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rich-c: test
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changed username to BobS
rich-c: hi Bob
BobS: lo Richard
BobS: how are ya?
BobS: cold got to Toronto yet?
rich-c: how's your weatehyr? we got snow
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changed username to Guy "Phh"
Guy "Phh": hello
BobS: ah, we missed out on the snow.....kinda, had grass covered one Mon or Tues am
rich-c: yes, we're about -3C at the moment
Guy "Phh": -5 here I believe.
BobS: hi Guy
Guy "Phh": Hullo Bob.
rich-c: well, way up there is teh Great Frozen North, Guy, you gotta expect these things ;-)
BobS: below freezing here also
BobS: methinks winter has arrived
Guy "Phh": yep, not complaining, it's expected. Been through these winters 35 times already. :)
rich-c: yes, it's really something - one carnut in Lethbridge was reporting 45F yesterday and snow today
rich-c: of course he is in chinook country
BobS: Judy and I discussed (again) just WHY we live in the frozen north.........
rich-c: I've been through more than twice that many, Guy, and I still hate them
rich-c: I am just not a cold weather person
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rich-c: see we have lost Guy, pro tem I assume
changed username to Guy F.
Guy F.: back
rich-c: yep, here he is back - what crashed, Guy?
Guy F.: wireless cuts off once in a while.
BobS: bummer dude..........usually I get the computer hibernating because the battery is down
rich-c: I don't use wireless at home, in fact we're only partially networked
Guy F.: I like the freedom of wireless, but prefere being wired if I can....
rich-c: and my laptop is always on mains power, so teh battery is usually good for squat
Guy F.: my battery si dead on my laptop, need a new one.... (battery). Actually, just ordered 1 gig of laptop memory. I'm running with 256MB and it's sooooooooooo slow.
Guy F.: should be good for another 3-4 years with that memory purchase.
rich-c: yes, I just replaced my 2x256 chips with 2 x 512 on the laptop
rich-c: it won't accept more than one gig
Guy F.: Yeah, bought 2 X 512 for the laptop... cost like $28 US or something. :)
Guy F.: me too, 1 gig max.
BobS: hthat'
Guy F.: My Mac mini is at 2 gigs... it's also topped up.
BobS: s cheap
rich-c: how come you bought from the US? it's likely cheaper here
Guy F.: yes, it's cheap, that's why I go it.
Guy F.: bought it on eBay.
rich-c: somehow or other I'm not sure I'd buy memory on eBay
rich-c: but tehn we have a very competitive retail market in Toronto
Guy F.: hopefully the memory will be fine, if not, I will return and get a refund, no problem there.
rich-c: you bought from a retailer, not a private seller?
BobS: me, i got a lowly P3 using 256k
BobS: and slot 2 is flaky
Guy F.: yes, power seller retailer
BobS: have tried to add memory, but it works for awhile and then flakes out until I get the additional memroy out of the computer
BobS: so I jsut muddle thru
Guy F.: what OS you running Bob?
rich-c: still, by the time you paid exchange and duty or sales tax, plus shipping, you'd likely have done bettr at Future Shop
BobS: XP
BobS: XP Pro
BobS: seems to be a sfast as my dsl can go
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Guy F.: shipping is free, there is most likely no duty as it is shippd USPS. I doubt I could find anything better than $14 per stick of 512. If you know of a place, let me knw.
changed username to Pamela
changed username to Judy
Pamela: Hi folks, just dropping in for a minute
rich-c: hi jUDY
Judy: Hi, Guy, Rich, Pamela, and Bob
Guy F.: hi Pam, Judy
Pamela: just wanted to let you know I'll be here but not for a while yet
rich-c: hello daughter
Pamela: hi Papa
rich-c: like, watching while making dinner?
BobS: hi Pam
Pamela: no, we're doing a project (Erin, Lindsay and I)
rich-c: sounds interesting - tell us more
Pamela: I will later. Anything I need to know?
rich-c: not that I can think of offhand - getting quiet now
Pamela: okay. I'll be back later. See y'all !
Pamela: kerpoof
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rich-c: yes, my next project is to investigate a mysterious clunk in the rear of the van
BobS: oh oh
BobS: rear end???? or universal joints?
rich-c: can never tell if it's brake, axle, transmission or even something else
BobS: or maybe the tailpipe hitting the frams/body
rich-c: no, have had that before and it doesn't sound like that
rich-c: be consistent with a brake hanging up a bit, or transmission slippage
rich-c: tranny has about 85K miles on it, including some trailering
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changed username to Meeka
rich-c: hi Meeka
Meeka: hello
Meeka: how is everyone tonight
rich-c: not happy tosee our first significant snowfall here
BobS: hi Meeka
BobS: well.....85K miles could signal tranny problems
Judy: Hi, Meeka
BobS: but that is expensive, and we don't want to think about that
rich-c: yes, it's a little on the low side, but not badly out of range
BobS: 'can happen from 60k to 200k
rich-c: oh, we have a very good and very honest tranny shop around here - have used them many times
BobS: or further,,,,,,,,kids had a Jeep Cherokee with 240k on it and the tranny still worked
Meeka: we had to replace it on the taurus at about 105K
rich-c: yes, the Mercury was parked with 180K on it and the original tranny
Judy: I am good, and how are you?
Meeka: I am very wise according to the dentist
Judy: so you said
BobS: but NOT when yo get the teeth pulled
rich-c: not impacted wisdom teeth, I hope
rich-c: all four of mine were unerupted and impacted
Meeka: they found a 5th wisdom tooth today that is breaking through, so I have to go have the 4th and 5th one taken out as they are impacted on each other
rich-c: a fifth wisdom tooth? thought you only get four?
Meeka: nope, you can have more
rich-c: anyway, are they giving you trouble?
Meeka: they have a special name for them, but i dont remember it
rich-c: and it is probably profane, scatological, or both ; - )
BobS: EXTRA wisdom teeth
Meeka: the dentist said the most he hass seen was an x-ray from school of a guy that had 10
Meeka: nope it was called "super something"
rich-c: super pain, maybe?
Guy F.: Ugh, wisdom teeth... I went to the dentist on Monday, and have to remove one otherwise I risk have my jaw paralyzed.... Going to remove it Dec. 1st.
Meeka: nope
Meeka: i have to do it soon, but he said no rush, could wait till some time next year if I wanted to
rich-c: my dentist has been after me to have all of them removed, but after the first two I said no more
rich-c: it is not a decision I've had any reason to regret
Guy F.: Well, I have no choice... have to remove one. Takes 30 minutes apparently, so it's not too bad. It just the swelling for the next few days. Argh.
Meeka: ya, it doesnt take long
rich-c: let's just say, Guy, expect the worst - t least you'll never be disappointed
Guy F.: I expect what I had last time I removed a wisdom tooth. A swollen face for 5 days.
BobS: OPEN WIDE !! jerk, pull, yank...... OUT ! that'll be 300 bucks please
rich-c: and Pam's experiences, and mine, and various frinds, have not been optimal
Guy F.: More than 300... 400 or something, it's being done by a specialist.
Guy F.: T.G. for insurance. :)
Meeka: lol, i have never had a problem, and I have had the first three pulled already
rich-c: we dropped our insurance - we casn afford to pay per service and save the money
Meeka: sore and tender a few days, but no swelling and not much pain
Guy F.: when they are placed right, it's not an issue, when the dentist has to go digging for them, like in my case.... then it's an issue.... my wisdom tooth that has to be removed is like growing horizontally. very weird.
rich-c: well, I didn't set an records for Ty6lenol 3 consumption, but I did use my full share
Guy F.: We have insurance for the whole family with my job, and it doesnt' cost much.... really comes in handy.
rich-c: yes, when I was working and Pam was growing, we had insurance we kept into my retirement
Guy F.: $80 or so per month for the whole family... it's a win-win situation for us.
Meeka: the codine in T3 makes me loopy, i have to take vicodine even though that make me emothional :-P
rich-c: but we finally decided we didn't need a third party doing our saving for us, we could do it ourselves
rich-c: with my various other medical problems, the doctors prefer to feed me a Tylenol when a painkiller is needed
Judy: yes, it does
rich-c: but then I'm taking about ten plus pills a day so conflicts are easily available
rich-c: seems Tylenol is pretty safe with most everything
Guy F.: except beer
rich-c: well, that depends on whether you're using a formula with codeine in it
rich-c: but then if you're in the state where you need T3, you don't want beer anyway
Guy F.: well beer can numb you enough to forget the pain! :)
BobS: only IF you drink enough of it
Judy: takes a lot of beer to get to that point
rich-c: and defining "enough" is more than a little tricky
rich-c: anyway, straight vodka will anesthetize you real quickly
rich-c: are we still here?
rich-c: hello, anybody?
Meeka: ya, im here I think
rich-c: I am getting a repeat but no new incoming - I will recycle
rich-c: oh, OK, there IS someone and I haven't been dropped
Judy: me too
BobS: I here
rich-c: guess teh rest of them have gone to sleep or something
rich-c: anyone heard anything from Rojn? his email address is dead
rich-c: so what's the word from our newly-remarried man?
BobS: he is newly married, busy and Dec really busy with the kennel business........
BobS: new email address
BobS: and he promised to come visit us on some Wed nights
rich-c: well, it is about time he did - we need for him to bring Susan, too
BobS: moved about an hour from Comox, Susan's stepfather (I think) is not doing well and he is a few hours south, so they are going back and forth
rich-c: yes, us old folks get to be a bit of a load for our families after a while
BobS: and that is the rest of the story
BobS: he actually emailed about the annual christmas card and begging forgiveness becasue he was not going to able to make it
rich-c: I get the feeling that it takes three time the time for two people to live together
BobS: I reassured him I had it in hand and put together one with old pictures to make do for this year
BobS: so THAT is what I did and it is ready to go come sunday
rich-c: yes, well you're still a working stiff so you have lots of time!
rich-c: I still haven't got the 5.25" drive into the new computer yet
(goes to fetch his beer)
Judy: am I still on?
rich-c: yes
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Judy: I must be in a hole that keeps my lines
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rich-c: just that nobody is talking
changed username to XubuntuG
XubuntuG: Greetings All!
Meeka: hello
rich-c: looks like the Other Guy is here - is Chicago cold too?
Judy: no, Bob gets the lines must faster than I do
XubuntuG: The front is coming through now, but Indiana is going to get belted again with lake effect snow
Judy: hi, Guy
rich-c: yes, we get it from northwest winds, but it hasn't made it to Toronto much
XubuntuG: HI Judy, any snow by you?
Judy: no, just a trace this morning
rich-c: we have a couple of inches of frontal snowfall though
XubuntuG: Here too on Sunday. That's already melted
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changed username to Pamela
Judy: but in Holland (just off the lake) they had 11 inches
Meeka: yuck
Pamela: I'm back
rich-c: hi daughter, welcome back
Judy: welcome back, Pamela
XubuntuG: That would be in Berian Countym they have a lake effect snow warning for tomorrow
XubuntuG: HI Pam
Pamela: Hi Guy
Pamela: Hi Meeka and Bob
XubuntuG: Tomorrow I get the new processor for my first mapping
Judy: maybe I just have to keep on typing than I get all the info
rich-c: yes, the east shore of Lake Huron is getting belted too
Meeka: hi pam
Pamela: I'm not impressed by this white stuff
BobS: YO Pam
Judy: it makes it so you want to go away doesn't it
Pamela: actually I just want it to go away : )
rich-c: yes, but these days who can afford to travel?
Judy: but that is not going to happen for a while
Pamela: I don't mind the cold but I don't want the snow
Pamela: at least not until I've got new boots
Judy: we are leaving next week
Meeka: i agree pam
Meeka: snow just gets messy
Judy: going south
rich-c: it has a nasty habit of pulling the road out from under you
Pamela: well the truck is sure footed but I'm not!
rich-c: really? off on another cruise?
Pamela: should have seen me slipping and sliding my way to the GO station tonite
Judy: yes.
rich-c: isn't this a bit pemature? don't you usually go in January?
Meeka: ya, they in such a hurry they not even gonna be home for thanksgiving ;-P
Judy: we are leaving next week Wed morning
Pamela: where to this time Judy?
Judy: Western Carribean but first to Florida
Pamela: well duh
rich-c: geez, hope the hurricane season is over now
Judy: we are leaving the kids with no turkey
Pamela: gasp!
Judy: yes, that is done
rich-c: I know Cuba got smacked again about a week ago
Judy: not really true, Meeka is coming to the rescue and making a turkey
Judy: not going to Cuba
Meeka: yup, and the stuffing, the sweat potatoes, and the pies
BobS: CUBA.......NO
rich-c: no, you can't go to Cuba yet
Judy: you have to make it all?
BobS: Cracker Barrell for Turkey Day
Meeka: mandy bringing fake wine
rich-c: we tried the Cracker Barrel once - I see no rason to go again - what did I miss?
Judy: she could have made something to help
Meeka: its just gonna be us and her
Judy: you didn't like it, Rich?
Meeka: rich want to spend some family time with mathew as he wont see him most of december
BobS: who knolws Richard.......we will find somewhere to go for Thurs
Meeka: we love cracker barrel
rich-c: no, I was unimpressed with the food, and the service was adequate, but
BobS: well tis not 5 star
Meeka: i figure she will show up early mom, so I figure i will put her to work making stuff :-P
BobS: good
Judy: we have always had good food and service there
rich-c: personally I'm happier with Applebees or Old Country Buffet, or even Bob Evans
BobS: depends on what we can find open on Thanksgiving Day
Judy: that can work
rich-c: your restaurants close on Thanksgiving?
BobS: some do, more and more are staying open
Judy: not usually
BobS: even grocery store will be open from 7am-5pm
rich-c: of course we had our Thanksgiving on your Columbus Day
Pamela: all our grocery stores close for Thanksgiving Day (Canadian that is) and everyone panics because the stores are going to be closed for a day
Meeka: alright people, i am off, see ya next week as long as I remember to get on
Pamela: gnite Meeka
rich-c: well, not all, the Dominion in LP is 24/7
Meeka left chat session
rich-c: nite Meeka, see you next week
Pamela: even the 24/7 stores close on stat. holidays Dad
BobS: nite Meeka
Judy: I have to keep typing or nothing comes thru
BobS: we will be probably be incognito for the next 2 Wed
Judy: night Meeka, talk to you tomorrow
rich-c: they are supposed to Pam, but they don't always
Judy: maybe will get together Sat night for cake
rich-c: you mean that cruise ship doesn't have hi-speed wireless in every cabin?
BobS: but I do NOT want to pay what they want to charge
rich-c: oh, one of those sort of deals - yes, some campgrounds try that too
BobS: besides, we are out on the town (so to speak) and probably be watchigna show or karioke or somthing
rich-c: maybe you should just find yourselves and internet cafe at 9 pm
Judy: and there are times when you need to just be away
rich-c: true, but then we take the laptop with us
BobS: oh we wil have laptops, for storing pictures
rich-c: you'll maybe recall a few times when we have been on from places away from home
BobS: but on a cruise we will be BUSY
Judy: we email home to let them know we are good and they can email us
rich-c: what I want now is an external hard drive for storing pictures
Pamela: I love being able to communicate while everyone is away
rich-c: yes, you really don't miss a beat on the important stuff
Pamela: this last trip when Mom and Dad were away we didn't spend a cent on long distance calls
rich-c: and in fact stayed in touch better than when we are at home
Judy: we do have cel phones but they don't work on the ship except for 911
rich-c: we have a cell phone and one da7y I even turned it on - really have to learn how it owrks
rich-c: works
BobS: yes
rich-c: our plan is totally el Cheapo basic - small connection retainer, fairly hefty per minute charge
BobS: they do come i handy
Judy: they are good if you need to make call not for being connected all the time there are times when cell phones get in the way of life
BobS: that is what we have.......$10 for 4 months like 100 minutes included
rich-c: ours is for times the car breaks down (or I do)
BobS: can buy more and I do with business expense
BobS: but ya have to know how to sue it richard
BobS: use
rich-c: your rates are a lot better than ours
BobS: thnk for ann extrea $25 I gewt 6 hrs of time
BobS: lot cheaper than plans around here
rich-c: I think that much time would cover our landline for six months - we are not big phone users
BobS: can you tell we are cheapskates?
rich-c: unless of course Pamela calls, or Cynthia ; - )
BobS: us too, but we need the landline for dsl
Pamela: at least I'm not long distance : )
BobS: no kidding are how far away???? couple miles???
rich-c: exactly, that's why we have dsl, so the line isn't tied up
Judy: nothing is coming thru again
Pamela: 8 km
Pamela: give or take
BobS: 5.5miles
BobS: or 6
rich-c: in Amurrican, call it a bit under five m iles
BobS: not too far
rich-c: actually the conversion factor is about .625
BobS: depending on the time or day you want to travel it
Judy: people used to complain about the phone at home and now they take it with them and can't turn them off
rich-c: yes, the necessary travel time has considerable elasticity - from 20 min. to you can't get there from here
Pamela: especially not during rush hour : )
rich-c: Ontario has just made it illegal to use a cellphone while driving
BobS: they should do that here
Pamela: qualification: any device that's not hands-free
rich-c: well, our locaql government is too given to overlegislation, but that one is OK
BobS: it is just nuts the way people muck up traffic by talking and not payign attention
Judy: are you still thinking of moving Pam?
rich-c: yes, but they will smarten up and tighten up in a while
Pamela: eventually Judy, why?
Judy: just wondered
rich-c: she will be best off waiting a bit - our housing market is off, but not enough for best results
BobS: you have complained about the landlord and heat/ac situation
Pamela: we are just really picky about rental accomodations, and we can't afford a house
rich-c: wait long enough and you'll likely inherit one
Judy: I understand that
Pamela: our landlord has the memory of a sieve
rich-c: we do not have a housing bubble like you do, judy - no foreclosures, that sort of thing
Pamela: I've discovered that if you put things on paper, they actually do get done
rich-c: be guided accordingly, daughter
Pamela: I just have to remember to keep putting them on paper!
Judy: there you go make it easy on yourself
rich-c: create a memo file on your computer to store things as they come to you
rich-c: then do the printout when the time comes
Pamela: problem is Dad, I don't always have the computer with me
Judy: ya, there are a lot of forclosures here
Pamela: that's what pen and paper are for
Pamela: especially post it note type paper
rich-c: well we never allowed subprime mortgages so there aren't that many people "under water"
Judy: sometimes a paper and pen is faster also
Pamela: what I need is something waterproof - I do my best thinking in the shower
Judy: I quess there are here, like 1 in 5
rich-c: some have overbought and thyen lost their jobs, but that is normal in any market
Pamela: for some reason soaking my head seems to jog my memory : )
Judy: there are so many losing jobs it is awful
BobS: MIchigan has the worst (or most) forclosures in the states
BobS: and it just keeps going
rich-c: I know, you-all are really a wreck
Judy: where Doug works they just let 100 employee go
rich-c: Canada is in very good shape, except we have a doctrinaiore conservative government
BobS: steelcase and herman miller office furniture are laying off again
Pamela: unfortunately, like Windsor, the MI economy is automotive based
Judy: they make a lot of office furniture
Pamela: and that's not a good industry to be in right now
rich-c: well Ontario is our centre of the auto industry, so we are hurting real bad there
BobS: and car sales........suck...... and if they go down so do the suppliers
Judy: no lie
BobS: and on and on
rich-c: unfortunately the Republicans would rather wreck the country than help out - after all, Obama might get the credit
BobS: BUT the Democrats are in control for the last 2 years.............
BobS: so take that for what it is worth
Judy: one person can't fix it
rich-c: sorry, but when you've had an ideological government flr eight years
Judy: they just talk big
BobS: something has to happen
BobS: or it will get worse
rich-c: well, there's control and control - they still can't kill a filibuster in the Senate
rich-c: but you have to understand that it is a fundamental part of right wing ideoology to downsize government by destroying it
Judy: like I said they all just talk big
Judy: make promises they have no intention of keeping
rich-c: I'm betting on Obama to somehow manage to salvage the situation, but it will be a close run thing
Judy: he is not going to do anything by himself
rich-c: when you have a government paying a $3 trillion bill for one war, and another not even costed - it's bankrupt
rich-c: I'll bet, Judy, you will be astounded by what one man can do
rich-c: remember I was aroun d to watch Roosevalt (I was born when Herbert Hoover was president)
Judy: maybe but not likely
BobS: I am not holding my breath and Obama is already backing off his prediction on how long it will take to turn upward
Judy: he is already taking back what he will do
rich-c: have faith, Judy - despite herself, America can be saved
rich-c: my life expectancy is such I am un,ikely to see the end of Obama's second term
Judy: we are doing ok but so many are not that it really makes you sad
BobS: well, if he can keep his hands off of the interns, at least it would be an improvement
rich-c: but I hope to live long enough to see the return of reasonable hope
Judy: if he makes a second term
rich-c: he will see a second term - in fact, don't be surprised at a move to repeal term limits a half dozen years in
Judy: if he doesn't keep to some of his promises he is going to be bounced out on his ear
rich-c: I know that sounds like a fantasy to you - but it can happen
rich-c: what promises has he made? he's alrady closing down Gitmo
rich-c: the Republicans are trying to sabotage his promises on Iraq and Afghanistan, but he will keep them
Pamela: and I think this is where I bow out
Judy: Michigan is run by mostly Democrats and look where that has got us
rich-c: they can't get away with trespassing on non-combatant countries forever
rich-c: it's late Pam, take care
BobS: and with that hoepful note, it is time to go to the rack, for tomorrow I just work
Pamela: Bob and Judy, goodnite and good travel
Pamela: oh, and Happy Thanksgiving
BobS: will see if we can find something to get on and say HI the next couple of weeks
rich-c: one last thing, Bob - one of our carnuts lives in Chapman, KS
BobS: ya
BobS: snoe?
Judy: night all and talk to you in couple of weeks
rich-c: as in he had a majopr tornado right through his front yard, and the town
BobS: recently??
Judy left chat session
Pamela: hope we see you at least briefly during your travels
rich-c: earlier this fall - tore up teh whole place something really fierce
BobS: ouch.......
rich-c: anyway, Extreme Makeover (the tv show) picked the town to repair
BobS: the central US had some bad ones this year
BobS: AH
rich-c: it will be a two-hour TV special sometime likely in January
BobS: so we will see it on TV ?
Pamela: cool, Dad
BobS: will have to keep an eye out
BobS: see you later CleeClan
rich-c: keep your eyes open, from what he says it will be really fascinating
BobS: and Guy
BobS: nite
rich-c: especially for someone in your line of work
Pamela: gnite
BobS left chat session
rich-c: nite Pam, Judy, Bob - enjoy your trip
Pamela: goodnight Guy
Pamela: and g'nite Daddy
Pamela: I'll talk to you soon
rich-c: nite daughter
Pamela: kerpoof
rich-c: guess I'll go too
Pamela: 'kay
Pamela: b'bye
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
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