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Joemann: hi
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rich-c: test
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rich-c: hello visitor - who have we here?
<SlyDC>: Hello Rich, i'm Sylvain...but people call me Sly
rich-c: don't recognize that screen name at all
<SlyDC>: i'm a friend of Daniel Bienvenu
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<SlyDC>: hehe....this is my firts time here
changed username to BobS
rich-c: et bien, bienvenue a toi, Sly!
BobS: AH HA....... anew coleco/adam person
<SlyDC>: Merci bien Rich! :)
rich-c: yes, I know - I am almost always here
rich-c: hello Robert
<SlyDC>: Hi Robert
BobS: guten tag, mein herr
<SlyDC>: Konnichi'Wa Bob!
BobS: how's your weather? need some more snow?
BobS: si senor
rich-c: thanks, they misrouted teh shipment and gave us an overdose today
<SlyDC>: Snow ?? Isss....don't mention still coming down
BobS: oops, we only had 1 inch to 1 1/2 last night and none today
BobS: tonight same and tomorrow night same
rich-c: where in Quebec are you, Sly?
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<SlyDC>: Blainville, near Montreal
changed username to Judy
Judy: Hi All
rich-c: we were only supposed to get about 15cm (6") but someone forgot to tell Iu[piter Pluvius
<SlyDC>: we got 6 inches of swon and still waiting for another 6 insc.....AARRGGHH!!
rich-c: hi Judy, computer working tonight?
BobS: must be that the ice storm from mid US got up to ya'll with snow
<SlyDC>: Hi Judy
BobS: we just missed it here in sw Michigan
Judy: no it is not
BobS: nope
rich-c: yes, it was just supposed to graze us but hit much deeper - think we got near a foot
Judy: not until I typed
<SlyDC>: well not us...and in the region of Daniel, they going to get mre snow...heh...heh
BobS: yikes
Judy: not it seems to be workingt
rich-c: yes, but in Quebec City they expect it, even more than in Montreal
Judy: that is now it seems to be working
rich-c: I wonder if that cruise ship is still stuck in teh ice off Matane?
Judy: glad someone else is getting the snow we don't need any more
<SlyDC>: rich - don't know...i don't watch tv much
rich-c: neither do we3 but we got it anyway
rich-c: we were supposed to go out and do our shopping today no way, Jose!
Judy: we don't know if it made it out yet either
BobS: saw it last night on the news but seen no news since
<SlyDC>: better snow than freezing rain!
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changed username to Guy B.
BobS: no lie Sly...........guess it was REALLY nasty inthe central US with the freezing rain
Guy B.: Grrrrrreetings!!
Judy: I went out this morning and slid right thru the intersection that I was supposed to turn on
BobS: hey Guy
rich-c: yes, our Quebecois have had all the freezing rain they need for a number of winters, for sure
<SlyDC>: Hi Guy
Judy: good thing the light was green and I just had to turn around and try again
BobS: 2 warming
rich-c: hello GuyB
BobS: we re on track for record snowfalls this winter
Judy: hi, Guy
<SlyDC>: about 10-11 years ago...i remember it if it was yesturday...
rich-c: that was a real memorable event, Sly - we even have the book about it
<SlyDC>: You're lucky to get the book, i lived it
rich-c: today we finally got a plough by a bit after 5 p.m. and our snow crew arrived a few minutes after
Judy: we really need a January thaw our snow banks are getting way to high
rich-c: every time we get freezing rain here, I think about that and shiver, Sly
rich-c: it does not help that our house is all-electric
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<SlyDC>: ain)
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
rich-c: salut, Daniel - votre ami Sly est ici
Daniel Bienvenu: Salut
<SlyDC>: uops....keyboard stucked
<SlyDC>: Tient...voila un survivant!! :P
Judy: Hi, Daniel
<SlyDC>: Hi survivor! (Daniel)
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Judy, Bob, GuyB, Rich... et Sylvain
Guy B.: HI Daniel
rich-c: well, if teh snow isn't over yet, don't count on that, Sly! ; - )
<SlyDC>: LOL!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: Do you think Dr.D and Dale will be online tonight?
rich-c: hope you haven't been trying that downhill snowboarding into teh Lower Town, Daniel
Judy: it is snowing here now
rich-c: no way to tell - Dr. D has been rare, Dale has been on a lot lately
Daniel Bienvenu: downhill snowboard? I did go outside since sunday afternoon
Daniel Bienvenu: but not to do snowboard
Judy: what is Dr D doing, has he got a night class?
rich-c: I don't know - of course Erin can go down and join him when her work allows now
rich-c: and he comes up here whenever he can
Judy: and is Erin in the States yet?
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rich-c: no, but she has her green card so can go back and forth with no hassles
changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi all.
Judy: we talked to Jean Stone this week
rich-c: well, here's dale now!
Judy: Hi, Dale
rich-c: what did Jeanie have to say?
<SlyDC>: Hi Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: Sylvain, je te présente Dale, il a déjà fait un tour dans une de nos réunions CCJVQ, c'était dans une maison.
BobS: Hi Dalke
Judy: she wanted to know went Convention is and is planning on attending
BobS: Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: (il n'y a pas d'accents ici)
<SlyDC>: Daniel...non pas d'accent
rich-c: she wants to come again? isn't that neat! hope her daughter comes too
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale did program a lot of stuff for Coleco Adam and ColecoVision, so I consider he can answer your questions better than me.
rich-c: yes, keyboards without the accents are the pits, aren't they, Daniel?
Judy: yes, Melanie will be here
Dale: Too bad.
Dale: I'm suprised that the accents don't work here.
Daniel Bienvenu: maybe a question of supporting the utf something, I forgot
Judy: Jean said that Melanie enjoyed the convention even more than she did
<SlyDC>: Danel, what i do look for is hardware information, not programming because i'm stupid for programming :P
rich-c: she sure seemed to be getting a kick out of it (aqnd vice versa for the conventioneers)
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm sure they can answer some of your questions already. just ask.
Dale: Melanie really loved my session on how to manufacture a colecovision cartridge shell.
<SlyDC>: OK then, i'll shoot (without a gun of course)
Daniel Bienvenu: try a simple one first
Dale: I'm ready to try to answer SlyDC.
<SlyDC>: Dale, ehat i'm looking for is how the Adam worls internally, like what do we put in the slot J5 and J6 ?
Dale: I know the hardware pretty well. And have thought about many of the things that you might like to do with it.
rich-c: yes, dale, but first he has to formulate it
Dale: Have you read the
Dale: Adam Technical Manual put out by Coleco?
Daniel Bienvenu: I can't reach my copy, it's in a box.
<SlyDC>: almost all of it, why ? J6 is suooped to be etra ram or rom expansion
Dale: Sorry ,which ones are J5 and J6? I don;t have my schematics in front of me.
<SlyDC>: damn...i'm typing all wrong
Daniel Bienvenu: take your time, Sly
rich-c: well, if J5 takes teh expansion RAM, that has to be teh right hand one
Dale: Which version of Adam do you have? Do you know?
<SlyDC>: OK J5 is the expansion slot called #3 inside the Adam
Dale: When you turn it on, and hit Control+R it says in the Typewriter application.
Daniel Bienvenu: standalone ones if I remember correctly
Daniel Bienvenu: but bios version, I have no idea.
rich-c: if J6 is the middle one, it's very flexible, supports the MIB3 card with its serial and parallel ports
<SlyDC>: err...nope...i took the a Adam board and connected it into the Colecovision expansion slot
Dale: Well there are 3 internal expansion slots in the Adam from above.
Dale: They were originally used for: AdamLink modem, general purpose expansion, and language roms.
Daniel Bienvenu: that's right, now I remember, I gave you the expension modules.
rich-c: not to mention the Adamlink ports and that side card
Dale: But they have been used by third parties to add harddisk expansion, serial, parallel, extra ram.
Dale: Also there are signals for the centre slot to add a boot ROM.
Dale: I used to know some people with French language ROMs for that slot made by CBS.
Dale: I guess Coleco also made a 64 RAM expander. Is that correct Richard?
Daniel Bienvenu: The demonstration I saw about using compact flash cards with the Adam... did the device uses a card in one of those slots Sly is talking about?
<SlyDC>: Sorry if i don't respond fast, i'm taking notes
Dale: It was.
Dale: It would have been in the left slot.
Daniel Bienvenu: So, maybe Bob can join the conversation then
BobS: ya.......whatcha want to know
rich-c: yes, though the most common ones are third party, by far
Dale: I have bought at various times 8 or more cards for those three slots.
<SlyDC>: If i get this strait....J& (the left one) is for printer, modem and Adamnet right ?
Dale: I'm not sure if I have an inventory on my web site.
<SlyDC>: J7
Dale: I should add that to my todo list.
BobS: left slot interface card supports an ide hard drive; a zip drive, a sparq drive, or a compact flash card......should also possibly use a smartmedia or equal card
Daniel Bienvenu: (be right back, have fun)
BobS: any media will work as long as it is plain vanilla ide interfaced
<SlyDC>: Ok, so J7 is for external medias
Dale: So the left slot is used for: IDE card, AdamLINK modem and Sydmodem.
rich-c: that means it is also an Adamnet port, right, Bob?
BobS: and programmable.......which leaves out a cd rom drive
Dale: The centre slot has most signals and can be used for a wide variety of things.
BobS: would think so Richard
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changed username to Pamela
Dale: One card that offers almost everything, and is quite common is the MicroInnovations MIB3 card.
rich-c: hello daughter
BobS: Pamela!!!!! welcome
Pamela: hi folks
rich-c: Judy says Jean and Melanie are coming to GR
<SlyDC>: Hi Pamela
Pamela: woohoo!
rich-c: says a lot for your show!
Judy: Hi, Pamela
Dale: The MIB3 card has on it: boot PROM, 2 serial ports, one parallel port, a pin for a jumper for larger than 64k memory expanders
Dale: In the right slot, most people put a RAM expander like you said before.
rich-c: boot prom isn't standard, Dale, only the socket
Pamela: sorry I'm late guys, I got a little (a lot!) sidetracked
rich-c: the snow, or something else?
Pamela: as a result, altho I started making dinner at 8:00, I'm just eating
Pamela: so I'll be quiet a few minutes
Pamela: however, who is SlyDC?
Dale: In the centre slot, I've seen: addresser card (it just has one jumper for large memory cards), parallel printer interface, serial card, boot rom card, SASI hard disk card, and various combinations of those.
Daniel Bienvenu: a friend of mine
rich-c: sounds like Kimberly must have phoned
Pamela: nope
Daniel Bienvenu: (I'm back)
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Pam! He is Sylvain.
Pamela: greetings Sylvain
Pamela: welcome
<SlyDC>: Hello Pamela!
Daniel Bienvenu: Sylvain, president and founder of the VideoGame collectors Club here.
BobS: cool
Dale: The right slot has addressing pins, but needs the extra pin from the centre slot to get the bank switching requests from I/O ports.
rich-c: aha, significant company - came to the right place, I'd reckon
<SlyDC>: Sorry if i don't chat much, i'm taking valuable notes! :)
Pamela: 'sokay : )
Dale: Does that mean I've been to Sylvain's house in Montreal?
BobS: we're here blasting off every week Sly .....plenty of time
Dale: I went to the CCVJQ meeting about two years ago.
Pamela: can't talk - eating
rich-c: it's OK Sly, you can come back every chat night and talk your head off anytime you want
Dale: I think it was one in August.
<SlyDC>: Thanks!! Greatly appreciate it!
Daniel Bienvenu: No Dale, it wasn't in his house. But you did certainly see him there and many of these members of the club.
<SlyDC>: Dale, i did reunions at my house but it was in 2002 & 2003
Dale: If the timing is right, I may go to the another CCVQJ meeting this year some time.
<SlyDC>: come this summer meeting
Daniel Bienvenu: well, anual adamcon meeting is maybe at the same date. we need to check first
<SlyDC>: we'll celebrate our 10th anniversary of the club
Dale: The last one, I might have come, but I had a conflict with something else.
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rich-c: life as busy as yours, do you ever NOT have conflicts?
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Daniel Bienvenu: Judy again?
changed username to Joe
Dale: I think my clock board from BJ Lingrel was a left slot card.
Daniel Bienvenu: Joe?
<SlyDC>: Daniel, i can arrange that the meeting this summer won't be near the Adamcon
rich-c: hello Joe
Joe: Hi
Pamela: Hi Joe!
<SlyDC>: Hi Joe
Joe: hi guys, just signed up for your site
Dale: But my Adam currently has a SydClock in an internal socket. That was quite difficult to install.
rich-c: good for you - care to introduce yourself?
Daniel Bienvenu: Based on my experience, the last two summers, both meetings was exactly the same dates
Dale: Hi Joe.
Dale: Welcome.
Pamela: planning, Daniel -it's all in the planning
<SlyDC>: Dale: Do you have the schematic for the 256K ram card ?
Joe: yeah, I am 25, I collect old video game and computer systems
Daniel Bienvenu: Is he a new Joe or a Joe I know?
Joe: new Joe
Judy: hi, Joe
Pamela: welcome
Joe: thanks
rich-c: where do you live, joe?
<SlyDC>: Daniel: True but i'm doing the meeting this summer! heh...heh...heh...
Joe: Ohio
Joe: around Dayton
BobS: welcome Joe
Dale: Hmm...a schematic for the 256k RAM card?
rich-c: good on you - which part, or can you tell under teh snow ; - )
Dale: I never had one I guess. I bought a 64k, then later upgraded to the 1 MB one.
Joe: Dayton
<SlyDC>: Dale: Yes...if you have it of course, been lokking for that for months
<SlyDC>: looking
Joe: yeah we got a foot
BobS: bummer man.....thought you would have had the ice
Dale: There were 3 or 4 different people who made the 256k ones.
Joe: oh that too
rich-c: yes, that's where teh big Air Force Museum is - fascinating place
Dale: So I suppose that there are different schematics for each one.
Joe: yeah, we have a lot of stuff in Dayton, two big colleges, an Air Force Base, the Museum
rich-c: we in Toronto got lots of snow but escaped the ice
<SlyDC>: hummm...and can we put roms instead of rams ?
Daniel Bienvenu: (be right back)
Dale: Basically there were 8 256k x 1 chips, and a PAL that could keep track of which bank was selected, and an edge connector.
rich-c: Daniel and Sylvain are in Quebec
Dale: It needed a pin from the centre slot to get the bank switch I/O write signal.
Joe: oh cool
Dale: SlyDC, I don't see any reason that would prevent you from putting ROMs in there.
Pamela: holy cow, those plows are loud
Dale: But maybe putting the ROMs in the centre slot would be better, since then you would have the I/O bank select signals directly.
Guy B.: Hi Pam
rich-c: you only getting yours now? you're on a bus route
Pamela: hi Guy
BobS: but if you used roms, you could only read, not read and write to them
Pamela: oh, second or third round Dad
Dale: At least for an extended ROM that was bigger than 64k
<SlyDC>: I'm trying to learn everything internal about the Adam because i want to revert it to the Super Game Module.
rich-c: right - we had ours about 5 pm, followed very soon by Clive
rich-c: why bother, Sly? And what do you mean by "Super Game Module"?
Dale: Well I get the impression that they started again from scratch every 3 or 4 months while designing it.
BobS: you want to make the super game wafer machine, Sly ?
<SlyDC>: and instead of tapes or floppy, i want to put rom cards by the expansion ports maximum size of 256k
Dale: Or at least the press seemed to have wildly different ideas about what it would do over time.
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changed username to james
<SlyDC>: wafer. Plain rom hardware :)
Pamela: good morning James
james: morning all ;)
rich-c: wouldn't you be better off working with the Emulator, Sly?
Dale: Hi James.
james: how is everyone?
Daniel Bienvenu: hi James
Daniel Bienvenu: (I'm back)
Joe: I am just wondering, I have a very basic question. Does the Adam work with the Colecovision steering wheel?
Dale: No, he's into using the real hardware Richard.
Pamela: under a foot of snow, thank you
Pamela: and you? :)
rich-c: good morning, james - how is this day in Japan?
Dale: It sure does Joe.
james: overcast but mild
<SlyDC>: Rich: With a emulator, that's too easy! I want to built real hardware
james: i'll take anything that is a net negative contribution to the pile of white crap on the ground
<SlyDC>: Hi James
james: hi sly, dan
rich-c: so be it; I recognize the call of authenticity
Joe: thanks
james: @joe - i believe it does
rich-c: and yes, anything that works on the Colecvision works on the Adam
Dale: Mostly.
james: for the roller controller you need a power adaptor
james: a dongle type thing that fits between the power connectors and the adam connector iirc
Dale: That's what I was going to say james.
Pamela: is that the technical term, James?
Dale: dongle is actually the technical name.
Judy: Hi, James
BobS: there is a'dongle' on Ebay right now cheap
Joe: yeah
Joe: I have not got the steering wheel to work
rich-c: I'd alway understood a dongle to be rather more than a simple power takeoff
james: @pam, yeah, sorry to deluge you with all this technobabble ;)
Dale: Maybe the steering wheel needs fresh batteries?
james: it's more a power splitter than anything really since afaik there's no logical functionality to it
rich-c: likely a connection somewhere; they tend to be very temperamental
<SlyDC>: Steering Whell: put an 9 Volt DC adaptor instead of batteries.
Joe: I used some energizer c+, the pedel works
Joe: pedal*
Dale: The pedal is powered by the computer and not the batteries.
Joe: oh ok
<SlyDC>: the pedal works like a fire button
Dale: Maybe the LED is burned out, but it is much more like that there is a loose wire, like Richard said.
Joe: sorry for interrupting the room like this
Joe: ok
Joe: I will look
BobS: the 'dongle' also works as aprinter silencer........when innplace, the printer does not reset every time you pull reset
Dale: We're here to help Joe.
Pamela: that's what it's all about here, Joe
Daniel Bienvenu: 9 volts? I was sure 4 times 1.5 volts batteries gives maximum 6 volts
<SlyDC>: Joe, you're not interrupting at all!
rich-c: joe, you aren't interrupting and you might find wshat is said is useful
BobS: no prolb.en Joe
<SlyDC>:'re right! my mistake!
rich-c: if it isn't, say what you'd like to know
Daniel Bienvenu: mayeb I forgot the number of batteries inside the steering wheel
Dale: Also check the slider switch.
Dale: It has two positions, and only one works with the game Turbo as I recall.
Dale: It could be 6 x 1.5 Volts. I remember that there were a lot of batteries in it.
Daniel Bienvenu: the slider switch? I didn't know there was one.
Daniel Bienvenu: What I remember is huge batteries
Dale: Maybe that's only with the roller controller then.
<SlyDC>: "D" batteries
Daniel Bienvenu: 4x C batteries
rich-c: and Joe, Sly is also on his first time here, so you're in good company
Dale: Ideally they really should have put +5V and ground on the joystick port, That is much more flexible than what they actually decided to do.
<SlyDC>: Have another question: Ho comes there's missing a PRON in the socket marked U8 ?
<SlyDC>: Thanks Rich!
<SlyDC>: or EPROM (ROM)
rich-c: I'm hoping your good example will encourage Joe
Dale: I think it is for the language prom used in some languages.
<SlyDC>: like putting a SmartBASIC rom in U8 ?
Dale: Basicially for future expansion. That is where I have my clock chip. The sydclock.
rich-c: didn't Dr. D. talk about finding a French or German language chip in there once?
Dale: Yes.
rich-c: and wasn't there some sort of chip in there in the early revisions?
Dale: Not French. I think it was German.
Dale: No, in the early versions (R57 boards) the smartwriter ROM was in two chips.
james: very interesting
james: was the adam sold in germany?
Dale: But I think that there were only a small number of boards made like that.
Daniel Bienvenu: I open my steering wheel to see the inside... there is almost nothing there.
Joe: yeah, me too
rich-c: I believe the intention was to sell it very widely
Joe: I notice that the batteries are a lil loose
<SlyDC>: can the smartwriter rom be swapped by something else or is it absolutely necessary ?
Dale: Did you post pictures though?
Dale: It is a huge box, for one so empty.
Dale: Define necessary?
Dale: I know someone who replaced his with a T-DOS boot rom.
<SlyDC>: The steering wheel is like a half a PC mouse but bigger!
Dale: TDOS is a rewritten CP/M
Daniel Bienvenu: The only problem I got one time with a steering wheel was the pedal... the cable was cut inside the pedal, which was somehow easy to open and fix.
rich-c: does it contain only teh Smartwriter program, or stuff from the OS as well?
Dale: No, the EOS is in a seperate ROM as I recall.
<SlyDC>: what i wanted to say is can we replace the smartwriter rom by a smartbasic rom
<SlyDC>: or T-DOs like you mentioned
Dale: But if I'm wrong, then 8k of it needs to have EOS to be able to run things like Super games on datapacks.
rich-c: actually, one of the Walters twins used to sell a cartridge that had Smartbasic in it
Dale: You can of course.
Dale: Most people didn't because it is such a nuisance to get at that ROM.
Daniel Bienvenu: there is one screw that goes through the entire steering wheel, like if they wanted to use less screws to save money.
<SlyDC>: hhuummmm that leaves me to another uestion: what resides in the U20, U21 and U22 PROMs ?
Dale: The centre slot is more appealing, or also the cartridge slot was fairly popular for a while.
Joe: I am just wondering, I read the wikipedia article on the Adam. I saw something about the electromagnetic energy it releases from start up. Would that damage a harddrive?
rich-c: I think a couple of those are the EOS and the other is empty
Dale: The ROMs for the Adam are: EOS, SmartWriter word processor, and OS7 ColecoVision game OS.
Dale: I don't remember which one is which.
rich-c: doubt it Joe - Mark Gordon made many successful hard discs for the Adam
Joe: oh ok
<SlyDC>: Dale, Thanks but what i want to know is which ones resides in U20 - U21 & U22
Dale: EOS is short for Elementary Operating System, and most Adam software used it directly.
rich-c: are they all 6801 eproms are can you tell from the chip numbers?
rich-c: I haven't been inside an Adam in this century
Joe: yeah, what I am doing is having a classic game system/computer display at a gamer's convention at the university. The Adam is going to be in the game room with PS3s. I was wondering if there are any precautions I would have to take.
Dale: No
<SlyDC>: Rich, i have an Adam board right in front of my PC keyboard :)
Dale: It compiles with the FCC regulations on EM emission.
Joe: oh ok
Joe: awesome
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm not an expert for the Adam, but I've heard that the first Coleco computers had this problem, specially if you leave a tape in the tape drive... the information on the tape where the reading head is may be erased.
rich-c: oh, mine as by my right elbow, monitor, four disc drives, and all
Dale: But don't store your magnetic media next to the power supply inside the printer.
Joe: yeah
james: i never had tapes erased. if anything though i was constantly unbuggering tapes that got looped around the spindles
Pamela: given how many ADAMs we've had in the same room with laptops and desktops at conventions, I can't see it being an issue : )
Joe: ok, thanks
Pamela: there's another technical term, James : )
rich-c: there is a fear of a power surge through teh tape drive head if teh tape is left in at shutoff
james: @pam, i do my best ;)
rich-c: but I've been dumb about it many, many times and not been caught
Joe: I think my display (Atari 2600, Atari 5200, NES, Adam and Odyssey 2) next to the PS3 and Xboxs would be amuzing
Dale: Only the first two or three versions of the tape drives had that problem. all of the other revisions of the tape drives had protection circuitry from erasing the check sum of the current block when the Adam is first turned on.
Pamela: doing very well so far : )
<SlyDC>: that's why i want to get rid of the tape drive, cartridge expansion is more like it
rich-c: if there were a way to get them to you I could loan a Vic 20, Timex Sinclair, and TI99/4a too,
james: well i'm getting an mi controller board ready to send to mike mallory, who i think is working on some kind of flash based / dual disk drive idea
rich-c: but I only have software for the TI
Daniel Bienvenu: don't worry Sly, if your bios is too old, then someone here will want your coleco adam and gives you a new one for your experiment.
Joe: thanks for the offer
Joe: I think out of all the systems I have, the Adam is the one I am most ignorant about. That is why I am here
<SlyDC>: Daniel, you gave me 3 Adam so that i can try to do research with them. :)
Dale: Ask lots of questions then Joe.
Joe: ok
Daniel Bienvenu: you have approx one hour left to ask all your questions. :-)
rich-c: as you might notice, we always enjoy talking with someone new
Joe: yeah
<SlyDC>: 1 hour ? Impossible!! To many questions!!! hehehe
james: better ask quickly then ;)
Daniel Bienvenu: type faster then
rich-c: yes, becauase joe is entitled to his cut too
<SlyDC>: Ok, how can i get a copy of both Hacker's Guide to the Adam ?
Joe: you guys have a messageboard where you talk about the adam?
james: @joe, funny you should ask that
rich-c: you buy them
james: i was thinking about the mailing list this morning and thought it'd be nice to have a phpbb instead
james: no offence to certain parties ;)
<SlyDC>: Rich... * grin * But i don't see then on Ebay
rich-c: I don't think we have the use to support a full-scale bulletin board, james
Daniel Bienvenu: @ Sly : nono! Rich doit avoi des copies à vendre
Dale: We use a mailing list instead Joe.
Daniel Bienvenu: (toujours pas d'accents_
Dale: Hacker's Guide. A good choice.
<SlyDC>: have copies to sell ?
Dale: But there isn't an electronic version, as far as I know.
rich-c: Sly does not know I am a dealer in Adam stuff yet, Daniel
<SlyDC>: Rich..sorry
Joe: oh ok
rich-c: and I think I dop have copies I can sell
Dale: I suggested a PHPBB about a year ago James, but Rich Drushel is alergic, and he is the co-admin.
Daniel Bienvenu: I did made a pdf file of the first one
james: @rich, they're very easy to set up and maintain, and my personal experience is that threaded discussions keep things moving
Dale: So I'm not sure why, but we stuck with the mailing list.
james: not trying to denigrate the mailing list of course
Daniel Bienvenu: I was sure you got a copy of this pdf file, sly
Joe: well message boards can degenerate into useless banter
rich-c: oh, I'm on a couple of php bbs, james, I know them well
<SlyDC>: Ok, so next question is: how much for copies and where to send the $$ ?
Daniel Bienvenu: I think he will gives you a link
rich-c: OK the other thing you don't yet know, Sly, is that I am a rather frail elder and slowmoving
<SlyDC>: rich..take all your time!
rich-c: send me an email - use my address where my handle is blueboxer2
Daniel Bienvenu: wisdom
rich-c: I check my gmail account daily
Joe: I just opened up the steering wheel. The battery connections are a little rusty
Dale: well a bit of cleaning might do the trick.
Dale: Or maybe resoldering them is needed.
Dale: Hard to say.
rich-c: pity you can't email it around the chat here - bet we'd have it fixed before the shutdown hour!
Joe: yeah
Joe: I will probably do that this weekend
rich-c: Dale, whre does one get electronic parts cleaner these days?
Dale: Hopefully that'll get it all working though Joe.
Joe: I think I can
rich-c: and if not, joe, come back for further consultation
Joe: ok
Dale: I used to use steel wool with no soap on it to clean that kind of rust.
Dale: I haven't done that in a while though.
<SlyDC>: 30 minutes to go: Question: Can we take i disk image (from emulators) and burn them on a rom and connect that rom in one of the expansion ports, can it work (Impossible or not ?)
Joe: anyone have the schematics for the wheel?
Daniel Bienvenu: if you see red particules on the contacts for the batteries, then I think you can use a little bit of sandpaper for that. It did work for one of my handled game systems.
rich-c: I'm thinking of the slots in the Adam
Dale: It would require more work than that Sly.
rich-c: I have never seen any schematics for teh expansion modules - anyone know?
Dale: But otherwise that general idea could be made to work.
Daniel Bienvenu: you want to make a rom acting like a floppy disk?
<SlyDC>: tDale: that's what i thought in the first place
Dale: I've seen some for some of them. Maybe in a Coleco Technician's guide -- the kind that Honeywell was supplied.
<SlyDC>: Daniel: you put the question on the spot!
Dale: I don't have one anymore.
rich-c: wondeer if Joe Blenkle might have anything? He seems to have odd stuff
Daniel Bienvenu: nice idea sly, but you will need an interface to make it work
Daniel Bienvenu: something to simulate
rich-c: mike mallory was on last week - he seems to want to make a solid state Adam drive
<SlyDC>: Daniel: i thought so but i like challenges!
Dale: What I have proposed Sly, is to take the disk image and virtualize it in a usb flash drive that looks to the Adam like a regular Adam drive.
Dale: That would work with out any software changes.
james: that would be a sweet setup for sure
Dale: But I'm slow at my projects, and haven't really progressed very far on that.
<SlyDC>: Dale: really? that's sounds fantastic!
rich-c: how does this fit with Steve Pitman and the project he was talking about?
Daniel Bienvenu: usb? it's not one of the Dr.D's projects?
Daniel Bienvenu: who talked about using usb with Adam before?
<SlyDC>: instaed of wafer (like in the SGM), USB flash drive!!
Dale: I'm not the only one thinking about it, and I may not be the first one to finish it. But I did a 30 min talk about the idea at AdamCon 19 I guess.
rich-c: did Ron Mitchell have some sort of USB flash drive for the Adam at the last Adamcon?
Daniel Bienvenu: memory flash... tons of disks can fit in that, you are going to lose space. no?
Judy: it was a compact flash
Dale: I just have to make my USB AVR microcontroller talk AdamNET protocol to make it all work.
rich-c: I think Daniel the problem may be more one of addressing - Adam's capacity is limited
Dale: I'm just slow at doing that.
Daniel Bienvenu: you are no slow, dale, you have too many projects at the same time.
<SlyDC>: Daniel: you should do a software that can format, replace, copy, in the adam disk images (emulaor roms) like the Disk Magager for the MSX
Dale: I plan to have an LCD on the USB flash drive, so that you can select which virtual disk is mounted on each logical drive.
Dale: It should work fine, and make good use of the space on the drive.
rich-c: Sly, the Adam equivalent is File Manager, done by Guy Cousineau and Tony Patterson (IIRC)
james: very cool idea dale
<SlyDC>: LikDale: like some sort of MP3 player that you select a tune but instaed select a disk?
Dale: Yes, I don't recommend that you make a EOS disk larger than 16 GB.
Dale: That's the limit for the Adam.
Daniel Bienvenu: well, maybe I can do a software for that, but I must have informations about how to format the information inside the disk image, and is there a start up program with menu, etc.
Dale: That's right Sly.
<SlyDC>: Rich: the program, is a Adam or PC tool ?
rich-c: Dale, I thought the maximum Adam could address was 64 MB?
Dale: The program is Adam based.
Dale: The maximum harddisk that the Adam can address is 64 MB.
Dale: But the maximum size an EOS disk drive can be is 16 GB.
Daniel Bienvenu: Guy Cousineau did how many softwares for the Coleco Adam? I know he did the software to make the Adam electronic cards.
<SlyDC>: File Manager, Adam based..Thanks! (noted)
Dale: Guy Cousineau made dozens of utilities for the Adam for sure.
rich-c: Dale, I'm having a senior moment - it was Tony did TDOS?
Daniel Bienvenu: Cousineau... sounds french, he is canadian?
Dale: A long list of useful tools.
Dale: Tony Morhen did most of TDOS
Dale: And Guy Cousineau many many useful tools with Tony.
rich-c: wotrks for Agriculture Canada, Daniel, recently transferred from Ottawa to PEI
<SlyDC>: Guy Cousineau was from Ottawa if i remember
Dale: He lives in Ottawa somewhere Daniel.
Daniel Bienvenu: Why I feel now to be the only one to not know Guy Cousineau
Dale: We tried to get him to come to visit us at that AdamCon, but were unable.
rich-c: right - Morehen - knew it was Tony, but forgot the last name
Pamela: I don't know him either Daniel, he was before my time
rich-c: I thought Ron said he had been reassigned to PEI?
rich-c: Tony Morehen and Guy Cousineau we the piioneer hackers of Adam here
rich-c: they were with the Adam User Friendly Group in Ottawa
Dale: Well you could have better information than me Richard. I haven't email Guy C in a long time.
BobS: they wrote the Tdos (cpm)_ side of all the hard drive software
Dale: Jillian says "Hi."
Pamela: Hi Jillian
rich-c: just something that Ron mentioned - he also said he had found Tony again
<SlyDC>: Have a dumb question here...anyone has A.E in disk image rom ?
Dale: And a lot of very popular EOS utilities as well.
rich-c: hi Jillian
Dale: AE/Choplifter?
Daniel Bienvenu: Talking about email... it's been a long time now I didn't get news from Marcel de Kogel. Each new year, I send an email to him, but it looks like he is no more accessible by the net.
Dale: Hmm...
<SlyDC>: Dale: Yes, that disk
Judy: hi, back Jillian
rich-c: got the program on disc, but not the image
Dale: I haven't played it in a long time, but I expect I have it somewhere.
Dale: It was a favourite of mine when I was in highschool.
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Jillian,
<SlyDC>: On the expansion Computer news site, there's a screenshot of AE in disk image format, but never found that image. :(
Daniel Bienvenu: how are you?
<SlyDC>: Hi Jillian
Daniel Bienvenu: second... A.E.?
Dale: There are some useful images of things on so look there too.
james: aufg is definitely going back a bit
Daniel Bienvenu: it's not a shooting game?
rich-c: yes, that was back when you were still in Canada, james
<SlyDC>: ok, i'll take a look on, thanks!
james: that was back when i was still in junior hs!
rich-c: isn't Choplifter essentially a shooting game?
Daniel Bienvenu: A.E. is in the list of games supposed to be done for the ColecoVision, but they decided to release only the flopy disk version because the economical situation was not great at this time for home consoles.
rich-c: wonder if it will boot from tape? haven't tried that
Dale: I don't immediately see it on
Daniel Bienvenu: seems down this freesite
Dale: It was a good game though.
Daniel Bienvenu: but I think I have a disk image of A.E. and Choplifter.
Dale: I was just there. It works fine.
Daniel Bienvenu: I see, I forgot one dot
rich-c: that'll block you every time, Daniel
Dale: Choplifter is all about rescuing the hostages from over the border.
<SlyDC>: Daniel: if you have that disk image, i'm gonna kiss your butt! LOL!!!
Dale: A gread Broederbund game.
rich-c: sly, do you have an Adam and a disc drive?
Daniel Bienvenu: For my research about unreleased colecovision games, I asked Joe Benkley and he did gave me a disk image of this game. second
rich-c: by the way, sly and joe, GuyB is the guy who writes all the AdamEm accessories programs
rich-c: he usually isn't paying attention but sometimes answers questions
<SlyDC>: Rich i have 3 Adams but no floppy drive :(
rich-c: well, almost everything on disc can be tansferred to tape
<SlyDC>: And thanks for the info about GuyB, i'll check out all the disk images i have to find the file manage program
rich-c: games are an issue because they require the right-directory tapes
rich-c: if you don't have it I can help
Guy B.: Take a look now. There will be changes coming to the web site
Pamela: I'm outta here, folks
Pamela: Sylvain, Joe, nice to meet you
Pamela: Dad, I'll call
Guy B.: Me too. See you all next week
rich-c: night, daughter - sleep tight and take care tomorrow
Joe: not to meet you too
Pamela: gnite Guy
rich-c: night Guy
<SlyDC>: Bye Pamela, nice to meet you too
Joe: nice
Dale: Most games will work with centre directory tapes. But as a form of copyprotection they are difficult to copy left to center directory.
Joe: I mean
Joe: sorry
<SlyDC>: Bye Guy
Joe: Nice to meet you too*
Daniel Bienvenu: I find back the disk image : Best of Broderbund.DSK (162 ko),
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: good night everyone, see you next week
Dale: I'm falling down tired too.
Dale: I should call it a night.
Pamela: kerpoof
rich-c: too much snow shovelling?
Pamela left chat session
james: i should get a modicum of work done
Dale: But I'd be happy to talk again another time Joe or Sly.
rich-c: night then Dale - it's been a fruitful one
rich-c: see you next week, james
Joe: bye
<SlyDC>: Dale, good night and take care. Was nice to mett & talk to you
Joe: Dale*
Dale: And Joe, let us know if you get the driving module going.
Daniel Bienvenu: Sly, give me your email address please... you can use the "send private message" button instead of pressing return, but make sure you hilite my name in the list
Joe: ok
Joe: thanks
Judy: it is that time of the night again, so night all until next week
Dale: I made Mist Maid 4k: because I liked Turbo so much.
rich-c: right, you and Bob didn't get to say much tonight - till next week
BobS: rats deserting a sinking ship !!!!!
Judy: ..
<SlyDC>: Daniel, i'm on Yahoo Messenger
rich-c: tis the witching hour for us all, Bob
Daniel Bienvenu: Sly, you are invisible
james: maybe i'll go back to bed too ;)
Judy left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: talk to me to popup the window
Dale: You can connect to me on YIM at dmwick
rich-c: why? you didn't have to shovel snow today!
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit tout le monde
Daniel Bienvenu: (goodnight)
Dale: I shoveled not once, not twice but three times.
rich-c: bonsoir, Dan iel
rich-c: I meant james
<SlyDC>: Think i'll go too. So good night everyone and it was a blast & pleasure to talk to all of you! :)
BobS left chat session
rich-c: I guessed about you, Dale
james: oh, no shovelling for me, rich
james: it's all melting
rich-c: see you again soon I hope, Sly
<SlyDC>: Rich: be sure of it! :)
<SlyDC>: EOF
rich-c: well, clearing snow is how our gardeners make their winter bucks
Dale: poof
<SlyDC> left chat session
james: fwiw, i did shovel so much that i went from a hefty 68.5kg to 63.5kg
rich-c: and folks with heart trouble aren't supposed to shovel. so we get it done
Dale left chat session
rich-c: I'm getting far too heavy because I can't get out to exercise at all
james: physical mobility is far too easily taken for granted
rich-c: yes - with my artificial hip, broken back, and osteoporosis, I'm grounded all winter
rich-c: it really is just extremely dumb for me to risk a slippery surface
james: yeah, not worth the risk at all
rich-c: still, I can get some errands run - we will get out to shop tomorrow
rich-c: so I better go log some snooze time now
rich-c: so to all still here, goodnight now
rich-c: and hope to see you next week
james: take care
rich-c: you too - colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: Bye all
Daniel Bienvenu: colour me hyper transparent
Daniel Bienvenu: lol
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
james left chat session
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