm slow at email :-(
LucMiron: @Dale: Yeah, I know. It's alright. :)
fyuG: Luc: Ok, got it.... reading it.
Dale: I have 7 orders that are going to be shipped this week.
LucMiron: Oh, Daniel, J-F told me he arranged something concerning Mr Chin. Is that at settled?
Dale: So Luc, you're the frog on the left, and each round you need to cast a spell.
Dale: There are attack and defence spells
LucMiron: So it plays only with the keypad? It's like a game of rock-paper-cissors, right?
Dale: Jump avoids any thing that is cast at you.
Dale: Boost pumps up the strength of the shield or attack.
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, Luc, I think I give him my address, so I suppose it will be fine by now.
Dale: And there is a rock paper scissors relationship between the three types of attacks.
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changed username to Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: And actually, many people like Tom Duncam
Judy: Hi, everyone
Pamela: Hi Judy
Meeka: hi mom
LucMiron: Hello Judy.
Daniel Bienvenu: well, they asked for reply from you Dale about Minigames
rich-c: hello judy, and good evening
Judy: good evening to you also
Dale: I emailed everyone today to give them an update.
LucMiron: Did you get an e-mail from Andrew Arthur about Minigames?
Dale: I did.
rich-c: Frances was just out for a walk - it's garbage and recycling day
Judy: Meeka, you should have come to the pool this afternoon, was a great pool
Dale: Daniel should have given out my other email address.
rich-c: she found a brand new lampshade that mtches the one on a living troom lamp
LucMiron: Okay. Andrew is on vacation right now, so he'll be back next week.
Dale: My hotmail one is filled with facebook requests and other subscriptions, so I don't generally respond quickly there.
Pamela: I'm glad Mom got out - it's a lovely evening
Meeka: well, maybe next time
Judy: yes, you should
Judy: did you get your stuff done
rich-c: she also saw a v eryh nice fold-down sewing machine table, but doesn't need one
Meeka: yup
Dale: But I'm also just slow with email, so Daniel can't really help me much with that. :-(
Daniel Bienvenu: it's Tom Duncan, sorry... and someone named Andrew... both asked me today if there still have minigames cartridges.
Pamela: it's amazing what people throw away
LucMiron: @Daniel: Thanks again for the crash course about CV sounds, BTW.
Judy: good for you
fyuG: Luc: Ca m'interesse, on s'en parle bientot... je t'envoi un mail. Tres belle image pour la boite en passant.
Meeka: even got a half hour nap before the boys came home
Dale: I emailed both Andrew and Tom today.
Dale: And several other people.
Judy: I had time to sit before Dad got home
Judy: we just finished supper
Meeka: i figured as much
LucMiron: @fuyg: Good! I'm hopeful we can do business, if only for this one game. ^_^
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, it looks like I also sell my own cartridge of Minigames. Maybe I can get another one later from you Dale.
rich-c: she had eyes for an earthenware jug she was afraid the kids would smash, but someone salvaged it before her return circuit
Dale: I will have 12 made up before I leave on my trip
Dale: So I will have some spares.
Judy: he is now soaking his feet, they hurt
fyuG: Luc: It's an awesome game... if release, it would be the coolest game on the CV. I love those type of games.
Dale: Yes Luc, it plays only with the keypad.
Meeka: awwwwww
LucMiron: @fuyG: I completely agree. That's why I'm very excited about doing it. I'd put everything else aside right now if it was necessary to get it done. :)
Pamela: hey Dad is a trip the library in your near future?
Dale: If I made a totally full game of it, there would be extra modifiers for the spells that you would use the joystick for.
Daniel Bienvenu: oh Dale, because I take care of the cartridge for Luc Miron, I forgot to tell you that you will have to ship one in Europe. I will give you the information by email.
fyuG: Luc: Excellent news, on s'en parle prochainement!
rich-c: not minwe but you can ask your mother
Dale: Okay Daniel. I can do that.
LucMiron: fuyG: Ok! Merci!\
rich-c: I did manage my longest in a long time yesterday - Haven to Haven plus park circuit
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rich-c: only needed to stop to rest twice, too
Pamela: will you have her check for a book for me?
LucMiron: Is it just me, or is the chat log getting a little behind? Not that I mind it, just noticing...
Pamela: that's good news papa
Pamela: methinks Dale is still having trouble with the self-archiving feature : )
Dale: I'm not sure Luc.
Dale: That does happen occasionally.
Dale: Right now I only update it manually, so I've been doing it less often.
Dale: But the data is all on the server, so it does all appear at once when I do update it.
rich-c: well, you'll have to ask her - I'd say fire her an email
LucMiron: There's no log at all for this month.
Pamela: ok
LucMiron: Ah, okay.
Dale: There will be.
Dale: If I can get it cleaned up, I'll set it up to autoupdate weekly again.
Dale: But the script is quite long.
rich-c: any idea whre Rich and Rin are tonight, Pam?
Dale: and needs to be rewritten.
LucMiron: Oh, another quick subject of discussion: About those screws I was looking for, J-F told me there's a store called Adisson or Adtronique that sells electronic parts.
Dale: bbl
Dale: (story time for my son)
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LucMiron: Next time I look for screws, I'll drop by there.
changed username to BobS
Daniel Bienvenu: hi bob
Pamela: no idea Dad
BobS: hi yaa'll
LucMiron: @rich-c: Hey, sorry if I seem to ignore you. Hi. :P
Meeka: hi dad
Judy: there he is
Pamela: Hi Bob
rich-c: hello, Roberto - I hear there's a sore foot problem?
BobS: si feet sore
Pamela: e-mail sent Dad
BobS: got on them dogs for 14 hrs today
Judy: was a very, very long couple of days of work
BobS: and a long day tomorrow
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: hello again
rich-c: yikes! that will get them yelping for sure - surprised your back would take it
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, I accidentaly click the wrong [ x ]
rich-c: it is not hard to do, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu changed username to newcoleco
Judy: back is fine, just not the feet
Pamela: long day Bob
newcoleco requested to ban Daniel Bienvenu
BobS confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
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LucMiron confirmed ban
Meeka confirmed ban
newcoleco changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
rich-c: at Bob's age, it's usually teh back that starts complaining first
Daniel Bienvenu: I was cleaning up all the tabs in my firefox browser and then close the one for the chat.
Judy: they are doing a 8 ta 8 build
rich-c: in among the rain showers?
Judy: that too
LucMiron: @Daniel: Thanks again for the small crash course about CV sounds last Saturday. :)
Pamela: Bob do you have other things you can do on a day like today where it's on again / off again rain?
rich-c: I was telling Meeka, we're growing a rain forest here, we've had so much
Daniel Bienvenu: you don't need to thank me twice, Luc. ;-)
Pamela: we broke our record today Dad
LucMiron: LOL :P
Daniel Bienvenu: I saw your messages before I close the chat by mistake
BobS: nolpe, jsut watch it rain
rich-c: which reocrd? July all-time?
BobS: OR work thru it if it is not athunderstorm
Pamela: June and July all time
LucMiron: Okay. I mentionned it because I'll probably have lots of other questions when I really get into studying it.
rich-c: I can believe it - though frankly I've been enjoying it
Pamela: my new umbrella has gotten a thorough workout since I bought it
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, there is not much more to learn about sounds, I even told you the format to encode them for the coleco sound routines.
Pamela: used it more in the last two months than I have the others in the last couple of years I think
LucMiron: Oh, believe me, I'm sure I'll have several questions for you.
rich-c: oddly enough the timing has been such that it has rarely rained when I have needed to go out
Pamela: rain on the way to work
Pamela: rain on the way home from work
Pamela: rain on the way to groceries
Pamela: rain on the way home from groceries
Pamela: sigh
rich-c: well we got rained on during the grocery shopping today
LucMiron: For one thing, I'm trying to imagine an interface (in Java) that would make sound editing easy. Something custom-made for the CV.
Daniel Bienvenu: the first thing you can check is the sample codes I added in the devkit.
LucMiron: Did someone mention rain?
Judy: we have not had that much rain
Daniel Bienvenu: it was raining today in Quebec
LucMiron: Okay, I'll get around to do some tests later.
Pamela: nope, uh uh, no way - I did not mention all the rain we've been getting recently
Daniel Bienvenu: not all the day, but raining.
rich-c: I'll bet you got what we had yesterday, Daniel
Judy: had rain for about 1/2 hour yesterday, sun all day today
Pamela: quite the sound and light show last night too
Pamela: went on so long I was never able to get onto the computer
LucMiron: Anyhow, I've begun working on the C programming guide, like I said I would. It's going much slower than expected. I'm such a perfectionnist that I look at every paragraph 5 times, and touch up the texts each time. :)
Pamela: one peal of thunder sounded more like a huge, finale-type firework than thunder
rich-c: I dont worry about thunderstorms on the computer - the whole house has surge protection
Pamela: it was so wet here on the weekend Judy that I never got the bathmat or my towel thoroughly dry all weekend
Daniel Bienvenu: well, this way, the final text will be the fusion of experience and novice on the subject. that's good.
rich-c: then I have the UPS as well which has its own surge guard
Judy: bummer, we had the heat and humitiy last week and the beginning of this week
LucMiron: Yep. I've changed the texts quite a lot. So far, the section about memory has been almost completely rewritten. I think you will approve.
rich-c: we've been nicely warm but have used the air conditioning very little this year so far
Pamela: we had ours on constantly for four or five days straight - it was so humid, I think we sucked a couple dozen gallons of water out of the air
rich-c: well, our house has enough thermal mass that it is slow to heat up then cools down gradulally
rich-c: but it has had cooling rain to hasten teh process at just the right intervals
Pamela: and you have the ability to circulate the cooler air from the basement too
Pamela: something I wish we could do
rich-c: it sdounds, Luc, as if once you get that text done it will be ripe to become a classic
LucMiron: I live in an appartment, and we have two portable A/C units, one for each bedroom. One night earlier this month, we kept blowing the electrical breaker because both out ACs were sucking up too much juice.
Pamela: times like this when I wish devoutly for a little bungalow with central air conditioning
Pamela: tip for you Luc: plug one into the outlet on your stove.
Daniel Bienvenu: The part I worry the most in the coleco prog document is about the sample listings I did that can't fit anymore with the actual devkit.
rich-c: I will refrain from making gloating noises
LucMiron: @Daniel: Ah, okay, thanks for the tip. Which code sample is it?
rich-c: what gets to me is the McMansion next door - their a/c is on almost permanently
Pamela: good thing they've got lots of $$$ to heat and cool that heap
Judy: we do well with the heat as long as it doesn't hang on for days, this house cools off easily
LucMiron: @Pamela: I can't, the AC unit can only be used for a small room, not the entire appartment, and it needs to be hooked up to the window, so I have to keep it in my room. Same goes for my roommate, who has the exact same model.
rich-c: yes - that crooked contractor must have left out any insulation
rich-c: and they don't seem to know how to open a window
Judy: our neighbor has hers on most of the time, that and watering the grass, she is nuts
Daniel Bienvenu: almost all the sample codes because they don't use the structure for using the coleco bios sound. The consequence is, if you don't set a sound table, the project will not compile. And the sample codes that actually uses sounds are using Marcel's functions and format, which is totally non compatible.
LucMiron: @rich-c: Yeah, I'll make those docs so readable a monkey will be able to code a game of Pong with his eyes closed. ... .. .. Okay, maybe not, but it will be better.
rich-c: yes Luc and there's no point in getting one of the portables if the circuits won't take them anyway
Pamela: is it a portable or a window unit, Luc?
LucMiron: @pamela: It's a unit on wheels. There's a tube that goes from the unit to the window.
rich-c: the portables are getting very cheap now - I saw some at Wal-Mart ofr $250
Pamela: actually, regardless, just run an extension cord - it's what we do
rich-c: is that from your stove, Pam? I know you have a deicated socket for the window
Pamela: my point was, the range should be on a separate circuit, on a 20 or 25 amp fuse which should be more than enough to accept the a/c load unless you're planning on baking every day at 450 degrees
LucMiron: @Pamela: We'd rather not use extension cords. For this to work, it would require a very long extention cord to reach an outlet on the second circuit, and it's not recommended to use a long extension cord with AC units.
Pamela: the portable is in the bedroom and is on an extension cord run to the plug on the dedicated circuit in the LR. The window a/c in the LR is on an extension cord plugged into outlet on the stove
rich-c: you might get away with a heavy duty outdoor unit, Luc
Judy: will be back shortly have to make a lunch for Bob
rich-c: I should have known better than to ask ; - )
Meeka: lol, its bedtime mom, noot lunch time ;-)
Pamela: I know it's not ideal Luc, but it would solve your power drain problem. We;re using 25 or 50' (I forget which) outdoor orange extension cords for both and they handle the draw just fine
Pamela: yes you should have Dad
BobS: but me lunch has to be down with supper about 9:15
BobS: PM
rich-c: there are other issues just the same, Pam - I don't think they're critical but Luc might disagree
Pamela: since going this route the biggest problem we've had is not tripping over the spaghetti spread out all over the house
Pamela: believe me I've become an expert in managing my power resources because of the wonky wiring in this joint
rich-c: yes, our house has been so much more livable since we got the electric heat and had to rewire
Pamela: like never run the heater and the hair dryer at the same time
rich-c: now I can even have the computer on its own private circuit
Pamela: don't go for the appliance with the highest wattage
rich-c: yes, your mother has a thing about using the toaster and electric kettle together - not knowing I do it every morning
Pamela: don't you plug the kettle into the stove though?
LucMiron: This breaker problem happenned only once, but I'll keep the extention cord idea at the back of my head.
rich-c: no, too awkward, oddly enough - and I don't trust the stove plug
Pamela: ah
Pamela: perhaps it's time to think about replacing the stove?
rich-c: after all, that stove is likely 50 years old or more
rich-c: no but if we could find a capable rebuilder we'd pay a pretty penny to have it renewed
Pamela: it's one solution Luc - not ideal, but when you live in a building that was wired for 1965 power consumption, you do what you have to : )
LucMiron: Thanks. :)
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changed username to GuyF
GuyF: Back...
Judy: I am back
rich-c: welcome back, Guy
Pamela: where'd you go, Guy?
Judy: lunch done
GuyF: Take care of non-virtual business. :)
rich-c: I've been sitting awkwardly - going off to get a beer
Pamela: will you make mine too Judy? I'll send you the sandwich fixins
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changed username to GuyF
Judy: noooo, is bad enough to make a lunch for lunch and supper
GuyF: Hmm, there's 2 of me now.
GuyF: We must kill one.
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Pamela: I never remember to do it the night before and I'm always so rushed in the morning
changed username to Guy B.
Pamela: well it's about time Mr. Bona
Meeka: hello guy
LucMiron: Hi again GuyF
Guy B.: Greetings All! Sorry I'm so late tonight. Train delays two days in a row and had to get Annie at my sisters
rich-c: well, our voice from Chicago - hi Guy
GuyF: Luc: Do you have MSN?
Pamela: oh the trains are great when they're on time, aren't they Guy? But when they're late, they throw a wrench into everything
LucMiron: @GuyF: Nope, sorry.
Guy B.: Could have been worse, Pam. I cancelled my dental appt since I was going to be late. Had I kept it tonight, I wouldn't be on
Pamela: wow
Daniel Bienvenu: maybe luc have yahoo mail or an hotmail account he can uses for texting us outside chat session time.
Pamela: my dentist gets rather peeved when i do that
GuyF: Luc: Was hoping to be able to chat with you in private...
LucMiron: I'm a caveman. E-mail and easy-to-use chatrooms are all I use. :P
Dale confirmed ban
Pamela: Guy F, if you sign up for gmail you get a private chat with it
Dale: Back.
LucMiron: I have a hotmail account, but how does that go with chatting?
rich-c: it will be recorded, but if you just want out of the mainstream you can move to another room here
Daniel Bienvenu: hi again Dale
Pamela: is himself finally in bed?
Daniel Bienvenu: well Luc, you can use msn then to chat with GuyF
LucMiron: WB Dale.
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changed username to DougS
Meeka: hi doug
DougS: Hi all
Pamela: hi Doug
Daniel Bienvenu: I personnaly uses Trillian to chat with my friends on Yahoo and Hotmail.
rich-c: or they can move to the lounge or hallway or whatever, Daniel
Judy: hi, Doug
Dale: MSN is available as a web client in your hotmail login screen I think.
Guy B.: HI Doug
Dale: I use Trillian too.
rich-c: hello Doug!
Daniel Bienvenu: that's right, go select in Rooms menu the kitchen or whatever place and discuss now in private.
GuyF: .
Dale: private ,but logged.
rich-c: Windows keeps wanting to put me on MSN and I keep saying no
Dale: Hopefully asleep soon.
Dale: He's been shifting his bedtime with the sun.
Dale: And it's too late.
LucMiron: I'm looking at right now, but I don't see anything related to chat...
Meeka: i have used trillian in the past
Daniel Bienvenu: my all my Windows, even Vista, don't botter me with msn. I suppose I did the right thing to stop the messages.
rich-c: no, although if you have a gmail account they offer some sort of chat provision
Meeka: but now that messanger and yahoo are linked i tend to just use messanger
Dale: I wonder if they took it out again Luc with the last redesign.
rich-c: you could even just go over to Rich's Adam chat if it's still on line
BobS: think he is down Richard
Daniel Bienvenu: Luc, you need to download something called MSN or whatever is compatible with hotmail accounts. I'm using Trillian.
Pamela: BTW Dale you can tell Jillian she's got me hooked on that sparkling lemonade
Dale: It used to be there on Oh well.
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changed username to GuyF
GuyF: Sorry, connection was reset over here.
Dale: I will Pam :-D
DougS: I have started using a program called miranda. It is a multi-chat program as well, but does more than trillian and is free.
rich-c: he brought it back up the night a few weeks ago when this was done, Bob
Daniel Bienvenu: welcome bakc guyf
LucMiron: @GuyF: Would it be alright just to exchange e-mails?
GuyF: Luc: Sure, in that case, I already have your e-mail. :)
LucMiron: Okay then. Feel free to e-mail me any time. :)
GuyF: Luc: Ok, I will then!!!
rich-c: last time I saw Trillian ws free too, wasn/';t it, doug?
DougS: Dale, you wouldn't happen to have any instructions on assembling tdos would ya?
Dale: use z80mr
DougS: rich, there is a free and a pay version of trillian
Dale: there is a single master file
Dale: it includes two or three other files.
Daniel Bienvenu: I've got complains about my last video because it's not complete like I didn't talked about some games... and I admit that I had no idea how to deal with all the cv games and put in my video to explain what I like about being a coleco fan and programmer.
Dale: There are compile time options at the beginning of that master file.
LucMiron: Quick note: I usually reply to all my e-mail within 24 hours (most of the time, within 5 hours) so if you don't get a reply from me after 24 hours, it's because I never got your e-mail to begin with.
rich-c: ah, like so many - when I was on 98 I had Trillian on my machine but didn't use it
Pamela: where did you get Miranda, Doug?
Dale: Daniel, you say several times that it is your viewpoint of the CV games history.
LucMiron: . o O (Ouch! I never got around to looking at Daniel's video!)
DougS: Pam, main page is
GuyF: Luc: It's a nice video... explains his vision on the ColecoVision.
Daniel Bienvenu: I know I said it was my point of view, but some people think that I must know everything about coleco.
rich-c: and Daniel, a presentation should cover what you want to present, it's not up to others to tell you what to put in or out
DougS: I started using miranda because it is a slim jabber client (free corporate chat server).
LucMiron: rich-c: You don't know how CV gamers can get sometimes...
DougS: but has a ton of addons you can get as well
Pamela: thank you - I shall check it out
rich-c: there's an old English saying - it's the ones with the Annie Oakleys knock the show
Daniel Bienvenu: I've played Motocross for colecovision for the first time... I can do better games than that.
rich-c: in short, the big complaints come from the freeloaders
LucMiron: I've been playing with a NES-style version of Rockman 7 (Mega Man 7) on Windows. It's an excellent conversion of the Super-NES game.
Judy: Ryan got all the way to the end of the Easter Bunny game, thought it was great
Daniel Bienvenu: the first part is exactly what I coded for a Go Diego Go flashgame.
GuyF: Megaman on the NES was awesome!
Judy: but he needs instructions for the games, is there any?
GuyF: MegaMan and BomberMan, my two favorites.
Dale: Motocross? Who was that published by?
LucMiron: @GuyF: Ah, Mega Man fan, I see? Seems we have more in common than meets the eye! :)
Daniel Bienvenu: motocross ... it's Xonox
rich-c: someone like Konami I think Dale
Pamela: Russell just got home and for once he's not drenched
Daniel Bienvenu: For the instructions about minigames, we should make it available online too with the rom file.
GuyF: Luc: I have a few NES Mega Man cartridges in the basement....
Judy: that would be good, Daniel
Dale: Ah, Xonox, the people who made low cost lower quality games.
Dale: Not a licenced publisher of ColecoVision games.
Judy: he was really proud that he did get the one game
LucMiron: Would you like the link to the official site of 'Rockman 7 FC'? You could try it out, although you'll need JoyKey in order to use a joystick because the game itself only supports the PC keyboard.
Dale: Daniel, the rom file is on your site, so put the PDF file there too,
Daniel Bienvenu: I think the game Easter Bunny is, in my opinion, enough casual and well done for experimenting to be played without instructions.
Judy: yes, he did get that one, he is only 7 so sometimes he does need a little help
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale, do you still have a pdf version for reading it on a computer? I only have the manual format to print.
GuyF: Luc: Is there a version for the Mac?
Dale: Hmm...I did my final edits after I reformated it.
Dale: I'll remake it and email it to you.
LucMiron: Unfortunately not, it's a Windows program. You got a Mac at home?
GuyF: Yes Luc, I use a Mac Mini. It's the guy from Atari Age who converted me to using a Mac, and haven't looked back ever since.
GuyF: What's the name of the Atari Age admin? Forgot his name, hehe. It's been a while.
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, I found a version to read on computer
LucMiron: Well, at least I can give you a link to a youtube video of Freeze Man's level in glorious 8-bit graphics:
Daniel Bienvenu: let me see if I can edit my post on the blog to add the instructions
Pamela: Meeka, how are you feeling these days?
LucMiron: Prepare to be blown away by the overall quality of the game!
Pamela: You seemed to be doing very well at the convention
Meeka: pretty good
Meeka: havent had any flair ups lately
Judy: she made it thru the zoo today
GuyF: Luc: Beautiful! It looks, feels and sounds like the original one on the NES.
rich-c: that's encouraging - perhaps the warm weather is making a difference
Pamela: that's good news
rich-c: I reckon, Bob, that the warmth is making your work easier too - even if it gets a bit much sometimes
Daniel Bienvenu:
Daniel Bienvenu: minigames-1 with photos, rom and instructions.
LucMiron: I just noticed that there are other videos of Rockman 7 FC on Youtube. Cool. :)
Dale: Looks good Daniel.
Pamela: you can find almost anything on YouTube if you look hard enough : )
Dale: It is quite amazing.
Dale: And about half of the youtube videos seem to be a year or less old too.
Judy: he has shut down, just too tired
GuyF: I bought an old radio last week, a high end receiver from the 80s, model FRG-7700 and lo and behold, there are a few videos on youtube of people operating it. I was amazed!
rich-c: with fourteen hour days of hard labour, I am not surprised, judy
Pamela: wow, not often he checks out early
Judy: some of the days it was soo hot that I don't know how he made it thru the day
Judy: at least the last couple of days it has not been so hot
rich-c: lots of water and judicious consumption of salt help, judy
Judy: me either, he was sitting here with his computer on his lap asleep
Pamela: sleeptalking : )
Judy: he is drinking a lot of water
rich-c: I can end up feeling like that even with no exertion
Judy: and his ladies brought him a frosty for lunch, they felt sorry for him
Daniel Bienvenu: I saw a youtube video about 100 hours long... a blank screen actually but it must be a very old video since now it's almost impossible to publish a video more than 10 minutes on Youtube.
rich-c: the water is critical but he needs to monitor his salt balance too - it can get too low and cause problems
Pamela: I always find the heat sucks all the energy out of me
rich-c: it's very difficult for anyone with a heart condition
Judy: yes, he has done that for years
Judy: me too, but he seems to be handling it pretty well, so far
Judy: only one more day this week
rich-c: the problem is that too much is even worse than too little - but you must have enough
rich-c: oh Pam, I told your mother your email is there
Pamela: thanks papa
Pamela: I'm multitasking at the moment
Pamela: chatting and dealing with Mt. Laundry
rich-c: itr's qworking on its PhD?
LucMiron: Okay, it's getting late. I have to go catch some Zs.
Dale: K
Dale: Luc, have you seen the video of my Dracula game that I'm working on?
Pamela: no, I fixed that tonite
rich-c: right Luc - good to have you by - bonsoir!
Pamela: gnite Luc
Judy: night Luc
LucMiron: Dale: Nope. I'd like to see it. Is it like the Dracula game that was planned but never released on the CV?
Pamela: was quite proud of my self actually, had all my laundry done by 8:22 pm
Pamela: very unusual for me
Dale: It is based on the screenshot of the game from the original box.
rich-c: very good, well done, daughter
Pamela: of course right now I'm wondering just how many socks one person really needs . . . : )
LucMiron: Oh. My. God. =)
rich-c: two per day. one for each foot
LucMiron: You guys keep surprising me with your WIP homebrews. :D
rich-c: they've been sutrprising us for years, Luc
Dale: I haven't posted it to youtube yet because it isn't playable yet.
Judy: I think it is time to call it a nightm, until next week
Dale: I think I have some good gameplay planned for the Dracula game. At least I hope so.
rich-c: right judy, you and bob take care, catch you next round
Pamela: gnite Judy
DougS left chat session
Meeka: noght mm
GuyF left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: well, niagara wasn't playable and we made a video about it, and someone take a screenshot of it to complete his Dale Wick section on his web site.
LucMiron: The character sprites could use some work. Do you need help with that?
Judy: have fun with the boys tomorrow, Meeka
Meeka: ok
Judy left chat session
Meeka: will try
Dale: I do need help with the sprites.
Daniel Bienvenu:
Dale: I don't much like drawing it.
LucMiron: I'm a CV graphic expert. :)
Dale: But although Daniel denys it, he tricked me into drawing everything you see there so far.
Pamela: tricked you how??
Guy B.: Well folks, will have to call it the night. Will see you all next week
Pamela: gnite Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: The project is not finish yet. Still can draw the graphics... I had no free time before, but now it's different.
rich-c: OK Guy, take care of Annie
Guy B.: Will do Rich.
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Dale: Crazy. So I'm young? I never knew.
rich-c: from my perspective, dale, you still qualify as young
Daniel Bienvenu: I wonder why you have a page with your name and not me.
Dale: Well Pam, I told Daniel that I'd make Dracula, if I didn't have to draw all of the graphics.
LucMiron: Okay, I have to go too. If you need help with the graphics in Dracula, Dale, let me know.
Dale: I suggested a couple of people who might draw the graphics, including Luc
Dale: and Daniel said at the time if I get started on the graphics, he'd be happy to make some sprites for me.
Pamela: and . . .?
Daniel Bienvenu: and I finaly don't manage to draw the sprites
Dale: But then he got the typical games job where you're overworked.
Dale: And kept convincing me to draw the next part of the graphics.
Pamela: and before you knew it, you'd done it all, right?
Daniel Bienvenu: well, it's probably what it will happend
Dale: More or less. But I purposely did a bad job on the sprites to keep from having to do it all.
rich-c: wonder what the French word is for "incrementalism" ...
Dale: And there are still more enemies that need to be drawn to correspond to the game design.
Daniel Bienvenu: I think it's the same word in french
LucMiron: Do you still have my e-mail address, Dale?
Dale: I do.
Daniel Bienvenu: I think you can give me the dat file I can work on it since now I have no job.
LucMiron: Well, let me know if I can help with Dracula. Bye everyone!
Dale: Dracula I'm trying to finish in September/October if I don't run out of time.
Daniel Bienvenu: October seems a perfect moment
Dale: Okay Daniel.
Pamela: 1,2,3, . . .
LucMiron left chat session
Pamela: 8,9,10 . . .
Dale: Uh oh. Not 11pm
Daniel Bienvenu: Halloween and then november come next.
Dale: When the janitor comes in to sweep everyone away.
Pamela: 16
Pamela: (counting sox)
Dale: Time to take the conversation over to the coffee shop I guess.
rich-c: the computer is about to turn into a pumpkin
Pamela: 19
Pamela: 19 pairs of sox
Pamela: I repeat, how many sox does one person need???
Dale: (Sorry, flash back to MTAG heyday)
Daniel Bienvenu: I actually have 5 or 6 pairs.
rich-c: you harbouring a hexadecapod or something?
Daniel Bienvenu: all the same color, so I'm not a reference in sox.
Pamela: no, just a real hate for doing laundry
Pamela: the more I have, the less often I have to do laundry
Daniel Bienvenu: it looks like I have 1 pair per day in a week.
Pamela: and on Sunday you go barefoot, right : )
Daniel Bienvenu: how did you know that?
Pamela: lucky guess : )
Dale: rofl
Pamela: get up Dale, Jillian's gonna wonder what I did to you : )
rich-c: well, I think it's time for me to turn in, now
Meeka left chat session
rich-c: so I shall bid you all bonsoir
Pamela: goodnight Daddy
rich-c: and a la prochaine
Pamela: trailer for us this weekend
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit
rich-c: OK Pam - noted
Dale: Good night Richard.
rich-c: nite Dale
Pamela: I guess I had better go too
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
Pamela: since now that I've folded it I have to put all this stuff away
Pamela: I'll leave you two to talk Dracula
Pamela: goodnight, and have a great week!
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
Dale: Well I'll go too. We can always talk on yahoo IM if we feel inspired.
Dale: bye Daniel.
Daniel Bienvenu: it looks like we have a possible new coleco programmer, from New Jersey.
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Dale
Dale: Troy?
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't know who
Dale: Really?
Daniel Bienvenu: I have only a yahoo account
Daniel Bienvenu:
Daniel Bienvenu: based on this web page, this guy did Atari Jaguar programming
Dale: Nice.
Dale: I've always meant to.
Dale: But mostly I thought that noone would be interested in the results.
Dale: I'm not sure if I'm right, but I suppose there aren't that many ColecoVision units out there, for that matter.
Daniel Bienvenu: Based on selling or based on what I think?
Dale: Based on my mental estimate of how many were sold
Dale: I'm still suprised that there are 1 million iPhones out there.
Dale: I really have to make some iPhone apps to see if they'll sell.
Daniel Bienvenu: You sure had to give it a try... otherwise you will never know... and it's better now it's started in expension than after when it will be difficult to be original surrounded by tons of new ans similar applications
Dale: I agree to that for sure
Dale: There are already 5 tip calculators for example.
Daniel Bienvenu: You will find something cool to do, you always do.
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight Dale, and good luck in your projects.
Dale: good night.
Dale left chat session
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