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LucMiron: Yellow. :)
rich-c: salut Daniel, Luc
LucMiron: Daniel's in the Garden. You'll have to type louder. :P
rich-c: I noticed - has he gone in to contemplate his navel? ;-)
LucMiron: Or smell the roses... ;)
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rich-c: do you think we should interrupt him to tell him it's nine o'clock now?
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: Wow! I'm in two places at the same time. LOL
rich-c: ah, no need, he has come to join us
LucMiron: I don't think that will be necessary. :)
Daniel Bienvenu requested to ban Daniel Bienvenu
LucMiron confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
rich-c: hi Daniel (again)
LucMiron: Why is it always me who has to confirm the deletion of dead connections...?
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, it's 9 o'clock now. and here I am.
LucMiron: So what's up Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: The popup appear to everybody
Daniel Bienvenu: you can cancel the popup and hope someone else say YES
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm fine. But some people in the city are sick... flu and cold, specially in bus.
rich-c: that does not help at all - respiratory germs spread so far and so fast
LucMiron: We just lost our F1 Grand Prix (biiiiig deal...).
Daniel Bienvenu: Harvey deKleine is asking me if I did take a decision about a batch of pcbs to make more cartridges. But it depends also if it will be possible to make more new cartridges, and if the depression is not getting us.
rich-c: yes, apparently they were very rude about it - didn't even offer a phone call to say they were doing it
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changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi all
rich-c: hi Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Dale! Hopefully, you are online with us.
LucMiron: I'm going to Eduado's on Saturday to pick up his cartridge mold.
Dale: I'm still getting Jeffrey to bed.
LucMiron: Hi Dale.
Dale: Exciting news Luc.
Daniel Bienvenu: We really need to answer Harvey deKleine email tonight, so we need to know how many pcbs we need from him... and I can pay for about 100 right now.
Dale: I can also pay for 100 I guess.
rich-c: so you three will have one more controlling supply source in your own hands?
Dale: But I won't need them until spring from what I can see.
LucMiron: @Dale, yeah, but I'm worried about finding a plastic manuafacturer not too far from where I live... There are many unknown issues...
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm not sure, but I think there is a good chance to find a good deal in Ontario for the plastic.
Dale: If you know the measurements, and have pictures of it, someone who has injection mould equipment should be able to tell you quickly if they can use the mould or not.
LucMiron: For one thing, the mold might be incompatible with the machinery that are available here.
rich-c: things are getting soft economically here; you may be right, Daniel
Dale: told me about 30 or so injection mould places within driving distance of Toronto.
rich-c: sounds like a promising start, Dale
LucMiron: I have pics, and I have someone at work who is currently contacting some people he knows in the business. We'll see how it goes.
Dale: The places I've talked to usually have three different injection moulding machines, so that they can handle a variety of objects.
Daniel Bienvenu: Based on what you said, even transparent cartridges can be done with this mold.
Dale: That could be cool Daniel.
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changed username to BobS
LucMiron: Another variable is the number of cartrdiges to produce. Ordering 1000 casings may make some companies laugh.
BobS: hi kids !!!!!!
Dale: Hi Bob
rich-c: what is important is the suitability of the plastic, not its colour, surely?
BobS: no, color is EVERYTHING
rich-c: evening, Roberto
BobS: :-)
BobS: hi richard
BobS: what we debating?
LucMiron: Hi Bob.
Dale: Well there are lots of companies that specialize in short runs.
BobS: ki Luc
BobS: hi
Dale: But the setup fee then becomes the killer part.
LucMiron: @Dale: Yeah, but I don't have a car, so transportation is a problem.
rich-c: yes, basically it's the same for 100 or 100 thousand
LucMiron: setup fee?
LucMiron: Well, I'm hoping to do business with a small company who doesn't mind doing short runs.
Dale: Usually there is a fixed fee to start producing the moulded product, then a cost per "shot"
Dale: The cost per shot may be only $0.20, but the setup fee could be $2000
Dale: So if you produce 100, the cost is $20 each
Daniel Bienvenu: 1000 cartridges seems fair enough. that means about 10 new games, 100 cartridges each (which is exagerated in the actual context), but 15 new games, 75 cartridges each is more realistic. And that gives us 3 games between 3 programmers.
Dale: But if you make 20000 the cost is $0.40
Dale: each
Daniel Bienvenu: and the rest for random projects to random people
LucMiron: I'm sure I can find buyers for 1000 casings. J-F wants to order at least 500. (God knows what he wants to do with that many).
LucMiron: 200 for Dale...
LucMiron: 350 for Steve Tucker (IIRC)
Daniel Bienvenu: Personnaly, if J-F plan is to do graphic hack in actual roms and sell them as new games, he will not sell 500 cartridges.
rich-c: maybe J-F wants a lifetime supply so he doesn't have to go through the whole search again
Daniel Bienvenu: well, that is what I think based on what I understand J-F is doing.
Dale: So Daniel, should I send the $300 to harvey directly?
LucMiron: Perhaps. I'm only renting the mold from Eduardo for a year, so better make it count.
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale, did you received my email with Harvey deKleine's price list?
Dale: I did.
Dale: Before this week, you convinced me to just wait to order until we needed the next batch.
Daniel Bienvenu: I will contact Harvey right now telling that we are going to pay for 200 pcbs, because it's what we can purchase for now.
Dale: sounds good.
Daniel Bienvenu: He will reply with the way to pay him
Dale: Perfect.
LucMiron: 200 pcbs? Sounds like you've got a new CV release coming... Am I right?
Dale: We have two or three things planned in the next two years.
LucMiron: I know of Dracula. Not sure if Jewel Panic will ever get out the door... ;-)
Dale: Right now I think I have 100 blank eproms for my next big project.
LucMiron: (just kidding, Daniel)
rich-c: do you folks have a website where you are selling your game cartridges?
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changed username to Pamela
LucMiron: Well, I have, but it's not my personal site.
LucMiron: Ha Pam.
rich-c: hi daughter
Daniel Bienvenu: No, I have no new game coming... but yes I'm planning to release new games in the future.
Pamela: Here I am
Pamela: Hi Luc, Hi Dad
Dale: Hi Pam
Pamela: Hi Dale and Daniel and Bob
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale, I'm sending the message to Harvey, but I want to know first if you will be ok to find the eprom for the pcbs.
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Bob too... I miss your log-in here.
Pamela: and how is everyone?
LucMiron: IIRC, the only current problem with Jewel Panic is that the "bejeweled" title placed on top of the playfield doesn't have enough tiles to be replaced by "Jewel Panic". Right?
Dale: Well, like I say, I have 100 right now that I paid $1.20 each for I guess.
Dale: And that's beyond the minigame ones.
Daniel Bienvenu: In the city, some people are sick... cold and flu, mostly in the bus like the one I take every morning. I try to not be sick myself.
Dale: I maybe could afford the other ones that Harvey has in about a month.
Pamela: it's going around here too Daniel
Pamela: I'm surrounded at work
Dale: Around the time that the new PCBs are done.
Dale: But if he wants to sell them quicker, I'd understand.
rich-c: maybe, Daniel, it's time to get yourself a sanitary face mask and to hell with how silly it makes one look
Dale: Are you working now Daniel?
Pamela: eat healthy, get enough rest and wash your hands
rich-c: I think I've got my flu shot for this year but I'd better check
Pamela: like I'm one to talk : )
Daniel Bienvenu: I have one, but it's not virus-proof.
Pamela: nothing is virus proof Daniel
rich-c: a decent level of virus resistance will do, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: I can'T say I'm working because I've got no real money... it's more a way to get even more experience.
Dale: so like an intership I guess.
Dale: internship
rich-c: anything real on the horizon, Daniel?
LucMiron: . o O (I guess Daniel missed my question...)
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm still sending more CV with hope.
rich-c: this is not the best time to be job huntiong - but it isn't the United States, either
Dale: Luc, do you think he should shorten it to: Jewel Pain?
LucMiron: LOL!
Daniel Bienvenu: @Luc : Yes, I miss your question. And the answer is : yes, I have to rework the charset and the software to manage using the new title logo in game... or I will have to simply cut it from the game screen.
LucMiron: Jewel Pain in the @$$.
Dale: lol
Pamela: : )
rich-c: in English, PITA
Pamela: By the way Dad, before I forget, Happy Anniversary to you and Mom
LucMiron: Well, if I could, I'd take a crack at it, if it's only graphic work with ICVGM.
rich-c: thank you, Pamela, I will pass it on
Daniel Bienvenu: it's more complicated than that, Luc. to fit the new title logo on the top of the game screen, I have to change the way I'm using the charset for the ingame graphics.
LucMiron: I made some impressive race car sprites for another project, last week.
Dale: A turbo style game?
Dale: Or top down?
LucMiron: No, more like Micro Machine.
Dale: right
Daniel Bienvenu: And to keep the charset logic and easy to use for the game, without causing any unoptimized losing time case, I must think a lot.
LucMiron: This game has an impressive multi-directional scrolling engine for the track.
LucMiron: @Daniel: But is it still something that you can figure out just with ICVGM?
Dale: It's not sounding like it Luc.
Dale: One day I'd like to make that Horse Racing game that was in the box art of the ColecoVision.
Dale: If I ever start that one seriously, I'll contact you Luc.
Daniel Bienvenu: @Luc : Yes and no. it depends on the way I rearrange the charset and the way I can code it for still having a fast straight forward graphic response every single time.
LucMiron: Yeah, but don't you just load the entire charset into VRAM before the game begins?
LucMiron: @Dale: I'm still waiting for your request for help for Dracula.
Dale: Luc, the actual ranges of character numbers have special meanings in the game engine.
LucMiron: Oh, so you're working mostly with the name table to manage the jewels. Okay...
Daniel Bienvenu: It's too hard to explain here, but I really have to change the way I'm using the charset if I use the new title screen logo, and because of that the code need to be adapted.
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changed username to BobS
Dale: Welcome back Bob.
LucMiron: How about using a logo that's not so hard to integrate?
BobS: all of a sudden things stopped workign
rich-c: letting the battery run down again, Bob? 8-)
LucMiron: The one you have now for Bejeweled is rather simple-looking. A similar one could be done for Jewel Panic.
Daniel Bienvenu: Jewel, Minigames, Dracula... or a completly new game... I need to think about priority.
BobS: nope, chat just stopped working
Daniel Bienvenu: I want to finish the minigames for next year adamcon... maybe starting a tradition at the same time.
BobS: so I X'd out of it andf refreshed the thing and popped back on
BobS: heck I am plugged in tonight
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Daniel Bienvenu: a logo not so hard to integrate, will have to reuse some chars in itself.
changed username to Judy
rich-c: good evening, Judy
Pamela: Hi Judy
Judy: Hi, everyone
Daniel Bienvenu: Dracula, november next year, a must have.
LucMiron: Hi Judy.
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Judy
Judy: how is everyone?
LucMiron: How many chars does the current top-logo use, approximately?
rich-c: hanging in there, Judy - how about you-all?
Judy: I am good
BobS: had a yucky day to day, rained all day
BobS: workign outside........
rich-c: it's so nice to be home with a computer that works again
Judy: how was the trip?
Dale: I did a night hike tonight. I had 7 of my 20 kids come out
Dale: We got wet, but it was fun.
LucMiron: . o O (I guess Guy Foster will be a no-show tonight. Too bad, I wanted to show him my progress with the Gulkave box art.)
rich-c: quite successful, Judy, hit every museum for 50 miles around, had some nice dinners
rich-c: the biggest hassle was the internet connection - Roadrunner, hardwired
Pamela: for five at most I think Dad, depending on whether
Pamela: Erin joins us
Pamela: darn enter key!
Judy: sounds like a good way to go, lots of eating out
Pamela: I was quite jealous - I would have liked to go too
rich-c: well, unfortunatelty Corning has few offerings between salted grease nad well upscale
rich-c: did find an Old Country Buffet one night, and another an upscale place so good they could cut it in Toronto
Pamela: Old Country Buffet - is that the place we went to a couple of times in Chicago Dad?
Daniel Bienvenu: @Luc : If the logo can fit into 32 characters, it should be fine.
LucMiron: 32 tiles? I'll see what I can do. :)
rich-c: could be, Pam, they have built quite a chain, and have just bought another 2,000 restaurant group
Pamela: all you can eat for $11.95, I think it was
Daniel Bienvenu: The actual blocky BEJEWELED one did take only 15 chars
LucMiron: @Daniel: What are the dimensions of the top-logo again, in the name table?
Daniel Bienvenu: because it re-used many chars in it
rich-c: that's about staqndard for an American buffet now, I think
Pamela: beats the heck out of $20 for Tuckers
Pamela: although I must admit the food at Tuckers is pretty good
rich-c: Tuckers is too far away for us
Daniel Bienvenu: BEJEWELED = 18x2, and I didn't count the exclamation mark at the end.
Pamela: Dixon Road is becoming another food alley
LucMiron: @Daniel: Okay, thanks. Expect to hear from me in a few days. :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: do not rush for it, I don't expect to release it in the next days of weeks, even if it should be cool.
rich-c: we'll have to see what Bob and Judy can find for the next Adamcon
Pamela: Is Cheddars still in business, Judy?
LucMiron: @Daniel: Sure, of course. But if I manage to make a 18x2 logo with 32 tiles, will the rest of the work be easy for you, or are there other difficult issues to resolve?
Judy: no, they are gone, is now a Sam's gas station
Pamela: : (
BobS: BUT there are other good restaurants here
rich-c: you'll have to get scouting so we have good places to eat
BobS: Texas Roadhosue
Judy: was too bad we liked the place
Pamela: I'd be happy to go back to the same hotel again if they're still in business and under the same management
BobS: got to check
Pamela: we loved it - was the Comfort Inn, wasn't it?
rich-c: you have an Old Country Buffet, don't you, Bob?
BobS: yup
BobS: yup
Judy: the first hotel that we used is now turning into a car lot
BobS: for AC09
Judy: but the last one is still there
BobS: the last one. AC14 was the Comfort
LucMiron: There's a Comfort Inn just next to my office, in Brossard (south of MTL)
Daniel Bienvenu: @Luc : Yes, more easier.
Pamela: IIRC the room was very compact but well laid out
rich-c: yes, I think it's a Canadian chain, Luc - Choice Hotels
Judy: what is the situation with Dr D and Erin?
Pamela: had a king sized bed and a good bathroom
Pamela: they're cleared for crossing
rich-c: well, Erin had her interview and they are mailing her her Green Card
Pamela: Erin speculates they will move her after the New Year
Judy: it is about time!!!
Pamela: well she's cleared by immigration
rich-c: you'd better bet they agree with you, Judy
Pamela: now she just has to clear Homeland Security at the border
Judy: yes, she is a major security risk
rich-c: just send her out through Niagara Falls - the HS droids there can almost be mistaken for human beings
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale, do you think it is possible to code a self-extract archive under 15 MB to generate about 100 MB of HTML coding based on part of the english version of wikipedia?
Pamela: they were told to expect to be an hour or so the first time she crosses into the US
BobS: I KNEW she was a terrorist from the git-go
Pamela: they will cross at Fort Erie
rich-c: wrong answer - Fort Erie has truck. Niagara doesn't
BobS: hs droids..............mindless morons ??????
Pamela: yes but Niagara Falls is out of the way for them Dad
rich-c: yes, most of them fit that description
Pamela: we didn't have any trouble at FE in June
Pamela: the trucks go off to a separate line
Pamela: it was just all the other Canucks day tripping that we had to wait for
rich-c: well, we have found Niagara much more comfortable than Fort Erie of Lewiston
Pamela: now coming back, we were the only ones in the entire border plaza
LucMiron: Woohoo! Night Court Season 2 on DVD on February 2nd 2009!
Pamela: I recommend crossing the Canadian border at 8:00 pm on Wednesday evening
Pamela: Lord, Luc! Seriously??
Judy: why Wed ?
rich-c: coming into Canada we have never had any problems - barely have to stop the car
Daniel Bienvenu: I saw a web page giving about 1000$ if we can be about at least 1% the previous record of doing a self-extracting archive to generate a specific 100MB file just text with html codes in it. The actual record is about 16MB and was not beaten since a few years.
LucMiron: Night Court:
Pamela: well that's the day we went across and it was DEAD
Pamela: coming home that is
Pamela: I guess all those people we went across with had either already returned or weren't ready to come home yet
Judy: we don't have any trouble coming or going, they only ask a couple of questions and send us on our way
Pamela: us either, they don't look twice at us
rich-c: anyway, all our group should now be able to make it to Grand Rapids, no sweat
Pamela: we'll have to all have passports by that point though
Judy: that is good, then we will have to get the process going
LucMiron: If the customs officer makes us pull over when we come back on Saturday night and they see Eduardo's mold in the trunk, I'll have some explaining to do... :)
rich-c: you wont be crossing any borders, Judy
Pamela: no the convention process Dad
Judy: unless they change there minds again and extend the time line again
rich-c: why, Luc? is it that big and expensive?
Pamela: oh, let's hope not - the D's are stressed enough as it is
Judy: no, not for the convention if we have it here
LucMiron: It's small (20x25x18 cm), but it's quite heavy, and it may look a little suspicious to someone who has never seen a mold like this before.
Dale: Well Daniel, it would be interesting to try.
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rich-c: I think the douaniers are pretty used to strange cargos - tell them it's hobby equipement (which it is)
Dale: You saw in my seminar that there are lots of good improvements you can make when you look at the data a bit first.
Pamela: I obviously missed something
changed username to Guy B.
Daniel Bienvenu:
BobS: as of June 1, 2009 the rules (now) state passports or passport card needed to cross borders
Pamela: what is the mould of, and why are you going across the border?
Pamela: Hi Guy
Guy B.: Greetings!!! Have some great news
Judy: what did you miss, Pam?
Judy: hi, Guy
rich-c: hello Guy - what's the word?
Pamela: tell all, Guy
LucMiron: @Pamela: The mould is used to make ColecoVision cartridge casings. I'm renting it from my friend Eduardo Mello, who lives in Franklin Massachussets
Guy B.: My insurance approved my new Freedom speech processor unit. It's on it's way to me
Pamela: ah, okay Luc
rich-c: right, that's a high-end hearing device, right?
Pamela: that is good news Guy
Judy: that is good
Pamela: only took you four months of fighting with the insurance company to get it : )
LucMiron: Very good Guy!
rich-c: might be worth checking teh Customs tariff on industrial machinery, Luc - bet molds are duty free anyway
Guy B.: After going back and forth for the past 3 months. Just needed some change and now they will pick up the cost
Guy B.: So, now the next step is the programming with my audiologist and trying it out.
Daniel Bienvenu: Before I forgot, may I remind you to take a look at your old computer magazines to find reviews about CES 1982-1983-1984 and 1985... and maybe also some ads telling "coming soon" games for the Colecovision but we know they was never released?
Daniel Bienvenu: Also, some ads from "distribution aux consomateurs"... which I can't remember the name in english.
Pamela: we did some cleaning over the weekend Daniel - it appears I got rid of all my old Games magazines some time ago : (
Pamela: I thought they were still on the top shelves in the back room
Pamela: Consumers Distributing : )
Dale: And if you have a rental receipt you probably wouldn't have to pay taxes in either direction.
LucMiron: Consumers Distributing
LucMiron: Drats. Beat me to it.
Daniel Bienvenu: I will have to leave very soon to not sleep during the day tomorow.
Pamela: you wouldn't have if the subject hadn't come up last week Luc- I didn't have to do any translating this time: )
LucMiron: LOL
Pamela: so when do you get the speech processor Guy?
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm currently trying to backup some files on a dvd-r.
Dale: Daniel, that compression competition hasn't made any progress in more than a year.
rich-c: so maybe that makes it a good time for you guys to try it, Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: @Dale : I know, but there is many a simple answer... the actual winner is giving up, and this give us the chance to try something else. I'm sure there is a way to compress even more.
rich-c: there seems to be a pretty hot level of programming ingenuity in the group
Pamela: (it's flippin freezing in here)
Daniel Bienvenu: (replace many be maybe)
BobS: tis almost summer yet Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: (and be by by)
Daniel Bienvenu: (anyway)
LucMiron: Oh, I just remembered: I didn't tell you guys about my bike trip across the Champlain estacade, did I?
Judy: don' t you have the heat on yet, Pam?
rich-c: not this week, Bob - there's a cold rain down your way, iirc
Pamela: not till the 15th Judy
rich-c: you didn't, Luc - so do tell us now
Daniel Bienvenu: @Dale : it's probably time to try something completly new to compress the archive.
Pamela: the stupid part is, it's supposed to be up in the low 20's over the weekend
Judy: 15th of what?
Pamela: so when we finally do get heat, we'll be roasting
Pamela: October
BobS: you don't GET the heat turned on until the 15th????????
LucMiron: Well, everything was fine for the first part of the trip (took the subway with my bike to the metro station closest to the Champlain Bridge, crossed the estacade, and made it all the way to the building where I work...)
Pamela: nope. Goes on 10/15 and off 04/15
Judy: sometimes you just have to give in and turn it on early, it has been really cold here
Pamela: was down to just above freezing last night
BobS: landlord controls the boiler?????
Pamela: actually I don't mind the bedroom cold, but it's darn chilly in the living room
Daniel Bienvenu: If I look at 7zip, it is actually compressing simple plain text files at 3% of the original size.
rich-c: and the law controls the landlotrd
Pamela: yes Bob
BobS: bummer dudes
LucMiron: But it's on the way back that the adventure really began for me.
BobS: I control my thermostat
Judy: that is the pits, good reason to find a new place to live
Pamela: one among many : )
rich-c: what happened, Luc?
Pamela: what happened Luc?
Daniel Bienvenu: So, I don't understand why people can't beat the actual compression record.
Daniel Bienvenu: the answer is certainly inside the data of the file to compress.
LucMiron: Well, the thing I learned (the ahrd way) is that bikes are not allowed in the subway during rush hour (between 4PM and 7PM).... ... ... And I arrived at the metro station at 4PM. :-o
Pamela: oops
LucMiron: ahrd=hard
Daniel Bienvenu: charivari?
Pamela: so . . .?
LucMiron: So I had to ride my bike aimlessly in downtown Montreal for 3 hours.
rich-c: and of course tyhat's just when you want to be riding Montreal roads
Pamela: you should have found a nice cafe to wait it out : )
rich-c: couldn't you have ridden home even in three hours?
LucMiron: The worst part was when I ran out of water (I had brought a small containter with me, but it couldn't possibly last me that long), and I couldn't fnid a public fountain in any nearby park. At a certain point, I got so thirsty that it hurt my throat when I tried to swallow.
Pamela: no fountains in the parks. What is the world coming to?
rich-c: yes, my throat is like that every morning even though I'm breathing moisturized air
LucMiron: @rich: Nah, I didn't want to try crossing the entire island of Montreal during rush hour.
BobS: Judy says BYE, her computer battery died
BobS requested to ban Judy
rich-c confirmed ban
LucMiron confirmed ban
Dale confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
Pamela: night, Judy
LucMiron: @Pamela: Actually, it's quite normal that there would be no fountains in downtown Montreal...
rich-c: think of the publicity if you actuallymade it and lived! a new record!
rich-c: night, Judy
Dale: Daniel, are you saying we should just 7zip it? <grin>
Pamela: really? the parks in Toronto usually have one
Pamela: the larger ones, anyway
rich-c: yes, but they rarely work
LucMiron: @Pamela: Any water fountain in downtown Montreal would be coveted by the homeless people who "live" there. It would become a public security problem.
Pamela: how long ago did you do this Luc?
rich-c: just work out your own algorithm, Dale - after all, look how long it took to get from crunch to 7zip
Pamela: groan, Dale
LucMiron: It was last August, at about the time that Guy Foster left for Australia.
rich-c: when is Guy due back?
Pamela: He's back Dad
Pamela: they came home last Thursday I believe
LucMiron: I got an e-mail from Guy rencently. He should be back by now, from what he told me.
rich-c: oh, just not here
LucMiron: He's probably still suffering from jet lag. :P He's be on here tomorrow at 7AM, probably. :P
LucMiron: He's = He'll
Pamela: well according to his facebook he's working on closing the pool and winterizing the house
rich-c: that would figure! which reminds me, we haven't heard from james lately
LucMiron: Anyway, my bike story has a happy ending, sort of...
rich-c: as in, you got home?
Pamela: hot and sweaty and thirsty, but happy . . .
LucMiron: After finding some water and filling my bottle, I was near my brother's house, so I went to visit him.
Pamela: yes James has been a no-show for quite a few weeks
rich-c: and got invited to dinner?
Pamela: and . . . bought a lottery ticket on the way and won a million bucks, right?
LucMiron: He actually invited me for supper, and I accepted. 7PM came not too long after I finished eating, and I took the subway home soon after.
BobS: speaking of............Ronald Mitchell ..........anybody had any contact with him since convention??????
LucMiron: I really wasn't expecting to be invited to stay for supper.
Pamela: so how far did you actually ride, Luc?
rich-c: ddidn't hang around for a beer to kill the thirst? ;-)
Pamela: just his one post to the coladam list Bob
LucMiron: @rich: I never touch alcohol. Even on special occasions.
BobS: missed taht maybe....what did it say?
Pamela: did you see it?
Pamela: YOU MISSED IT???
BobS: probably
BobS: me and hte lsit are an on again, off again relationship
BobS: the list
BobS: some come thru, others NOT
Pamela: the one about him selling his house, moving to Qualicom, and getting married in a month?
LucMiron: How far I rode? Hard to say. Suffice it to say that was by (very) far the longuest bike ride I ever took.
BobS: didn't get that one
BobS: when did you get that emila my dear?????
Pamela: lemme check - brb
rich-c: can you forward that to him, Pam, or shall I?
BobS: please foreaward it
rich-c: I'll have to dig it out of the other computer - maybe Pam can do it faster
Pamela: it was September 13th
BobS: nope didn;t get it dfor sure
rich-c: can you forward it to Bob?
Pamela: yup - but refresh me on e-mail addy please Bob
LucMiron: Ooh! Look at the time! I have a big day at the office tomorrow, so I better go catch some ZZs.
LucMiron: See ya people!
BobS: either adamcomputer at .........or rslopsema at
BobS: nite Luc
Dale: Recursively compress any file down to 0 bytes:
Dale: haha!
rich-c: understood, Luc - good to have you by. Bonne nuit!
Dale: Good night Luc.
Pamela: nite Luc
Pamela: I sent it to SBC
LucMiron left chat session
BobS: ok Pam thanks
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnite... I'm leaving too
Pamela: bonsoir Daniel
Dale: Good night Daniel.
rich-c: yes, Ron is committing matrimony, again
Dale: I'm tired too. Maybe I should head out.
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel
Pamela: he's moving to Qualicum Beach and getting married on November 8th
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir... a la semaine prochaine (see you next week)
rich-c: you just get a goodbye, Dale ;-)
rich-c: that's assuming the final decree on his divorce is through by then
Pamela: perhaps we should send him a message asking for an update
Pamela: think I'll do that shortly
rich-c: good tho0ught
Dale: It can compress any file by at least one byte per pass by putting that byte in the filename.
rich-c: yes, but you filename is going to get awfully long!
Dale: Bye now
Pamela: night Dale
Dale: Exactly Richard.
rich-c: OK, with that, go grab some zzz's
Dale left chat session
rich-c: btw Bob, our election is next Tuesday
BobS: you got all the ads on the tv driving you nuts also???????
Pamela: oh we get ours AND yours - loads of fun
rich-c: I don't know, I never watch tv
BobS: only 3+ weeks for us and its' over
Pamela: if I hear "I'm John McCain and I approved this message" one more time I'm gonna scream
rich-c: whatever the result, you aren't going to like it
BobS: true
rich-c: we ate least have four or five choices here
Pamela: I still haven't made up my mind
Pamela: with less than a week to go
rich-c: listen to your aunt and cousin - they have the best answer, even if for the wrong reasons
BobS: with the us economy onthe verge of a depression, nobody has a good plan to bring the economy up and out of it
rich-c: it's been undermined too far for anyone to save it - it's now down to who can cushion the shock, for whom
Pamela: yes, I pondered facetiously to someone yesterday what's going to happen when the US gov't runs out of money
rich-c: the US government has run out of money, that's why they are in trouble now
Pamela: I think the answer was, "print more"
BobS: that's about it Pam
rich-c: then everyone can wonder why their paychecks don't go as far any more
Pamela: I'm already wondering that
Pamela: spent almost $200 on groceries last week
rich-c: saw a comment by Jeffrey Sachs a few days ago - he's a Nobel Laureate in economics
rich-c: he says the trouble with America is too many people working too hardd for too little money
rich-c: great heavens, what did you buy? our groceries today were $80
Pamela: just about everything - we ran out of a lot of things all at the same time
rich-c: your mother was complaing because twice in the last month we hit $100
Pamela: we're usually between $80 and $100
rich-c: and thosde number covered a lot of buying ahead too
Guy B.: Well folks, going to take Annie out soon. Will see you all next week
Pamela: gnite Guy
BobS: nite Guy
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
BobS: gonna go here to gang
rich-c: OK Guy, take care and good luck with the new speech processor
Pamela: wow he poofed in a hurry
BobS: tis late and I have to work long hours tomorrow
Pamela: yes it's time i went to bed too
rich-c: yes, it's been a tough day, Bob - take care
BobS: ;see ya next week
Pamela: night Bob
BobS: nite
rich-c: night then
BobS left chat session
Pamela: Daddy, I'll call on Saturday to let you know about the wine
Pamela: or before if we decide on menu
rich-c: I gather, Pam, Cynthia isn't coming Sunday?
Pamela: no she says she'll be busy all day with the campaign, and late into the evening
Pamela: I invited her
Pamela: however Erin will probably join us, we'll see
rich-c: well, those last 498 hours are awfully hectic, and she is awfully committed
rich-c: sorry, 48 hours
Pamela: yes true
Pamela: anyway Papa, I'm for bed
rich-c: and her help apparently is badly needed - Iggy is on the verge of being in trouble
rich-c: sensible idea - have a good sleep
Pamela: again, we'll see
Pamela: goodnight Daddy
rich-c: nite nite
Pamela: TTY Saturday
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: et moi aussi
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
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