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rich-c: test
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changed username to Judy
Judy: Hi, Rich
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changed username to BobS
rich-c: hi judy, it's working tonight?
BobS: Hi richard
rich-c: hi Bob, how goes it?
BobS: not too bad.....sore feet, but liveable
Judy: are you here
BobS: doc called tonight........everything A-OK....but feet still sore
rich-c: I gather you have had a few long days of late
BobS: all days
rich-c: what do teh sore feet relate to?
Judy: poor guy is having a rough time
BobS: THAT is what we are trying to find out
BobS: maybe just old age
rich-c: love that kind of problem - what have you found out?
Judy: or abused feet
Judy: what it is not
rich-c: not swelling induced by any heart problem?
Judy: bloodwork came back good
Judy: no swelling,they just hurt
rich-c: that at least is encouraging
Judy: next is exray on back
rich-c: but hurting feet when you are on them all day are a real problem
BobS: not when the feet are still sore
BobS: si senor
rich-c: there are signs of back problems?
BobS: been trying to find out and fix this problem for 2 years +
BobS: no signs of back problems,no
rich-c: trust me, you do not need any - they stick arounbd too much
Judy: but back problem can cause sore feet
rich-c: yes, it's one of the things that need looking into
Judy: so says the dr
rich-c: yes, they can cause a subtle change in the stance, I believe
rich-c: Bob, have you ever had a bone scan?
Judy: but by the exam the other day dr says he didn't think that was the problem but the bloodwork didn't show anything so this is the next step
Judy: no, he has not
BobS: no bone scan
Judy: don't think we want to pay for a bone scan
rich-c: I doubt you are a candidate for osteoporosis but asking the doc might be prudent
Judy: how is your back doing?
rich-c: back to being sore again for no visible reason - I'll nag teh doctor when I see him Friday
BobS: got to get the xrays on Fri and then see what happens
BobS: good
Judy: does the weather affect it?
BobS: no
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rich-c: no, at the moment it is too slippery for me to go out so my weather never changes
BobS: no, richard.who knows
BobS: hey Pam
Judy: hi, Pamela
rich-c: hello daughter
Pamela: glg - hi
Pamela: sorry, mouthful
rich-c: just have to start dinner earlier, daughter
Judy: mouthful of what?
rich-c: brb
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Pamela: on tonite's menu we have a lovely tenderloin of pork, some new potatoes and a side of tender green beans
Pamela: was yummy
Judy: sounds good
changed username to Guy B.
Pamela: when I started to eat I wasn't that hungry
Guy B.: Greetings from snowy Chicago
Pamela: but it sure disappeared in a hurry
Pamela: Hi Guy
Judy: we had fish, was Ryan's choice, is his birthday today
Judy: Hi, Guy
BobS: hiGuy
rich-c: hello Guy
Pamela: well, Happy Birthday to him
Guy B.: How old is he now Judy?
Pamela: how old is he now Judy?
Judy: 8 years old
Pamela: LOL - great minds, Guy
Pamela: wow
Guy B.: Wow, time sure flew
rich-c: happy birthday to Ryan from here too
rich-c: and greetings from snowy Toronto, Guy
Judy: brought him to pick out a cake, thought I got him the world
Guy B.: How much snow do you have Rich?
Pamela: snowy and soggy!
Judy: we just got a couple of inches
Guy B.: We have a little over an inch and half
rich-c: don't know, I'd guess maybe about six inches - did have the ploughs our
Pamela: did we really get that much Dad? Didn't seem like it
rich-c: our shovellers were making heavy wetehr of it
Pamela: but then again, much of it was slush by the time I got back to the car
rich-c: well, I try to guess how deep a trench Clive and his crew had to dig
Pamela: : )
Judy: was really slippery this morning when I went to exercise class
Pamela: by the way, happy New Year to everyone
rich-c: you can bet your mother knows to the millimeter
Pamela: probably
Judy: happy new year to you also
rich-c: and happy new year all round from us, too
Judy: and to you Rich
Pamela: here it is seven days in and I've gotten zip accomplished so far, apart from enriching the economy
Judy: what did you buy?
Pamela: everything, seems like
rich-c: we saw the forecast today so we did our grocery shopping yesterdaqy
BobS: got some rest here
Pamela: we were out of everything and needed a few odds and ends
rich-c: Frances has to go to the dentist tomorrow and I have the doctor Friday
BobS requested to ban Judy
rich-c confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
BobS: Judy'sn battery died so she will be gone a few minutes
Pamela: did get a few small deals, like two cookie sheets for $7.00
Guy B. confirmed ban
Guy B.: Did we lose Judy already?
Pamela: but I have to wonder, why is it you can't buy a lunchbag in this town unless its just before back to school?
rich-c: I got a couple of pair of slacks Monday
Pamela: where did you get them Dad?
rich-c: saw a new laptop that would do well for us but Frances did not feel inclined to use it
rich-c: Sears - I finally found a counter with a sales clerk
Pamela: at Yorkdale?
Pamela: brave soul
rich-c: yes, it's a place for an indoor walk so I did that too
BobS: so buy a new laptop for YOU and giveFrances your
BobS: computer
rich-c: see? your old man's a mall walker now
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Pamela: it's a good idea for the rotten weather Dad
changed username to judy
Guy B.: Judy's back
rich-c: Frances wants no part of "my" (i.e. the desktop) computer - doesn't like it
Pamela: just seems ironic that you drive to the mall, then walk, then drive home : )
Pamela: that's better Judy
rich-c: welcome back, judy
judy: the darn thing after it shuts down it tells you critical battery
rich-c: I think that's the sign of a battery on its last legs, Judy
judy: it could say it before it throws you out
judy: don't know
Pamela: you'd think . . .
rich-c: it's supposed to, it's just dying too fast
rich-c: our laptop does the same thing
judy: if that is the cast it will have to be replaced someday
rich-c: it needs a new battery too
Pamela: wonder why Dad, you don't use it on battery very much
judy: Bob probably has more batteries
rich-c: seems the battery doesn't like our using it on AC, gets jealous and goes on strike
Pamela: we can still get about three hours from ours
judy: I could keep track of it but you forget
rich-c: but there is no automatic switch to move it from AC to battery or bypass the battery
BobS: at this point, the battery is just so you can use the computer short term without a plug
rich-c: I'm lucky if mine lasts 20 minutes before doing the death spiral Judy was describing
BobS: we last approx 50-60 minutes with the best couple,and go downhill fromthere
rich-c: and it is so slow and unresponsive when on battery, too
Pamela: don't know what we'll do when we get to the point where we need a new one
Pamela: probably get a new computer : )
judy: ..
rich-c: that's why I'm looking - like a bigger hard disc, more ports, and a DVD burner, too
Pamela: still having updating issues, Judy?
BobS: depends on when that happens Pam......and how active and working for you needs the computer all is well, get a battery off Ebay
judy: yes
rich-c: eBay sellers won't ship to Canada, Bob
judy: Doug doesn't seem to know what is doing it
Pamela: that's really weird
judy: that it is
Pamela: maybe I can find a Canuck with one
rich-c: yes, if Doug can't figure it out, it must be really something
Pamela: or I'll put you on the case, Bob : )
judy: Bob did in his computer over the week-end, had to call on Doug
BobS: buy from Ebay canada
judy: he broke both of his hinges
Pamela: it's a Toshiba Satellite, but I have no idea what vintage or model
rich-c: oh, long as you pay retail, they'll fall all over themselves to sell you a new battery here
BobS: what number Satellite
Pamela: ???? how did you do that?
BobS: hinges broke
Pamela: beats me Bob
BobS: again........
BobS: says just above the keyboard, no?????
judy: just moving the screen
rich-c: eBay Canada often lists stuff from sellers who won't ship to Canada
Pamela: a 2450, according to the label on the bottom
rich-c: itshould be a way to sort through but it isnt
Pamela: all it says on the top is Satellite
judy: then because the first one broke thesecond couldn't hold it and it broke
Pamela: how on earth do you break the hinges?
rich-c: how do you fix a busted hinge on a laptop?
Pamela: that was my next question
judy: ask him, he has done it before
judy: poor design in his computer
rich-c: busted, fixed, or both?
Pamela: Bob, while I remember, have we settled on the end of June for the convention?
judy: replaced
BobS: got to start hitting hotels....but yes sounds good
judy: ..
BobS: and it IS only Jan early, so why hurry ?????? :-)
rich-c: yes, get more choice and better rates if you're early - they should be getting pretty hungry now, too
Pamela: the subject came up on Monday and I thought I had better check
Guy B.: Vacation time shouldn't be a problem this year. Not working overtime
judy: next week things will settle down and we will have to begin the process
Pamela: first day back, and we're already booking vacation
rich-c: well yes Guy but ther e are some others in the group very limited in when they can come
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changed username to Ron
Pamela: I'm goin' shopping - better save my pennies
Pamela: Hi
Pamela: Ron
Ron: Hi all!
rich-c: hello Ron! they dug you out from under!
judy: we are trying to get the kids together for celebration dinner for our anniversary and can't even arrange that
judy: hi, Ron
Guy B.: Well, the only exception I can't take vacation is February. We have a new database system coming and that's the training period
Ron: Not yet, we've still got a couple of feet of the stuff - but at least now it is thawing
Ron: Hi Judy
Guy B.: Hi Ron
BobS: Hey Ron........jsut saw the weather report for your area tonight....not good
Ron: hi Mr. B
judy: won't be in Feb
Ron: no, very unwetcoast like
Guy B.: June sounds like a good month
Ron: we enjoy our little bit of whining out here
rich-c: so far, it's shaping up as a snowy winter here, too
Pamela: what does training consist of, Guy?
Ron: Yes Rich, so I hear
Pamela: we're all whining Ron : )
Ron: well there ya go
Pamela: especially me, as I neglected to replace my leaky boots in the fall when I should have
rich-c: yes, I can risk slippery surfaces so I am rather housebound - getting cabin fever
judy: doesn't everyone, Ron?
Ron: This coming Saturday we're having a belated Christmas dinner with some people coming up
Guy B.: Since this is new. It's all different. It's a web based rather than a custom program. And it's a lot more complicated
Pamela: what are you using the database for?
judy: you should be able to get a new pair of boots at a good price now, Pam
Guy B.: It's our membership database
rich-c: oh goody, Guy - cloud computing. Welcome to the latest high tech - remember to refill the aspirin!
Pamela: sure - try to get a pair of size 9W or WW flat waterproof boots with good treads in January
Pamela: called all over the freakin city today
Pamela: everyone is sold out
rich-c: things are not as tough and tight here as with your, judy - we do have problems but not so extreme
judy: really!!
Guy B.: This new system will replace over a half dozen programs we are currently using. They are doing this in phases, phase 1 is scheduled to Go Live on March 2
judy: they have a little of everything left over here
Pamela: yeah, it's these square feet of mine that cause the trouble (thanks, Dad!)
Ron: Our big problem now is with excess water - rain and melting snow. All the drainage catchments are clogged with ice
Ron: So there's flooding all over
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judy: we have had the flooding here, also
Ron: so I've heard
changed username to JeffAlfred
rich-c: such melting as we have had has run off fairly smoothly so far - that won't last
Pamela: thankfully, the maintenance guys at our building have discovered the location of the catchbasin at our corner
judy: but now we are back to snow
Pamela: Hi Jeff
BobS: well, Michigan has "only 10% unemployment" .....BUT the unemployment system phone lines are overloaded, and the computer sytems online are overloaded, so you have to go in person and wait approx 5 -6 hrs
JeffAlfred: Hello
BobS: HI Jeff
JeffAlfred: Hi
rich-c: Judy, we did not have a housing bubble here, nor quite so much overdue consumer credit
judy: Hi, Jeff
Ron: evening from the west coast Jeff
JeffAlfred: Anyone know where to get Adam CP/M public domain software these days?
rich-c: hello Jeff!
Pamela: sounds like fun, Bob
BobS: sure......just have to find it
rich-c: I think I've got some available, why?
BobS: that does NOT sound like fun madam
Ron: Anything specific Jeff?
JeffAlfred: I had most of my CP/M stuff on 3 1/2" disks and it didn't survive over the years like my 5 1/4 disks did
rich-c: really? never heardd anything like that before
Ron: interesting
BobS: oops......and we were always told that the disks and tapes wouldn't last
JeffAlfred: I've had my Adam packed away for years and just found out I can't read most of my 3 1/2 disks on either of my drives
BobS: may be the drives.........
JeffAlfred: I thought someone would have the public domain stuff available for download somewhere but I didn't find anything
rich-c: that the discs or teh drives, Jeff? teh drive heads do corrode and it doesn't take much to stop them
Ron:'s usually the other way around
judy: ..
rich-c: no, I have collections I bought for resale
judy: even my dots aren't coming thru
JeffAlfred: I tried to read them on my PC drive for use with Adamem also and the same disks that failed on the Adam failed on my PC
BobS: TAHT is a bad sign Jeff.......does sound like a failure to thrive of the disks
rich-c: that is suggestive though not definitive
BobS: did you try a head disk cleaner onthe ADAM drive???
rich-c: did you confirm that your drives would read the OK discs on the PC?
JeffAlfred: rich-c - are you saying that you still offer public domain stuff?
JeffAlfred: yeah, the ones that read on the Adam worked on the PC
rich-c: yes, I charge for it but have lots - I bought out NIADs remainder stock when Lyall quit
Pamela: wow, someone out there has an industrial strength snowblower from the sound of it
JeffAlfred: great, do you have a catalog online?
judy: ..
Pamela: you're here Judy
rich-c: unfortunately, no - though if there is anything from NIAD or Adam's House you want, I likely have it
judy: about time for a snack, brb
judy: the dots are not working tonight
Ron: fax me a snack Judy
judy: what can I get you?
Pamela: chocolate!
Ron: yes, chocolate!
Pamela: oh wait, I have some of that
judy: trying to avoid that working on taking off a couple of pounds
Ron: I can only eat for about an hour, then I have to fast. Blood tests tomorrow morning - fasting blood sugar
rich-c: I'd offer a beer but I only have one left on ice
judy: bummer
Ron: I know eh
Ron: part of my annual medical, to see if I get to live for another year
judy: should have lost some today sure exercised enough
Ron: what did ya do Judy?
rich-c: wait till you get to my age, Ron
Pamela: you're still on the right side of the grass Ron, so it's all good
Ron: Susan says she's determined that I will make to age 90
judy: water exercise, shoveling and exercise bike
rich-c: you find you shrink at the poles and expand at the equator, weven if your weight doesn't change
Ron: will take some major lifestyle changes
Pamela: and studies indicate that married men live longer
Ron: well Judy, you're to be admired
JeffAlfred: Rich-c - do you have a website or email address that I could contact you out to order some when I figure out what I need?
rich-c: I suspect your doctor will have some very serious reeservations about you shovelling, Ron
Ron: No - I shovel and have shovelled for the past 28 days. Although we have a neighbour with a bobcat and plough for the main driveway
rich-c: Jeff - try my gmail account - I use the handle blueboxer2 there
Ron: Have treadmill - it folds up quite nicely in the corner for days on end
Pamela: every day Ron? That's a lot of snow
Ron: no, not every day, but it sure seemed like it there for a while
JeffAlfred: thanks!
rich-c: don't know what's the matter with Tasmco this week but their spam filter seems to have gone wonky
Pamela: hasn't been a problem for me Dad
Pamela: I did notice that John has been fiddling with the home page again
rich-c: maybe it was Mailwasher then, or that I switched to Thunderbird
Pamela: it's not a wall decoration, Ron
rich-c: but I had three messages from regulars tossed in with the spam today
Pamela: although I should talk, my
Pamela: Gazelle has been horizontal for months
Ron: oh. Gee Pam, you would have to point that out!
judy: we have one of them also but it just is setting there by itself
rich-c: don't know where I'd put one if I had one
rich-c: brb - beer time
judy: you were using the treadmill weren't you, Ron
Pamela: well once we get the Christmas tree down, I'll have enough room to pull it out again
Pamela: at least until we start shovelling out the back room
Pamela: then, all bets are off
BobS: been having the same problem with att internet here Richard
judy: I have one tree down, one to go
Pamela: I don't think you could find enough room for a treadmill
Pamela: Dad
Ron: Yes, I was. But over the holidays, it has, alas, fallen into disuse. But I will rise upon it again soon!
JeffAlfred left chat session
judy: but the bikes are getting used again
judy: that is good
Ron: my bicycle awaits greener times
Pamela: same bikes you've had for a while Judy?
judy: yes, but I did get a big exercise ball this week that i am trying to get the hang of
rich-c: back
Pamela: those balls look like they take some getting used to
judy: sit on it and move around without moving the ball, a real trip
Ron: never tried one of those Judy. My daughter in law has one - it lives in the spare bedroom
Pamela: people do a lot of things on them that I don't think I'd be willing to try
rich-c: have to talk to John - actually I did send him an email
Pamela: oh?
judy: it is soft
Ron: tried to sit on it once, and ended up on my butt on the floor
Ron: that was not pretty, let me tell you
Pamela: I gather they're good for strengthening the core muscles
judy: the dvd wasn't much that came with it so am looking for a better one
Pamela: yes I'm afraid that would happen to me too Ron
rich-c: have you seen teh new snow bicycle they're making out your way, Ron?
Ron: you have to know what you're doing with this modern stuff
Ron: no Rich, tell me about it
rich-c: you take a mountain bike and screw a frame with a track on it
rich-c: there's a frame for the fromt wheel
judy: Ryan was impressed with the size of the thing
Pamela: track like a Bobcat track Dad?
Ron: Sounds like one more thing for the young bloods to ski out of bounds with
Ron: thereby generating a search and rescue incident
rich-c: go to, click on "today's paper", click it over to Monday, look for the story in the first secion.
Pamela: is it almost as tall as he is Judy?
judy: yes, he didn't know what to make of it
rich-c: if that fails, try Sunday, if that fails there's a copy in in the trains, boats etc. threads
Ron: good. will check that out
Pamela: I'll bet
Pamela: did you show him?
rich-c: no, more intended for snowy city, actually - they have a picture
Ron: ic
judy: no, not today was exercised out today
Ron: even Vancouver would have benefited
rich-c: anyway quite interesting, Ron - if you don't find it get back to me and I'll check further
Pamela: I saw pics of Montreal after the last big storm, and there was someone riding down the street on his bicycle
Ron: right
Ron: brb
Pamela: making better time than the cars, I might add
judy: maybe next week
Pamela: wonder where my hubby is
Pamela: probably cursing the TTC
Pamela: hark
judy: ..
judy: he just walked in
rich-c: ron, it's in the Tuesday Star, front section - about six items down "pedal powered snowmobile"
Pamela: yes, he just arrived
rich-c: say hello to Russell for us - must have been a tough commute tonight
judy: ..
rich-c: by the way, judy, your dots are showing on my computer
Pamela: he says hi, and no, commute was okay for a change
Pamela: so I guess he just got a late start from work
judy: they are on mine now too
rich-c: seems a fair assumption - unless he stopped for a beer!
judy: but some of them didn't a while back
Pamela: nah, he's usually too anxious to get home and eat
judy: now you have to make dinner?
Pamela: he made excellent time last night, was home in 50 minutes
rich-c: maybe you should use a backslash that shows better
judy: could try that
Pamela: dinner is made, he'll just reheat
judy: that works, Pam
Pamela: our microwave gets a lot of use : )
Pamela: speaking of which, one of the things I've discovered is the Ziploc steam bags
rich-c: your mother roasted up a bit of pork tenderloin for us Sunday
Pamela: that's what we had tonite Dad
judy: never heard of them
Pamela: (see my bad snooty waiter impression of earlier)
rich-c: it went down very well with some Angel's Gate Riesling from Niagara
Pamela: put your veggie in the bag, no water needed - they cook very quickly
judy: have to buy more of that we haven't had that in a while
judy: will have to look for them
Pamela: we have one almost every week - they've taken to selling them in cryovac two-packs for very cheap
judy: I see
Pamela: two pounds for about $6.50 IIRC
Pamela: which is four meals for us
Pamela: two lunch and two dinner
Pamela: Ziploc Zip n' Steam, Judy
Pamela: a full bag of broccoli done in five minutes or so
rich-c: are those to be used in the microwave, Pam?
Ron: found it Rich. Ain't that some contraption eh?
Pamela: yes Dad
rich-c: thought you'd get a kick out of it, Ron
rich-c: your mother is now interested in a microwave, but still cant find a place to put it
Ron: anyway guys and gals, I need to depart. Will bid you a fond g'nite, and see ya's next week
Pamela: goodnight Ron
rich-c: our best to Susan, Ron, and see you next week
Pamela: don't forget to take down your wall art
judy: //
Pamela: : )
Ron: g'nite all..... poooffff
judy: //
Ron left chat session
Pamela: yes, wish Susan a Happy New Year
BobS: ok ron be good and have FUN
Pamela: wow he poofed quickly
BobS: man he is FAST
Guy B.: Quick
Pamela: and in a hurry
rich-c: that isn't a backslash \\ judy, that's a solidus // ;-)
Pamela: hmm, computer says 10:34,
Pamela: VCR says 10:32
Pamela: something is out of whack
rich-c: should be a minute earlier - don't you use internet time?
judy: that was handy but didn't work the first time either
Pamela: every electric clock in the house is screwed up since the blackout on the 28th
rich-c: you mean your computer has a learn ing curve for every keypress? 8-)
judy: you had a blackout?
rich-c: yes, but you can sync your computer with internet time (actually the atomic clock) with no sweat
Pamela: yes, the 28th was that really windy day
Pamela: we were without power for six hours!
rich-c: right-click on your time display, click on the internet time tab, and employ common sense
judy: we lost power a week ago on Sunday due to wind also
Pamela: were you out for long?
rich-c: fortunately we escaped that - since we have a wholly electric house, it matters
judy: was around the same day that you did
judy: from 4am to 3pm
rich-c: there were some of our rural communities that were down for three days - they ran out of repair crews
Pamela: we went down about 8:45 am and didn't come back up till about 2:15 pm
judy: we are all electric also but have a generator
Pamela: really screwed up my day
judy: as backup
rich-c: no so few reapair crews - there was that much damage
Pamela: are you heated with electric Judy?
judy: no gas but need electric to make it work
Pamela: M & D have an electric furnace too
rich-c: yes but it requires a generator with a LOT less capacity!
judy: but we can get by all right without for a time
Pamela: we are on radiators but without the electricity to heat the water, it gets chilly in here fairly quickly
rich-c: and the switchgear to let a backup generator work costs a fortune (I should tell you!)
judy: it was getting cold in here until we got things hooked up to the generator
BobS: a BIG generator and transfer switch will set you back LOTS of cash for sure
judy: used oil lamps to get around first thing in the morning
rich-c: yes, we are well insulated so likely could get by short term on portable fan heaters
rich-c: we're increasingly tempted as our options become more limited
Pamela: well it was light enough around here, but no hot water so I couldn't shower, and no elevator so I couldn't grocery shop - very annoying
rich-c: at least we won't lose our computer and vcr setting and stuff - we have UPS backups for that
Pamela: if we ever have a house (here I go again) we will definitely look at UPS backups and a generator
Pamela: at least that way we'll have enough power for refrigeration etc.
rich-c: well, someday you will quite likely inherit one, Pam - if you survive so long
rich-c: refrigerators are real power hogs
judy: //
Pamela: I'd only be concerned if it was a prolonged blackout Dad
rich-c: yes, the short stuff is no more than a nuisance - the vcr backup is very short term
Pamela: but having gone through the mess in 2003, I don't want to be that helpless again
Pamela: and we were lucky - we were only without power for 12 hours
Pamela: as you know, some people were days or more
rich-c: no, and in the winter it is always worse, of course - you have to worry about [pipes freezing'
Pamela: there's always the possiblity of ice storms too
rich-c: at least with white LED lights coming on the market, long-lasting emergency lights are practical
Pamela: I'll bet sales of generators went waaay up after the Quebec ice storm
rich-c: yes, quite bluntly, and awful lot of people were caught out by that who should not have been
Pamela: you would have been in the same boat
Pamela: no heat, no way to cook, no hot water, no refrigeration
rich-c: to a point, yes - you do not expect a tota;l collapse in an urban area
rich-c: back then we might have had a shot at running the trailer into the driveway, but the battery would not have lasted
judy: we have had a lot of wind lately, then you worry about losing power again
BobS: but it does happen
Pamela: yes, we had a couple of really windy days where I feared for our front windows
rich-c: yes, there has been a disquieting amount of wind around of late - lots of branches on the lawns
Pamela: watched as the whole thing, plate glass and all, flexing in the gusts
judy: some days you thought the house would blow away
rich-c: yes, we had only one large building shed any glass in Toronto, though
rich-c: I suspect maybe we got off lucky
Pamela: given the number of buildings downtown, I suspect you're right
judy: we are supposed to get really cold next week, may be the coldest of the year they are saying
Pamela: although the office buildings seem to be much sturdier than our building here at home
judy: not really looking forward to that
Pamela: wouldn't surprise me Judy, we moved at the end of January in 1997, on the coldest day of the year
rich-c: our forecast seems to be cold, well below freezing, but not record levels
Pamela: and it had been cold for some time
judy: we have not been that cold here the last few days
Pamela: I looked it up recently on Environment Canada
rich-c: looked at which, Pam?
Pamela: on the day we moved, it was - 18 with a windchill of minus 28
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to be going. Will see you all next week
Pamela: no wonder we killed the plants : )
judy: last year we were 57 yesterday
rich-c: see you, Guy
Pamela: goodnight Guy
judy: night Guy
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
BobS: nite Guy
BobS: gone
rich-c: yes, that was about 0F
BobS: we must be headinghome also
BobS: driving will be slippery
rich-c: right - take care of those feet, Bob
BobS: ;-)
judy: it is time to call it a night, so night all until next week
BobS: yessir
rich-c: and Judy, talk to you, take care
BobS: will do
Pamela: goodnight Bob and Judy
BobS: nite
BobS left chat session
judy left chat session
rich-c: and daughter, guess it;s time for us to close down too
Pamela: well Papa, I suppose it's time I went to bed
rich-c: OK, good night and sleep tight
Pamela: tell Mom I responded to her Facebook message
rich-c: OK
rich-c: colour me gone
Pamela: g'nite Daddy, talk to you soon
Pamela: kerpoof
rich-c left chat session
Pamela left chat session
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