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rich-c: test
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changed username to Adam
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rich-c: whoops, an irregular visitor - welcome!
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changed username to BobS
rich-c: hello Robert
BobS: hi Richard
BobS: yust ya'll and me'all, eh?
rich-c: a little late, but quite little
rich-c: well, the others will probably drift in later
BobS: not much.....just 5 minutes
BobS: how you and Frances doing these days?
rich-c: yes, most of our folks are not too punctual
BobS: had our first big frost this morning, should of killed all the germs and the flowers
rich-c: basically hanging in there, Bob - age starting to show
BobS: ANd a forecster of winter to come
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BobS: stay upright, move carefully and slowly
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
BobS: and rest a lot
BobS: hi Daniel
BobS: rested up this week?
rich-c: we had frost overnight, too but damage was surprisingly limited - even teh nasturtiums and tomatoes have undamaged foliage left
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rich-c: salut, Daniel - ou sont les autre?
changed username to Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: outside here, it's cold like a fridge.
Dale: Hi there
BobS: hmmm.........some at church tonight said the same thing, apparently not a killign frost in all areas or backyards
Dale: Last week, updated the chat archive, then logged onto the chat and fell asleep
rich-c: ah, here's Dale now - how were the suburbs for frost, Dale?
BobS: hi Dale
Dale: I woke up at 11:10, just after everyone left!
BobS: bummer Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: You need more sleep, Dale.
Dale: Well I believe it was 0 this morning, but it warmed up quickly once the sun rose.
rich-c: we have more frost predicted next two nights
Dale: So I think we had a minifrost, but the ground is still warm enough that many of my plants are still okay.
BobS: had below 0 c here this morning
Daniel Bienvenu: But Dale, Harvey asked me if we split the pcbs in two that need an extra for the shiping, or one of them take them all and we manage them.
BobS: we are supposed to stay above freezing except for one night this weekend
rich-c: guess most of us the same then, a patchy but not killing frost
rich-c: still enough heat in the earth, I guess
Dale: Yeah, Daniel, I wondered that too.
Daniel Bienvenu: I mean, one of us take all pcbs, or we pay extra to have each one half of the pcbs.
Dale: I think if we don't need them urgently we can split them sometime this year maybe.
Daniel Bienvenu: Because you have projects incoming, and you will have new casings too, you should take them all.
Dale: I'm still hoping to recruit you in May for the TOJam weekend of game programming.
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Dale: I'm willing to keep them, and pair them up in the cases.
changed username to adam
Dale: And then if you need them, I'm happy to send them your way.
rich-c: ah, a new visitor - welcome
adam: thank u
Dale: Jeffrey was all "I want to play in the snow" yesterday. :-D
rich-c: believe you have been on here before a while ago, haven't you?
Dale: Hi Adam.
rich-c: yes, kids love snow, bless 'em
Daniel Bienvenu: For the pcbs, I will answer Harvey that you take them all. And about TOJam, I don't say no, but I can't say yes... ask me again next year.
Dale: It depends on where you're working then, of course.
rich-c: well, put it on your calendar, Daniel - in pencil
Dale: It's hard to do that Richard. Last year they announced the date for it in late February.
rich-c: yes, if teh date isn't set it's hard to mark it in ;-)
Dale: I've also been invited to the Penny Arcade Expo (pax)
Dale: They are trying one in Boston in March.
Dale: The others have all been in Seatle Washington.
rich-c: well, Boston you can even drive to, and isn't Porter flying there now?
rich-c: not that the option of the Island Airport would mean much to you
Dale: They are for sure flying to New York and Chicago at least.
Dale: I'm not sure about Boston.
rich-c: think they announced plans very near fruition
rich-c: is Pearson or Island actually handier for you, Dale?
Dale: Since I have the 407 transponder, it is almost a straight line to the airport from here. It is at least less stressful than going to Cherry Street.
rich-c: and Daniel, how tight and annoying is security at Hamilton?
Dale: So Adam are you a long time user?
rich-c: actually, Dale it's Bathurst St. and even worse, un;ess you can get a time the DVP and Gardiner are uncongested
Dale: I don't think I know how you got started with the Coleco Adam.
Daniel Bienvenu: er... Hamilton?
Dale: I guess I got one for Christmas in 1985. That was my start.
rich-c: yes - the airport for Adamcon this year
Dale: I might try it for a day trip but I think I'd rather be at the old familiar airport for a multiday trip.
rich-c: or were you and Ron too sleepy to notice when you left? ;-)
Dale: You flew Quebec City to Hamilton.
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, it was fine at Hamilton, I did a practice at Quebec for the security.
rich-c: since you weere just changing planes, I gues you did not have to go through security in Montreal
Daniel Bienvenu: Of course, I was not beard and I didn't bring any dangerous fruit juice with me.
Dale: Gotta hate that dangerous fruit juice.
rich-c: I've heard at the big airports that doesn't matter, they play security theatre regardless
Daniel Bienvenu: In Montreal, I was just going from one plane to another, but I get lost when I was traveling back to Quebec... I had to run to get the next plane because I wasn't at the right place.
rich-c: in Montreal, you first have to make sure you're at the right airport
rich-c: though I gather Mirabel is all freight now
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, at Quebec security, they ask if you bring bottles of water, juice, even shaving cream and gel. I wanted to reply "go find yours at the shoping mall" but I knew it was not the good answer.
rich-c: I understand the temptation very well, Daniel
rich-c: even at that, I'll bet Montreal is considerably worse
Daniel Bienvenu: huge
Daniel Bienvenu: huge difference
rich-c: yes, Montreal has much more international traffic so they feel the need for a bigger show
Daniel Bienvenu: and I had a difficult time figuring out if the person who serve me a sandwich was a male or a female.
rich-c: on the aircraft?
Daniel Bienvenu: no, at the airport
Daniel Bienvenu: between the two flights
Daniel Bienvenu: on the way back tho Quebec
rich-c: yesw, I guess at food counter wages, you don't get to do much choosing of your staff
Daniel Bienvenu: I only find out when she did go to the toilet. I was sure they had toilets for the personal.
rich-c: the current teenage/twenty generation seems to have an androgynous syle sense at the moment
rich-c: wonder where our regulars are tonight? no Guys, no Pam yet, no Meeka or Judy or Rich or Erin...
Daniel Bienvenu: I think Pam and Erin are on Facebook
Daniel Bienvenu: I saw messages from them there just before I log in tonight
rich-c: right - they both spend a lot of time there - might even be with Guy F.
Daniel Bienvenu: well, guy is looking for a minivan... it's what he wrote a few minutes ago.
rich-c: I have no problem at all containing any urge to open a Facebook account
Dale: My next trip to the US is to San Francisco area. Apparently I should have got one of those prepaid rooms last month.
Dale: This drop in Canadian currency is a real killer.
Dale: The room rate I though I had just two weeks ago, suddenly looks 20% more expensive.
rich-c: yes, if you're travelling right now, it sure is - that's why we've has a U.S. bank account and charge card for years
Daniel Bienvenu: The only good thing about this drop is for exportation and saling to USA.
Dale: I wonder what will happen between now and when I leave in November.
Daniel Bienvenu: selling to US
Daniel Bienvenu: It's time to make games and sell them.
Dale: You're right about that Daniel.
rich-c: anybody's guess, Dale - fundamentally our dollar ought to be way above the US dollar, not below it
Dale: I have to pick an iPhone game and release it.
Dale: But the US dollar is generally going up as oil prices go down.
rich-c: yes, sell while the bucks are at their best
Dale: A strange market indeed.
Daniel Bienvenu: iPhone is considered as a pda or it's more than a pda?
Dale: It's an iPod Touch that also does phone calls.
rich-c: you two should both get yourselves US dollar bank accounts - they're good for paying suppliers, Daniel
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Dale: So it is a music player, and video player and you can program it in Objective-C (or C or C++ I suppose)
changed username to Pamela
Dale: It has both wifi and celular network access to the internet.
rich-c: hi daughter, finished with Facebook now?
Daniel Bienvenu: What about Java applications? Many pda uses Java applications.
Pamela: hello, wasn't on Facebook
Dale: Well, on paypal, we can choose to leave the account balance in US dollars.
BobS: HI Pam
rich-c: oh, Daniel thought he saw you there
Pamela: Hi Bob
Dale: Somehow people pay me in Euros and then I buy things in USD.
Pamela: was on earlier but not for the last hour or so
Dale: I'm not sure why that is but the last few times it has worked out that way.
rich-c: no you can't, Dale, that's why I won't deal with them - they have refused me a couple of times
Dale: They never end up as CAD.
Pamela: do you get the better end of the deal, Dale?
Daniel Bienvenu: I did try the 2 lotery games on Facebook you did play today, Pam.
Dale: Well by leaving the money in paypal, I only have to pay for one currency exchange from Euro -> USD, so that works out in my favour.
Pamela: I don't play lottery games, Daniel - you're thinking of Jillian I think
rich-c: I tried it with PayPal when I found out that they diddled me on exchange both sides of a transaction
Dale: So if you want the money in your bank account or to come from your bank account, I'm not sure Richard
Daniel Bienvenu: Yes, it was Jillian... hehe sorry
Dale: But if people pay you then you spend money from that money, instead of transfering it out to your regular bank, it all works out.
rich-c: I'd be happy to have PayPal hold the account in USD and never do any exchange, but they won't
Dale: Jillian has spent lots of time analysing the various Facebook lottery games to optimize the expected winning (minimize the expected losses)
Dale: That's not my experience Richard. I'm not sure why your experience differs.
Daniel Bienvenu: Since I have one paypal account, I had part of canadian and us money in it... they did do a currency exchange in real time when I did the paiement for the pcbs.
Dale: For sure Daniel.
Daniel Bienvenu: I still have a few bucks left in pyapl but not that much.
rich-c: if I get any receipts in US dollars they immediately convert them to Canadian, and they convert any payments
Daniel Bienvenu: I still have us dollars in my paypal, rich
Dale: You must have a different kind of account then.
Dale: I have a reseller account I think.
rich-c: either that or they have smartened up - I am not the only one who will not deal with them, by a long chalk
Dale: I'm sure, but it is so convenient, and I've been pretty happy so far.
rich-c: btw daughter that reminds me - I have another Chapters credit for you
Pamela: oh good, thanks Dad
Dale: I think that they introduced currencies other than USD 3 or more years ago.
Daniel Bienvenu: Because most of the people who bought my games also bought games from eBay and have paypal accounts, I had to deal with this reality.
rich-c: better come fetch it before I lose it! 8-)
Dale: At that point you could hold balances in several different currencies at once.
Pamela: it will come in handy with Russell's birthday and Christmas coming up
rich-c: t'aint much, but every little bit helps
Pamela: put it in your basket by the door, that'll help
rich-c: that's a thoought, though stuff can get a bit dog-eared there
Daniel Bienvenu: ho Dale, did you contact Joe Santulli about minigames cartridges?
Pamela: doesn't matter how dogeared it is as long as I can read the code : )
Dale: It is still on my todo, but I'm afraid I haven't quite yet.
Dale: I'll try and send him a quick email in the morning.
rich-c: you could even earn extras for yourself if you wanted to
Dale: I was feeling kind of sick on the weekend and didn't get much done.
Dale: I only have one left, so however many he wants, I'll have to make.
Pamela: how did you get it?
rich-c: you do surveys for a survey outfit - it's an occasional sweetener they throw in for big ones
Pamela: hmmm, don't know if I want to get into that
rich-c: no, it can be time consuming and often futile
Dale: I'm going to drop off early.
rich-c: so you don't fall asleep over the keyboard again, Dale? ;-)
Dale: I almost went to expo plas (the plastics expo) in Montreal last week, but I decided against it in the end.
Dale: Exactly.
rich-c: I'd think you have more than enough on your plate as is, Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm also tired, but I will leave earlier not because I'm tired, but because I need to find out how to program a video game in Java for a pda, by using sun Java special kit for pda applications.
Dale: Well, good night. I expect I'll be on again next week.
rich-c: we'll look for you, Dale
Dale: I've done that a bit Daniel.
Pamela: good night Dale
Dale: For the Blackberry.
BobS: nite Dale
Dale: There is a specific set of Java libraries just for cell phones.
Dale: It's alright to do.
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonne nuit Dale, sleep well and we will talk another day about pda games.
Daniel Bienvenu: bye
Dale: Good night Adam.
rich-c: yes, you seem to have your hands pretty full too, Daniel
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rich-c: are you sure you can affordc to take another job if one comes along?
Pamela: : )
Daniel Bienvenu: it's for a future job I'm doing that. I need experience in pda applications in java.
rich-c: that will be your new direction, then? it does seem a growing market
Pamela: Daniel, where did you go?
BobS: says he is still here
rich-c: yes, he seems to have vanished on us - along with Bob
Pamela: in theory : )
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BobS: notI said the Bob
Pamela: you're very quiet Bob
changed username to Judy
Pamela: HI Judy
BobS: and whynot?
Daniel Bienvenu: I think I will go to my bed soon, but later I may do video games for phones.
rich-c: ah, now we have Judy to keep an eye on him - hi, Judy
Judy: Hi, Pam, Daniel, Rich and Bob
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Judy
rich-c: I imagine your hours are a bit irregular, Daniel?
Judy: he is tired
Pamela: Hey Dad, we pulled out my Dennis Lee books tonite
Daniel Bienvenu: You've just miss Dale.
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: They are always irregular... the nights are shorter each day.
Pamela: hello Guy : )
rich-c: you are late, Guy - we've lost hal;f the crowd!
Judy: Hi, Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi GuyB
BobS: allo GuyB
rich-c: we're very regular - bed at 1 a.m., up 8 hours later
Guy B.: I had things to do Rich and it took some time
rich-c: fiddling with your computers again?
Judy: Bob had to fix mine tonight it wouldn't do anything
Guy B.: No, some cleaning, dinner and taking care of the dog
rich-c: what is the status of your computers now, Guy: I know you have been changing things
Pamela: speak to it firmly, Judy
rich-c: you have to know the language, Pam
Judy: that did not work, it just gave me the black screen of death
rich-c: no error messages, no nothing?
rich-c: black screen, not blue screen?
Judy: no, the memory lost its mind
Guy B.: Be right back, got some e-mails to read
Pamela: just how much translation does "expletive deleted" need? : )
Judy: he put in a new memory card and it works again
rich-c: I've never heard of that before - which only proves my computers haven't got around to it, yet
Judy: that is about it, Rich
BobS: Toshiba's dont' seem to like different brands of memory
BobS: Doug was saying that just the other day
rich-c: what computer are you using, Judy?
Judy: my laptop which is a Toshiba
BobS: tecra 8200
rich-c: don't like differeng brands in various slots, or picky about all brands?
BobS: P3 850mhz
Pamela: I'll bear that in mind Bob
BobS: seems some toshiba's like any kind of memory, others only kingston, others only silicon valley
rich-c: sounds like a candidate for retirement, Bob - is it still on Win98?
BobS: been running for over a year and all of a sudden it doesnopt like it
Pamela: brb
rich-c: that sounds a bit suspicious, maybe some other factor at work?
BobS: who knows
Daniel Bienvenu: time for me to say "goodnight"
BobS: doug swears by toshiba...........maybe toshiba should be sweared AT
Judy: night Daniel
rich-c: eh bien, Daniel, bonsoir,dormez bien!
Daniel Bienvenu: merci, vous aussi.
rich-c: oh, Toshiba has a good name, but among computers that's a very qualified remark
BobS: both our laptops right now have one bad memory slot
BobS: and Judy's has a very no working (97% of time) dvd
rich-c: that is unusual - I've never had that problem, except maybe on an Adam
rich-c: maybe she isn't using it enough
Pamela: goodnight Daniel
rich-c: in fact, I'm surprised that old a machine has a DVD, even if just read only
Pamela: I would buy another Toshiba
BobS: had a cd but doug upgraded to dvd and it doesn'
Judy: that is the only computer Doug will buy
rich-c: yes, but you have no spirit of adventure in how you use yours
BobS: t work any better tahn the cd
rich-c: you can't say that about Bob
BobS: ya, I am on the WILD side alright
Pamela: I can't afford to have a spirit of adventure
Judy: Doug is the last resort for fixing and he tells us what ones to buy
Pamela: if it breaks, i can't afford to buy another
rich-c: well, let's say willing to give things a try
BobS: but he is ALWAYS fixing something..........maybe what he likes is not the most stable, but the easiest to fix......... I wonder
Judy: Doug is busy putting computers together, he finished up one class and has a week off before his next one starts
rich-c: Computers are in truth hideously complicated devices - and don't even mention Windows
rich-c: often even Microsoft can't get Windows to work
rich-c: maybe it's getting to the point where a little gentle cleaning would help
BobS: doug has been playing around with Safari instaead of using windows.......seems faster
Judy: Meeka said today that putting together computers is his lego's of the past, just transferred from one thing to the other
Pamela: not illogical : )
BobS: I downloaded it and installed it, but haven't used it much yet..........a bit different thatn I.E.
Pamela: something along the lines of "boys and their toys"
rich-c: yes, but Safari is just a browser - I tried it but was not impressed
Judy: he used to make things with lego's now he does computers
Judy: that is about it, Pam
rich-c: but then I am not impressed with IE either - have you tried IE7Pro?
BobS: have not
BobS: but Safari is faster
BobS: didn't like the address bar dealy
rich-c: might or might not add capabilities you like to IE - I have it on one of my computers
rich-c: did you know the beta of IE8 is online ready for download?
BobS: good lord !!!!!
BobS: heck I astill using ie 6.0
rich-c: why? won't IE7 run on your machine?
BobS: as you mayknow, I am only pushed into upgrading IF I need it for some reason, otherwise, if what I have works, don't fix it
BobS: haven't any idea if it will, but probably
BobS: what's ie7 got that i need?
rich-c: not sure if IE7 rquires XP or not - I think it will run on 98
BobS: got xp
BobS: don't work any better than 98
rich-c: I am no authority on IE, I use Firefox all but exclusively - much more satisfying
BobS: got taht also
rich-c: now that I have it sorted (after a year) I am finding XP a bit more stable than 98 - but it was a battle
BobS: but am a creature of habit, am still making a foray into the world of Firefox
rich-c: yes, you'll have FF2, and FF3 is already out, too
rich-c: I did find the change from IE6 to Firefox eminently worthwhile
rich-c: it's rather funny to watch discussion on the subject on carnuts
rich-c: the IE users consider the Firefox crowd a bunch of impetuous children
rich-c: and the Firefoxers thing the IE crowd are a bunch of old fogeys
BobS: old or young, i don't care.......
BobS: just as long as it works for me
Pamela: i'm with you Bob
rich-c: that's the bottom line - and if it ain't bust, don't fix it
BobS: heck, if the ADAM could get on the net, and achieve some speed, I would use it
rich-c: I'd second that emotion; I'm rather sorry Frances won't put her Amiga on the net - she even has the software
BobS: well, tha facts need something fairly fast and software current to talk to the rest of the world to access the net
Judy: yes, it would be nice to talk to Frances on a weekly basis
rich-c: oh, she's on the net on the laptop right now, giggling away at something or other
rich-c: she just doesn't join in conversations here, though she reads the transcripts
BobS: we are just to somber for Frances
Judy: well, we are sad!!
rich-c: oh, I don't know - one of her favoured site is, which discusses security issues
Pamela: we're certainly quiet : )
rich-c: she recently has signed up on carnuts, but only to make her luring easier, she doesn't post
BobS: just don't get caught
rich-c: oh, every Friday is Squid Day on schneier - he has a thing about squid (don't ask)
rich-c: but she is all over the net, far more far-ranging than I am
Judy: ask her to stop in and say hi off and on
rich-c: I do but she doesn't - Pam can't get her to come in either
rich-c: not that she isn't interested, just doesnt want to participate
Pamela: brb
Judy: then we will just have to talk to her thru you, pass along a HI
rich-c: oh I will, I more or less do that ev ery night
rich-c: in fact she often comes in and looks over my shoulder to see who's on
Judy: that's good
Pamela: heck Judy I have trouble getting her to come to the phone sometimes : )
Pamela: seems to me Dad that's how I got pulled in - looking over your shoulder
rich-c: yes, I do believe you're right, Pam - and you saw how easy it is
BobS: isa NO PROLLEM to be here
Pamela: I'm such a social creature though
Judy: you just had to get in on the fun
rich-c: Frances belongs to a number of bulletin boards, which are sort of slower chats in many ways
Pamela: I got to the point where I wanted to speak for myself fairly quickly
rich-c: right - your mother is just the opposite
rich-c: sort of like the hip group - more than willing to meet them for lunch
rich-c: but they do it by postings or one on one phone calls, not group chats
Pamela: yes Judy, and I got to know people so well here that when it came to the first convention and actually meeting people face to face
Pamela: I felt I already knew y'all
Judy: it does work that way doesn't it
rich-c: and for all practical purposes, you did
rich-c: same way, I've met with carnuts people twice and am willing to consider a repeat
Pamela: what I find so unique about this is now I "hear" everyone's comments in their voices
Judy: you almost can hear them can't you?
Judy: and see their faces
rich-c: yes, that's the way it works for me
Pamela: most definitely
Guy B.: Well folks, going to go. I'll see you all next week
Judy: night Guy
BobS: yup, same here, time to go to bed.......
rich-c: OK Guy, see you then
BobS: nikte Guy
Pamela: gnite Guy
rich-c: yes, you're doing long hours of hard work, Bob
BobS: and goodnight to the cleechez clan and Daniel......though think he already goen
Guy B.: Poof
BobS: gone
Guy B. left chat session
Judy: yes, it is that time again, am watching Josh and Michael tomorrow so need to get to bed
Pamela: what adds to it Judy is that most people write the way they speak
BobS: naw they write worse
Judy: you think?
BobS: see ya's next week
Pamela: just a tad
Judy: just spell worse
BobS left chat session
Pamela: goodnight Bob and Judy
rich-c: anyway goodn ight Slopsemas, see you next week
Judy: have a good week all
Pamela: that's the keyboard's fault, Judy : )O
Judy left chat session
rich-c: guess that's about it, Pam
Pamela: well Papa, looks like it's just you and I
rich-c: yes, and I know you have work to do - anything to report?
Pamela: no it's very quiet
Pamela: nuts at work
rich-c: we may get around to our annivarsary dinner yet - Bon Vivant reopens tomorrow after renovations
Pamela: I gather you didn't find a substitute
rich-c: not that meets our exacting specifications ; - )
Pamela: LOL
rich-c: sweriously, dexcent restaurants that are also quiet are hard to come by
Pamela: yes I know
rich-c: and we prefer they not be TOO far from home
rich-c: be nice if we could find one in Yorkdale, but I think it's a lost cause
Pamela: it's been one for years now
rich-c: if only we had a taste for light kosher, we'd be made in gthe shade
rich-c: there's United Farmers and Colemans and a passel of others around
Pamela: Colemans is a really good deli, but it's not what you would call fine dining
Pamela: ditto with United Farmers, as long as you're not interested in meat
rich-c: or there's rows of real cheap Filipinos cheek by jowl on Wilson
Pamela: I don't think I've ever had Filipino
Pamela: must try that sometime
rich-c: there just doesn't seem to be much beyond Swiss Chalet and the big shooter watering holes
Pamela: Kelsey's is taking over the world : )
rich-c: there is one beside the Beer Store - the garlic smell outside would knock you over - and I LIKE garlic!
Pamela: one what?
Pamela: Kelsey's?
rich-c: we don't have a Kelsey's, or a Keg
Pamela: Kegs are hard to come by
Pamela: there's one at Yonge north of
Pamela: Sheppard
rich-c: no, Filipino - also a couple across the street and around the corner
Pamela: which beer store?
rich-c: plaze, north side of Wilson, just west of Bathurst
rich-c: small but convenient for my bottle returns
Pamela: oh that one
Pamela: IDA plaza
rich-c: yes, not the most charming - btw the new Avenue Road LCBO appears ready to open
Pamela: I'm getting stubborn in my old age
Pamela: prefer not to fight traffic to find parking
rich-c: at least they have taken down the "coming soon" siogn and the old store is closed
Pamela: anyway Papa, I'll call to chat in the next couple of days
rich-c: well, Bayview is a long way for my wine purchases, so I use the store in the big box plaza at the Allen
Pamela: see there, I'll shop
rich-c: OK, time you got your shuteye - say helloi to Russell and sleep tight
Pamela: Russell says hi back
Pamela: I'm for bed
Pamela: goodnight, Daddy
rich-c: OK - tell him to enjoy the weekend feetsball, there isn't much left
Pamela: I will
rich-c: goodnight, daughter
Pamela: g'nite - kerpoof!
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rich-c: colour me gone
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