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rich-c: test
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changed username to BobS
BobS: hi Richard
rich-c: hello, wanderer
BobS: ya mon am BACK
BobS: didn't wander too far though
rich-c: how was life up by what - the pinky?
BobS: just to Holland Mi for Labor Day weekend
BobS: stright west 45 minutes
BobS: atraight
BobS: straight
rich-c: ah, OK, thought you were off camping again
BobS: was
rich-c: but came back and went out again?
BobS: went fishin' with the grandkids - a TRIP
rich-c: right - got it
BobS: nope, went camping out to Holland, MI on Tues last and came home Monday
rich-c: 45 min west puts you on the Lake Michigan shore, right?
BobS: course, two youngest had to go to the bathroom whilst the biggest fish was caught by their other grandpa......
rich-c: as long as it was their otehr grandpa, that's cool, isn't it?
BobS: guys, you all go to the bathroom, I says.......YUP, they say .................... but alas, had to go ashore fromthe fishing pier after about 15 minutes........can't have to go THAT QUICK
rich-c: do you fish of a boat or a pier or shore?
BobS: was on the pier
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rich-c: ah, OK - what do you fish for?
changed username to adam128
BobS: probably a 1/4 mile from the bath house
adam128: Hello
BobS: anything that bites
rich-c: hello there george
BobS: hello adam128
adam128: Hi Rich and Bob
rich-c: geotrge was on here last week, bob
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rich-c: he has an Adam he bought from me in 2001
changed username to Judy
BobS: mostly what we caught was the dreaded and worthless goby
BobS: cool
rich-c: hi judy, come to keep an eye on teh old man, I see
Judy: Hi, Rich and George
adam128: I'm happy that I found this chat room
adam128: Hi Judy
rich-c: glad to hear it - and don't be shy, chat
BobS: all quiet in Toronto????
Judy: was tired of knitting so thought I would come on
rich-c: we are used to having two or three conversations going at once
adam128: I see
rich-c: yes, no more propane tanks going bang, and teh Argos beat Hamilton so the coach didn't get fired
BobS: no more propane tanks going bang???????
BobS: what's that all about"
BobS: ?
rich-c: yes, didn't you see it on CNN or something? had a major depot blow up about 3.45 a.m.
Judy: no we didn't get good reception on anything and no CNN
BobS: today?
Judy: couldn't hardly make a cell phone call at the beach
rich-c: ah, I think it was about two and a half weeks ago, Sunday morning fortunately
BobS: missed it
rich-c: there was a propane yard about two kilometers northwest of us - there isn't any more
Judy: was a big boom
BobS: fall down, go BOOM
rich-c: oh yes, teh first blast got us out of bed, then a whole succession of additional blasts.
adam128: We have a cousin from New Orleans who evacuated north to escape Gustov
BobS: weather here is HOT and prolly coming your way Richard
rich-c: Google "Toronto propane explosion" and you'll see
rich-c: seems half the city immediately grabbed their camcorders and started shooting
Judy: the rain is coming this way from Gustov
adam128: At least Gustov is less violent
rich-c: yes, our forecast is cloudy, 50% POP through next Monday
rich-c: down by you, George, it must be starting to rain already
Judy: we had the hotest day of the year yesterday 92
adam128: Judy where do you call home?--Rain here by Saturday
rich-c: it has been warm here but not that hot - have the van a/c on but not the house
Judy: Grand Rapids, Michigan
adam128: only 88 here--I'm east of Pittsburgh
rich-c: yes, GuyB in Chicago and Bob & Judy in GR give us a pretty good read on what to expect
Judy: it was awful yesterday, Bob was working outside all day, not happy about it
adam128: Gustav is not going to hit us
BobS: MAJOR fire, yes
rich-c: well, not as a hurricane, but the wet cloud main come north visiting
rich-c: you've been peeking at youtube, Bob?
BobS: yes
rich-c: oddly enough, we never saw the fire or even a glow on the clouds, even though we were just outside the evacuation area
rich-c: the smoke stayed low and our tree canopy is so overgrown we couldn't see anything
BobS: odd isn't it
Judy: we had a very warm week-end at the beach, has been years since we have seen that many people in Lake Michigan over the Labor day week-end
rich-c: well, we have set all-time records for rainfall in various months and overall January-July
BobS: seems like it happens here also Richard......had a major apartment fire last spring. we drove right p;ast it onthe way home from Judy's folks and never waw it
rich-c: waiting for the August numbers to get crunched adn announced
Judy: we are very dry, the grass is brown right now, need the rain
adam128: Dry here also--last rain was last week
rich-c: oddly enough, our rain seems to have been largely heavy downpours coming through at night
Judy: we had a few drops this morning but not near enough
rich-c: you should see Frances' tomato crop
BobS: nights would be NICE
rich-c: she's picking and picking, handing them to the neighbours, the gardner, Pam, and anyone who will take them
Judy: that sounds good, think next year will try to raise tomatos
rich-c: she grows the little cherry tomatoes - she's still having trouble keeping up as they ripen
adam128: Bob were are you located?
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rich-c: she has done it for years - when her mother was in CPL she took over enough to supply teh whole dining room every time she visited
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changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi
changed username to Pamela
Dale: Just checking to make sure the chat server is up.
Judy: Hi, Dale
Pamela: hi
rich-c: hello Dale, george has come to chat with us again
Dale: Hi George.
Judy: with me in GR Michigan
BobS: Grand Rapids,m MIchigan George
Pamela: was there reason to believe it wasn't?
adam128: Hi Dale
adam128: Hi Pam
Pamela: Hi George
Judy: Hi, Pamela
Dale: I didn't check the chat server yet today.
rich-c: hey daughter, when did you slip in?
BobS: Pam !!!!
BobS: she is devious
BobS: and quiet
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Pamela: who, me?
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Dale: Usually I check it at around 8:30 to see that it is going properly.
adam128: Bob you are in the rain zone?
BobS: hey Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: it's just me.
Judy: Hi, Daniel
Dale: Hi Daniel.
BobS: nope, dry zone
Pamela: must have come in at the same time as Dale
rich-c: salut, Daniel. Comment ca va?
Pamela: Hi Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Dale, Rich, Bob, Judy, Pam, and Adam128
Dale: I just arrived.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm fine.
adam128: Hi Danial
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm doing a little montage to publish a new cool video about coleco.
rich-c: Daniel is in Quebec City and writes original Colecovision games
Pamela: Dad, before I forget to tell you, it's a trailer weekend
BobS: cool Daniel
rich-c: OK, looks decent warm but don't count on too much sun
Daniel Bienvenu: I finaly find footage showing a real Coleco booth during a consumer electronic show.
Pamela: maybe I'll get "auto wash" instead ; )
Dale: Nice.
rich-c: that must have taken some searching, Daniel!
rich-c: even finding a still black and white picture would be an achievement
Daniel Bienvenu: but something is not right... it looks like the DonkeyKong game in the video is the arcade version not the colecovision version, even if it's blury, I can tell my counting the number of floors in the game.
Pamela: Judy, how was camping?
Daniel Bienvenu: in fact, you just need to type "ces 1983" in youtube to find the video I'm talking about.
Judy: it was great, very warm, went swimming in lake Michigan and got a lot of sun
Pamela: did your weather hold?
Judy: yes, has still been very hot here, 92 today
Judy: sorry yesterday
rich-c: might be they would show the arcade version, Daniel, especially if the cart version was not ready yet
Daniel Bienvenu: in 1983? donkey kong cartridge not ready yet?
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't think so
Pamela: just went into the bathroom, where the window is open and the door is closed because the rest of the house is air conditioned, and it felt like a sauna in there
rich-c: well remember it had to be ported from the versions on other machines
Judy: we had one cloudy day, great for shopping
rich-c: and the negotiations for rights with Nintendo may have delayed things, at a guess
Pamela: LOL : )
Daniel Bienvenu: ColecoVision was release with Donkey Kong in 1982 as far as I know.
Judy: weather has cooled some, we turned the a/c off last night
Pamela: gotta time these things right : )
rich-c: remember Daniel that when Coleco pulled the plug, the five-screen version of Donkey Kong still was under development
Pamela: it's been getting nice and cool at night, warm and clear during the day - perfect weather till today when the humidity went way up
Daniel Bienvenu: in the video, we can clearly see it's a colecovision with a "not labeled" cartridge in it and a Donkey Kong screen with 6 floors to reach the top, not only 5 like the DonkeyKong version I know that came with the ColecoVision.
Judy: yes, we had the humidity today but the temp is down some
rich-c: you're getting too specialized for me, Daniel - maybe someone like Luc might know
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, maybe it's not donkey kong, maybe it's super donkey kong? the answer is no. Maybe it's another game? the answer can be yes if it's an unknow game or a level I don't know from miner 2049th, or it's simply the arcade version.
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale should be able to answer... if he still there.
rich-c: I assume the sequqnce was arcade version -> cartridge -> 4-screen supergame -.five screen supergame?
Dale: Might be super donkey kong.
Dale: But super donkey kong still had a wider than tall screen.
Dale: I have the super donkey kong, which I bought at Canadian Tire at retail.
rich-c: My understanding is that Coleco was pretty notorious for announcing and showing stuff to the trade that never got produced
rich-c: george, do you have any clues about the Colecovision games?
adam128: Not a clue--sorry
adam128: It's interesting to here about the games
rich-c: isn't it something we're still poking around Coleco history after all these yearss?
adam128: I just downloaded a colecovision emulator
BobS: yes
BobS: If you get it setup correctly George, it works great
rich-c: yes, we all have one version or anotehr - Frances uses ours to work on Logo
adam128: I have about 12 cames to play with on my pc
rich-c: you means images of Colecovision games?
adam128: ROMS
rich-c: as in, ROM images?
adam128: YES
adam128: Not images but playable games
rich-c: with the emulator, then, they should all be playable
adam128: Yes but not as good as the cartridges with my ADAM computer
rich-c: think we're using different terminology for the same process, george - no big deal
rich-c: I have never tried them so I can't say - I'm waiting for a proper joystick emulator
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Dale: Neil was in the Coleco booth in January 1983, but I doubt that he would have noticed a variant of Donkey Kong.
changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: I have an Adam and a Colecovison and a lot of cartridges so no incentive to play games on the emulator
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
Pamela: hi Guy!
BobS: yo cubs fan
adam128: Hi GUY
rich-c: hello Guy
Guy B.: Cubs aren't doing good right now
BobS: see that
Judy: Hi, Guy
rich-c: at this point in the season they can afford one or two losses
rich-c: or is it the Red Sox that are off leading their division?
Guy B.: We lost 4 already, but the Brewers got swept by the Mets
rich-c: the Blue Jays can't get anywhere; they're over .500 but have to get by the Yankees and Boston
Pamela: I didn't know you cared, Dad : )
rich-c: I don't, but I see the reports when I'm looking for the Grand Prix results
Pamela: ah
rich-c: have you heard anything from Rogers about how they will be handling TSN2?
Daniel Bienvenu: if only neil was online tonight, I may be able to ask him to check the video and talk about what he saw at this coleco booth.
Pamela: nope
rich-c: it was a long time ago, Daniel - Neil was eager but that's s big memory stretch
Daniel Bienvenu: I understand... but if I don't ask, I can't be sure if he know the answer or not about this.
rich-c: oh, agreed - you neer know if you don't ask. Just don't get your expectations too high.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm going back to my montage, I still have parts to add to polish.
rich-c: juat the thought of the work you are putting into that is positively scary
Daniel Bienvenu: Making a montage is scary?
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't understand
adam128: Time to go--Good to meet everyone,bye
rich-c: not the montage, the work involved in making it
rich-c: night george
adam128 left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: george... fast
Judy: night George
Pamela: night George
rich-c: yes, he tends to be a fast exit type
rich-c: so fast he leaves everyone speechless
rich-c: so has anyone here tried Chrome yet?
Judy: is that it, I thought I was dumped
Daniel Bienvenu: Chrome?
BobS: what is it?
rich-c: new browser from Google, released yesterday
Judy: I would say that is a no
Daniel Bienvenu: I heard about it
rich-c: does sound that way
Daniel Bienvenu: they claim they did make javascript more faster.
rich-c: I noticed it is still in beta, but I think 1.0 should come soon
rich-c: well, they did it to steal customers from Microsoft
rich-c: I noticed by the way the this chat runs fine with the latest Java
Pamela: is Chrome free, Dad?
rich-c: yes
rich-c: a couple of the carnuts guys tried it - you can see their reactions in the computers thread
rich-c: and no you do not need to sign in to look, only to reply
rich-c: I want to see more talk about it, especially privacy issues
rich-c: Microsoft have IE* on the way but I think it works with Vista only
rich-c: that's IE8
BobS: and WHAT can ie8 do different?
rich-c: no one has seen it yet but gossip suggests that it is a discernably better browser than IE7
rich-c: I suspect Microsoft has added a complicating wrinkle4 so it can't be used with XP so it can be used as upgrade bait
rich-c: it is said to address privacy concerns very strictly
rich-c: the question is, will Chrome take users away from IE or from Firefox and Opera?
rich-c: what we need is Ron here to speak up for Safari
BobS: anybody heard from Ron since convention?
Guy B.: I heard that was the idea of Google's web browser. Has anyone used Firefox 3 yet?
rich-c: I think I may be using it - I have trouble keeping track be3tween computers and versions
BobS: got firefox installed and working but don't know version
Pamela: not a peep, Bob
BobS: busy with girlfriend me thinks..............
Pamela: yes me too
rich-c: yes, when you're into chat you can't click on help to find out
rich-c: just pulled up another copy - I am still on v.2
Pamela: I think Wednesday nights are busy for him too
Pamela: like Dr. D, they've become the busiest night of the week
rich-c: I ratehr gather that all nights are busy for him these days, Pam
BobS: yes haven't seen Dr D much either
Pamela: him who, Dad? Ron or Rich?
Pamela: Rich is around, Bob - just not on Wednesdays
rich-c: well now they have the appointment for the visa interview
Pamela: he was here this weekend, headed back yesterday morning
BobS: when was that?
rich-c: Ron, Pam
BobS: he said too but I forgot
Pamela: their immigration interview is next Thursday
rich-c: I think it is on the 11th
Pamela: September 11, ironically
BobS: good, close then
Daniel Bienvenu: to answer a previous question : I'm using Firefox 3.0.1 and I'm happy with it. I did change a little bit the default configuration, but I'm happy using it.
Pamela: Rich arrives here Tuesday night, they're heading to Montreal on Wednesday, interview is Thursday, they're coming home
Pamela: Saturday
rich-c: what configuration changes did you make, Daniel?
BobS: same version here also
rich-c: do you have to delete previous versions to install it?
Daniel Bienvenu: browser.warnOnRestart;false
Pamela: I must admit to being of two minds about the interview
Pamela: on the one hand, it will be nice to get the waiting overwith
Pamela: on the other hand, I don't want Erin to move away
rich-c: I understand your feelings, Pam, but she is committed and needs to go on with her own life
rich-c: maybe at least she will be better at turning up here Wednesday nights!
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I did install over firefox 2, and install from fresh installed computer.
Pamela: I realize that Dad, i just wish they could do it here : )
BobS: Rich is entrenched in his university job though
Daniel Bienvenu: I like the plugin download helper.
rich-c: yes, but there are obligations that require Rich to stay in Cleveland
Daniel Bienvenu: it came first with firefox 3.0, I don't know if it still the case today
Pamela: until the girls are grown and on their own, Rich is committed to Cleveland
Pamela: Intellectually I know it's the way it has to be
rich-c: oh yes Daniel, the plugins are the big attraction of Firefox
Pamela: it's a little harder to convince my heart
Judy: understandable, Pam
rich-c: yes, it's hard to tell even whether it will be better to be a Canadian or American over the next ten years
Judy: change isn't always what we want
Guy B.: Cubs got shut out and swept by the Astros
Pamela: you may have noticed, I'm not big on change : )
rich-c: I'd send you some of my beer, Guy, but it's too heavy to fit through this wire
Pamela: e-mail it Dad : )
rich-c: have to go drown yoour sorrow in Bud or something equally silly
Pamela: sucks Guy, but there's always next week
Guy B.: Well, the Reds are next in Cincy.
rich-c: don't know where they have the .suds extension hidden, Pam
Pamela: LOL Daddy
rich-c: I will be curiouis to see where Erin ends up working in Cleveland
Pamela: I can't even begin to speculate however I suspect it will have something to do with communications
rich-c: I would hope so, it's her strength
rich-c: what does she have in the way of academic credits?
Pamela: two years of post-secondary
Pamela: some government courses
rich-c: IO know she has no degrees but does she have any community college certificates or anything?
Pamela: not to my knowledge
Judy: Bob got dumped, and it is about time to retire for the night, so night all, until next week
Pamela: good night Judy
Pamela: glad you're back
rich-c: OK Judy, sympathy to Bob, and see you both next week
Judy left chat session
rich-c: maybe she has stuff CWRU will accept towardss advance standing
Pamela: she was heavy on the philosphy credits so she may have to go back and fill in some gaps if she wants to work towards a communications major
Pamela: I also don't know if CWRU will recognize her credits from the University of Windsor
rich-c: I have the impression universities are getting more accomodating that way these days
rich-c: also when a faculty wife is involved, they may look at things through a different prism
rich-c: maybe she could even get credit for work ezxperience, since it's been highly relevant
Pamela: guess we'll find out
rich-c: well, that's a bit down the road - I just hope it occurs to them to ask
Pamela: I'm sure it will, if it hasn't already
Pamela: anyway, I'm thinking it's bedtime
rich-c: don't bet teh farm on it - it's SO easy to overlook something very critical
Pamela: the two of them are pretty detail-oriented, Dad
Guy B.: Well folks, going to take Annie out soon. See you all next week
Pamela: gnite Guy
rich-c: the trouble with detail orientation is that you can lose sight of the broad picture
rich-c: OK Guy, see you give Annie a good walk
Guy B.: She does. Already lost 6 pounds the past 3 weeks
rich-c: her or you?
Guy B.: Me
Guy B.: Well, I'm off
rich-c: wish I could say the same
Pamela: I'm assuming you - Annie can't afford 6 pounds
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: think I'll follow him out
rich-c: I think I am actually managing to hold my weight pretty steady
rich-c: yes, sounds like a good idea - I can stand an exit too
Pamela: Gnite, Dale and Daniel
Pamela: Gnite Daddy, we're at the trailer this weekend - if you need me, call my cell phone
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight pam
rich-c: so Daniel,bonsoir; Dale, goodnite
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Rich
Pamela: kerpoof
rich-c: OK, your mother knows, so we'll be OK - tell Russell to enjoy the Argo game
Pamela: I will - night!
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight Rich, Pam and Dale... take care
Pamela left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: talk to you all next week.
rich-c: nite Daniel
rich-c: colour me gone
Daniel Bienvenu: transparent
rich-c left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Dale
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Dale: bye
Dale left chat session
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