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LucMiron: . o O (Has everybody gone Christmas shopping or what...?)
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changed username to rich-c
rich-c: salut, Luc
LucMiron: . o O (If someone enter the room and leaves, was he ever really there?)
LucMiron: Oh, hi. :)
LucMiron: Just talking to myself. :P
rich-c: well, yes and no, Luc
LucMiron: It's like the tree falling in the forest. I could never understand that one...
rich-c: on this, once he clicks on the entry box, at least a record was kept saying "undefined" was here
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rich-c: it's a philosophical question about teh nature of reality, well calculated to drive one nuts
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: Luc is there. Bonsoir Luc
rich-c: salut, Daniel, ca va bien?
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Rich
Daniel Bienvenu: I assume that we are going to be not that much tonite
LucMiron: Yeah, I know, but I don't understand what's so puzzling about it. Either you believe in erality, or you don't. :)
rich-c: j'ai recu un carte de Noel de Ste. Foy aujourd'hui
Daniel Bienvenu: ???
LucMiron: Salut Daniel.
Daniel Bienvenu: Ste-Foy... You told me about someone you know in Ste-Foy in 2005 if I remember correctly
rich-c: yes, I have a cousin and her family live there
rich-c: they run a gift shop - actually a chain, I believe - in Lower Town
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't send any card this year. I didn't receive one last year, so I suppose they all want to stop this tradition.
LucMiron: @Daniel: So you want to buy some transparent casings from me, eh? :)
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't watch yet the christmas disk, is it good?
LucMiron: I'll have to buy 5 different cards tomorrow.
rich-c: well, the existenc e of email is changing teh custom a lot - some of us viellards hang on though
Daniel Bienvenu: Je veux essayer quelque chose de différent.
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changed username to BobS
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Bob
LucMiron: Hey Bob. :)
rich-c: oui, pourquois non? times change, one must change with them
LucMiron: For what?
Daniel Bienvenu: READY FO WHAT?
BobS: the STUFF is gonna HIT the FAN
Daniel Bienvenu: WHICH FAN?
Daniel Bienvenu: HEH HEH
rich-c: hey, they chipped you out of the ice over there, did they, Bob? ; - )
BobS: tomorrow night.........freezing rain, 12" snow (15cm)........
BobS: and it is coming to a town NEAR YOU next !!!!!!
LucMiron: We've had that already (in Montreal)
Daniel Bienvenu: ho, something we got this week already
rich-c: that's OK, wait till you get the cold, Bob - get out your fur-lined jock!
Daniel Bienvenu: Quite interesting, it was snow everywhere, then, rain, then snow only on terrains, and got ice on some roads. then snow over it. and then even more snow today.
Daniel Bienvenu: so, raining again will not really change the situation
rich-c: we went from +9C yesterday morning to -5C at dinnertime - and 10 cm. of snow
LucMiron: Yeah, pretty threaturous for pedestrians. :)
BobS: but we have another syutem coming
Daniel Bienvenu: I can't stay more than a minute more tonight. sorry.
BobS: busy for xmas Daniel?
LucMiron: Okay, we'll talk about transparent casings later.
BobS: jsut busy
rich-c: actually we got off easy - our snow was not too slippery
Daniel Bienvenu: tomorow, I have to present myself for a job. I have a good vibration about this one. But I'm nerveous at the same time.
rich-c: our snow clearance guys came just as we were ready to go out shopping, cleared teh drive and van
BobS: GREAT.....keep it cool Daniel. You'll do FINE mon
LucMiron: Better get some sleep then. As much of it as you can anyway. :)
LucMiron: Break a leg1
rich-c: these days jobs are a challenge - we will be pulling for you, Dankiel - all the best of luck
Daniel Bienvenu: I will first play a few games then sleep. I need to think about something else than job.
Daniel Bienvenu: thanks
LucMiron: Dankiel... Sounds like a D&D character. ;P
rich-c: good thought, Daniel - unwind well and sleep well
Daniel Bienvenu: talk to you next... well, I'm not sure when because next wednesday it's the night of christmas.
rich-c: give it a shot anyway, Daniel - we'll be thinking of you
BobS: right...........and the next week new year's eve
LucMiron: Soon, I'm sure.
BobS: how about meeting on Tues night instead of Wed ?????????
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I can talk with Luc elsewhere than this chat, but you guys...
LucMiron: No one will show if we do it on Tuesday. Habits are hard to break. :)
Daniel Bienvenu: tuesday... 25?
rich-c: want to send out a proposal on the Adam net, Bob? I expect I'm game
BobS: tuesday, 23rd
Daniel Bienvenu: mixing week days again
BobS: \will try to send it out on the list Richard........
BobS: some go thru, some don't ..............curious........
rich-c: send it a couple of consecutive days - some folks miss the first one
Daniel Bienvenu: try talking to Dale then to update his web site to write in RED that exceptionaly, the 2 next chat sessions will be tuesday.
rich-c: do you know what your ISP has whitelisted and what it blocks?
Daniel Bienvenu: bye! talk to you, I hope, next week.
rich-c: good suggestion, Daniel
rich-c: night, sleep soundly and well, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: and I want these transparent casings, Luc. before next summer if possible.
Daniel Bienvenu: chow
LucMiron: Bye!
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
rich-c: I see Daniel's Italian spelling isn't too good... ; - )
BobS: DONE, sent a message to teh mailing list
rich-c: good show, Bob - you look after telling Dale, too?
LucMiron: I really wish I could have a talk with Dale right now. He wanted to buy CV cart casings from me...
BobS: \si senor
BobS: maybe he will be on chat tonight Luc
rich-c: well, who knows, Luc - he may turn up yet, but he has a small kid to get to bed first
rich-c: I'm surprised we have so few on now - given the weather outside I'd expect everyone to be home
LucMiron: Well, there's no hurry anyway. Moldex (the plastics company) will be closed next week and the week after. So no real progress will be made until January.
rich-c: if I'm guessing right, they likely don't see much business in sight
LucMiron: With the aotomobile crisis, you mean?
rich-c: well it's a pretty general crisis now, autos aren't even the worst part of it
BobS: how are things by you guys? jobs being lost, unemployment, etc ?????
rich-c: at least Ford are finding truck sales are picking up with oil prices going down
LucMiron: Well, they seemed pretty busy when I was over there to visit.
BobS: the economy sucks here...........worst xmas selling season in many, many years.......and all admit it
rich-c: Canada is not nearly as badly off as the United States, Bob, but we are hurting
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rich-c: unfortunately our hyperinflation in real estate likely won't go away
changed username to Judy
changed username to Pamela & Co.
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rich-c: but we have the most solid banks in the world
rich-c: hello Judy and Pamela - and company
Pamela & Co.: hallo
Judy: Hello, Rich, Pam, Luc
rich-c: who's the &Co?
Pamela & Co.: auntie C
rich-c: ah, right - say hello to her for us
LucMiron: It's not even about the banks anymore. Not really...
Pamela & Co.: she says hi there
rich-c: not here, but elsewhre in the world it is - there's a lot of trouble in Europe
LucMiron: Sometime I look at the current situation, and it's like people just want the economy to hit rock bottom.
BobS: housing price here are going down, first time in my memory
BobS: seems that way doesn't it Luv ?
BobS: Luc
rich-c: only in teh sense of get it over with and find out what it will take to dig ourselves out, Luc
LucMiron: @BobS: Can you refresh my memory as to your location?
Pamela & Co.: Hi Judy, Bob, and Luc
BobS: Grand Rapids, Michigan US
BobS: ot car country per se, but with a LOT of suppliers to the car companies
Judy: are you all staying warm and dry?
LucMiron: @rich: Yeah, like we need some kind of global reset button or something of the sort.
Pamela & Co.: warm yeah, but there's a leak in my boots. Wet feet!
rich-c: I remember teh real Great Depression - it took years to pull out of that one
Judy: bummer
LucMiron: @rich: We might be looking at the start of something similar here...
Judy: better get new beforethe next storm
Pamela & Co.: it's only when I step in the slush puddles that there's an issue
Judy: it does seem that way, Luc
Judy: then stay out of slush puddles
rich-c: in fact, Luc, Ontario will take by far teh worst beating of all - we are so dependent on autos
Pamela & Co.: however, given that the boots are the better part of 20 years old, they certainly don't owe me anything
LucMiron: The underlying reasons for it may be different, but the length and severity might reach the same level.
Judy: if that is possible
rich-c: well, Quebec will suffer because of dependence on the forest industry, as will BC to some extent
LucMiron: It won't really by like 1929. We have computers and microwaves now. ;P
Pamela & Co.: in downtown Toronto, it's almost impossible
Judy: sounds like you may need new ones than Pam
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rich-c: I see our lurker has gone away
BobS: lurker??????
Pamela & Co.: all I have to do now Judy is find the time to shop for new ones
BobS: anyway, I don't think we will match the great depression either.......
rich-c: we had an undefined who never signed in
BobS: but we could get alolt worse than we are right now
Judy: I have been out shopping alot lately and stores are not busy that is for sure
Pamela & Co.: holy cow, I was in Toys R Us on Monday - wall to wall people at noon!
rich-c: we have health insurance and much more governance of teh pension industry
LucMiron: Hmmm... Is the Christmas shopping season dismal because of the sorry state of the economy, or is it just because people are fed up with Christmas shopping? Sometimes I wonder...
rich-c: sp people don't have to worry about losing their houses over medical bills
BobS: you know what store is BUSY here ????? The DOllar Store
Pamela & Co.: I believe that Bob
rich-c: and pensions are reasonably secure, so there is a fair solid core of people who do have money to spend
LucMiron: Yep. Dollaramas in Montreal are busy too. :)
Judy: not one store that we have been in has been all that busy and they are not out of much of anything
rich-c: well, the government store had a special on a really nice wine, and that sold out fast
Pamela & Co.: maybe I should have come down there to do my shopping!
BobS: ya sure Pam
rich-c: I think you'll find American prices far more friendly, but teh dollar drop offsets it
Pamela & Co.: the problem with that is the cost of gas to travel
LucMiron: It's getting a little late, and I still have to shave before going to bed, so I think I'll call it a night. If Dale drops by, could you please tell him that I posted some updates on AtariAge about the CV mold business?
rich-c: we'll try to remember, Luc
rich-c: meanwhile take it easy and sleep tight
Pamela & Co.: nite Luc
Pamela & Co.: happy shovelling : )
LucMiron: I live in an appartment building. No shovelling for me. ;)
LucMiron: Bye people!
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BobS: nit Luc
Judy: everything is 50 to 60% off, it is unreal
rich-c: maybe that's why GuyF isn't on
rich-c: our ads feature numbers like 20 to 40 off, and some of those are questionable
BobS: stores are open at 6am and when we get there @ could shoot a cannon and not hit anybody
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rich-c: new house sales are down by half, so are resales, but foreclosures are rare
changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi all.
rich-c: hi Dale, Luc just left - he was looking for you
BobS: HA........foreclosures are the rule of the day here
rich-c: he said some information you wanted is posted on the AtariAge board - check the transcript here
Dale: He has news?
Dale: I had to work on getting Jeffrey to bed.
rich-c: we guessed as much, but he couldn't hang aeround
Judy: Hi, Dale
Pamela & Co.: From Luc: "if Dale drops by, could you please tell him that I posted some updates on AtariAge about the CV mold business?"
Dale: I'll take a peek over in atariage then I guess.
rich-c: there you go, Dale
rich-c: while you're here, how about a note on the web page moving chat to Tuesday next two weeks?
rich-c: Bob has already sent out a general notice on the mailing list
Pamela & Co.: when? Because I didn't have anything as of 9:00 tonite
Dale: I'm wondering if the fix I made to the mailing list really took.
Dale: I'm not so convinced.
rich-c: likely about 9.01 ; - )
Pamela & Co.: LOL
rich-c: well, when you did it, I got a flurry of mail, but nothing since
Pamela & Co.: me either
rich-c: which may merely prove that no one had much to say
BobS: nmore like 9:40pm I think
Pamela & Co.: true : )
BobS: same here Pam
Dale: Well the archive is still stuck on Dec 4.
BobS: mostly from Geoff Oltmans questioning if messages were getting thru
Dale: There must still be something wrong.
Pamela & Co.: nothing's come through - I just checked
BobS: oops
rich-c: don't want to exit chat right now, or rather minimize it - playing with a new browser
Dale: Well I restarted it, so it'll catch up.
Dale: But I don't really see what the core issue is at the moment.
rich-c: good - let's just hope it does stay going
rich-c: so Pam, let us know when something comes in for you
Pamela & Co.: 11 messages just came through
rich-c: well, so much for not having anything to say!
Pamela & Co.: most of it is test stuff with a few questions and updates thrown in
rich-c: we're missing both our Guys tonight. I wonder why?
Dale: There's a few good questions there.
Dale: So you know how it goes.
rich-c: Frances is going to wonder what hit her - I forwarded nine newsletters from a webmail account, earlier
Pamela & Co.: oh oh
rich-c: that and 11 Adam messages should be quite a mail box full
Judy: busy time of year, could be any number of reasons they are not here
BobS: naw, they are playing computer games
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changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: oh, when the delay is that long, it's usually one bottleneck
Guy B.: Greetings from snowy Chicago
rich-c: well Guy, we were wondering where you were
Judy: hi, Guy
rich-c: freeze to the sidewalk while waking Annie ? ; - )
Pamela & Co.: Hi Guy
Judy: got a lot of snow, Guy?
BobS: got lots from Geoff, but no post about nex tweek chat
BobS: GUY, nest 2 weeks chat is on Tues night..............
Guy B.: Over 4 inches and we have a winter storm warning for tomorrow afternoon. Possible ice
Guy B.: Ok, Bob. I'll make a note of it.
rich-c: Frances has a doctor's appointment at 1.30 tomorrow, but after that we don't have to go out again till next Tuesday
Judy: we are under a winter storm watch but they aren't saying when it starts
Pamela & Co.: good thing considering the mess that's supposed to be coming at us
Dale: I see the post about next week's chat in the archive now.
rich-c: OK, can you change your web page to reflect it?
rich-c: not that it will help much for someone who signs on on Wednesday ;-)
BobS: now, WE all have to remember to come on Tues night....................... ;-)
Dale: It's quite true.
Judy: would help for the next week
Dale: Well an email to the list on Tuesday at 9pm is the best reminder I can suggest.
rich-c: quite so, Judy
Pamela & Co.: post it on Facebook! : )
Dale: I'll make a note.
Dale: But I'm not so sure that you'll see it.
rich-c: my observation is that such memos work better when sent about 6 p.m.
Dale: Well maybe you can sent one then.
rich-c: if I remember - but at my age remembering is not a specialty
BobS: good one Richard
rich-c: regrettably, Bob, only too true
rich-c: I'm still fairly good so far, but I suspect the slippage is starting
rich-c: uh, what did you say your name is again, young fella? 8-)
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changed username to White Coast-Ron
White Coast-Ron: Ho Ho Ho!!!
Dale: Hi Ron.
Guy B.: Holy Cow, he's here. Hi Ron
Pamela & Co.: got a little snow there Ron? : )
rich-c: hey, the old married man is here! - welcome
BobS: and how are ya? ???? and susan ??????
White Coast-Ron: About two feet
Judy: Hello, Ron
Dale: There's a FAQ about the midi mite on the mailing list today.
White Coast-Ron: Hi Judy
Pamela & Co.: TWO FEET????
White Coast-Ron: Hi Bob
rich-c: she let you off the leash or are you just snowed in? ; - )
White Coast-Ron: yup
Pamela & Co.: Good heavens!
Guy B.: You're worse than we are here
White Coast-Ron: bit of both Rich
Guy B.: We are expecting a dilly tomorrow night
White Coast-Ron: We are having one of our "arctic outflow" things
Judy: so, how is married life???
White Coast-Ron: Air flowing in the wrong direction
White Coast-Ron: Wonderful Judy, and I mean that!
Judy: that is wonderful to hear
rich-c: we have to wait a few days for that, Ron - warm it up before you send it on, OK?
BobS: yes, we thought of you and the Zonk when we saw the snow reports for Seatlle, Oregon and undoubtedly ya'll
White Coast-Ron: will try Rich
White Coast-Ron: We've been down below freezing here for the past 4 or 5 days
BobS: same as here Ron !!!!!!
White Coast-Ron: where's this idiot that was talking about Global Warming
Pamela & Co.: Freezing C or Freezing F?
BobS: ya like it, yes ??????
White Coast-Ron: need a word with him
BobS: exactly
rich-c: we've had some lower than usual daily highs but our specialty has been a murderous wind
White Coast-Ron: I like it, Susan Doesn't and the two German Shepherds HATE it
Judy: he doesn't know what he is talking about
Pamela & Co.: what does Susan breed,
Pamela & Co.: Ron?
White Coast-Ron: freezing C. about -10 or so Pam
Pamela & Co.: (darned enter key again!)
Pamela & Co.: let me just say, BRRR!
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White Coast-Ron: Susan doesn't do breeding of dogs Pam, we have the boarding kennel that takes all kinds, and her two German Shepherds do shows and competitions
rich-c: freeezing is freezing, it's when water freezes - 32F or 0C
Pamela & Co.: ahh, okay
White Coast-Ron: She has a good friend in Victoria that does the breeding bit
Pamela & Co.: just a wee bit confusticated
changed username to james
White Coast-Ron: Am learning all about the facts of life and love for dogs
james: hello
rich-c: good morning, james
White Coast-Ron: Hi James
Pamela & Co.: Hi James!
Judy: Hi, James
rich-c: I trust you are suitable snowbound and contrite
james: how is everyone?
james: snow?
james: what's that?
White Coast-Ron: yep, snow right here on Vancouver Island
Pamela & Co.: oh bite me
BobS: hiya james !!!!!
james: a week of 13c and sunny made pretty quick work of it
james: hi bob!
Dale: Hi james.
james: g'day
BobS: you are the only one without snow?
rich-c: it hasn't really been too cold to snow here, but it has acted that way
james: we got some a few weeks ago but it didn't last
White Coast-Ron: We have to go out periodically and clean off the satellite dish. Otherwise the snow makes reception wierd
james: you can imagine just how despondent i am ;)
BobS: we are in the throes of a real live winter
Judy: how much snow did you get, Ron?
Pamela & Co.: I repeat - bite me
rich-c: don't worry, james, we should have a big surplus ready to export to you this season
White Coast-Ron: About 2 feet so far Judy. Not much by eastern standards, I know, but for's plenty
BobS: ho wmuch at one time ??????
rich-c: if it's alll at once, two feet is more than plenty
White Coast-Ron: we had about 15 inches two days ago, and another 10 today
BobS: the total is not bad, but the single snowfall amount can kill ya
Judy: bummer, Ron
White Coast-Ron: Thank the Good Lord for neighbours with bobcats and blades
White Coast-Ron: guy across the road ploughed us out Monday
james: yeah, i'm sure i can get a great deal on snow with the canadian dollar tanked against the yen
james: but i think i'll pass :)
rich-c: yes, out there you can't afford heavy-duty snow clearing stuff, can you?
White Coast-Ron: grin James
Pamela & Co.: you're sure? we can't change your mind?
james: let me think about that for ohh.. half a picosecond
james: nope
White Coast-Ron: quick eh?
rich-c: ah, ship him a consignment on spec anyway ; - )
james: return to sender
Judy: we are getting real sick of it already, it may be a long winter
Pamela & Co.: yes, we were commenting earlier this evening about
White Coast-Ron: Dale - need your approval on for my new e-mail. Message should be on your server.
Pamela & Co.: David Phillips having to explain himself
BobS: the yucky snow possibilities
Dale: Approval Ron?
BobS: now moved farther north on the island ????? or further south ????
Dale: I'll take a look.
White Coast-Ron: I kept saying to Susan that I didn't feel Christmassy without snow. A real case of be careful what you ask for. Now I'm in the doghouse
White Coast-Ron: Bob, about 40 miles south
BobS: ok, li' warmer then
Judy: I said something like that to Bob and it came back to get me
rich-c: you're fairly close to the Cobleys, aren't you?
BobS: course, with your wish for winter.......doesn't help much, eh ?
White Coast-Ron: the Island is wierd. Can vary a lot from place to place
White Coast-Ron: Not around here. I am not very popular
BobS: well EVERYBODY has to have some agony now and then
White Coast-Ron: Rich - about a mile from Dave and Midge. Phoned him before the wedding to say I'd moved, but haven't got to visiting yet
rich-c: they figure you towed it over from Cpmox with you?
White Coast-Ron: yeah, something like that Rich
BobS: well, walk down and say HI
Judy: not in this weather
White Coast-Ron: I certainly will. Gotta do that. He and I haven't talked much over the years.....have no idea why
BobS: he's prbably mad at you too Ron
White Coast-Ron: indeed
rich-c: Dasvid is holding up well, but there are limits
Pamela & Co.: why is
White Coast-Ron: well, at the beginning of November he said he and Midge were doing ok
Pamela & Co.: Dave Cobley mad?
BobS: the weather down here is wierd also.....came up from Florida just between storms and freezing rain with snow falling in New Orleans
rich-c: my cousin has had to give up his mainland house and move to a nursing home in Burnaby - he is about David's contemporary
BobS: SNOW in New Orleans..........they were in awe
White Coast-Ron: Don't think so Pam
Pamela & Co.: when did you find this out Dad?
rich-c: January
Pamela & Co.: who did you talk to?
rich-c: letter from Deborah
Dale: Ron, I don't see any moderator requests for your messages for coladam.
White Coast-Ron: Sent the confirmation at 7:16 pm Dale
White Coast-Ron: PST that is
rich-c: I guess your ISP has to be up and running or you wouldn't be on here
White Coast-Ron: Well Rich, we have kind of a wierd setup here
White Coast-Ron: The ADSL through Uniserve interferes with the phone line
rich-c: in what way, Ron?
White Coast-Ron: So we have to shut the internet box off when not in use
White Coast-Ron: Otherwise the call display and answering service from Telus won't work, and nobody can call in
White Coast-Ron: Since it's a business line for the kennel, that's a non-starter
Dale: Don't you just use a filter on the other phone lines, so you can't hear the ADSL do it's work?
rich-c: sounds as if there's a rather primitive level of equipment there
White Coast-Ron: so I'm pretty much restricted to evenings
White Coast-Ron: yep, got filters on Dale, doesn't seem to help
Dale: Odd.
BobS: we had to install a filter to the house phone lines and keep the dsl plug in separate
White Coast-Ron: I know. And if I put my wireless router on, the phone goes completely dead
rich-c: that sounds definitely peculiar - james, any problems like that in Japan?
BobS: now THAT is really wierd
james: i didn't have many problems
james: and here when you call the phone company to have something fixed, they actually come and fix it
Pamela & Co.: wow, think they could teach that to Bell Canada?
james: but since i'm on fibre now i guess it's a moot point
White Coast-Ron: Susan was apparently told that the incoming line from the satellite dish running overhead into the house would cause problems with the phone line --- or might
White Coast-Ron: we're sorta thinking there might be too many signals too close to one another
rich-c: migod! here Bell has a voice recognition call directing schemozzle that does not understand English
james: they could try to teach bell canada, but i think it'd require bell canada actually wanting to have happy customers
Pamela & Co.: point : )
White Coast-Ron: that's a stretch James
james: and years upon years of experience have shown that not to be the case
White Coast-Ron: Telus is about as bad
White Coast-Ron: Telus, as in Tell us how much you're going to charge us
james: i need to go check on a batch of brownies. christmast party at my other school on saturday
White Coast-Ron: and Uniserve is reselling Telus bandwidth
White Coast-Ron: fax me a brownie James
rich-c: Ron, do you have a dial-up for movies and stuff on your satellite dish?
Pamela & Co.: fax heck, send it e-mail!
james: turkey, mashed potatoes & gravy, brownies, apple pie, candy canes
james: gotta get the kids pepped up before we send 'em home ;)
White Coast-Ron: No Rich. Expect that's a feature that Susan didn't buy. Before I got here, she didn't even know about DVDs
james: going to set up the little tree tomorrow with the lights and they can decorate
rich-c: I'm sure it added to their English vocabulary, too
Judy: that sounds like quite a feast, James
BobS: so you married her and took her into the 21st century electronic age ?
james: so i made hershey's triple chunk chocolate brownies. a few of the chocolate chunks didn't make it to the pan ;)
White Coast-Ron: I think she can phone a 1-800 number to get channels added, but I've not tried it yet
Pamela & Co.: shocking, james
White Coast-Ron: Yeah Bob, kicking and screaming. She has a computer, but she hates it
rich-c: Star Choice tries to tell you you have to have a permanent hookup from your satellite boc to the modem/phone line
james: will be doing the same again at my main school here next week
james: heh heh
james: bbs
White Coast-Ron: Rich.... oh?
White Coast-Ron: interesting
White Coast-Ron: because it's Star Choice we have
White Coast-Ron: I'll have to ask her
rich-c: I offered Star Choice some suggestions as to what they could do with the idea
White Coast-Ron: Actually, Susan is capable of doing far more on the computer than she gives herself credit for
rich-c: now they say if you want movies on demand you have to do it - I allowed as how I don't
White Coast-Ron: none of them printable Rich eh?
rich-c: my relationshiop with Star Choice is not the best - but they do answer teh phone, do what you ask, and are nice about it
rich-c: but it took too long for them to admit that there is a really basic tier that is reasonably priced
BobS: that's all that counts Richard
White Coast-Ron: Well, Rich, I gather that out here in the boonies, the installation gave the installer quite a bit of grief. We're surrounded by tall old growth cedar trees, and he had trouble getting a line of sight to the sat
White Coast-Ron: So once he got it working, they left it alone. Ain't broke, don't fix it
Pamela & Co.: in all my running around this weekend, there were two places that stood out for great service - Danier and Best Buy
Pamela & Co.: so I'm telling all my friends
rich-c: I'll bet. Here they put it on teh chimney, or soffits, apartment balconies, all sorts of odd places
White Coast-Ron: I know, I've seen some rather creative places for the dish
rich-c: Best Buy is a little too corporate for my tastes - for some readon I like their Future Shop brand better
White Coast-Ron: Futile Shop? Don't get me going!
Pamela & Co.: i'm with you Ron
Pamela & Co.: hate the place
White Coast-Ron: sheesh!!!
Judy: Best Buy was about the only place that had a line at the check-out but then they opened up two more registers
Pamela & Co.: every piece of technology we've ever purchased there has not worked
rich-c: See? around here they can actually be civilized to deal with, sometimes
White Coast-Ron: a wonder indeed
Pamela & Co.: I finally stopped buying technology from them
rich-c: guess it's just an idiosyncrasy of the individual store
White Coast-Ron: no doubt
BobS: 2 against 1 on the Future Store dealings
rich-c: we're waiting to see what happens at The Source - Circuit City is in chapter 11, I believe
rich-c: you don 't even have Future Shop down your way, Bob
White Coast-Ron: We've got a Best Buy about 1/2 hour south in Nanaimo. Other than one brier "nose around" I haven't been in much
White Coast-Ron: that's brief "nose around"
White Coast-Ron: yup Rich. As of October some time I think
rich-c: seems The Source is OK financially but teh Circuit City creditors are trying to loot it
james: back
BobS: got Best Buy, their mama
White Coast-Ron: Anyway all , I must away. Susan wants to use the phone. Here it's either/or
james: forgot to mention that i also bought ice cream ;)
Pamela & Co.: you could e-mail that too : )
White Coast-Ron: talk to ya's all next week the Good Lord willin'
Pamela & Co.: goodnight Ron
Pamela & Co.: don'
White Coast-Ron: ni ni
Pamela & Co.: t forget tuesday not Wednesday
Judy: night Ron
BobS: glad to see you Ron, say HI to Susan
White Coast-Ron: [pooooffff)))
BobS: TUESDAY next week
rich-c: OK, it's about that time anyway, so goodnight Ron, hope to see you next TUESDAY
White Coast-Ron: Got it...tuesday..... pooooffff
Pamela & Co.: holy cow, it's 11:00
BobS: kids, got to go here also.......time for bed
BobS: si senorita
Judy: we need to go also before we fall asleep at the computer
White Coast-Ron left chat session
BobS: take some pills to sleep and sleep till 6am
BobS: and do it all over again
rich-c: night, Bob abd Judy - see you in six days
Judy left chat session
BobS: 'so,nite ALL see you on Tues pm
Guy B.: Night Bob
BobS left chat session
Pamela & Co.: time for me to go too
Pamela & Co.: night Bob and Judy
james: this crowd is thinning rather quickly
Guy B.: I think so too. We'll see you all on Tuesday then
rich-c: right, daughter - taqke care, and we'll talk
rich-c: night, Guy - Tuesday it is
Pamela & Co.: soon, Papa
Pamela & Co.: goodnight Guy
james: i should go too
james: mr. sinatra and i need to do a bit more decorating
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
james: *poof*
james left chat session
rich-c: take care of those kids, james, and teach them those strange occidental customs
Pamela & Co.: gnite James and Dale
Pamela & Co.: night Daddy
rich-c: nite Pam
Pamela & Co.: kerpoof
Pamela & Co. left chat session
rich-c: well, Dale, you still there?
rich-c: guess not, so we'll say goodnight, and colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
Dale: Hereish.
Dale: Bye
Dale left chat session
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