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rich-c: salut, Daniel
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changed username to Dale
rich-c: hi Dale
Dale: Hi all.
rich-c: took youtwo tries to get in, did it?
rich-c: Daniel isn't watching right now
Dale: I don't know.
Dale: I don't think so. But maybe I hit the reload button by accident.
rich-c: let's say we had two "undefined"s and both are gone
Dale: Well then maybe I should go read stories to Jeffrey or something.
Dale: :-)
rich-c: well of course teh Slopsemas are off on their cruise, but you never know who else might turn up
rich-c: I'm hoping Ron finds his way here one of these nights
Dale: What ever happened to Ron?
Dale: He made it on when he was travelling over the summer.
rich-c: he went out and committed matrimony on the 7th
rich-c: he apparently has been preoccupied with other things
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changed username to LucMiron
rich-c: salut, Luc
LucMiron: Hello guys. :)
Dale: Hi there Luc
Dale: Any new news on the mould?
rich-c: Daniel is listed but he isn't talking
Dale: I know you were going to talk to a co-worker.
LucMiron: Well, today I finally got the name, phone number and address of a company that offered to help me. Took long enough.
LucMiron: The problem now is gettnig the mould to that company's building.
rich-c: these dayxs, they are starting to get hungrier
Dale: There are a lot of companies listed at
Dale: So if their price is too high, or they can't help you, try signing up to
rich-c: where is the building, Luc?
LucMiron: I don't have a car, so I have to use contacts. I can't just shop around at large.
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Dale: Like I said before, if you email around pictures and measurements, they should be able to tell if it is compatible pretty quickly.
Daniel Bienvenu: well, it looks like I was in a parallele dimension. I was online before 21h and I had to refresh to finally get here with you.
LucMiron: @rich-c: The company is located in the eastern half of Montreal. The mould has been in my co-worker's car trunk since mid-October.
Dale: Hi Daniel.
Daniel Bienvenu: still looking for someone to make plastic cartridges with the mold, luc?
rich-c: oh there you are, Daniel - salut!
Dale: has 200 mould making places near me, and a lot in Quebec too.
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir tout le monde! ca va?
LucMiron: @Dale: Actually, the few I've talked to want to see the mold "in person" before saying anything. Pictures just don't cut it.
rich-c: is the mould so large or heavy you can't use public transit?
LucMiron: Salut Daniel. :)
Dale: I think Luc said that the mould was 50 lbs or so.
LucMiron: The mould is 55 kg. (120 lbs).
Daniel Bienvenu: it's very sad, the minigame compo 4k cathegory has almost no submited games, just a few games... so for someone who want to be in the top 10 of the 4k, it's time or never.
Dale: Ouch. That is like an extra passenger.
Dale: When is the deadline for 4k?
rich-c: find an elder and borrow her walker, maybe? ;-) or is the Metro not handicap-friendly?
Daniel Bienvenu: the deadline for submiting a 4k minigame is supposed to be the end of november, but the want to extend just to get even more submissions.
Dale: I have been writing very little homebrew code since the end of August.
Dale: Somehow it takes a lot of my time to do homework with Jeffrey and get him ready for the day.
rich-c: can't put it in as a naked card without the case, Daniel? so,me Adam software was sold that way
LucMiron: @rich-c: It's definately not handicap-friendly. :)
Dale: He goes to school 5 days a week, and that is hard work for me at least.
rich-c: yes, parenthood does tend to be pretty time consuming
rich-c: fortunately Frances never had to work after Pamela was born
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changed username to Pamela
Pamela: greetings
rich-c: in that case, Luc, remind me to push for Adamcon 22 to go to Quebec City
rich-c: hi daughter
Pamela: I'm here in spirit but not really in body yet
Daniel Bienvenu: I have about 120 cartriges to recycle, a bunch of DK and other common games. So if I don't have cartridges for my next release it's not a real problem.
rich-c: not that the traverses between Upper and Lower Town are easy to handle with a walker, either
Daniel Bienvenu: having a cartridge format rather than just the pcb is necessary because the spring-door on the cartridge slot push on the pcb alone and may force the cartridge slot.
rich-c: didn't seem a problem with the Walters chip, or I think one Sid Carter did
LucMiron: Anyhow, now that I have a name and phone number to work with, I'll try to make progress with this mould project.
rich-c: the theory is right, Daniel, but in p[racticce it may not be a problem
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: c'est moi ou personne ne parle
Daniel Bienvenu: ... testing ...
LucMiron: Je suis en train d'écrire un e-mail. :)
rich-c: hein, tout le monde parle d'occasion, aux autre temps tout est silent
rich-c: besides, when I talk about hoping you guys will organize an Adamcon in Quebec City, everyone goes quiet
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Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I would love to.
Daniel Bienvenu: but I'm trying to figure out if I really can be at the meeting next year to be there and bring the convention to quebec
rich-c: then start thinking about it, talk to those who have organized an Adamcon, lean on Luc and Guy...
changed username to james
Daniel Bienvenu: My financial situation is near RED. hopefully some do need to send me some cash about coleco games.
rich-c: yes, Grand Rapids has an international airport, but few flights from Toronto
rich-c: hey james - good morning!
Daniel Bienvenu: I know, it's not 100% clear but I'm trying to say that I may not have enough money to do the trip next year.
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir james
Daniel Bienvenu: bon matin plutot
rich-c: predicting now where you'll be next summer is not always easy
Daniel Bienvenu: is it me again or it's very very quiet.
Pamela: sorry, still buzzing around
james: good morning / evening
Pamela: hi james
rich-c: quiet - maybe james is PMing with one of the others
james: was on the phone with my tax accountant
james: how is everyone?
rich-c: what are you up to, daughter?
Daniel Bienvenu: ... yes, I did almost forgot that we can send private messages here.
Pamela: eating
rich-c: oh boy, that's a real joyous experience, james - NOT!
rich-c: another one of those evenings, is it, Pam?
Pamela: always
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm fine... well, I caugh a cold, my friend caugh flu, and the first snow of the year is there, and seems to go away and stay at the same time.
james: well you know, the government wouldn't be happy if we weren't wasting time filling out and filing useless forms
rich-c: for us, even a light snowfall in November is a bit disappointing
james: comme si je n'avais rien de mieux a faire
james: we had snow last week. said snow is all gone and it's now sunny and about 15
Dale: Yes, I always have more paperwork to submit to the government it seems.
rich-c: I have the car plugged in because it's into the minus numbers overnight, but plus )barely) during the day
rich-c: but the last few have been prototypical miserable Toronto November days
Dale: Hi James.
james: hi dale, hi dan
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello
Dale: Daniel, some day I need to find you a satisfying long term job which doesn't take up too much of your time, but pays really well. :-)
Dale: Then you could make homebrew games and come to AdamCon easily. lol
Daniel Bienvenu: two new coleco games did appear from two msx homebrewers. and having a cartridge of these games is almost impossible, too limited quantity.
rich-c: he just needs Electronic Arts or someone to pick him up - they are said to be desperte for programmers
Daniel Bienvenu: I wish I can find this kind of job.
Dale: If I can find some money, I'll definately want 400 cartridge shells instead of just 200. But I guess it partly depends on what price Luc can offer us.
rich-c: there is the questrion too how happy he would be living in B.C.
LucMiron: I'll give you prices as soon as I can.
Daniel Bienvenu: but Dale, we did order only 200 pcbs, why wanting 400 cartridges now?
Dale: Well there is a couple of big publishers with offices in Montreal, but the last time Daniel applied he didn't have the right kind of experience.
Dale: PCBs are much easier for me to make in small quantities.
Dale: I can always make more PCBs later.
Daniel Bienvenu: I see.
rich-c: now that he has more experience, would it be worth his trying again?
Dale: But only Luc can make shells, unless I gather $8000 or more.
Dale: (or I buy that injection moulding machine for work for $70,000)
rich-c: wait a few months, Dale, and see what hard times discounts they will offer ;-)
Daniel Bienvenu: But I'm not sure to stay in video game industry, because programmers in this industry are not used as humans but robots of making codes, which is something I refuse to be. My formation is coding and thinking.
james: EA is desperate for programmers because they burn them out
Dale: Well if Ford, Chrysler and GM all cease operation, the supply of injection mould plants near by may disappear.
LucMiron: Yep, that's why you'll never see me working for a video game company.
Dale: That is what keeps most of them functioning from what I can tell.
rich-c: unsurprising, but they don't seem to want Daniel - maybe he doesn't burn easily enough
LucMiron: @Daniel: What kind of diplomas do you have so far?
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm not a doctor in computer science, I'm a master.
LucMiron: General computer science, or more oriented towards video games?
Dale: What was your masters thesis on Daniel? You told me before, but I forget.
Daniel Bienvenu: DEC : programmeur, BACC : analyste, MAITRISE : analyse-recherche, DOCTORAT : recherche-professeur universitaire
rich-c: I'd think that even a baccalaureate would be enough for game construction
Daniel Bienvenu: When you do a master, it's about a specific subject, never general.
LucMiron: Ouch... Not the kind of guy video game companies are looking for, I'd say... :/
Daniel Bienvenu: bacc is over necessary for coding
Dale: There are lots of 2 year or 18 month game design college diplomas around for sure.
rich-c: at the coding level, is a game that different from an office application? allowing for graphics, that is
Dale: I did the first 4 courses of one at Centennial College, but then they moved to from part time to full time and I had to stop.
Dale: That was caused by a strike I believe.
LucMiron: @rich-c: Video game development is a completely different beast when compared to other computer-driven businesses.
rich-c: and of course they would never go back to the earlier offering...
Dale: Video games use a lot of specific skills that are not often used for most database driven applications like a word processor or order entry application.
Daniel Bienvenu: My real task, based on my academic formation is to decide find solutions and decide which technology to use to reach the solutions. But my bacc allow me to analyse more about the code to be done and how long it will take. Of course, the bacc was also filled with programming languages.
rich-c: I'll take your word for it, Luc; I can see where it might well be
Dale: There is transferable knowledge, but my field of autonomous robotics is much more closely related to game programming than other things.
LucMiron: @rish-c: In a nutshell, it's a constant high-pressure job with zero job security. you need to fit in the team perfectly, or you don't last long.
rich-c: come to think of it, I can see that being the case, Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: I know about 20 different languages to do almost anything from console to graphic interfaces, from standalone to online games and applications. the only things I still have to learn is the new dialect of these languages to stay up-to-date.
LucMiron: @Daniel: Yeah, but is that the real problem here?
rich-c: I had had the impression that the proliferation of languages had stopped by now - obviously not!
Daniel Bienvenu: robotic is a domain in expension. japan is leading somehow .
Dale: I read an intersting article in Gamesutra which suggested that games would be developed quicker if the teams that worked on the game was experienced and crunch time was limited to the last 2 or three weeks of a 6 month project.
LucMiron: @Daniel: you have a masters and a doctorate, right? Those can give the wrong impression to execs at video game companies.
rich-c: again, I had thought that the rest of the world had caught up with Japan in robotics
Dale: That would reduce burn out, allow for less training, and higher quality first attempts at a game.
Daniel Bienvenu: for example, the last language I did learn is WML : a kind of HTML for wireless devices like a blackberry.
james: we are currently building a super-secret robot army to be unleashed on the rest of the unwitting world in very short order
rich-c: Gaa! Attack of the Clonmes!
Daniel Bienvenu: based on animes, japan already win the robotic war.
Dale: Well, so far I haven't gone to any of the conferences on robotics in Japan, but they do have a specific flavour in Japan that isn't as emphasized in other places.
LucMiron: Well, gotta go. Big day tomorrow. Hopefully, next Wednesday, I'll have some good news to share about the mould.
Dale: They are especially obsessed with bi-pedal humanoid robots more than in other places.
Daniel Bienvenu: we all hope to get news from you, luc.
Daniel Bienvenu: talk to you next week then.
rich-c: wish you luck, Luc. Pour maintenant, bonsoir. A la prochaine.
LucMiron: Wish me luck... Bye!
Dale: As always Luc, a pleasure to talk to you.
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rich-c: yes, Luc is a pretty solid guy, isn't he?
rich-c: speaking of Guys, we're still short two tonioght
Dale: I'm hoping I'll be available for the next CCQJV meeting so that I can talk to him in person again.
Daniel Bienvenu: the 2 new coleco games by msx programmers are conversions of konami (not sure) games : one is a battle ship game, the other is... I don't know exactly.
Daniel Bienvenu: next CCJVQ meeting is next year, in march probably
Daniel Bienvenu:
Dale: I'm thinking of going to this spring in Boston, but I see now that they are delaying it until 2010.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm playing that game and I'm stuck at Wizard level 25.
rich-c: has anyone tried a clone of Video Hustler? that one is rather fun
Daniel Bienvenu: video hustler exist for the colecovision... was a prototype and never release but do exist.
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Dale: Well, I don't know what will happen then. Maybe I'll be free for CCJVQ. Then I still want to do the
changed username to UGB
Dale: I mean.
UGB: Greetings
Daniel Bienvenu: hello
Dale: It'll be in May 2009 most likely.
rich-c: greetings, UGB
Pamela: hi guy
rich-c: how are things in the Windy City?
Daniel Bienvenu: I know a GB, but UGB
rich-c: Ubuntu, his latest toy
Daniel Bienvenu: I forgot
UGB: I'm on Xubuntu on the Athlon installing some updates
rich-c: I have to get that working on my machine - it's installed but needs some changes I can't handle
Daniel Bienvenu: trying a new OS, on an old PC computer, I may try REACTOS which is a compatible Windows NT system written from scratch and can this year install applications like firefox for Windows and play dos-windows games like quake.
james: anyone know someone who would like to work part-time in rural japan, live rent-free?
UGB: I might try that too Daniel
rich-c: not offhand, james, but as times get tougher that may change
Dale: Doing what James?
james: teaching engrish to kids
Dale: You want days off?
rich-c: where can I find out about REACTOS Guy?
Dale: Or are you too popular?
Daniel Bienvenu: warning : reactos still has to be consider in alpha version, which means not really for use right now.
james: i have a part-timer who helps me at my other school
Daniel Bienvenu: just type reactos in google, you will find it quick
james: but he's leaving next year
rich-c: right - just crawling with bugs, then
james: i'm in a bit of a pinch - i want to grow, but i need to know i have labour lined up before i promote
UGB: Here's the website
james: and i haven't lost enough students at my main school such that i can cover both locations on my own yet
Daniel Bienvenu: they did experiment reactos into virtualpc environment and they show some screenshot of that
rich-c: OK, I'll take a look later
UGB: It's still in alpha stage and not for everyday use yet. They are writing this from scratch
rich-c: might be an answer for us who do not like Vista and aren't optimistic about Windows7 either
james: i'm looking at different options. at current rates, i won't recoup my startup costs for the second place for another four years
james: if i could somehow work both on my own then that gets cut back to a year and a half
Dale: Tough to be everywhere though James.
rich-c: if you survive it, that is, james?
Dale: And your family might start to notice too.
james: 6 days a week is not a huge problem, it's only been the last 6 months that i've had a 2 day weekend
james: so the short term goal is to recoup my startup costs on that place then decide what i want to do. lots of things "wrap up" in a way over the next few years
james: and i may make a move at that point
rich-c: right - I reckon in the current world economic situation, it's better to sit tight
james: yup, i'm just staying the course for now
james: but in 4 years, i may be well positioned to leave
Dale: I'm going to say goodbye a bit early tonight.
james: have a good night dale
rich-c: in the old Roman phrase, festina lente
rich-c: OK Dale, take care, see you next week
Dale: I'm really tired tonight after my adventures in California last week and camping all weekend.
rich-c: camping in this weatehr gets to you
rich-c: I trust you werent dodging forest fires too
Dale: I was in a cabin but we spent 3 hours tobogganing, and that takes a lot out of you.
Dale: bye all.
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Dale
Dale: poof
Dale left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: me too I go to bed almost now. talk to you next week.
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit!
UGB: He's quick
Daniel Bienvenu: aurevoir!
Daniel Bienvenu: *poof* kerpoof * patapouf*
rich-c: OK Daniel, glad to have you by. Bonsoir, a la prochaine
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rich-c: group's getting a bit thin without the Slopsemas
james: yeah, not too many here right now
rich-c: haven't heard from Ron for months
james: yeah, he's been very quiet
rich-c: and teh Drushels are among the aqbsent too
rich-c: well, he hasn't even put his new email address on the Adamnet yet
rich-c: Pam, do you know if the Superstore is carrying teh big jars of instant coffee?
Pamela: dunno but I can check
rich-c: if you're up soon I'd appreciate it - No Frills hasn't had it for months, and Fortinos didn't have it either today - I use No Name
james: i'm going to get lunch
rich-c: Fortinos did have big jars of Maxwell House but teh last lot of that that I got was so foul it got tossed in the composter
james: have a good evening everyone
Pamela: nite james
rich-c: OK james, bon appetit, come back soon
Pamela: how large is large?
rich-c: about $10 just under a half kilo (475g)
UGB: Bye James
rich-c: Nescafe have a tin but it won't fit in out kitchen space
james: bye!
james left chat session
rich-c: anyway any word would be appreciated, Pam
rich-c: found the next computer toy I'd like to have, but it's too expensive
Pamela: oh?
rich-c: yes - a solid state USB external hard disc, about 120 GB - glorified flash drive
rich-c: but they currently have it on special $360 US
Pamela: where?
rich-c: shop down in Texas
rich-c: carry a total; backup of the laptop plus two extra copies
Pamela: holy cow
rich-c: the way solid state memory prices are dropping these days, it could be $100 by June
rich-c: notice how flash drives have dropped? 32 GB around $40?
Pamela: yes
Pamela: I've seen the ads
rich-c: seems teher's a couple of super tiny PCs - pocket-tops? - using a version of them
rich-c: one is the Gateway EeePc, apparently
rich-c: there's also a new computer built around a static ram version of the thing, doesn't need protection
Pamela: sorry Dad, still listening to Cynthia
Pamela: hang in there
rich-c: the core OS can't be written to, and everything else is flushed every time you turn it off - viruses goodbye
rich-c: well I see Cynthis has set herself up a gmail acclunt, which was smart
rich-c: now all she needs is a freebie or very cheap ISP connection
rich-c: if she's on gmail, maybe she could join someone's wireless network or something
Pamela: and its accessible from anywhere
rich-c: well, as log as it is accessible from where she is, that's what counts.
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rich-c: just not in the Four Seasons in Florence (Firenza) where it costs 22 euros a day
Pamela: who's this?
rich-c: aha, we have a late arrival
rich-c: no doubt we shall see all in the fulln ess of time
<undefined> changed username to Harvie
Pamela: hi harvie!
rich-c: hello Harvie - it's been a LONG time!
UGB: HI Harvie
Harvie: Howdy howdy
rich-c: how have you been keeping? and what's up swith you?
Harvie: same old stuff, gradually sliding into the dark abyss
rich-c: sounds like your back is continuing to act up
Harvie: knees and hands mostly, back seems ok
rich-c: arhtritis?
Harvie: yes indeed,how have you been?
rich-c: well, how long has it been since we've chatted?
UGB changed username to Guy B
Guy B: What have you been up to Harvie?
Harvie: probably a year or so,memory is slipping too
Harvie: Hi Guy
Pamela: sorry everyone, I'm still on the phone
Pamela: I know i'm not contributing much tonite
Harvie: i was just setting up a new laptop for work and had to test the Java so I thought I would try here
Pamela: clearly it works : )
Harvie: always nice when something works
rich-c: sorry, Frances was having a problem with an obstrperous program we couldn't kill
rich-c: anyway since last year I had that hernia fixed so can now move around much more easily
rich-c: still can't make it all the way to the plaza walking, but maybe by spring
Pamela: gotta keep practicing, Papa : )
rich-c: I think Adamcon rated as a success, next will be in Grand Rapids with the Slopsemas
rich-c: they are off on a cruise this week and next
Harvie: Well, now that I know the laptop is set up I have to get up early in the AM and go to Midland
Pamela: I hope that Thanksgiving goes well for Meeka
rich-c: Ron has got married, and Erin got her green card so will move down to Cleveland in January
Pamela: has anyone heard from Ron?
Harvie: I hope I can make it to Adamcon next year
rich-c: Bob has - hold on a bit, gotta go help your ma again
Pamela: it would be nice to ahve you there Harvie
Harvie: Imade it to 007 and 17 so I'm really not due 'till 27:)
Pamela: really Harvie, how about trying for once every five or so?
Harvie: I just noticed the hour. I need my beauty sleep so I will have to say goodnight. Try to catch you all next week.
Guy B: Well folks. I'll be going, I'm off tomorrow and Friday. But, I have to check on Jeanene's cat while she is in the hospital. She just called me a few minutes ago
Pamela: goodnight Harvie, stay in touch
Guy B: Bye Harvie
Pamela: Happy Thanksgiving, Guy
Harvie left chat session
Guy B: Thanks Pam
Pamela: goodnight Guy
Guy B: I didn't tell you that I'm n ow wearing my new Freedom 22 processor
Pamela: oh good! how's it going?
Guy B: Picking up some sounds I never heard with the old one, but I'm getting use to it now and it will tell me when the batteries will die
Guy B: I will tell you more next week. Poof
Pamela: okay, looking forward to it
Guy B left chat session
rich-c: here
Pamela: still here, still on the phone!
rich-c: OK, want to bail and we'll catch up next time we talk?
Pamela: there, I just got off
rich-c: anyway, we have a rogue program on the laptopo
rich-c: so I had better go see what we can do
Pamela: however given the time and the fact that I still have to talk to my hubby, I'd better go
Pamela: what kind of program?
Pamela: virus?
rich-c: unless your mother has rebooted already
rich-c: no, site advisor
Pamela: oh lord. okay, go deal - I'll call
rich-c: none of my tricks to bust out of it worked
Pamela: hugs, Daddy
rich-c: OK - if you get to the Superstore let me know, OK?
Pamela: I will
Pamela: gnite
rich-c: sleep tight. then - nitey nite
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
rich-c left chat session
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