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Judy: well, HI, Honey
BobS: hi baby
Judy: we are the only ones on tonight, maybe everyone is watching olympics
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changed username to rich-c
rich-c: good evening, Slopsemas
BobS: hi richard
BobS: everyone kind of late tonight, eh?
rich-c: beginning to wonder if you were really there ;-)
BobS: and we are on time....go figure
BobS: you only been here a minute or so
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changed username to Meeka
BobS: hi Meeka
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rich-c: well, it's only 9.07, so that's pretty close
Meeka: hello
BobS: watchin olympics
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<undefined>: Dale
BobS: "
Meeka: yup
BobS: ?
rich-c: and here's Meeka, too
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BobS: evening Dale
rich-c: good evening, Dale
Dale: Hi ya.
BobS: rainin like CRAZY in Beijing
Meeka: yes, it is
rich-c: we've seen a bit of that stuff too of late but it was a gorgeous if chilly day today
BobS: started out chilly here, but got to 81* F this afternoon
BobS: but cooled down after supper..........came inside at 8pm for tv
rich-c: I have not been watching the Olympics so I'm not too aware of the goings on
rich-c: don't know what we got up to, but we didn't have any heat issues
Judy: Hi, Rich, Meeka, and Dale
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
rich-c: salut, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Dale, Bob, Meeka, Judy, Rich and myself
Judy: hi, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: did I miss something?
rich-c: been working hard on your games, Daniel?
Dale: Hi Daniel
rich-c: no, just teh group assembling, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: not working so hard... I'm trying to calculated a bunchof things like how many pcbs and eprom do we really need and how many plastic shells w may have next year to publish new games.
rich-c: figuring out how many you need to have available for sale? that's always a challenge
rich-c: Dale, have you noticed anything about Intel's new "Atom" CPU chip?
Daniel Bienvenu: The new Atom cpu is out?
rich-c: yes, Future Shop is offering it in an Acer computer at $350 - what is it adn why do you care?
rich-c: computer spec is 8.9" display, no optical drive, 512MB memory, 8 gig solid state "hard disc"
Daniel Bienvenu: well, 45nm is the new "size", like inside my intel quad core processor. And I wonder what is the batery life with these processors for mobile, portable computers.
BobS: a computer withno workikng parts?
rich-c: that hadn't occurred to me, Bob - but I don't know what would have moving parts in it now that you mention it
BobS: no hd..............all electronic
rich-c: Dale, on the leading edge are they contemplating the end of optical discs, replacing with flash memory?
BobS: interesting comcept, but HOW to get things into the thing............thumb drives?
BobS: and why not........
rich-c: yes, actually teh flash drives are static memory so you could use them in place of optical media
BobS: pcmcia slot could handle all kminds of electronic memory media for "garbage" in and "garbage" out
rich-c: there is that bunch in Chicago offering teh "virus proof" computer - every time it shuts down all memory blanks
rich-c: static ram like teh jump/thumb/flash (whatever) drives is getting awfully cheap, I know
BobS: but if the memory blanks, youlse the programming
rich-c: but a double layer DVD will write over 8 gig and bigger ones are on the way - and they're 30 cents each
BobS: unless only the usable memory blaknks.......but then the virus can already be installed inthe progreamming section
rich-c: yes, I rmember reading about it but forget teh details - advancing old age
rich-c: anyway, Daniel, why are you interested in the Atom chip?
Dale: Well it was standardized, but Bluray should have some good life in it for now.
Dale: For not it seems like it is cheaper per GB.
rich-c: is it intended for watching DVDs and stuff, then? Mainly for games machines?
Daniel Bienvenu: Since I own a dual core and a quad core by Intel, and I was looking for, during the first part of 2008, a laptop pc with a better processor and better batery lifetime, I'm very interested in what Intel is releasing. I heard that the multicore processors will ends at 27 cores because of the way they are made. Anyway, there is no real application tht support already dual cores, but I like dualcore because my mouse pointer is never freeze on screen because of an application.
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rich-c: I think my computer here has some sort of dual core
BobS: what is the multiple core processor made for? would think [to my mind] that it woudl take the place of the old multiple cpu computers.........yes?
changed username to Pamela
Daniel Bienvenu: hi pam
rich-c: hi daughter
BobS: yo Pamela
Judy: hi, Pamela
Meeka: hi pam
Pamela: hi folks, just popped in to say hi
Judy: not sticking around?
rich-c: one of those sort of but not quite deals I think Bob
Pamela: I have Erin and Cynthia here with me
BobS: hmmmmmm
Judy: say HI to them both
rich-c: Erin and Cynthia? what is your aunt here for?
BobS: a while
BobS: HA !
Pamela: some Liberal thing tomorrow night on the island
Pamela: Erin and Cynthia say hello
rich-c: I know Dion will be in Don Valley West at noon
rich-c: anyway hi to Cynthia and Erin, and good luck to Erin now she has the interview
rich-c: it will be interesting to see how the election plays out in DVW
Pamela: Erin says thank you thank you, and Cynthia says Happy Birthday since she'll be gone Friday at noon
rich-c: tell Cynthia thank you - noon is of course about when we get up ;-)
Pamela: I will
Judy: then things are progressing for DR D and Erin
rich-c: Cynthia just here for the one affair or will she be at other things as well?
Pamela: yes, finally
Pamela: just here for the one affair
Judy: tell her good luck, if that is what she needs
rich-c: she's dealing with the U.S. government, Judy
BobS: and this is new why?
Pamela: she'll be back the weekend after next
Judy: the US is not that bad, Rich, remember we are them
rich-c: well she actually has an appointment so they will talk to her
BobS: and nobody has lost the paperwork!!!!!!!!
Pamela: yes for a change : )
rich-c: judy, the people ren't teh government - all my cursor cronies are Americans pretty well, and their opinion of governments isn't flatttering
BobS: and who flatters their gov't , whatever it is
rich-c: exactly - don't ask me about ours, you'll just learn a few new cuss words
BobS: just don't get upset there ricahrd...........
Pamela: I don't think there are any new cuss words, Dad : )
BobS: gov't is gov't ........ and will never change, so no worries mon
rich-c: oh, when I start th9inking about Stephen Harper, I can get real inventive
BobS: don't worry, be happy !!!!
Judy: remember the blood pressure
BobS: ya
rich-c: my blood pressure is usually about 105/60 Judy, that isn't the hazard range
BobS: little low on the low side even
rich-c: in fact I'm more likely to faint from it being too low than anything else
BobS: can believe taht
Judy: too true
Meeka: ok, i gonna go watch olympics, see ya next week
BobS: feel like you are climbing out a hole all the time?
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BobS: ok Meeka, but ya can do both ya know
rich-c: I've even had the systolic into double digits a few times, diastolic in the 50s
Pamela: night Meeka
rich-c: OK Meeka, go enjoy
BobS: man you got to speed up some
Judy: volleyball is coming on so you are going to lose me, also
rich-c: no, the doctors are quite happy to have it down there
BobS: doctors.......BAH HUMBUG
rich-c: I was over to Sunnybrook to see the respirologist yesterday, he was quite well pleased with my general condition
BobS: kind of like the "darned if you do, darned if you don't" thing
BobS: walkking upright,,,,,,,,,and breathing...GREAT
BobS: got start soemwhere
BobS: somewhere
rich-c: hey, I'm two dozen months short of being an octogenarian - don't knock it!
BobS: cool
rich-c: really nice too - when I was walking between offices at Sunnybrook I encountered one of the physiotherapists who treated me last yeatr
rich-c: really nice woman, Australian, very helpful adn sympathetic
Pamela: bet she was pleased to see you upright : )
rich-c: she ws as delighted to see me as I was to see her
rich-c: when I was a patient she had to keep a straight face with me, but now we could both relax
rich-c: we were grinning so much eitehr one of us could have eaten a banana sideways
Pamela: LOL
Daniel Bienvenu: today, it's a special day for my sisters, it's their birthday, and I completely forgot. They always said they need nothing, and they even bought their own birthday cake. But they was kind of surprise to see I forgot.
rich-c: anyway teh real problem is the prednisone and finding the right strategy to reduce it
Pamela: you have twin sisters, Daniel?
rich-c: well buy a bottle or two of wine, Daniel, and take it over
BobS: yes, Judy's dad is on prednisone and the docs want him off it also.....BUT every timehe cuts back, his leg problems come back
rich-c: if in doubt even girls who don't drink enjoy sweet white bubbly
Pamela: prednsone is nasty stuff
Daniel Bienvenu: I have one brother and twin sisters... a big family in compare to some friends families I know.
rich-c: it is - it's the only answer for a number of problems, but it's a rough one to live with
Judy: but it is the thing that is keeping my dad going, so let him have it
BobS: in what ways?
Judy: he is going to be 84 the end of this month
Daniel Bienvenu: They don't like wine, beer, etc... but they like some drinks they bought for a dollar like some coolers.
rich-c: with me, it's "prednisone skin" - you may have noticed the blood splotches on my arms at Adamcon
Judy: and doing better than a couple of years ago
rich-c: fortunately for evryone's nerves, it was cool enough there that I could wear long sleeves
rich-c: well, Daniel, I've never even heard of a female who doesn't like chocolates
Pamela: mmm, chocolate : )
rich-c: what is your father taking prednisone for, Judy?
Daniel Bienvenu: I think I still have some chocolate cookies, but for today I think it's too late.
rich-c: no 24-hour supermarket near you, Daniel?
rich-c: maybe a Metro with a bakery?
Daniel Bienvenu: it's 10pm, it's a little bit late to eat.
rich-c: our Dominioln store (in the process of becoming Metros) are open 24 hours a day
BobS: Judy's dad has severe leg pain problems
BobS: and prednisone takes care of it with no obvious side effects
Daniel Bienvenu: and no, there is no 24h supermarket near me to buy a fancy chocolate box.
rich-c: from what, Bob? vein problems?
BobS: oste arthristis I think'
Judy: part of his problem is old war injury
rich-c: then I guess you're going to be in trouble, Daniel! ;-)
Daniel Bienvenu: I guess so.
rich-c: but one of the problemss with prednisone is that it weakens the bones - or is that something he needs?
BobS: nobody needs weak bones
Daniel Bienvenu: ho well, they always claim they need or want nothing. I suppose I did give them what they want.
BobS: but the prdnisone cures his ills, so we encourage him to use it while it works
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changed username to Cubs Fan
Pamela: Hi Guy
rich-c: since I have osteoporosis (it's why my back broke) prednisone is very much an emergencies only deal for me
Cubs Fan: Boy, didn't take long. Reds leading 2-1.
Judy: hi, Guy
Cubs Fan: Hi Everyone
rich-c: hi, Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: are you supposed to be in vacations?
Dale: Hi Guy
rich-c: yes, Guy, are you still on your vacationh time?
Daniel Bienvenu: did somebody watch olympic games? except some great competitions, I find it kind of boring, specially the martial art part.
Cubs Fan: No, next one is the last week of October
rich-c: oh, Pam, the builder who did the house next door is bankrupt
BobS: oops
Pamela: what a shame (she says, with tongue firmly in cheek)
rich-c: I never have time to watch the games, Daniel
Dale: I watched the 100m races
BobS: and house is unsold?
Pamela: and in the same vein, what a surprise
Dale: I like those
Dale: but get distracted and you miss it all :-D
rich-c: oh no, he sold the house after dropping the price half a million adn waiting 18 months
rich-c: the realtor wouldn't let him on the premises when he was trying to make a sale
rich-c: we sued him for damage done to our property and got a judgment - that's how I know he's bust
Pamela: you got a judgement??? when?
rich-c: back last year sometime, Pam - I'm sure we told you at the time
Pamela: no you didn't - the last thing I heard was rescheduling the hearing because of your hospitalization
rich-c: ah - well, it got rescheduled, we had the hearing, and got the judgment
rich-c: guess you need to call your mother more often :-)
rich-c: just don't call now, she's got nasty tendonitis and is very much on the limp
BobS: and he went bust and got nothing, right?
Pamela: seems to me I said something to that effect not too long ago : )
rich-c: well, it depends on what the bankruptcy trustee can squeeze out
BobS: don't spend it ujntil you see the whites of the eyes onthe money
rich-c: the court takes possession of all his assets, negotiates with any secured creditors
rich-c: then the unsecured creditors divvy up the rest
BobS: like I said, you get nuttin except satisfaction that he is not gonna bother ya anymore
rich-c: I would like to get my compensation, obviously, but knowing he won't harass any other neighbours is a compensation too
rich-c: well, I don't know how far his assets will stretch
BobS: undoubtedly NOT far enough
BobS: there is a reason he went bankrupt ...... and it NOT for having too much in assets
rich-c: maybe so, maybe no - I'll be on the same terms as Home Depot, TD Bank, Visa, and other creditors
BobS: just have to wait and see
rich-c: yes, file my claim and let the lawyers sort it out, unfortunately
BobS: construction companies and suppliers going bankrupt here also
BobS: tis not a good time for this economy
rich-c: oh, well this guy is a total jerk and incompetent - I can't imagine where he got the money to build next door
BobS: he didn't.........that is why the banks and lumber yards are after him
rich-c: and heaven help them now if they have a serious warranty claim on teh place
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry guys... time to say goodnight for me. I'm sleepy tonight. talk to you next week.
BobS: nite Daniel
BobS: g=be good
rich-c: OK Daniel - lots of luck making peace with your sisters
Pamela: night Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Pam, Rich, Guy, Bob, Dale.
Judy: night Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight judy
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel - a la prochaine
Daniel Bienvenu: there is no war with my sisters. :)
BobS: ok then be happy
Daniel Bienvenu: my brother's birthday is in 8 days.
Judy: that is good, buy thme something
Daniel Bienvenu: well judy, if you have suggestions, I will be happy to hear them. I can go shopping tomorow
rich-c: no suggestions about your brother
Daniel Bienvenu: but tell me your suggestions by mail, I really have to go now. zzzzz
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rich-c: anyway Judy, teh builder had to buy the lot which was about 400K, and a 3K sq.ft. house might be $450 to build
rich-c: so he'd be on the hook for a cost about $850K total and sold for less
Cubs Fan changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Cubs lost 2-1
rich-c: it happens, Guy, Can't win 'em all
rich-c: be interesting to know where he got the money
Judy: a friend at the bank
Guy B.: I know, just have to keep Milwaukee off our tails. They are now 5 back
Dale: I am too tired tonight.
rich-c: our banks are too large for that to work, Judy - we only have six significant ones in the whole country
Dale: I think I'll try to go to bed early tongiht.
Guy B.: Anyway, I have to replace my 20" Zenith. Picture is all bad and had it for 16 years
Dale: I have house guests all this week and they're up at 7am every morning.
rich-c: those interns been keeping you busy, Dale?
Dale: It's just too much for ,me.
Pamela: yes Guy a new TV is on our list this year too
Judy: go to sleep then, Dale
rich-c: kn ow what you mean, Dale - sympathy
Dale: goodnight.
Judy: goodnight
rich-c: night and take care, Dale
rich-c: are you going to get a flat screen, Guy?
BobS: nute Dalke
BobS: or something......
Dale: knute Bob
Dale: poof
Pamela: night Dale
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rich-c: they are much lighter and take up less space
BobS: BUT not altogether inexpensive
rich-c: if he only has space for a 20" screen, he should get change from $200 - that's not bad
Guy B.: Have no choice Rich. That's all they sell now because of the digital switchover in 6 months
rich-c: the problem is adapting to an ldc screen becasue plasma are awful power drinkers and tehre may be reliability questions
rich-c: actually if you have a digitral black box an CRT will do you fine
rich-c: remember thpose who have satellite service usually have analog CRTs but the signal is digital
Guy B.: I bought a convertor box for the set, but now I can use for the DVD/VCR since that is an analog tuner
rich-c: actually I'd assume you can use it for both
Guy B.: So, I'm going to check Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart and Sam's Club
Pamela: unfortunately the TV I want is also the most expensive
Pamela: regardless of size
rich-c: anyway, unless you go hog wild a new set won't cost you that much - but you have to shop intelligently
BobS: well kids, time to go and get some sleep again
BobS: stayed home sick today and need the rest to try for tomorrow
rich-c: but a 20" LCD or something similar is quite reasonable
Guy B.: Night Bob and I guess Judy is going off too. Night Judy
BobS: feeling some better
Pamela: night Bob and Judy
BobS: will see you three in TWO weeks........gonna be camping next week Wed
rich-c: night, Slopsemas
Judy: yes, I am, so good night all,
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rich-c: hey, enjoy your outing
Pamela: have fun!
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Pamela: I think it's time for bed on this end too
Guy B.: Well, guess I'm going to go too. We'll see you all next week
rich-c: yes, I've been kvething with my 'net buddies about tossing a perfectly good CRT adn they keep saying I don't have to
Pamela: goodnight Guy
rich-c: goodnight Guy
Guy B.: Night Rich. Im out of here
rich-c: keep us posted on the shopping
Guy B.: I will
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: Night Daddy
Pamela: will call
rich-c: you're off too? night, daughter
Pamela: kerpoof!
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rich-c: OK, talk to you then
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