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+14hrs: bonjour, dan
+14hrs: ca va?
Daniel Bienvenu: oui
Daniel Bienvenu: ca va
Daniel Bienvenu: pourquoi +14?
+14hrs: qui suis-je? ;)
Daniel Bienvenu: combien ai-je de chances?
+14hrs: je suis un gars genereux, alors je te donnerai 3 chances
Daniel Bienvenu: +14hrs... fuseau horaire du Japon?
+14hrs: bingo
+14hrs: bien joue
Daniel Bienvenu: tu attends sur le chat depuis quelle heure?
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changed username to rich-c
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Rich
rich-c: salut, Daniel - and our visitor (is it Guiy?)
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Rich
+14hrs: je suis venu une fois il y a une heure, mais je m'en souvenais que vous avez change les horloges
Daniel Bienvenu: Our mysterious guest is not in America continent.
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changed username to LucMiron
LucMiron: Bonjour. :)
rich-c: eh bien, un nouveau - bienvenue!
Daniel Bienvenu: bonjour Luc
+14hrs: pas un nouveau ;)
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Daniel Bienvenu: think japan
rich-c: bonsoir Luc - seem's I'm the only anglophone n right now!
+14hrs: je suis aussi anglophone
rich-c: in that case, hi james
+14hrs: hi rich
changed username to BobS
Daniel Bienvenu: How are Aiden and Case?
BobS: guten tag, mein herren
+14hrs: energetic!
rich-c: long as we don't have too many Americans aboard, a bit of French goes down well
Daniel Bienvenu: You decided to practice your french tonight, james?
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: hi Bob
BobS: hi Pamela
rich-c: hello daughter
+14hrs: i've been trying to keep it up
Pamela: Hi James
BobS: james long time no see
Pamela: Hi Dad
BobS: you and Myuki and kids all good??????
Pamela: Hi Bob
+14hrs: disons qu'il n'ya pas grand opportunite de le practiquer a la campagne en japon
+14hrs: doing well enough
Pamela: salut, Daniel and Luc
+14hrs: hi bob
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, your french skill is very good.
Daniel Bienvenu: very very good in fact
+14hrs: i am also toying with the notion of returning to canada in a few years
+14hrs: so for the next few years i'm just going to work, bank and save
rich-c: yes, enough years in Ottawa help you stay at least sesquilingual
BobS: thought that was IN the cards james?
Daniel Bienvenu: * sondage - survey *
+14hrs: trying to save for a downpayment on a houes
+14hrs: *house
Daniel Bienvenu: Nommez-moi une console de jeu des années 80.
Pamela: I'm here, but away from the 'puter for a bit courting dishpan hands
Daniel Bienvenu: Name a game system (console) in the 80s?
+14hrs: vectrex
Pamela: brb
rich-c: you don't want to know our house prices here - we just got our new assessment
+14hrs: i've been following .. i hope they keep coming down
Daniel Bienvenu: Interesting choice : yes, vectrex is a good one.
BobS: oh oh
rich-c: they aren't coming down in Toronto, still holding steady with strong demand
Daniel Bienvenu: do you know anything particular about Vectrex? something most video game fans from the 80s should know?
+14hrs: anyway, with 3-4 years, i'll have a "sizeable" downpayment
+14hrs: about vectrex? not really. used one a few times
+14hrs: was also released in japan
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm trying to write a bunch of trivia questions about video games... but for general, not expert.
rich-c: if you want a knock-down hovel, don't expect change from half a million around here
+14hrs: well i'm not really looking at toronto
+14hrs: nothing against the good people there of course
Daniel Bienvenu: Except that the system came with his screen and used vector graphics, I don't know much about Vectrex.
+14hrs: it's just too large a city for me and yeah, i'd like a house. i'm looking in the $250k range and less urban areas
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm surprized to not get the answer for the a game system : coleco vision.
rich-c: I don't think anhone who has a choice should live here - it's too expensive for a first-timer
+14hrs: i'm aiming to have about a 30% downpayment. i'll let you do the maths.
+14hrs: a lot will depend on if i can set up work before i go back etc
rich-c: well, your French is good enough for Quebec City which I believe is quite reasonable, and the Maritimes have lovely properties for pennies
+14hrs: if i were single, i likely wouldn't bother
+14hrs: but the kids' english really improved and i want to give them more opportunity
+14hrs: i think a refresher course in french would get me back up to where i need to be in short order
Daniel Bienvenu: do you mean that the life cost 30% more in Japan than Canada?
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, some companies in Montreal will appreciate a trilingual guy like you.
rich-c: no, he's talking about the down payment he would like to put on a house
Daniel Bienvenu: I mean, appreciate more than other candidates
+14hrs: non, je veux avoir 30% du prix d'un maison avant de l'acheter
+14hrs: ca va me prendre quelques annees..
+14hrs: if i'd been smarter with my money we wouldn't even be having this conversation, but hindsight is 20/20
Daniel Bienvenu: Will you construct one if you don't find one you like?
+14hrs: after what i've been living in here, anything that's insulated, centrally heated and not full of my mother-in-law's crap will do
rich-c: "we get too soon old and too late smart"
+14hrs: i can always pay it off and upgrade / move if need be. something one can't do here
+14hrs: youth is wasted on the young
Daniel Bienvenu: merci encore pour les fichiers, james.
+14hrs: i'm stuck with the school i built. residential real-estate here doesn't sell at all and if it does, nothing resembling even face value
+14hrs: de rien
+14hrs: tu les as retrouvees utiles?
rich-c: are times that tough in Japan right now, james? I thought the economy was picking up?
+14hrs: it's not the economy per se, it's just the way residential real estate works here
Daniel Bienvenu: tres utile, pour le prochain video de unreleased coleco stuff
+14hrs: people build, not buy and stay for life so there is very little liquidity in a structure
+14hrs: and in the countryside where i am, forget it
rich-c: given the population density, I'd expect an overgrown postage stamp to command multi kilobucks
+14hrs: larger cities, maybe
+14hrs: land has value, yes
+14hrs: structures are more often than not seen as a liability. mostly because post-war construction was absolute crap
+14hrs: a trend that continued until very recently
+14hrs: so the $100k i spent on the school is essentially gone
rich-c: yes - our house would be worth more if it burned down, leaving the serviced lot
+14hrs: not because my building is crap, but because i'm in a rapidly depopulating area
+14hrs: it of course has intrinsic value. it'd make a nice bachelor pad with a few modifications so i may be able to rent it out
rich-c: how come the depopulation?
+14hrs: or one of the boys could start something up at some point and use it
rich-c: that will take a while, though
+14hrs: all rural areas of japan are in rapid population decline. it's a very aged population, extremely low birthrates (i've offered to help with this!)
+14hrs: and young people are moving to nearby cities, which are enjoying a very temporary uptick
rich-c: I've heardd tehy are not too keen on round-eye genes
LucMiron: Sounds like Quebec to me... :)
+14hrs: uhm.. without giving away too much, many of the women have solicited me on more than one occasion for my genetic material ;)
+14hrs: @luc, funny you should say that
+14hrs: there are many parallels
rich-c: I don't think it's tactful to pursue that point
+14hrs: lol
+14hrs: take my town for instance, when i first came the population was a little over 9000 people
+14hrs: it's now at around 7200 a mere 10 years later. 10% is aged 80 or over and 34% are in the 65+ category
+14hrs: kids finish high school and leave, rarely coming back. there's this big hole of 20 somethings
rich-c: doesn't make much of a pool of kids needing schooling, does it?
+14hrs: nope. so demographics are foremost on my mind. i'm facing a downturn every year for the next 3 years. losing 10 between now and march
rich-c: and that is going to hurt
rich-c: how is Japan coping with the economic crises?
+14hrs: it may decline enough such that i'll have enough time to do both schools myself thus keeping my income steady
+14hrs: it's not
rich-c: what's the problem? I think I heard something about the banks
+14hrs: the proverbial stuff will hit the fan here come spring. there's usually about a half-year lag between u.s. recessions and Bad Things here
rich-c: oddly enough, the very worst of the recession may stay limited to the US
+14hrs: well let's hope. it's their mess afterall
rich-c: even though as you know, when Uncle Sam sneezes, Canada gets pneumonia
+14hrs: i like americans but their concept of fiscal management leaves little to be desired
Daniel Bienvenu: * quick-survey * what was your first arcade game you did play (if you did play one of course)?
rich-c: yes, they don't seen to understand wars have to be paid for, and cost a ton
+14hrs: and harper won't be happy unless we follow merrily in their footsteps
+14hrs: @dan.. hmm.. ms. pac-man i think
rich-c: well, he managed to antagonize Obama pretty thoroughly so mayeb there will be a chill
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+14hrs: not sure who'd i want to lead canada
changed username to adam128
adam128: hello
+14hrs: hello
rich-c: oh, Harper has his power trip, and it will take years before the Liberals are ready to bounce him
+14hrs: obama maybe
Daniel Bienvenu: My first arcade game, alone, was Joust. But with my brother, it was Wizard of Wor.
+14hrs: that they can't find 4% of the budget to trim to keep from going into deficit is pathetic
rich-c: hi adam 128 - sorry, I forget your real name, been a while since you were here
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Daniel Bienvenu: BOB, LOOK OVER HERE!
changed username to adam128
BobS: looking Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: just checking if you still there, Bob.
adam128: hello again
BobS: my here
rich-c: I see you're twins now! do you know how to fix that?
adam128: not a clue
LucMiron: Had a rough day today. My lower back hurts. I'm just gonna go to bed now.
Daniel Bienvenu: Did BobS played a video game at the arcade?
LucMiron: Bye.
LucMiron left chat session
+14hrs: by luc
+14hrs: *bye
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Luc...
BobS: way to young for me Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: too late.
rich-c: nite Luc
BobS: didn't even have tv when I grew up
rich-c: under edit change your user name, adam
Daniel Bienvenu: you never ever played an arcade game, not even pacman or space invaders?
adam128 changed username to 128
BobS: not until I got an ADAM computer Daniel
BobS: THEN, I loved Pitstop, and Dragon's Lair
128: still 2 of me
BobS: wasn't good playing it, but lived them
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BobS: loved
Daniel Bienvenu: Did you see and maybe try Dragon's Lair at the arcade?
rich-c: OK, 128 is now your real one. Now watch
BobS: nop;e
changed username to Judy
rich-c requested to ban adam128
+14hrs confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
Judy: Hi, everyone
128 confirmed ban
128: it worked
rich-c: hello Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I did try a little bit the coleco version of dragon's lair. I can't pass the first part.
rich-c: yep - the second half is up under Extras
+14hrs: dan, tu construis encore des jeux coleco?
Daniel Bienvenu: moins qu'avant
rich-c: you, Dale and Luc have something going, don't you, Daniel?
Judy: am I on?
rich-c: yes, you're with us, judy - battery getting uncooperative again?
BobS: Daniel, I am NOT good with the games, but like them the same, KIDS are the best players
Daniel Bienvenu: We try to release again a compilation of games we do.
BobS: naw, just slow updating
+14hrs: i can still beat my son at wii ;)
+14hrs: he has yet to beat my skijump record
Judy: no, but there seems to be a delay tonight
rich-c: odd - I seem to be getting it OK, so it shouldn't be Dale's server
+14hrs: dan, what's the french word for "save" like to save money in a bank account?
rich-c: epargne?
+14hrs: i think that means save as in to
+14hrs: save 20% off the price of something
Daniel Bienvenu: But, I was thinking of maybe offering something different for next year, a new project, a special personalized game release, like your name used for the hero of an adventure game or an arcade game with a special cake reward saying happy birthday if you select to play the anniversary edition in the menu.
rich-c: our stores use economisez in that context, but that may be joual or bling
Daniel Bienvenu: I try thinking about new stuff to do, something more original, not always port of arcade games.
Daniel Bienvenu: Economiser = to save money
rich-c: Video Hustler is a good idea that good stand improvement
Daniel Bienvenu: it's a valid wellknow and used french word
Pamela: Daniel, with reference to arcade games, are you talking about what we actually played first in an arcade?
+14hrs: i played galaxian a few times
+14hrs: was never a mall rat though so didn't get much time on the stand-up arcade games
Pamela: wow, this is slow updating
rich-c: that's odd, it's coming right through for me
+14hrs: me too, right across the pacific
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, ColecoVision did his success based on licensed games from the arcade, porting the big hits when they can. But, I don't want to be know as a port maker, but as a video game creator, programmer, for this game system.
Pamela: my first arcade game was Space Invaders
128 left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: Space Invaders, the original? a clone with a strange name like Blasteroid? or the deluxe version?
rich-c: we've lost adam128 - guess he got bored
Pamela: no, the original
Pamela: Hi Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: Space Invaders original is the one who create a need for more coins in Japan.
Pamela: well there's a bit of trivia for you
Judy: Bob is way ahead of what I am getting
Judy: I am leaving
rich-c: that is weird, judy
BobS: Judy is getting nothing for the last half of the page
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm looking for trivia questions about video games from the past, including video games people should know.
Daniel Bienvenu: well, at least the people who will go at a video game festival
rich-c: that must be something in her computer, surely?
BobS: and in Pams????? I think not
Judy: this is a new to me computer
BobS: she just got anew one from Doug.....a diplicate of mine
Daniel Bienvenu: Galaxian is a good one James. What was the particularity of this game? the Abduction of the ship?
BobS: duplicate
rich-c: not quite sure what could be going on with Pam's
Pamela: updating has improved now that I'm posting regularly
rich-c: matbe if they logged out and logged in again, got a different port or something?
Judy left chat session
Pamela: now I'[m right up to date
Daniel Bienvenu: kinda strange that most of these "SPACE" games from the arcade actually show live creatures and insects.
rich-c: there is room I think for puzzle games if you can get them into 32K
Daniel Bienvenu: puzzle games?
rich-c: there was one Adam game about real estate trading or something, another about railways perhaps
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changed username to Judy2
Daniel Bienvenu: I know Dr.Seuss - Fix up the mix up puzzle for ColecoVision.
Pamela: is that better Judy?
Judy2: I am going to try again
rich-c: the latter was something that could have inspired Railroad Tycoon in DOS
Judy2: hope so
Judy2: it is at least putting the things that I type on right away
rich-c: well, keep us posted on how the postings are coming through now
rich-c: odd, wonder what could have been causing the time delay?
Judy2: seems better
Pamela: I went back to read the stuff I missed before posting
Pamela: then started posting
Pamela: the first few things were really slow
rich-c: could be your ISP playing games, throttling the traffic - they deny it but do it a lot
rich-c: which ISP are you using, Judy?
Daniel Bienvenu: Anybody here do actually use a pda ? and what model if I may ask?
Judy2: don''t know but things are coming thru now
+14hrs: is an iphone considered a pda?
rich-c: too much price for too little return for my traste, Daniel
Judy2: don't have a clue
Pamela: I tried it for a while Daniel
Pamela: didn't like it
Pamela: mine was battery run, not rechargeable
rich-c: Erin lives with hers, doesn't she?
Pamela: ate batteries like nobody's business
Pamela: well, she has a blackberry
Pamela: slightly different
Daniel Bienvenu: well, if you can manage your contacts and display a calendar, it's probably a pda.
Pamela: I went back to my Daytimer and pencil
rich-c: I have a fine calendar on my wall
rich-c: but I use it so little I keep forgetting to change it
BobS: i use a pad of paper, scratch some notes on it then tear off the page and throw it OUT
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I'm trying to gain experience in game development for pdas, in Java... I'm not sure if iPhone can play these games in Java, but I know that many smartphones, palm, and pocketpc can.
rich-c: yes, we have a lifetime supply of library cars we use for notes
Pamela: I'm going back to wash more dishes - be back shortly
Pamela: cards, Dad
rich-c: oops!
BobS: showing your age Richard..........libraries don't even use cards anymore, do they?
Daniel Bienvenu: I need to make a game, even a simple one, that someone can try on his (or her) pda.
BobS: I haven't any idea, jsut sounds old fashioned
BobS: shouls have it all computerizewd now
+14hrs: i remember those.. card catalogues
rich-c: on a local basis some do, Bob, but mostly only to supplement the computers
Daniel Bienvenu: card catalogs? I don't remember these.
BobS: although, the more we try to go paperless, the more paper we generate
+14hrs: they've been .. computerized.. man even that's a term i haven't heard in awhile.. since before i even finished high school
rich-c: yes, paradoxical, isn't it?
BobS: so whaat is today's term??????
+14hrs: no idea
BobS: oh ok
rich-c: entered into a database or something, usually
+14hrs: just saying that since everything is digital these days anyway, you don't hear that very often
Judy2: our librarykeeps changing their website, not always for the better either
BobS: ah yes, digital, gonna screrw up our tv sets in Feb
rich-c: yes, Toronto Public can't learn to leave their alone, either
Judy2: it is nice what you can now do thru the website to request books
rich-c: all you need is a new digital HD antenna, and a converter box if it isn't built into your tv, and you're all set
rich-c: yes, Judy, it makes title search a lead pipe cinch too, and Frances uses it to renew books
BobS: BUT, the antenna will work, tis the pain in the backside of using yet ANOTHER remote to watch tv (for the converter box)
rich-c: swell if you have cable you can juast stay with what you have 'cause that's your converter box
Judy2: just another way to get more money out of the masses
rich-c: well, we have satellite so we don't have to do anything; satellites have always been digital
Judy2: but that is only on the main floor that we have satalite
rich-c: but if you are taking your signal direct off-air you may have a problem
rich-c: need to get a beer while I think about this - brb
BobS: had to rewire upstairs and the basement tv's so that i converter box each floor will run all the tv's on that floor
BobS: BUT we do get losts more channles on digital tahtn on regular airwaves
BobS: lots
rich-c: well, I just recently cut back my channels to the absolute minimum they will sell - it's still too many
+14hrs: i almost never watch tv here. i hate japanese tv
rich-c: and on regular off-air we have close to two dozen, though with Buffalo going digital in February that may change
+14hrs: even moreso now that i understand almost everything they say
Pamela: no western programs, James?
rich-c: yes, too much of the wrong chatter can get very annoying
+14hrs: not really, no
rich-c: my mute button gets quite a workout when I watch tv
+14hrs: japanese tv is extremely.. banal, infantile and patronizing. at least to me.
Judy2: there are some nights that you can never have enough channels
Judy2: and there still isn't anything on
rich-c: don't be surprised if your American friends say the same thing about theirs - and you can always read some of the briefs to the CRTC
Pamela: there is never anything brief about the CRTC : )
rich-c: I watch F1 and CFL football, period, and Frances watches nothing
+14hrs: when i was still in canada, i'd watch tlc, discovery, history channel etc
Pamela: seems to me Judy that Springsteen wrote a song called "57 channels and nothing on"
Pamela: those are all channels that get a good workout in this house James
+14hrs: yeah, and it's still true even with an order of magnitude difference in the number of channels now
Pamela: along with CBC Newsworld, CP24 and HGTV
Pamela: yes, now its 357 channels and nothing on : )
rich-c: yes, I used Newsworld last night, and for our election
Daniel Bienvenu: I find some weird tv show concepts from Japan are sometimes fun and interesting to watch. like the one where they make couples with idols, they have to sing together, dance togheter do stupid games and compete againsts other couples.
rich-c: but I have to get CP24 on the internet
Pamela: did you actually watch the election results Dad?
rich-c: of bloody course - it was one of teh defining historic events of this century
Judy2: I watch HGTV and I really like TLC and Halmark
Pamela: we don't get Hallmark Judy
Pamela: okay Papa, just checking
Judy2: they have some good programs anyone can watch
rich-c: that's likely why Guy isn't on tonight - he was too late down in Grant Park
Judy2: and a lot of made for them movies
BobS: Guy is either chasing some girl; walking the dog; OR upgrading a computer
Pamela: by the way, you all will be pleased to know that Erin is in Cleveland this week
rich-c: yes, I sort of gatehr his social lifwe has become more active lately
rich-c: ah, that means they got through that final hour at the border, then?
BobS: so then WHY are they not on chat?
Pamela: that I can't tell you
Judy2: was wondering how it was going with those two, they have not been on much lately
rich-c: isn't that a rather unthinking question, Bob? ;-)
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Pamela: unfortunately I believe that Wednesday is Rich's busiest night
BobS: naw, just got to drop by and say HI
changed username to KBGB
KBGB: Greetings All!
Pamela: Hi Guy
Judy2: hi, Guy
BobS: sir Bona
rich-c: we weree just wondering about you, Guy - figured you were too late in Grant Park
KBGB: I'd stayed away and stayed in and watch a Three Stooges marathon on DVD
Judy2: ok, Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: I have to say goodnight... I have things to finish like questions cards for a trivia contest about video games. bye
+14hrs: test
rich-c: let's just say that in your position that would not have been my choice
Pamela: goodnight Daniel
rich-c: you're still here, james
+14hrs: bye dan!
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit!
KBGB: And I had to take care of Annie as well. Had a scare with her, she may have twisted her left front leg. But, she's walking fine now
KBGB: Bye Daniel
BobS: nite Daniel
rich-c: OK Daniel, bonsoir et bonne chance
Daniel Bienvenu: merci rich.
Pamela: how, Guy?
KBGB: She got too excited and jump on the sofa and landed on it wrong
Daniel Bienvenu: colour me gone? kerpoof ? EOF
Pamela: oh dear
+14hrs: i'm going to drop off too
+14hrs: i need to kickstart my router again and grab lunch
Pamela: good to see you James
KBGB: Then tonight she was playing with a new dog and I got twisted and stepped on her paw. She's Ok
rich-c: odd - usually dogs are quite well coordinated for manouvres like that
+14hrs: so have a good week everyone!
Judy2: night Daniel
KBGB: Bye James
Judy2: night James
rich-c: take care james, come back soon!
+14hrs: will do!
BobS: nice of you to stop and see us james, NOT SO LONG NEXT TIME, eh?
KBGB: Well, it seems the other dog caused the problem and not Annie
+14hrs: yeah, the last few months have been insane
KBGB: I'll be back. Have 26 e-mails to check
Pamela: I've certainly seen my share of uncoordinated animals : )
+14hrs left chat session
KBGB: All dogs love to play and Annie is no exception
Pamela: as long as she's okay that's all that matters
rich-c: well, they have to have something to do
Pamela: IIRC,
Pamela: Ron is getting married this weekend
KBGB: He is. Wow
rich-c: great heavens, has it come so soon?
BobS: ya, knew it was soon...did you hear form hiim?
BobS: from
Pamela: just the e-mail I got a couple of weeks ago after pestering him for news
Pamela: I believe he responded to us all, did he not?
BobS: you forwarded taht to me Pam
KBGB: He told me about her at the con, but never told me her name
BobS: Susan
rich-c: not that I've seen - nothing on teh coladam list, and we don't have his new address
Pamela: hmm, lemme check something
KBGB: Did he send you a photo of her Pam?
Pamela: the e-mail was entitled "dying for an update" and although I sent the original to him alone and not through the coladam list, he responded to the list
Pamela: No, I have no pictures
KBGB: Rats, guess we'll have to wait for him to send us some then
Pamela: his response was October 9th
rich-c: I don't recall seeing anything from the list - not from anyone but Daniel lately, anyway
Judy2: hopefully he will come back after he is married
BobS: the ol' list has been REAL quiet alright
rich-c: no one but teh game designers seem to have anything to say
BobS: tis true richard
Judy2: this is the slowest night for the lines coming in
rich-c: I've sent out teh odd message to Adam people, but they've been personal inquiries
Pamela: everyone is busy, it seems
BobS: I get more mature, I have less time it seems
rich-c: still having slow computer problems, Judy?
Pamela: time seems to go by faster the older I get
Judy2: yes, it is really weird
rich-c: yes, back when I was working I almost always had time - now I can't even get the papers read
Pamela: for instance, somewhere along the way I lost my extra hour on Sunday
Pamela: back when you were working, you were up at 7:00 am Dad
rich-c: I found it OK but promptly spent it
BobS: heck I am up at 6am and still can't catch up......the extras hour on sun evaporated by 5am
Judy2: for the extra hour the only thing I noticed is that it is dark earlier
rich-c: yes - oh how I hate November
Pamela: yes, I was not impressed on Monday to leave work in the dark
Judy2: but it truely was a beautiful day today
Pamela: but I must admit I prefer not to have to get up in the dark
rich-c: and we still have 46 days of it getting worse
Judy2: we still get up in the dark
rich-c: yes, it was glorious here today too
Judy2: we should have at least one more good day yet
rich-c: our shopping day so I didn't get outside otherwise
Pamela: no walk today Dad
Pamela: ?
rich-c: no, spent too much time at the store and stuff
rich-c: got a good one yesterday though
Pamela: get in as many as you can before the weather deteriorates
rich-c: that's the plan, but I find my face is very sensitive to cold winds
rich-c: also been having a problem with my glasses, needing adjustment
BobS: tomorrow warm ............. walk a lot and then go inside for Fri
Pamela: did I tell you I broke my glasses?
Judy2: not cool, Pam
rich-c: we'll be a bit behind you, Bob
rich-c: what did you do, Pam?
BobS: maybe Fri nice then tlso
Pamela: they broke at the nosepiece
Judy2: you may get a couple of good days then
Pamela: remember how they were out of alignment?
rich-c: vaguely, yes, Pam
BobS: have had that happen
Pamela: I think they got one too many twists
BobS: usually because I am wrenching on them to keep them straight on my head
Pamela: Bob you may remember that my glasses are the rimless ones
rich-c: oh, I let the optician do any adjustments like that
Pamela: so the only thing holding them together was the nose piece
BobS: don't remember, but.......
rich-c: my problem was that I dropped them and the lens popped out and I couldn't get it back in
BobS: I adjust mine twisting and bending
Pamela: I really like the rimless look but my next glasses are going to have to be considerably more sturdy
rich-c: and it turned out that the screw holding teh rim together was so worn it would not accept a screwdriver
Pamela: perhaps it's time for new frames DAd?
rich-c: had no choice so got a new frame
Pamela: so I've had my eyes tested and now have to find time to go shopping for new glasses
rich-c: but it needs adjusting and we're still in that process
rich-c: well, I'm now going to that little hole in the wall in LP
Judy2: you need to get the real bendy kind
rich-c: not teh world's best but if worst comes to worst I can walk there - if my back strengthens
Pamela: got my eyes tested at Hakim and the optometrist there is quite good but the store itself - no thanks
BobS: they have some that you can twist like a pretcel and they pop right back
KBGB: Well folks, I'll be going will see you all early next week
Pamela: Mom has a pair of those Bob
Pamela: gnite Guy
rich-c: they tend to be pretty generous with themselves on their pricing, and a bit oily about it
rich-c: nite Guy
Judy2: I got my last few pairs at Walmart, they seem to do a good job
KBGB: Poof
KBGB left chat session
Pamela: that's where the ones that broke came from Judy
Pamela: oily is a good description, Dad
rich-c: somehow or other it's not teh sort of product I would want to source from Wal-mart
Pamela: when I asked them if the nose piece on my broken glasses could be repaired, the FIRST thing out the sales goof's mouth was "were they bought here?"
rich-c: actually most shops will repair their own free but charge (lots) for glasses bought elsewhere
Pamela: I was sooo annoyed, I walked out
Pamela: all I wanted to know was whether it was possible for them to be repaired
Pamela: a simple yes or no would have sufficed
Judy2: guess I will sign off, things are still not coming thru very fast, really slow in fact, so night all until next week
rich-c: as it happens the question was legitimate - but he could have been more tactful
Pamela: goodnight Judy
Pamela: hope the computer improves : )
BobS: as will I sign off, ai am almost aseep here on the couch
rich-c: night Judy, hope you get the computer fixed in time!
BobS: oh it is alright
BobS: will see ya's next week
Pamela: goodnight Bob
BobS left chat session
Judy2 left chat session
rich-c: right, you have long days these days - get your rest, Bob
rich-c: looks like that's it, Pam - down to us
Pamela: not unusual : )
rich-c: seems to be how it works - and I haven't even finished my beer yet
Pamela: you know if I'd asked that question at walmart, they'd have told me right off whether or not they could be repaired
rich-c: we shall have tro show Daniel one day how to sign out
Pamela: anyway Dad, as soon as i have an evening to myself I'll call
Pamela: they've been a little thin on the ground lately
rich-c: and then told you if you didn't buy them there, there would be a charge?
Pamela: yes
Pamela: I expect there would be a charge anyway - they're a year and a half old
rich-c: OK, I assume you have to plot the diamond exhibit iwth your mother anyway
Pamela: if they were brand new, that would be one thing
Pamela: yes and that's going to be a problem, because i want to go with Mom and now Aunt C wants to go too
rich-c: oh, most are pretty good even after a long time - on their markups they should be
rich-c: forget that - is Cynthia still in town, then?
Pamela: yes
rich-c: but she has a pretty open schedule, doesn't she?
Pamela: yes
rich-c: so set up something that fits you two then tell Cyn thia - she can come or not
Pamela: you're missing the point
rich-c: three's a crowd?
Pamela: that's the point
rich-c: when is she going back to Windsor?
Pamela: never
rich-c: why, has she found work or something?
Pamela: not yet
Pamela: she is looking
rich-c: I get the feeling there are things I am not hearing
Pamela: you think?
rich-c: she will take over Erin's apartment, then?
Pamela: that's why I need a night to myself
rich-c: OK - I'll ask your Ma on the details
Pamela: got a couple minutes? I can call now
rich-c: OK, let's sign off and you can fill me in
Pamela: okay kerpoofing now
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: colour me gone
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