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rich-c: test
changed username to adam128
rich-c: well, have we someone new?
adam128: hello
rich-c: hello yourself, and welcome
adam128: thank you
rich-c: qwhat brings you by?
adam128: i put together a adam computer and I would like to know peolpe with the same
rich-c: you came to teh right place tehn; this is where the hard core gather
rich-c: where do you live?
adam128: east of pittsburgh,pa
rich-c: down there, we ask which side of which hill, if I recall ;-)
adam128: you are so right
rich-c: I've been to Falling Water
adam128: where do you live?
rich-c: and once lost my driveshaft coming down teh Uniontown hill
rich-c: Toronto (the maps say; I prefer North York)
adam128: canada--great
rich-c: when my daughter comes on, she is also in Toronto (Weston) - we cling to the historic names
adam128: do you meet every WED?
rich-c: depending on how many of our Coleco game cartridge writers show up, we could have a Canadian majorit
adam128: wow!!
rich-c: yes, we are online every Wednesday at 9 p.m.
adam128: I joined the online based ADAM site
rich-c: tonight I think Bob abd Judy are off camping, and GuyF is in Australia visiting family
rich-c: are you talking about Joe Blenkle's operation?
adam128: is it the email based club?
rich-c: I don't know - I have never heard of it, just know Joe has something going
rich-c: he keeps coming on the Coladam mailing list to ask questions
adam128: Dale Wick gave me the online address here and to the email club
rich-c: Dale runs this site, it's on his server - don't know, as I say, about an email club
rich-c: any idea who runs it, or even what the email address might be?
adam128: the club is Coladam mailing list emails
rich-c: ah, OK, the Coladam mailing list is just teh list based on this server, not a club, really
adam128: Dale called it the email club
rich-c: which isn't to say we don't all use it as a main means of communication
rich-c: well, I've never heard Dale use the term before, that's what threw me, but it's probably teh fairest description of how it works
adam128: I have 2 vintage computers the ADAM and the Commodore 128
rich-c: he set up the Adam mailing list while he was still at Waterloo; and long before the website
adam128: I collect gaming systems now over 21 systems
rich-c: I'm ashamed to admit I have never fired up any of my half-dozen TI-99/4as, or teh Timex Sinclair
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changed username to Meeka
Meeka: hello
rich-c: my basement is clogged with Adams, and hardware, and software, which I sell if someone wants to buy
rich-c: hello Meeka
rich-c: you going to be the only Slopsema on tonight?
adam128: That is great to know
Meeka: more than likely
Meeka: the folks are camping for the holiday weekend as of today
rich-c: my wife likes Amigas, uses an A3000, has a very upgraded A500 and original A2000
adam128: rich-c how do I get intouch with you?
rich-c: yes, I was teasing your father, telling him to big a campground with wireless internet
rich-c: here, or write to me at - my handle is cleechez (I break it up to avoid spambots)
rich-c: as you know, this text is archived and posted so teh search 'bots can find it
rich-c: what's your email name, so I can whitelist it if necessary?
adam128: I see--It's great to know someone with coleco software and hardware
rich-c: you know, Meeka, if your folks would only cross the bridge, all the Yooper campgrounds have internet
rich-c: I don't have my own website, but Meeka has copies of my catalogues (very outdated) on hers
Meeka: yes well, that a LONG drive for only four or five days of camping
adam128: Meeka what is your website
rich-c: ouch - sorry once typed that can't be edited to replace the @ with "at"
rich-c: if you get lost, adam128, Dale has a listing for me too, as A.D.A.M. Services
adam128: Thanks for the info
rich-c: any particular problem on your mind at the moment?
adam128: No problems
rich-c: gee! are you SURE you own an Adam? ;-)
adam128: LOL
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!
adam128: Hi
rich-c: never mind, on my experience a Windows box can give you far more problems than you need, without anything else
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rich-c: hello Guy, what's it doing in Chicago?
changed username to Meeka
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Meeka: sorry about that, laptop frooze, had to re-boot
Meeka: hi guy
changed username to Pamela
Meeka: hi pam
Guy B.: We haven't had rain in over 3 weeks. Cubs keep winning
rich-c: welcome back, Meeka; Guy knock you off?
Pamela: hi there
Pamela: hi all
Guy B.: Hi Meeka and Pam
rich-c: hello daughter, when did you come in?
Pamela: just now
Pamela: I'm not responsible for Meeka's exit : )
Pamela: sorry I'm late, it's been that kind of day
rich-c: no rain? I thought Fay was in your lap by now
Meeka: site is and dad's site is
Pamela: I've been running late since I got up
Meeka: no, my fault pam, laptop froze up
rich-c: adam128 is from western Pa - not that far from where you had your SCA camp all those years ago
Pamela: where it still is, Dad : )
Pamela: and about twice the size
rich-c: when did you become a www. site, Meeka?
Guy B.: Finally got the last file finished today, so I'm off overtime for now
adam128: we are now getting FAY's weather
Pamela: congrats Guy
Pamela: wish I could say the same
Guy B.: Pam, pretty close on getting the insurance to pay for the new processor
Meeka: lol, poor pam
Pamela: you're still fighting with them about it, Guy?
Pamela: yeah, poor me - it's been a hellish month
rich-c: on the first projected track, we were supposed to get it last Sunday - still not here and may never come - though Cleveland and Toledo may get inundated
Pamela: tis almost over thank goodness
adam128: Must go thunder storm comming--Good to find you all
adam128: BYE
Pamela: goodnight!
Pamela: do come back
adam128: yes next WED
adam128 left chat session
rich-c: come back soon!
Guy B.: Well, seems they had some problems finding all the forms I sent them. So now Cochlear has sent them to my insurance and My doctor has to send a referral for it. Just the waiting game now
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Pamela: that seems to be going around, Guy - losing forms, that is
left chat session
Pamela: it's all Erin's fault
rich-c: my experience is health insurance providers are very good at losing paperwork
Pamela: ever since the gov't lost her marriage paperwork, everyone's been having problems
rich-c: Pamela, when are you going to come fetch your empty coffee cans?
Pamela: probably this weekend Dad
Pamela: I've forgotten what you look like
Pamela: thought it would be a good time to find out
rich-c: ok, they are taking up a lot of space in the blue box and your mom is getting itchy
Guy B.: I had to fill one out again that if the insurance were not to pay for it, that I would have to pay for the cost of the upgrade
rich-c: aren't you afraid you'll be disappointed?
Pamela: I only need one, Dad
Pamela: nah : )
Pamela: ouch, Guy
Pamela: that could get costly
rich-c: savwe the other for squirrel-thwarting purposes
Pamela: good luck with that!
Pamela: Meeka, are you back to work yet?
rich-c: oh swell, we keep dreaming on
Meeka: nope
Guy B.: We'll just have to wait and see
Pamela: any sign that you'll be called back?
Meeka: went to a couple temp agency's this week as i dont seem to be getting anywhere by sending out resumes
Pamela: I was just going to say, maybe it's time to cut your losses
Meeka: last i talked to them they were still slow and couldnt give me a date
rich-c: Pam, how is Russell coping now that teh football games are moving to the weekend afternoons?
Pamela: fine when he's here Dad
Pamela: remember we don't have cable at the trailer
Meeka: i get unemployment till mid october so I have a bit of time yet
rich-c: he just tapes them and watches later?
Pamela: no, just doesn't watch
rich-c: your mother will assure you I watch enough for two people anyway
Pamela: i'm sure : )
Pamela: Meeka, is UE Federal or
Pamela: State? (there's that darned enter key again)
Meeka: state
Pamela: I'm assuming it's a similar system to ours - where everyone pays in and then you apply and then you make a claim and are approved / denied when you become unemployed
rich-c: Pam, has Erin said anything about having an election in the wind?
rich-c: as in, she's gearing up and expecting extra work?
Pamela: Not Erin no, but theres a lot of speculation in the wind that the writ will be dropped next Thursday
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changed username to Troy F
Pamela: besides, now she's on the bureaucratic side
Pamela: Hi Troy
Meeka: yup, you get paid a percentage of you average pay
rich-c: I hope that means an opportunity for Cynthia to pick up a job for a while
Troy F: Hey folks. How is everyone tonight?
Pamela: we're thinking so
Meeka: hi troy
rich-c: helllo Troy!
Guy B.: Brb
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: gee, you scared away Guy :-)
Pamela: she is up here again next week on the 3rd till the 8th, then if the writ is dropped she'll go home long enough to do her laundry and pack, then be back
Troy F: I have that effect sometimes :)
Pamela: you're not that scary Troy!
Pamela: : )
rich-c: oh, I thought I had the monopoly on that ;-)
Troy F: How are things down in the big city? Everything calm since the propane hubub?
Pamela: depends where you work : )
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changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: oh yes, in my house nevers have pretty well settled down - Pam, how about you?
Guy B.: Back, had a problem with Firefox
Pamela: did you hear about that Meeka? We had a huge propane explosion in the center of the city on August 10th
Meeka: no
Meeka: doesnt sould like fun
rich-c: it was a sensation for a while, but petered out very quickly - the big nets picked it up then dropped it
Pamela: is a good place to get pics and video
Troy F: There are still a lot of questions remaining. Sad really, it's really caused some problems.
rich-c: well, it blew at 3.40 in the morning, and was about two miles from us, bit further from Pam I think
Pamela: 3:52 am by my clock
Troy F: Hopefully some positive changes will come out of it. Better monitoring of such sites etc.
rich-c: we were just so lucky that it blew when it did - only one direct fatality
Pamela: too bad Erin's not here, she's the one with the good info
Troy F: Yes, during the day could have been much much worse.
rich-c: can you imagine if teh kids had been in school and a GO train had been passing on teh track on teh side of the yard?
Pamela: I shudder to think
Troy F: Thankfully that didn't happen.
Pamela: it probably wouldn't have happened during the day
rich-c: no one seems to know how it ever got approved for that location
Meeka: it was prob built up around it
Pamela: it's thought that the cause was a truck to truck transfer, which is illegal, and probably would not have happened in daylight
Troy F: Unfortunately it will probably never get beyond finger pointing to determine how the place was constructed there.
rich-c: since no one knows what triggered it, it could apparently have happened any time
Pamela: someone did some research as to the zoning, and what happened was that it was zoned industrial back in 1952 and someone approved residential zoning right beside it
Pamela: not the other way around
rich-c: well, since the rail line runs through there, teh strip on either side has been zoned industrial for over half a century
Troy F: Interesting, I hadn't heard that.
Meeka: like i said area around it was built up
Pamela: back when it was first zoned, it was out in the middle of nowhere
Troy F: Hopefully nothing like this happens again.
rich-c: yes, the subdivision was built about teh time ours was, but the propane use was only approved three years ago
Meeka: that happens quite oftern around airports, people build close to them, then complain that the planes are too noisy
Pamela: yes, that happened with Pearson Airport in Toronto too
Pamela: it was also out in the middle of nowhere and got built around
Troy F: A common scenario I suppose as we get more urban sprawl.
Pamela: More of a nowhere than Keele and Wilson : )
Troy F: Anyway, just wanted to drop in and say hello to everyone. Rich I got your email, sorry finding a box has been causing you so much trouble. I hope that elusive 'perfect box' finds you soon. I appreciate the effort.
Pamela: Heck, when Canada's Wonderland opened in 1981 it was in the middle of farmland
Pamela: now there's housing all around and a huge mall right across the street
rich-c: today most Torontoians would describe Keele & Wilson as being "downtown" - that's how they think of Yorkdale
Troy F: Goodnight everyone, enjoy your September long weekend!
Pamela: well not quite downtown, but certainly in the middle of the city
Pamela: goodnight Troy
Meeka: night
Pamela: downtown is still south of Bloor, Dad
rich-c: well, I'll keep at it Troy, and one way or anotheer we'll figure something out
Troy F: Thanks Rich. Take care.
Troy F left chat session
rich-c: if I don't get divertedby any more propane explosions or stuff, that is!
Pamela: (for stuff, read football)
Pamela: any plans for heading to Mosport, Dad?
rich-c: well, being blown out of bed around 4 a.m. and losing all that sleep does sort of disrupt things, you know!
rich-c: no, why?
Pamela: I sincerely hope that after 2.5 weeks, you've caught up on your sleep : )
Pamela: saw they were running open-wheel racing there and wondered
rich-c: what, with one game ending at 1 a.m. and the next at 2 a.m. (officially, actually later)
Pamela: Can-Am series or something?
rich-c: they had a big ALMS race this past weekend
Pamela: ah
rich-c: Can-Am has been long dead and gone, but ALMS is the nearest modern equivalent
Pamela: that's probably what caught my eye
rich-c: but no, with my limitations I couldn't cope with Mosport these days
Meeka: ok, i think i am gonna go, see ya all next week
Guy B.: Bye Meeka
Meeka left chat session
Pamela: g'night Meeka, good luck with the job search
rich-c: ok Meeka, enjoy the weekend, see you next round
Pamela: any plans for the weekend Guy?
Guy B.: Not yet at the moment, except watching the Cubs this weekend. Magic Number to clinch the NL Central is 25
Pamela: sheesh, I'm surrounded by sports fans!
Guy B.: What about Russell?
Pamela: his weekend is somewhat screwed up, since he's volunteered to work 9 pm
Pamela: Sunday to 9 am Monday
Pamela: so he'll have to sleep Sunday afternoon, and when he gets home on Monday
Guy B.: Whoa, so he sleeps in while you're at work
rich-c: that's a long shift; I trust the bribe is suitably munificent
Pamela: his normal hours are 2 PM to 10 pm Monday to Friday
Pamela: standard 12 hour shift Dad
Pamela: nine of it at time and a half, plus eight hours for Monday
Guy B.: Got a new 22" LCD HDTV last weekend
Pamela: it's been a year and a half since he worked midnights
rich-c: last I heard, 12 hour shifts wsere only standardd on three-day weeks
Pamela: he used to work 2 every weekend, remember?
rich-c: where did you get it, Guiy? is it widescreen? what proportion?
Pamela: what brand? How much?
rich-c: don't ask how much, Pam, it will make you cry
Guy B.: Sylvania, got for $318 at Sam's Club
Guy B.: $319
rich-c: 720 or 1080?
Pamela: nah, I've been window shopping for a while now Dad
Guy B.: 1080
rich-c: true HD then, not just HD ready?
Pamela: interesting. How does picture quality compare to the Sony, Guy?
Guy B.: Picture comes in really sharp with the digital channels
Pamela: and do you have digital cable?
Guy B.: No, using rabbit ears
Pamela: seriously???
rich-c: I though US broadcasters weren't going digital till next February?
Pamela: you're pulling my tail
Guy B.: I bought a convertor box for my old TV, but now I have it hooked up to the VCR. So, I got a splitter and now I can watch TV and record something else using the convertor box for the VCR
Guy B.: We have both now, some channels have both. Some don't yet, but will have to by 2/17/2009
rich-c: yes, as I said, next February - we get it a year later
Pamela: I need to start some serious research on the subject
Pamela: of both TV's and digital cable
rich-c: can even a 1080 LCD give pricture richness comparable to a CRT?
rich-c: I believe, Pam, all cables are digital anyway - the converter box convertas them to analog
Guy B.: I think it will, you will have to do some comparison. I did look at Wal-Mart, but I wasn't familiar with the brands they carry. So Sam's had a one time buy on the Sylvania
rich-c: but the signal comes into your house in digital form
Guy B.: My Wal-Mart has a ton of them
rich-c: do we even have a Sams anywhere useful, Pam?
Pamela: our Walmarts carry Sony, Sanyo, Toshiba, RCA, one other big name I can't think of at the moment, and a generic, house-brand type
Pamela: there's one on the Queensway I think Dad
Pamela: but you have to be a member
rich-c: how do they compare in price to Future Shop and Best Buy?
Pamela: like CostCo
Guy B.: Our government is giving out $40 coupons for the converter boxes. We can have up to two of them and apply them towards the cost of the boxes
Pamela: they who - Sam's Club? Sometimes they have some really good deals
rich-c: oh, there's a ostco in the Wilson/Dufferin biog box mall
Guy B.: They do Rich
Pamela: yup
Pamela: have you been into that liquor store, Dad?
rich-c: that's where I bought teh beer I'm drinking right now, Pam,
Pamela: ah, just wondered if it compares to Crossroads
rich-c: I was just going in a while back when a Q400 landed at Downsview
rich-c: I have his wheel tracks on my hat
Pamela: not surprised, and what's a Q400?
rich-c: I don't think it's quite as heavily stocked as Crossroads or Bayview Village, Pam
rich-c: it's the latest variant on the old Dash-8 from Bombardier
Pamela: FYI Guy, there's a former military base fairly close to Mom and Dad and they have an airfield now primarily used by Boeing, I believe
Pamela: sorry, Bombardier
rich-c: it's the one Porter Airlines is using, and that Daniel got from Quebec City to Montreal
Pamela: so when you're shopping at the big-box mall, the planes are landing almost on top of you
Pamela: ok, that explains it Dad
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rich-c: yes, it used to be DeHavilland aircraft, then Boeing bought it for a while, then sold it to Bombardier
changed username to Dale
Guy B.: HI Dale
Dale: Hi all.
Pamela: hi Dale
rich-c: hello Dale
Dale: I guess I'm too slow coming on tonight?
Pamela: has Jillian balanced the budget yet?
Dale: Or is it just a quiet week?
Pamela: just quiet
Pamela: afaik, you only missed Meeka and Troy
Dale: Well, our budget never is fond of being balanced.
rich-c: well, Meeka's left and her folks are out camping; we did have a newbie though and Troy Folrsythe dropped by
Dale: The name sounds somehow familiar.
Pamela: I'm familiar with the problems, Dale : )
rich-c: you should take lessons from your mother, Pam - she can even do it on an Adam
Pamela: BTW Dad, I filled up at $122.9 at the gas station in Sutton last Saturday
rich-c: yes, I noticed a story in the Star today how Toronto prices are improperly high
rich-c: I filled a few days ago, it cost me 126.1, but at least that should be it till after Thanksgiving
Pamela: the only problem is, having to drive 85 km to get it! : )
rich-c: swell with my 102 litre tank, I fill when it's cheap then ride it out
Pamela: looked at the price of gas in TO, and the quarter tank left in the truck and decided to take the chance. Gas light came on just before I got to the station : )
rich-c: except that it's taken more than two months to ride it out lately
Pamela: do you know, I don't even know if there was a gas light on the Taurus?
Pamela: how times have changed
rich-c: this time my gauge wsn't as far out as usual - it did cut off just below $100 though teh top-off got it up there
rich-c: if the van has a gas light, I have never seen it
rich-c: anyway Guy you were telling us about the new tv
Pamela: thinking back, I'm thinking there wasn't one on the Taurus since it didn't come on at the end of the trip to Cleveland, and I did that on one tank of gas
Pamela: and believe me, I was EMPTY when we arrived
rich-c: what is the screen ratio, and how do you find it works?
rich-c: I assume, Dale, that with you experience overseas, you find our gas price complaints laughable
rich-c: oh, Pam, you remember the LCBO on Avenue Road near Fairlawn? That building has been sold to RioCan
Pamela: doesn't surprise me
Dale: It is true.
Dale: I've sort of concluded that gas prices are just outside of the complain zone for me lately.
Pamela: RioCan had better watch it though - wondering if they're getting too big, too fast
rich-c: I would expect so, Dale - sort of changes one's perspective
Guy B.: Oh yes, In addition to the rabbit ears, I have hooked up cables for the VCR using a separate video, so now my DVD's are sharper than they were on the older set and the sound is really incredible
rich-c: I think you're right and it's very closely calculated, Dale
rich-c: so is your new one 4:3 or 16:9 or something else, Guy? And what's the response time?
Guy B.: Very good, I'm not sure what it is suppose to be, I'll re-read the manuel on it
rich-c: anyway, Pam, there is a new one "opening soon" up Avenue Road a block on the other side
rich-c: the guys at teh current store have been told it will be a full A store in size
rich-c: they are mostly 2 ms or 5 ms these days, Guy
Guy B.: Like I said, I'm not sure, I'll check
rich-c: it will be interesting to know, Guy
Guy B.: I've been tweaking the settings, but I got it where it looks really good
Pamela: I think I'm jealous, Guy : )
rich-c: really? takes a bit of fiddling, does it? but the flexibility is worth it, I'd reckon
Pamela: did you do any research before buying the TV, Guy?
Guy B.: I wasn't planning on getting a new set, but I didn't expect the picture on my old set to go. Besides, that lasted 16 years
Guy B.: I wanted a brand I know that is good
Pamela: yes, ours is dying slowly so we'll have to replace soon anyway
rich-c: a 16 year old set didn't owe you anything, Guy
rich-c: not sure about ours, it may be older than that, but I don't think that's typical
Guy B.: I have a smaller 13" that I got 3 years ago and now I have a convertor box hooked up to it and the Adam will use this set as well
rich-c: we use it so little it ought to last forever
Pamela: I'm trying to remember when we bought ours
rich-c: nice if your vision will stand it - of course the Adam screen has big characters
Pamela: 1996, I think
Pamela: the biggest problem in our place will be getting two remotes : )
rich-c: I use a Commodore 1702 (series) on my Adams and they give nice sharp pictures by Adam standards
rich-c: apparently the biggest problem with LCD screens is that the pixels tend to go dead
Pamela: any idea on time frame for that?
rich-c: in the early days they wre even getting delivered that way, the warranty demanded a certain count of dead pixels to claim
Pamela: hopefully whatever we get, it will last until prices come way down so it'll be cheaper to replace
Pamela: we don't want a huge
Pamela: TV anyway
Dale: Hmmm...I guess it's that time already.
Dale: I'll try to be on earlier next week.
rich-c: well, we have no place to put a big wide tv and I don't like the distorted picture
Dale: Good night all.
Pamela: good night Dale
rich-c: OK Dale, glad you dropped by even so
rich-c: have a good week
Guy B.: Well folks, will be taking Annie out soon. Will see you all next week
Dale: The distorted picture is starting to distort the other way.
Pamela: gnite Guy
Dale: Feb 19th 2009 is the end of non-HD television I guess.
rich-c: right, Guy - maybe you can tell us more about your new tv then
Guy B.: Yes it is
Guy B.: Ok, Rich
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: I think we have a little longer up here Dale
rich-c: that's in the U.S.; here it's a year later
Pamela: Russell thinks its 2011
Dale: Well that's over the air non-HD television over the air. I'm not sure what cable and satalite people are planning.
rich-c: well, with cable you already have the converter box, so unless you plan to put up rabbit ears, you're OK
Pamela: heck no, we can't get s*** off air in here
rich-c: mind you, I cancel the satellite from after Grey Cup to teh Daytona 500
Dale: Last time I tried I could get over 20 stations with a tower antenna from there.
rich-c: and I can get enpuigh off teh air
rich-c: ours rotates so despite Toronto interference I likely could match that
Dale: anyway...
Dale: poof
Pamela: ciao
Dale left chat session
rich-c: so, daughter, time to pack it in?
Pamela: well Papa we can discuss further on the weekend
Pamela: definitely time for bed
rich-c: ok - goodnight then, and sleep tight
Pamela: gnite Daddy, you too
Pamela: kerpoof
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