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rich-c: well, at leaswt two of us remembered!
rich-c: howdy, Roberto
BobS: hiya rihcard
BobS: thought maybe ya forgot
rich-c: ah, I ws wondering if you were there
BobS: I almost did.....and then remembered late this afternoon
rich-c: should have checked your email - I sent out a mailing list reminder around 7.30
BobS: thats ok, the list it not working anyways........I sent one out @ 8:50pm
rich-c: or is Adamcon,org having server trouble still?
BobS: and didn't get yours of earlier vintage
rich-c: that is revealing
BobS: for some reason, Dale can't seem to figure out what is wrong with the email server.........
BobS: last week he said it works every time he reboots it.....then nothing else
rich-c: well, neither can I and neither can you, eh?
BobS: nope.
BobS: I have enough trouble just keeping my computer plugged in at the right time
rich-c: hope everyone got your notice from last week, then
BobS: don't know
rich-c: or remembers our discussion of the point
BobS: ya sure
rich-c: you don't leave your computer plugged in?
BobS: ni message yet
rich-c: well, we'll see who turns up as the time goes by
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BobS: NO WAY. run the battery down then charge up
changed username to Judy
BobS: if ya leave it plugged in all the time, it will ruin the battery
rich-c: well, Judy remembered!
BobS: have had it hapen and seen it happen
Judy: Hello, Rich
rich-c: hi Judy, welcome aboard
Judy: Bob reminded me or I wouldn
rich-c: and yes, our laptop battery is good for about 30 minutes now
Judy: t have
BobS: the last weekend and the last few days have been BUSY at the malls around us
BobS: traffic is crazy
BobS: especially with the snowstorms we are having
Judy: and the weather awful
BobS: tonight it took me 30 minutes to get home when it should have taken about 10 minutes or less
rich-c: we have had lots of snow adn are having more now, in fact
BobS: snow is falling here
rich-c: but we don't go to the malls when they are busy
BobS: but we have to go around them to go anywhere
BobS: storm last Fri, now today thru tomorrow, then Fri thru Sun
rich-c: Monday afternoon I needed my glasses fixed and had no trouble finding a parking spot just after lunch
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
BobS: HI Danile
Daniel Bienvenu: I finaly made it.
BobS: Daniel
BobS: ya made it !!!!
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel
Judy: hi, Daniel
rich-c: tu te souviens que c'est mardi quand on parle ce semaine
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm startoing to hate shoping. seriously, why the only book I need for a present is almost disappear 2 weeks before christmas.
rich-c: getting lots of snow up in Quebec City?
Daniel Bienvenu: We have snow, about one meter already, but today it was a very very cold day.
rich-c: maybe you should do it online at Chapters/Indigo
Daniel Bienvenu: I did remember... I'm home now after a shoping marathon.
rich-c: yes, we have been seeing -10C and colder here
Daniel Bienvenu: I did remember about the chat today... I was just in my way to go home when the chat started
rich-c: good for you, Daniel
BobS: good man Daniel
BobS: but, do you have ALL your shopping done?
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't watch yet the christmas adam disk this year. Who did a picture for it?
Daniel Bienvenu: All my shopping is done, including the presents.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm ok for the rest of the year.
Judy: haven't you got all your presents yet, Daniel?
BobS: kind of snuck up on me, Ron was unavailable; so I used old pictures and made one up quickly
rich-c: and there are some who won't turn up till later, anyway
Daniel Bienvenu: I was looking for a book for a present, it was no where... and finaly find one tonight by luck.
rich-c: you swere lucky, bookshops are usually sold out of teh popular stuff by now
Judy: my computer is doing the slow thing tonight, the chat isn't coming thru very fast
BobS: for sure
Daniel Bienvenu: Would you mind if I record on video these christmas Coelco Adam wishes and put it on my Coleco channel on youtube?
rich-c: odd, I am getting it quite well
BobS: was supposed to be snowing a LOT tonight, but so far appears quiet......after a day of 5-6" of snow
rich-c: I think it would be a great idea, Daniel, but others won't necessarily agree
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't find the book I needed in a bookstore.... I find it at HBC.
BobS: go for it have permission
Judy: so is Bob, it is weird, if I type in then I get things thru
BobS: then you have to type more
rich-c: mine just comes up as soon as I hit return
Judy: it seems to be working better now
rich-c: I didn't realize the Bay still had a book department
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, what is the oldest christmas disk available?
BobS: online?????
BobS: you can go back to 2005, unzip the year's disks and then grab the Dec one.....same for 2006 ....they are on my website
Judy: who was the first one to do the Christmas card, was it Ron?
rich-c: I have ones that go back to the first but no way to get at them (except on my Adam)
BobS: I can email you more disks...........send me your email address rslopsema at
BobS: and I will put together an adamem batch, zip it up with PKZIP and send them to you this week Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: sending email now
Daniel Bienvenu: downloading actual 2005-2008 xmas disks.
BobS: you gonna make them work on YouTube ???????
BobS: run ADAMEM ?????
rich-c: just checked, Bob - your email "coladam - XMAS WEEk is in my inbox
BobS: good
BobS: how about yours??????
rich-c: so is my posting to teh list
Daniel Bienvenu: I will run adamem under dosbox, and if I can make it run windowed, I can use then camstudio to record it.
rich-c: guess Dale found a server laxative that works?
BobS: ok sounds like you know how to do it........I am lost !!!!! :-)
BobS: good one Richard
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changed username to LucMiron
rich-c: when Daiel gets wound up we all get left in the dust
LucMiron: Well looky here! :)
rich-c: salut, Luc - joyeux Noel
BobS: Hi Luc
Judy: Hi, Luc
BobS: got Daniels message, but no message from the llist
LucMiron: Happy Holidays, ladies and gentlemen. :)
rich-c: Daniel says there's about a meter of snow up your way
LucMiron: @rich: Ya talking to me?
rich-c: yes
BobS: on the ground?
BobS: like as in a yardstick high?
LucMiron: Well, it's not snowing right now...
rich-c: and a 10% bonus, Bob
rich-c: I'd guess we have abut half that, with more in process
BobS: that is the GOOD news, the BAD news is that the snow will return
rich-c: well, they re telling us that yup, gonna be a white Christmas
Judy: we have far more than we need
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Luc, je ne t'ai meme pas entendu entrer.
LucMiron: Salut Daniel. So, anyway, while you're here...
LucMiron: Can you tell me more as to why you need those transparent cartridge casings? :)
Judy: we will have a white Christmas that is a given
rich-c: here tehy are muttering about above gfreezing and rain tomorrow - not enough to matter, I reckon
BobS: we are supposed to get rain this weekend
Daniel Bienvenu: I've just find out that my Internte Security by Kaspersky denied downloading ann2005 and ann2006 zip files because and I quote "is forbidden" and what exactly did block me to download it was the parental control utility included with the Internet Security by Kaspersky. I turned it off and I can download the files. ishh
rich-c: if it opens our roads to navigible width between the snowbanks, I'll be happy
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changed username to Pamela
Pamela: Hi everyone
rich-c: hello daughter, see you remembered
Pamela: better late than never, right?
BobS: hi Pam
Pamela: I got sidetracked by the Drushels
Judy: Hi, Pam
LucMiron: Hi Pam.
BobS: well then Daniel......ask mama if you can download them.......get that "parental permission"
rich-c: did you get my forward from freecycle and pass it on?
Judy: not that late
rich-c: oh, is Rich up here already?
Pamela: got the download but literally just in the last few minutes - I'll pass it on to Cynthia
BobS: and did ya ask them WHY they have not been on chat of late????????
Pamela: Rich arrived this evening in rush hour traffic at 6:30 or so
rich-c: OK, don't know if it's useful or a scam, but she's big enough to look after herself
Pamela: unfortunately Bob, Wednesdays are Rich's busiest days
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Pamela: I reminded him about chat tonite - he may show up
changed username to Guy B.
Pamela: HI Guy
Guy B.: Greetings from snowy Chicago. Things are a mess here
Judy: hi, Guy
Pamela: us too Guy
BobS: hi Guy, ya remembered
BobS: as they are here also Guy
Guy B.: I have a sticky note on my monitor
LucMiron: (Great, everyone's here except Dale...) :P
Pamela: it is snowing yet again - I'm seriously considering hibernation
BobS: I am NOT dreaming about a white christmas anymore, it is a REALITY
Judy: sounds like it is bad in more places than it is good
Judy: I did today, Pam
Pamela: I'm dreaming of all the stuff I have yet to do
Pamela: don't blame you Judy
Guy B.: First the snow, then the frigid cold on Sunday and Monday. Now we are going to hit the 40's this weekend
rich-c: hi guy
Pamela: I would have if I could
rich-c: dont you dare daughter - we've got a big turkey to unload thursday
Guy B.: Even Annie didn't like the cold, but loves the snow.
Pamela: yeah, Sunday was a weird sorta day altogether
BobS: here it was just plain nasty
Guy B.: Our Chicago Bears football team is still alive for a shot in the playoffs
Pamela: well if you're really going to force me to eat turkey and stuffing, christmas pudding and hard sauce, I guess I'll reconsider : )
rich-c: well, we finished everything today so now I hope we don't have to go out till next Tuesday
Pamela: (hard sauce . . . note to self, make hard sauce)
Guy B.: Me too finally
BobS: we gonna have a turkey also !!!!!!!! or we are gonna BE turkeys ??????
Guy B.: Brb
rich-c: Frances has ours thawing in teh refrigerator - thing she calculated 50 hours to thaw
Pamela: sunday was weird Bob - it was one of those "if you don't like the weather" days - Sunny and snowing like crazy by turns
Pamela: and really cold
BobS: we had no sun just the snow and virtually everything was cancelled except the sunday designation
Judy: Sunday was blowing and snowing all day closed church
Pamela: our turkey is out and thawing too - completely forgot to get it out this morning and had to have Russell do it before he left
Daniel Bienvenu: running adamem under dosbox works great. testing with camstudio.
rich-c: you should have seen our weatehr radar - just a solid mass of storm return, perfect circle
Pamela: I realized the other day we're going to eat identical meals on Thursday and Friday
Judy: we bought a fresh one this time, didn't have to thaw
Pamela: I bought mine like three weeks ago Judy
Pamela: before the frenzy started
LucMiron: @Daniel: Why do you need 100 transparent cart shells?
Pamela: otherwise I would have been hard pressed to find one small enough
Judy: turkey is always a good choice
rich-c: actually we have a bit of ham too but it's sort of against our traqditions
BobS: traditions be D#@@$%$ed
Daniel Bienvenu: S-e-c-r-e-t
BobS: start new ones mon
rich-c: Frances saw a turkey just the proper size when we were shopping lasst week so decided to grab it on the spot
Pamela: well, see above menu for Thursday and Friday, with the addition of green beans and carrots, then turkey with gravy on patty shells Saturday, and probably turkey sandwiches on Sunday
BobS: you gonna become a bird
Pamela: by which point we will be gobbling, I'm sure : )
Daniel Bienvenu: just need to know if you can make 100 cartridges for me... and to be more original, transparent ones.
rich-c: well we have steak for teh weekend' used turkey gets tiresome after a while
Pamela: I'll actually have to shopping on
Pamela: Sunday I suspect
Pamela: or maybe not, I have a lot of meat in the freezer
LucMiron: Got a meeting with my contact at the plastic company on January 6th. I'll be sure to ask for a quote for those transparent casings.
rich-c: we're going to have an issue there with Tuesday being New Year's Eve and Wednesday New Year's
Pamela: I gather you took the mold to the plastics company by cab, Luc
Pamela: Wednesday is New Years Eve Dad, Thursday is New Years Day
Pamela: you missed a day in there somewhere
LucMiron: @Pamela: Yep.
Pamela: wow
rich-c: guess I did, not quite sure how - have to rechaeck the calendatr
Pamela: what did the cabby think about lugging the mold?
Pamela: I have the calendar right in front of me Dad - trust me on this one
LucMiron: The cabby was fine with it. He asked me a bunch of questions on the way.
Pamela: I'm sure!
rich-c: yes, it's not exactly his usual cargo
LucMiron: Would you believe I'm about to pay 1834$ to have the mold modified to Moldex's specifications?
Pamela: Was he interested in the mold or the reason for the cartridges?
Pamela: ouch!
rich-c: @Pam: had a call from Robert, he might turn up 30/31
Pamela: well I guess you'd better get the days straight then : )
LucMiron: The cabby was just generally interested in what the mold was for. I gave him an overview of ColecoVision homebrewing. :)
Pamela: that's good news Dad
Daniel Bienvenu: this is way it's fan made projects only for new coleco games, no company will want to invest money and time making new cartridges and games.
rich-c: no, he comes when he comes, or doesn't
Pamela: so what did he think, Luc?
LucMiron: He had no opinion. He was just making small talk.
Pamela: too bad, I thought you might have a convert
Daniel Bienvenu: So, you did tell them that we are a bunch of fan making new games for a vintage console? or you just said my name and they say "ah! ok! pourquoi tu ne le disais pas avant?" ;-)
LucMiron: LOL!
Pamela: LOL,
Pamela: Daniel
Pamela: M. Bienvenu, game maker extraordinaire!
rich-c: (Bob & Judy) tr. why didn't you say so in the first place?
LucMiron: I told him about the ColecoVision, how it hasn't been seen in any stores for over 25 years, yet some people are still making games for it today. :)
Pamela: it's amazing when you think about it
rich-c: it is a fascinating curiousity, isn't it?
Pamela: just goes to show what happens when a passionate few take up the cause
rich-c: just found a couple of flash websites with Pong and Space Invaders
LucMiron: Tell me about it. Just today I finished the opening level map of Castlevania for ColecoVision. :)
Daniel Bienvenu: each time someone check my Curiculum Vitae, they first don't understand or realized that it's an old console they did play a long time ago.
Pamela: you must be getting some very middle aged interviewers, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: not rare now to be the older one during the interview
Pamela: Castlevania, good title Luc
Pamela: tell me about it Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: I will not tell my secret project until it's finish.
Pamela: used to be i was one of the youngest in any group
LucMiron: It's a present I'm giving Eduardo for Christmas.
Pamela: now it's more common that I'm among the older generation
Pamela: oh, shoot, I was going to call Kimberly
Pamela: ran out of time
Pamela: darn it
LucMiron: Stupid chatroom, eh Pam? ;)
Pamela: naw, not this one, but between late trains, napping, chatting with Erin and Rich, making dinner and downloading my e-mail, time went poof
Pamela: oh, and tidying up so the Drushels had a place to sit and I could find the computer table again
rich-c: I suspect with the family and the kids Kimberly has her hands full anyway
Daniel Bienvenu: Ok, I will record now xmas 2005 in video. I will be quiet during the next 10 minutes I guess.
Pamela: I talked to her earlier today - was supposed to follow up tonite to bring her up to speed but ran out of time - now it's too late
Pamela: she is done wrapping, the wretch
Pamela: I haven't even started, unless you count wrapping Erin's gift in two minutes or so
Pamela: which bodes well for tomorrow, I must say : )
Pamela: if they all go like that I'll be done in half an hour!
rich-c: are Rich and Erin going back to Cleveland or staying here?
Pamela: to Cleveland tomorrow until Sunday, then back up here through the weekend and off to Windsor New Year's eve (Erin has to work M, T and W)
BobS: lot of driving
BobS: AND busyness
Pamela: I have a 3 hour day tomorrow - done by noon, a half day on New Year's Eve
rich-c: going to be doing a fair bit of driving - teh gas prices will be friendly but road conditions less so
Pamela: yes, Rich insisted on coming up to get her
BobS: si senor
Pamela: I bought $18.00 in gas yesterday and got over half a tank out of it
Pamela: nice change of pace
rich-c: considering the problems with air, bus or train, it's likely teh best option
rich-c: I filled my tank early in the month so I should be good to February
Pamela: still, that's a lotta mileage in a very short period
LucMiron: BTW, did Dale show up here last week after I left?
Pamela: yes, about a minute and a half later Luc
Pamela: we passed on your message
LucMiron: Doh. :/
rich-c: you had barely checked out before he appeared, Luc
Pamela: tis ever the way : )
Daniel Bienvenu: I told him yesterday to be online tonight.
Pamela: I've gone through a lot of gas in the last couple of weeks - usually a full tank gets me through about three weeks
LucMiron: Well, now that I know how much I'm charging for each black cartrdige casing, I'm just wondering how many Dale will order. He first mentioned 200, but he pumped it up to 400 later...
Daniel Bienvenu: it's recording xmas 2005 right now, but it looks like I can use the chat during that time.
rich-c: well, Dale leads a busy life, but seems to check in when he can
Pamela: but with Christmas shopping and groceries, I've been running around
Guy B.: Ok back
rich-c: what have you been up to, Guy?
Pamela: you were gone a long time Guy
rich-c: besides thawing, that is
Daniel Bienvenu: xmas 2005 tells you to not forget adamcon 18 , chicago 2006.
Daniel Bienvenu: heh heh, I did miss that one.
Pamela: is it the Christmas card you're recording, Daniel?
rich-c: I think I have finally found my photos from that
Daniel Bienvenu: yes
Pamela: ah
Guy B.: Got 15 e-mails. Now I'm using my last 5 vacation days, plus 4 holidays. So I return to work on the 5th of Janaury
Guy B.: January that is
Daniel Bienvenu: I will post them on my youtube channel as a special christmas. I didn't finish yet my other coleco videos so I think this will be perfect.
Pamela: I have three days of vacation left and couldn't find time to use them. So, I'm carrying over.
rich-c: we get tons of emails, but they are 95% spam
Pamela: good thing too, as I suspect I'll be a busy girl in January
Daniel Bienvenu: there is not much images in 2005, but musics still coming...
rich-c: other than cancellations, I would think your office would be slow in January, Pam
Pamela: we're officially closed on the 2nd but the want a skeleton crew in manning the dept just in case. I was planning to work the 2nd anyway, so I volunteered. Got a bonus day of vacation for it - gotta love it!
Pamela: I have seven or eight renewals spread throughout January, I think
rich-c: yes, you don't want to throw that back - good policy to be there when they need someone, anyway
Pamela: but, I think they're low volume
Pamela: well, I was planning to be in that day anyway so no big deal
Pamela: Russell is working
Daniel Bienvenu: meow meow meow meow meow New Year meow meow meow ... heh heh heh
LucMiron: So BTW Daniel, it's now official: Guy has given his Gulkave project to us, so we'll release it with his blessing. Now I just hope Eduardo will do the actual port in all deliberate speed.
Pamela: no, I'll be busy on the homefront with other stuff
Daniel Bienvenu: still work to do with gulkave?
Daniel Bienvenu: still have work to dowith the project gulkave... type too fast
Pamela: we're still planning to go ahead with the "renovation" of the back room, and I have a date with Mom for the Diamond exhibit yet to come
Pamela: having a few days to play with is no bad thing
LucMiron: Guy didn't give us his source code. Eduardo will have to start from scratch, but he prefers it that way, so there's no problem here. Getting Guy's blessing is the important issue.
Pamela: and that's not even touching my 2009 vacation, floater days, or personal days yet
rich-c: yes, she hasn't set a date for that - there's also now a special supplementary exhibit
rich-c: the Old Farts are meeting for lunch at the AGO Jan. 23rd and she is coming for that
Pamela: I'm hoping that next week will be slow so I can catch up on my filing, finish all my undone projects, and get a head start on planning for January
Pamela: I'm hoping January will be slow so I can catch up on personal stuff on the homefront
rich-c: yes, it's a bit slow here so I'm trying to get to where the top of the pile is within sight
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, now I have to make it fit inside the 10 minutes limite of youtube video and post it.
Pamela: I think my file pile topped a foot and a half this afternoon
LucMiron: @Pam: I'm also hoping to get enough free time for the next couple of months...
Judy: is no one talking or is the chat not coming thru again
Pamela: you're here Judy
rich-c: we are talking
rich-c: Bob, can you compare notes swith Judy?
BobS: ya
BobS: she fots it now
BobS: gots
Pamela: January through March should be slow
Pamela: (she says, with fingers, toes and eyeballs crossed)
BobS: when you get the thign posted it to us so we can go watch it
rich-c: meanwhile what are we doing next week - Tuesday night again?
Daniel Bienvenu: well, it looks like the sound was not quite right... each time a new message pops out in the chat the sound glitch.
Pamela: a.f.a.i.k. Dad
BobS: ya sure
rich-c: OK Bob you want to send another announcement?
Pamela: is there a Christmas card this year, by the way?
Daniel Bienvenu: it looks like I have to try again later by turning everything off except the emulator and the recorder
BobS: sure
Pamela: Dad, do you have it?
rich-c: have what?
Pamela: the Christmas card
Daniel Bienvenu: Should I call them ANN Christmas Cards?
BobS: whtever you want Daniel
rich-c: no, I don't have the emulator available, Pam
Pamela: : (
Pamela: guess you'll have to post this year's too Daniel so we can all see it
Daniel Bienvenu: I really need to re-record the video, the sound glitches are horrible sometimes.
rich-c: I can't get the 5-1/4 drive out of the old machine and teh new one will only support one floppy
Daniel Bienvenu: I will post all the one I can record.
Pamela: merci
rich-c: send us a note and url on the Adam list when you have it up, Daniel
Pamela: Judy, who all do you have coming for dinner on Thursday?
Judy: Doug and Meeka and Mandy and Ryan that is all
rich-c: isn't that enough?
Judy: Sherri and Doug go with Doug's family on Christmas
Pamela: sometimes small is nice : )
Judy: yes, we like to have the kids home
Pamela: we're doing brunch on Christmas morning with R's family, then to M & D for dinner, then hosting dinner here for R's family on Friday
Pamela: oh, and we may have Em and Chris for dinner on Saturday
LucMiron: I gotta leave now. Have a wonderful (and safe) Christmas everyone!
Pamela: to which I say, days off, what days off??
rich-c: do get here in time for Russel and I to have a beer before dinner
Pamela: Merry Christmas, Luc
LucMiron: Bye!
LucMiron left chat session
rich-c: joyeux Noel, Luc - a la prochaine
Daniel Bienvenu: he was fast
Daniel Bienvenu: bin coudonc, joyeux noel a toi aussi, luc
Judy: we are going to Sherri and Doug's tomorrow night that is when we open presents
rich-c: that he was indeed
Pamela: nice when presents are spread out : )
Judy: night Luc and you have a Merry Christmas, also
rich-c: looks like Luc is long gone - pity
Pamela: R's mom has been doing a lot of cross stitch recently - wonder if I could talk her into trying a tree skirt for us
Judy: that was quick
Daniel Bienvenu: I've a big graphic corruption in xmas2008.
Pamela: yes, he poofed in a big hurry
Daniel Bienvenu: one picture is one third scramble
rich-c: likely just one bit wrong in a critical place I'd guess, Daniel
Judy: there are some really great tree skirts, I did two, Sherri did one and Meeka has done two
Pamela: I know, I've seen them and they're gorgeous. I've been craving one for years.
Pamela: I don't dare take on the project myself though, it would NEVER be finished.
rich-c: Pam, freecycle has some cross-stitch books offered - did I send the list to you?
Judy: I love my snowbaby one
Judy: can't see much of it right now but soon it will show again
Pamela: yes Dad, thanks. I've got enough books already though and may even have some of those offered, haven't had a chance to check
rich-c: thought you might pass it on to Barbara
Pamela: yes, the one drawback to a tree skirt is it does get buried towards Christmas day
rich-c: anyway I expecyt they are gone by now - stuff on there moves fast
Pamela: I suspect she also has enough books - we all collect them over the years
Judy: but it is wonderful before and after the presents
rich-c: your mother says the same thing
Pamela: I'll get Mom's at some point too
Pamela: I'm trying to shovel out, not collect more stuff!
rich-c: naw, she's going to outlive her mother - she isn't kidding when she says so
Pamela: I've already told her i'm holding her to that
rich-c: no visible reason why she shouldn't succeed
Pamela: cheering section sitting right here : )
Pamela: if I ever get organized, I might start doing some of this stuff again regularly
rich-c: so Guy, what are you up to now? finished the emails yet?
Pamela: Did you do separate trees again this year Judy?
rich-c: I'm hoping to get the scanner installed in the desktop computer
Judy: I am not getting any chat again
rich-c: we did bog for a minute, judy
Pamela: is it updating in spurts?
Pamela: mines smooth
BobS: she has her snowbaby tree and Ryan and I have our regular tree
Pamela: might be because I'm running at the mouth : )
Judy: oh, yes, have to have Bob's and mine, we don't agree on one
BobS: pedal cars, ornaments and the village and little train running around the bottom of the tree
Pamela: any new ornaments this year?
Pamela: I want a train for mine too Bob, eventually
Guy B.: I had to scan a couple of receipts for using up my FSA account for this year.
Pamela: just a little one, but I'd get a real kick out of it
Pamela: FSA, Guy?
Judy: no, I have not bought any this year
Guy B.: I can Fax these tomorrow.
BobS: the train runs around the village AND around a separate snowbaby skating pond
Guy B.: Flexible Spending Account.
Pamela: oh, that's cool!
rich-c: do you use your computer for faxing, Guy?
Judy: can you believe that?
Pamela: ah
Pamela: you have to send pics of that Bob
rich-c: what type of train is it? Lionel?
Judy: his is the same as last year
BobS: tis a little christmas train........el the whole getup for about 10 bucks a few years back
Pamela: don't you have some overlap on that, Guy?
Guy B.: What it is, is that I setup a fixed amount for paying for prescriptions, over the counter medicine. hearing aid batteries for the new processor. I get this money now to spend and dollar amount gets deducted on a pre-tax basis from my paycheck
rich-c: ah, OK, one of the decorative ones
Guy B.: No, if I don't use it up for the year, I forfeit it
Pamela: is the new processor any better on batteries?
Pamela: wow, we always had extra time to submit receipts
rich-c: I gather this is some sort of income tax deal, Guy?
Pamela: which reminds me, I need to dig out our receipts and submit them to the insurance co.
rich-c: yes, yoour mother has jjst been sending in our miscellaneous receipts
Pamela: see, I need my extra time off just to spend a week getting my life in order!
Guy B.: The rechargeables get about 7-8 hours. The 675 batteries about 18 hours
rich-c: well, getting your insurance claims in is so fiddly
Pamela: is that better than the old one, Guy?
Judy: mine stopped again
Judy: or no one is talking
rich-c: I think it's a problem in your computer, judy - the rest of us are doing fine
Pamela: gotta speak to your IT guy, Judy : )
rich-c: remember not all of us can type as well or as fast as you can, judy
Judy: will have to have Doug look at this computer for me, it just started when I got this computer
Pamela: that's right, you've not had this one very long have you
Judy: I am not a fast typer
rich-c: a sort of random delay in internet postings sounds very strange to me
Pamela: faster than Mr. Hunt and Peck, there : )
Judy: no, just a few weeks
Pamela: still have the old one?
BobS: si
Pamela: maybe you should try going back to it for a week and see if things improve
Judy: that was what Doug said the first time I talked about it
rich-c: I can't see where such a delay would come from - sounds like a buffer, perhaps?
Pamela: when all else fails, ask the expert : ) (DOUG!!!! HELP!!!)
rich-c: is it your postings or return messages that get delayed, or both?
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry, I was trying again to record video. the sound glitch is a real pain.
rich-c: yes, those things are impossible to track down, Daniel
Pamela: by the way Dad, remind me to tell you about the "Shelf Elf" on Thursday
rich-c: which reminds me - ours is not up yet - have to do that tomorrow
Pamela: yes, our tree is up and the lights and garland are on, but it is sadly lacking in other ornamentation yet
Pamela: that's on my to-do list for tomorrow
Pamela: along with wrapping and cooking dinner
rich-c: we have our lights out adn teh porch tree looking good
Pamela: I need another strand of rope lights
Pamela: ours only goes halfway across the window at the moment
rich-c: anyhow, the time is wearing on - are we all agreed on Tueday next week, aggain?
Pamela: looks kinda weird
Pamela: Tuesday, yes
Pamela: I'd be okay with Wednesday but I know others have plans
rich-c: yes, New Years Eve is not a good schedule for chat
Pamela: I have a date with my hubby for a late anniversary thing - five years! but only if he gets home before midnite
rich-c: now - have we lost everyone? no feedback?
Pamela: I'm still working fine Papa
rich-c: I am not seeing any postings but yours
Pamela: nor I, yours
Pamela: good old Tamco : )
BobS: Judy is running IE7
rich-c: so whre are Guy and Daniel and Judy and Bob?
Pamela: there we are
BobS: and it is different than mine
BobS: I have 6.02
Pamela: you know, I have no idea what I have
rich-c: yes, IE7 is significantly different - I use Firefox
Judy: Tues is better for us we have plans for Wed
Pamela: interesting, I usually know this stuff
Pamela: Tuesday it is
Pamela: I'll nag Rich if I can reach him
rich-c: OK Bob you send the message, if I rmember I'll add a reminder
Judy: we were checking somethings on my computer
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm here... the sound is still glitchy, but it's a little bit better, so I will do a test right now by uploading the result and see what it looks like. it may take an hour.
Pamela: send us a post when it's ready
Pamela: Daniel
Pamela: alright, time for bed everyone
Judy: maybe we fixed it, it seems to be working better now
Pamela: yay!
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight! take care! and MERRY CHRISTMAS!
rich-c: well time for the rest of us to pull the plug - Danielm joyeux Noel, to the otehrs, Merry Christmas
Pamela: goodnight, everyone. Merry Christmas to you all.
Judy: \we are watching the news and some person got hit by a plow truck tonight
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: Dad, I'll touch base tomorrow about timing
changed username to aNNIE
rich-c: night, Bob and Judy and Guy
Pamela: ouch, Judy
aNNIE requested to ban Guy B.
BobS confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
aNNIE changed username to Guy B.
BobS: see yonext tuesday !!!!!!!
Judy: night Rich and have a Merry Christmas
rich-c: great, Pam
Guy B.: Well, might as well go too. See what's going to happen with the weather tomorrow
Pamela: gnite Guy and Daniel, Merry Christmas to you
rich-c: nite, all
Guy B.: ]Merry Christmas to All
BobS: and to all a GOOD NIGHT
BobS left chat session
Judy: Merry Christmas to all and a good night until next week
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: colour me gone
Pamela: kerpoof
rich-c left chat session
Pamela left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: youtube is overloaded tonight... I may do it tomorow then. bye
Judy left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
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