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rich-c: hi meeka, shaming us all again!
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Meeka: hello
changed username to Pamela
Pamela: hi there
rich-c: hello daughter
Meeka: guess so rich
Pamela: i'm early for a change
rich-c: not only that, I've just been told I'll be called away in a minute
Pamela: oh?
rich-c: your mother has decided it's time to put the fan in the kitchen window
Pamela: i'll be uiet for a bit yet, stuffing my face
Pamela: oops missed the q
rich-c: well, it's 78 in here and opening the windows unassisted isn't hacking it
Pamela: whats new Meeka?
Pamela: i get that dad
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changed username to LucMiron
LucMiron: Yellow!
Meeka: not a whole lot, been hot aroung here this week
Meeka: hello Luc
Pamela: hi luc
LucMiron: Hi. 'm hoping GuyF will drop by tonight. :)
Pamela: been raining alot here : )
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changed username to rich-c
Pamela: your twins dad
rich-c: heavens, a new arrival
Pamela: (one hand typing
Pamela: if he's on luc it will be soon
rich-c: yes, fell off when Luc came on
Pamela: he's usually on early
rich-c changed username to 1rich-c
LucMiron: Sorry, didn't mean to push you aside. ;P
1rich-c requested to ban rich-c
Meeka confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
LucMiron confirmed ban
1rich-c: good, we're rid of my clone
Pamela: haven't done that for a while dad
1rich-c: usually I'm the one doing it
1rich-c: I'm getting spoiled, it's so long since I have fallen off
1rich-c: Luc, comment ca va?
Pamela: is that actually thunder?
1rich-c: there is another new revision of Java out - anyone installed it yet?
1rich-c: and more to the point, does it work on this chat?
1rich-c: yes, Pam, it's thunder - again
Pamela: shazbot
1rich-c: luc, Meeka, Toronto has now officially set a new record for July rainfall
Meeka: not sure rich, i only do updates that the server (meaning doug) says are ready for me to install :-P
Pamela: and the power flickers so often we've given up on resetting the VCR
LucMiron: @rich-c: I'm fine thank you (I'm multitasking right now, so please forgive the lag)
Meeka: awww, poor pam
Pamela: ah the joys of two hands for typing
1rich-c: that's the prudent method, meeka - fortunately I am not dependent on my computer for my living
1rich-c: so I can affordd to be a bit more adventurous if I choose
Pamela: the VCR is supposed to have an auto set feature
1rich-c: the operative word is supposed
Pamela: however, it takes so darn long it's not worth it - the power goes down again before it makes up it's mind
Meeka: i can be adventours if I want, but then the concquences would be i would have to fix it myself and seeing hows i dont do fixing i leave it to him
Pamela: good call Meeka
Pamela: I've noticed it (the
1rich-c: as in, you do it, you clean it up?
Pamela: VCR) has a tendency to gain time recently too
1rich-c: I am planning to get one of these mini-ups backups for mine - hope Staples has one
Pamela: for the vcr? LOL
LucMiron: BRB
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1rich-c: yes, I do not like setting a program at night and finding a power bump killed it before it got recorded
1rich-c: or during, for that matter
Pamela: I know what you mean - many is the time we've set up to tape before heading to the trailer
Pamela: only to find we lost the recording due to power failure upon our return
1rich-c: a "real" ups is overkill of course, but mini ones exist that will carry a small device through a power bump
Pamela: it doesn't take much of a bump that's for sure
Pamela: hey papa have you renewed your stickers yet?
Pamela: for the cars I mean
1rich-c: I looked to see if Home Depot or Source had one but no dice
Pamela: try best buy maybe?
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changed username to LucMiron
Pamela: that was quick Luc
1rich-c: no - went up for teh emissions test yesterday and the brake line broke
1rich-c: spent all afternoon getting a towtruck and getting down to John"s
Pamela: can't John do the emissions?
LucMiron: Yeah, just wanted to check up on some stuff.
1rich-c: no, he uses the Petro-
LucMiron: I hope Guy comes on soon, 'cause I can't stay on for much longer...
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1rich-c: can up on Wilson Heights Blvd. just below Finch
Pamela: holy cow why so far away?
changed username to Anonymous
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1rich-c: well, they're a more or less independent business, franchised but still human
Pamela: we can always ask him to e-mail you Luc
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changed username to Judy
Pamela: Hi Judy
1rich-c: hello Judy
LucMiron: Hi Judy.
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Judy: Hi, Meeka, Pam, Luc, Rich
Meeka: hi mom
Judy: How is everyone?
changed username to Foster G.
1rich-c: if Pam and/or I vanish, we're having a thunderstorm at the moment
Pamela: ah, there he is Luc
Pamela: Hi Guy
LucMiron: Well, speaketh of the devileth!
Foster G.: Hello everyone...
Judy: we had that this morning
LucMiron: Salut Guy!
1rich-c: hello Guy
Foster G.: Hi Luc!
Meeka: hello guy
Judy: Bob was driving to work, was something else
Pamela: did you ever get your gate built Guy?
Judy: hi, Guy
LucMiron: @Guy: Can't stay on for very long. Did you get my e-mail about the boxes?
Foster G.: Yes, the gate is done and finished with....
Meeka: ya, daniel drove through that this morning too
Pamela: we had one about 10:30 this morning and are having another right now
1rich-c: we also had some weather here this morning
Pamela: was very dark and scary for a while there
Foster G.: Yes Luc, I did... but didn't have any free time to reply, sorry. Been working on Gulkave, did a good 4-5 hrs on it this week. It's advancing, but not to the point that I can say I have good results yet.
1rich-c: it cleared long enough for me to go fetch the van
Judy: we had one about 3:30 this morning and again at 6:30
LucMiron: Well, you're working on it, and that's good news in itself. :)
Pamela: you're sending us your weather again, aren't you Judy?
Foster G.: Yes, it's actually relaxing, and very challenging to try and find the solution!
Judy: we had an inch of rain but it seemed like a lot more
LucMiron: You asked me to give you some boxes so you could check with your STM contacts. Do you intend to do this before you-know-what, or do it later?
Pamela: brb, gotta getta drink
1rich-c: we have now officially had more rain this July than in any other July before
LucMiron: . o O (Ontarians... Always complaining about the weather...)
1rich-c: the city is turning into a rain forest - theere's never been such green
Foster G.: Luc: If you could, just take a picture of the boxes at different angles and send that to me, that'll be much easier. It should be enough to get the idea across to the printers.
Foster G.: Quebecers... always complaining about Ontarians. :)
Judy: it was really hot the last couple of days and no change in sight
LucMiron: You could get such pictures from my second blog entry at, but the site is down right now.
LucMiron: LOL!!!
Foster G.: when will the site be back up?
1rich-c: actually, it wasn't a complaint - we're ejopying the garden and the slightly rewstrained heat
LucMiron: Eduardo renewed the subscription today, so it shouldn't take long. I can just e-mail you the same pics from my own records.
Judy: it has been in the high 80's and has been humid, not much rain except this morning
Foster G.: Good, I'll check to see if the site is back up tomorrow or in the week-end.
1rich-c: we have been quite high 70s to mid-80s most of the time lately
Pamela: with much humidity
1rich-c: remember too us old folks like it a little warmer than the younger generations
Pamela: I swear it's warmer and more humid out there now than it was when I got home
Judy: that is what they said we were going to be, but they were wrong again
Pamela: I just keep telling myself the humidity is good for my skin
Judy: it is very pleasant right now with fans running
1rich-c: your mother said it was 18 when she went out for her walk
Pamela: just went into the bathroom - warmer and stickier now than earlier
Pamela: probably due to the storm
1rich-c: that's only mid-60s F
Judy: that is how it got in the night last night
1rich-c: well I think they have us into the 90s later in the week, but that tends to sink a bit as it approaches
LucMiron: @Guy: I've got an e-mail all ready with some attached pics. I just need to press the 'send' button. Can I? :)
Judy: we are due for 90's for Friday and Saturday
Pamela: looks like tomorrow is gonna be a nice day
Judy: but we will be leaving Friday morning for up north to go camping
Meeka: ya, but you wont be home for thouse temps mom :-P
Pamela: we have a long weekend coming up (or at least, I do)
Judy: that is the plan
Pamela: so I'm hoping for decent weather
1rich-c: should be a good weekend for it, Judy. Crossing the Bridge?
Judy: got a little fried this afternoon playing at the pool
Pamela: a little fried??
Meeka: ouchie
LucMiron: I hope the weather will be good on Saturday or Sunday, because I'd like to do something I've been wanting to do for years: Cross the Champlain bridge on my bike. Well, actually, it's the secondary bridge next to the Champlain bridge (how do you say 'estacade' in english...?)
Judy: no, staying on this side of the bridge, just about 30 minutes southof
Meeka: sunburned pam
Pamela: my mother would say tch tch, Judy
Pamela: I made sure I was wearing sunscreen at Wonderland last week
Judy: I did have 30 sunscreen on but still got a little red
Pamela: I'm not too old to be scared of my mother : )
1rich-c: I've never heard that term, Luc have to Google it or something
Judy: that is what my skin doctor says I must wear
Pamela: I actually broke out the spf 50 for Wonderland and did very well
1rich-c: he'd probably be happier if you used 50 factor, Judy
Judy: in the pool for an extended amount of time you get a little more sun than you should
Foster G.: Luc: Yes, send it! Crossing the Champlain bridge is lots of fun, I did it last year a good 4-5 times...
Pamela: 'twas not even pink, just a little tan
Judy: I have a tan
Pamela: tis true - and I didn't spend as much time in or around the water as I usually do because it was so chilly that day
1rich-c: you have to try and find a balance between your need for vitamin D and the daqnger of cancer
Judy: was a great day for the pool today
LucMiron: Message sent. :)
1rich-c: believe it or not I have quite a fine tan now
Pamela: I try to get my D dose every day by perching on the front steps at work in the sun at lunch for 20 minutes or so
Judy: is good for you, the D, I mean
1rich-c: I have no idea whether that is adequate or not, Pam - nor I gather does anyone else
LucMiron: I'm planning to take my bike into the subway, get off at LaSalle station, and take the bike trails to Ile-Des-Soeurs. I'm not sure where I'm supposed to go once I cross the estacade though.
Pamela: well I go out in the morning and afternoon for breaks but try to find the shade
1rich-c: current medical opinion is that none of us are getting enough D
Foster G.: Luc: You'll end up in Ile St-Helene...
Pamela: at lunch I'm usually well chilled enough to enjoy full sun for a little while
1rich-c: and if you don't get enough, it leads to osteoporosis, which leads to broken bones
Pamela: it's darn chilly in our office
LucMiron: What? Ile St-Helene? No, that would be if I used the Jacques-Cartier bridge.
Foster G.: Well, I hope I never get old then.
Pamela: where does the Champlain bridge lead, Luc?
LucMiron: @Pam: It's a bridge between Montreal and the South Shore (Brossard, to be exact).
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changed username to BobS
1rich-c: well, Bob, finally made it I see
Foster G.: Luc: You'll end up crossing the bridge, and arriving in an area with lots of gravel. One side brings you to Ile St-Helene, the other to St-Lambert I believe
BobS: ya sure
Meeka: hi dad
LucMiron: I live in Laval (on the North Shore of Montreal), and it's too far to go from my home to the South Shore on a bike. That's why I have to take my bike with me in the subway.
Judy: we will see how long he stays awake tonight
BobS: hi Meeka
1rich-c: just avoid the day when they have the NASCAR race on Ile St-Helene - the roads and subways will be jammed
Foster G.: Luc: It's not far... Easily doable, especially in the morning... I used to do the old port of montreal (south of montreal) to Henri-Bourassa metro (north of Montreal) daily last year.
Judy: he is sleepy already
LucMiron: @Guy: Well, I'm hoping there's a way to cross into the mainland near the Victoria Bridge.
Foster G.: Luc: Where exactly do you want to go though???
Foster G.: Rich: Actually, durign the Nascar event, it's nice and quiet in Montreal... it's before, and especially after where everyone leaves at the exact same time.
Pamela: estacade is pier in English, Luc
LucMiron: At the point where the gravel road encounters the Victoria Bridge.
Pamela: Hi bob
Foster G.: Yes, next to the victoria bridge, there is a bridge that takes you into Brossard.
LucMiron: Yeah, bike are not allowed in the subway during those busy days.
LucMiron: Well, I have to go now. Let's keep in touch, Guy!
Pamela: Oh I want to come and play in Montreal
1rich-c: it's likely all for the better, Luc, as far as your health is concerned
Foster G.: Luc: Ok, Luc, we will, take care, have fun.
Pamela: gnite, Luc
Judy: night, Luc
1rich-c: good to have you, Luc
LucMiron: Bye guys and gals!
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1rich-c: wonder where Daniel is this evening?
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!
1rich-c: hello Other Guy
Pamela: hi Guy
Meeka: hello guy
Pamela: and where the heck has Ron disappeared to? He fell off the face of the earth after the convention
Judy: hi, Guy
1rich-c: what's the word from Chicago?
1rich-c: he hass a new friend, Pam
Guy B.: Were going to get HOT this weekend
Pamela: I know that
1rich-c: so then why do you have to ask?
Pamela: because that doesn't usually prevent him from at least popping in once in a while
Guy B.: Be back going to check on the Cubs
BobS: we are goint NORTH to the cool and/or water this weekend
1rich-c: anyone here installed to new revision of Java yet?
Pamela: it looks like the whole continent is going to be warm this weekend
BobS: whic is?????
1rich-c: don't know, just that they distributed it to users last week
1rich-c: I waited to install it to see if it causes problems on the chat here
1rich-c: if no one knows I'll install it tomorrow, try it, and leave it or take it out
Guy B.: Cubs winning 4-1. We beat 2 of Milwaukee's best pitchers the past two nights
Pamela: will someone please explain to me how my glasses get so filthy when they're on my face???
Judy: dirt in the air
1rich-c: yiou've heard of air pollution?
Pamela: it's the smears that puzzle me - I don't touch my glasses
1rich-c: you mean you're not aware of doing so - but you do do it unconsciosly, everyone does
Pamela: it's gremlins, I swear
Pamela: um, by a roundabout route, that reminds me Dad
1rich-c: btw, we heard from David Cobley yesterday - I was out but Frances took the call and chatted with him
Pamela: do you have any of our HP movies, the Indiana Jones trilogy or Master and Commander?
1rich-c: he's got a VOIP connection now and was trying it out
1rich-c: Master and Commander yes - still unopened I blush to report
Pamela: so what did he have to say for himself?
Pamela: don't blush, after all Russell got it for
Pamela: Christmas two years ago and hadn't opened it when we loaned it to you : )
1rich-c: he's a great-grandpa now, been in touch with his kids, carrying on in good fettle it seems
1rich-c: I do have plans for it but only now am finding days with a little free time in them
1rich-c: but things keep going wrong, like yesterday - should have been routine, get the test, get the sticker
Pamela: what happened to teh brake line btw?
Guy B.: 5-1 Cubs bottom of the 6th
Pamela: woohoo
Pamela: Guy
1rich-c: instead lost the whole afternoon, lose the van till lunchtime today, everything messed up
Guy B.: We're up 3 games on Milwaukee
Pamela: better than the Jays, I think : )
Pamela: not that I'm paying attention
1rich-c: it corroded and sprung a leak - the emission guy was moving it into the test bay
1rich-c: checked underneath for leaking fluids and oh-oh
Pamela: well at least you weren't driving at the time
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1rich-c: not only that, John found a pinhole in the rearward line too
1rich-c: no, left a big hole in my wallet, but no corner knocked off or anything
Pamela: I'll bet, brake repairs are expensive
Pamela: those are the things I regret losing my 50
Pamela: % discount over at Speedy
1rich-c: well the labour kills you because it's fiddly on and off, then they have to bleed the whole system
Pamela: which reminds me, I was going to check and see if the shop on Rexdale was still open
1rich-c: yes, I had little change left from half a kilobuck
Pamela: that's all? You got away cheap
1rich-c: but stopping six feet further on than you were aiming to can get really, really expensive
Pamela: tha'ts very true : )
1rich-c: brakes tend to be a cheaper area to have work done, Pam
1rich-c: anyway, I need to go fetch a beer - brb
1rich-c: back
Pamela: i'm back to one hand
Meeka: wb
1rich-c changed username to rich-c
Pamela: ice cream on a stcik
rich-c: eating again?
BobS: ah a cold to speak
rich-c: shame on you (says he after a couple of Eskimo pies this evening
rich-c: well, my beer is cold too
Pamela: I had it after dinner!
rich-c: it's quite unusual - apricot flavoured wheat beer
Judy: stop talking about food, me thinks I should eat but just finished supper
rich-c: strange - bitter when gulped, sweet when sipped
Pamela: sorry Judy
rich-c: OK if I talk about beer?
Judy: I guess
Judy: I have a diet 7-up
Pamela: I have some of that darned sparkling lemonade
rich-c: it's been so long since I had a drink of pop, I can't remember what it was or when
Pamela: gonna kill Jillian
Pamela: got me hooked
Pamela: that's okay Dad, I can't remember the last time I had a coffee
Pamela: so we're even
Judy: I see
rich-c: yes and my coffee is diet-sinful, I do take milk in it, even if only a dash of 2%
rich-c: at least I take my tea clear
Pamela: it's gotta be warmer and more humid - my ice has already melted
rich-c: but the government store has a big feature on imported and specialty beers this week - have to go try some exotica
Judy: bummer
Pamela: I'm going to have to remember to make more - we're down to three cubes and that will never do
Pamela: I go through a lot of ice in the summer
Judy: that is why I love my ice maker, you never have to remember to make it, does it on its own
rich-c: Bob, know of anyone who has a big stash of old Buck Rogers tapes?
Pamela: well since I have the worlds second oldest fridge, I must do it the old fashioned way
rich-c: Erin has teh oldest?
Pamela: having replaced the oldest fridge with it : )
Pamela: no, both Lindsay and Erin were lucky enough to have newer fridges
Pamela: Lin had hers replaced a couple of years ago
Meeka: ok gang, i am off for the night
Meeka: tty next week
BobS: NOPE, got a few, but not a stash
Pamela: goodnite Meeka
rich-c: to think of it, our fridge isn't that new any more
BobS: why, you got someone who wants lots??????
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rich-c: OK Meeka, catch you next week - sl;eep tight
Judy: guess I won't say goodnigt to her
rich-c: justy a query from a guy who wants to make backups of his game tapes
Pamela: well ours has to date back to at least 1989 because it's exactly the same as the one at the trailer, and the one at the trailer was new when the original owners bought it
Pamela: it's an '89 model year
Pamela: still, better than 1969 I suppose
rich-c: IIRC, File Manager will copy game tapes in block copy mode, won't it?
BobS: make them on a cassette dual tape great
BobS: made lots of them back when
Pamela: I tell you Judy, I'm really looking forward to a time when I can have some mod cons in my life
BobS: YES, FileManager will copy blocks
rich-c: but that isn't how you copy Dragon's Lair over BR
Pamela: little things like a fridge from this millenium, possibly a dishwasher, ensuite washer and dryer
BobS: copy anything..........BUT you need right directory tapes to start with................
Judy: what are mod cons?
Pamela: modern conveniences
Judy: I now understand
rich-c: hence the inquiry about BR, there's a million of them around and the surplus was sold off cheap
Judy: it was a long time before we got an ice maker but it is one thing I don't want to give up
BobS: drill holes in both tape and data pack to record in tape player and use tape in data drive.......copy both sides of data pack in tape drive, and VOILA a copyh
Pamela: it would be nice, but I'd settle for a fridge that doesn't go THUNK every time it switches off
BobS: Terry Fowler has some
rich-c: to each his own - we hav e a very nice modern fridge but did not want and don't have an icemaker
BobS: be careful what you wish for Pamela.....some of the newer fridges are noisier than the old ones
Pamela: well the fridge at the trailer doesn't do that Bob
Judy: I use a lot of ice, just chew it up
Pamela: I know it's not supposed to make that noise
Pamela: sounds like the compressor is loose or something
rich-c: why not just use File Manager and a single tape drive? Takes patience but works fine
Pamela: as for running noise I'm used to that
rich-c: and you don't get those weird and unreliable results you get with a tape recorder either
Pamela: between the fridge, the deep freeze and the bar fridge, seldom is it completely quiet in here
Pamela: not to mention the a/c in the summer : )
BobS: the deal is......witha tape player you can use no ADAM formatted media, and format and copy at the same time
BobS: nonADAM formatted
rich-c: I've encountered tapes made that way, some worked, few kept working :-(
BobS: i have had great luck with Sony in particular - 60 minute
rich-c: yes, although again there were length issues, Adam and Sony didn't quite match
BobS: but close
rich-c: I had Syd Carter's copying thing but even that wasn't that good - still have it I think
BobS: the trick is too listen to the ending, stop the tapes, then flip them both over and copy the back side; thus lining up the sides to each other very closely
rich-c: but even Megacopy had problems with the blocks (63, 127) at the ends of segments
BobS: those 2 block changes are a big problem when copying any data pack
rich-c: by that time why not just use File Manager and copy away?
BobS: could, but you still have to deal with block 63 and 127
rich-c: not necessarily, FM reads into memory, copies from memory, and uses already Adam formatted tapes
rich-c: do you recall any othre copy programs besides FM that will do the job, btw?
Pamela: I think I'm going to pack it in a bit early tonite folks
BobS: QuickCopy
Pamela: still have things to do before I can find the bed
rich-c: smart idea, daughter - take care
Judy: night Pam, see you in two weeks
BobS: well neat and find the bed pam
Judy: well, not really see
BobS: EZcopy
Pamela: have fun camping - stay cool : )
rich-c: you won't be on next week, judy?
Pamela: well, it's about the path, Bob . . . : )
Judy: no, we will be camping
BobS: we will be incognito until August 12th
rich-c: OK Bob, I'll look at those - Practical Programs suite has a unit too I think
Pamela: goodnight all
Pamela: goodnight Daddy
rich-c: night, Pamela
BobS: be looking at the stars whilst sitting at a campfire next wed
Guy B.: Night Pam
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: no wireless network? the Yoopers all have them
BobS: probably, but the state of Mi parks prolly want about !40 per day to access , so the heck with 'em
BobS: $40
rich-c: oh, the private campgrouds generally offer it gratis - not always a good signal but there
Judy: going to be out of touch, so to speak, need to get away
Judy: and just have some fun
rich-c: yes, I can understand that urge - since I can't do it I make the best of what I can do around home
Judy: not the State Parks, they want money for everything and give very little
rich-c: who knows? with the gas panic maybe Sprinter-based class B's will come down into our price range
Guy B.: Well folks, I'll see you all next week
rich-c: Frances and I could likely handle a class B with the right layout
rich-c: night, Guy
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Judy: in two weeks we will be back, night Guy
rich-c: as usual, he vanished rather abruptly
Judy: yes he did
rich-c: maybe I should look for a class B while gas prices are still stratospheric and everyone has panicked
rich-c: they won't be nearly as good when the market stabilizes
BobS: true
rich-c: not that I expect that big a drop, but I do see a very substantial one coming
Judy: guess i am going to sign off at this point, so night Rich talk at you in a couple of weeks
rich-c: the problem is how long the motorhomeers will stay scared
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rich-c: night judy, enjoy your trip
BobS: I am going to bed too kids
BobS: so be happy without us, tell Ronald HI if you see him, and we will return to ya'll in two weeks time !!!!!!
rich-c: right, Roberto - see you on your return - drive safe and take care
BobS: thanks, bye ya'll HAPPY August !!!!
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