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Geoff: hello
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changed username to Geoff
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changed username to james
james: morning
Geoff: hello!
james: how's it going?
Geoff: not too shabby... and you?
james: not bad, off to a slow start here
Geoff: I guess so. :)
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changed username to rich-c
rich-c: wow! the gang's all here!
james: hi rich
Geoff: hey rich
rich-c: greetingsg james, and good morning
rich-c: hi geoff
Geoff: how's things?
rich-c: well, I'm still on the right side of the grass - these days, that's a victory in itself
rich-c: btw, which of our Geoffs do we have here?
Geoff: Geoff Oltmans
rich-c: hey, down where they don't know from snow!
rich-c: what brings you by, Geoff?
Geoff: trying to find out what the deal is with the mailing list mainly. :)
Geoff: And also trying to find a guinea pig for Mac OS X
rich-c: the mailing list seems to be simply unused - as if no one has anything to say
rich-c: I haven't tried yto post to it myself for months
Geoff: I've sent several messages and nothing seems to be getting echoed back.
Geoff: Over the past several weeks even.
rich-c: OK, looks like Dale and Dr. D. will have to be told about this
rich-c: Dale may be on later tonight, he suggested last week he'd try
Geoff: I sent 'em an email a while back, and Rich D said it wasn't working for him either. Dale never responded back.
james: speaking of mia, has anyone heard from ron at all lately?
rich-c: Dr. D. is rather busy sorting out his life and work
Geoff: I'm sure.
rich-c: nope, ever since he got involved with Susan (his new wife) it's as if he vanished from the earth
Geoff: Do either of you guys have a Mac?
james: sorry
james: no macs here
rich-c: nope; I still try to endure XP
james: i'll take xp over vista any d ya
james: *any day
Geoff: I have made some progress on my port of Adamem for OS X... and also the Windows version. Sound works now.
rich-c: I have ubuntu on my machine but I still have to learn to make it work
rich-c: our game writers will be interested to hear that - maybe they will turn up soon
rich-c: in fact, Daniel is usually here promptly at 9
Geoff: I have been trying to find someone with a PPC based Mac to try it on. I've got an intel Mac and it'd be nice to know if the binary will work properly on both types.
rich-c: right - if we could get in touch with Ron, he has a Mac and I think it's PPC
rich-c: Bob Slopsema is off on a cruise this week, but he has Ron's address and posted it here
rich-c: maybe I can find it - brb
Geoff: cool deal. :)
Geoff: It seems like I tried him too, but I don't know if I had the right address.
rich-c: try: bytehacker, at
Geoff: okay, maybe that's why it didn't work. I tried at
rich-c: maybe he shares Susan's internet connection, since they are using her place for their home
james: when did he get married?
rich-c: no, I tried too and it bounced; also
Geoff: I just sent one off, we'll see what happens.
rich-c: early November - his son Geoff got married early this year and he joined the happy couple on a visit to her parents in Italy
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changed username to Pamela
Pamela: good evening
rich-c: hi daughter, meet Geoff Oltmans, one of the old original Adam crowd
Pamela: or in James' case, good morning : )
Pamela: Hello Geoff, nice to meet you : )
Geoff: Hey Pamela! :)
Pamela: call me Pam, please
Pamela: Hi Daddy
rich-c: you may have seen Geoff's postings on the mailing list, but that seems to be down now
Geoff: Sure thing, Pam
Pamela: yes, the name is not unfamiliar by any means
rich-c: come to think of it - did Dale say anything about server troubles on the list?
rich-c: Pam organized the last Adamcon, Geoff
james: morning pam
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Pamela: not to my knowledge, but then I haven't exactly been paying a lot of attention in the last couple weeks
changed username to LucMiron
Pamela: hi Luc
LucMiron: Hello.
Pamela: yes, and where were you, Mr. Oltmans????
rich-c: ah Luc - bonsoir
rich-c: meet Geoff Oltmans; you've maybe seen hixs posts on the mailing list
Geoff: heheh... I never get to indulge that heavily in my hobbies. I did go to a Doctor Who convention a couple years though. ;)
Pamela: (she says from the safety of a recent record crowd)
Pamela: where do you live, Geoff - I feel like I should know this
Geoff: Huntsville, AL
Pamela: so, it would have been a bit of a trek for you
Pamela: alright, you're forgiven : )
Geoff: I haven't been to Ottawa before, but I have been to Victoria in the past couple years. We've got a baby on the way so it might be a little while before we get anywhere up that way.
rich-c: Geoff, Luc is one of our game construction group
Pamela: congratulations!
Geoff: Cool! Bonjour, Luc.
Geoff: Thanks. We found out a couple weeks ago we're having a girl
rich-c: well, if you could get to Ottawa, St. Catharines is really nearer - but 2009 will be in Grand Rapids, MI
Pamela: that's lovely. Is this your first?
Geoff: Yep!
james: hope you don't like to sleep ;)
Geoff: My wife is actually from South Haven, MI, which isn't too far from Grand Rapids.
Pamela: says James, the experience parent of two very active boys
james: don't forget hungry
james: i swear all they do these days is eat
Pamela: 'twould be a good excuse to travel home for a visit, then
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Pamela: it seems to be a characteristic of growing boys, James
rich-c: whoops! we've lost LUc
Geoff: heheheh... I actually had the pleasure of changing my first two diapers ever a couple days ago when we babysat for some friends of ours. That wasn't a plesant harbinger of things to come.
james: i won't be changing any more diapers for quite some time i hope
rich-c: I won't say you'll get used to it - accustomed, perhaps
Geoff: heheheh
Pamela: well I'm not a parent, but between many years of babysitting, and being 14 years older than my oldest cousin, I did plenty of diaper duty in my time.
Geoff: I used to swear that the first diapers I would change would be my own child's, but I guess that didn't work out as planned.
Pamela: I got VERY good at the quick-change routine
rich-c: Pam, any idea where Rich and Erin are tonight?
Pamela: probably better that you got some practice, Geoff - the little buggers can be awfully slippery and squirmy sometimes
Geoff: heheheh
Pamela: probably talking to one another, Dad
Pamela: Erin went down to call him, then go to bed
Pamela: she was up with me for a bit
rich-c: so I guess we won't see them on here
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Pamela: unfortunately, I doubt it
Geoff: Has she moved down stateside yet?
Pamela: Wednesdays seem to be Rich's busiest nights lately
changed username to CAribbean BOB
CAribbean BOB: HI GUYS
Pamela: BOB!
james: hey bob
rich-c: no, niot till January
Pamela: hi!
Geoff: hey Bob!
CAribbean BOB: yup tis me and me bride
CAribbean BOB: tis hot down here in the south
Pamela: how's the tan coming?
james: on the subject of hungry, i'm going to grab breakfast. bbiab
rich-c: hey Bob! you made it! where's da boat, mon?
CAribbean BOB: ya we on the boat
CAribbean BOB: tan FORGET IT
Pamela: oh?
Pamela: raining?
CAribbean BOB: we are busy visiting the islands and buying stuff.....well...not too much stuff
CAribbean BOB: no rain but yo got the SNOW
Pamela: Geoff, Erin has gotten her immigration clearance and the move is planned for mid January
CAribbean BOB: cool
rich-c: well, so far we haven't got snow - but everyone around us has
Pamela: actually, we don't have any snow Bob
CAribbean BOB: we get plastered inthe concierge club every night before supper, then struggle to bed.......
Pamela: but don't go north of Toronto : )
CAribbean BOB: OH OH...we got snow at home, kids had day and half off school
rich-c: we do have drizzle, icy winds, no sun, and a real November
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CAribbean BOB: YUCK
changed username to Guyzer F.
Pamela: sounds like fun, Bob
Pamela: Hi, Guy
Guyzer F.: Hullo.
Pamela: how are you feeling? Still swollen?
rich-c: gopod evening, Mr. Foster
CAribbean BOB: it is fun........we will have to fill you in with some pics maybe when we get back in about a week
Guyzer F.: Yep, in pain actually... was worse today than yesterday.
Pamela: oh, oh, send pics soon!
CAribbean BOB: but ther teeth are GOONE???
Pamela: remember Guy, better living through pharmaceuticals
Pamela: oh, and ice packs
CAribbean BOB: anyway, got to go, love to all and to all a good night.......
Guyzer F.: Yes, took some pain killers a few hours ago, am due for some more.
CAribbean BOB: remember to fill you in about Mrs Callabash..............................
Pamela: see you next week Bob - lookin' forward to it
rich-c: great Bob, see you next week
CAribbean BOB: nest wed plan on being home, yes
Pamela: we'll try to remember, Bob
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Pamela: well, that was quick
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changed username to LucMiron
Pamela: FYI Geoff, the Slopsemas are somewhere in the Caribbean on a cruise
rich-c: well, he's all at sea - unless he found an internet cafe ashore
LucMiron: Back. Had a problem with my PC.
rich-c: bet they charge an arm and a leg for it
Pamela: what did they give you, Guy? T3's?
rich-c: hi Luc, Guy Fopster is here now
Geoff: cool! Where are you guys going? Jennifer and I did the cruise for our honeymoon
LucMiron: @rich: Yeah, I noticed. Hi Guy.
Guyzer F.: Ratio-Emtec-30
Guyzer F.: Hi Luc
Pamela: he gave us the itinerary before they left but I've forgotten
rich-c: they're off in the westeern Caribbean somewhere, but I don't know beyond that
Pamela: Guy, how is Sandra feeling?
LucMiron: Ratio-what? What did I miss?
Guyzer F.: Good, went to the doctor today, did a few tests, found out the sex of the baby, etc....
Pamela: (and why do I have a distinct sense of deja-vu with that question?)
rich-c: Guy - he's missing two teeth
Pamela: are you going to tell us, or keep us in suspense?
Guyzer F.: Pam: It's only the 3rd time, hehe,.
Pamela: truly : )
LucMiron: @Guy: Third child? I thought you only had a little girl. :)
Guyzer F.: This time, it's going to be a little boy.
Guyzer F.: Luc
Pamela: woohoo!
rich-c: well, nice shot, man
Guyzer F.: : I have 2 daughters, plus anotehr coming up!
LucMiron: Well, congrats! :D
Pamela: we're having our own mini baby boom
Guyzer F.: Thanks, bound to keep me busy... I have no more money, no more hobbies, etc... must provide for family... hehe.
Guyzer F.: Anyone else ahving a baby???
Geoff: We are.
Pamela: Geoff's wife is pregnant
LucMiron: So I guess this means I can kiss Gulkave goodbye, eh? :o
rich-c: yeah, kids do make quite a dent in the budget
Pamela: when is she due, Geoff?
Geoff: April 12... easter!
Guyzer F.: Luc: I still have the source code, if Eduardo wants to pick up where I left it! He is more than welcome to do so.
LucMiron: From what he told me, you haven't contctd him yet. Didn't you get my e-mails these past few weeks?
Pamela: and Guy, I know you told me, but I can't remember - when is Sandra due?
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rich-c: Guy, you have a mac, don't you?
changed username to Dale
Guyzer F.: Oh, was I supposed to contact him??? Ooops, didn't realize that.
Guyzer F.: I will then!
Dale: Hi all
Dale: Just passing through.
Dale: Geoff, how's it going?
Pamela: Hi Dale
LucMiron: If you want to hand over your code to him, please do.
Geoff: Hey Dale. :)
LucMiron: Hi Dale!
Dale: Hi Luc.
Pamela: quick question - is the mailing list down?
rich-c: hello Dale, everyone wants to know what happened to the mailing list?
Dale: Not as far as I know.
Guyzer F.: Yes, Rich, I have a Mac... by the way, I got my memory that I bought on eBay. Paid $28 US, shipping included and they work beautifuly!
Pamela: ah, I guess it's just that no one has anything to say
Dale: I'll have to check to see if there is something funny going on there I guess.
Geoff: Guy: What kind is it?
Guyzer F.: I have a Mac Mini
Guyzer F.: Intel version
Geoff: Dale: I've sent several emails to the list over the past few weeks
Pamela: oh and Geoff, in case you didn't know, Ron got remarried about three weeks ago
Geoff: no echo. :(
james: back
Geoff: Guy: mind if I send you a test copy of adamem for it?
Pamela: what's for breakfast, James?
Guyzer F.: Luc: I will, hope he can make things happen!
rich-c: Geoff needs someone with a PPC Mac
LucMiron: @Guy: You can send the source code to either me or Eduardo. If you send it to me, I will send a copy to Eduardo, but I will keep a copy of my own, even though I can't really read Z80 assembly (yet).
james: toast with peanut butter
Pamela: yum
Geoff: A PPC mac would be better, but someone to test the intel version would be good too.
james: friend of mine picked up the peanut butter for me at costco in osaka
Guyzer F.: I can test it, no problems. I'm on my PC though right now...
james: sec, someone is here
Pamela: I don't know what part of that sentence to comment on first : )
Geoff: Dale, I have a sound driver that works for the emulator now. :)
rich-c: can I infer from that that peanut butter is not a staple in Japan?
Guyzer F.: Rice Butter perhaps?
Guyzer F.: Oh, hi James, didn't realize you were on! ;)
Pamela: for some reason, Costco in Osaka seems a disconnect to me
LucMiron: Oh, BTW, does anyone want to have the lastest news about the CV cartridge mold? There's not much to tell, but still, some of it is interesting.
Pamela: don't know why (or why not)
Dale: Yeah, Geoff, I want to try that on the PSP.
rich-c: go for it, Luc
Guyzer F.: Yes, Luc, what is the news? Still interested, although time is lacking for anything.
LucMiron: Well, first the bad news...
Geoff: I can send you the source for it...only problem: it uses floats.
Dale: Everything looks good in the web interface.
Dale: Maybe the mail handler is the issue.
LucMiron: I lost my means of transportation for the mold, which means I'm almost back to square one. I say "almost" because I have a contact at a plastics company who said she could help me out. If I can convince them to use their truck to come pick up the mold, then I'll be in business.
Pamela: how big is the mold?
Guyzer F.: You cannot just ship the mold to them?
james: peanut butter is available but no, not a staple
LucMiron: @Guy: It's too heavy. 120 lbs (55 kg)
rich-c: rent a car or van, maybe?
Guyzer F.: 120 lbs is not too bad. A bit hard to drag around on a bus though.
LucMiron: I don't have a car, and I haven't driven one since the age of 19. (I'm 36)
Pamela: is it North American peanut butter, James?
james: yup!
james: skippy super crunch
Pamela: Kraft?
Pamela: ah
rich-c: a taxi would cost too much, I assume
LucMiron: It's actually extremely hard to move around. I can hardly move it around at all.
Guyzer F.: Depending to where.
james: how far do you need to take it, luc?
LucMiron: The mold is in my office, at my company's building in Brossard (South shore of Montreal).I need to take it to St-Leonard (in Montreal)
Pamela: does being a N.A. import mean it's extra expensive James?
james: used to, not anymore
james: i think
Pamela: and you got the super giant economy size, right? : )
james: i dunno what peanut butter costs in canada anymore
Guyzer F.: That would be expensive. Had my car been reliable, I would have offered to help you out Luc, but I'm in the transition of getting a new car, dunno how long it might take.
james: yeah, 5lbs or whatever it is
LucMiron: The problem here is that the company is only open weekdays (not week-ends), and closes at 4:30 PM.
rich-c: sheesh! I eat it every wek and I don't know, either
Guyzer F.: I also have a nifty tool to drag around heavy pieces like that....
Dale: do the emails bounce or just not get distributed?
james: it was 1300 yen or thereabouts
Pamela: holy cow, that's a lot of peanut butter
james: it lasts awhile
LucMiron: nifty tool...?
Guyzer F.: Un diabl
james: don't like japanese made peanut butter
Guyzer F.: "e"
LucMiron: Oh, I have a diable at work. :)
Pamela: I would guess the latter Dale, I haven't seen anything come through for ages
james: everything in this country is too damn sweet
LucMiron: That leads me to the good news about the mold...
james: @luc, is this a mold for coleco cartridge cases?
rich-c: I think it's a distribution problem, Dale
LucMiron: Up until today, the two pices of the mold (top and bottom) were mysteriously stuck together...
LucMiron: @james: Yes.
rich-c: at lweast I haven't seen any for weeks
LucMiron: ... but tonight I managed to separate them,mostly by accident.
james: 1810g for 1380 yen
Pamela: with peanut butter? : )
LucMiron: So I was finally able to have a look at the inside of this thing.
james: they sweeten everything
Guyzer F.: Good Luc... So now you have 2 seperate pieces, weighing 60 pounds each! Much more manageable.
james: @luc, could you put them in a wagon and pull it?
rich-c: but now two round trips to deliver them
LucMiron: Actually, it's more like 80/40 pounds, but yeah, it's slightly easier to move around now,
rich-c: are they transportable on the Metro?
Guyzer F.: Get yourself a wheelbarrow!
LucMiron: In the metro? Not really.
Pamela: or a little red wagon
LucMiron: @Guy: Why don't I rent horses while I'm at it? ;P
james: bring it on a caleche, luc
Guyzer F.: It would be eaiser to rent a car. ;)
LucMiron: Like I said before, I haven't driven any kind of car in many years. I need a driver.
james: i'd help but i can't promise to stay on the right side of the road at all times ;)
rich-c: have you any buddies who would drive you?
LucMiron: They drive on the british side of the road in Japan?
Pamela: need to brush up on your Canadian driving skills, James
rich-c: right, Luc
james: @luc, yeah, we drive on the left
james: well most of us do most of the time
Pamela: we were discussing this after Guy's trip to Australia
LucMiron: rich: I thought I did, but as you can see, I sadly entrusted the mold to people who were ill-equiped to help me.
rich-c: yes, james, I know what you mean
Guyzer F.: Wait for a snowstorm and you could just put them on a sled, and pull.
Pamela: wondering how long it takes to lose your North American driving reflexes
Geoff: lol.... I had a Japanese roommate in the dorm here in town... a trip to buy a car was a hair raising experience. ;)
Pamela: for you . . . or him? : )
Guyzer F.: Pam: It takes 3 days to drive semi-properly... your reflexes stay with you for a while. Although after driving for 6 weeks in Oz, driving back in Montreal, I was a bit disoriented for a few minutes.
rich-c: I have a rental car at teh moment - damn thing is front wheel drive - torque steer!
Guyzer F.: God bless rear-wheel drive in winter, eh Rich?
james: i've been driving here longer than i was in canada and much more at that
rich-c: or any time, Guy
LucMiron: Well, anyway, that's all the news I have to share about the mold. From this point on, my only goal is to get the mold to that plastic company in St-Leonard.
james: by a very good margin i think
Pamela: I've often said, if I ever fulfill my dream of travelling Great Britian, i'll have to learn to drive right hand drive
james: @luc, what's the distance?
Pamela: best thing you could do is drop me into the middle of nowhere and let me practice for a few days
rich-c: kind of disastrous if you don't, daughter
Guyzer F.: Luc: If I get myself a new car anytime soon, I will let you know, and could help you out...
james: @rich, not if we give everyone else warning
Pamela: thanks a bunch! LOL
LucMiron: @james: Brossard to St-Leonard? by the highways, outside of rush hour, it's about 30 minutes top.
Guyzer F.: Hmm, Dan is not here tonight.
Geoff: Gotta run guys... gotta take care of my wife. She needs some pregnancy massage. ;)
james: definitely a car trip then
james: bye geoff
Pamela: that must take precedence Geoff
LucMiron: By Geoff
Pamela: but I'm glad you were here
Pamela: you'll come back, won't you?
Guyzer F.: I gave one last night.... she's good till the next pregnancy. :)
rich-c: nite Geoff and glad to have you by - come again soon
Geoff: sure thing... good nite everyone. :)
Guyzer F.: bye Geoff
Geoff left chat session
Pamela: sheesh Guy, think you'd have learned by now : )
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Pamela: gnite Geoff
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings, back on Windows
rich-c: hello Other Guy
Pamela: Hi Guy
LucMiron: Hi Guy
Guyzer F.: Pamela: I think we're stopping at 4... we talked about it today.
rich-c: you just missed Geoff Oltmans
Guy B.: We have snow falling at this very moment
Guy B.: He was here. Oh shoot
Guyzer F.: It's nice here in Montreal, took the garbage out and it wasn't too cold, did it with a t-shirt.
james: sunny and about 14 here. i'm going to go for a walk soon
Pamela: can you hear it? : )
Pamela: oh stuff it James!
james: :D
Pamela: LOL
Guy B.: I'll be back in a few minutes
james: what is this 'snow' to which you refer?
Pamela: icky
james: this week is apparently the last week of good weather
rich-c: you may remember it from Ottawa as "neige"
LucMiron: We like to call it white sh*t. ;P
Pamela: I think that's niege, actually Dad
rich-c: I believe you had some experience there, back in the day
james: we actually get quite a lot here
LucMiron: @Pam: No, it's "neige".
james: it just tends to start later
Pamela: alright, my memory is faulty
Pamela: but it looked wrong
rich-c: no comment
Guyzer F.: I love snow, wouldn't trade it for the world. Love the experiencing of the seasons in Montreal! Maybe I don't know any better.
james: typically up to 50cm at a time
LucMiron: You haven't been in Australia long enough. ;)
Pamela: so you start later but get it in bigger gobs, James
james: yup
james: it starts coming down and doesn't stop
Dale: Well whatever was jaming up the coladam queue, I think I've unblocked it, so all of the email from the last two months are being processed now it seems.
james: even though i go out and yell "stop!"
rich-c: we have had snowfalls like that
Pamela: I must say, I don't think I'd like to live without seasons
Guyzer F.: Luc: Been to nice places with great weather, but nothing compares to the solitude and quietness of winter.
LucMiron: @Guy: Agreed. :)
Pamela: ack! My inbox!
rich-c: oh, I'll look for an inbox flood tonight
james: i don't think i'm on the mailing list
Dale: Really James?
james: i don't think so, no
rich-c: how much you like snow depends on your age
Dale: Sign up here:
james: it's an inverse proportion and i already hate the stuff
Pamela: I don't mind snow, as long as i don't have to trudge through it
LucMiron: @Guy: BTW, is the crazy rush over at your job?
james: thanks dale. i'll let the current flood subside first
rich-c: when you take meds that make you dizzy, have no balance, bones that break spontaneously - winter ain't fun
Pamela: I'll play in it, shovel it, appreciate the beauty of it, but hate walking in it
Guyzer F.: I loved it as a kid... Now, it's more work for me, that's true, but it's still enjoyable... shovelling is almost like meditation for me, allows me to go outside, usually not very cold, and just shovel away...
Guyzer F.: Got myself equipped with some new shovels this year, should make my work easier.
Pamela: shovelling is one of those jobs like ironing or mowing the lawn - it's very Zen
Guyzer F.: Yes, mowing, I enjoy as well!
Pamela: didn't you get a snowblower last year Guy?
rich-c: brb
Pamela: good exercise too, as long as you don't overdo it
Guyzer F.: No Pam, I didn't, a lawnmower yes, but no snowbler. I'm not in the age bracket yet for a snowblower. In 4 years, when I hit the big 40, I might start thinking about it. :)
Guyzer F.: A snowblower and some viagra... goes hand in hand!
Pamela: I would have thought after all the snow you got last year that a snowblower would be a priority
james: @guy, well hopefully not ;)
Guyzer F.: That was last year, this year should be easier.... chances of getting as much snow as we did last year, are pretty slim.
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james: famous last words
Pamela: well Montreal is a bit notorious
changed username to Ron
Pamela: RON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pamela: hi!
Dale: The first message from the list in two months was delivered now to my inbox, but I think it is indeed from two months ago.
Ron: yeah, 'tis I
james: it's the ghost of ron present!
Pamela: welcome back!
Dale: Hi Ron.
Ron: been a while eh?
Pamela: delighted to see you
Guyzer F.: Then again, they might be my famous last words. The past few years, snow wasn't an issue. I had to buy a shovel ONLY last year. before that, I NEVER needed to shovel.
Guyzer F.: Hey Ron
Ron: Good to be back
Pamela: oh my, Dale
rich-c: hey RON!
james: i typically have to buy a new shovel every couple years
Dale: Don't you live in a house now Guy f?
Pamela: we missed you Ron
Ron: Have had a problem with Wednesdays of late
james: cheapass made in china crap
james: that aside, they get a lot of use
Ron: Also some tech problems with Internet here
Pamela: a problem the world over, James : )
Guyzer F.: Luc, are you on FB?
rich-c: I hope it's been resolved, Ron
LucMiron: Facebook? Nope.
james: i wish people would just stop buying their crap
Ron: Well I think so...... hope
Pamela: you're here Ron, that's a good start
james: hi ron
Pamela: so, what's new? ; )
Ron: Susan says Hi!
Pamela: (she says, completely tongue in cheek)
Guyzer F.: James: Yeah, made in China crap... i'd buy japanese, but japan doesn't seem to make much these days! I was surprised though to see an older Sony camera of mine that said "made in Japan".
Pamela: Hi Susan!
rich-c: yes, tell us about Susan, and when will you be sending pictures?
james: anyway, on that note, i'm going to get the snow tires out from the loft in the garage
Pamela: probably a good idea, James
james: fortune favours the prepared. have a good evening everyone. i'll think of you while i bask in the sun
Dale: Later James.
Guyzer F.: James: All their crap is actually imposed on us, there is litereally no way to "NOT" buy chinese crap.
james: working on some code here but much too nice to be inside..
rich-c: OK james, gloat while you may; your time will come
james: bye all!
Guyzer F.: Hey, at least we don't have earthquakes here. :D
LucMiron: So anyway, when can I expect to see this Gulkave source code of yours?
james: sure it'll come. it'll also pass sooner ;) spring starts in february :D
Pamela: bye James!
james: *poof*
Pamela: okay Ron, now tell all
james: oh, something i'm not allowed to hear ;)
Guyzer F.: Luc: Soon Luc, soon... not tonight, I'm on the wrong 'puter.
Ron: tell all?
james: oh yeah - how rude
james: congrats, ron!
LucMiron: @Guy: Ok. No problem.
Pamela: I'm a girl - I want all the wedding details : )
Ron: Married Nov 8 - brief honeymoon in favour of a big trip next year
Guyzer F.: Who got married?
Ron: Me on the wet coast
james: @guy, ron did
Guyzer F.: Wow, he sure keeps himself busy!!!
james: and i'm assuming his wife did too
Ron: <grin>
Ron: yes
rich-c: so now you're a professional dog loiver?
Pamela: where are our pictures, Ronald??
LucMiron: . o O (I'm sure I would be very excited right now, if I knew this Ron fellow to being with...) ;P
Ron: professional greenhorn would be more like it
Guyzer F.: marriage... dog lover? Don't get the connection?
rich-c: Susan runs a kennel
Ron: The dogs know who's in charge, and it's not me
Pamela: wife has dog, Guy
Ron: 2 German Shepherda
Guyzer F.: Rich: Ahhhh, OK. Got it! Hahaha.. For a minute there.
Pamela: sorry, dogs plural
Ron: Shepherds that is
rich-c: yeah, they tend to know who's in charge
Ron: Lady and Boomer
Guyzer F.: well, hopefulyl you'll be able to bring 'em along to an Adamcon, don't think we ever had a canine presence?
rich-c: how old are they, Ron?
Ron: Lady is 2 yrs, Boomer is 6
Pamela: and is Susan breeding Shepherds too?
Ron: they lead me a merry chase
rich-c: bit of a long drive from Vancouver Island, Guy
Ron: Where is Guy? I take it this is not Guy Bona?
Guyzer F.: No, Guy F.
Ron: and where are you?
Pamela: no, Guy Foster. Mr. Bona is off somewhere
Ron: Oh..... ok
Guyzer F.: Well, there's Guy B. too.. take yer prick!
Guyzer F.: Guy B is nicer, I'm more annoying at times. :)
Ron: ahhh..... no not at all sir
rich-c: that's OK, Geoff Oltmans had us a tad confused earlier, too
Guyzer F.: Congrats on the wedding BTW!
rich-c: Bob was on from his cruise ship, but obviously not for long
rich-c: he and the family hope to be back and on next Wednesday
Pamela: I see I'm going to have to corner Susan to get the wedding deets
Pamela: but seriously Ron, do you have pictures yet?
rich-c: well, unless she comes on
Pamela: well everyone is quiet all of a sudden
Guyzer F.: BOO
LucMiron: AAH!
Pamela: ooo, scared : (
rich-c: don't do that, Guy, I'll spill my beer
Guyzer F.: So did everyone put up their xmas decorations?
rich-c: and tonight it's St. Ambroise Biere Noire!
Guyzer F.: I'm not having any beer tonight, on medication. :(
Pamela: not yet - project for the next couple weekends
LucMiron: Ever since I left my parent's house and moved into my own appartment, I have lived with the pleasure of not having to decorate. ;)
Guyzer F.: don't wait too long, xmas is in a few weeks. :)
Pamela: lordy, don't remind me
rich-c: yes, what is that med, Guy - I've never heard of it
Pamela: I haven't done a thing yet
Guy B.: ALmoist done with the e-mails. My insurance company sent me a check to pay for the new processor. That's NOT including trading in the old one yet
Guyzer F.: me neither Rich, it's a pain killer, contains aspirine I believe.
rich-c: not codeine based?
Pamela: do you get cash back on the trade in, Guy?
Guyzer F.: no, not codeine based.
rich-c: sheesh
rich-c: and it works?
Pamela: Guy, I didn't catch it earlier - what painkiller did they give you?
Guy B.: I haven;t sent it in yet. I just realized that the paperwork for it was never included
Guyzer F.: yes, works great... 20 mins later and I don't feel my pain anymore!
rich-c: aspirin does that? seems strange to me
Guyzer F.: RATIO-EMTEC-30
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: ah, it's generic
changed username to Ron Again
Pamela: any idea what the brand name equivalent is?
Ron Again: Looks like I fell off
Pamela: wondered about that Ron
Guyzer F.: OK, there's codeine in there Rich.
Pamela: got really quiet there
rich-c: thought you'd solved your ISP problems?
Pamela: don't jinx him,
Pamela: Dad
Guyzer F.: acetaminophene and codeine phospahate.
Ron Again: We're out in the boonies here, and the internet connection is ADSL. Tends to be somewhat intermittent
Ron Again: So if I disappear, don't worry about it
Pamela: just as long as you come back Ron
Ron Again: Indeed
rich-c: OK, same as Tylenol 3, and no doubt your eyeballs are spinning
LucMiron: I've got to go shave, and I also have to write an e-mail to Eduardo, to tell him about the mold, and also about Gulkave. So I guess I should go now. T'was nice to talk to you all!
Pamela: g'nite Luc
Ron Again: Susan is a little suspicious about all this. She doesn't trust computers at all, and this is the first time she's seen an open chat
Guyzer F.: Take care Luc, have a good shave!
Ron Again: I told her we're amongst friends
LucMiron: Bye!
rich-c: good having you aboard, Luc - bonsoir, et a la prochaine
Guyzer F.: Actually Rich, I'm fine, takes the pain away, but I don't feel any side effects really.
LucMiron left chat session
Pamela: yes we're a particularly harmless bunch
Ron Again: I know that
Pamela: I hope you manage to get her on chat Ron
Ron Again: well.......
rich-c: Guy, don't try to drive
Guyzer F.: Ron: My wife is 35, and she's never been on an open chat either, haha, she is so anti-technology, it's not even funny...
Ron Again: you got the picture Guy
Guyzer F.: Rich: Nope, doctor told me not to attempt driving!
rich-c: that's OK, couldn't get Frances to look at a computer for years, now can't get her off it
Dale: There are some messages now distributed to the list:
Dale: But it really does go back two months.
Ron Again: right Rich
Guyzer F.: I was more sick taking my Apo-Pen VK medication, last week... bleah, hated it.
rich-c: sorry, that was for what, Guy?
Dale: Oh, Ron, though it is many weeks late: congrats on the bells.
Guyzer F.: Penicilin, infection
Pamela: antibiotic would be my guess
Ron Again: Thanks Dale.
Pamela: yes Ron, felicitations
rich-c: gather you were taking it by injection, Guy?
Ron Again: Wedding was an informal affair. Casual dress, about 60 in attendance. Local United Church in Qualicum Beach
Guyzer F.: no, pills Rich.
rich-c: ah, that's no propblem, or are you allergic?
Ron Again: Hows the health situation Rich?
Guyzer F.: well, I didn't get any type of allergic reactions, was just feeling nauseous... EXTREMELY nauseous.
rich-c: I am entire too familiar with most of the painkiller arsenal from mainline heroin on down
Guyzer F.: Not enjoyable when working.
Guyzer F.: I had a friend who was prescribed morphine...
rich-c: well, after I got the hernia done, ron, I've been trying to regain my conditioning ever since
Pamela: yes I've heard it's not fun stuff, Guy
rich-c: managed to take a week-long trip to Corning for the glass centre and museums
Ron Again: I see. Well, one day at a time
rich-c: absolutely, Ron - I've already beaten teh odds so all I get more is gravy
Ron Again: Very true my son
Pamela: he's actually being very good about going for a walk every day Ron
Ron Again: Glad to hear it
Dale: I'll probably have to reset the server after the chat to get the rest of the messages to be distributed.
rich-c: the respirologist is content with my X-rays adn my heart seems under control
Guyzer F. left chat session
Ron Again: by the way Dale, I've just changed my e-mail, and signed up at
Ron Again:
rich-c: my back is still painful but that will likely be a lifetime thing
Ron Again: Golden Age Rich. Welcome
rich-c: hey, long as I'm on the right side of the grass...
Ron Again: Exactly
Pamela: must remember to change that on all my e-mails
Ron Again: yes Pam. Please
Pamela: and you're darn well gonna stay that way for some time to come, Papa
Pamela: that's an order
rich-c: I'm working on it, Pam
Ron Again: So it is written, so let it be done
Pamela: wrote it down for changing later : )
Pamela: btw, Russell is home and says hello to everyone
rich-c: well, I'm still buying green bananas, though wine that needs a decade of aging is maybe not too good a bet
Ron Again: Hi Russel
Ron Again: with 2 'l's
Pamela: LOL
rich-c: remind him to remind me to pull the beer out to thaw when you two come over for Christmas
Pamela: oh sure, like he's going to remember!
rich-c: tell him it's St. Ambroise - he'll remember ;-)
Ron Again: By the way gang, the annual Adam Christmas Card this year is gong to be done by Bob Slopsema. Sent him an e-mail a while back to say that time is a little shy around here
Ron Again: But an annual card there will be.
Pamela: good to know Ron
rich-c: yes, he mentioned that two weeks ago - can it be send out as an Adamem image for use with a DOS machine?
Ron Again: good
Pamela: will have to view it chez Clee
Pamela: perhaps on Christmas day : )
rich-c: thought you had Adamem on your machine?
Pamela: hmm, money has magically appeared beside me
Pamela: nope
Ron Again: My Adam gear is currently in a box in the workshop. Haven't had time to get it set up yet
Ron Again: money?
Pamela: weekly spending money : )
Ron Again: aha
Pamela: I assume he put it down beside me at some point in the last few minutes
Pamela: I missed the maneuver
rich-c: don't blow it all in one place
Ron Again: Whatever it is, tell him to double it!
Pamela: I wish : )
rich-c: and if you go to Superstore, do check for big bottl;es of instant
Pamela: you'll have to get at least one set up Ron, or it won't feel like home
Ron Again: I know.
Pamela: aha - putting it on the list right now Papa
Ron Again: Not sure where it's going to go
Pamela: it's like ice cream in the freezer - fridge won't run right without it
rich-c: I use mine to type address labels - less fiddly than using my inkjet
Ron Again: Yup!
rich-c: also, it gets the job done before Windows even finished booting
Ron Again: <grin>
Pamela: how big is that jar again Dad?
rich-c: any size as long as I can lift it
Pamela: loving my laser printer, I must say
Pamela: well, as opposed to the smaller one I mean
Ron Again: you have a laser?
rich-c: I don't use a printer enough - all my ink keeps drying up
Ron Again: printing thousands of copies in a single minute
Pamela: yes, a small HP black and white
Ron Again: neat
Pamela: that's why we got the laser printer Dad
Pamela: toner doesn't dry out
Pamela: and you get many more copies from the toner cart
rich-c: really? maybe I should investigate this
Ron Again: Yeah, I've got one of these little 4x6 photo printers that I use once in a while. Same thing happens to it
Ron Again: It's probably worth thinking about Rich
rich-c: I'm running my inkjet on black only anyway
Pamela: someday, in an ideal world, I will have a colour laser 4 in 1 that will print pictures
Pamela: print, fax, scan, copy
rich-c: yes, Frances still uses the dot matrix with the Amiga
Pamela: when I have buckets of money and they invent the thing
Pamela: in the interim, this does just fine
rich-c: oh, colour laser printers are getting cheap but they aren't building them as all in ones
james: back
Ron Again: Anyway people I'm going to sign off. Hopefully will get on here a little more regularly from here on in
Ron Again: As long as I'm allowed to
Pamela: we hope so Ron
james: have a good night ron
Pamela: Hi again James
Ron Again: Thanks James
Pamela: let us know if there are pics for viewing soon
Ron Again: "gnite all
rich-c: certainly hope so Ropn - so good to see you - do get back soon
Ron Again: yup
Pamela: night Ron
Ron Again: poooof......
Ron Again left chat session
james: i should be going too
james: this code isn't going to write itself
rich-c: so you got the diapers changed, james?
Dale: Goodnight all.
Guy B.: Ok back
Pamela: unfortunately, you're right James
rich-c: night Dale, we'll look for the list mail
james: we've been diaper free for a few years now
Pamela: gnite Dale
james: i intend to keep it that way for quite some time
james: am hoping the in-laws will co-operate with me on this
Pamela: that's a subject to pursue next week James
james: or never ;)
james: good night everyone
rich-c: right, I recall, since you mention it
Pamela: gnite James
rich-c: night, james
Dale: Well I think it'll all work fine if I reset the server.
Dale: poof
Pamela: thanks for checking it Dale
rich-c: wow, 'tis that witching hour
Dale left chat session
Pamela: I can't believe it's 11:00 already
Guy B.: Well guess I'll be going too. I have my second mapping tomorrow. So I'll see you all next week
Pamela: time flew tonite
rich-c: night Guy
Pamela: gnite Guy
rich-c: sure did
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
james left chat session
Pamela: well Papa, bedtime I'm thinking
rich-c: did I tell you Pam that the van is in for service?
Pamela: yes you told me
Pamela: making it pretty again
rich-c: OK, we currently have a Dodge Caravan. Pleasant but unimpressive
Pamela: how did the rental van do for shopping?
Pamela: and does it have all the bells and whistles?
rich-c: yes, we hope to pick up ours tomorrow or Friday
rich-c: well, more than I am happy with - toys break and cost fortunes to fix
Pamela: if they break on a rental they're the rental company's problem
Pamela: and I must say i do love my power windows
rich-c: and raising that tailgate is just ridiculous
Pamela: ??
Pamela: what do you mean?
rich-c: so big and heavy - keeps trying to knock me back down the road
Pamela: does the glass open separately?
rich-c: no, and it wouldn't help anyway
Pamela: well the good thing is the tailgate is hydraulic
Pamela: however hauling on it to close can be a challenge
rich-c: since the rear seat is still in, there is just space for my folded walker with basket detached
Pamela: you've been spoiled with the Safari
rich-c: driving it is pretty intuitive, no hassles that way
Pamela: didn't think that would be an issue, since it's smaller
rich-c: yes I have - now if we can get running boards to keep your mother haoppy...
Pamela: does it have a power closer on the tailgate?
rich-c: if it's msaller it isn't noticable, and youi can't tell where the off side is anyway
rich-c: if it does IO didn't find it
Pamela: what??? you didn't try all the little buttons??
Pamela: heck, it took me a year to finish finding all the stuff on mine
rich-c: nope - strictly want a working tool, not a toy
Pamela: and if they'd given you a Jag? : )
rich-c: the four-way flashers are easier to work
Pamela: my fourways are on the dash
Pamela: I keep hitting them instead of my rear defog
rich-c: I likely couldn't fold enough to get into it - the Caravan was bad enough
Pamela: that's what we need - a Jag minivan : )
Pamela: now there's a picture
rich-c: btw, our carnuts 17 year old rolled his Escape a few days ago - did I mention?
Pamela: yes you did
rich-c: thought so but wasn't sure
rich-c: anyway, time is getting on
Pamela: told me he and the girlfriend were wearing seatbelts and had the doors locked so they're okay, but the truck is toast
Pamela: but yes, it's past bedtime
rich-c: right, and he is much chastened - this week
Pamela: let's hope he learned something
Pamela: if so, it was a cheap lesson
rich-c: yep, so talk to you, well, whenever - sleep tight
Pamela: talk soon - goodnight Daddy!
rich-c: nite nite
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
rich-c left chat session
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