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LucMiron: . o O (Please God, let Dale come by tonight while I'm here...)
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changed username to rich-c
LucMiron: Hi Rich. :)
rich-c: bonsoir, Luc
rich-c: guess we are the early one this evening
LucMiron: How's it going?
rich-c: oh, having my battles with Wiondows, but winning a few
LucMiron: The term "the early bird gets the worm" doesn't really apply here, I'd say. :)
rich-c: well, that depends on what opne is looking for
LucMiron: Funny, I'm having troubles with my PC too. None of the USB ports work. I may have to replace the motherboard.
rich-c: sometimes the first one or two get to do some private chatting if they want
rich-c: I assume you have done teh obvious stuff like check out teh drivers
LucMiron: Yeah, I checked that. The Device Manager says there's nothing wrong with the ports.
rich-c: what happens if you just stick a flash drive in one
LucMiron: But when I plug something in any USB port, there's no reaction from Windows.
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changed username to BobS
BobS: HAPPY NEW YEAR pilgrims !!!!!!!
rich-c: I assume your mouse and printer are not USB, then
BobS: ro close to it
LucMiron: Hey Bob. :)
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rich-c: Happy New Year to you, Bob
LucMiron: Printer yse,
BobS: oh oh computer prolems ????
LucMiron: Printer yes, mouse no.
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
BobS: hi daniel
LucMiron: Hi Dan.
rich-c: bonne nuit, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir tout le monde
LucMiron: bonne nuit?
Daniel Bienvenu: (good night?)
rich-c: oui
Daniel Bienvenu: you have to go now?
BobS: si, tis night time..........................
LucMiron: Dan just got here. :P
rich-c: no, guess I should have said bonsoir - one of those tricks of usage
LucMiron: Ah.
Daniel Bienvenu: soir = evening
rich-c: anyway, your printer does work on a USB port?
Daniel Bienvenu: mine?
LucMiron: Yep.
Daniel Bienvenu: ho... Luc got a printer problem?
LucMiron: No, we're talking about my PC troubles, Dan.
rich-c: does it work if you move it to anotehr USB port?
Daniel Bienvenu: Tell me last time your printer did work?
LucMiron: None of my USB ports work.
LucMiron: I'm lucky I don't have a USB mouse or else I'd be in real trouble.
Daniel Bienvenu: Do you mean that it's usb ports that don't work?
Daniel Bienvenu: all of them?
rich-c: yes, these days the keyboard alone is a very difficult tool for control
LucMiron: Yes, all of them.
Daniel Bienvenu: seems to be a corruption with software for plug'n play. should check again your bios settings and Windows... maybe windows is corrupted.
LucMiron: There's no reaction from Windows when I stick a USB key in any port. Same goes for my USB joypad.
rich-c: no, Luc, all but one of them - teh printer port does work, you say
Daniel Bienvenu: Did you check if your pc bios allow plug'n play.
LucMiron: I haven't tested the printer yet, actually.
Daniel Bienvenu: I did saw one time a glitch that cause a reset on a motherboard and cause a date to reset at 2006.
LucMiron: I checked the USB-related stuff in the BIOS interface. Nothing out of the ordinary.
rich-c: assuming it is still responding, that might be a good place to start
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, did you try a livecd of a nice linux distribution to test the plug'n plug usb ports?
BobS: it worked before ???????? and all of a sudden stopped working ???????
LucMiron: I just turned on my printer. Windows didn't react at all.
Daniel Bienvenu: If you have another computer, try the printer on the second computer.
rich-c: Daniel's suggestion about seeing teh response in Linux is a good one
rich-c: no, Daniel, I gather he has been getting no reading on flash drives testing every port
LucMiron: The problem started when I plugged my roommate's digital camera in one of the USB ports last week. Windows froze up completely, and I had to press the hard-reset button. The USB ports haven't worked since.
rich-c: aha, that is suggestive
Daniel Bienvenu: a digital camera you said... could it be an electrical problem that did cause a permanent damage then?
LucMiron: I checked on the net, and others have had the exact same problem.
BobS: oh oh
rich-c: how did they deal with it?
BobS: kinda sounds electrical don't it
Daniel Bienvenu: well, if others have the same problem, what they said
LucMiron: One guy on a forum said that it could be related to a recent Microsoft XP update, which would cause a problem when sticking in stuff like digital cameras.
LucMiron: Anyway, I've already decided what I'm going to do...
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: hello daughter
Pamela: Hi Dad
BobS: hey Pamela
BobS: good Christmas ?????
Pamela: 'twas lovely, thank you
LucMiron: On January 2nd, I'm going to reformat my hard drives, and reinstall Windows XP from scratch. If the USB ports still don't work, then I'll know it's the motherboard that's busted.
rich-c: so what do you plan, Luc?
LucMiron: Hi Pam/
Pamela: and yours? Thanks for the pics, by the way
Pamela: Hi Luc and Daniel
BobS: a great oliday
Daniel Bienvenu: if I did find the forum you are talking about, one of them seems to solve his problem by buying a usb pci card. so it looks like something bad hapend
BobS: holiday
rich-c: that seems extreme - doesn't your copy of Windows have teh repair-reinstall option?
BobS: ya got them......Ryan and I got a new train station for under the tree on Monday...........
Pamela: oh, cool!
Daniel Bienvenu: another one said that he downgrade to Windows98se and the usb ports did work fine
LucMiron: Yeah, but I reinstall my PC once every year anyway. My reinstallation procedure is fully documented, so it's not a big deal for me.
Pamela: we had enough turkey to start us gobbling
rich-c: that is interesting ebcause USB was pretty dicey under 98SE early on
LucMiron: BRB
rich-c: you don't use an image backup or anything, Luc?
BobS: yes we bought a WAY TO BIG turkey for christmas day also......Doug & Meeka and Mandy & Ryan were here, but still way to much turkey
Pamela: we had a 11 lb turkey, about as small as we could find
BobS: oh, we had about a 18 pounder
rich-c: yes, I suspect we all have an oversupply of used turkey around the house
Pamela: holy cow, that's a big bird
Pamela: ick Daddy, used turkey : )
Daniel Bienvenu: are you a fisherman?
Pamela: care to rephrase?
rich-c: I dunno, seems to get the point across
Daniel Bienvenu: it seems that this huge turkey can't be... or it's filled with water... or it's another animal.
rich-c: fisherman, Daniel?
Pamela: well yeah, but it doesn't conjure up the best images : )
rich-c: 18 lbs. is what, about 8 kilos?
BobS: it is LOTS
Daniel Bienvenu: some exagerated stories are told by fishermen... they tend to exagerate reality.
BobS: didn't seem so big when we figured 6 people, but in reality, was awfully big
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Pamela: 8.172, Dad
changed username to Judy
Pamela: Hi Judy
rich-c: don't be pedantic, daughter
rich-c: hello judy
Daniel Bienvenu: I suppose it's not perfectly 18 lbs, so you can say 8kilos without worrying about the decimals
Judy: Hi, Rich, Daniel, Luc, and Pamela
Pamela: I'm not, that 's what the calculator said
BobS: ok Daniel.......gotcha !!!!!!!!
rich-c: anyway, Pam, I finally scored the item I've been looking for for months
Pamela: oh?
BobS: and calcalators don't lie
Daniel Bienvenu: too bad... it looks like there are many articles about usb problems under xp, vista and also the new Windows 7 (still in beta version).
Pamela: and that would be?
rich-c: yes - a UPS for teh satellite and vcr
Pamela: hooray - no more panicked resetting of the VCR
Pamela: from where?
rich-c: you got it - or losing it completely to an outage if we're away
Judy: don't think my computer is going to work tonight
rich-c: $20 from teh surplus store over at Orfus
Pamela: speak to it firmly Judy
Pamela: wow, not bad Dad
Judy: that made it work
Pamela: : )
Daniel Bienvenu: In the Device Manager list, click the + sign next to Universal serial bus controller. Verify that a USB host controller and a USB root hub are listed below Universal serial bus controller similar to the figure on the right. If Universal serial bus controller, USB host controller and USB root hub are listed but one or more displays a yellow exclamation point, go to "USB controller IRQ conflict" onpage 6. If you have Windows XP, right-click on the Host Controller listing and choose Properties from the drop down menu. If you see this status message in the Properties window:The drivers for this device are not installed (code 28), go to “Windows XP USB 2.0 driver not installed”
rich-c: well, I've been looking for one, but everyone wants to sell one suitable for a whole desktopo for an hour
Daniel Bienvenu: step 4 - click the + sign next to Imaging Device in the Device Manager window.
LucMiron: End of BRB.
Judy: maybe it was worried that I would shut it down for now it is working
Pamela: we not talking as fast as we were last week
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Pamela: wonder if that has anything to do with it
changed username to Ron
Pamela: HI Ron
Ron: Hi Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Ron
Ron: Hi all
Daniel Bienvenu: Hey! Happy new year!
rich-c: hey Ron! Happy New Year to you and Susan!
Judy: Hi, Ron
Ron: thank you all, and the very same to y'all
Ron: Hi Judy
Pamela: Happy New Year to you both, Ron
rich-c: so can you see over teh snowdrifts yet out there, Ron?
BobS: hiya Ron
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Daniel Bienvenu: I will take the occasion to say "happy new year" to also Murray I did meet again this summer during the Adamcon but seems to not be very active with the chat room.
changed username to Dell-GB
Daniel Bienvenu: Guy
Ron: Nope. Had another 10 inches yesterday. We've had a total of about 5 feet, and much of it is still on the ground
Pamela: Hi Guy
Ron: this is getting beyond a joke
Daniel Bienvenu: Happy new year in avance Guy
Dell-GB: Greetings!!
rich-c: greetings, Guy - cold enough for you?
Judy: no, it seems to store up lines and throws them out when it wants
Daniel Bienvenu: (missing a d for the englsh correct translation )
Dell-GB: Not yet, will be later
Judy: Hi, Guy
Pamela: interesting Judy
rich-c: I can believe that - we had quite a dose of chill but lately it's killer winds
BobS: heck Ron.......that's what we have had here.......and Spokane WA had that much also
Judy: we lost most all of our snow, with the rain
rich-c: Pamela has a long power outage
LucMiron: Is there any way to freeze the main window on Spaniel Chat? I'm trying to read posts above, but every time someone talks, the windows shoots back to the bottom...
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Judy: then we had wind that knocked out the power
changed username to Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: I will give you a link instead
Dale: Hi ya
Pamela: unfortunately no, Luc
Pamela: HI Dale
Daniel Bienvenu:
Dell-GB: Hi Dale
Dale: Is it Wednesday at 9pm yet?
BobS: kind of annoying isn't it Luc ?????
BobS: hi Dale
Ron: Believe Mother Nature is showing us all who is really in charge
LucMiron: @BobS: Yeah.
Pamela: a reasonable facsimile thereof, Dale : )
Ron: in another time dimension Dale
BobS: 2 words mon......GLOBAL WARMING
LucMiron: Hi Dale! Glad you're here!
rich-c: hello Dale and HAppy New Year
Judy: Hi, Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: You can do CTRL+C (copy) after a CTRL+A (select all) and paste it something like a notepad.
Pamela: was wondering earlier what I was doing this time five years ago
Pamela: just realized, I was making lasagna
Ron: good job on the Xmas card Bob
Dale: Daniel told me to be sure to remember to come tonight.
Daniel Bienvenu: I may insist a little too much
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry dale
BobS: thanks Ron......wanted to do more, but no time........maybe next year
Daniel Bienvenu: but I'm glad you are here
Dale: Pam, is it true that lasagna is a traditional night before new years eve meal?
BobS: need to get all the old tunes and pics that are not dated and use them
BobS: plus new pics
Pamela: no truth to the rumour as far as I know
Pamela: no, I was making it for the next day
Pamela: had forgotten that till just now
Dale: Well, without your reminder Daniel I would have forgotten for sure.
Ron: yeah, Bob. every October I say to myself, "self, get yer butt in gear", and next thing I know it's the end of Nov. This year, I knew I wouldn't be able to do it
Ron: So thanks for stepping in
rich-c: that was what she had at the "wedding breakfast"
Pamela: dinner Dad, dinner
BobS: hows the dog business????? yo had said this is a busy time of year
Ron: pretty decent Bob, although we had quite a few cancellations due to weather.
Daniel Bienvenu: lasagna as a breakfast meal... I think I did that one time. But I did woke up late this day.
BobS: bummer
Ron: Whole Island got thrown on its ear, and the airports around here were mostly a zoo
BobS: can believe that Ron
Ron: the smart travellers didn't travel
BobS: you guys are supposed to have damp cold yucky winters, NOT mounds of snow
Judy: don't think I could eat lasagna for breakfast
rich-c: you mean some aircraft even got out? that must have been something
Pamela: what started the whole thing was wondering how we handled chat that year, as the days fell the same way as this year
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, since you are all here, specially those who can answer me. I have at least one question.
Pamela: oh, lasagna for breakfast is great Judy
Pamela: it's always better on the second day
Ron: I know. But it's all my fault. Back at the beginning of December I mumbles something to Susan about not feeling 'Christmassy' without snow
Ron: Need to be careful what I ask for
rich-c: the reports we wre getting here were that you wouldn't be out from under much before April ;-)
Daniel Bienvenu: Adam News Network, Disk 2008-september
Daniel Bienvenu: it's an Adam software catalog... which is a little bit different than the one from sacnews
Judy: have to type something
Ron: lasagna for breakfast? YUCCCHHH~~
Pamela: don't knock it till you try it Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: Question : how did you get this catalog and what is this source? Coleco Industries?
rich-c: right, Ron. Everyone knows you eat pizza for breakfast
Judy: not me
BobS: Daniel.......don't know...will look a minute
Ron: thanks Rich...... you're no help whatever!
Pamela: LOL
rich-c: anytime, ron ;-)
Ron: :)
Judy: only eat breakfast food for breakfast
LucMiron: @Dale: So, would you like to officially place your order for some cartrdige casings? The price will be 2.10$CAN per casings. At that price, how many would you like to order?
Daniel Bienvenu: There are some "unreleased games" descriptions inside this edition of sep-2008 ann disk
Pamela: IIRC we moved the chat to Thursday that year
Daniel Bienvenu: If you also know the date (year) of this catalog, it will be appreciate.
Dale: If you want my order today, I'll order 200.
Ron: Dell-GB, where are you located?
Dale: If you want my order in two weeks, I'd have the money for 300.
Pamela: that's Guy, Ron
Ron: oh... thought it was somebody in Great Britain
Ron: silly me
rich-c: his computer of teh week is a Dell
Daniel Bienvenu: 300? did you plan to order more pcbs too? or you will go with making your owns?
Ron: ic
Dale: Daniel, I believe that I can get PCBs in a year from now.
LucMiron: @Dale: I'll have a meeting at Moldex (the plastics company who currently have the metal mold) on January 6th. I'll probably order around 2000 casings from them.
Dale: I'm not so sure about the cases, since the supply is not as reliable it seems.
Ron: Poly-Chlorinated-Biphenyls?
BobS: is a Coleco program as far as I know........and have no idea of year........although it has to be 1983-1984 becasue Coleco ceased with ADAM in 1985
Ron: chemical whose sole purpose is to be driven about the country until it is spilled
Dale: Printed Circuit Boards.
rich-c: Programma ble (something ) I think, ron
Ron: ah
Daniel Bienvenu: And can I presume it came directly from Coleco Industries or it was "fan made" in some way?
Dale: Luc, I can send you the money for 200 via Paypal on Friday I guess.
LucMiron: By the time the casings are actually done, you'll surely be in a position to buy 300 of them. :)
Daniel Bienvenu: the content is not exactly the same as the one from sacnews... and this give me a headache
LucMiron: No need to send me the money right away. It can wait until next week, at the earliest.
Dale: Okay Luc, then I'll give you the first part on Friday, and the rest when they are done, but before you ship them.
Dale: Does that work for you?
Dell-GB: Ron, I'm on the notebook. Hence, Dell-GB
Pamela: oh, I haven't had a chance to look at your youtube postings yet Daniel . . . must remember to pull those up
LucMiron: Okay. Please send an e-mail to lucm7 at the server of
BobS: Daniel......have to belive that the program originated in 1983 because of the stuff listed that never existed except in make believe
Ron: Thanks Guy - for clearing that up I mean
Dale: As long as you take paypal Luc, it'll all work.
LucMiron: That's not my Paypal address, BTW.
BobS: straight from Coleo I believe
Dale: Working on the email now Luc.
LucMiron: Dell-GB = Guy Foster?
Pamela: Guy Bona, Luc
LucMiron: Ah, okay. Guy Foster has a habit of changing usernames all the time, so I had to ask... ;P
Ron: multiple personalities
Daniel Bienvenu: Thanks Bob.
Judy: very confusing
Pamela: M. Foster has a habit of playing on his name, tis true
Ron: are we about to be offered a stock of new Coleco game carts?
rich-c: Daniel, Frances took a look at your YouTube postings and was quite taken with them
Daniel Bienvenu: Is it a good sign?
Daniel Bienvenu: hope you like the videos... some are the christmas cards Pam did talk about earlier.
rich-c: well, got her playing with Logo again, for whatever that's worth - but it was MS Logo not SmartLogo
Daniel Bienvenu: like the 2008 edition here :
Daniel Bienvenu: and like someone said to me, "it's better with the midi interface"... something adamem don't have.
rich-c: No, you need to have the real Adam to use that
Daniel Bienvenu: I do realized that I can't record with the midi sounds so I did use the natural coelco sounds instead. Well, it's good enough for some musics.
LucMiron: @Ron: I'm in the process of making new ColecoVision cartridge casings.
Dale: Luc, the email has been sent.
LucMiron: Checking on my end...
Ron: @lucMiron: I see. Good man!
Daniel Bienvenu: Any cost approximation for transparent cartridges?
rich-c: ron, any hope of Susan joining us one of these nights?
LucMiron: @Daniel: I'll know next Monday, when I meet with my contact at Moldex. :)
LucMiron: Next Tuesday, actually.
Ron: You can take a midi file and load it to Sequel, but for the card you have to make sure the midi file is no longer than about 4k
Judy: testing
Ron: most downloaded midi files (Christmas Carols) these days are much longer than that ( 20-50k)
Pamela: wait, wait . . . ANN has staff???
rich-c: or aboth the size of an exclamation point in a Wiondows word processor...
Daniel Bienvenu: so, in a week. well, if it's not too expensive, 100 is enough for me. if it's too expensive I will wait one year for this project.
Ron: hundreds Pam
Ron: all paid like GM execs
LucMiron: @Dale: I'm in the process of replying to your e-mail. Stand by. BRB.
Pamela: where are you hiding them??
Ron: a 90 story office tower in the next dimension
Pamela: ahhhh
Ron: Bob's office is on the 90th floor
Dale: Sounds good Luc.
Ron: I'm in the basement
Judy: test
Pamela: good job on the Christmas card, Bob
rich-c: you're coming through, Judy
Pamela: couldn't you get a better view than that Ron?
Ron: I hear ya Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: At those who did play Adam games... Do somebody actually win the game E.V.I.L III ?
Ron: <grin>
BobS: well Pamela, my dear.......when you make the big bucks on the 90th floor, you have to put out a good product you know
Ron: and he does
Judy: when I do test things come thru
Pamela: Um, last I heard, GM execs had become $1 a year men
BobS: ok ok, that was last year we made the big bucks
Ron: What I'd really like to do one of these years Bob is to do a version of that card with all the neat free midi Christmas Music that's out there
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm checking all the ann disks and sometimes I take time to play these SmartBASIC games. Some are quite fun to play, but this one is very very hard.
Ron: But we couldn't use Chris Braymen's software for that
BobS: start NOW Ron
Ron: not a bad idea
BobS: how would you do it??????
BobS: hmm....Daniel.......don't recognize th;e anme\
Ron: Oh it would be easy enough to put a Quicktime Movie together with all the graphics and music
BobS: name
Ron: Could be posted on Youtube, just as Daniel did
Daniel Bienvenu: Chris Braymen... it's the guy name who wrote the multimedia software you are using for the christmas cards.
Ron: could get all the Adamites to submit short one minute movie clips
Daniel Bienvenu: The way I did capture the christmas card is simple in fact.
BobS: when you don't have a programmer assume he/she cannot do something, they can produce some amazing programs
Daniel Bienvenu: I used DOSBOX, a dos emulator for Windows.
Ron: Yup Daniel, that one works well
Daniel Bienvenu: By pressing CTRL+ALT+F5, you start the video capture integrated with DOSBOX
Ron: There ya go!
Daniel Bienvenu: You press that again and it stops
Daniel Bienvenu: the file is then stored inside the "capture" folder of DOSBOX
Daniel Bienvenu: You can post it directly to youtube if you have an account.
Ron: neat!
rich-c: I think I'm getting old - YouTube, Facebook, the lot - not sure I want some
LucMiron: Wow, didn't know that about DosBox. :)
Daniel Bienvenu: so, you can do anything with dosbox and post it on youtube.... like a tutorial on programming smartlogo
Judy: Bob just looked out and it is snowing again, got about 2 inches so far
Ron: Me too Rich, but I've found stuff on Youtube that I've been looking for for years - ie, clips from Christmas TV shows over the years, and some really old recordings
Ron: Have yet to use Facebook
Pamela: Russell says it's snowing here too
Pamela: wasn't when I got online
Ron: I don't want to know
rich-c: might as well use teh tutorial in the manual - it's a first-rate jo
Daniel Bienvenu: I did use facebook too since many friends insist to join this "social blog community"
rich-c: oh, some of our carnuts post YouTube clips and many are quite funny - others are kind of silly
Daniel Bienvenu: One thing I was checking in the internet last night was how to load and run SmartBasic programs
Ron: yes Rich I know what you mean. Afraid my sense of humor doesn't stand up these days
rich-c: yes, Frances mentioned you joined her page today, Daniel
Pamela: yes, Mom's connecting with all sorts of people
BobS: probably don't cover "brun"ing a program though Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, depending on the disk I'm using from ann web site. sometimes it was BRUN and BLOAD, and sometime it was simply LOAD then RUN
rich-c: yes, I think the current generation views things from a somewhat different perspective
Ron: exactly Rich
Daniel Bienvenu: and the filenames are case sensitive
Pamela: Roland asked me if you were going to join Facebook Dad
Daniel Bienvenu: the last thing I'm still looking for is a way to slowdown the listing when I do CATALOG
Pamela: I told him we hadn't managed to convince you yet
BobS: do a control S Daniel, it will stop it and you can hit any key to restart
Pamela: oh, Mom probably knows that Daniel
rich-c: troubles enough I got already - I should add Facebook? not bloody likely
BobS: hmmmmmm......that right Ron ???????
Ron: correct Bob
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, these few things are useful to try some of these ann disks.
Ron: been a while
LucMiron: Replied to your e-Dale, mail.
LucMiron: e-mail, Dale. ;P
BobS: that was you can see the listing of the catalog at your leisure
Ron: e-Dail, Male
rich-c: just bust out your old SmartBasic manual, Ron - it's all there
Daniel Bienvenu: there are some other ann disk which seems to run nothing. just got the "printer" interface. is there a trick for that or it simply because the disk is not "runnable"?
Judy: you have to keep life simple
BobS: probably an ADAM only patch program Daniel......won;'t do anything on the ibm ADAMEMulator
Judy: ..
Ron: yup, so far as I recall. Seems I've seen that
rich-c: is it the software to let you use a dot matric printer with the Adam, Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: the almost somplete year 2006 is like that... or it was 2005.
Judy: ..
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, the software by default when turning on the adam computer with nothing
BobS: some of the older years were only in ADAM needed to convert them back to an ADAM format and run the disk on the ADAM
Judy: ..
Daniel Bienvenu: Is it possible to get those ann disk from the past? I know the Bob talked about making a cd-rom or at least an archive of them.
Ron: Judy, you're name is coming through followed by ".."
BobS: a LOT of the disk are recopies of older ANN disks which were simply text files in either SmartWriter format or SpeedyWrite format
BobS: have that........not complete and with some boo boos
Judy: that keeps things going
BobS: but a cd full
Judy: without saying anything
Ron: Most of 'em are on your site aren't they Bob?
rich-c: I have all teh early ones but no way to copy them for distribution
BobS: only back as far as 2005 Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: I forgot to ask, about the Adam software catalog disk ann-sep-2008.... the (d) is for disk and (c) is for cartridge?
Ron: ah
Judy: Doug is not sure what is going on with this computer
Ron: If Doug is not sure Judy, then it's safe to say that nobody can be ..... sure that is
rich-c: it is possessed, Judy - Windows computers are prone to that
BobS: I assume so Daniel.....but what does (r) stand for ??????
Daniel Bienvenu: the download section of sacnews do have 2000-2004 xmas disks.
Judy: don't know but if this works than who cares
Ron: and it DOES work
Daniel Bienvenu: the (r).... I don't know, maybe you know.
rich-c: Luc Miron has just lost all his USB ports
LucMiron: @Judy: I thought perhaps you were trying to speak in Morse code...
Daniel Bienvenu: morse code? I only know that usuaul SOS thing that is 3 and 3 of dots and lines.
Ron: .-- .... --- -- . ..--..
Dale: Okay Luc, I got your email.
rich-c: more likely some setting that puts it on standby after ten seconds or something
Judy: it might work but who knows Morse code
Dale: I'll send you the first bit of money after your meeting next week, to get things started.
Ron: -- .
LucMiron: @Dale: Excellent. If you drop by the chatroom next week, we can talk about it more. :)
Dale: Sure thing.
Judy: would be easier than typing words, especially when you are a bad speller like I am
Ron: yeah. It was fun to do radio that way
rich-c: easier it isn't - especially when Ron doesn't separate the letters
Pamela: do you remember the code, Ron?
LucMiron: Actually, bad spelling is made worse by Morse Code, when you think about it... ;)
Daniel Bienvenu: --. = G, -- [space] . is ME
Ron: I know Rich.... bad form indeed
rich-c: like is -. te or a?
Ron: thank you Daniel. Looks like a G doesn't it
BobS: but inquiring minds want to know........ is Morse related to Murphy ??????????????????
Pamela: most definitely
Ron: some nights Bob
LucMiron: Morse Law related to Murphy's Law?
Ron: when you're listening to a strength 1 signal just out of Japan, and somebody in the harbour tunes up his transmitter full blast
BobS: I think so Luc
rich-c: its one virtue is that sometimes it will get through when nothing else will
Judy: ..
Ron: would rather fish a weak Morse signal out of the static than listed to a thick Greek accent trying to crucify English
rich-c: good final backup for when you're exploring Antarctica
LucMiron: Then you mean Moore's Law, not Morse. ;P
Daniel Bienvenu: it takes a while but your first morse code was "who me ?"
Ron: 100% Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: I had to cheat. I don't know sell morse code
Pamela: well done, Daniel
LucMiron: Okay, all in favor of adding automatic Morse Code decoding to Spaniel Chat, say I!
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't well... just a few letters
Pamela: nay
Ron: It still rings in my skull
rich-c: afraid I long ago lost mine in the mosts of time
Ron: although all I got to was about 20 words per minute
Ron: which was good enough for coastal shipping circa 1968
Daniel Bienvenu: interesting to learn that ? is the dots and lines for IMI.
Ron: didi-dum-dum-didi
Judy: I am impressed, Ron
rich-c: yeah, by that time anyone serious had switched to voice!
Ron: ?
rich-c: 1968
Ron: well we were told in 1968 that Morse Code on the west coast would be dead by 1980. 1980 came and went, and they were off by about 10 years
Daniel Bienvenu: but, you must start with a special sequence of dots and lines before starting the letters, right?
Ron: That was the year I joined Transport as a Radio Operator
Ron: dah-dit-dah-dit-dah
Ron: beginning of message
LucMiron: Go Ron, sing us some Jazz!
Ron: <evil grin>
LucMiron: dah-dit-dit-dit...
Ron: B
Daniel Bienvenu: well, ron, you know moew than the web site I'm checking right now about morse code. :)
Daniel Bienvenu: (more not moew)
Daniel Bienvenu: hehe, mistyped
Ron: it's a little rusty
Ron: there are machines that send it perfectly now
rich-c: yes, this program doesn't have a spellcheck
LucMiron: Thank God for ASCII... ;P
BobS: dit ditty dot dody dio dot dot ................ oh duda day.......
Daniel Bienvenu: interesting, it says here that the sos code should be letters s o s o s o without any pause between letters... so it's really a succession of dah dah dah and dididi
rich-c: as in, you type it in from a normal keyboard, it translates to dot/dash?
Ron: Bob is swearing again
LucMiron: We'll take your word for it, Ron. :P
Daniel Bienvenu: ascii in decimal or hexadecimal?
Ron: yeah, the machines of my time read 5 level punched tape, which you could type the proper sequences on to.
Daniel Bienvenu: and the extended ascii or standard at 127 characters?
rich-c: oh for teh purists, hex is mandatory
LucMiron: You're reading too much in my writing, Dan. ;)
Daniel Bienvenu: I have tons of hours of fun with PET-ascii with commodore 64 and commodore vic-20
rich-c: that was cheatin', ron
Ron: exactly Rich, and most of us brass-pounders refused to use the machines
Ron: until we were instructed to do so
rich-c: give 'em a good burst of your best sideswipte instead
Ron: yup
Ron: you could often tell who was on shift by the way they sent Morse. (their 'fist')
rich-c: not that there was ever a problem of vanity with telegraph operators, mind...
Ron: oh no!!! <grin>
Ron: Actually there were 2 versions of Morse. One for landline telegraph, and one for internation ship/shore
Ron: Some guys knew both. Not me
rich-c: that I didn't even know. Was one an extension of the other?
BobS: thought that was the idea of Morse code, uniformity
Ron: to listen to them, there was no similarity at all. But I'm told they were indeed related
Ron: had something to do with transmission of a signal along a wire vs transmission over the air
Daniel Bienvenu: it says here there is a us version and international versin of morse code.
rich-c: letters the same, but Q-codes different?
Ron: yes
Ron: All I knew were the shipping codes
Ron: QTH = what is your position?
BobS: starboard side and sinking
Ron: QTC 1 = I have 1 message for you
Daniel Bienvenu: ???? AYYLU means "Net clearly coded, repeat more clearly"
Ron: etc etc
rich-c: QRM? - there is interference
Daniel Bienvenu: (replace net by not)
Ron: yup Rich
Ron: QRK = signal strength
Daniel Bienvenu: ???? LIOUY means "Why do you not answer my question?"
Daniel Bienvenu: so it's codes and coded codes
Ron: yes
rich-c: there was some effort to carry them over to CB radio but it quickly flopped
Daniel Bienvenu: that's compression
LucMiron: ROTFL!
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry Luc, I don't think it means anything in morse
Daniel Bienvenu: :P
LucMiron: Sorry, just going with it. :P
Ron: or if you sent a vessel QLF .... it meant, please send with your left foot
Ron: that one is unofficial, but every Radio man knows it
Ron: for guys with lousy fists
Judy: .
Ron: that's and e Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: E
Ron: very good Daniel
Ron: Judy started all of this
rich-c: and before teh Q-codes there were other - didn't the Titanic send CQD then switch?
Pamela: Daniel, you're a quick study
Daniel Bienvenu: EIS...
LucMiron: Then you'd get a message with a strange rythm, and you'd figure out that he's actually using his left foot, just to mess with you.
Ron: yep Rich. later to be replaced by SOS
Daniel Bienvenu: TMO...
Ron: CQ is a general call to all stations
Judy: not on purpose
Ron: and is still in use
Judy: I was just trying to get chat
Ron: right Luc
LucMiron: Actually, I was the first to mention Morse Code...
rich-c: yes, it's standardd on teh amateur bands, iirc
BobS: so it is YOUR fault Luc
Judy: it didn't work to just hit return
Ron: fascinating stuff, but alas, no longer required
LucMiron: Hey, I didn't know Rob was a Morse guy!! =P
Daniel Bienvenu: so... (and I do not mean sos), what you're gonna do with your usb ports? will you try a livecd and check if they are working properly with Linux to conclude it's Windows problem?
Ron: SOLAS - the Safety of Life at Sea convention - largely came out of the Titanic incident
BobS: I say BLOW IT AWAY and reload XP Luc
rich-c: that's what he's planning, he does it every year anyway
LucMiron: @Daniel: Nope, I'm going to follow my plan: Reinstall XP from scratch, and test the USB ports before anything else.
Judy: .
BobS: what kind of camera did you plug in Luc?????
Daniel Bienvenu: Using a livecd doesn't need you to install Linux, you know. just to burn it on a cd-rom and booot with it
Pamela: is that what started this? You plugged in a camera?
LucMiron: My roommate's digital camera. Don't have it with me right now, and I don't recall the model. I plugged it in my PC many times before without problems.
LucMiron: @Pam: Yes.
Ron: Anyway good people, I must away.
Ron: time to feed the residents
rich-c: Frances is going to love this - she has her camera plugged in a lot
Pamela: good heavens
Pamela: don't tell her
Pamela: Dad
BobS: well it was good talkin to ya ron.....HAPPY HEW YEAR to both you and Sussan
LucMiron: LOL!
Ron: Gnite all see ya next week
Judy: night Ron thanks for the information and have a happy new year
LucMiron: Bye Ron!
Pamela: Happy New Year to you both, Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: --. --- --- -.. -. .. --. .... -
rich-c: Ron, Happy New Year to you and Susan, and hope to see you in the new year
Ron: guys too
Ron left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: (it was goodnight)
BobS: you're learning something new tonight, eh Daniel ??????
rich-c: yes, just too small for our old eyes to resolve
Judy: .
Daniel Bienvenu: kind of fun, but alone...
LucMiron: You know, I monitor eBay every day for ColecoVision stuff, and I find it amazing that I still haven't seen a boxed Game Pack #1. Not a single one. Are they really that rare?
rich-c: yes, you need a partner to do anything with Morse
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I did learn that Windows update can screw up plug'n play. I did learn also that CTRL+S can stop CATALOG listing. And Some morse coding.
BobS: I can't even program in anything, much less learn Morse Code
rich-c: which is number 1?
Daniel Bienvenu: gamepack #1???
BobS: you mean a boxed mint in box cart game ?
rich-c: roller controller? atari adapter?
BobS: search the US site as wellas the canadian one
Daniel Bienvenu: if you mean the cartridge I did, it was loose. the cartridge GoodDealGames released was boxed.
LucMiron: I'm talking about Daniel's homebrew, Game Pack #1. I have Game Pack #2 boxed, but I'm still looking for #1 boxed.
BobS: ah
LucMiron: Yeah, I meant the GoodDealGames release.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'mnot sure but I think GDG was plaaning to make some more.
rich-c: Dan iel, are your games becoming collector items already?
LucMiron: Rich: Are you kidding?
rich-c: I know nothing about them, Luc
LucMiron: Bejeweled goes for quite a lot on eBay.
Daniel Bienvenu: well, if by collector items you mean being sold by other people at ridiculous prices, then YES
rich-c: I'll be darned
LucMiron: Driven by rarity, mostly. Prices have come down a lot over the last year or so, however.
Daniel Bienvenu: 1000% profit they make by selling my old games on eBay, kind of ridiculous from guys who bought my games and remark it was expensive.
rich-c: yes, and like everything else they'll come down more in 2009, I reckon
Judy: I am calling it a night, so night all and have a Happy New Year, talk to you next year
LucMiron: @rish: Yep, which means most collector will hang on to their collections. There won't be much to see and buy on eBay in 2009, I'd expect.
rich-c: I have teh feeling that the connection between eBay and reality has always been a bit tenuous
BobS: right Richard
Pamela: good night Judy, Happy New Year to you and Bob
Judy left chat session
LucMiron: Bye Judy! Don't dream in Morse Code!
rich-c: night Judy and happy new year
BobS: I have got to upgrade my colecovision units and sell them with composite sound and video
Daniel Bienvenu: I think the highest price for one of my games is $300US in 2005 for Bejeweled
BobS: did one Monday and WOW is the picture nice
LucMiron: @Daniel: I think that's what I paid for my copy of Bejeweled... ;P
rich-c: well, if you need a resupply of sets...
Daniel Bienvenu: they sell very well these modified coleco units. specially if you add the mention that you did check all the connectors.
Dell-GB: Well folks, got to be going. Happy New Year to All!
LucMiron: Bye Guy!
Daniel Bienvenu: You are serious Luc? ok... well, sorry to hear that.
BobS: byre Guy
Pamela: Goodnight Guy, Happy New Year
rich-c: see you next year, Guy - have a happy one!
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight Luc
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, happy new year
Dell-GB: Poof
Dell-GB left chat session
LucMiron: @Dan: Don't worry, I'd say it was worth it. Your homebrews really don't pop up on eBay very often, so collectors jump on your games at every opportunity.
BobS: w3ell, I MUST follw my bride and get ready for bed HAPPY HEW YEAR to ya'll an see ya next Wed, same time .......... same place
Pamela: gnite Bob
Pamela: Happy New Year
BobS left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, Bejeweled was a release I did myself, and the artwork was decided after a contest on digital press forum.
rich-c: nite Bob abd Happy New Year
Pamela: I think it's that time for me too, gentlemen
LucMiron: If I could, I'd do a box for Jewel Panic as well. :)
Pamela: so I shall wish you all a Happy New Year
LucMiron: Bye Pam!
Daniel Bienvenu: the fun fact about this artwork is it said "official" when it's not, and "printed in us" when it's not.
rich-c: OK, daughter, ande happy anniversary to you and Russell
Pamela: thank you Dad
Daniel Bienvenu: I did everything except the artwork for bejeweled. and my friend Mathieu Proulx did help me to finish the game.
Pamela: goodnight, all. Dad I'll talk to you tomorrow or Thursday
Daniel Bienvenu: so the game was unofficial and printed in canada.
Pamela: kerpoof
rich-c: OK - happy new year!
Pamela left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: anyway, it was quite fun to make... a challenge I've got from a friend of mine who knew I did coleco games
rich-c: \profitable fun too from the sound, Daniel - good for you
LucMiron: It's a great port. I was surprised how hooked I got on it when I tried it. I just wanted to play with it for a few minutes. I ended up playing over an hour.
Daniel Bienvenu: well, too bad that my version doesn't count as the first console version of Bejeweled, it was but not official version so...
rich-c: anyway gentlemen it's that time - Luc, do tell us how the USB problem works out - to all, Happy New Year
Daniel Bienvenu: Goodnight Rich.
LucMiron: See ya next week!
Daniel Bienvenu: Happy new year to you too!
rich-c: night all - colour me gone
Daniel Bienvenu: IS DALE STILL THERE?
rich-c left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: capslock
LucMiron: capslock
Daniel Bienvenu: copieur =P
LucMiron: LOL!
LucMiron: So anyhow, before you go...
LucMiron: Serais-tu interessé à faire un atelier, comme je t'en parlais sur AtariAge plus tôt aujoud'hui?
Daniel Bienvenu: tiens-moi au courant des developpements pour mardi prochain et si vraiment c'est trop cher, tant pis pour le projet special. de toute facon, je ne l'ai pas commence encore.
LucMiron: Oups, les accents ne sont pas supportes?
Daniel Bienvenu: tu veux dire que l'on se rencontre pour parler de format de son Coleco?
LucMiron: Ouais, c'est ca.
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale n'a pas utilise le support des accents pour ce server particulier
LucMiron: Je veux vraiment partir du bon pied, et ca va pas mal plus loin que de simplement parler du format BIOS.
Daniel Bienvenu: la prochaine reunion a Montreal est en mars et je sais que tu voudrais avoir l'information plus tot que ca. Il faudra que je me replonge dans ca car ca fait un petit bout de temps que je n'ai plus code le son.
LucMiron: J'ai plusieurs idees en tete, mais il faut que je valide tout ca avec quelqu'un qui s"y connait.
Daniel Bienvenu: De mon cote, j'ignore si tu le savais, mais j'avais commence un emulateur ColecoVision ecrit en Flash.
LucMiron: Ah oui? :)
LucMiron: Savais pas.
Daniel Bienvenu: bon, il ne marche pas vraiment... il permet de voir l'ecran de selection de Q*Bert, mais sans plus
Daniel Bienvenu: j'ai merde avec les I/O et trucs plus complique des interruptions.
LucMiron: Question vite-cite pour toi: Est-ce que le format de son de Marcel De Kogel est tres different du format BIOS?
Daniel Bienvenu: mais bon, j'ai tente de lui ajouter le support de son et c'etait merdique... quoi que pris seul, il serait possible d'utiliser la classe Java de ma bnaque de son et l'adapter en format Flash
LucMiron: Je me dis que ca doit se rejoindre a un certain niveau.
Daniel Bienvenu: Assez different pour etre totalement incompatible
LucMiron: On parle quand meme de frequence et de duree dans les deux cas, non?
Daniel Bienvenu: le format de MArcel est base sur le principe que les routines de Marcel font la job de trouver un canal libre et joue le son
Daniel Bienvenu: le format de coleco c'est tu donne quel canal, quel frequence, quel volume, quel effet dans un bloc de codes
LucMiron: Je vois...
Daniel Bienvenu: avec marcel c'est tu defini un effet a appliquer pour les sons suivants
Daniel Bienvenu: tu donnes ensuite un code pour la frequence et un autre pour le volume.
Daniel Bienvenu: et si ce n'est pas un code pour frequence, volumen ou effet, c'est un code de temps
Daniel Bienvenu: bref, c'Est totalement different
LucMiron: Je pose la question car dans mon editeur de son, j'aimerais avoir un format propre a l'editeur, et offrir la possibilite d'exporter les donnees dans plusieurs formats connus (BIOS, Marcel, etc.)
Daniel Bienvenu: Je miserais sur le format Coleco car plus "extensible" en quelque sorte
LucMiron: Je vois que ce ne sera pas facile...
Daniel Bienvenu: le chip sonore permet d'utiliser le canal 3 avec noise pour varier le noise... ce que le format Marcel ne peut pas faire
Daniel Bienvenu: ou le fait sans faire expres ou en trichant bin bin gros
Daniel Bienvenu: plusieurs effets interessants d'explosion sont fait avec canal 3 et noise
LucMiron: Est-ce que tu as deja fait des essais concluant avec la derniere version des librairies avec Hi-Tech C? Le format BIOS n'est pas documente, a ce que je sache. Meme pas les appels de fonction.
LucMiron: Je ne vois que les fonctions associes au format de Marcel dans ton document de programmation en C.
Daniel Bienvenu: le format typique Coleco est documente dans le document officiel de colecovision programming par coleco industries. Il contient d'ailleur une petite erreur à cause d'un oubli lors d'un rush de production du document j'imagine.
Daniel Bienvenu: je crois que j'ai mis les details du fomat son coleco bios a la fin de "coding guide" qui est la version avec listing du bios.
Daniel Bienvenu: oui, il devrait y etre
LucMiron: Okay, mais mettons que je voudrais essayer de faire un player pour faire jouer les tounes disponibles sur ton OS7 sound bank en Java, ca se fait?
LucMiron: un player en C, pour essayer sur une vraie console, je veux dire.
Daniel Bienvenu: et bien, il faut d'abord une liste (ou tableau) des sons. Cette liste est constitué du pointeur vers les données du son, suivi de son lieu mémoire prioritaire,
Daniel Bienvenu: le code source de diamond dash est un bon exemple de comment utiliser les sons en format coleco avec le kit hitech c
LucMiron: Ah, c'est bien. :)
LucMiron: Diamond Dash... Je vais m'en rappeller.
Daniel Bienvenu: certains sons qui ont besoin de plusieurs tableaux de données (un par canal) doivent être joué en même temps (de préférence).
LucMiron: Hein?
Daniel Bienvenu: Le code source vient avecle kit de base, il me semble, que je suggère d'ailleurs dans un de mes vidéo sur youtube.
Daniel Bienvenu: foutu accents
LucMiron: Hi hi.
Daniel Bienvenu: pour un son simple qui n'a besoin que d'un canal, c'est une tableau de codes à jouer
Daniel Bienvenu: pour un son complexe a plusieurs canaux, par exemple canal 3 et canal noise, et bien c'est deux tableaux de codes à jouer en même temps.
Daniel Bienvenu: et merde les accents
LucMiron: Ca va, je peux dechiffrer que ce que essaies de me dire.
Daniel Bienvenu: tu le remarquera dans diamond dash, la musique de victoire est plus d'un canal
LucMiron: Faudra que je zieute ce code source-la...
Daniel Bienvenu: il est assez court... le jeu n'a que 4k.
LucMiron: 4K? Comment est-ce possible?
LucMiron: Je veux dire, de ce que j'en sais, juste compiler un programme en C bouffe 4K juste avec les librairies standards...
LucMiron: Je me trompe?
Daniel Bienvenu: easy. I do not use some of the functions from my getput library to use more directly functions from the coleco lib by marcel. this way I can savea few bytes. also, I do use tricks with memories and pointers. it's not complexe.
LucMiron: Okay.
Daniel Bienvenu: you can compile a "hello world" bellow 1K.
LucMiron: You know, I really hope that this editor of mine will become reality before the end of 2009. I need it to make homebrews that are worth putting on cartridges.
Daniel Bienvenu: my getput library is there to make it more easier. and if you need rom space you can change C codes by ASM codes, and use more directly calls to video output instead of all the print_at, put_at, etc.
Daniel Bienvenu: it's not complexe, just need time
LucMiron: Something tells me I will be learning Z80 assembly, whether I want to or not... ;P
Daniel Bienvenu: I can't support anymore my tools made in VisualBASIC because Vista do not have the VB library I need to run them. So I'm trying to check if a program in Flash can be done, but File support is not possible I think because of security.
LucMiron: Wouldn't Java do the trick?
Daniel Bienvenu: Diamond Dash is a great game, and very tiny, and there is no ASM code in it.
Daniel Bienvenu: Java can do the trick, but as a standalone and it looks like it can be tricky with copy-paste.
Daniel Bienvenu: as an applet, security refuse to load or save anything
LucMiron: Bienvenu en informatique, comme ils disent. :)
Daniel Bienvenu: even the list of sound files is in fact a text file where I listed the filenames.
LucMiron: If I can complete the sound editor in a satisfactory manner, I think it will motivate me to do that programming language I've always wanted to do. Something between assembly and C...
Daniel Bienvenu: Something between assembly and C... you mean the coleco projects or the sound editor?
LucMiron: I mean a programming language (of my own invention) that would allow beginner programmers to create CV games.
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I dream I had was a scripting language, more textual than tricky to learn like assembler. something kinda like Logo.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm mistyping again... I'm probably too tired to continue.
LucMiron: C is too bloating, as it stands now, but assembly is not easely readable. I want to do a language that is readable by human eyes, but still low-lever enough to allow the creation of optimized code.
LucMiron: Not really sure what the syntax will be, but I want to offer direct access to the Z80 registers, like assembly.
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, in that case, if you want something expendable, allow the compiler to use macros, something that can be coded by others and uses with your compiler as part of the language.
LucMiron: But I also want to have higher-level commands, like "if (expression) then (do this)".
Daniel Bienvenu: if you add "and i want something that compiled very optimized" then your dream is not possible before 2010.
LucMiron: Expressions should be decoded my the compiler and broken down into a sequence of assembly operations.
Daniel Bienvenu: that looks like macro-assembler. something that exist
LucMiron: It would be somewhat like Batari Basic, in the sense that the language is only a front-end for the assembly code the Batari compiler generates.
Daniel Bienvenu: but not exactly with the part that looks like basic language
Daniel Bienvenu: I did take a look at batari
Daniel Bienvenu: to make it that way, you have to cut some possibilities like scrolling. well, it's the understanding I did have when reading about batari
Daniel Bienvenu: anyway, happy new year Luc and talk to you next week. toi aussi Dale, bonne annee! on se reparle la semaine prochaine, je l'espere.
LucMiron: Happy New Year!
LucMiron: Talk to you next time!
Daniel Bienvenu: take care
Daniel Bienvenu: bye
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
LucMiron: Well, gotta go catch some Zzzs.
LucMiron: See ya Dale!
LucMiron: (And suddently, Dale realizes he's alone.)
LucMiron left chat session
Dale: bye
Dale left chat session
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