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Dale: Hi Bob.
BobS: hi Dale
changed username to rich-c
Dale: Hi Richard.
BobS: richard, my man
Dale: Server's back up.
Dale: all is good.
BobS: where are you in this here continent today?
rich-c: hi, Bob and Dale
BobS: looks good form here Dale
BobS: jujst needed a kick int he backside?
rich-c: still in Corning, going home Sunday
BobS: having a fine time?
Dale: Just a small issue with my ISP.
Dale: But I got it sorted out last Thursday.
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rich-c: server been giving you trouble, Dale?
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
BobS: ah........the gateway to the internet
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rich-c: salut, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale told me the server was up. bonsoir!
Dale: Hi Daniel.
BobS: evening Daniel
changed username to Go Cubs
BobS: si senor
Dale: Well it has been back to normal since Thursday morning.
rich-c: this otel uses Roadrunner, which sucks
BobS: Guy, early ya are...........
Dale: Hi there Guy.
BobS: but you are here richard, so it works
Go Cubs: I'm on the notebook
rich-c: evening, Guy
BobS: TWO Chicago teams in playoffs..........AWESOME
Daniel Bienvenu: Question : is there a list of all the commercial software for the Coleco Adam?
rich-c: not without giving their tech spport some issues, and compromising my security systems
Dale: You mean authorized commercial products
rich-c: there wasn't that much made by Coleco
Dale: or do you include the 3rd party ones available by mail order?
Go Cubs: To me that's unbelievable the Sox won
rich-c: you plan to throw it back, Guy?
BobS: basically, you could go to ADAM's House and get a list, most is thereeither for sale or listed
Dale: has a pretty good list, like BobS says.
Go Cubs: Don't know yet
rich-c: you don't need Terry's list; mine should be equally comprehensve
Dale: Is it posted on the internet?
Dale: I know you've emailed it on occasion.
Go Cubs: I got a big Go Cubs poster in my balcony window among my Halloween decorations
BobS: true Richard
BobS: maybe better list
rich-c: actually I think one or other of the Slopsemas hs it posted somewhere, maybe Meeka
BobS: Daniel........go here and look for the list of richard's aDAM stuff for sale
BobS: tis right abover
BobS: above
rich-c: or send me an email and I'll send out the list as an attachment
rich-c: my list may be a little smaller because I won't sell pirated copies
rich-c: is MTAG still offering copies from its PD collection, Dale?
rich-c: test
BobS: ya
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm seeking more informations about the super games.
rich-c: anybody out there?
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changed username to Pamela
Pamela: well the all male contigent as usual, I see
rich-c: there are few copies of the Supergames left, except the PD titles
Pamela: Hi Dad
Pamela: Hi Dale, Daniel, Guy and Bob
BobS: hi Pam
rich-c: hi daughter - did you get the email your Mom sent at 8.15?
Pamela: I did, just finished reading it before coming here
Pamela: got a giggle, I did
rich-c: she expresses satisfaction
Pamela: good
rich-c: where are Meeka and Judy, Bob?
Pamela: to borrow a phrase (Sorry, Bob) are y'all havin a good time?
rich-c: oh yes, we ache all over and can barely stand up ;-)
Pamela: sounds like a good time to me : )
Daniel Bienvenu: eColeco did gives some informations, but not that much.
BobS: Meeka should be hime and Judy is here playin a game
Pamela: we haven't seen much of Meeka recently - Judy either
Pamela: I'm starting to feel a little conspicuous : )
Daniel Bienvenu: I still try to find unreleased ColecoVision stuff, and I was expected that super games may help to find some answers.
Dale: Well MTAG doesn't meet any more.
Dale: And we haven't sold anything since AdamCon 17 for sure.
rich-c: I think that subject has been very thoroughly studied already, Daniel - still, lˇn ne sait jamais
Dale: We also let our bank account close.
BobS: and the website also right?
BobS: seems liek I tried to go there recently
rich-c: Daniel - l'on
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changed username to Judy
Dale: I guess I took the website offline when I switched ISPs in December.
Go Cubs: Hi Pam
Judy: Hello, everyone
Go Cubs: Hi Judy
rich-c: finished your game, Judy? who won?
Pamela: MTAG had a website? Hmm
Pamela: Hi Judy
Pamela: Hi Guy
Dale: MTAG used to have a website.
Judy: I have arrived, was playing a game
Pamela: the things you learn : )
Judy: me
Pamela: what were you playing Judy?
rich-c: what were you playing? Adam Bomb?
Judy: spider solitair
Pamela: how many suits?
Judy: spelled wrong
Judy: a few
rich-c: heavens, she has been subverted by Windows
Pamela: I can only do the easy so far
Judy: was the med
Judy: can't seem to do the hard
Pamela: oh, like you've never played Freecell, Dad
rich-c: shhhh! my secret shame
Judy: was also playing suduko and won that also
Judy: was my night
Pamela: Russell plays the medium setting and usually does quite well at it
Pamela: I've never gotten the hang of it
rich-c: sudoku is Pamela's game
Pamela: I won't tell Daddy
Pamela: oh no , not me
Pamela: crosswords are my thing
Pamela: sudoku is Erin's thing
Judy: did have a couple of games that was almost to the end and couldn't quite finish
Daniel Bienvenu: For the Minigames cartridges, I'm shiping all the cartridges I have left to a gaming expo in Europe.
Judy: Meeka is really good at Suduko
rich-c: do you have someone to look after your interestss there, Daniel?
Judy: was over at her house this morning
Pamela: Guy plays it too, I believe, don't you?
Pamela: BTW Dad, you'd never guess what's back on the magazine racks
Dale: That's good Daniel.
Daniel Bienvenu: That will be 3 or 4 cartridges.
rich-c: uh, careful, Pam - I may not have noticed it left
Pamela: would you believe I found Games Magazine again after three or four years? Complete with Pencilwise intact - I was ecstatic
rich-c: I do recall you were fond of it at one time, but I had the impression you outgrew it
Dale: Don't forget to keep one for yourself.
Pamela: oh no, I had a subscription to it that continued long after I left home, but they went belly up a few years ago and I lost my subscription.
rich-c: so now the hiatus has ended, at least pro tem
Pamela: I get the impression they were bought and continued to publish, but didn't chase down those subscribers they lost
Pamela: too bad
Pamela: however, I'm willing to buy it off the shelf
Daniel Bienvenu: Thanks Pam, I have a question : Do some people here still have a magazine showing for the first time some Coleco products.
rich-c: once b itten, twice shy - for good reaSON
Pamela: when I couldn't find it on the magazine racks for a few months, I gave up
rich-c: I had a b unch of copies of Personal Computing, but either gave them to DR.D. or tossed them out
Pamela: that's a good question Daniel. I had some old, old copies of Games but don't know if they're still around. I can look and let you know but it may be a couple of weeks
rich-c: I gave a large part of my collection of newsletters to him to, for his archies
Daniel Bienvenu: I heard that we can find a ColecoVision picture with colored controllers in "Distribution aux Consommateurs" (Consumer Distribution?).
BobS: now THAT would be interesting Daniel
Pamela: Consumers Distributing catalogue???
rich-c: that would be the catalogue of Consumers Distributing, an early and unsuccessful discount store
Pamela: wow, I'll bet the catalogue would be a collectors item by now : )
Dale: It worked well for enough years, that I would consider it to be "failed" and not "unsuccessful"
BobS: probably owuld be Pam
rich-c: not really, Pam - fishrap tends to stay fishwrap even as it ages
Daniel Bienvenu: Because I'm searching for unreleased stuff, and I don't think they sell colored controllers, having the picture should be a nice.
rich-c: controller were always black for the Colecovision and tan for the Adam, Daniel
Pamela: I'd agree, Dale. I'm not sure, but I think that my first ring from Russell came from them - gives you an idea of how long ago - we're a month shy of 20 years
Daniel Bienvenu: And I'm looking at some games ads we find in computers and video game magazines... I'm looking for these ads telling "coming soon" of some games finally never released.
Go Cubs: Not a fan of sudoku
Daniel Bienvenu: The colored controller I'm talking about is supposed to be a regular Coleco controller, but with fire buttons orange or maybe blue.
rich-c: there were a number of them illustrated on the big boxes the Adams came in
rich-c: you aren
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't have the Coleco Adam box
rich-c: you aren't thinking of the Super Action Controllers, are you?
Daniel Bienvenu: I have 3 pictures of 3 different version of the Super Controllers
rich-c: they had a detachable hand grip so there were two ways to use them
rich-c: but I'm not aware of a third
Pamela: did we have any of those Dad?
rich-c: yes, I have a couple of them, including overlays for teh numbe pads and baseball
Pamela: I don't recall using them at all
Daniel Bienvenu: The 3 pictures I have show approximatly the same model, except that 2 of them have only 8 numbers plus * and
rich-c: great, hit the wrong key nd I print instead of correct - foiled again!
Daniel Bienvenu: #.
Pamela: you really need to teach your keyboard to spell Dad
rich-c: more likely poor photography than a production variant - there would be no point
Daniel Bienvenu: Someone find a picture of the roller controller with the label "trackball" on it.
Pamela: is anyone else freezing their toes off?
rich-c: yes, it was called the Roller Controller and that's what it was, a trackball
Daniel Bienvenu: There is a tv ad showing one model of the Super Action controller with only 8 numbers plus * and #.
Daniel Bienvenu: so it's not a misprint
rich-c: so with four three-number lines, what did they do with the blanks?
Pamela: where are you finding this stuff, Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: no, it's 5 lines of 2 keys : 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, *-#.
Daniel Bienvenu: someone did publish the ads on youtube and I used it in the montage I talked about some time ago.
rich-c: no one knows everything Coleco might have prototyped in-house, but nothing like that was ever seen in public
BobS: the one thing i wished i had my hands on is the 1200 baud modem that Jim Notini had his hands on at one time
rich-c: and after all, you-tube is the ultimate proof seeing isn't always believing
BobS: and one of the wafer consoles..............if indeed they did exist
Judy: but you don't need anymore stuff in the basement
Pamela: what's a wafer console,
Pamela: Bob?
Pamela: Have I mentioned where I inherited my packrat tendencies from, Judy? : )
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, you should take a look at the montage I did. you may be surprized. But, I'm really seeking for ads, pictures and informations about old Coleco stuff that may be was prototypes, etc.
Judy: yes, you have and he is that way with computer stuff
BobS: they used a wafer or circiut board like a game board to put info on..........was supposedly the first prototype Coleco showed
BobS: before they went to the data pack idea
Dale: Stringy floppy wafer storage instead of the tape ("datapaks")
Daniel Bienvenu:
Pamela: no wonder I'm confused - on the one hand, I look at the mess and think " we really need to clean this out"
BobS: by 'stringy' you mean what Dale?
Pamela: and on the other hand, i'm thinking "but what if we need it"?
Dale: The story on the tape drive is that it replaced the wafer storage about two weeks before the Adam manufacturing went into production.
Dale: The supplier couldn't make them available when Coleco needed them most.
Dale: So they dropped them and replaced them with the tapes.
Pamela: ah, okay
Dale: Stringy floppies were supposed to be like an 8-track tape, with the information on a tape that never ended.
Dale: cheaper than floppy discs/mb at the time, and similar seek time advantages over regular tape drives.
Daniel Bienvenu: I should have these missing footageof all the CES editions 1982 to 1984.
Daniel Bienvenu: And specially these presskit Coleco distributed with a lot of prototypes and fake things in it
Pamela: fake things?
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, like the fake Coleco Adam that looks nothing like what they released, and the false game screen of upcoming games.
Pamela: gotcha
rich-c: those were the product of the rush to maket - everybody was turning out vapourware back then
Pamela: wonder what happened to some of those game ideas
BobS: IF you want to see the wafer drive ADAM, go to the site Daniel listed above and yo will see it Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: I think Neil show us 3 years ago many newspaper articles and coleco ads. and if I remember well, one picture show something that was supposed to be super game waffer tapes but looks nothing like a tape or cartridge. Do someone remember that?
rich-c: I don't, but you can always s Neil directly, after all
Daniel Bienvenu: Neil didn't answered my last email... he must be very busy.
rich-c: well, as you know Daniel, a certain percentage of emails just vanish into the depths of hte 'net
Daniel Bienvenu: you are right, I will try again.
Pamela: many of Neil's e-mails go astray
rich-c: but I could also see Neil being to busy to anawer and needing a reminder
Pamela: oh yeah
Pamela: Daniel, is this youtube video narrated by you?
Daniel Bienvenu: In that case, I will try shipping to him an envelop with a birthday card.
Pamela: or more to the point, did you write the script?
Daniel Bienvenu: It's a computer voice, but I wrote the text.
Daniel Bienvenu: Is there a problem?
Pamela: no, it just took me a few minutes to realize what I was listening to - this is cool!
BobS: Daniel in disguise
Pamela: If I lag on responses, it's because I'm watching the video
BobS: so was I
Daniel Bienvenu: I asked to someone (blue sky ranger) to give me more information about the coleco-voice... a module they wanted to do for the ColecoVision, almost like the IntelliVoice for the IntelliVision.
Daniel Bienvenu: BSR changes their web site ... and deleted pictures of prototypes, but still have them. He-Man 1 and 2 for the ColecoVision game system.
Pamela: that was really interesting Daniel
rich-c: now maybe Dale will get the chat archived so we won't lose the link
Daniel Bienvenu: If you are watching my video about unreleased stuff, notice that the game named Papa Smurf's Treasure Hunt was later renamed Smurfette's Birthday and was planed to be released for ColecoVision, Atari2600 and Intelivision... but the proof of it is in the different presskit Coleco made.
Pamela: it appears there's a lot of archived stuff out there regarding Coleco and the Adam
Daniel Bienvenu: It's almost time to go... so, thank you for your help and try to find back old magazines with ads about Coleco stuff, maybe you will find one with "coming soon for ColecoVision" for a game finaly never released.
BobS: will try to remember and look Danikel
Pamela: ask me about it next week Daniel - we'll see if I unearth anything
rich-c: we will look, Daniel
Pamela: I have ambitions towards tackling the back room this weekend and one of the things I want to do is go through all the old magazines I have.
Pamela: If I do find old Games magazines I'll be sure to put aside anything referencing Coleco games. Unfortunately I don't have any way of knowing what was released and what wasn't
Pamela: I wonder if Rich would have any interest in old Star Trek Magazines
BobS: thas a NO prollem, Pamela it al and let Daniel decide
Pamela: my thoughts exactly, Bob
BobS: GREAT minds think alike !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Pamela: : )
Pamela: unfortunately I think I'll be filling up a lot of space in our recycling bins
Daniel Bienvenu: thank you so much. take care everybody. goodnite! bye!
Pamela: anyone taking bets on whether I can convince Russell to get rid of some of his old Scientific Americans?
BobS: nite Daniel
Pamela: goodnite Daniel
rich-c: that's OK, always helps to set a good example
BobS: you lose Pam
rich-c: bonsoir, daiel
Pamela: I hate to admit it but you're probably right, Bob
Daniel Bienvenu: Scientific Americans, Pam?
Pamela: oui
Judy: night Daniel
Pamela: magazines, Daniel
Pamela: why?
Judy: you maybe have to make a deal, you get rid of something if he gets rid of them
Dale: I'm tired again tonight
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, if one of these magazine show the evidence of subduction of the ocean tectonic plates, keep them.
Dale: so I guess I should call it a night.
Dale: Bye all.
Pamela: gnite Dale
rich-c: nite Dale
Judy: so am I Dale, after moving Mandy this week-end I have been beyond tired
Judy: night Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: there is a absurde and growing movement about "subduction is a lie" and "the earth is growing".
BobS: nite Dale, I amalmost asleep here also.........not like last week when I just plain FELL asleep at the keyboard .....but....
rich-c: know the feeling, Judy - get your shuteye
Daniel Bienvenu: bye!
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Pamela: bonsoir
Pamela: go to bed Bob
Pamela: you too Judy
Pamela: see you next week
Go Cubs: Night Bob
Pamela: I know the feeling, I've been short on sleep all week
Pamela: as soon as himself gets home I'm going to bed
BobS: nite kids..............
Dale left chat session
rich-c: night Bob, talk to you from home next week
BobS: yup .............. be safe on your return trip Richard
Pamela: no wonder i'm chilly it's a toasty 9 degrees out
BobS left chat session
rich-c: have you checked the house, Pam?
Judy: night all until next week
Pamela: not yet Dad, haven't had time
Judy left chat session
rich-c: don't forget to grab some tomatoes
Pamela: was going this weekend ( and still may) but not much point if you'll be home Sunday
Go Cubs: Cubs lost game 1 7-2
Pamela: does that say 17 to 2???
Pamela: OUCH
Go Cubs: Yep, that says it all
Go Cubs: 7-2
Pamela: i'll put it on the to-do list Papa
rich-c: doesn't matter now, Guy - or have the playoffs started?
Pamela: oh, game one by 7 to 2
Pamela: okay that's a little better
Go Cubs: Yes, the NLDS has started. Milwaukee got in as the wild card and they lost to the Phillies
rich-c: what bets the Series finishes in a snowstom?
Go Cubs: Well, guess will be taking Annie out soon. Will see you all next week
Pamela: no takers : )
Pamela: night Guy
rich-c: nite Guy
Go Cubs: Poof
Go Cubs left chat session
Pamela: so you're planning on Sunday Dad?
rich-c: oh, how did the Argos do last weekend?
Pamela: um, I think we lost to Calgary
Pamela: check TSN - that will tell you
rich-c: yes, home around dinner time Snday
Pamela: and Mom will probably kill me for telling you this but
Pamela: are you aware that TSN is webcasting and archiving all the CFL games?
Pamela: you can watch them online
Pamela: (Please Mom, don't disinherit me!)
rich-c: yes, I discovered some of that a few weeks ago
Pamela: The game that was broadcast on TSN 2, Russell watched it online
Pamela: and the two that he missed over the weekend while we were away
rich-c: but we have only one web connection when travelling, and one computer
rich-c: what do they charge for the archived games?
Pamela: nothing
Pamela: we wouldn't pay to get them
Pamela: even Russell is not that fanatic
rich-c: TSN giving something away free? quick, loan me the telescope, before those two blue moons vanish
Pamela: can't, it's still at the trailer : )
Pamela: our last weekend snuck up on us
Pamela: we're planning to go up on Thanksgiving weekend to bring it down
rich-c: btw, we can now get TSN2 on StarChoice
Pamela: we can't
Pamela: and Russell was not too happy about being pre-empted for golf
rich-c: no deal yet with Rogers?
Pamela: maybe for digital but not for regular cable
Pamela: I try to deal with Rogers as little as possible
rich-c: well who is your cable supplier?
Pamela: Rogers, but I don't talk to them if I can avoid it
Pamela: and so far I've been avoiding it very well thank you
rich-c: I have heard there is good reason for doing so
Pamela: ya think?
rich-c: so t'is said
Pamela: oh I could tell some stories
Pamela: but not by typing : )
Pamela: I must say I love being connected by internet while you're away
rich-c: especially archived typing that's published
Pamela: just think, not a single long distance charge for the entire time
rich-c: well, connected is an over-generous usze of the term
Pamela: hark, the husband cometh
rich-c: OK, sorry about shouting - didn't notice the caps lock on
Pamela: well I'm talking to you so that's worth something
Pamela: s'alright
Pamela: anyway Papa, I'm exhausted
rich-c: true and it is very helpful I must admit
Pamela: I love getting Mom's travelogues
rich-c: and Russel's there so you'd better take off
rich-c: talk to you Sunday if not befoe
Pamela: oh, I can talk to him anytime
Pamela: but sleep, however . . .
Pamela: that's another kettle of fish altogether
rich-c: sleep tight
Pamela: you too
Pamela: safe trip home please
rich-c: night, then
Pamela: call me Sunday when you get home, okay?
rich-c: OK
Pamela: night Daddy, love you
Pamela: kerpoof
rich-c: night night
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: take care
rich-c left chat session
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