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rich-c: test
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: hi daughter
Pamela: i pop
Pamela: where is everyone?
rich-c: seems we are teh only ones so far
rich-c: the SlopsemAs are often late, and GuyB also
Pamela: i'm not going to be much fun for a bit
rich-c: what's the problem?
Pamela: eating
Pamela: typing one handed
rich-c: oh, nothing serious then
rich-c: me, I am nursing another sore back muscle
Pamela: so Cynthia told me
rich-c: yes, it just appeared as I stood up Monday morning - real beast
Pamela: i hate it when that happens
rich-c: tell me about it!
rich-c: did I tell you about my new heating pad?
Pamela: no do tell
rich-c: got it a couple of months ago - it is big (long) - covers my pelvis edge to edge
rich-c: depth is nortmal but that is adequate
Pamela: standard electric heating pad?
rich-c: yes, got it at shoppers
rich-c: usual three speeds, though with a nice control
rich-c: it seems to be working well and is quite effective
Pamela: keeping shoppers in business again?
rich-c: given my load of prescriptions, don't have much choice
rich-c: on the major stuff I prefer to investigate the internet first
Pamela: my pop the internet guru : )
rich-c: oh yes, just doubled the memory in the laptop
Pamela: really
Pamela: who did it?
rich-c: got bored waiting for it to boot
rich-c: unfortunately all the slots will allow is one gigabyte
rich-c: george over on Dufferin - Com,puland
Pamela: so what did you get?
rich-c: 2 x 512 of teh specified type
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changed username to BobS
rich-c: there does seem to be a little speedup on the machine
BobS: ohh oh, nobody here !!!!!!
rich-c: hello Roberto
Pamela: cool so did it make an appreciable difference?
BobS: greetigns clee clan
Pamela: hi Bob
rich-c: well, not as good as I'd hoped
BobS: Pamela my dear
Pamela: yes Bob
rich-c: just telling Pam, Bob, that I doubled my laptop memory
BobS: and it didn't seem to help the speede, eh?
BobS: I got a bas slot and cut memory down by 1/3 and it din't slow up the laptop at all
BobS: bad
rich-c: well, it boots a little faster and shuts down a little less lethargically
rich-c: it will only take one gig total max which isnt that great these days
Pamela: not one gig per slot?
BobS: only have 256k here
BobS: 2nd slot crapped out on me
rich-c: no, just one gig total - it's an old cheap mamchine
Pamela: but Dad is impatient : )
rich-c: what are you running on it, Bob, Win98SE?
BobS: XP
BobS: and it seems to work fine
Pamela: how much was the upgrade, Dad?
rich-c: XP on 256K? Is your middle name Job or something?
rich-c: about $75 all taxes in, Pam - no big deal
rich-c: and if anyone needs a couple of DDR333 soDIMMs of 256K each, I have them
BobS: nope, jsut don't run anything on startup BUT XP. IF i want something else, I start it up
BobS: rusn as fast as my brain can follow it
rich-c: not even an anti-virus or malware defence?
BobS: nope,of the darnb thing gets sick, I will wipe it out anstart over again
BobS: I am on the internet behind the wireless 28 bit encrytion firewall
rich-c: well, you can likely hold off booting your protective programs till you go onto the net
rich-c: ah - you have an external hardware firewall, then
Pamela: I'm sure this computer is just fine but I must admit to coveting a newer, faster one nonetheless
rich-c: but my understanding is that a firewall won't stop a virus
BobS: and my emal gets intercepted before I look at it and i can mark for deltion, etc without even looking at it
BobS: OR downloading it
rich-c: yes, I have an external spam filter on my mailbox, and my webmail suppiers have their own (gmail is very good)
rich-c: still, Aviva and Grisoft AVG are free and good, even if they nag you too much to update
BobS: that helps a lot
BobS: slow the p;uter down
rich-c: well, Mailwasher does not load on startup
Pamela: is your mailwasher working Dad?
rich-c: yes, why?
Pamela: because it conked out on me on the old machine
BobS: use it every day Pam
Pamela: even re-loading it from the website didn't help
rich-c: so delete it and get a new copy and install it - there is a new free edition anyway
Pamela: tried that, didn't work
rich-c: did you delete it using the built-in remove or with Control Panel?
Pamela: control panel, I believe
Pamela: it's been 1.5 years, hard to remember
rich-c: can't see why that wouldn't work, then - downloaded nice and clean for me
rich-c: was a bit of a pain to configure, if I recall
Pamela: didn't bother trying to load it on this machine at all
rich-c: well, it isn't the only spam filter in the world, and now the browsers tend to have them available built-in
rich-c: I am not impressed with them, but Outlook Express has no filtration at all
Pamela: Outlook does
rich-c: that's the one you use at work?
Pamela: no we use lotus notes at work
Pamela: we're supposed to going over to Outlook soon
rich-c: so how come you have Outlook?
Pamela: but they've been saying that for a year
Pamela: it's what was on the computer
rich-c: I forgot you bought it used - right
rich-c: you do understand that yours is a much higher class of computer than mine
Pamela: if you say so
BobS: prettier color I think
Pamela: it's blue : )
rich-c: Chris sold you a full business laptop, it has far more features and capabilities than a personal laptop
Pamela: I like the new Dells - come in all sorts of nice colours
rich-c: yes, but you can't get them with XP anymore here
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changed username to Go Cubs Go
Pamela: hi Guy
rich-c: hi Guy, figured it would be you
Go Cubs Go: Yep, you're right
rich-c: hey, have you noticed the Blue Jays lately? as in ten straight?
Go Cubs Go: Beat the Sox twice yesterday. Sox are leading them now
rich-c: all good things come to an end, but ten is pretty impressive - and it isn't over till it's over
rich-c: Pam, has Russell mentioned that both Hamilton and Toronto have fired their coaches?
Pamela: no
rich-c: well they did, Hamilton a few days ago, Toronto yesterday
Pamela: Hamilton has an interim coach while Lancaster is out, don't they?
rich-c: Lancaster left years ago - the one they fired is Charlie Taffe who they got from Montreal
Pamela: what position does Lancaster hold then?
rich-c: He did poorly last year and so far this season is 2 - 8
rich-c: retied, and at the moment he is fighting a nasty battle with cancer
Pamela: I didn't realize he was retired
rich-c: yes, a couiple of years ago now
Pamela: I knew he was fighting cancer
rich-c: everyone's pulling for him, but he's oldr than I am, I suspect
rich-c: anyway Taffe was twice Coach of the Year when he was with Montreal, but in Hamilton he's been a disaster
Pamela: I'm losing track of coaches now - used to be I knew them all thanks to Russell
rich-c: same way, Stubler built one of teh best defences in football as defensive coach, but he went to head coach everything fell apart
rich-c: well, now you can impress your hubby with your knowledge again
Pamela: gee thanks
rich-c: by the way, Bob, did you know we have an election going up here?
BobS: no working 14 hr days and don't see myc news lstyely
BobS: for prime minister again?
BobS: you can have our election coverage!!!!!!
rich-c: well, you're not missing much; Canadian elections don't attract much US attention
BobS: don' t seem like you are too excited either
rich-c: anyway it will be over and done with Oct. 14th so Pamela's aunt is here to help a candidate she likes
rich-c: well, our election process here is very different from yours
BobS: quicker?
Pamela: much
BobS: thank heancens
BobS: heavnes
BobS: heavens
rich-c: the big argument today is whether teh fifth party will get to participate in the leaders" debate
Pamela: latest word is that May will now be included
Pamela: both Layton and Harper apparently caved todayh
rich-c: yes, Layton blinked so Harper had to dismount his high horse
rich-c: to judge by the Star, a lot of voters gave both of them unmitigated hell
Pamela: gee, I wonder why
rich-c: Harper couldn't care less but Slippery Jack is a weathervane and on this one there's a hurricane
rich-c: so Harper didn't want to be teh empty chair with all the others talked about him
Pamela: his arguments were a fallacy anyway
rich-c: so with Harper, what else is new? the guy's a pocket Hitler looking to hittle
Pamela: hittle? New verb? : )
rich-c: well, what does a Hitler do if not hittle?
Pamela: : )
rich-c: May blew it with teh femnist garbage - she wasn't blocked because she was a woman, she was blocked because she is a threat
rich-c: interesting that even with that error she won her point hands down
rich-c: it was Hillary who got blocked by the anti-femnists
rich-c: anyway, Bob, what's with teh 14-hour days?
Pamela: I disagree but I don't want to get into it here :
rich-c: is ity a hurry up and wait deal, or are they understaffed?
Go Cubs Go: Cubs still leading 4-1
rich-c: Pam, do you have any more trailer weekends scheduled?
Pamela: yes, the last weekend of the month
Pamela: we didn't actually go up last weekend
rich-c: what inning, Guiy?
rich-c: I can understand why
Pamela: actually weather had nothing to do with it
rich-c: oh - election disruption?
Pamela: no, we got usurped : )
rich-c: huh?
Pamela: we were all set to go
Pamela: when I got home on Friday night Lin's car was upstairs
Pamela: she usually only parks upstairs if she's loading or unloading
Pamela: tried to call her and got no answer
rich-c: ominous signs
Pamela: so I waited a couple of hours then called the trailer
Pamela: sure enough, she answered the phone
Pamela: they hadn't been able to go Labour Day or the week before that and figured they were due so they went
rich-c: so what happened?
Pamela: even though it was our weekend
Pamela: we stayed home
Pamela: what else could we do?
rich-c: well, in your view it was your weekend
rich-c: but yes, I get your point
Pamela: I think I'm more annoyed about it than I thought
Pamela: it's not that I begrudge them the time, it's just the assumption that annoys me
Pamela: what if we'd had plans for guests that weekend?
rich-c: sure you don't want a little trailer of your own? ;-)
Pamela: what if I hadn't spotted her car, and we were planning to up late Friday?
Pamela: too little Dad, sorry
Pamela: but thanks anyway
rich-c: you at least should have been told
Pamela: agreed
Pamela: not told, actually, asked
Pamela: I don't know how Lindsay feels, but I think Barbara feels bad
Pamela: she called tonite to ask if we wanted this weekend
rich-c: well, ultimately, it's their trailer
Pamela: unfortunately, Russell is working Sunday so we can't take advantage
Pamela: I'm not disputing that
Pamela: still like any family cottage, if you make plans to share, then share and do it as planned
rich-c: right, and you are entitled to expect folks to keep their agreements
Pamela: see, we plan around our trailer weekends to do other things
Pamela: like, Russell agreeing to work
Pamela: or haircut weekends
Pamela: which precludes this weekend and next
Pamela: I think this is stuck in my craw a bit
Pamela: maybe I'm just tired
rich-c: I'd suspect teh ansswer is yes to both
Pamela: now, on the flip side of the coin, I was happy to concede without an argument because Barbara needed the break
rich-c: has she been having problems of late?
Pamela: do you remember Irene, Barbara's youngest sister?
rich-c: no, that I don't
Pamela: well, her son-in-law is in the last stages of brain cancer
rich-c: oh, shit
Pamela: Barbara spends a lot of time with Irene, Bev and Brad (the son in law)
Pamela: who all live together in Flamboro
Pamela: Bev and Brad have two boys
rich-c: that I can understand
Pamela: who have adopted Barbara as another grandma
rich-c: and they need Nana pretty deperately at the moment, I'd wager
Pamela: and Irene and Bev have depended on Barbara especially recently to come and stay, keep the kids distracteed and generally help out
Pamela: she spends a lot of time with them anyway
rich-c: that does not surprise me
Pamela: but Brad went bad a couple of weeks ago
Pamela: bedridden, seizures, incontinence, loss of speech, loss of limb control, all happened in a bout a two week span about four weeks ago
rich-c: in short, her activities will change soon - not for the better
Pamela: two weeks ago he had astroke
Pamela: just befoer the stroke, they were planning for hospice care
rich-c: so it's by the hour, now
Pamela: the stroke took that out of their hands
Pamela: the doctors said at the time, no more than two weeks
Pamela: they're amazed he's held on this long
Pamela: I expect we'll hear he's gone in another day or two
rich-c: will they be taking him into hospital?
Pamela: he's already in hospital
Pamela: was in a coma for a few days
Pamela: he stopped eating over the weekend so it's a matter of days now
rich-c: which hospital is he in?
Pamela: McMaster I think
Pamela: anyway, until the trailer, Barbara had been there for two weeks straight
Pamela: she needed the break
rich-c: they are first rate; he is I am sure being very well cared for
Pamela: and I'm not going to begrudge her that
Pamela: so I'm a little conflicted, shall we say : )
rich-c: she will need it after he goes, too
Pamela: as soon as he goes, she'll be back there, probably for another couple of weeks
rich-c: that's OK, you have no shortage of things to keep you amused here
Pamela: ya got that right
rich-c: as long as you know and can plan, should be no problem
Pamela: Russell thinks he will go tomorrow
Pamela: just because of the date
Pamela: we'll see
rich-c: I am not going to go there
Pamela: you know that Reta Mills died on Monday, right?
rich-c: yes, Cynthia told your Mom
Pamela: well Erin and Rich are in Montreal for their immigration interview tomorrow morning, and probably won't make it back in time for the funeral
rich-c: tough on the kids, I'd reckon
rich-c: for that matter, on Cynthia too
Pamela: yeah
Pamela: still trying to figure out if I can swing a way to get Cynthia there
Pamela: I can swing the time off, but don't know about the logistics
rich-c: any idea how long the hearing will take?
Pamela: just tomorrow
Pamela: they should have an answer one way or the other by tomorrow afternoon
rich-c: but I imagine they drove up and will drive back?
Pamela: yes
Pamela: they left at 7:00 am this morning
Pamela: all the way across the city on the 401 in rush hour
rich-c: I can't even offer to help as I broke a tooth and am having it fixed tomorrow
Pamela: nuts
Go Cubs Go: Cubs still winning. Looks like everyone else except you two are left
Pamela: we seem to be monopolizing the joint
rich-c: yes, I'm hoping my back will survive - it does not work well in the dentists chair
Pamela: sorry about that : )
rich-c: so what inning is it, Guy?
rich-c: asked you before, still waiting for the answer
Pamela: yes, I know dental chairs can be very uncomfortable even when your back isn't bothering you
Go Cubs Go: That's Ok. I'm chatting with my friend Carla on Yahoo IM
Pamela: LOL
rich-c: that's what I suspected - so which inning?
rich-c: I suspect Bob just timed out and got bounced
Pamela: or got tired and poofed
Pamela: which I should probably do too, as I still have stuff to do before bed
rich-c: he usually says goodbye, but he was awfully tired
Go Cubs Go: Well, guess I'm going to scoot here. I'll see you all next week
rich-c: OK Guy, take care tyhen
Pamela: goodnight Guy
rich-c: so I guess we might as well shut down
Go Cubs Go: Poof
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rich-c: goodnight Guy and Pamela
rich-c: colour me gone
Pamela: alright Dad, I'll call so we can talk in detail later
Pamela: goodnight Daddyh
Pamela: kerpoof
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