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Meeka: hello faniel
Meeka: daniel**
Daniel Bienvenu: hello meeka
Daniel Bienvenu: too soon to chat I guess. be right back then.
Meeka: k
Daniel Bienvenu: is there a football match tonight?
Meeka: dont know, i dont follow sports that much
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Daniel Bienvenu: who is there?
changed username to rich-c
rich-c: salut, Daniel!
Daniel Bienvenu: salut rich
Meeka: hello rich
Daniel Bienvenu: ca va.
rich-c: hi meeka
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rich-c: see the crowd is building
changed username to Pamela
rich-c: hi daughter
Daniel Bienvenu: hi pam
Pamela: what crowd? LOL
Pamela: bonjour Daniel
Meeka: hi pam
Pamela: Hi Da
Pamela: d
Pamela: Hi Meeka
rich-c: we're working on it
Pamela: contributing where I can : )
rich-c: scored a minor victory today
Pamela: oh?
rich-c: phoned Star Chice and canceled my supplementary channels
Pamela: which means what exactly?
rich-c: then pushed and asked if there was anything cheaper than the basic package I have
rich-c: turns out there is - about half the price
Pamela: and?
Pamela: ah!
rich-c: so now it's down to around $20 a month from around $50
Pamela: and what does that consist of?
rich-c: pretty well anything likely to interest me - still haven't downloaded the list from them
rich-c: but I'll have the local Canadian and American channels and TSN, and beyond that, who cares?
Pamela: well that depends when you ask me
Pamela: during the summer I pretty much give up watching TV
Pamela: however during the winter . . .
Pamela: different story altogether
rich-c: oh, over last winter I suspended servi ce entirely from Grey Cup to Daytona 500
Meeka: i will be glued to it for the olympics :-P
Pamela: do you watch any sports in particular, Meeka?
rich-c: if I find the Olympics intruding, I'll turn it off
Meeka: gymnastics, swilmming, beach volleyball, diving
Daniel Bienvenu: here, in Quebec city, since yesterday, it's festival again.
rich-c: now that's fun, Daniel! where are you doing your eating and drinking?
Pamela: I find the only coverage I turn away from is the basket ball, weight lifting, wrestling, boxing etc
Pamela: I'll watch almost anything else
Meeka: exactly pam :-)
Pamela: I like the rowing too
Daniel Bienvenu: I hope it will have a nice sun coming out soon to make the festival even more interesting.
Pamela: I particularly like the gymnastics, rhythmic, trampoline, swimming, diving etc
rich-c: naw, they need to have a Dragon Boat class ;-)
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changed username to Guy F.
Pamela: greetings Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: you should know about his festival since I talked about it at least one time.
Daniel Bienvenu:
Meeka: hello guy
rich-c: which events do you plan to attend, Daniel?
Guy F.: hi
rich-c: greetings Guy
Guy F.: just dropped in to say hi, but won't be able to stay long....
Pamela: are you still off work, Meeka?
Pamela: pourquoi pas?
Meeka: yup
rich-c: oh, we have stories in our newspapers, Daniel, and I suspect some on tv too (I never watch so can't tell)
Daniel Bienvenu: you are talking about the olympics... well, the opening and closing may be more interesting the the rest because I don't think it will be a good olympic event.
rich-c: i'd rather hear what you are doing for Festival, Daniel
Pamela: I hope they re-run the opening ceremonies in prime time - they start live at 7:00 am on Friday
Guy F.: not interested in how fast and strong human beings on steroids can be...
Pamela: and I'll be soaking my head at that point
Meeka: i think they are playing it on fri night pam
Guy F.: Thanks Pam, I'll set my DVR to record them.
Pamela: hope so : )
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I will take pictures and films if there is a sun.
Guy F.: going to the olympics Dan?
Pamela: on CBC I believe, Guy
rich-c: don't look on TSN, there are doubleheader football games Thursday and Friday
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm not going to the olympic, it's "fetes de la nouvelle france" this week
Guy F.: I'll go with CBC, thanks Pam for the advice.
Pamela: who is carrying it in the US, Meeka?
Meeka: nbc i believe
Daniel Bienvenu: friday, it's 2008-08-08
Meeka: yup, that it is
Pamela: oui Daniel, it's supposed to be a very lucky number
Daniel Bienvenu: lotoquebec think it's a lucky number too
rich-c: if you're Chinese
Pamela: Daniel: oh?
Guy F.: I predict some terrorist events during these olympics.
Pamela: I hope not Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: no terror, maybe a manifestation
rich-c: I am sure there will be a number of tries, Guy, but I doubt they'll come to much
Daniel Bienvenu: they already tried to "kill the flame" if I can say this.
Guy F.: weren't 15 police officers in China killed a few days ago in terrorist attack?
Pamela: yes, but in a province on the other side of the country from Beijing
Pamela: and it's a big country
rich-c: maybe so, maybe no - Ghina is a big and secretive place and what happens and why is rarely clear
Guy F.: Which is why, perhaps they will take advantage of all the eyes watching Beijing to be heard and seen.
Pamela: many groups are using the torch relay as an opportunity to get their pet causes televised, especially Free Tibet
Guy F.: Free China!
rich-c: there are discontented minorites who will be happy to let the central authority lose face
Pamela: that too, Guy
Guy F.: Their bigger problem I think these days is getting rid of those nasty clouds overheard beijing.
rich-c: they think they can do it - I am less sanguine
Pamela: Russell had a "well there's your problem" moment the other day regarding the pollution in China
Pamela: in China, they think that an AQI of 100 is good
Pamela: here, an AQI of 30 is "moderate"
Pamela: 50 is poor
rich-c: did it ever occur to you, Pamela, that our index might have an element of extremism in it?
Guy F.: Extermism is good.... makes my children breath better.
Pamela: I don't think there's such a thing on the scale as "absolutely unbreathable"
rich-c: an AQI is not absolute - if it gets so low there's no political mileage to be made, they change the definition
Pamela: have you seen the pictures of the air in Beijing? I think we'd both be unable to handle it with our lung troubles
Daniel Bienvenu: being at the margin, makes things evolve... but I don't think extremism is good.
rich-c: again - they use high magification telephotot lenses which introduce wild exaggeration - even so, it's bad
rich-c: you can guess teh magnification if you've used telephotos much - and the Chinese pictures aren't that high magnification
Daniel Bienvenu: what I mean is if we are not all the same, things evolve... but extremism is nothing but pain.
rich-c: I'm talking more political extremism, Daniel, but your comment is still valid
rich-c: Meeka, your folks are up to Traverse City this week, right?
Meeka: yes they are
Daniel Bienvenu: I hate politic talking... specially with friends... I prefer talking about bbq, video games and festivals.
Meeka: hopefully they not geting our weather
Meeka: we got a big thunderstorm tonight
rich-c: you're having weatehr problems, Meeka?
Daniel Bienvenu: it's raining here.
Pamela: talking politics can be interesting - but you have to have an open mind
rich-c: oh, we had a beaut yesterday afternoon - and a lightning strike two lots over other side of the street
Pamela: rain to the west, rain to the east - but clear, 23 and 50% humidity here : )
rich-c: Frances was half asleep at the time - she woke up in a hurry
Pamela: I think you're getting yesterdays weather, Daniel
Pamela: and Meeka, you're getting tomorrow's
Pamela: what time, Dad?
Meeka: nope, we got todays weather pam
Pamela: LOL
rich-c: yes, air masses move about 1000 km in 24 hours, I think
rich-c: I was still on the laptop so it was early afternoon - maybe 3.30 or so?
Pamela: hmm, wasn't raining downtown at that point
Pamela: I did get very wet feet going home though
rich-c: no, the rain was very spotty - downpour one minute, completely stopped the next
Pamela: what is it about rainstorms that they wait until 4:59 before the heavens open???
rich-c: it's a law of nature - the only way to change it is for everyone to change quitting time
rich-c: even then it will adjust in a week
Pamela: and if everyone worked until 4:00, the rain would start at 3:59
rich-c: you catch on quick
Pamela: it got really really dark about 4:55, started to rain shortly thereafter and was still coming down in buckets when I left at 5:20
Daniel Bienvenu: I need sun to take good pictures during the festival here.
Pamela: waited until 5:30 to see if it would slack off, then bit the bullet and walked to the station
rich-c: yes - I can say our rain forest appreciates it
Pamela: what a pain - I was juggling my purse, lunch bag, a plastic bag, my sweater and my umbrella
rich-c: depends on what you are taking pictures of, Daniel - general city views are best in full sun
Pamela: nothing stayed dry
rich-c: but wait till dark when the lights are on and take some shots from Levis
Pamela: and of course I chose yesterday to wear sandals : )
rich-c: there are significant advantages to being retired
Pamela: let me just say: ppbbbbtttt!
Daniel Bienvenu: I want to take pictures of people, because they wear costumes like in the beginning of the colony.
rich-c: Daniel, learn how to use your lens length adjustment and flash and there will be some dynamite photos after dark
rich-c: wander down to the View Carre - I suspect it will be pretty livelt (maybe too much so?)
rich-c: what kind of camera will you be using, Daniel?
Pamela: Vieux Carre, Dad
rich-c: sorry, you know my keyboard can't spell - obvious vieux is something I know all about
Daniel Bienvenu: the same camera I bring at the adamcon. I took pictures of butterflies with it.
Pamela: I must say I love my digital camera
rich-c: I didnt see it, except that it seemed to be some brand of digital
Meeka: they are wonderfull inventions
rich-c: so make sure you start off with fully charged batteries and have another set in your pocket
Daniel Bienvenu: remember, it's a panasonic dmc-fz9.
Pamela: just the freedom to take as many pics as I can squeeze onto my card without having to worry about running out of film is a huge bonus
Pamela: yes, and I need to get better batteries
Pamela: or more of them
rich-c: Panasonic - zoom lens, then; what is the "equivalent" focal range?
Meeka: yea, after our trip to disney before ac10 I was almost forbidden to use nirmal cameras :-P
Meeka: lets just say i am a bit of a shutterbug
Pamela: gee Meeka, I would never have guessed that : )
Pamela: didn't you say you had something like 19 rolls of film after that trip?
Meeka: thats good to know
rich-c: well, film and digital camera both have their advantages, Meeka - but digital is much more flexible, if lower quality
Meeka: no, only ten rolls in two days
Pamela: oh well then, hardly any at all : )
Meeka: its just as good depends on the resolution rich
Pamela: I have now taken enough pics to use up my 1 gig thumb drive
Pamela: time to get another : )
Pamela: oh and
rich-c: there is no digital mechanism in existence, Meeka, that can match the resolutioo film can achieve
Pamela: Dad, did you see that Future shop was offering a 16 gig Kingston thumb drive for something like $50.00?
rich-c: the issue is can teh digital get sufficiently close to the limits of your eye that it doesn't matter
Meeka: most professionals are using the digital now
rich-c: no, but I am not surprised - memory is getting cheaper by teh minute
Pamela: pleased, am I : )
rich-c: still, I'd suggest burning it to a cd, and erasing teh thumb drive and starting again
Pamela: why?
Daniel Bienvenu: we lost guy
Meeka: well, laptop is getting warm, see ya all next week
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Pamela: gnite Meeka
rich-c: a cd can take anything up to about 10 gigbytes which is more than enough, and only costs about 30 cents
Pamela: but it's not as portable
rich-c: you can still play it in any laptop - and a cd really is plenty portable
Pamela: have you seen the size of my purse???
Pamela: I've got a year's worth of pics on my thumb drive and it take up about one square inch of my purse
Pamela: I'll stick with my thumb drive, thanks
rich-c: how big is your thumb drive?
Pamela: I have three 1 gig thumb drives, one specifically for pics
Pamela: finally filled up the first one recently
rich-c: time to do some editing and deleting, if you have filled up a one gig thumb drive
Pamela: pardon me, I still have 23.3 MB open
rich-c: I still haven't come close to filling the 512mb CF memory card in mine
Pamela: the whole point is to keep my pics on it Dad
Pamela: it's a backup to the computer and I can carry all of them with me
rich-c: but there is no point in keeping pics that aren't worth having - I will likely delete 75% of mine
rich-c: you listening to all this, Daniel?
Pamela: I wonder where everyone is?
Pamela: actually, I know - Bob and Judy,
Pamela: Dale and Jillian are camping
rich-c: well, Meeka said her laptop was overheating so she logged out - don't know where Guy went
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I'm still there
Pamela: Rich is either here or has just left for home
Pamela: no Mr. Bona yet
Pamela: no Ron, but not a surprise
Daniel Bienvenu: are you sure there is no football?
rich-c: you should be joining the argument, Daniel - we all have things to learn
Pamela: no CFL tonite
Pamela: NFL, dunno
rich-c: there are two games tomorrow at 7 p.m. and two Friday at 7.30
rich-c: the NFL won't start for months
Pamela: who plays who when and where, Dad?
rich-c: the Argo game is first, in Hamilton
Pamela: just so I can tell Russell - he'll be impressed that I know : )
Daniel Bienvenu: I personally don't like throwing things, specially some papers and pictures from the past. I know if I throw them in the garbage can, I will not find them after. I actually did a little clean up in my stuff, and I did take diffcult decisions about what to keep and what to not keep.
rich-c: but I'm not sure about the otehr - Calgary at Saskatchewan, maybe? return half of the home and home?
Pamela: hmm, will have to check the website
Daniel Bienvenu: But, for the pictures I took with my digital cameras, I already did lost tons of pictures.
rich-c: yes, the big advantage of digital is that you can take a dozen shots of the same subject figuring one will be good (or better)
rich-c: off to get my beer - brb
Daniel Bienvenu: not always easy to take a decision.
Pamela: the other thing I like is the ability to take short movie clips
Pamela: you're right Daniel, which is why I keep most of mine even though they may not be the best shots
Daniel Bienvenu: specially when it's time to do a clean up of a tons of pictures almost all the same, but you also know that you will not take pictures like those anymore.
Pamela: the AC pics are like that - unless you can tell who's presenting, they're all pretty much the same of everyone sitting around staring at the projection screen
rich-c: yes, you have to check each one carefully before you toss it
Daniel Bienvenu: even a blury picture is almost the only thing you keep from the past, and you are happy to have it even if it's not the best picture.
rich-c: depends, Daniel, how many more and better you have of the same subject
Pamela: I got a very good short movie clip of Kimberly dancing with Christopher at Wonderland, Dad
Pamela: great blackmail material : )
rich-c: I haven't figured out how to take movies yet - not that I think it matters
Pamela: does your camera have the capability?
rich-c: I haven't really even had time to read the directions, which are not well written
rich-c: I think it likely does - I think my cellphone does, too
Pamela: the problem with the cellphone camera is, you have to e-mail the pics to yourself - you can't just download them with a USB cable
Pamela: and of course, e-mailing them costs $$$$
rich-c: exactly and I have no idea how long it takes or how much it costs - remember I'm on a minimum contract
Daniel Bienvenu: well, sometimes, a blury picture of a scene, of a moment, is all you have. and beside that, in the same day, you have tons of great pictures of things that finaly doesn't matter.
Pamela: I wish I could keep my instruction book with me but the camera case is too small
rich-c: that can well be how it works out, Daniel - the really important stuff gets messed up
rich-c: that's why I say burn them to a disc; it's so cheap you can afford to store the junk too
Daniel Bienvenu: actually, the pictures are too big to fit in a cd, too big to fit in a dvd too. I need 3 dvd double-layer for them.
rich-c: even a single layer dvd is 4.7 gig now - it would take half your life to fill it and still cost 30 cents
rich-c: how big is a single picture, Daniel? and what file format are you using?
Daniel Bienvenu: well, you may probably remember that the entire set of pictures + little movie clips from the adamcon this year was more than a cd
Daniel Bienvenu: and it's only this one single event
rich-c: well are you using a huge resolution and bmp format or something?
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Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight pam
changed username to Pamela
Daniel Bienvenu: welcome back pam
Pamela: damn, one too many clicks
Pamela: sorry about that
rich-c: fell off, did you, daughter?
Pamela: knocked myself off
Pamela: went to the TSN website Papa
Pamela: tomorrow night, Argos at Hamilton followed by Calgary at Saskatchewan
rich-c: oh, when you get offered the new Java update - I took it, I'm still here, be guided accordingly
Pamela: Friday night, Montreal at Winnipeg followed by Edmonton at BC
Pamela: I'll keep that in mind
Pamela: Java has quit bugging me for the time being
rich-c: I got it about two weeks ago but waited till Thursday to install it, then tried it on this site and it was OK
Pamela: Dad, any idea if CU has reviewed rechargable batteries recently?
rich-c: anyway Daniel, I limit my picture size to 800 x 600, and save them in jpg format
rich-c: no, we have switched to the online edition of CU and only go there for specific questions
Pamela: yes, mom has said I may use your online subscription if so inclined
Daniel Bienvenu: I try to keep the minimum to 1024 pixel for one side
rich-c: anyway Daniel, I don't know what visions you have for your photos, in terms of use
Pamela: perhaps I will wander over there later
rich-c: I'd think 1024 x 768 should do well for you, Daniel, if you plan to display on the web many monitors can't resolve more than that
Daniel Bienvenu: I want to keep as much as possible because I have a bad memory. I can't remember things very well I did in the past, so I need pictures to help me remember these souvenirs.
rich-c: what are you using as your photo editing software, Daniel?
Pamela: just wait until you go back and look at them 20 years from now - I have tons of pictures that I'm getting quite the laugh from now
Daniel Bienvenu: last year, I used a lot picasa to manage my pictures.
rich-c: yes, picasa is a very popular organizer, but what are you using to edit (redact?) them?
rich-c: you can make pictures larger or smaller, put things in or take things out, change colours and sizes, all that
Daniel Bienvenu: well, most of my pictures I took with my older camera are already at the 1024 pixels resolution. I didn't had to change their resolution
rich-c: yes, you leave the resolution as it is - but you can make them bigger or smaller or darker or lighter
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rich-c: you can change the margins, change how a colour is rendered, erase some parts, put others in
changed username to Guy B.
Pamela: well hello Guy
Guy B.: Here I Am Finally. Had DSL problems
rich-c: hello Guy, you are very late tonight - whaddup?
Guy B.: Overtime, take care of Annie and dinner
rich-c: yeah, those things can snowball on you, can't they?
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I prefer to keep my pictures as is. I try to not modify them, to keep them original.
rich-c: oh you always keep them original - but if there is a better picture in there, you can bring it out - it's very easy
Guy B.: Guess you guys heard about the severe weather we had Monday night
rich-c: we've been seeing a bit of that ourselves - had a lightning strike just across the street last afternoon
Pamela: I heard something about a tornado watch shutting down the baseball game
Pamela: any damage in your neighbourhood?
Guy B.: Wrigley Field was evacuated. No tornado, but the sirens went off
Guy B.: Broken branches, that's about it
rich-c: when the probabilities pass a certain point, you get out - whether a tornado appears or not
Guy B.: Bolingbrook and Bloomingdale had tornadoes touched down in those two areas
rich-c: had one of my cursor cronis in Kansas had a tornado rip right through his yard
Guy B.: Annie and I just made it back before the storm hit
Guy B.: It got really dark though
rich-c: bashed up his car a bit, flipped his neighbour's truck with the neighbour in it - guy lost his arm
Pamela: ouch
rich-c: he posted pictures of the damage - mainly proves what you need is luck
Guy B.: Power flickered 4 times, but did not go out. The storms blew up on my way home on the train
rich-c: so you just get off at your station and wait for it to blow over?
Guy B.: No, the storms were approaching when I was walking the day just before 8 PM
Pamela: how do you get to and from the El, Guy? Do you drive?
Guy B.: And I think the humidity made her a little sick, but she's fine now
Guy B.: I drive to the parking lot
Pamela: so how far from the train to the car?
rich-c: do you take the El, Guy, or one of the Commuter lines?
Guy B.: The L, Blue then transfer to the Purple line
rich-c: how is it for crowding when you travel?
Daniel Bienvenu: well, it's getting late... goodnight Rich, Pam and Guy. I still have coleco things to do and I hope to have at least one great sunny day during the festival.
rich-c: very best on the weather, Daniel - a la prochaine!
Pamela: goodnight Daniel, have fun at the festival. Can't wait to see the pics - good luck with them!
Guy B.: It's fine in the morning, but on the way home. Purple gets crowded and sometimes on the Blue, but trains there are running more frequently
Guy B.: Nite Daniel
Pamela: I've pretty much given up on the TTC
Pamela: too crowded, too many people with no manners
Daniel Bienvenu: last week. I was at the restaurant with Dale... we talked about coleco minigames and the possibilities for a new cartridge project.
Daniel Bienvenu: it was fun to see Dale, Jillian and Jeffrey outside adamcon.
Guy B.: Tonight on the Blue, it wasn't very crowded and that's because another train was ahead of the one I was on
rich-c: you guys are really getting on, aren't you?
Pamela: did they say hello for me as I asked?
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight and talk to you next week
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit!
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changed username to LucMiron
Pamela: hi Luc
LucMiron: Hello!
rich-c: eh Luc! tu es en retard - Daniel vien de partir
Daniel Bienvenu: I was leaving the chat for tonight, luc
Pamela: vous etes en retard ce soir : )
LucMiron: Has Guy Foster been here?
Pamela: yes, been and gone
Daniel Bienvenu: you miss him... about one hour ago
LucMiron: Okay, no big deal. Thanks Pam.
Guy B.: Well, even though I got on late. Annie and I will be calling it the night. Will try to get on earlier
rich-c: oui, but only for a short while
Pamela: pas de probleme : )
LucMiron: So Daniel, before you go, did you have a look at the document I gave you today?
Pamela: you're going Guy?
Guy B.: Yep, see you all next week
Pamela: goodnight, take care
rich-c: night, Guiy
LucMiron: Bye Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, I did give a look. there still a lot to do. should be faster to find an older version of the document and add the new parts in it.
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: well, at least, you make it as your vision
LucMiron: Well, I did rewrite a lot of the document...
LucMiron: Was I over the top? I can never tell. :P
Pamela: I think it's time for me to go too
Pamela: hopefully have time to chat with my hubby for a few minutes before bed
Daniel Bienvenu: you are like many other coleco programmers here, you are a perfectionist. take your time and enjoy coleco programming.
LucMiron: I have to go too. I still have four packages to tape together (Opcode game orders).
LucMiron: ... and it's already WAY late. :)
Pamela: ya got that right
Pamela: goodnight, Luc and Daniel
Pamela: Goodnight, Daddy
rich-c: yes, way late it is. I'm also planning to pack it in.
LucMiron: Bye guys!
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit rich
rich-c: goodnight, Pamela
LucMiron left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Luc
Pamela: Dad, I'll call in the next couple of days
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: well... too fast.
Pamela: kerpoof!
Daniel Bienvenu: bye
Pamela left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
rich-c: OK Pam
rich-c: bonsoir Luc et
rich-c: Daniel
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