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Dale: Evening.
Dr. D.: Hello Dale, sorry it's been awhile.
Dr. D.: BTW I am still unable to login to coladam admin website, it does not like the password I used to use.
Dale: let me check.
Dale: I did have it working for me before.
Dr. D.: I can at least get to the page, it just does not accept the password, "Authorization failed".
Dr. D.: At one point, even the admin page was unavailable.
Dale: Maybe I set it wrong. I just changed it to the one I think you used before.
Dale: Try now.
Dr. D.: Now it works, thanks.
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changed username to rich-c
Dale: My mistake. I set it to a similar password, but not the correct one.
Dale: Hi Richard.
Dr. D.: Hello Richard.
rich-c: swell hello stranger - and Dale
Dr. D.: I know, it's been too long since I was here.
rich-c: well, it's to be hoped matters will improve now, Rich
Dr. D.: Last week we were on pins and needles, plus I was beat from a day of driving and walking around Montreal.
Dr. D.: Rin received her visa in the mail, but it came while she was at work and unable to sign for it, and she can't get to the post office to claim it until Friday.
rich-c: yes, we are planning some small touristing soon - more when the rest of the gang arrive
Dr. D.: Yeah I figured I would wait for people to show up so I could tell the tale just once.
Dr. D.: Not sure if Rin will show up or not, she is at a work event in Mississauga that she hasn't left yet.
rich-c: we'll nag Dale ionstead about updating the chat log, so Frances feels better when she reads it
rich-c: Pamela wasn't expecting her
Dr. D.: I asked him nicely to fix a login to the coladam-admin webpage and he did nagging required
rich-c: Pam was over here afternoon and early evening so will be late coming on
Dr. D.: Rin told me by phone last night that she might stop by, was hoping to be home by 9 to 9:30 PM, but wrote about 20 minutes ago to say only that she would be leaving "soon".
Dr. D.: She is at the mercy of others for transportation.
Dr. D.: At least she likes my new car, well enough to start calling it "her" car, so perhaps she will actually knuckle down and learn to drive it when she gets here.
rich-c: did she tell you about the picture in the Star of he mother and her transportation?
Dr. D.: Yes I saw the photo...cheesy...
rich-c: it's a news photo - kinda banal I realize, but fun
Dr. D.: Cynthia looks quite out of it, not so flattering.
rich-c: Pamela mentioned that you had changed the van for some new wheels
Dr. D.: Yes, both front strut towers were rusted out and it could not survive another winter.
Dr. D.: 110K miles, was going to need tires, starting to use oil...
Dr. D.: It was a good car, just wore it out: 55K miles put on it in the last 3 years.
rich-c: it is really upsetting when you hit I speed bump and it punches the struts up through the hood ; - )
Dr. D.: "New" one is a 2006 Jetta, used with 23K miles when I got it, now 26K in just one month!
Dr. D.: It didn't get to that point but no way I wanted to have a breakdown en route to Montreal.
Dr. D.: I got $500 in trade for it, when book value was probably $100.
Dr. D.: Everything else on it was good, it looked good, interior was very good...but it had accumulated dings, some from when it was Joan's car.
rich-c: cars are appardently selling really cheap in the U.S. now - I can't believe some of the prices the carnuts guys are quoting
Dr. D.: I made a website of photos for Rin, to show her before I had a chance to drive up there with it.
Dr. D.: This one was $17999, certified used by VW, 1-driver lease car.
rich-c: which engine does it have?
Dr. D.: The 2.5L 5 cylinder.
Dr. D.: 6-speed automatic
rich-c: not the diesel, then
Dr. D.: No diesel.
rich-c: even without it, I'llbet you got some nice numbers on teh run to Montreal and back
Dr. D.: If Rin were more confident about learning to drive standard shift, I could have gotten essentially the same vehicle, same miles, for $1500 less.
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Dr. D.: Highway was 32-35 MPG. In town it is 20-22 depending on how short the trips are or if I need the A/C on.
rich-c: salut, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: 1,2,3,4... all together now
Dr. D.: I am still calibrating the gas gauge.
rich-c: that's US gallons?
Dr. D.: Yes.
Daniel Bienvenu: hello, Rich, Dr.D, Dale
Dale: Hi ya Daniel.
Dr. D.: Hello will be proud of me, I spoke elementary French whenever possible in Montreal last week.
Dr. D.: Don't ask me to spell what I was saying though.
rich-c: that's livable with, and better than the old van - were you able to transfer the plate?
Dr. D.: Yes, so it is still "RICH RIN"
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm proud of you, Dr.D. :)
Dale: Jeffrey's been learning french at school, since he's in French Immersion this year for grade 1.
Dr. D.: Merci
Dr. D.: I had French taught via closed-circuit TV in grade 2 :-)
Dr. D.: I know colors, how to count to 39, some songs
rich-c: good for Jeffrey, it can do nothing but help him long term
rich-c: anyway with a learner an automatic is likely an advantage
rich-c: it may prevent sudden shock loadings of the drivetrain
Dr. D.: I learned on a 3-speed column-shift truck, and a 5-speed Toyota
Dr. D.: The accelerator on this car is very sensitive, it does not take much to get it going. I am still learning, I watch the tach and try not to go over 2000 RPM and that seems to help it shift smootly.
rich-c: I never had an automatic till 1973, and then only because the trailer hauler didn't offer a manual
Dr. D.: North America seems to be the only place that people drive automatics; all my European friends laugh, they have never seen an automatic.
rich-c: well, Europeans take their driving a great deal more seriously
Daniel Bienvenu: I had no immersion at school... except in the pool. seriously, I wasn't good at all in the english and french courses at school... able to speak one, not the other, and having difficulties to write both. I fixed that, by myself, with a lot of emails and messages since 1996. Maybe I didn't feel the need to learn well both languages before my first contact with the world.
Dr. D.: Re: French, people seemed appreciative if we used it for simple things, even if we had to do actual conversation in English.
Dr. D.: It was interesting to see how clerks and waitresses etc. figured out what language to use.
rich-c: yes, it's their turf, acknowledge their tongue
Dr. D.: They would greet someone with "Hi...Bonjour" and wait to see which language the person responded with. Waitresses were very good at that.
Daniel Bienvenu: My father, a french canadian like me, mostly got answers in english during his trip in France. They was thinking he was an english person, probably because of the accent they don't recognize.
rich-c: makes for better tips - and they can listen for an American accent
Dr. D.: I could read signs and menus much better than Rin, because I know etymologies etc. from Latin. I don't know the rules for what letters not to pronounce, however.
rich-c: I believe it was Guy Lafleur who said after his third day in Paris he switched to English
Dr. D.: If I were there a week or two I would get better I am sure.
Daniel Bienvenu: I can give you a hint... a word in plurial, ends with an s, but you don't pronounce it.
rich-c: even the opnes who understood his accent made fun of it - and Parisians can be pretty cutting about it
rich-c: and for a non-Francophone to try to pronounce "y" - that's a givewaay for sure
Dr. D.: I never had any formal French grammar instruction; my grade-2 experience was all speaking. So I can "sing" songs that I have no idea how to spell.
Daniel Bienvenu: well, if you can't prnounce U and OU without saying "YU" and "YOU", you will have problems to pronounce many words in french
Dale: I think I was okay at pronouncing French, but I quickly grow worse at it, without practice.
rich-c: that is for sure, Daniel!
Dale: And helping Jeffrey with his homework requires that I get better at French.
Dale: I keep pronouncing things wrong. Like yellow is one of the drill words for this week.
rich-c: yes, I think you will find it does come back
rich-c: ah,jaune - oui,c'est difficile
Daniel Bienvenu: there is more "vowel sounds" in french. and we have double-V, not double-U.
rich-c: yuou mean when running through the alphbet, Daniel?
Dr. D.: Sadly, the more I concentrated on speaking with what I thought was an exaggerated, stereotyped French accent (like Pepe Le Pew or Maurice Chevalier), the better it seemed to be understood.
Daniel Bienvenu: wagon... you say "ua-gon", but we say "va-gon".
Dr. D.: I was not trying to mock anyone...but it made the words come out sounding better.
rich-c: French is a very expressive language - like Spanish or Italian, maybe with less arm waving
Dr. D.: On the streets, it seemed about a 50-50 mix of people speaking English or French.
rich-c: well remember that the "exaggerated" or "comic" French has its roots in real linguistic differences
Dr. D.: Some people were definitely speaking "Franglais", interleaved bits of both languages.
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changed username to Pamela
Daniel Bienvenu: canadians are good in frenglish
Daniel Bienvenu: or franglais
rich-c: yes, although our main centre of franglais is Ottawa
Dr. D.: And everyone says "okay"
Dr. D.: Hello Pam
Pamela: hi there
rich-c: hello daughter, fed now?
Pamela: yes, leftovers
Dr. D.: I presume Chinese from last night?
Pamela: yup
Dr. D.: No food here today, I was home sick after throwing up all night :-( had to cancel my class today
Pamela: oh ick Rich
Pamela: reaction?
Pamela: allergy?
Dr. D.: No idea, maybe
rich-c: we have been discussing anglos trying to cope with French in Montreal
Dr. D.: I had to take the girls to school, but then went back to bed until 5:30 PM
Pamela: stopped now?
Dr. D.: I did not encounter any "mean" francophones.
Dr. D.: Stopped, have been wary about even drinking water though.
Daniel Bienvenu: oh... yes... in french... R is very very different. it's not "are" it's more like "air", but it's not correct yet.
rich-c: they seem to be a diminishing tribe
Dr. D.: Daniel, the R is trilled, yes, in the back of the throat, not the front as in Spanish?
rich-c: yes, half a century and more ago, my high school French classes were big on pronunciation
Dr. D.: At least that is what I seemed to hear when people spoke.
Pamela: ice water in small sips helps I find
Daniel Bienvenu: English : "Montreal = Mon-treal", in French : "Montreal = Mont-real (don't pronounce the T)"
Dr. D.: Yes Erin told me that.
Dr. D.: And the N is through the nose
rich-c: you can pick up a lot just watching Canadian football and hockey
Pamela: it seems pronunciation is one of those things that is learned, I don't think you can explain it
rich-c: well, no, but you can provide lots of examples and coaching
Dr. D.: What I like about German is that there are just a few rules, and spelling matches pronunciation.
Dr. D.: If you know the rules, you can read a passage of German out loud perfectly, even if you don't understand anything in it.
rich-c: yes, Frances has remarked on that
Daniel Bienvenu: some people are rolling the R with the tongue, but most of us are making the R with the throat, and it can vibrate the uvula at the same time.
Dr. D.: For French, I don't know the spelling-to-pronunciation rules.
rich-c: of course there may be a problem if it is inthe Gothic script!
Dr. D.: hehe blackletter is very hard to read
rich-c: especially as your eyes get older
Dr. D.: I have had to wade through 19th-century anatomical treatises in blackletter, ugh it is hard.
Dr. D.: Plus that was 2 spelling reforms ago :-S
Pamela: did you get a good laugh from them?
Dr. D.: Slug anatomy in German I suppose is comical.
rich-c: I keep forgetting - what is the language requirement for a Ph.D now?
Pamela: oh I thought you were talking about human anatomy
Daniel Bienvenu: Did you had fun talking in french in Montreal?
rich-c: wonder wehre the Slopsemas are tonight?
Dr. D.: I have done those too
Dr. D.: BTW Rin is on the phone, so I am managing 2 conversations
Dr. D.: I had no language requirement for my Ph.D., Richard.
Dr. D.: I did, Daniel.
rich-c: OK, will she be joining us?
Dr. D.: I am not sure, I will ask her.
Pamela: since I'm talking to Cynthia I understand
Dr. D.: She just got home from her event.
Daniel Bienvenu: half of the population in Montreal speak french, the other half speak enligh, chinese, and other languages.
Daniel Bienvenu: many many many are bilingual and trilangual
rich-c: don't even ask what gets spoken in Toronto, although there are areas where English is quite common
Dr. D.: I probably heard them all on the street, Rue St. Catharine.
rich-c: you want to hear languages, ride the Bloor St. subway
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, and I pretty sure in french it's SaintE-CathErie with these E.
rich-c: Mandarin, Swahili, Urdu, Pashto, Tagalog, Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek all common
Dr. D.: I would have to look at a map :-)
Dr. D.: Erin says she will be here in a bit
Pamela: cool
Daniel Bienvenu: At the market "Jean -Talon", during summer, you can buy fruits and vegetables, and heard some french, english and italian, all mixed in this single place.
rich-c: phonicall in English, Daniel, I'd make it (rue) San't Cat-are-een
Pamela: you mean phonetically,
Pamela: Dad?
rich-c: yes, keyboard cant spell - got distracted
Daniel Bienvenu: I think it's maybe more like : San't Catreen... if it makes sense to you
rich-c: I tend to claim to be sesquilingual, solid English, half-good French
rich-c: makes perfect sense to me, Daniel
rich-c: I am much better with writing than speech in either language
Pamela: I understand much better than I speak
Daniel Bienvenu: In french, we tend to not pronounce some E... but it's not always true, like in a poem.
Pamela: I've lost my vocabulary over the years
rich-c: regret to tell you, daughter, that that ability fades with age
Pamela: simply lack of use
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changed username to Rinette
Pamela: Hi
Pamela: Rin
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello 'rin
Pamela: (darned enter key)
Rinette: Bonjour
Daniel Bienvenu: bonjour
Dr. D.: Mon Rinette
Rinette: allo mon amour
Dr. D.: now a Permanent Resident
Dr. D.: thank goodness
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, congratulations again.
Dr. D.: Merci
Rinette: merci
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Rinette: we had fun speaking a bit of French Daniel :-)
changed username to Cubs04
Pamela: Hi Guy
Cubs04: Greetings Cubs Fans!!!
Dr. D.: But it's 08 Guy
Cubs04: Four is the magic number for the Cubs to clinch the NL Central
Dr. D.: Ah
rich-c: hello Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: Well difficult to speak french... but we try to write it, at least phonetically. ;-)
Dr. D.: well good luck to them
Dr. D.: My Indians have already rolled up the teepees for the year
Cubs04: I read the good news Dr. D.
Dr. D.: It is very good news Guy
Dr. D.: Now I just need to get Rin across the border safely.
Daniel Bienvenu: But Guy... you are still in Australia?
rich-c: welcome aboard Rin, too
Dr. D.: Can't wait to show her off here.
Cubs04: Yes indeed. I bet she is looking forward to coming here
Rinette: hi Uncle Richard
rich-c: no Daniel, that's GuyB in Chicago
Rinette: I'm looking forward to being with my Hubby
Pamela: Rin, did you get my e-mail?
Cubs04: Yep, that's me
Pamela: about five minutes ago
Cubs04: By the way. The Brewers are leading 3-1
Rinette: oh...lemme check
Pamela: check your personal bb
rich-c: just so everyone knows, Frances wants to go joyriding next week
Daniel Bienvenu: oh well, I did mix them... again.
Cubs04: I'll be back in a few minutes. Got to catch up on the e-mail
Dr. D.: I thought she didn't drive, Richard
rich-c: we will likely pick accommodation with hi-speed internet so we'll still be here
Dr. D.: Are you staying in this hemisphere?
Rinette: got it
rich-c: she doesn't, so I have to play chauffeur
Dr. D.: So where are you driving to?
rich-c: I think she feels she needs to review the Corning Glass Centre - it's a long time since we were tehre
Dr. D.: Somewhere in NY? I can't remember where Corning is...Rochester?
rich-c: there's also other stuff in the area we can hit from a base in Corning
Dale: I think it is in Pensylvania.
rich-c: down in the souther tier, west of Binghamton and Elmira
Rinette: hi Dale
rich-c: no, in York State, but hard by the PA border
Daniel Bienvenu: it looks like I have a problem with my computer... I have to leave a couple of minutes to see if it's because of the Java Virtual Machine.
rich-c: Chemung River valley, iirc
Daniel Bienvenu: talk to you in a few minutes
rich-c: OK c u Daniel
Dale: Hi Erin.
rich-c: I guess now we can have the next Adamcon in Grand Rapids or Cleveland if so desired
Dr. D.: Not Cleveland yet, I don't think...
Pamela: Grand Rapids is the intended destination, I believe
Dr. D.: And by then Rin can drive me there :-)
Pamela: we're not going to dump it on Rich and Erin for at least a year yet : )
Dr. D.: In her pretty blue car
rich-c: yes, Bob and Judy seemed to be sort of assuming that, and no one was arguinmg
Pamela: I like your car Rich
Rinette: hopefully...or die trying
Pamela: very pretty colour
Rinette: it's my car
Dr. D.: my payments :-(
Pamela: sorry, sweetie, wasn't thinking
Dr. D.: Still have to get the flat tire from the trip fixed.
Rinette: I told Rich he could have the baseball cap that came with it
Pamela: LOL
rich-c: oh, if you want to, you can be driving in a week or two, Rin
rich-c: the early stages aren
Rinette: oh?
Dr. D.: But Rin has the hat
rich-c: the early stages aren't eassy, but they can be mastered
Dr. D.: She will have lots of chances to practice.
Rinette: not a fan of graduated licensing...or TO traffic
Dr. D.: There are some large parking lots around here that are good for practice.
Dale: I'm hoping to get my company well enough funded that I can do AdamCon 22.
Dr. D.: May still have to send her to driving school though, depends on her comfort level I guess.
Dale: We'll see how the year progresses.
rich-c: you don't start out in city traffic, Rin - that comes well down the road
Rinette: definitely driving school
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Rinette: I have no confidence
changed username to BobS
Pamela: Cynthia says she got an email from Sabrina today
Dr. D.: Which ADAMcon are we on now? I have forgotten...
BobS: me neither
Dr. D.: Hello Bob.
BobS: HI kids
Dale: AC 20 was the last one.
Rinette: what did it say
Dale: AC 21 is the one in the planning.
Pamela: Sabrina says she's starting to experience pains in the lower abdomen
Rinette: hi Bobs
rich-c: don't want to be a wet blanket, Dale - but I'm afraid some of our Americans may feel there's been too much Canada of late
Pamela: the doctor says anytime now
rich-c: hey, look who's here - welcome, Bob
Rinette: neat....little niece
Pamela: Hi Bob
Dr. D.: As long as Rin can cross the border I don't care where it's at :-)
Dale: Well it depends who is coming of course, in a way.
Dale: But lately it has become a Canada dominated event it seems.
Dr. D.: Well, Canadians are the main attendees, I guess it is only fair.
BobS: Dale, Doug says he needs instructions for compiling TDOS from Dr D's source..........needed Z80MR, but all sources want source of AZM and don't want to use includes
Dale: You can't use z80mr.
Dale: It just isn't up to it.
BobS: so got to use what?
Dale: You have to use the formerly commercial z80asm+ I guess.
Dr. D.: I gave Doug everything I had from Tony, but I had never tried to reassemble any sources.
Dale: z80asmplus
Dr. D.: I have Z80ASM+
Dr. D.: I had to run it under 22NICE but it worked, for all the HARDDISK stuff etc.
Dale: I've made my own version for the AIM video board with 80 character mode natively on the Adam.
Dale: So I've done it.
Dr. D.: I bought was like $150 back then.
Dr. D.: So how are you Bob?
BobS: me good, tired but good
Dale: I heard a while back that it is no longer commercially available.
BobS: working too many hours
Dale: But I could be confusing that with another thing perhaps.
BobS: but cutting back
Dr. D.: Then it could be considered abandonware for our purposes I think.
Dr. D.: Me too Bob, the travel and classes has been killer for me.
Dr. D.: Spent today home sick in bed, slept until 5:30 PM.
Dale: I think that I've even seen it on a released to the public type site.
Rinette: you're smart to be cutting back Bob
Dale: So look around for it on the web I guess.
Dale: I've only used it under CP/M ot TDOS.
BobS: i have z80asmplus. i used that to compile adamserve, eoshd, fileman, etc.
Dr. D.: It worked fine in 22NICE.
BobS: they all seem to compile into bootable images
BobS: for the most part anyway.
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rich-c: yes Bob, it's one thing to be conscientious, but you're not supposed to kill yourself
changed username to Roberto
BobS: what i am trying to figure out is how to compile from the tdos source files that rich gave me so i can work on modifying them to access 2 ide hd
Dr. D.: And I think maybe I should go back to bed, can't miss work tomorrow.
Roberto: don't want to die !!!!!!!
Roberto: as in kill self
Dr. D.: huh?
rich-c: he shouldn
rich-c: he shouldn't work himself to death
Pamela: put self to bed, Rich
Roberto: too old to do that richard
Dr. D.: Okay I will.
Dr. D.: We are glad that the visa stuff went well and that they said Rin can move here.
Rinette: I think I'm out too....gonna talk to hubby's a get to bed
rich-c: never too old; hopefully too smart
Rinette: nite nite
Dr. D.: I got too much age and not enough smarts.
Pamela: nite Rin, nite Rich
Dr. D.: But maybe I'll get more in the morning.
Dr. D.: Good night, all.
Dr. D.: <poof>
rich-c: OK, nite then to Rich and Rin
Dr. D. left chat session
Rinette: <sproing>
Cubs04: Bye Rin
Rinette left chat session
rich-c: Bob, I was telling the others we'll be going away next week, but hope to stay online
Roberto: going on vacation?
rich-c: with everyone having highspeed internet these days, it's just like being at home
rich-c: yes, Frances wants to do some joyriding
BobS: that's great!!!!
BobS: hope you have a great time....
rich-c: basically Corning and the Southern Tier in York State
Pamela: brb, saying g'nite to Cynthia
BobS: how long you gonna be goen, richard?
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rich-c: leaving next Wednesday, back Oct. 7 or before - depends on how things go
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
rich-c: hi Daniel, back with us
BobS: hi Daniel !!!!
rich-c: weather is always a consideration, and our skill at finding things to do
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't find my computer problem... there was a big lag and I checked even the virus scan process and... no, it wasn't that, it wasn't java, it wasn't firefox, it wasn't the messenger application... so,I'm confuse.
Pamela: it looks like good weather so far Dad
rich-c: Daniel, which of the VM programs are you using - VMWare or Open Source?
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Rich, Pam, GuyB, Bob, Dale and Roberto.
BobS requested to ban BobS
Dale confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Cubs04 confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
Dale: Goodnight Daniel.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm not leaving, Dale
Cubs04: Byr Daniel
rich-c: night Daniel
rich-c: I wonder if it's his ISP - we have had one or two websites suddenly time out tonight
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changed username to Bob
Daniel Bienvenu: Java 6 revision 7, standard edition.
Bob: got dumped mon
rich-c: oh, good - again, Daniel, which VM are you using?
Pamela: again, bob?
Daniel Bienvenu: What is going on, Bob?
rich-c: oh, and is anybody running Firefox 3 yet?
Daniel Bienvenu: I notice that some 32bit softwares are not running well with Vista 64bit... even if they are supposed to work.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm running Firefox 3, but I didn'T tried yet Google Chrome.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm using Firefox 3.0.1 right now and chat with you with it in the background.
rich-c: I do not like some of the EULA language in Chrome - I share CNet's doubts
rich-c: how is Firefox 3 compared to FF2 - do you like it better?
Dale: I'll probably reset the chat server this week, to just clean it up.
Dale: I was going to do it before tonight's chat, but when I got on, Dr D was already here.
rich-c: just so you back up the archive first, Dale ;-)
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, it took me a day or two to really appreciate firefox 3. And now, I think I can't go back with firefox 2, I like more what firefox 3 offer... even if there is some plugins not working with it
Pamela: yes, Mom was commenting earlier that she was hoping you would post the archives soon : )
rich-c: that is nevertheless a good recommendation, Daniel - and I am sure the plugins will work soon
rich-c: I asm a little concerned with the history retention - I do not want my browser second-guessing me on where to go
Pamela: can you not clear the history Dad?
rich-c: well, the description page at Mozilla is ambiguous, very much so
rich-c: I would think it has at least the privacy standards of IE and FF2, but their language is curious
Daniel Bienvenu: in Firefox 3, there is a "star" in the address bar and it's a kind of indicator and a shortcut at the same time about your favorite web pages. You click on it to save this url in your bookmark, and it change collor if you go to a page already in your bookmark.
rich-c: yes, I noticed that, but they talk about FF# saving a record of every site you go to to make it easier to go back
rich-c: I don't WANT a forever listing of every motel I browse looking for a place for a night
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, if you click to close your Firefox, a popup will appear to ask you if you want to save your tabs of open web pages to open them automatically next time.
rich-c: my answer to that is automatic - no
rich-c: if I might want to go back I will bookmark the site
Dale: I'm not much of a bookmark user. But I do use that tab-reopening feature for sure.
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I like the idea of returning back to where I surfed last time, because I don't always remember and sometimes it was pages I wanted to check again but didn't bookmark them.
rich-c: I see Bob has managed to bounce himself again
Pamela: all of his selfs too (selves?)
rich-c: maybe he needs FF3 so he can come back quickly! ;-)
Daniel Bienvenu: You can also ask to save your open tabs in your bookmarks as a folder in your bookmark, and then go in your bookmark menu and ask to open the folder to get back all your tabs.
rich-c: I must say the session restoration feature is nice - I have that in FF2
rich-c: for some reason on certain lists (webmail, for instance) if I use shift/highlight/delte on a list, Firefox crashes
Daniel Bienvenu: What I did like with 3.0.0, which I think is not the case now, is a plugin named downloadhelper I can use to download video content from popular web site like youtube, in a very easy way if you know how.
rich-c: oh, I think I have a standalone freeware youTube grabber
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't tried yet mail and newsgroup with firefox 3, so I can't help.
rich-c: well webmail is of course different from your mailbox at your ISP; think gmail for instance
Daniel Bienvenu: to know more about firefox 3 and tips to make your experience better, you should try looking for a video about it.
Daniel Bienvenu: it help me the second day I tried firefox3
rich-c: I have been on the Mozilla/Firefox website but of course they just tell you the good stuff
rich-c: I have been using FF1 and 2 for a long time now, and have IE7Pro
rich-c: but I only have IE as a backup in case something goes wrong on Firefox
rich-c: anywaty, which Virtual Machine are you using?
Daniel Bienvenu: I installed windows xp with firefox 2 and opera 9. I find one page not working with opera, and firefox 2 crashed with some pages with flash.
rich-c: I have found Firefox 2 very tolerant of Flash, but crashing on webmail pages as I mentioned
rich-c: Frances does not use it so I can't tell how it behaves with Hotmail
Daniel Bienvenu: I tried with Firefox and works fine for me.
Cubs04: Well folks, not the Cubs night. But, we'll get it. I'll see you all next week
Pamela: night Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: talk to you next week, Guy
rich-c: OK Guy, night for now, see you next week
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm leaving too.
Cubs04: Poof'
Daniel Bienvenu: Goodnight Rich, Pam, Dale, Guy
Cubs04 left chat session
Pamela: nite daniel
rich-c: OK Daniel, I'll pursue the webmail detail with you next week (assuming I can get on)
Daniel Bienvenu: And Dale, people are thinking there should be a Dracula game, after watching my video about unreleased Coleco games.
rich-c: pour maintenant, bonsoir!
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir, bonne nuit
Daniel Bienvenu: aurevoir
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
rich-c: well, that sort of cuts down the house
Pamela: I guess I shall be off to find my kitchen counters
rich-c: right - take care and enjoy your off days
Pamela: I will. May see you on the weekend Dad, will let you know.
rich-c: night, Pam
Pamela: Night, Daddy
Pamela: Night, Dale
Pamela: kerpoof!
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: Dale, I think it's time I closed down too
rich-c: so far now, I bid you goodnight
rich-c: colour me gone!
rich-c left chat session
Dale: bye
Dale left chat session
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