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LucMiron: Hoy!
rich-c: salut et allo!
rich-c: got a new toy tonight - a new browser
LucMiron: Firefox?
rich-c: no, had that for year4s, try again
LucMiron: Opera? Safari?
rich-c: hint: it's the most popular browser in Japan
rich-c: so neither of those
LucMiron: Je donne ma langue au chat. :)
rich-c: oh, this is ral obscure - it is called Sleipnir and is distributed by a Japanese company
LucMiron: And you're using it because...?
rich-c: it gives a choice of Trident or Gekko engines - I'm assuming that's IE and Firefox
Dale: Hey, hey, hey!
LucMiron: Hi, Fat Albert. ;)
rich-c: because its there - I am a curiious cuss (you can take that either way)
Dale: Exactly, Luc :-)
rich-c: Dale, have you ever use the Sleipner browser?
LucMiron: LOL
Dale: Never heard of it.
LucMiron: Sleipner - The browser that makes you fall a sleip.
rich-c: said to be the most popular browser, in Japan
rich-c: appears to be pretty much a rip-off of IE, with more options
LucMiron: IE itself being a rip-off of Netscape...
Dale: Yup, Trident is also known as MSHTML and would be in IE.
LucMiron: So anyway, here are the current news about the mold...
Dale: Sure, I'm all ears.
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LucMiron: Dropped it off to a plastics company in Montreal last Friday. I haven't heard from them since.
Dale: They sold it on ebay yesterday, right? ;-)
rich-c: ah, you did find a way to transport it, then
LucMiron: I called yesterday, and they said my contact at their company (the boss' daughter) has the flu, but she will call me back soon. In fact, she was supposed to call me today, but she didn't.
rich-c: just from curiosity, how did you transport it?
LucMiron: Taxi. :)
Dale: Well there's hope for Canada's auto industry, so maybe all of the injection mould manufacturers won't go out of business after all.
changed username to Guy F.
LucMiron: Cost me 60$
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Guy F.: Yawn
rich-c: but that put a major hurt on your wallet!
changed username to BobS
rich-c: greetings Guy and Bob
Guy F.: Luc: U managed to move he mold?
LucMiron: I'd rather have my wallet hurt than my mold stay in the trunk of a guy who can't help me.
LucMiron: Hi Guy. :)
Dale: Hi Bob, Guy
BobS: hi kids
LucMiron: @Guy: Yaeh, it's on stand-by at a plastic company in Montreal.
rich-c: drastic times need drastic measures, Luc
rich-c: so Bob, how was the cruise?
LucMiron: @rich: Yep. :)
BobS: not going so good on getting the cart cases made Luc ?
Guy F.: Luc, I didn't forget you, I just have a few files to look aound and filter out... will do it as soon as I have a minute to myself. This week, been working on my daughter's room... lots of work.
LucMiron: The company is called Moldex, and from the looks of things, they're in no hurry to help me...
Guy F.: I also got to buying myself a new car, so if you need any help transporting anything, let me know and we can arrange something.
rich-c: I guess they just have too much business?
Dale: As long as they don't take weeks to answer if they can help Luc, that should be okay.
LucMiron: @Guy: Eduardo told me he's going to port Gulkave from scratch. So if you don't give us your unmodified source code, it's no big deal. Eduardo can produce a dissasembly of the ROM in about 5 seconds.
rich-c: did you actually buy a car, Guy? what was it?
Guy F.: Luc: Ok, cool...
Dale: I found two years ago, that it was hard to get callbacks from people in the injection moulding business.
Guy F.: Rich: I got myself a Dodge Caravan
rich-c: oh, I have one in the driveway right now, while my Safari is in for service
BobS: whats the matter with the van now Richard?
rich-c: what year did you get?
BobS: brakes if I recall......?
LucMiron: @Guy: So just so we're clear on this, it's okay for Opcode Games to release Gulkave?
Guy F.: I got a 2005 base model, with power windows, power locks, cruise control and the entertainment package, also an immobilizer.
Guy F.: Luc: Sure, I don't own the game! :)
LucMiron: @Guy: As far as I'm concerned, yes you do, in a way. :)
rich-c: the Safari needs the result of too much salt cleaned up, also it got nailed
LucMiron: I'm not one to steal another homebrewer's project.
Guy F.: Luc: Nah, I tried my best, but if Eduardo has it in him to tackle the project, I'd love to finally own it for my CV!
rich-c: well, insurance picks up the vandalism and supplies a loaner car while it's in
LucMiron: @Guy: Well, this brings me to a sensitive issue, namely my 128-in1 CV cart that I gave you...
Guy F.: So far, I love the Caravan, it's exactly what I needed, but never wanted to admit it. It's boring as hell to drive, but what it lacks in excitement, it gives me in functionality.
rich-c: the other stuff I'm having done (other rust) is a bit pricy, but it's now or more later
Guy F.: Luc: You can have it if you want, come pick it up.
Guy F.: Luc: Come by this Sunday, and I'll have it ready for you.
LucMiron: Alright, how about sometime this week-end?
Guy F.: Yes, Sunday is good, it's my daughter's birthday, I'll be home.
LucMiron: Sunday it is, then. What time?
Dale: I should find some free cash, and get one of those 128-in-1 carts some day.
Dale: Guy, did you enter the mini-games compo this year? I've been working on some things for it, but none were ready for the deadline.
Guy F.: Any time, I'll leave it outside, next to my mailbox in a small bag in case I'm not home for any strange reason.
LucMiron: Oh no, Guy, that's not a good idea. It's cold outside, and I don't want my cart damaged by the cold...
Guy F.: OK, 2:00 PM then...
LucMiron: Okay, I'll be there. :)
Guy F.: Should be a good time.
Guy F.: So yeah, bought an american car, never thought I would...
rich-c: anyway, Bob, where did you go on the cruise?
rich-c: if it does teh job the way you need it done, guy, it's your answer
BobS: miami,fl ...... beach on Haiti .......Jamaica.....Caymans ..... Cozemel
BobS: had great weather, good time had by all
LucMiron: I'm gonna have to ct my visit short tonight. I'd like to glue up a few Pac-Man Collection boxes before going to bed. :)
rich-c: well down into the Caribbean then, before swinging over to Mexico?
Dale: Okay, Luc.
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Guy F.: Rich: Well, there's also reliabilty factors, but the equivalent Japanese minivan was double in price used, so it was a no brainer.
changed username to Pamela
Dale: It is great to hear that the mould is making some slow progress towards usage.
rich-c: right, Luc - still good to have you aboardd
BobS: only minus was blowout on way home (inside dual) and weather change from rain to snow last night about real slippery, but we were in town at least
BobS: si senor, WAY down south
LucMiron: Hopefully, I'll have good news next week about the mold. Keep your fingers crossed. ;-)
Guy F.: Yeah, it snowed like hell here, then we had a mini ice storm this morning.
rich-c: hi daughter
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Guy F.: Need to get myself some winter tires!
Dale: Some day I'll be ready to use your help with sprites too.
changed username to Judy
LucMiron: @Dale: What, with Dracula?
Pamela: Hi there
BobS: hi Pam
Judy: Hi, everyone
Guy F.: hey Pam
Pamela: Hi Judy
BobS: we missed the ice on Mon on the way north, were 1 day behind it
rich-c: hi Judy
Pamela: welcome home, Bob and Judy
rich-c: I don't have winter tires, don't drive enough to use them
Pamela: me either
Dale: Right Luc. I don't think Daniel will have time to help me with Dracula, so I'll gather up my notes and get you a list of what I need for Dracula.
BobS: winter tires are just summer tires but colder
LucMiron: @Dale: Okay. You got my e-mail address, right?
Dale: You're okay with using ICVGM to make sprites right?
Judy: it is the pits to be home, the weather is awful
LucMiron: Yeah, I know how to use ICVGM. :)
rich-c: anyway, guy, the American cars have made great strides in reliability the last few years
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changed username to Guy F.
Guy F.: Know anything about trailer hitches Rich? Looking to get one for the Caravan.
rich-c: apparently, Bob, winter tires and especially ice tires are hugely different
Guy F.: snow tires and ice tires are different, yes
LucMiron: Okay then, gotta go. See y'all next week!
rich-c: which engine does it have and how much can it pull?
Guy F.: bye Luc, see you Sunday, still haev my address?
Judy: night Luc
Pamela: gnite, Luc
rich-c: nite, luc
LucMiron: @Guy F: I know it's on Trepanier, or something like that...
Guy F.: Rich: It can pull 2500 I believe, it has the 3.3L. I want to get the hitch to install a bike carrier in the summer, and pull a trailer when I do renovations, so under 1000 lbs for sure.
Guy F.: Yes Luc, that's it... you will remember the house, I am sure, they are all different on that street.
LucMiron: Yeah, or I can just step into the back yard and see if there's a pool there... ;)
Guy F.: hmm, did the server crash?
Pamela: nope, just slow I think
rich-c: with that you should be OK, Guy - it is so easy to overload and get into big trouble with trailers
LucMiron: Bye!
Judy: it seems to be working okay for me tonight
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rich-c: make sure you know your max rear tire loading, Guy - that's always a danger spot
rich-c: I don't think a class three weight distributing hitch is appropriate
rich-c: and remember, teh tow rating is from a book of fiction ; - )
rich-c: likely applies only to Florida in the summertime, with a tailwind (Florida has no grades up or down)
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changed username to Guy F.
Guy F.: Sorry, applet crashed again.
BobS: oops
Pamela: wow you're having problems with the system tonite Guy
rich-c: damn, you mean I'm going to have to type everything over?
Dale: I believe so. I am usually most active at homebrew in the Winter months.
Guy F.: Hmmm, nah, just do a cut and paste! :)
Dale: Sorry, I missed him I guess. My keyboard batteries died in the middle of a sentence.
Dale: Gotta hate that.
rich-c: h-c: make sure you know your max rear tire loading, Guy - that's always a danger spot
Guy F.: Pam: That's what happens when you do 6-7 different things while chatting... something always ends up crashing.
Guy F.: Rich: Good point, didn't think of that.
rich-c: rich-c: I don't think a class three weight distributing hitch is appropriate
Guy F.: I should equip myself with a tranny cooler I think, also, if I want to do continuous towing.
Pamela: I know, I'm a little distracted tonite myself
Guy F.: Yeah, I saw Class 1, 2 and 3... I have to look into that.
rich-c: ich-c: and remember, teh tow rating is from a book of fiction ; - )
rich-c: : likely applies only to Florida in the summertime, with a tailwind (Florida has no grades up or down)
Guy F.: I'd feel more confortable towing with a V8.
rich-c: power is the lesser of your worries - says he who "homebuilt" a Safari V-8
Judy: why, Pam?
Guy F.: You did what to your Safari? Put a V8 in there?
rich-c: doesn't Dodge offer a factory towing package?
rich-c: sure - GM planned it originally but never offered it, but teh transplant is easy
Dale: They do for sure.
Guy F.: Yes Rich, but you have to order it when you buy the car new.
Pamela: Cynthia is here, and Erin was here for a while, and I'm trying to get organized for my errand day tomorrow
Dale: Well you can get it as parts later, but they charge you triple.
Judy: I see
Guy F.: Well, all I need is a hitch and a tranny cooler, what else does one need to tow?
Guy F.: larger brakes?
rich-c: exactly, Dale - teh big ticket is changing the rear axle ratio
Guy F.: Is yours a 4x4?
rich-c: you need to know what is in the factory package, guy, so you can duplicate it
rich-c: no, I'm 4 x 2 - and remember you have a car while I have a truck so the rules are different
Guy F.: Exactly... your minivan is more van like and my minivan is more car like.
rich-c: I had to buy the truck because no car would pull at triler at that point
Guy F.: if I get a trailer, it'll be a small pop-top trailer for camping, nothing too heavy.
rich-c: yes, mine is separate body and frame, makes a critical difference in how torsional loads are handled
Guy F.: I always liked the Safari for those specific reasons and the 4x4 option.
rich-c: oh, long as you stay within the weight ratings, and know how to pull, you'll be OK
rich-c: well, what we need now are runningboards - used to be all over the place but now can't find any
Pamela: interestingly, although they term the Safari a mini-van, it's not mini in any proportion
Pamela: as I know from trying to get it into and out of my underground
Guy F.: It's a van really...
rich-c: compared to a Savanna it's strictly mini
Guy F.: Savannah seats 12 I think.
Pamela: but the Savanna is a cargo van, Dad
Guy F.: with the seating option
rich-c: exactly, guy, truck built and it shows
rich-c: when I have teh rear seat in it can take eight (allegedly)
Guy F.: I can take 7, but the people in back are cramped... not good for long trips.
Guy F.: Good for kids though!
Pamela: what are you going to do when you outgrow the mini van, Guy? : )
rich-c: when you are in our age bracket, getting into it is no longer that easy
Guy F.: Savannah
Pamela: LOL
Guy F.: :)
rich-c: fortunately the Safari has grab handles, and the seats allow a bit more wiggling
Guy F.: I've seen some safaris modified into campers! (like the westfalia)
Pamela: I find the Safari cockpit to be cramped
Pamela: there's actually less room than in my Escape
rich-c: Safari-based campers seem to be rare - they prefer class Cs based on the Savanna
rich-c: that's because it's adjusted to suit me, not yuou, Pam
rich-c: but us smaller people fit in just fine, and there's lots of room for our ambulant attic act
Pamela: actually Dad, when I was driving the van last spring, I didn't have to adjust much at all
rich-c: I do tend to like my seat well back when I drive
Pamela: as do I
rich-c: anyway, it's crude and rough but it gets the job done
rich-c: but I though Bob and Judy would be telling us all about the cruise tonight
Guy F.: neways, off to sleep, got a big day tomorrow!
Pamela: gnite
Pamela: Guy
rich-c: right, guy, understandable - see you next week!
Guy F.: nighty night
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Judy: we are a bit tired so that may be why we haven't said much
Judy: it was great, hated to have to come back home
Pamela: did I gather correctly that you got home last night, Judy?
BobS: nite Guy
rich-c: I'm most curious that they would have a place worth a stop in Haiti
Judy: my mom got sick and we had to take her to the doctor the first full day on the ship
BobS: well, in Haiti, the stop was a peninsula of Haiti which the cruise line apparently leases
rich-c: oh dear, I hope it was easily treatable?
Judy: yes, got the motor home in the garage about 7 last night
rich-c: and it strongly advises against any local exploring?
Judy: been working on unpacking
BobS: just a big beach area where they bring food ashore for a barbecue and have chairs to sun it, a beach to swim off, and a zip line for the adventurous
Pamela: ooooh, zip line
BobS: some shopping and some "native" vendors selling their wares
Pamela: wanna try one of those some day
rich-c: what is a zip line?
Judy: yes, she got a pill and told to stay out of the sun, on a cruise
BobS: a LOOOOOOONG fairly high cable which you ride down in a chair assembly from top to bottom
BobS: testing
rich-c: oh dear, that doesn't sound like much fun
BobS: looks fun though
rich-c: hope the ship has a shady side!
BobS: don't go too fast, but can see a long ways
Judy: wasn't first on my list to try
BobS: thye have the zup lines throught the 'jungle' area in Jamaica
Judy: but the ride down the river in Jamaca was great
BobS: we went ashore, shopped, ate and went back to the ship
rich-c: that sudden stop at the end could be a bit uncomfy
Dale: I think it's time for me to go.
Dale: I'll see you all next week.
Judy: down the Martha Rae
BobS: got BIG springs to bump you in
BobS: nite Dale
Judy: night Dale
rich-c: OK Dale, take care - CU
Pamela: gnite Dale
Judy: on a bamboo raft with a captain guiding you with a bamboo pole down the river
rich-c: yes, they'd need it - I couldn't ride run, my bones would break
BobS: remember Mrs Calabash?????????
BobS: Jimmy durante........
Dale: bye
Dale left chat session
rich-c: Pam, your mother says the diamond show is on till March 22nd
rich-c: Schnozzola I remember, but Mrs. Calabash is pretty vague
Pamela: okay, that's good
Pamela: I figured it would be on for some time yt
Pamela: yet, I mean
BobS: every night at closing, Jimmy Durante would say. "goodnight Mrs Calabash, wherever you are!"
Judy: he always ended with night MrsCalabash where ever you are
BobS: we heard the story .......or legend......of Mrs Calabash and the calabash tree
rich-c: ah, OK - we listened to Jack Benny, Charlie McCarthy, and Fred Allen instead
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changed username to Guy B
Guy B: Greetings!!!
Pamela: greetings Mr. Bona
Judy: got a bowl made from a gord from the calabash tree
Pamela: heard any good sounds lately? : )
rich-c: hello Guy, how
rich-c: s the weather in Chicago?
Judy: hi Guy
Guy B: Cold and a couple inches of snow and ice
BobS: supposedly the calabash tree has magical healing powers......Jimmy was on Jamaica, some woman gave him some of the tree matter, it healed him of his malodies
BobS: and he sent others to get it from the island......but Jimmy couldn't find or remember the woman, so he nicknamed her Mrs Calabash
rich-c: that means we have moe of teh same on the way - you couldn't delay the delivery a bit, could you? ;-)
BobS: and he thanked her every show as he closed the show
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
BobS: hi Daniel...Guy
Pamela: hi Daniel
rich-c: that is an interesting story about something I never knew - thanks!
Judy: we have enough of the snow and ice right now
Daniel Bienvenu: good evening. was at the shoping center, trying to figure out what gift I can buy for my mother.
rich-c: salut, Daniel - bien que les autres ont parti
BobS: had snow last night, before and AFTER we got home
Pamela: did you find anything Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: les autres sont partis? too bad
BobS: prolly 3" by morning
Pamela: ick Bob
rich-c: yes, Luc and Dale and Guy were all on
Daniel Bienvenu: Not really. I know that she likes "Exclamation"
Pamela: perfume?
Daniel Bienvenu: yes
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I will take a look at the chat log when it will be up.
rich-c: we were discussing Guy's new car, among other things
Daniel Bienvenu: I saw his messages about it on Facebook
rich-c: but Luc has managed to get his mould to teh injection company
Pamela: oh, I missed that - how did he accomplish it?
rich-c: taxi - cost him quite a hit to the wallet
Pamela: yes I can imagine : )
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, Luc talked about it on a forum. I hope he will be able to make enough cartridges for everybody.
rich-c: well, it wasn't doing any one any good sitting in his place
Pamela: true
Daniel Bienvenu: Last time I checked, he was asking if there was any interrest into new plastic cartridges and at least 3 persons asked for 200 and more.
rich-c: anyway, looks as if we are going to have some nasty driving the nexct little while
BobS: what would he need to break even for cart numbers ?
BobS: does he have a projection?
rich-c: that sounds pretty good, Daniel - should help him cover the cost of the think
rich-c: so Daniel, how do you like your new provincial government?
Daniel Bienvenu: I think people forget easily.
rich-c: and Bob, when do you have to get back to work?
rich-c: you have your reservations about Charest?
Judy: he was back today bright and early, 6 AM
rich-c: ouch, Judy - that was a cruel transition!
Daniel Bienvenu: The result of the last provincial election was at the beginning of 2007, and at that time Charest wasn't popular with all the laws he did vote by force.
Judy: he had to sign Christmas cards for work
rich-c: I've heard Quebecois speak of him unhappily for a number of rerasons
Pamela: I hope that was at least indoors : )
Judy: it sure was, it is hard to come back to the real world
rich-c: I hope the job is more or less recession resistant
Judy: he was in and out but the sun was shining all day today
Daniel Bienvenu: He did some good things, like more money to repair some important roads.
Judy: but he did have wet boots by the end of the day
Daniel Bienvenu: roads repaired, less car problems.
rich-c: very on/off with the federal government
Daniel Bienvenu: it's a real circus this fed government
rich-c: I think he should be a fairly good manager in bad times, Daniel - just a guess
Daniel Bienvenu: We don't need clowns, we need solutions.
rich-c: I am not a fan of Ignatieff but if he can deliver proper leadersship I know we ned it
rich-c: I also think Duceppe has shown very well the last few weeks
Daniel Bienvenu: Ignatieff did wrote some bad (racist) words in the past so he may had a hard time as leader of liberal party.
rich-c: I think e're lucky he could not get the PQ to accept him - their loss though Marois is not bad
Daniel Bienvenu: Duceppe had everything to win with a coalition, something that will not happend with Ignatieff.
rich-c: there are a number of things in Ignatieff's record that worry me no little bit
rich-c: I am vry unhappy that Rae just stood aside, and that the party members had no input at all
Daniel Bienvenu: There is also this text ... :
rich-c: OK, I have copied the url, will see it later
Daniel Bienvenu: I've just finish to eat, I will go drink something. be right back.
rich-c: ok Dasniel, enjoy
rich-c: as you may gatehr, Bob and Judy, politics in Canada have got a bit exciting right now too
Pamela: and me, I'm staying out of it entirely
rich-c: Parliament is prorogued, and the Prime Minister may be defeated when it reopens
Judy: good luck, politics usually gets real old
Judy: at least ours did
rich-c: it's pretty much a necessary evil, though
BobS: yes, I think I did catch some details on CNN while we were gone
rich-c: though mostly in the next six weeks we will be keeping score of who bungled worst
Judy: that is what comes to light most often
rich-c: since it involves arcane implications of an unwritten constitution, it confuses even Canadians, let alone foreigners
Judy: not the good things they do
rich-c: partly because they do them for the wrong reason?
BobS: so got to watch CNN?
BobS: I need to retire to keep up
rich-c: my satellite menu doesn't include it - I have only basic basic
rich-c: and trust me, Bob, when you retire you STILL won't keep up!
rich-c: trust the voice of experience ; - )
rich-c: you folks realize I've been retired for 18 years now?
Judy: it does seem you slow down a bit every year, get less done
Daniel Bienvenu: US need to re-start produce inside the country, compromise a little on salary to stay competitive, but certainly need to keep and create jobs. Actually, I saw tons of jobs disappear and not only in small companies.
rich-c: yes, as the physical limitations get more hindering, it discourages too much ambition
Judy: we are looking forward to that day that Bob can retire, we wouldn't be home now that is for sure
Judy: we would have stayed in the warm weather
rich-c: yes, the second you can go, hit the road!
rich-c: you've got the right idea, Daniel, but it isn't that simple
BobS: "hit the road jack, and don't you come back no more...................................."
rich-c: Americans don't have government health insurance
BobS: until we get 65
BobS: then medicare covers amost all
Judy: sure isn't would be a good place to start a business here, lots of empty building and lots of unemployed people
rich-c: one of our carnuts just got a bill for $63,000 for hospital alone after his new son got sick
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, it looks like the researches will have subventions for alternative to power cars. I'm sure US can do that and produce green cars and sell them worldide in a few years.
rich-c: sounds easy, but it doesn't come without yearss worth of problems
Guy B: SOrry, I'm quiet. Chatting on Yahoo IM with a friend
rich-c: after all, teh American companies are selling green cars right now - just no one will buy them
Judy: that is what our governor has been pushing and has been traveling all over the world on the state of MI, what a great job for her
Judy: can't afford them
Daniel Bienvenu: there are tons of inventions almost taboo to talk about just because of oil companies. it's time to fine tune them and produce real green cars.
rich-c: well, Michigan is one of the hardest-hit states in the union
Pamela: yes because it's motor central
rich-c: I am cursor cronies in Farmington Hills and Ann Arbor, and they are desperately worried
BobS: the joke........"will the last one out of Michigan, please turn out the lights?" is not so funny anymore
rich-c: that it isn't, many of our buddies are wondering whre to go
rich-c: one is from Ohio, studying in Montana - he's been looking into a work permit if he can find something in Calgary
Guy B: Bob, how much snow do you have now?
BobS: got probably 3-4" on the ground
BobS: gonna melt and get warmer this weekend
Guy B: So, you missed all that lake effect?
rich-c: we have about that, although our roads are clear
Daniel Bienvenu: Pantone motor can use 80% water and 20% oil to run properly. And it was used by some maginal guys to power their cars and it works.
Guy B: I know. Annie romped in this one yesterday. SHe got her photo taken with Santa last weekend
BobS: appears we did
Pamela: awww
Guy B: I'm going to start redesigning my website, but I plan to move it elsewhere. Yahoo has too many restrictions
Judy: well, I am beat so am going to say good night, talk next week
rich-c: there are all sorts of bright ideas around, Daniel, and some even work - in the lab
Guy B: Night Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight Judy
Pamela: good night Judy, glad you got home safely
rich-c: good night, Judy, get a good rest - you'll need it
Judy left chat session
Pamela: you too Bob?
BobS: yes ma'am, tis about that time and it was a long day
Pamela: I think Judy has the right idea
BobS: and 6am comes soon methinks
Daniel Bienvenu: not only in the lab. water only cars do exist. and Tesla not only did radio and the alternating current.
Pamela: goodnight then
BobS: so til next week guys and gal
rich-c: that it does, Bob - get your rest and we'll talk next Wednesday
BobS: goodnight!! and to Mrs Calabash, wherever she is, goodnight!!!
rich-c: goodnight for now!
BobS left chat session
Pamela: : )
Pamela: I'm going to bail too
Daniel Bienvenu: If everybody leave... I leave too
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit tout le monde
Pamela: Dad, see you tomorrow about lunch time
Daniel Bienvenu: soyez sage
Daniel Bienvenu: dormez bien
Pamela: goodnight Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: a la semaine prochaine
rich-c: well, we are getting close to the time, Daniel
rich-c: a la prochaine, bien sur
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Pamela: goodnight Guy
rich-c: Guy going too?
Pamela: no but I am
rich-c: OK, see yousometime tomorrow, I hope
Pamela: gnite Daddy
rich-c: nite Pamela
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: anyway, Guy, looks like everyone has bailed on us
Guy B: Well I'm off too. Poof
rich-c: nite
Guy B: Poof
Guy B left chat session
rich-c left chat session
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changed username to anyonestillhere?
anyonestillhere? left chat session
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changed username to Tursi
Tursi left chat session
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changed username to LucMiron
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