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Dale: Happy Haloween
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changed username to rich-c
rich-c: greetings, all - including our apparent newbie!
rich-c: oops! - did we just lose someone?
Dale: Hello
Dale: I don't think so
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rich-c: ah, you are here!
changed username to BobS
Dale: LittleMissGamer hasn't said anything yet.
BobS: hi kids
rich-c: hi Bob
Dale: Hi Bob
BobS: who's the gamer?
rich-c: who's our newbie?
Dale: Not sure
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changed username to null
rich-c: OK, she'll just have to lurk till she finds out we're safe to taalk to
Dale: Hi null
rich-c: and now we hae yet another - hello, null
null: wher r the games>?
rich-c: you folks want to talk or just want to listen?
BobS: games?
BobS: just talk here mon
null: y
Dale: What games did you want?
null: adam games
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changed username to LucMiron
Dale: You can order a cartridge from the
LucMiron: Hello people!
rich-c: OK - you want to buy some Adam games? or Colecovision? we can help
Dale: Also you can play the games there in an emulator.
BobS: hi Luc
rich-c: hey Luc, salut!
null: i only play 3D games, sorry
LucMiron: @null: You could play Dukes of Hazzard. That's 3D (Sort of) ;)
null: can i plug my wii remote on an adam?
rich-c: then you will need to get one of the new Colecovision cartridge games - Dale, you written any 3-d yet?
Dale: No bluetooth on the Adam
Dale: You'd have to make a bluetooth adaptor.
null: is that a future endeavor?
null changed username to GuyF
Dale: If you're interested, I'm sure you could make it happen.
GuyF: Ok... might as well take my mask off.
GuyF: How's everyone?
Dale: I know someone is working on PS2 controllers for the Adam.
Dale: Like the Guitar Hero guitar.
Dale: Hi Guy.
rich-c: bloody well time you said hello, Guy!
BobS: hey GuyF, how was the walkabout in Austraila?
GuyF: Well, I did say hello, as my alter ego: "null"
BobS: null modem?
Dale: Richard, yeah, Mist Maid is 3D.
GuyF: Australia was good... similar in many ways to Canada.
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
GuyF: Hello Luc.
LucMiron: Yo Guy! :)
rich-c: salut, Daniel
Dale: How are you doing Luc?
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Luc, GuyF, Dale
BobS: undoubtedly
Dale: Hi Daniel.
GuyF: Hello Dan the Man.
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Rich, Bob
BobS: greetings daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: miss gamer?
Dale: Hasn't spoken yet Daniel.
rich-c: haven't found out who that is yet
GuyF: well, you missed null a few minutes ago dan...
Dale: So I don't know who she is yet.
Daniel Bienvenu: I suppose you did manage to discuss about Gulkave
rich-c: I'd guess Erin except I don't think she plays games
LucMiron: Ok, first of all, the cartrdige casing mold is in the hands of a collegue at work, and I'm waiting to hear back from him.
LittleMissGamer: Hi everyone! Sorry - I'm in the middle of a meeting that I thought would be over by now... but I logged in so I wouldn't forget
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GuyF: No Dan, we barely had time to say hello...
LittleMissGamer: My first console was an Adam computer and I just found out about your yearly con and your chat sessions...
changed username to Meeka
GuyF: I heard you guys are buying/bought the mould from Eduardo?
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Meeka
Meeka: hello everyone
BobS: hi Meeka
GuyF: Hi there LMG!
rich-c: hello Meeka, missed you teh last few weeks
LucMiron: This collegue is going to show the mold to a contact at a plastic company, to see if they can use the mold with their machinery. I should hear back from him soon.
Dale: Hi Meeka
Meeka: ya, i keep forgetting about chat till after its done :-P
Dale: Good to have you join us, Little
Dale: LittleMissGamer*
Daniel Bienvenu: Luc said that he got the mould (or mold?) from Eduardo reccently and try to contact plastic injection companies in Montreal.
LucMiron: Yeah, what Daniel said. :)
Daniel Bienvenu: Daniel said something about snow outside.
GuyF: Perhaps it's plastic injection companies in china that you need to contact. :)
LittleMissGamer: I do a lot of little videos on youtube
Dale: Well we talk about whatever people are interested in. We always welcome questions about the Adam
LucMiron: Hopefully, I will have good news soon.
Dale: and emulation, games, ColecoVision, and so on.
GuyF: When I used to work in R&D, we used to deal directly with China to get the casings of our plastic remote controls.
LittleMissGamer: if you search under "Little Miss Gamer" you'll find them.
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changed username to Judy
LittleMissGamer: I've been thinking about doing an episode about the Adam and through my research found all of you! :)
LucMiron: So anyhow, Guy, I know you won't be here for very long, so how about we catch up on the Gulkave project?
Judy: Hi, everyone, it is a full night
GuyF: Watching the wii fit video... :)
rich-c: hello Judy, now the whole family is here (almost)
GuyF: Luc: Haven't done ANYTHING since we last talked... how's that for catchup? :)
Meeka: hi mom
LittleMissGamer: Do a lot of you make your own homebrew games?
LucMiron: Ok, but have you seen the box art I e-mailed you?
rich-c: so LMG, what do you have in mind? did you stumble across the sites where you can see photos of most of us?
Judy: you can't get fit watching it, Guy
Dale: Yup I see there are 13 videos by you
GuyF: LMG: There's 3 or 4 of us that write homebrew games for the Colecovision and Adam. Daniel B. being the most prolific of us all in that category.
Dale: Some of us do.
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changed username to Pamela
Dale: There are four homebrew game programmers here right now.
LittleMissGamer: I'll brb... :)
GuyF: Luc: Hmm, yes, a few months ago, right?
Meeka: hi pam
LucMiron: @LMG: I started to do some myself, but I hit a wall with sound generation, so I put my homebrew projects on hold until I have a decent sound/music generation tool at my disposal.
rich-c: hi daughter
Pamela: hokey smokes!
Pamela: hi everyone
LucMiron: @GuyF: No, less than two weeks ago, I think. I sent it to your hotmail account.
Judy: Hi, Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: Yes Luc, music tool is still something to work on.
rich-c: yes, we have a big crowd tonight
BobS: hi Pam
GuyF: I will check it out Luc.
Pamela: bienvenu M. Foster, welcome back
Dale: For sound effects I usually use Daniel's Jukebox to experiement.
GuyF: Pam: Thanks Pam, although we've exchanged a few words on Facebook... ;)
Dale: But for music itself, I have a input format that outputs the native music format as data statements.
Dale: I'm sure it's downloadable from somewhere Luc.
LucMiron: While it's crossing my mind: Do any of you know what happened to Marcel de Kogel? Has he completely retired from the CV/Adam scene?
Dale: Hi Pam.
Pamela: who's our mystery person?
Pamela: Hi Dale
rich-c: a visitor who's gone away for a minute, Pam
Dale: I haven't heard from Marcel in about 3 years.
Daniel Bienvenu: Apparently, she's a reviewer
Pamela: wondered if it was Jillian
Dale: <-- she is the one in the picture on the left.
rich-c: clains she does videos under that name on YouTube
Daniel Bienvenu: I did saw one video of LittleMissGamer. It's rare to see a girl talking about Atari2600 games.
LucMiron: @Dale: I'd like to create a music-and-sound-effect editor in Java, using Daniel's code for instant playback.
Dale: I wrote one of those for school in Java back when I was still in university.
Dale: That was probably 1995 or something.
LucMiron: @Dale: The editor would have a full GUI, and would be based on the BIOS sound format.
Dale: Some day I should dig it up.
Meeka: mom..what are you giys up to this weekend?
Dale: As does mine.
Dale: But I didn't get around to sound effects.
Dale: It could do notes, attenuation, ADSR, and rests.
Dale: That's as far as I got.
Judy: not that I know of right now
Dale: It could also save to a WAV if you wanted to give samples to people without the emulator.
Judy: do you have something in mind?
GuyF: Colecovision Music Editor application sounds good. When are you starting it Dan?
Daniel Bienvenu: Me?
Meeka: well, the boy needs to get a haircut and
Meeka: we havent been over to visit in a while
Dale: Daniel is making my "Santa's Gift Run" game fun GuyF. I can't ask for more than that.
LucMiron: Sounds like I'll need some help to get this GUI right. I have a few basic ideas, but I'm missing a lot of info.
Judy: we can do that
Daniel Bienvenu: Actually, I'm trying to figure out about JewelPanic. Santa game will be next.
Dale: I experimented with slides, but I don't think I got them right
LucMiron: @GuyF: I'm the one thinking about doing a music/Sound FX editor in Java.
Dale: Then I adapted it to do a composition project for an assignment for school, and it got totally derailed.
Pamela: btw Dad, Aunt Cynthia wants to know if you know she's still here in Toronto
Pamela: you collectively, that is
rich-c: no, we didn't know that - job prospect?
LucMiron: @GuyF: I need such an editor to create some music for my own homebrews, because there's no way in heck that I will ever put a game without sound on a cart. :)
Meeka: k, i will have to check with him what night he wants to try to do it. he is busy un-winding from server issues
Dale: Mine was set up as a cross between piano roll and notation format, and allowed you to position the notes in tracks.
Pamela: working with an agency and looking hard
Dale: Then add modifiers to single notes, or ranges of notes.
Meeka: we just got back from p&c about 30 minutes ago
Judy: that doesn't sound good, not enjoying his week off of school
Meeka: he has been
Daniel Bienvenu: I did find back a message from Time-Bandit about making a Coleco chess game in 4K.
Meeka: he goes back to class agian tomorrow
Judy: all ready
rich-c: @Pam - message has been passed on
Pamela: thank you
LucMiron: So, GuyF, are you still interested in pursuing the Gulkave project?
Meeka: yup
GuyF: Luc: Yes, but time is an issue these days, and it's not getting easier.
Meeka: his last class ended last tuesday and this one starts tomorrow, so yup its been a week
GuyF: Dan: It's possible, it's been done with 1K.
LucMiron: I understand. All I really need to know right now is whether you're still interested or not. If you are, then I'll contact Omar Cornut and try to get some scans of the manual.
Judy: at least he is doing good at it
GuyF: I am.... I still have the source code, you said you knew someone that could continue the conversion? Perhaps that would be a good way to continue the project.
LucMiron: Getting scans from Omar can take months, so it's better to ask in advance. :)
Meeka: yup he got a A- without trying hard
Judy: good for him
LucMiron: Continue the conversion? You'd actually let someone else continue it?
GuyF: I'm basically stuck at finding a way to simulate the "HALT" command without using interrupts.
Pamela: he's working and going to school Meeka?
Daniel Bienvenu: There is only one guy who did a chess game in 1K and it was for ZX81.
Meeka: yup
Meeka: 2 nights a week
Pamela: wow, busy boy
Daniel Bienvenu: the next smallest chess game is 3K, then 4K, then 5K,...
LucMiron: Well, would it be okay if we got some help from Eduardo for this problem?
GuyF: I thought Eduardo was out of the picture?
GuyF: meaning, he doesn't code anymore....
LucMiron: What? Oh no, he's back, and stronger than ever. We're beta-testing Pac-Man Collection right now. :)
GuyF: Oh, really? Cool... yes, some help from Eduardo and I'm sure the game would be completed.
LucMiron: Okay, I'll alk to him about it, and we'll see where it takes us.
LucMiron: alk-talk
GuyF: good, good.
Daniel Bienvenu: Yes, Guy, the news is the pacman cartridge is in the second beta testing phase.
Daniel Bienvenu: Eduardo claim he worked on the project during 10 years.
GuyF: Well, I definitely want a cartridge when it is ready... is there a list I can put my name in to reserve one?
LucMiron: I'll put your name on my waiting list when I get home later.
GuyF: Thanks Luc, much appreciated. I hear the carts are going to be yellow. Awesome!
LucMiron: The first 80 of them will be yellow, yes. Limited edition. All the other produced after the initial 80 will be black. Software will be exactly the same though.
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I will take a black one, if there is any.
GuyF: Well, one can always dunk the black cart into yellow paint if they really want the yellow cart.
LucMiron: LOL
Dale: lol
Pamela: : )
Dale: You my wooden game cartridge doesn't quite fit in the slot
Dale: So you might not be able to use it on a stock ColecoVision then...
Judy: Meeka, have you been out to dinner with G& G K yet?
BobS: yes Dale, but it was COOL
GuyF: Yeah, I heard about your wooden cart... good idea!
GuyF: Hand-carved copies of Mini-Games coming soon? ;)
LucMiron: So anyway, did you see the latest Gulkave box art, with the white spaceship? I'm doing pretty good work so far, I'd say. :)
GuyF: Luc: I'd have to see it, hold on.
Meeka: not since early this summer
Dale: I should post the PowerPoint for that session sometime before the end of the year maybe...
Meeka: wait.....wrong gparents
Judy: than you did this year, we are trying to figure out where we are
Dale: I was going to make 3, and keep one, give one as a door prize and sell the third one on ebay
Judy: would have gone to Red Lobster
GuyF: Luc: Wow, it's AWESOME!!!
Dale: But it basically took 8-12 hours to make the first one, and it didn't quite fit in the slot.
GuyF: I might want to incorporate that into a MAME console I'll be building within the next year, when I get some free time.
Dale: So I haven't revisited it to see if it could be remade quicker.
LucMiron: Thanks. The worst part is done, but there's still a lot of work to do on it. :)
GuyF: Is that graphic scalable? Meaning, if I want to make it big, will I lose resolution/detail?
LucMiron: It's done with Illustrator CS3, so it's fully scalable. :)
Dale: I had someone on my staff work on it for me, and then I had more important stuff for him to do after that.
GuyF: Well, I'm happy to see that you're keeping yourself busy and moving on with Coleco projects. Got to keep the flame alive!!!
Meeka: doug doesnt remember when the last time we went out with them was
rich-c: there are signs that some retro interest is developing
GuyF: Where did Dan go?
LucMiron: I have to go now, guys! Talk to you later! And GuyF, I'll talk to Eduardo about Gulkave. :)
Judy: was afraid of that
Pamela: gnite Luc
rich-c: take care Luc - a la prochaine!
BobS: nite Luc
Judy: night Luc
LucMiron left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: I wonder, about Pacman, why Eduardo didn't uses characters for the ghost eyes, that should fix the flickering right at the begginning of the game. So, my guess is that the way he did the maze make this solution not possible.
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Luc
Dale: See you later Luc
rich-c: whoops, where did Guy go?
Daniel Bienvenu: Something strange occurs?
rich-c: wonder if he got knocked off when Luc exited
Daniel Bienvenu: Did we lost GuyF when he was thinking I was no more there?
Dale: GuyF was looking for you
Dale: but doesn't seem to be here now.
rich-c: may be he will come back, though he's given to exits with little notice
Daniel Bienvenu: GuyF was talking about MAME and with Luc... So I guess the "keep the flame" is for me.
rich-c: hard to tell - our conversations can get a little confused sometimes
Dale: I thought it was maybe for me, regarding the wooden cart, but I wasn't sure.
Daniel Bienvenu: so, there is only "where did Dan go?" phrase is for me.
Dale: Hard to say.
Dale: But I must say that Jewel Panic was also almost done at this time last year. I bet you'll be glad to finish it, really.
BobS: si
Daniel Bienvenu: only one phrase... and a question I don't know why he said that.
Daniel Bienvenu: Jewel Panic need a tune up right after the reskin.
Dale: So you may still be working on it in December then?
rich-c: don't worry about it, Daniel - if it mattered he would have stayed for the answer
rich-c: by the way, Dale, what was the problem with the wooden cart? indentation make it too thin and weak?
Daniel Bienvenu: I hope to try finishing it for this week-end
Dale: Well, I told my CAD designer that he could make the walls quite thick, but he made a measurement mistake when planing it
rich-c: you might as well, Daniel, since you'll likely get out snowfall there
Dale: and by the time he repaired it, I had taken the console away, so he couldn't test the fit again.
Dale: It's 1/16" too thick.
rich-c: oops!
BobS: sand that puppy down
Dale: For sure Bob.
Pamela: sounds like a planing is in order
Dale: And then I need to think of a faster way to make a few more.
rich-c: "measure twice - cut once" - right, Bob?
rich-c: subassemblies and glue, perhaps?
BobS: amen Richard
Dale: It would have been easier to make on a 4 axis mill, but I generally only need a 3 axis mill, and so there is the problem.
Dale: The beveled part needed to be machined on both sides, and so one side was done by hand.
rich-c: that's some very sophisticated machinery to create a fundamentally simple object
Dale: He couldn't think of how to align the cuts on both sides.
Dale: Well the plastic sample I showed was printed on a 3D printer, and it built up layers.
rich-c: sometimes those used to sophisticated demands lose sight of the simple answers to simple problems
Dale: Once all of the layers were built up, I snapped off the support material and the finished product was there.
rich-c: yes, injection molding is the easy way, except for the major wounds it inflicts on the wallet
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I think I will let you Dale talk with miss gamer... you are the real Coleco Adam homebrewer around here.
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight... I'm tired actually...
BobS: nite Daniel
rich-c: that is if and when she returns
BobS: sleep good and see you next week yes???????
rich-c: bonne nuit, Daniel - a la prochaine
Daniel Bienvenu: next week
Pamela: good nite Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: Happy Halloween. Take care! bye!
Dale: I didn't do the plastic one by injection moulding. That's Luc's challenge.
Judy: night Daniel
rich-c: yes, he seems to be meeting it, but not without difficulty
Dale: Mine was made on a 3D printer that squirts out semiliquid plastic in 1/100" strands that are fused together.
rich-c: vaguely surprised you didn't use a modular approach on the wooden one
Dale: It was made in two pieces, if that's what you mean.
rich-c: do the outer panels separately then glue teh frameworkv in between
Dale: The back was already flat on one side, and cut on the other.
Dale: So that was easy
Dale: But the front needed to be beveled on ones side and cut on the other.
Dale: That was the one that was the problem, I guess.
rich-c: almost makes a case for hand planing - bet Bob could do it
Dale: Well that is what ended up happening on the front piece. It is currently made of two pieces actually.
Dale: I have all of the tools for hand planing.
Dale: I have a nice 1908 Stanley Number 8 Jack Plane.
Dale: It could do it, and do it well.
rich-c: yes - we are more than a little beyind woodworking around here - happens with age
Dale: Bye then Daniel
Dale: Happy Halloween to you too.
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rich-c: and now it is time for me to go sample a stout from Sri Lanka - brb
Dale: Maybe I'll go. I just hosted a Halloween party for my Beaver Colony.
changed username to Hodar
Dale: i'm pretty beat.
Dale: Hi Hodar.
Hodar: Greetings fellow Adamites. Can you guess who I am?
Meeka: hello
Pamela: hmm . . . hints?
Hodar: The L
Dale: Dr.D?
Pamela: Guy?
BobS: GuyB
Dale: Nope. I've got no guess.
Judy: hi, Hodar
Hodar changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Pam got it
Meeka: ron
Pamela: why Hodar?
BobS: naw Ron is busy
rich-c: sounds like one of Dr. D's guises
Dale: Chicago. I see now.
BobS: gettin married
BobS: tis almost NOv
Meeka: i see
Pamela: not for another week and change : )
rich-c: lordy, is it that soon? how time does fly!
Guy B.: Long ago, we had two L lines that were merged. The Dan Ryan merged with the Howard, so the CTA created this character to familarize the riders with the change
Meeka: it flys quickly if you aint looking rich
rich-c: and even quicker if you are!
Judy: that is for sure
Judy: either way
rich-c: this stout has a very interesting flavour
rich-c: seems quite sweet on the finish
Guy B.: Anyway I'm on vacation this week, so Annie has me home while I'm doing some catching up on things and I'm meeting someone on Friday
Dale: Well with the Canadian dollar where it is today, it looks better to have AdamCon in Canada for AC22. But I guess anything con happen in a year and a half.
Guy B.: How much is gas by everyone now? We are at $2.68 at some stations
Dale: I guess we're going to MI for next year now though, right?
rich-c: there is no logical reason for our dollar to behave as it has - it should go up again very quickly
Meeka: was 2.56 earlier today here
BobS: right Dale
Dale: The lowest price in 2 or three years for sure.
Judy: 2.49 at some station around here
BobS: is down to 2.38 on the lakeshore
Guy B.: I think we will get that before you know it
rich-c: one of our carnuts guys reported $1,99 on the Gulf coast - Louisiana I think
BobS requested to ban Judy
Dale confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
Meeka confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Dale: Yup, down at 92.9 where it was as high as 136.9 two months ago
BobS: saw a sign in the newspaper showing 1.99 today
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rich-c: in our neighbourhood it's 94.3 today
changed username to JudyS
LittleMissGamer confirmed ban
JudyS: my battery died
LittleMissGamer: hey everyone - my meeting is over. :)
rich-c: wondering why you went
Meeka: poor mom
JudyS: after I come back on it tells me it is critical
Dale: Welcome back.
Meeka: lol, that figures
JudyS: nice, isn't it?
rich-c: OK LMG welcome back - you should look at the transcript of this when Dale posts it
LittleMissGamer: i will!.
Dale: All of the programmers left, but me I guess.
Dale: I was waiting around to see if you had questions for me..
Dale: But otherwise I'll duck out soon too.
rich-c: if you're going to deal with our guys in cdepth, it's better if you speak French
Dale: Maybe not with me, though Richard.
LittleMissGamer: I was just wondering what it is about the Coleco vision games that continues to inspire new homebrews.
LittleMissGamer: Is it mostly nostalgia or something more?
Dale: Daniel made a nice youtube video about that recently actually.
rich-c: well, I know that there is a general revival among the 8-bit games
rich-c: and Colecovision has the best graphics of teh *-bits
Dale: Well I think that there is some nostalgia for it for sure.
Dale: I also make PSP homebrew games.
LittleMissGamer: watching now
Dale: But I've been making the ColecoVision games since the 80's. I didn't release any on cartridge until just this year though.
Dale: It is the first console we bonded with, so that second gen console is still important to us.
Dale: People who are in their early 20's have that same nostalga for NES or SNES games.
rich-c: was it teh encouragement from Daniel that got you into it, Dale? the serious effort, that is?
LittleMissGamer: I'm 29
LittleMissGamer: so I was a bit young when we had our Adam computer
LittleMissGamer: but is was definitely a big influece on me as a gamer
Dale: Daniel kept asking me "are you planning to release that on cartridge?"
Dale: And eventually I guess I said yes.
rich-c: oddly enough, I really have never played teh Adam games worth mentioning
LittleMissGamer: hmmm
LittleMissGamer: I was a big fan of Buck Rogers
LittleMissGamer: (it was on a casette tape)
BobS: Richard, you just haven't attacked the good games
rich-c: cartridge or Super Game Pack?
rich-c: OK, the tape is the big one
Pamela: no he spent his time potting ducks on Carnival : )
BobS: the grandkids LUV DuckRogers .........and purple Airplane (Zaxxon) and the Flying Eggs (Buck rogers)
Dale: Daniel and I were trying to figure out this summer whether people who were 5 when the ColecoVision came out in 1982 would still be interested in buying ColecoVision games when they are 60.
BobS: then there is Spyhunter, and Bump n Jump
Dale: Or if they would lose interest in reflex arcade games in their 50's.
LittleMissGamer: and also dragon's lair (also cassette) - it was so hard for me to play as a kid, but I wa svery devoted
rich-c: no it's Frances plays Carnival - and beat teh whole Adamcon on Addictus, too
Meeka: the only game i know how to play is adambomb 2 :-P
LittleMissGamer: I think the nostalgia factor will always be there
Dale: It is an interesting question. I don't know if there is an answer though.
rich-c: we both like Video Hustler, and I played HardHat Mac for a while
LittleMissGamer: but it's always a treat to meet folks who even remember coleco vision
JudyS: Doug played Dragon's Lair
LittleMissGamer: Dragon's Lair was SO hard
Pamela: how about Squish'Em Sam?
BobS: actually, Doug conquered all the CV games I think
BobS: like that one too Pam
Dale: I liked Zaxon
Meeka: that sounds like him dad
BobS: monkey math...and donkey Kong
LittleMissGamer: Are there Rom's out there for these games?
JudyS: not for Doug, he had it figured out
Pamela: I like the way Sam says "Squish'Em!"
Dale: And although there are many many people who hate it, Smurf Rescue in Gargamel Castle was my favourite CV game.
BobS: he actually figured them all out Meeka and then we wrote hints and tricks for each game
BobS: there are roms, YES
LittleMissGamer: I had that game!
Dale: You can buy the carts still here and there, but the ROMs are on the popular ROM sites.
rich-c: I have a great many of the original cartridges, but I think there's some images to back them up
LittleMissGamer: I have a mac, so roms are always a little bit trickier
LittleMissGamer: we still have all our original games at my parents house.
LittleMissGamer: we also had a cabbage patch kids game
JudyS: we have that one too
Dale: There's some intersting stuff at
LittleMissGamer: which was just stupid hard - the controls were so sensitive, if you didn't jump perfectly - dead
Dale: Another one I played a lot was Mouse Trap.
rich-c: you needed to get one of the Amiga Adam joysticks (before Commodore bought Amiga)
Dale: It used one of those overlays to open and close the doors.
LittleMissGamer: i see
Dale: The thing about smurfs, is that it shows up on some of the top 10 worst games lists. But it is much loved by people who rembember the ColecoVision.
LittleMissGamer: we had some of these huge controllers for the football game
LittleMissGamer: ET is the same way for atari
Dale: And Super Action Baseball.
LittleMissGamer: I actually have an episode about it called "the bad game"
Dale: I used to play Rocky a lot when my friends came over.
rich-c: so what is your approach to the gaming world, LMG? professional? hobbyist? curious?
LittleMissGamer: in which I say that ET wasn't actually that bad
Dale: I haven't played that one in a long time.
LittleMissGamer: I'm a casual gamer, but maybe not quite as casual as some
rich-c: have you played with the Roller Controller any?
Dale: The problem with ET is they over manufactured it, and it plus two or three other games caused the perveived value of a game to go from $29 to $2 in the dreaded summer of 1984.
Meeka: you still have those cheats dad?
LittleMissGamer: I know a decent amount about most systems
Meeka: doug could prob use them, he couldnt remember how to play a lot of the games when we had josh over a while back
LittleMissGamer: I haven't played with the roller controller
BobS: yup Meeka
LittleMissGamer: I know if we ever get an apt big enough to set up the adam again, I'd love to do it, at least for old times sake
rich-c: there were a couple of good games for it - it came with Slither
JudyS: dad throw anything like that away?
Dale: Slither was bundled with it, and it was amazing.
Meeka: lol, well when you put it like that....
BobS: I don't throw ANYTHING away
Pamela: I thought Buck Rogers was bundled with it
Meeka: neither does you son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pamela: gee Bob, sounds like our place : )
Dale: Buck Rogers was bundled with the Adam. Slither was bundled with the Roller Controller.
rich-c: no, Buck Rogers came with the Adam itself and didn't need an expansion module
Pamela: ahhhh
BobS: have better directiosn than Dougs, when the internet dawned, and the ADAM could surf the net......I downloaded all the official instructins
JudyS: you been to our basement?
Pamela: has it changed since 2002?
Meeka: yup
Meeka: its fuller
Pamela: LOL
JudyS: just got fuller
rich-c: is it any different from ours - except tidier?
JudyS: thought we would be bringing the rest of antiques home, but was a false alarm this time
Pamela: actually Dad since we shovelled out the big room in the basement a couple years ago, the basement is pretty tidy.
Pamela: Really really full, but tidy
Meeka: ours DESPERATLY needs to have doug's shit organized/put away
BobS: i keep it TIDY for sure
Pamela: that's universal, Meeka ; )
JudyS: it is organized, just way to full
LittleMissGamer: It was lovely talking with all of you
LittleMissGamer: I have to take off
Dale: If you want to see some ColecoVision homebrew, there is some on this page:
Pamela: and you - come back soon!
rich-c: wish you could convince your moptehr of that, Pamela
Dale: with a vid, and so on.
Meeka: full and organized is different from messy and cluttered Pam
LittleMissGamer: I'll try to make it next week!.
LittleMissGamer: :)
JudyS: nice talking to you, night Little Miss Gamer
Meeka: night
LittleMissGamer: thanks so much!
rich-c: look for you!
BobS: nite miss gamer
Pamela: no, I mean that it's always the guys fault : )
LittleMissGamer left chat session
BobS: the heck it is
Dale: There is more on
rich-c: well yes, that's a foundation of female dogma, right, daughter?
JudyS: Bob is an organized pack rat
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale, you can stop searching... she's gone.
Meeka: lol, I cant entierly saw that Pam
Pamela: absolutely, Papa
Meeka: I have my mess too
Dale: I se that.
Dale: I guess I missed saying goodbye.
Dale: But I'm sure she can find them herself.
Pamela: however, I notice far more of the women complaining about getting their husbands stuff organized than vice versa : )
JudyS: I am working on mine, cleaning drawers and closets
Dale: I'll try again: I'm off.
JudyS: even cleaned out the freezer this week
Meeka: night dale
Dale: Good night everyone.
rich-c: well, the men are too busy thinking about doing it
Pamela: good night Dale
JudyS: night Dale
rich-c: we are very good at thinking about it ; - )
Pamela: did you find any mystery meat, Judy?
BobS: nnite Dale
Pamela: LOL, Papa
rich-c: night Dale, see you next week
JudyS: yes, and they are now gone
Dale left chat session
Guy B.: Nite Dale
Guy B.: He's gone already
rich-c: you're late, GUY - btw, what are you doing to your computers this week?
Pamela: our freezer has been much better recently
JudyS: next is the closets upstairs, the left over kids stuff is going out in the trash if I don't see any value in it
rich-c: I don't think ours is going to get sorted much more until our heirs do it
Pamela: heirs? I'm gonna have help???
BobS: russell
JudyS: don't think our heirs want to have to go thru all our stuff
rich-c: when you start getting up into our age bracket, both strength and will are sorely taxed
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Pamela: Help!
rich-c: well, I'm sure you'll want one of the Adams for yourself ; - )
Pamela: I was just thinking that you should bequeath the ADAM stuff to Rich : )
rich-c: never mind, we just got our assessment this week - little change from 1/2 million
Guy B.: Rich, I've been on for 45 minutes
Pamela: not including contents : )
rich-c: you'll be the executor, Pam - you can give it to Rich if he and Rin are ready to take it
Guy B.: Recording music and fixing XP on my Athlon today
BobS: you DO live in a luxury part of Toronto, don't you?
Pamela: oh, but how much fun if you bequeathed it : )
rich-c: Guy, I'm just curious as to the latest mods on your computers
Pamela: Erin would disown me
rich-c: no, we live in a little 1952 subdivision of 1000 sq. ft. bungalows
Meeka: LOL, thats hat i get for only partially listening to a conversation
BobS: guess that means I cannot afford to move to Toronto
rich-c: the lot would be worth more if teh house burned down and didn't hav e to be demolished
Meeka: doug was all excited about getting a faster bottom
BobS: :-)
Pamela: heck, I can't afford to move to Toronto!
Meeka: took me a minute he was talking about computer stuff
BobS: whats wrong with Doug's bottom???????
BobS: li'l rash??????
rich-c: what do you have on teh Athlon now? is that the laptop, Guy?
JudyS: she isn't going to touch that one with a ten foot pole
BobS: i wouldn't either
Pamela: TMI, I think
rich-c: btw Pam, when did you ever play Squish'em Sam?
Pamela: at home, when we first got the computer
rich-c: but I never got that till years later
rich-c: and I don't recall ever seeing you play it
rich-c: thye things kids do that the parents don't know about
Pamela: couldn't have been that long because I wasn't at home that long after we got the ADAM
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changed username to Meeka
Pamela: what happened, Meeka?
JudyS: Meeka is a twin
rich-c: I see we have two Meekas
Meeka: sorry, hit a web link and forgot it takes over the existing window, not open a new one
Pamela: oops : )
rich-c: besides, Pam, you barely ever touched the computer anyway
Meeka changed username to Meeka-2-
BobS requested to ban Meeka
rich-c confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
rich-c: you need to have an extra tab open, Meeka - though I don't know if you can with Jrunning
Pamela confirmed ban
Meeka-2- confirmed ban
BobS: must have touched it some richard
Pamela: well I certainly didn't use it for much besides playing games
rich-c: Java
rich-c: I didn't even see you doing much of that - maybe I was at work
Pamela: I was home during the day a lot don't forget
BobS: well gang. time for usto tacke off for the bedroom for this evening
Guy B.: Actually the two that XP on it are the Compaq 5001US and my custom built Athlon
BobS: tis the bewitching hour
rich-c: yes - I've just forgotten about going to work - it was a long time ago (18 years, do you realize?)
JudyS: well, all, time to say good night, so good night
Meeka-2-: night
Pamela: good night Bob and Judy
BobS: see ya's next week?
Pamela: absolutely
BobS: OK
JudyS left chat session
BobS: nite
BobS left chat session
rich-c: nite Slopsemas
Guy B.: Nite Bob and Judy
rich-c: take care and see you next week
Meeka-2- left chat session
rich-c: Guy, are those desktops or laptops?
Guy B.: Well, I might as well go too. Will see you all next week
Pamela: goodnight Guy
rich-c: OK Guy, see you then
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: well, guess that's it, Pam.
Pamela: yes I'm pretty pooped
rich-c: your mother is going to the doctor late so when she comes home we'll go out for dinner
Pamela: anniversary dinner?
rich-c: I'm taping the game lest it become worth watching
Pamela: Erin is going to the game tomorrow night
Pamela: free tickets with a friend
rich-c: ah, hope that she enjoys it, then
Pamela: hope so too
rich-c: yes, it will be our anniversary dinner - the renovations are finished and they have repoened
Pamela: well enjoy - I'll look forward to the review : )
Pamela: I'll try and call soon - just waiting for a night when no one else is here
rich-c: well, we're going again to Bon Vivant - it's quiet and they cook well, don't overcharge on the wine
Pamela: hope it's consistent : )
rich-c: OK - F1 on Sunday, ends teh season, so not much else planned - you know the football hours
Pamela: I'll do my best - we have some complications this weekend - will try to work around them
Pamela: goodnight Daddy
rich-c: anyway you take care - goodnight, and we'll talk
Pamela: kerpoof!
Pamela left chat session
rich-c left chat session
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