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candy: heloo
candy: bayyy
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changed username to rich-c
changed username to Colecoguy Hurst
rich-c: hi Michael
rich-c: found your way in, I see
Colecoguy Hurst: hey Rich see I can make it on time
rich-c: the age of miracles has not yet passed ;-)
rich-c: the otehrss will likely start to arrive in about ten minutes
rich-c: they are not always punctiliously prompt
rich-c: you are quiet - having a problem?
Colecoguy Hurst: no prob sorry stepped w
rich-c: oh
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changed username to LucMiron
LucMiron: Howdy!
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changed username to BobS
rich-c: salut, Luc
BobS: ACHTUNG !!!!!
rich-c: and hello Bob
LucMiron: Kazoontites.
BobS: how you all are?
BobS: MICHAEL ??????!!!!!?????
LucMiron: We are well all
rich-c: I'm doing fine but Michael seems to have fallen off or something
BobS: longa timea no heara froma
BobS: oh
BobS: do you have contact with him fromtime to time Richard?
rich-c: he was up here to get some stuff yesterday
Colecoguy Hurst: sorry doing three things at once having trouble with router and tvs again
rich-c: and will likel,y be along again later this week - he has stuff I want and vice versa
Colecoguy Hurst: on phone with trend net again
Colecoguy Hurst: hello Bob
rich-c: OK, you now have a couple of new arrivals to talk to
BobS: hey Michael !!
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changed username to Sore Pamela
Colecoguy Hurst: how life bob i'm still arround 2
Colecoguy Hurst: lol
BobS: longtime since I heard your name onthe acreen
rich-c: have you met Luc, Michael?
Sore Pamela: MICHAEL!!
Colecoguy Hurst: pammy
rich-c: whassa matter, daughter?
BobS: hey Pam, why sore?
Sore Pamela: Hi babe, how are you?
BobS: fall on the ice?
Sore Pamela: "spectacular" wipeout yesterday, according to Erin
Colecoguy Hurst: great now your here
Sore Pamela: awww
BobS: I am abouta 4 Michael.........sorefeet, bad knee, bum heart
LucMiron: I do not know this Michael you speak of. :)
BobS: sucks, eh?
Sore Pamela: well it could have been worse Bob
rich-c: Michael is one of our longest term Adam users, Luc
Sore Pamela: I landed on the padded parts
rich-c: but he has his trouble, most recently a battle with lung cancer
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Sore Pamela: gave myself a jolt but that's all
changed username to Judy
Sore Pamela: Hi Judy
rich-c: hi Judy
LucMiron: Yo guys, I got a question from some guy on the CCJVQ forum. It's about the 256K RAM expansion board. Is there any documentation for it?
Sore Pamela: btw, Hi Daddy
Judy: Hi, Everyone
BobS: oh, falling is NOT agood thing forthose over 12 yrs of age
Sore Pamela: ya got that right
BobS: oh boy......good question Luc
Judy: you are not supposed to fall, Pam
BobS: which maker of board
BobS: ????
Sore Pamela: 'twas actually kinda funny Judy
rich-c: far as I know, Luc, you just plug it in, wire it over to access the portion over 64K
Judy: doesn't sound like it
BobS: Orpphanware, Micro Innovations or E&TSoftware
Sore Pamela: temp dropped yesterday from just on freezing to minus 10 in a couple of hours
LucMiron: @BobS: I dunno. The guy wants to do a project that requires a lot of RAM, and the 64K expansion isn't enough.
Sore Pamela: all the runoff in the GO parking lot froze
Judy: only for others,maybe
Sore Pamela: I stopped to let Erin catch up to me and said, be careful (pointing) that's liable to be really icy
Judy: yes, it is like that here also, it is so cold
BobS: OK, ALL the 256k and up boards REQUIRE either a parallel card or an addressor card inorder to accessmore tahn 256k
Sore Pamela: I no sooner had the words out of my mouth than boom, down I went
rich-c: well, it does have to be connected to something in the centre slot, printer card or such
Judy: sounds painfull
Sore Pamela: Erin says it looked like I was sliding into home plate
rich-c: you need to take it easier - you're a little old for falling
Sore Pamela: I guess because of the way I was turned, looking over my right shoulder, I had my right leg back a bit and it folded under me, cushioning my fall
rich-c: Bob: you mean more than 64K
LucMiron: Well, sounds complicated. Can I give the guy someone's e-mail address, and he could contact this person directly for information?
Sore Pamela: landed on calf, thigh, hip, and the flat part of my arm
Sore Pamela: believe me Dad, I was taking it easy
Sore Pamela: I was actually stationary
Sore Pamela: my biggest worry was getting run over - the people in that parking lot are always in a huge rush to get out of there
rich-c: not really, Luc, there's a little hole on the memory card and pin on most printer cards
Colecoguy Hurst: hi again everyone sorry I am now paying attention had a router problem and have yet again fixed another Poor Lorne he was tring to watch the news when all heck broke out at 6:10pm now I fixed it he can watch the recording hahahaha LOL
Sore Pamela: if that's the worst fall I take, I'll be happy
BobS: sure Luc......... adamcomputer at yahoo dot com
rich-c: Bob or Michael, you got a diagram you could email him?
BobS: ARMS DON'T HAVE FLAT SPOTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!
BobS: probably, Richard
Colecoguy Hurst: might have one in the vast collection
Sore Pamela: well, as opposed to my elbow or my wrist, Bob
Judy: we were out looking for a hotel this week and it looks like June 25-29 will work out with any hotel we have looked at
Sore Pamela: since I know people who have broken both pieces doing just that
Sore Pamela: I'm for going back to the Comfort Inn on 28th, Judy
Colecoguy Hurst: OH yea I need the stuff bob for how convert an adam cable to a power supply from a desktop
Sore Pamela: loved that hotel
rich-c: yes, you had a prime example right in hour home, didn't you?
Sore Pamela: oh yeah
Sore Pamela: at least I think it was 28th - the one really close to your place?
Judy: that is #1 on our list at this point
Colecoguy Hurst: I have to run out with Scrappy will be bacl in 5 - 10 min OK folks (dog)
LucMiron: I have more info here... The guy is asking about schematics of the 256K expansion card. More precisely, info on the expansion ports J5, J6 and J7.
Sore Pamela: bundle up Michael, it's really cold
Colecoguy Hurst: I am you should see me
Judy: or the Quality Inn 500 feet down the road
Sore Pamela: that would do too, given our recent experience : )
rich-c: ain't no expansion ports on any 256K I can recall seeing
BobS: me at the address about 20lines above and remeind me, I have the p;in outs and voltages
Judy: yes, it was 28th Street
LucMiron: @rich: Well, that's what he wrote. Not sure if it makes sense to anyone here or not...
Sore Pamela: I was looking at the map of Kentwood and GR the other day and trying to get my bearings
BobS: not to me I doesn't
BobS: well Pam, get OFF the freeway and go west
Judy: anyway plan on the dates of June 25-29
Sore Pamela: I've already booked the vacation time : )
rich-c: far as I know, last week of June works for us
LucMiron: @BobS: So is adamcomputer at yahoo dot com your personal address?
Judy: that is what we like to hear
Judy: can't wait, then it will be warm
rich-c: and I bet they will be helpful about extra days so we can see teh Ford Museum and Meijer Gardens too
Sore Pamela: everyone came back to work and started booking vacation time - thought I'd better book my time while I could
BobS: ya mon
BobS: it gets forwarded
Sore Pamela: and the planetarium
Judy: oh, yes they have nothing on the books
Sore Pamela: thinking we might spend a night or two in Windsor, too
Judy: talk to Ron about the planetium
rich-c: and from the looks of things it will be a thin summer - you should get a dynamite deal
Sore Pamela: seems to me he slept through it, didn't he?
Judy: planetarium
Judy: we all did
Sore Pamela: LOL
rich-c: there's a Frank Lloyd Wright house there too that's open for tours
Sore Pamela: that's edumacational!
Judy: even me and sleeping is not one of my strong points
Sore Pamela: I'm guessing the chairs are really comfy : )
Sore Pamela: I'm already making my shopping list too
Judy: yes, and lack of sleep from being at AdamCon
Sore Pamela: yes, and I don't get that
LucMiron: Okay, so I just sent a message to the guy, who calls himself Sly DC. If he's serious about his project, you should hear from him soon, Bob.
BobS: OK Luc
Sore Pamela: we all profess to be going to bed - so what happens?
Colecoguy Hurst: OK Bob will do
Judy: I think that was in the time that most stayed up later in the night, no one wanted to give up
LucMiron: Now for another quick question: Is "hardhat" Dale Wick's AtariAge username?
Judy: we were a little younger then
Sore Pamela: you should have seen me today Michael - I was so bundled I'm surprised my arms didn't stick out at my sides : )
Sore Pamela: we still do it though Judy
BobS: haven't the slightest idea of Dale's Atariage name
Sore Pamela: I think part of the problem is, we try to get a year's worth of visiting into four days
LucMiron: Well, if Dale drops by, I'll try to remember to ask him... :)
Judy: ..
Sore Pamela: if we come in early, maybe we'll alleviate some of that by having an extra day or two to spend visiting
Judy: I think that is part of it, Pam
Judy: that would be great
Judy: and stay long if you can
rich-c: Frzances and I will likely either come early or stay late
Sore Pamela: I booked the . . . uh . . lemme look
Sore Pamela: I booked the 22nd through the 30th, and of course the 1st is a holiday
Judy: we got home an hour ago and I am still cold
Judy: that sounds wonderful
rich-c: so will you stop in Windsor on teh way in or out?
Sore Pamela: on the way home I expect
Sore Pamela: leave GR on Monday, stop there overnight and head home Tuesday
Sore Pamela: that will give us a day to recuperate before back to work on Thursday
rich-c: I think we will just do straight-through trips, via Sarnia/Port Huron
Sore Pamela: and we won't be trying to travel on the stat holiday
Sore Pamela: of course this all depends on whether Russell can get the time off
rich-c: I don't know, should mean fewer trucks tying up the border
rich-c: of course coming home that won't be an issue
Sore Pamela: yeah, but everyone else and his cousin will be trying to cross instead
rich-c: still, the inland Detroit traffic should be lighter
Sore Pamela: we'll probably cross at Detroit and use the bridge, same as last time
Sore Pamela: that worked out quite well for us
rich-c: well the bridge exits right onto Hurontarioi with your motel just before 401 entrance
Sore Pamela: I mean both coming and going Dad
rich-c: your call, Pam - I just will not go into that traffic
Sore Pamela: it's all speculation at this point Dad
Sore Pamela: you know, I'm chilly too Judy
Judy: h..
Sore Pamela: and I have warm dinner in me
Sore Pamela: had the oven on at 450 for a while but that seems to have worn off
Judy: sitting on the leather seats in the car is a killer
rich-c: I found I could take my sweater off after dinner
Sore Pamela: they're still better than vinyl, Judy
Judy: maybe but not cloth
rich-c: in a small room with a big computer it tends to warm fairly quickly
Sore Pamela: true. I like my leather seats well enough but I miss the velour on the Taurus
Judy: I have my computer on my lap and still not warm
rich-c: well, our van's cloth seats were more than chill enough last night
Judy: in the winter they are awfully cold
Sore Pamela: where did you go for dinner Dad?
rich-c: up to the Bon Vivant - they're starting to recognize us now
Judy: we have been out a lot thru the week-end
Judy: we really celebrated
rich-c: what were you celebrating, Judy?
Sore Pamela: did you manage to get everyone together Judy?
Judy: our anniversary
rich-c: which one?
Judy: everyone but our son-in-law
Judy: 40 years
Sore Pamela: well done! Happy anniversary!
rich-c: nice even figure - our next big one will be our 60th in 22015
rich-c: 2015
Judy: thank you
BobS: now THAT is aLONG time
BobS: oh 2015 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
rich-c: anyway, congratulations to both of you
Sore Pamela: yes, we were celebrating both five years and twenty years on New Years
rich-c: yes, we were married in 1955
Judy: thank you, Rich
rich-c: going to be an anniversay for my school graduating class this year, our 60th - and teh 100th year for the school, too
LucMiron: Multi-tasking... So what did I miss? Whoa, I missed a lot!
Sore Pamela: we're a talkative bunch tonite Luc : )
LucMiron: No kiddin'
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changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: we lost Michael - router trouble again, I wonder?
LucMiron: Hi Guy.
Sore Pamela: Hi Guy
Sore Pamela: I dunno Dad, he fell off about 15 minutes ago
rich-c: hell Guy - have your fingers thawed enough to type now?
Guy B.: Greetings from frigid Chicago and we got a foot of snow for this month
Sore Pamela: that boy needs to get a decent ISP
Sore Pamela: greetings from frigid Toronto back at ya - though we can't claim the snow yet
BobS: hi Guy
Judy: ..
Judy: Hi, Guy
Sore Pamela: now if James gets on and claims it's 15 and sunny, I'm gonna have to kill him : )
rich-c: we had snow earlier, don't know if it's quit yet or not - it's dropping to -21C tonight
Guy B.: Annie seems to enjoy the snow and she decided she wanted to play in it
Judy: lucky you Guy
Guy B.: We have a Wind Chill Warning through Friday
Sore Pamela: it's not bad if you're dressed for it and moving around
Guy B.: I'm giving Annie limited walking due to the cold and she knows that's cold out there
rich-c: looks like we will have few periods over 0F till next Monday
Judy: it just keeps on snowing here maybe not large amounts the last week but it is mounting up anyway
Judy: we are over 80inches so far this winter
Sore Pamela: well let it snow - I have new boots : )
Sore Pamela: (not that that helped yesterday)
rich-c: swe already set an new annual record for precipitation in 2008 - we don't need any encores
Guy B.: Over 40 for us. The all time record is 88.9 back during 1978-79
Judy: I gave one pair away the other night, wore them and my feet were freezing
Sore Pamela: so who'd you give them to???
Judy: said that they were history, Meeka took them home with her
rich-c: since we're already only halfway through the month, watch that record
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LucMiron: !
changed username to Colecoguy
Guy B.: Brb
LucMiron: Oups, sorry. :>
Sore Pamela: I hope she doesn't end up with cold feet instead
Sore Pamela: what happened, Michael?
Colecoguy: back again sorry
rich-c: you're back, Michael. Router troubles?
Colecoguy: reboot long story off a short pier you know what I mean call me 416-962-8379
Judy: weather people say that if you have a lot of snow in Dec and Jan it ends early
Sore Pamela: I'll believe that when I see it
Colecoguy: We can only hope Judy yuppers
Judy: hope they are correct, then we are almost thru with the worst of it
Sore Pamela: Michael are you on Facebook?
Colecoguy: second that motion Pammy
rich-c: here our lowest average low for the year is the last week in January
LucMiron: Gotta go people. Thanks for the help with the 256K RAM expansion question, earlier!
rich-c: after that teh average daily mean temperature stars up again
Judy: she wore them Mon and didn't complain, don't know why not
rich-c: see you Luc
Sore Pamela: wow, it's quiet in here all of a sudden - I can hear the bathtub dripping
LucMiron: Poof!
Sore Pamela: ciao, Luc
LucMiron left chat session
Colecoguy: thats pretty much the usuall I would agree
Judy: night Luc
Colecoguy: night luc
Sore Pamela: that would be the week we moved in 1997 - the coldest day of the year
rich-c: yep, thyem's the numbers, direct from Environment Canada
Judy: we broke a record for low temp this morning
Sore Pamela: not the best idea we ever had
rich-c: government figures I can actually believe - how about that?
Sore Pamela: Michael - Facebook?
Judy: no, Jan would not be a good time to move any year
Sore Pamela: that's how I managed to kill my plants
Colecoguy: was pretty nasty for Scrappy and I at 445 this am here in TO we usually go arround block didn't even make it have way and I can tell you we were bunndled up as Rich can attest to as he has seen how I dress in winter
rich-c: going to go fetch my beer - brb
Colecoguy: yes
Colecoguy: on fackbook
Sore Pamela: oh, good
Colecoguy: face
Sore Pamela: why on earth were you out at 4:45 am?
Colecoguy: on my way to partime job at 6 got to get up ect
Colecoguy: I like it personally
Sore Pamela: ick - horrible hour of the morning
Colecoguy: 2 hours letter I'm home
Sore Pamela: last time we were up that early we were on our way to Chicago
Colecoguy: no prob for me now I'll be 49 in a few weeks
Sore Pamela: old man : )
Colecoguy: lol
Colecoguy: hahahahahahahahah
Colecoguy: not yet
Judy: we tried taking orchids home from Florida one year, they did not take the cold
Sore Pamela: I made the mistake of taking my peace lily across the street without benefit of the car
rich-c: works fine in July I'm told, Judy
Sore Pamela: froze the sucker
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changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi all.
Guy B.: Hi Dale
Sore Pamela: you only have about six months on Russell, Michael
Sore Pamela: Hi Dale
Dale: Don't be sore at me Pam. I didn't mean it.
Dale: ;-)
BobS: hi dale..........Luc had a question on your Atariage name..........tis at the top of the archive
rich-c: hello Dale - Luc was asking if you use the name hardhat on the atari forum
Sore Pamela: just sore all over Dale : )
Dale: I do, for sure.
Colecoguy: Pam can you call as I am about to get tossed again
Guy B.: Return in a few minutes
rich-c: as in Hardhat Mac?
Sore Pamela: will do and will add you to Facebook
Sore Pamela: I find I communicate better that way for some reason
Colecoguy: how do we do that
Sore Pamela: I'll find you
Judy: that would probably work but we are never in Florida in July
Colecoguy: no prob I use it but my sister set it up for the family
Sore Pamela: assuming you're you, of course
Sore Pamela: I'm on as Pamela Clee Vilneff
Judy: Hi, Dale
Dale: That's right Richard, like Hardhat Mac.
rich-c: I doubt you would enjoy Florida in July, Judy
rich-c: that brings back memories, Dale
rich-c: one of the few Adam games I ev er played much at all
Judy: I could, I like hot weather much better than cold
rich-c: me too, but there are limits
rich-c: by the way, hate to tell you, but your tolerance for any temperature extremes declines as you age
Colecoguy: Hi Dale Hope you and family are well and life treating you all good
Judy: brb, need to get Bob's lunch going
Sore Pamela: okay Michael, I just added you as a friend
Dale: Thanks Colecoguy. I'm doing well.
Sore Pamela: you'll have to log in and confirm me
Dale: Are you better than you were before? You were quite sick the last time we talked I think.
Colecoguy: Glad to hear it Dale
rich-c: that's Michael Hurst if you didn't realize, Dale
rich-c: it has been a while since we've heard from him
Dale: I thought so, then I did for sure after Pam's last comment.
Colecoguy: you are confirmed Pam
Sore Pamela: woohoo!
rich-c: I'm just too slow a typist to keep up with you folks
Colecoguy: weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :-)
Sore Pamela: LOL
Sore Pamela: that way I have a fighting chance of staying in touch
Colecoguy: Pam are you going to call Pls as I have to get on phone with HP god darn server
Sore Pamela: by the way Dale I meant to ask, where were you? Jillian didn't say
Sore Pamela: I will one night soon
Sore Pamela: how late is too late?
Judy: I'm back
Colecoguy: OK All go to deal with hP and there version of windows 2003
Sore Pamela: night Michael
Sore Pamela: good luck wiht HP
Colecoguy: usually 8 but I'm up now??
rich-c: OK Michael lots of luck then
Sore Pamela: well then I'll remember that
Sore Pamela: go to bed
Dale: I was in Las Vegas for my usual trip to the Consumer Electronics show.
Sore Pamela: ah, I wondered
Colecoguy: Thanks Rich I need it probs I've been having of late
rich-c: I gatehr it was a bit downbeat - also that Steve Jobs is taking six months off
Sore Pamela: what wonders did you see Dale?
Colecoguy: with hp trendnet microsoft etc you know the story
Colecoguy: we are all beta testers
rich-c: just like Microsoft
Dale: of the interesting things I saw was AA batteries that are activeated by water
Colecoguy: cool
Dale: You can refill them with water 5 times to use them more than once.
Dale: And they have a 10 year shelf life.
rich-c: what application would they benefit, Dale?
Dale: I thought that was pretty cool.
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Dale: So emergency flashlights is a good example/
changed username to Colecoguy
rich-c: yes, that sounds good - use life like standardss or alkalines?
Sore Pamela: but water and electronics are not a good mix - how do they resolve that?
Colecoguy: Sorry didn't mean to pop offf so quick
Dale: Also they are 100% recycleable with no dangerous chemicals inside.
Colecoguy: thats really interesting how soon to market
Dale: The power delivered is like alkalines.
Sore Pamela: you found Dad's dump button, Michael! : )
rich-c: neat - good fit with LED flashlights, I'd bet
Colecoguy: yuppers
Colecoguy: power button LOL
Sore Pamela: hark, I think the Iceman cometh
Sore Pamela: that'll do it : )
Dale: Well, he had orders for a few million of them at the show. I expect to see them on shelves before summer.
rich-c: yes, Russell will likely need some thawing tonight
Sore Pamela: or maybe not - thought I heard the elevator
Colecoguy: wow thats really nneat what else dale
rich-c: I've been using an LESD flashlight and find it works well for my use
Judy: they are showing the snow coming on shore on TV now that means we have more on the way
Sore Pamela: send it to Japan Judy - I'm sure James could use some : )
rich-c: yes, you get lake effect, don't you, Judy?
rich-c: we looked at teh weatehr warnings for Canada earlier today
rich-c: the only place that didn't have some kind of warning up was Yukon
Colecoguy: well ok this was great I'm outa here night all best wishes
Dale: Let's see. I really liked a 6cm long Guitar Hero game controller that I say.
Dale: saw.
Sore Pamela: night Michael, stay warm
rich-c: night Michael
Dale: Maybe I should modify it to work with a Colecovision guitar game.
Judy: yes, there was just a study on if there is such a thing as lake effect and they proved that there is
Colecoguy: thanks Pam Rich and the rest poof
Colecoguy left chat session
Judy: can you believe they waste money to prove that
Sore Pamela: the iceman has arrived
Dale: Activision's CEO made a "insider" session and talking a lot about how Guitar Hero has changed the world.
rich-c: definitely, Judy, we can see it on our radar around here all teh time - and don't ask about Buffalo
Sore Pamela: he's starting to resemble Russell
Dale: Apparently 3/4 people who play the game but never learned guitar said they would take guitar lessons in the next year.
rich-c: is it still snowing out there?
Judy: say hi from us
Dale: And 2/3 players who do play guitar said that they would practice more with their real instruments.
Sore Pamela: yes, still snowing
rich-c: wonder if that's a promise or a threat, Dale?
Dale: And last year electric guitars sold 27% more than the year before!
Dale: So some people were telling the truth I think.
Judy: doesn't look like it is snowing right now but it is coming off the lake
Judy: heading this way
rich-c: and the others just bought banjos ... ;-)
Sore Pamela: a light powder he says
Dale: :-)
Dale: What else?
rich-c: that's OK, all going well we aren't going out till next Wednesday
Dale: Lots of talk of 3D TVs this year. Much more than last year, but it still feels a little early to me to get a 3D TV.
Sore Pamela: colour me jealous - I spent 45 minutes on the GO platform this morning
rich-c: there was a news item today saying Steve Jobs has announced he is taking time off till June
Judy: we are under a wind chill adversary
Dale: But there is starting to be content that makes use of the 3D TVs ability. Over 500 movies are out in 3D now.
rich-c: considering what just rumours did to Apple stock lasyt time, that can't be good
Sore Pamela: geez Dale, we're still working on an HD TV
rich-c: I just cannot muster any interest in 3-d movies
Dale: There was some talk about how Barrack Obama is suggesting to delay the SD -> HD switch over on February 17th for a few months.
Judy: we went to Polar Express in 3D
Dale: But I think that the head of the FCC wants to stick to the deadline.
rich-c: my American contacts don't seem much concerned about it either way
Dale: In my opinion, you have to change at some point, and it might as well be next month.
Dale: It is too late to delay the switch.
Judy: they are doing the testing for the change constantly
rich-c: has he given any reason?
Dale: Although, I admit that in Canada we don't have the same switch over date in mind.
Judy: lack of money
rich-c: the stations or the consumers, Judy?
Judy: ran out for the coupons for the purchase of the box
rich-c: since we're on satellite we are already on a converted signal
Judy: consumers
Dale: Well the suggestion Richard, is that since the economy is slow, maybe making people shell out for a converter box next month is too early.
Sore Pamela: as are we on cable
Judy: not right the goverment
Judy: we are on satilite but only on one tv
Dale: But they sent everyone in the US rebate coupons to help them pay for the needed new equipment, so it shouldn't be that many people that are affected really.
Dale: And there's be lots of information about the change distributed in the US.
Judy: the goverment has issued coupons for buying the box and the money is gone
Judy: no they didn't you had to request them and now they ran out
rich-c: we had a guy stopped by the door wanted to sell us an off-air antenna
Dale: So the coupons don't work Judy?
rich-c: he had just installed one two doors down
Judy: yes, if you requested it in time
Dale: Ah, they are out of the coupons then. I see.
Judy: we did get two
Sore Pamela: couldn't he tell you already had one?
Sore Pamela: Dad?
rich-c: the HD antenna are different - that's why he knocked, he noticed
Dale: I got some recordings of sessions about the latest trends in advertising and social sites like Facebook.
Dale: That should be interesting.
Sore Pamela: you still have the off-air though, don't you?
BobS: yesk the coupons work.......but you only got them on request until they ran out of the money available
rich-c: yes, we do, so circumstances could arise
BobS: and now the money available is gone but the requests stilla re coming in
Judy: I did wonder if this was the right time to change over with so many out of work and all
rich-c: but I see no reason for a new tv as long as our analog crt works
Sore Pamela: well we need a new t
Sore Pamela: TV anyway so we might as well go to HD
rich-c: why, has yours quit working?
Sore Pamela: no, but it's on it's way out
rich-c: it's ok, in an emergency you can borrow the 13" GE your grandmother had
Judy: son-in-law says you sould wait until after they have things switched so you know that it will work
Sore Pamela: we actually still have our 13"
rich-c: so there you are - no rush, you can keep the prettier picture
rich-c: I feel that the picture on a crt is better than any lcd
Sore Pamela: just one problem - I can't see it
Dale: Well around here, Judy, we can already recieve HD channels over the air.
BobS: cool
Dale: From what people tell me anyway.
Dale: But I haven't switched. I guess I'm sort of lazy that way.
rich-c: where are they getting them from, Dale, Buffalo or Rochester?
Sore Pamela: well I wouldn't spend money on a TV unnecessarily, but ours is dying
Judy: ..
rich-c: how do you know? (what aer the symptoms)?
Sore Pamela: one side of the picture is darker than the other - I think the tube is going
rich-c: noticably or subtly?
Sore Pamela: the darker side is slowly creeping from the left to the right side of the screen
Judy: sounds like it Pam
Dale: Here is a recent "OTA" or over the air list of HD channels in Toronto:
Sore Pamela: depends on what's on the TV - on a dark background, it's much more noticeable
rich-c: that is curious
BobS: methinks you are correct going WEST
Sore Pamela: actually, I was thinking south Bob, but same idea : )
rich-c: you're in Whitby, Dale - do you get Buffalo ir Rochester stations?
rich-c: does not sopund especially propitious, daughter
Sore Pamela: no, I agree
rich-c: anyway, LCD tvs up to about 26" are fairly reasonably priced
Sore Pamela: a 26" won't fit in our TV cabinet
Sore Pamela: we're figuring a 22" at best
Sore Pamela: there is much research to be done, including some measuring
rich-c: OK, that means you have to get a really economical one - we are in teh same boat
Dale: Buffalo was no problem, the last time I tried. Only with an outdoor directional antenna can I get Rochester. Toronto stations are usually no problem though.
Sore Pamela: the CRT we have now is only a 20"
rich-c: well I have a 40 foot rotating tower, Dale, but the CN tower in on a line between me and Grand Island
Judy: or get one that hangs on the wall
Sore Pamela: we thought about that Judy, but the problem is mounting it
rich-c: we move out tv around to watch it, so for us it isn't an option
Sore Pamela: we have trouble hanging anything on the wall
rich-c: and don't know how adjustable Pam or Russell's necks might be, giving where it would have to go
Judy: don't you want a 52" one or bigger
Sore Pamela: ick, no
Dale: Hamilton station though only come in if the weather favours me.
rich-c: those are plasma and give Greenpeace just cause to picket your house
rich-c: that's assuming you can afford teh power draw anyway
Dale: Pam, I saw more wall mounting systems at CES than you can imagine.
rich-c: I can get Hamilton, even Kitchener on occasion, Barrie and Peterborough
Judy: do they take more power?
Dale: So don't get Plasma. Get LCD or DLT which are both much lower power consumption.
rich-c: they are the Hummers of video displays, Judy
Sore Pamela: I'd love to have the option Dale, but our walls are some mysterious substance that doesn't take well to wall mounting anything, let alone something strong enough to hold a TV
Dale: There are LCD ones up to 80" I guess.
Dale: But you'd need a big room for that I guess.
Sore Pamela: some day, if we're ever in a house that may be an option
Dale: Maybe wire mesh with plaster blown on to it, instead of studs and drywall?
rich-c: at one inch of screen per foot of room width, we'd need about a 15 inch or smaller
Sore Pamela: definitely not drywall
Sore Pamela: the building is cement block
Sore Pamela: don't know what the interior dividing walls are made of
Sore Pamela: wire mesh with plaster is definitely a possibility
Dale: Anyway, there are free standing "wall mounts" which just lean against the wall that I've seen.
rich-c: our tv is on a cart that we move around to suit
Dale: The rule of thumb is the viewing distance should be roughly 2.5 times the size of the screen, according to some things I've been reading.
Sore Pamela: we're about to start clearing out the back room and moving furniture around
Judy: it is that time again, so night all until next week
Sore Pamela: I suspect the big desk will end up out here in the LR
rich-c: right Judy, you and Bob sleep tight, see you next week
BobS: nite kids
Sore Pamela: if so, that's where the computer will end up
Sore Pamela: gnite Slopsemas
BobS: hookay
rich-c: aw, swho keeps a computer in teh living room, for goodness sakes?
Sore Pamela: and one thing I don't want is the TV mounted right over the desk
BobS: and PAM, stay upright, will ya???????
Sore Pamela: I'll try, Bob
BobS left chat session
Judy left chat session
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm still catching up here. So, I'll see you all next week. Keep warm
Sore Pamela: that's where I am right now, Papa
Sore Pamela: you too Guy. G'nite.
rich-c: OK Guy, see you again next week
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Dale: I'd better go.
Dale: Good night.
rich-c: well mine is properly located in the "office". Of course the other one ...
Sore Pamela: yes, me too - I have to make dinner for himself
Sore Pamela: good night Dale
Dale left chat session
rich-c: OK daughter, get teh folks fed, and we'll talk. Sleep tight.
Sore Pamela: that's the beauty of the laptop Papa
Sore Pamela: goodnight Daddy
rich-c: whoo[ps, Dale is gone too. Night now.
Sore Pamela: kerpoof
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