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BobS: we having a PICKNICK ?????
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: picknick? like pique-nique? like eating outside on the grass during a sunny day with friends? or more like picking nick? HELP!
BobS: greetings Daniel
BobS: I think so, but dont' know who it is
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Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Bob
BobS: si senor
Daniel Bienvenu: who is there?
BobS: still programming the same game?
BobS: maybe picknick and the undefined are one and the same
Daniel Bienvenu: the plan didn't change... I'm programming when I have time, but not tonight because I'm trying to figure out how to flush 50 Gig of HD space without losing important data.
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changed username to rich-c
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Rich
changed username to Blue Line Rider
Blue Line Rider: Greetings!!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: Blue Line Rider?
rich-c: man, you guys are quick - hello all
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rich-c: that you, Guy? hi!
changed username to back again
Blue Line Rider: Yes it is
Daniel Bienvenu: Who is back again?
Daniel Bienvenu: Bob?
back again changed username to BobS
BobS: si
BobS: tis I
BobS: battery died
rich-c: I dunno - don't recall picknickeither
Daniel Bienvenu: So, if BLR is Guy... who is picknick?
Daniel Bienvenu: it's a bit late to do a pique-nique
rich-c: I don't know; it isn't Frances lurking, she isn't online
Daniel Bienvenu: except if it's day time... like in Japan
rich-c: too early in the day for that in Japan
rich-c: some other Guy, maybe?
BobS: or not
rich-c: anyway, Daniel, how's by you? games progressing well?
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm trying to free 50Gig of space... I'm currently converting some captured tv video to smaller files and hope it will be enough.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm at the same point as last week about games.
rich-c: I wouldn't know what to do with 50 gig of space, period
rich-c: actually, that's an exaggeration - but I can only have 128 gig of space total
Daniel Bienvenu:
Daniel Bienvenu: it's a fanzine about retrogaming.
rich-c: what's the url, daniel?
rich-c: ah, OK
Daniel Bienvenu: actually the number 38 talks about Jeepers Creepers, the next one (#39) will talk about Minigames cartridge.
rich-c: those are cartss of yours, right?
Daniel Bienvenu: unfortunatly, you can't access to the fanzine, they sell it in paper format
Daniel Bienvenu: the game jeepers creepers for coleco, yes it's one of my games.
rich-c: so Bob, where are the ladies tonight?
Daniel Bienvenu: They evaluate the game as good but apprently not finished with a final score of 7/10, which is good.
Daniel Bienvenu: I had no news about the review they will publish about the minigames cartridge
BobS: Judy is sitting here eating some terribly sinfully chocolate covered caramel corn
rich-c: yes, you can use the promotion - and it still leaves room for a later upgrade version 2.0
rich-c: cArmel corn is bad enough - chocolate covered is indeed sinful
BobS: YES !!! but DARN do it taste GREAT
rich-c: I assume she will join us once she has rinsed her fingers
BobS: had to buy something from the grandkids school sale, so got some GOOD stuff for once
BobS: maybe
BobS: she is also crocheting......or was
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: well, it tastes good or it doesn't - and I think it's passing muster
rich-c: hi daughter
Pamela: hi there
BobS: HI Pam
Pamela: hello,
Pamela: Robert
Pamela: Hi Daniel and Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: Comment a-t-ell fait pour savoir que c'etait Guy?
rich-c: his pseudonym was fairly obvious
Daniel Bienvenu: (how did she know BLR is Guy?)
Pamela: parce qu'il est le seule person qui
Pamela: (Um, how do you say travel?)
rich-c: the Chicago subway system color codes its lines on its maps
Pamela: sur le train Blue Line
rich-c: voyager
Pamela: merci
Pamela: qui voyage sur le train
Pamela: thanks Dad
rich-c: c'est rien
Pamela: je n'ais pas le vocabulaire maintenant
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Pamela: je m'excuse, Daniel : )
changed username to Judy
rich-c: no, it fades away over time - trust me, I know
Judy: Hi, everyone
Pamela: Hi Judy
rich-c: hi Judy, finished the popcorn?
Judy: no,still munching
Blue Line Rider: Hi Pam
Pamela: Hi Guy
Judy: is too good
Pamela: Judy you're gonna get butter all over the keys
rich-c: you'll need a fingerbowl, judy
Blue Line Rider: Guess everyone figured out who I am now
Judy: have a paper towel right here
rich-c: well, that's a good start
Pamela: I rode the Blue line - I remember!
Daniel Bienvenu: you can delete the word guess, guy
Pamela: and the Brown line, and the Pink line I think
Judy: was a fun raiser for Josh, had to buy something may as well be something good
rich-c: that makes sense, Judy
Pamela: for me, it would have been chocolate Judy : )
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm the only one who still guessing because I never went to chicago to see what color or logo is the train.
Judy: it is both white and chocolate over the carmel corn
rich-c: right, you have to pick it up from the rst of us, Daniel
Pamela: oh, my
rich-c: decadent, isn't it?
Pamela: just what I was thinking Papa
Judy: ya, is not the right thing to be eating but you know
Pamela: sounds delicious!
Blue Line Rider: Thought I let you guys know that I get my first programming for the new unit next week. So, I'll have it up by next weekend
rich-c: well Bob, at least you can afford the calories
Judy: yes, it is
Pamela: woohoo, Guy
BobS: don't know about that, but what the heck
rich-c: bet you can't wait for that, Guy
Blue Line Rider: I'm looking forward to it. I have to view a DVD to get familiar on how the buttons work, inserting the batteries and the accessories
Pamela: ya gotta love it - even Cochlear processors come with instructional DVDs
rich-c: yes, most stuff like that they give instrucrion DVDs now
rich-c: I got one with my CPAP mask
Pamela: seems to me the last one I got was with the air conditioner
Pamela: oh wait, that was a tape
Pamela: which was blank
Pamela: big help
BobS: awq shucks, we only get paper instructions
rich-c: well, teh CPAP thing only needed about two minutes of instruction, so the rest was ads
BobS: AND we can't READ
Blue Line Rider: I got manuel, a quick reference guide and a pocket guide too.
rich-c: but at least watching the ads was totally optional
Pamela: Lord, Guy, you're gonna walk lopsided carrying all that stuff
Pamela: do you really need them? After all you're not a first time user
rich-c: even if you're used to things, a refresher can help from time to time
BobS: and there are always variations
Pamela: what accessories does it come with?
rich-c: same way, after you've been taking a medication for a while, it's worth rereading the instruction sheet
Pamela: heck after you've been taking the meds for a while, you've got the darn thing memorized!
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Blue Line Rider: Well, the pocket guide should fit in my wallet. The quick reference guide I can put in my briefcase
changed username to GuyFfFffffFffF
Blue Line Rider: Hey there he is, Hi Guy F
GuyFfFffffFffF: Blue Line Rider? :)
rich-c: hi Guy - comment ca va?
Pamela: Hi Gui
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Guy
GuyFfFffffFffF: Hi Pamila.
Blue Line Rider: That's me. Guy B
Pamela: LOL
GuyFfFffffFffF: Hey gang, nice to see everyone here!!!
Pamela: sorry, just to differentiate between you and Guy
GuyFfFffffFffF: I know Pam, just teasing. ;)
Daniel Bienvenu: le fanzine revival sortira un review de la cartouche cv minigames dans son prochain numero.
rich-c: nice to see you back - it's been a while
Blue Line Rider: How was the Down Under?
GuyFfFffffFffF: Yes it has Rich. Dan, good news, please reserve me a copy, I will give you $$$ when I see you.
Pamela: and well done : )
Judy: hi, Guy F
GuyFfFffffFffF: Down Under was good, but there ain't nothing like North America!!! US and Canada rule!
Blue Line Rider: Did the kids enjoy the sites there?
Pamela: you mean it didn't feel like Canada with funny accents?
rich-c: naw, they drive on the wrong side of the road. In funny cars
GuyFfFffffFffF: Yeah, kids loved the kangoroos, we saw many of them in the wild, and let her play with them, very tame.
GuyFfFffffFffF: I drove on the wrong side of the road, and oen day, I had a north american slip up, and got into an accident, but that's a long story.
Pamela: ouch - no one hurt?
GuyFfFffffFffF: Looking right instead of left for oncoming traffic.
rich-c: any visits to McLaren Vale or Barossa or such for a taste of teh good stuff?
GuyFfFffffFffF: Nah, no one was hurt, just my ego.
Pamela: phew
GuyFfFffffFffF: Nope, never heard of that. Visited some wineries in the gold coast, nice mountains.
Judy: Bob does know what it feels like to have a slip on the driving but he just went in the ditch
GuyFfFffffFffF: Yeah, happens to the best of us. I hope it won't go on my North American driving record.
Pamela: kudos to you for trying it Guy, I think I'd want a good long time to practice first out in the middle of nowhere
Judy: and he can't dispute it son-in-law got it on tape
Pamela: should I ask how it happened to get on tape Judy?
rich-c: which wineries did you get to, Guy?
GuyFfFffffFffF: I was fine for a few weeks, drove several thousand KMs, and got into an accident out of all places going into a shopping mall.
Judy: was just videoing at the time and opps
rich-c: jeez, folks around here do that all teh time and they're driving on teh right side of the road
GuyFfFffffFffF: Waitomo winery, and some others, I can't remember.
BobS: hey, you can't blame me becasue some local was driving on what SHE considered the correct side of the raod
rich-c: or at least know where it is and sort of wehre they are supposed to be
rich-c: don't know that one; guess they don't export to Ontario
GuyFfFffffFffF: Sorry to hear that BobS, is there any damage to your car?
BobS: naw, we just took the ditch and came back onroad on the far side of the woman
BobS: besides, ti was just a rental
Pamela: well IMHO Guy, you were starting to relax and get used to it, and stopped having the OMG nerves
GuyFfFffffFffF: I did talk to them about Ontario wine and they have heard about it...
GuyFfFffffFffF: Pamela: I was tired and hungry and just wanted to park in the mall to go eat something... moment of inattention.
rich-c: that's interesting; we do have some that's good enough to export now
GuyFfFffffFffF: But I didn't let the accident ruin my trip. I rented another car and drove for another 3 weeks, and was fine, although a bit hesitant on the road because I had a bad experience.
rich-c: I was just up at our brand new grog shop (opened Oct. 22) and they have a whole aisle of Shirzes
GuyFfFffffFffF: I like the term, "grog shop". :)
BobS: when the horse trips and throws you, you HAVE to get back up on the horse and ride off
Pamela: if you'll forgive me, "good on ya, mate" : )
GuyFfFffffFffF: Yeah, otherwise you ended being scarred for life.
Daniel Bienvenu: I did free up to 40gb... another 10gb and it will be enojugh for tonight.
rich-c: well, that or government store - but their choice of Quebec beer is ratehr weak
GuyFfFffffFffF: Yeah, "good on ya mate" is a sentence I heard often from my cousin.
rich-c: anyway obviously you handled everything well
Pamela: I can imagine. You probably heard more than enough of it to last you a lifetime but I thought it was appropriate
rich-c: and who says if you'd stayed home you wouldn't have knocked a corner off your car here?
GuyFfFffffFffF: I would have been happy if that happened here. Went to the dealer today to pick up a new car... he wouldn't give it to me at the price I wanted, so I left.
rich-c: in these economic times, I think you can well afford to wait
GuyFfFffffFffF: Nope, in these economic times, people who have $ can make really good deals.
rich-c: our economy is far stronger so we aren't seeing US-style panic pricing yet
Pamela: are you still shopping for a minivan?
GuyFfFffffFffF: I am waiting to get a good deal.... GM offers great deals, but I want a Toyota.
GuyFfFffffFffF: Something in between Pam.
GuyFfFffffFffF: Crossover/SUV/Wagon type of car.
Pamela: what is Toyota's crossover?
rich-c: Toyota have been spoiled by years of getting premium prices - may take them a while to sober up
GuyFfFffffFffF: Indeed Rich, I spent an hour at the dealer today and they really don't get it... They wouldn't budge on prices, even when I showed them the competition being $3 - $4K cheaper on the almost identical car.
rich-c: like our gas companies - oil is $59 a barrel but they still want 83 cents a litre
GuyFfFffffFffF: I am looking at the Toyota Matrix/Pontiac Vibe, same cars, same engine same everything, difference is in the body/paint.
GuyFfFffffFffF: Yeah, I saw it at 85 cents today, it really went down today.
Judy: we are under $2 in many stations
GuyFfFffffFffF: awesome in a way I guess.
rich-c: for 4K go for the Pontiac - in fact you may even be able to do better, perhaps overallowance on your trade
Pamela: I'm trying to picture a Vibe
Pamela: and going blank, don't know why
GuyFfFffffFffF: Exactly Rich, only thing is the paint which is a bit flaky on the Pontiac that I hear.... that's the only thing that scares me, otherwise, Pontiac is a much better deal for the same car.
Pamela: I'd know one if I saw it in the street I'm sure
GuyFfFffffFffF: Yeah Pam, very popular cars in Quebec.... amazing fuel economy, spacious, etc...
rich-c: they do offer a warranty, so if the paint isn't right it gets fixed
Pamela: save the $4K and get the Vibe - put $1K away for paint job later
GuyFfFffffFffF: Rich: They offer perforation warranties... but I seriously don't want to deal with a car that has bad paint, but it's only things I've been reading online, might have been corrected.
GuyFfFffffFffF: Pam: haha, great way of seeing it.
rich-c: don't know about the otehrs, but our neighbourhood Chevvy dealer seems good on service and bodywork
GuyFfFffffFffF: Vibe has more standard features such as traction control, if you turn and slip it'll correct your path.
Pamela: your $ can earn $ while you're waiting and you may never need it
Pamela: wait, isn't that what Dale and Jillian are driving?
GuyFfFffffFffF: Is it?
Pamela: I think so
GuyFfFffffFffF: Cool, maybe they can give me their impressions.
Pamela: seems to me that's what they brought to the convention (which I know, you weren't there to see)
GuyFfFffffFffF: Yeah, and I won't be at next ones either.... sorry.
Pamela: I'm not 100% sure
rich-c: what's the problem, Guy?
GuyFfFffffFffF: My wife is due June 3rd, 2009, so it's a bad timing.
Pamela: OMG! OMG!
GuyFfFffffFffF: Yeah, haha, #3.
Pamela: Congratulations!
rich-c: yes, that is kind of awkward - you should have timed it better ; - )
GuyFfFffffFffF: I know, I know Rich.... but at the spur of the moment, haha.
Pamela: you've been waiting all night for the opportunity to spring that on us, haven't you!
rich-c: even so, congratulations!
GuyFfFffffFffF: hehe, yeah, I have... thanks!
Daniel Bienvenu: a 3rd kid? june next year? wow!
GuyFfFffffFffF: Yep, forget about any minigames from me anytime soon, haha.
Judy: sorry you won't be here but congradulation on the news
Daniel Bienvenu: boxed-in?
Pamela: well that clinches it - if we're ever going to see you we're going to have to have a convention in Montreal, and soon
rich-c: unless Daniel wants to organize one in Quebec City, anyway
rich-c: Porter is now flying Chicago-Toronto-Quebec City
GuyFfFffffFffF: 2010 will be a possibilty, I will make sure of it, but 2009... it's not possible, unfortunately.
GuyFfFffffFffF: Go Dan Go! Quebec 2010.
Pamela: well Bob and Judy have a lock on AC21 already
GuyFfFffffFffF: AC21 is when? 2010?
Daniel Bienvenu: this year it was AC20
Pamela: no, 2009
rich-c: no, 2009
Pamela: and I'm looking forward to it
Pamela: been 7 years since we were in GR
GuyFfFffffFffF: every adamcon is so awesome, I really cherish the 2 that I've attended.
rich-c: just make sure we get an outing to Meijer Gardens, Judy
BobS: noted
rich-c: gotta go get my beer - brb
Pamela: what did we decide on, the 2nd week of July?
GuyFfFffffFffF: Rich: Awesome idea. me too, be right back.
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, if I have your support, I will try to make one adamcon for 2010. I hope it's not too far for you guys.
BobS: thought you all wanted end of June
Pamela: Daniel we've been to Salt Lake City, Seattle, El Paso and Comox, BC - Quebec City is close in comparison
Pamela: that's better for me but I'm just one person Bob
GuyFfFffffFffF: Rich: Cheers! (cracking open my Molson Dry)
rich-c: Frances and I are pretty flexible, but avoid the Toronto raqce weekend
BobS: have to hit the hotels and get some numbers and maybe holler at ya'll for votes on dates
Pamela: end of June would be awesome in fact
GuyFfFffffFffF: Beginning of May and I can attend! :)
rich-c: a votre sante, Guy - pouring a Belhaven Wee Heavy Handcrafted Scottish Ale
Pamela: how about my birthday weekend (over the 26th)
GuyFfFffffFffF: Rich: Rrrr, sounds like a fine choice of beer!
GuyFfFffffFffF: Rich: I bought a case of 24 Molson Dry on special for like $22 or something... thought it was a good deal.
rich-c: very interesting, Guy, extremely smooth, reasonably hearty
GuyFfFffffFffF: I'd love to start making my own beer... as a hobby, of course, maybe at my retirement when I have more time. :(
GuyFfFffffFffF: :)
rich-c: oh, I buy a specialy beer for my Wednesday typing - currently also have a very fine stout from Sri Lanka and a Brit Double Chocolate Stout
GuyFfFffffFffF: ... and I'll call it "Foster's" beer... original, no?
rich-c: wish I could get Boreal!
Pamela: that might explain the typos (or lack thereof) : )
GuyFfFffffFffF: Boreal? No problem over here. I can ship some to ya! ;)
GuyFfFffffFffF: I tried XXX beer in Australia, VB too.
GuyFfFffffFffF: It's XXX Gold I think.
Pamela: at the rate you're going Guy, you're not going to have free time till you're Dad's age
rich-c: watch out, I might take you up on it - that was a might fine bucket o' suds!
Pamela: will this be another T name regardless of gender, Guy?
GuyFfFffffFffF: Pamela: Nope, no T this time....
Pamela: and how is Sandra feeling?
GuyFfFffffFffF: But, I don't choose names, so I don't know.... None of my name choices get kept for consideration anyhow.
Pamela: LOL
GuyFfFffffFffF: I just pay the bills in the house, don't make decisions.
rich-c: funny you should say...
GuyFfFffffFffF: hehe
Pamela: and so it should be : )
Pamela: right Judy?
Judy: that is right
rich-c: I'd tell Russell on you, but he knows already
Pamela: he'd be chuckling - he knows : )
GuyFfFffffFffF: As long as my wife is happy, I'm happy...
rich-c: of course, but you aren't supposed to admit it
GuyFfFffffFffF: she knows, and even appreciates it!!!
Pamela: aren't you breaking the guy code or something?
GuyFfFffffFffF: I'm house broken, yes. :)
Pamela: ROTFL
rich-c: definitely - if he isn't careful he will get Reported to the Authorities
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changed username to james
Blue Line Rider: Hi James
GuyFfFffffFffF: Allo James.
james: good evening
james: almost forgot
rich-c: good morning, james
Daniel Bienvenu: hi James
james: all guy
james: *allo
Pamela: and here's James!
Pamela: mornin, James
james: was packing up some crap to send to the u.s. and almost completely forgot
james: how is everyone there?
rich-c: shame! how could you forget teh chat?
Daniel Bienvenu: I did forget the chat a couple of times this year.
Judy: hi, James
BobS: Hi James
james: it's more the fact that i tend to forget it's thursday
james: and then remember when i start teaching at night "oh yeah, it was the chat this morning"
rich-c: yes, I get my days mixed too but I have an excuse - I'm retired
Pamela: gotta get into the Thursday morning is chat morning" mindset, James
james: much too nice to be inside
Pamela: send yourself a reminder e-mail or something
rich-c: glad you can say so - about all we can offer is that for Toronto in November it isn't as horrible as usual
Pamela: that's what laptops are for : )
Judy: was not nice here today, rain and cold
james: it's sunny and about 20c i guess
Pamela: today was dreary - best description I can come up with
james: going to have to change into a t-shirt when i take the dog for a walk
rich-c: we actually saw some sun, which wasn't on the agenda
Pamela: 20???
james: cool at night though and typically when i wake up it's about 10c in my bedroom
james: yeah, about that i guess
Pamela: is that typical for mid November?
Judy: was the pits here but maybe not as bad as Saturday
james: yup
james: and i've gotten quite acclimated to it ;)
james: probably about 18
Pamela: and you want to move back to Ottawa - are you nuts?
rich-c: when you come home, Ottawa is going to be a real shock
james: heck we even get the occasional sunny and 16 or so day into december
Daniel Bienvenu: a thermal shock
james: yeah, well i'm still rather undecided about that. for now i'm just buying canadian dollars on the cheap, and will decide more when i have money
james: worst that can happen is the dollar goes back up when oil eventually does and i make a tidy profit
rich-c: and wonder how much it's worth to have landscape that's a bit more stable?
james: there are advantages to each country
Pamela: how much does your landscape shake James?
Pamela: do you feel many of the quakes they have to the north?
rich-c: I'm not sure our currency is really a petrodollar, thouhg it has some characteristics
james: we get the occasional tremor. haven't had anything major in about 6 or 7 years
rich-c: oh goody - I would find a major quake every half dozen years definitely unappealing
Pamela: yes that's one of the things I like about Toronto
james: i'm up in the middle of a mountain range, we don't get all that many here in this area
Judy: seems there are downsides to almost anywhere you live
james: what we do get though is truckloads of snow, up to 60cm at a time
Pamela: we don't get tornadoes, hurricanes more than once a century or so, or earthquakes worth talking about
Pamela: bleah on the snow
rich-c: well, we do get hurricane leftovers, and are picking up tornados from climate change
Judy: we have already had snow
james: leave it to me to find the one place in japan that gets as much as we do
james: could move an hour away from here and get almost none
Pamela: yes, we did too Judy
james: but it's usually gone by mid march ;)
Pamela: was quite a shock to look out the window in October and see it sticking to rooftops and visible in the streetlights
james: trick or treat!
Pamela: I'll say
rich-c: well, normally if we can get past Blizzard Day (Dec. 6th) we're OK to January, nothing very serious
Pamela: I wouldn't mind snow so much if I didn't have to slog through the stuff
rich-c: try it using a walker on sketchily cleared sidewalks
Pamela: exactly my point
james: yeah, that would be treacherous indeed
Daniel Bienvenu: trick of treat? it's halloween again?
james: @dan, because they got snow for halloween
james: or almost
james: was a couple days before if i recall
rich-c: as long as teh car is usable I'm more or less OK, and can hire the driveway cleared
Pamela: yes the 29th IIRC
Pamela: there are a couple of places on my trek to and from work that can be really dangerous if you're not careful
Pamela: and I'm terrified of falling and breaking something, or wrenching the knee that's already giving me trouble
rich-c: well we have those driveway curb cuts on Brookview - run right up to the inner edge of the sidewalk
Pamela: I don't care how dumb I look, I am super careful in those spots
Daniel Bienvenu: I still need to free about 7GB... it's almost time to quit the chat for me.
rich-c: look aside a second and they'll dump you right into the road
Judy: ya, who needs to fall, it hurts
Judy: not cool, Rich
rich-c: well if I fall, with my osteo[porosis, I am in very deep trouble
Judy: stay upright
Pamela: I second that
rich-c: you'll get it, Daniel, don't worry - just need to work a little harder at it
Blue Line Rider changed username to Guy B.
james: ok dan
BobS: yers, take it easy richard
james: have a good night!
rich-c: trouble is, canes don't work on ice, and walkers can have problems
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel!
BobS: nite Daniel
Pamela: very good advice, Bob
Daniel Bienvenu: good night, bonsoir, talk to you next week, aurevoir!
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Pamela: nite Daniel
changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi there.
BobS: Hi Dale
rich-c: hello Dale
Pamela: hey Dale!
Dale: I had a hard day, so almost forgot about the chat!
Pamela: Dale, do you two drive a Pontiac Vibe?
Judy: hi, Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Dale, I'm leaving now...
Dale: A late supper at 8
Dale: and I guess that distracted me.
Dale: Jill drives one.
Judy: night Daniel
Dale: Hi Daniel.
Pamela: must be going around - my day sucked too
Dale: Bye Daniel.
rich-c: OK, Guy is looking at buying one
Pamela: M. Foster is looking at one
Daniel Bienvenu: to dale :, next number will have cv minigames review in it.
Dale: Jill doesn't like her's. It's not that there's anything wrong with it, it's just she didn't bond with it properly in the first month maybe.
Daniel Bienvenu: bye! hopt to talk to you next week...
Pamela: think she misses her PT Cruiser?
rich-c: a la prochain, Daniel
Dale: She advises "It's gray. Don't get a gray one." :-D
Pamela: LOL
Pamela: are you listening, Gui?
Pamela: I recommend getting cars in unusual colours - much easier to find in a parking lot
rich-c: I can see ehr point - I once had a grey car, but only once - long before Pamela was born
Dale: Jill says, she kind of misses the PT Cruiser, but the Vibe is pretty good on gas mileage and maintenance -- just don't get a gray one.
Dale: For Jill, the colour of a car is always the most important.
Pamela: not true Dad, the LTD was silver
rich-c: which interior colour does she have
Pamela: with a little rust thrown in
Pamela: it was important to me too
Pamela: in all the time I owned the Taurus, I only saw two other Taurus wagons in the same colour
Dale: Gray ,with a dark gray interior. It makes Jill sad, she says.
Pamela: and, my green Escape is unusual too
rich-c: I prefer a good, honest, solid, adeuately bright colour
Dale: Exactly.
rich-c: why on earth did you buy a grey on grey car? I don't think I could stand teh depression
Dale: I'll look for that review Daniel.
Dale: Jill is looking for a bright blue car next time.
Pamela: lessee, the Zodiac was aubergine, the Meteor is copper, the Zephyr was cream / yellow, the Crown Vic was RCMP blue, the LTd was silver and the van is teal - yeah, I guess I see your point Dad
rich-c: my van is that treeal shade that seems to work well, but it is a big vehicle
Dale: Is it in issue 31 Daniel? or issue 32.
rich-c: if I had something smaller it would be brighter
Pamela: then how do you explain the Meteor???
Pamela: BTW Dale, apparently blue and green vehicles get the best resale prices
rich-c: it was the right colour for the times, 35 years ago
Pamela: because you can't get much bigger than that
rich-c: also, cars were bigger then it wasn't even the biggest Mercury
rich-c: and it is a car, not a view-obstruicting truck
Pamela: heck, it makes my "compact SUV" look like a Tonka toy
james: alright, it's too nice for me to remain inside any longer
BobS: well gang, I am almost asleep........thinks I am going to say GOOD NIGHT and see ya o the flippy side next week
james: so i shall leave you all to your frigid evening ;)
Pamela: gee, thanks : )
Pamela: gnite James
BobS: 'just going to bed here james
Judy: I am tired also, so night all until next week
Dale: Bye Bob.
Pamela: next week laptop and wireless
BobS: nite all
rich-c: OK Bob - take it easy, get your ZZZs and see you next week
BobS left chat session
Pamela: g'nite Bob and Judy
james: *poof*
Judy left chat session
james left chat session
Dale: Too bad I didn't get to talk to James.
rich-c: wow, james and Judy bailed quick!
Dale: I guess I'm too dopy tonight to engage him in conversation.
Pamela: yes, and I don't know where Gui disappeared to either
rich-c: he's still here
Pamela: yes but he hasn't said a word since James appeared
rich-c: likely listening to discussions of Vibes
Pamela: I gather from Jillian's posts that you have found something that puts the boy to sleep, Dale
Guy B.: Well folks, I know I was quiet. I'm chatting with someone on AOL IM
Pamela: Guy, you never answered my question earlier - what accessories do you get with the new processor?
Guy B.: Oh, sorry Pam. A personal Audio cable to hookup to a Walkman, CD player or an Ipod. The other is an audio cable to hookuo to the soundboard to the back of the computer so I can play CD's through there
Dale: It's an ocean sounds CD.
Pamela: shades of Data!
Dale: It works when he's hard to slow down.
Pamela: I know a few people who swear by those,
Pamela: Dale
rich-c: I'll bet the sound rendition is pretty spectacular, too
Pamela: sorry Guy, I have this picture in my head of the cable going right into your implant
Pamela: Intellectually I know it's not right, but the picture popped into my head
rich-c: IIRC Pat herrington used to use a ocean sounds CD to get to sleep
Pamela: and Dale, I like that it's a non-chemical method
Pamela: yes, Aunt Cynthia won't sleep without hers
Guy B.: It's going into the unit
Guy B.: Nothing to worry about
Pamela: have you stopped laughing hysterically yet? : )
rich-c: I get me white noise from my CPAP machine
Guy B.: Well, I'm going to scoot here. I'm on vacation next week, but I'll be here as usual
rich-c: ok guy, take care, see you then - nite now
Pamela: I am jealous - can't take my remaining days till I find my desk
Pamela: that may take a couple of weeks yet
Pamela: good night Guy
Dale: Next week I'll be in San Francisco at a robotic's conference.
Dale: So I'm not sure if I'll be online or not.
rich-c: have faith, Pam - it's under there somewhere
Pamela: are you sure Dad?
Dale: Anyway, I think I need my beauty rest now.
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Dale: So I'll be moving along shortly.
rich-c: that sounds like fun - hope you have some spare time to enjoy the city, Dale
Pamela: g'nite Dale - and yes, have fun in SF - it's a wonderful city to explore
rich-c: keep us posted if you can
Pamela: well Papa, shall we away? I'll try to find time when I'm alone to call you
Dale: Okay.
Dale: Until next time then.
rich-c: right, Dale. Enjoy
rich-c: yes, GuyF and Daniel don't seem to have figured out how to sign out yet
Dale: Daniel always signs out later.
rich-c: so I shall wait for your call - or your mother will
Pamela: oh before i forget, tell Mom that Russell's card arrived today
rich-c: she does have a doctor appointment 1.15 tomorrow but it will be brief
Dale: poof
Dale left chat session
rich-c: overnight service - good, I'll tell her
Pamela: overnight? she mailed it yesterday??
rich-c: see you whenever, then - meanwhile, goodnight
Pamela: wow, I'm impressed with the Canada post
rich-c: yes; actually I did
rich-c: anyway - colour me gone
Pamela: me too - goodnight Daddy
rich-c left chat session
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
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