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rich-c: test
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changed username to MIKE JACOBS
rich-c: hi Mike, you're very prompt
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!
rich-c: hello Guy, we have a guest who's been on the mailing list lately
Guy B.: Welcome Mike
rich-c: of course Mike, don't worry, you'll get hardened to us quickly ; - )
rich-c: Guy Bona is in Chicago, he writes teh utilitiess for the Adam Emulator
rich-c: so Guy, which computer are you using tinight?
Guy B.: I'm on the Dell Notebook, while I continue my LP recordings on the Compaq
rich-c: LP recordings? what are you up to?
Guy B.: Recording my LP's and burning them to CD's
Guy B.: I have a USB turntable and using audacity to record
rich-c: how are you getting your input? I just bought a new turntable for that
rich-c: OK - my turntable is USB and I've downloaded Audacity
Guy B.: Through the USB cable from the back of the turntable and the other end goes to the USB port
rich-c: right - I haven't even opened teh box yet but that's the advice I read
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<undefined> changed username to John B. Rogers
rich-c: I found a good article on "ask Bob Rankin" com
Guy B.: Ion Audio came out with this a couple of years ago. Now they have a cassette deck that does the same thing. I bought that last year at
rich-c: John Rogters? welcome to you
rich-c: you are, I believe, now to our chat room
Guy B.: Hi John
rich-c: do introduce yourself, John
rich-c: tell us what brings you by to join us
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John B. Rogers: People call me Mr. Rogers, friends call me John, my wife calls me crazy. Hi to everyone!
changed username to Meeka
Guy B.: Hi Meeka
Meeka: hello
rich-c: OK, I'm rich clee, known in ther Adam community as the Old Fart - noisy but harmless
rich-c: hello Meeka, we have two new visitors tonight, John Rogers and Mike Jacobs
Meeka: i see that......welcome
John B. Rogers: I bought an Adam when they first came out, but only used it for the typewriter, I've always felt guilty that I never explored the fully capabilities of that fine machine.
Meeka: its never to late to start
Meeka: lol
rich-c: well, let's just say my Adam is at my elbow now and still gets used on occasion
rich-c: and as I was telling Mike, Guy writes utilities for teh Adam Emulator in Windows
John B. Rogers: That is awesome, nice to see people keeping the flame alive.
rich-c: I'm in Toronto, Guy's in Chicago, Meeka's in Grand Rapids and Mike's in Colorado - wwhere are you, John?
rich-c: well Mike, looks like John is having the same experience
Meeka: lol, it has a way of doing that to people
rich-c: I didn't even buy it as a computer, just a typewriter that worked as a typewriter should
Meeka: thats basicly how dad & doug started too, SHerri (doug big sister) had to do a term paper
rich-c: then I got some programmes, and a game or two, and off we went
John B. Rogers: I know what you mean Rich, it was what made me buy it in the first place. People mocked and ridiculed me for many years though. I should have bought a Commodore 64, or an Apple they said. I kept on telling them it was the best bang for the buck.
Meeka: I got "roped" in when I married into it, before that I didnt even kjnow there was such a critter as the adam
rich-c: Frances, my wife, has an Amiga 3000, so we keep in touch wuith the Commodore group
rich-c: unfortunately they meet way over on the far edge of town and she doesn't like driving that far at night
John B. Rogers: The only computer other than the Adam that I considered at the time was the IBM PC Jr.
rich-c: don't worry Mike, they may not be on now but we can aim you to the right people
Meeka: if we dont know we can prob point you in the right direction anyway :-)
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changed username to BobS
rich-c: well, we got an Adam in the Gret Canadian Clearance - they sold them off for $300 each
BobS: howdy all
Guy B.: HI Bob
Meeka: BTW: if you want photos to go with the names visit this site
BobS: man,got TWOnew faces today, eh?
rich-c: hello Roberto - two newbies tonight, need your counsel
Meeka: hi dad
Guy B.: Yes
BobS: hiMeeka
BobS: just downloaded google chrome for Judy...see if it works any better
rich-c: yes, Adam runs a POST and what it doesn't see then it doesn't see till the nesxt reboot
Meeka: ok, better that what
BobS: internetexploder
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rich-c: I took a look at Chrome and was very unimpressed, especdially with their privacy policy and terms of use
Meeka: doug likes safari for browsing most of the time
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rich-c: Mike, that was a yes - Guy isn't always talkative
Meeka: certian pages wont work right in anything but IE though
changed username to Pamela
Meeka: depends on how the page is written
rich-c: hello daughter
Pamela: greetings all
Meeka: PAM :-)
rich-c: I'm finding Firefox works on almost everything but Microsoft sites
Pamela: Meeka!
Guy B.: Mike, the disk drive needs to on when you bootup the Adam so it will initialize and be ready to use
Meeka: i remembered to get on this week :-P
rich-c: hey, where did John go?
Guy B.: Hi Pam
Pamela: well done!
Pamela: Hi Guy
Pamela: Hey Mike, where are you?
Pamela: as in, geographical location
rich-c: he's the one who's been on the mailing list, Pam
Meeka: ot sure rich
BobS: hey Mike turn off yourcaps lock
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changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi all.
Meeka: hi dale
rich-c: why you pull reset, Mike, the typewriter should go through a reset cycle, and teh in use light on the disc drive should wink
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Pamela: oh, ok thanks
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Pamela: hi dale
rich-c: hello Dale
Guy B.: HI Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: and me?
BobS: ok, Mike......first off turn OFF the ADAM, check to see is your disk drive switchis set to drive 1 onthe back of it
Pamela: Daniel, bonjour
Daniel Bienvenu: :)
Pamela: I didn't see you
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel. Ca marche?
Dale: Daniel, you'll wink when Mike pulls the reset?
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Pam, Rich, GuyB, Meeka, Pam, Dale and Mike
BobS: then make sure you have the cable inthe correct port...think it needsot be in OUTPUT........
Daniel Bienvenu: ca va bien, merci
Guy B.: Hi Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi GuyB
BobS: if in the wrong port, the light will sta y all the time (read light)
Meeka: Pam, you remember the tablecloth I was working on at convention?
Pamela: yes
Meeka: I finally started the "edge" last saturday
Daniel Bienvenu: I'll wink?
Pamela: woohoo!
rich-c: Bob, the power light should be on all the time - the reading light should only show when in use
Daniel Bienvenu: which reset?
Meeka: i know, i was begining to think it would never be done
Meeka: been almost 2 years since i started it
BobS: correct Richard, BUT if the cable is in the wrong port, both lights will be lit all the time
Pamela: wow that's a lot of work
Pamela: I don't know if I'd have the willpower to stick to it that long
Dale: Maybe you came in actually after the reset, Daniel. My mistake.
rich-c: right, that's how you tell you got it wrong - ask me how I know
BobS: and IF you do NOT have the disk drive turned ON, the ADAM willnot work
Meeka: well, it is mostly a winter time project
Pamela: still
Meeka: to hot to do in the summer
rich-c: the Adam wi,ll work, it's the disc drive that won't
Pamela: yes, when it becomes a blanket : )
Meeka: yup
Guy B.: If you forget to turn it on after you turn on your Adam. Turn the drive on, then pull computer reset
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't know if I tell you this but I'm trying to "update" my ColecoVision kit by actually changing the compiler. I will stop using hi-tech c compiler to use a cross-compiler very fast on Windows and Linux.
BobS: I am using Google Chrome right now, and the printing is coming straight thru
rich-c: did you read their terms and conditions of use, and privacy policy, Bob?
BobS: .
Pamela: I haven't been able to concentrate on needlework recently
Daniel Bienvenu: I was working on the migration of my coleco library to be supported by the new compiler... sorry to be late tonight because of this, I don't see time running when I do something with passion like now.
Pamela: I have so many partially done projects on the go, I'm not sure where to start anymore
BobS: I am juist trying to find something that works......we are law abidin citizens
Pamela: I keep hauling it around in hopes of getting something done
Meeka: lol
Dale: Pam, do I hear "Time to start a new one!"?
Meeka: its not gonna do itself
rich-c: why don't you use Firefox? I know more people using it than using any other
BobS: gonna install it an be back in a minute
BobS left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: I did compare Firefox 3 and Google Chrome for one particular usage and it's checking my emails by using hotmail web site.
Pamela: oh no Dale, more like time to pick one and finish it!
Meeka: ya, this one has only been in limbo for like what Pam 4 or 5 years?
Daniel Bienvenu: The result is : Firefox allow to write messages and but download correctly half of the attachments. Chrome to not allow to write messages but download correctly all the attachments.
Pamela: I am ashamed to say, almost five years
rich-c: well, I installed Google, tried it, was very unimpressed and went back to Firefox - I use FF2
Meeka: tis o\k to admit
Meeka: the afghan I did for myself took alost 7 I believe
Pamela: the poor kid is almost five and has a baby brother!
Daniel Bienvenu: So, they have both problems with hotmail web site, but for different reaons.
rich-c: Firefox isn't really for mail, Daniel; Thunderbird is teh email client
Pamela: maybe I should just abandon that one and go on to something else
Daniel Bienvenu: hotmail mail is special, you can't really use a software to read your mail. The best way I find is using google mail with thunderbird.
Pamela: I must admit to having concentration problems
rich-c: anyway, Daniel, Microsoft is not about to let hotmail work properly with anything but IE
Dale: Daniel means web-based mail, Richard.
MIKE JACOBS: ok it looks like i may have a cabling issue or drive number switch.y and see what happens
Pamela: I used to be able to do counted stuff anywhere, anytime but now I have to have no distractions, or I take a left turn somewhere and then I'm up a creek
Dale: I hadn't noticed an issue with hotmail on FFox.
rich-c: hotmail is webbased mail, Dale - but it's also a Microsoft site
MIKE JACOBS: thanks all but i have to go - so good nite
Meeka: night mikw
Dale: But I don't usually download attachments.
Pamela: gnite mike
Meeka: mike **
Dale: Bye Mike.
rich-c: night Mike, see you again soon
Daniel Bienvenu: I did notice because sometimes I'm getting files with accents in their filename and this is an issue with firefox
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Daniel Bienvenu: google chrome can get these files with accents in their filename without any problem
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changed username to BobS
Pamela: well bob?
BobS: well whqat?????
rich-c: right, and you've got enough correspondence in French for that to be an issue
Pamela: are you on Chrome?
BobS: just acame back ya know
Daniel Bienvenu: but google chrome think that the textbox to write your message in hotmail is read-only, you can't modify it, so it's useless.
BobS: nope,ie
Pamela: ah
BobS: chrome worked onJudy's computer though
Pamela: I must be feeling better, I am chair dancing : )
Pamela: that's good news
BobS: downloading Firefoxon Judy's puter now
Pamela: where is Judy?
Pamela: ah
Daniel Bienvenu: Because I can deal with changing the filename, but not with no text allowed for new emails, I'm still with firefox.
BobS: what happened to Mike,........hope he didn'tleave mad
Meeka: no, just had to leave it sounded like
BobS: talkin on the phone
rich-c: this isn't the time but bookmark the site for the extensions, Bob - many are really good
Pamela: I'm playing Lionel Richie - Can't Slow Down
Pamela: Forgotten how much I love this album
BobS: bookmark what site????
rich-c: think he ran out of endurance - he has four slipped discs in his back
Daniel Bienvenu: I tried firefox for 64bit Windows, but because Adobe doesn't have a 64bit version for the flash plugin, so I'm using firefox 32bit.
rich-c: the site for teh Firefox extensions - teh dictionary is good, and so is Adblock
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changed username to Dale/laptop
Pamela: why the switch Dale?
Dale/laptop changed username to Dale
Dale: I went downstairs.
rich-c: ah, Dale is back, but now on another machine
Dale: I was upstairs before, because Jeffrey wanted me close while he fell asleep.
Pamela: oh, I guess the desktop isn't very portable, is it : )
rich-c: teh battery on our laptop just died
Pamela: was that the pfft you heard earlier Dad?
rich-c: still works on plugin of course, so no big hassle
Dale: My battery for my laptop is bugging me that it is recharging to just 48% of it's designed capacity, so I should order a new one.
Dale: It still works well enough for now.
rich-c: I'm wondering, Pam, it wanted abot 2-1/2 hours to charge up from full
Daniel Bienvenu: I went to the carnaval de Quebec today. It's was very cold outside but I did saw many great sculptures. Too bad that already one of them was destroyed... the one with a special mention for the excellent work. My mother did take a picture of it yesterday and the sculpture was fine at that time and I can understand why the sculpture was destroyed today... I think it was at the limit of the solidity but it didn't explain everything.
rich-c: my battery claims to be at 100% of capacity - and lasts 15 minutes on a good day
Dale: Yes, Richard, as a battery gets older, the maximum charge that it is able to hold decreases from the design capacity.
Pamela: time for a new one I think Dad
rich-c: reminds me Daniel, we'll have to find a website with some pictures of those sculptures
rich-c: I've heard they are really great
Daniel Bienvenu: I've heard that a laptop battery should be at maximum 70% of charge when stored, otherwise it reduces its lifetime.
Dale: I might do a session on batteries at AdamCon. I've recently learned a lot about them.
Pamela: good idea Dale
Pamela: other than the sculptures Daniel, what did you see?
rich-c: well do it before I order one tomorrow! ; - )
Daniel Bienvenu: I saw the sculpture made by a group from Ontario... it represents a duck with his head under the water trying to reach food.
Daniel Bienvenu: I did see people on a rope going from point A to point B very fast if they don't slow down with their free hand.
Pamela: I have a question for the group at large - does a digital camera have the same operating issues in cold weather as a film camera?
Dale: I'd say different.
Meeka: not as much
Dale: The CCD is probably a little slower, but I haven't really heard that anywhere specifically.
Meeka: but can still have issues if the batteries are cold
Pamela: okay, I can see that
Dale: But more important the batteries don't behave properly when cold.
rich-c: Aren't the CCD's more temperature sensitive than film?
Daniel Bienvenu: I did see a lot of kids sliding on ice, you know the kind of structure specially to slide from top to bottom.
Dale: So keep your batteries warm.
Pamela: that's what snow snoots are for - sliding!
rich-c: a slide or more a toboggan run, Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: I did see people eating mapple taffe... sugar on snow.
rich-c: that sounds neat!
Daniel Bienvenu: I did enter the castle and see E.T. there with some souvenirs from past carnivals.
Dale: Well the famous site dpreview says cold temperatures make for better images:
Pamela: interesting
Pamela: I can see that too
Dale: But still don't let it get too cold, and let it acclimatize to a change in temperature.
rich-c: right, the last thing you need in any camera is condensation
rich-c: how long were you able to stay at Canaval, Daniel?
Pamela: I know Erin has been carrying her camera with her and has gotten some lovely shots especially first thing in the morning
Pamela: I'd like to do that from time to time too but I don't want to damage the camera
rich-c: just carry it in a warm pocket or whatever
Daniel Bienvenu: there is two kind of tobogan/slide... one is tiny and made of ice, the other one is huge, made in snow, and you slide by using a ... I don't know the word but it's like a huge tire.
Pamela: inner tube, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: today, after one hour, I had enough, it was too cold.
rich-c: I think they call that tubing, Daniel, but I could easily be wrong
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changed username to JudyS
Pamela: I've seen that - it looks like huge amounts of fun
Pamela: Hi Judy
rich-c: yes, we had our share of cold today, didn't we?
rich-c: welcome back, Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: I've my effigy and I hope to return when the big sculptures will be done because only the small ones was done.
Pamela: but what a beautiful day
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Daniel Bienvenu: where is judy?
changed username to JudyS
Meeka: i take mine outside in the winter Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: there she is
Guy B.: HI Judy
Meeka: just leave it under my coat unless i am using it
Meeka: hi mom
Pamela: that's a good idea
rich-c: yes, teh back door of teh van was frozen, but I parked it back to teh sun and it thawed
Pamela: I need a coat with an inside pocket
rich-c: even an outside pocket will do, Pam
JudyS: Hi, Daniel, Rich, Guy, Meeka, Dale and Pam
Meeka: i have a neck strap on mine
rich-c: so are you trying Firefox now, Judy?
Pamela: I'm always afraid I'm going to drop the darned thing
Pamela: I have had a bad case of butter fingers recently
Pamela: same thing with my DS - I'm paranoid about dropping it
Daniel Bienvenu: I did saw some horses.
JudyS: no, google firefox won't download
JudyS: went so far and hung up
rich-c: I know they have calexches in Quebec in the summer - do they draw sleighs in the winter?
Daniel Bienvenu: some of them, yes
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Pamela: oh, wouldn't that be wonderful : )
BobS: will have to get Firefox later
JudyS: is there that much snow by you?
Daniel Bienvenu: but I didn't saw any really in action today. but there is "caleche" during winter too.
rich-c: no, Google is Chrome - Firefox is from Mozilla Foundation
Pamela: more every day unfortunately
Pamela: we're running out of roads
changed username to Harvie
Pamela: Hi Harvie
rich-c: hello, Harvie, dug your way out yet?
JudyS: hi, Harvie
Guy B.: Hi Harvie
Harvie: Hello All
Daniel Bienvenu: hi harvie, when did you get online? I didn't see you.
Harvie: Just now
Pamela: I notice that with this last dump, our sidestreets have gotten considerably narrower
rich-c: yes, a lot of our side streets are one way between teh snowbanks
Meeka: hello
BobS: same here Richard
Pamela: and we got yet more last night (sigh)
BobS: not us!!! wea are almost SNOW FREE lately
rich-c: well, not that much, fortunately
Pamela: did you drive down Brookview between Ridgevale and Rondale today Dad?
Harvie: It will rain on the weekend
rich-c: hey, if you're short, we have LOTS to spare!
rich-c: no, I didn't, Pam - why?
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale, about the bigrun function, I think there is no problem to use it as is with two flow of data, one for run and the other for raw data. If it's the way you prefer, I can include it as is no problem... but I will take the output adress and setup the vram output adresse right at the beginning and not use the RST like you, directly the out(be) like in marcel's rle function.
JudyS: we don't want any more
Pamela: there are some spots on it which are now completely blind curves and definitely just one lane
Pamela: is going to be interesting to see just how many accidents we have on it over the next few days
JudyS: have to go make Bob's lunch, be right back
rich-c: yes, that new house at 110 has an illegal fence and is a real deathtrap
Pamela: where's 110?
rich-c: I've complained to the city and to the Fixer but no dice
rich-c: second south of Ridgevale, on the curve
Pamela: on the west side?
Daniel Bienvenu: Here, we can barely see the house. it's cover with snow and the giant amount of snow in front of the house make it difficult for us to see the street, except if we look trough the little path.
rich-c: you got it - driveway is totally blind even in summer
Pamela: yes, that one is a pain, but the blind spot and the single lane are farther south
Pamela: anyway if you drive it in the next few days, look out
Pamela: I was lucky enough not to meet any oncoming traffic
Dale: It would be better if they were mixed I think.
rich-c: I'll make a note - we have to go out tomorrow, though not that way
Dale: Instead of supplying two pointers.
Dale: I don't really know why I did it that way.
rich-c: gotta go fetch my beer
Meeka: well, i gonna head out
Daniel Bienvenu: I've got a bad news today, but not so bad. Because of a governement decision, they are stopping searching for new programmers like me. this decision was taken after the budget was voted.
Meeka: tty all later
Meeka left chat session
Pamela: Daniel, Mom and Dad's house is getting that way too - there's so much snow piled up on the front lawn that it's getting hard to see the house
rich-c: night, Meeka
Pamela: night Meeka
Pamela: too late!
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale, you said it's the coleco way
Harvie: Bye Bye Meeka
Daniel Bienvenu: it's a good reason
Dale: But it just doesn't seem to be as efficient.
JudyS: I'm back
Pamela: what's for lunch Judy?
Daniel Bienvenu: not as effecient... it depends if we stop there or if we allow a second compression with the raw data.
Dale: I should work more on that C64 encoding that I talked about at AdamCon.
JudyS: turkey sandwich, chips, and apple
Dale: It was good. because it usually dodged the command bytes, but was more flexible than that format for the compressed name tables.
Pamela: sounds good!
Pamela: we have chicken, broccoli and rice with lemon dill sauce
Daniel Bienvenu: ho I forget, I have to speak to you in french now if you want to practice a little bit.
JudyS: he didn't know where he was working tomorrow so couldn't have anything warm
JudyS: that is supper, Pam?
Dale: Des octet sont disparu!
Dale: :-D
Pamela: yup
Daniel Bienvenu: bytes are missing? lesquels (which ones)
Pamela: and leftovers for lunch tomorrow
JudyS: very healthy
Dale: I'm not sure. I think they escaped when I started talking about compressing them ;-)
Pamela: LOL Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: joker
Pamela: better than eating out Judy
Pamela: I also take a yogurt, apple sauce and pudding
Pamela: fruit, dairy and sweet
Pamela: most days I don't eat everything
JudyS: don't think this is working much better than I had before, it is not coming thru either
Daniel Bienvenu: there is the idea of a using mask (8 bits) to say which byte to repeat from previous sequence and which byte is replaced by a new one for the next set of 8 bytes. it's an interesting idea.
Pamela: I'm totally organized these days with lunch
Pamela: used to hate the idea
JudyS: I am cutting down also, decided that I am going to take off a couple of pounds
Dale: It's "hard" to do that when you decompress straight into vram though Daniel.
Dale: That's what's holding me back from doing that.
Pamela: I know you've been out to the gym more recently
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't lose or gain weight during the holidays... even with the poutine.
JudyS: will have to see if it works out
Pamela: that's impressive Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: but dale, we can refer to a buffer, 8 bytes in ram is not the end of the world
Pamela: in our office people keep bringing in the evil chocolate
rich-c: it sure is - eating poutine and holding weight
Pamela: and then they all come over to my desk to make sure I know it's there
Dale: No it's not Daniel. A circular buffer isn't that hard to make, but it makes the decompressor much more complex.
Dale: Unless you can figure out an elegant way to do it.
Pamela: my reputation as a chocaholic is well known, unfortunately
Daniel Bienvenu: that's not impressive, I did eat only 3 poutines during january and I did cut chips and replace it by popcorn cook only by using hot air.
rich-c: programming is all about elegance, when done properly
JudyS: ..
Daniel Bienvenu: so I'm still eating during the night, but it contains less fat I guess.
Pamela: that's good!
rich-c: I don't eat that much, but I don't get to move around either
JudyS: I have cut out m&m's and cookies
rich-c: I can't remember when I last had a candy or a cookie
JudyS: and have added more exercise
Daniel Bienvenu: For the elegance in z80 assembler programming, I let dale find a solution. I'm better with C coding. :)
rich-c: I suspect Dale has had a little more experience, Daniel
JudyS: what is a poutine?
Dale: "20 Z80 Assembler tricks" coming your way ;-)
Daniel Bienvenu: poutine? it's full of fat
Pamela: french fries with cheese curds and gravy, Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: fries + cheese + sauce
rich-c: a great French-Canadian delicacy, Judy - description does not do it justice
Pamela: sounds disgusting but it's really good
JudyS: now I remember
Dale: It is a French-Canadian dish made of french fries, covered in fresh mozzerella cheese curds (if made properly) then drenched in thick gravy.
BobS: what we call cheesy fries here inthe states'
JudyS: no, doesn't sound good to me
BobS: and maybe the big difference is no sauce here
Dale: Maybe they are cheddar cheese curds. I'm not actually sure.
Daniel Bienvenu: each time I order one I always ask to have the sauce beside so I can decide the amount of sauce to put in or if I eat fries with a little bit of sauce on them.
JudyS: and messy
Dale: Cheesy fries are made with processed cheese. A very different flavour.
rich-c: I've never tried it, and these days wouldn't dare
BobS: ok
rich-c: that's the problem with getting old - all your weight leaves either end and migrates to the middle
Daniel Bienvenu: If you don't like the regular sauce, there is the sipcy sauce which is very good, but some people seems to prefer the spagethi sauce... it's great too.
BobS: GOOD ONE Richard
Daniel Bienvenu: in the poutine, it's not cheddard or mozarela
Pamela: haven't heard of spaghetti sauce Daniel, just gravy
Daniel Bienvenu: but you can use them if you want
rich-c: unfortunate truth, Bob - I shrink in height but my weight doesn't change
Daniel Bienvenu: they call italian poutine the one with spagethi sauce instead of the brown sauce.
JudyS: that would not fit on my diet anyway
rich-c: I am noticably shorter than Pamela now, and Frances is even worse
Dale: A nice picture in wikipedia:
Pamela: are you Dad? I think if we measured in stocking feet you would still be taller
BobS: that a tall full figured man...I could turn into a short PORTLY fella?
rich-c: no, you're taller now, daughter
Pamela: don't forget that much of the time that you see me I'm wearing thick-soled shoes
JudyS: ..
Pamela: I can't imagine you've lost four inches
rich-c: look around, Bob - your older folk are not as tall as they used to be
Daniel Bienvenu: the italian poutine may be more suitable for you... my mother prefer italian poutine or spicy poutine than the regular one.
Harvie: I am a full inch shorter than in my late teens/20s
rich-c: I suspect I have lost at least four inches and likely more
JudyS: I am 1/2 " shorter than I used to be
Dale: Wikipedia suggests that cheese curds are most often cheddar cheese curds:
rich-c: how old are you, Harvie? you seem to be shrinking early
JudyS: doesn't look like something I would want to eat
Harvie: 62 in April
Daniel Bienvenu: the real poutine are made with gouda cheese, not cheddard
Pamela: I notice most poutines around here are made with white cheese rather than cheddar
rich-c: well, a bit on teh young side; don't put too many things on too high shelves
Pamela: I suspect mozzarella, because it melts well
rich-c: the day will come when you will regret it
Daniel Bienvenu: fresh gouda cheese seems to make a squeaky sound in your mouth.
Dale: I most often get my Poutine in Toronto from Burger King. It is a standard thing on their menu.
Daniel Bienvenu: Sorry to say that but I think burger king poutine is one of the worst ones.
rich-c: I don't think I've ever been in a Burger King
Pamela: Harvey's does one that's not bad, and so does Licks
Dale: Well, I can't always drive to Ottawa for better poutine.
Harvie: A substantial amount of difference is related to my knees (no bursa or miniscuss any more)
Dale: White cheddar is quite common actually Pam.
Dale: But Daniel thinks it is gouda.
Dale: So it's hard to say.
rich-c: shrinkage of have you had surgery, Harvey?
Daniel Bienvenu: We can buy this gouda cheese for poutine at the market here.
Pamela: I think the flavour is too mild for Cheddar
Dale: The orange in cheddar is added as an after thought. I have no idea why it is usually orange.
Dale: Well cheese curds aren't aged.
rich-c: I'd say Daniel is likeliest to be the authority on this subject
Dale: Mild cheddar is aged for several months.
Harvie: Just wear ande tear (abuse)
Pamela: and I think the stuff we get around here is a pale imitation of proper Quebec poutine
Dale: Cheese curds are best eaten when squeeky (ie with-in 12 hours of being made)
Daniel Bienvenu: I will have to buy a bag of fresh gouda cheese to let you discover it by yourself.
rich-c: you're likely right, daughter
Pamela: we have a cheese vendor at the Weston farmers market and they usually have cheese curds - I shall have to ask what type of chees it is someday
Pamela: but yes, they're best when squeeky
Dale: There are definately places around here that claim to sell poutine but include shredded cheese on the fries. Not right at all.
JudyS: don't know if you can even buy cheese curds around here
Pamela: no, faking it just doesn't quite cut it
Daniel Bienvenu: please, do not try a putine from burger king, it's really not a good poutine to try.
Dale: Like wikipedia says, you need to live near a cheese factory.
Dale: Ideally you'd buy in from the store in a cheese factory.
Dale: That way you'd know it was made that day.
rich-c: I doubt there is any shortage of those in Quebec
JudyS: don't think they sell them at Burger King anyway
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changed username to LucMiron
LucMiron: Hi people!
JudyS: Hi, Luc
BobS: hi Luc
Pamela: Hi Luc
Dale: They do in Toronto, but not in Michigan.
rich-c: salut, Luc - tu es en retard
Dale: Hi Luc.
LucMiron: Sorry, I've been sorting CV cart casings all evening.
rich-c: neat!
LucMiron: Your box of 300 casings is ready Dale!
rich-c: you work out teh transparent ones?
LucMiron: @Dale: I'm calculating the shipping quote right now.
LucMiron: !rich: You better ask that question to Daniel. ;)
Dale: Luc, I will be driving through Montreal on Monday Feb 16th or Friday Feb 13th.
Dale: So if that is convenient for you I might be able to meet you to get the cases instead of having to ship them.
Daniel Bienvenu: Luc?
LucMiron: Dale: No problem, as long as you can come by in the evening. I'm at work during the day.
LucMiron: Daniel?
Dale: I'll work on my schedule and see what I can do.
Daniel Bienvenu: c'est toujours correct d'attendre ma décision à al fin mars pour les cartouches de couleurs?
JudyS: ..
Daniel Bienvenu: (no accents here, I forgot)
Dale: Sorry.
LucMiron: @Daniel: Pas de problème. :)
Daniel Bienvenu: luc, just before you log in, we talked a little bit about data compression and poutine.
rich-c: Daniel, you can add accents to an English keyboard with Allchars
rich-c: you get it at www.allchars, - naturally it is free
LucMiron: poutine?
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, I know that rich, but apparently the chat system doesn't get these characters as valid.
Daniel Bienvenu: oui luc, tu sais le plat avec frites, fromage et sauce.
JudyS: ..
LucMiron: . o O (Judy is still thinking... Maybe she'll find the cure for cancer before the end of the year...)
Dale: "New York Fries: the Place for Poutine" :-)
LucMiron: The only poutine I can stand is the one from McDonald's.
Daniel Bienvenu: I see here that a poutine is called "disco fries" in newyork
LucMiron: The others are too greasy or too rich.
Daniel Bienvenu: did you try the one with spagethi sauce?
Daniel Bienvenu: (not at mcdonald)
LucMiron: No, and something tells me I better not try it unless I actively want to have an indigestion. ;P
JudyS: ..
Daniel Bienvenu: why not?
LucMiron: I just like to eat healthy, that's all. :)
Daniel Bienvenu: you do cut fat by using a tomato sauce you know
Dale: well, that is indeed allowed.
Pamela: low fat cheese and baked fries
Dale: Jillian likes to get salad and poutine.
Pamela: it's all good : )
rich-c: buty tomato sauce usually has a lot of salt
Daniel Bienvenu: ho, I see... you are not a huge fan of poutine like me then. :)
JudyS: that makes the chat come thru on my computer, Luc
Dale: So she likes both.
LucMiron: So anyway, Dale, can I count on you do send me an e-mail to confirm your passage in Montreal? (I live in Laval, BTW.)
Pamela: so does gravy and cheese Dad
rich-c: well, I'm pretty well off those too, Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: the less strange combo I do like to eat is half a pizza 8" with half a spagethi in the same meal.
Dale: Yes, I will set my schedule up, and see if I can land in Montreal when you would be available.
LucMiron: Ah! A pizzaghetti! I eat that at Barbie's sometimes. :)
Daniel Bienvenu: I kinda prefer the one from Mikes.
LucMiron: Yeah, Mikes does a good pizzaghetti too. :)
rich-c: hate to admit it but Pizza Hut make some of the best
rich-c: but I don't think they offer pizzaghetti
Daniel Bienvenu: I can't try pizza hut anymore here. the only one left is mixed with a KFC... it smeel chiken when eating the pizza, it's a bad busines decision that made here to save pizza hut.
rich-c: well, Pizza Hut made teh mistake of moving all their orders to a call centre
JudyS: ..
Daniel Bienvenu: but at least the pizza doesn't seems to taste like chicken for you then
rich-c: if you can't call up your local shop then don't deal with the chain
rich-c: our local shop does have a Wing Express but doesn't seem to suffer from it
Pamela: we haven't had Pizza Hut pizza in years - waaaaay too salty
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't know if guyb do remember but the first time I do eat at boston pizza was during the adamcon.
Harvie: The nearest Pizza Hut to us takes phone orders direct
rich-c: we won't buy Pizza Pizza - way too hot
Daniel Bienvenu: and there is one boston pizza not far away
Daniel Bienvenu: here
Daniel Bienvenu: but not in town
Pamela: we've had mixed reviews with Boston Pizza
LucMiron: Boston Pizza is good. I've been there a few times. :)
rich-c: yes, Pizza Hut did that to start, Harvey, but then they went to a call centre in Halifax
Daniel Bienvenu: Meateor... for meat lovers. it the one we tried and it was great.
Guy B.: well folks, will be taking Annie out soon. So I'll see you all next week
Pamela: they're food is good, but their service leaves something to be desired
rich-c: even if you had your store's number, they wouldn't take an order
Daniel Bienvenu: the vegeterian is ok, but not good.
Harvie: The local still takes direct calls
rich-c: some managers faked it, pretended it was walk-in traqde
Pamela: good night Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: bye guyb
rich-c: night Guy
LucMiron: @Dale: I just sent you the shipping quotes. I noticed that you still haven't sent me the first of your two payments for the casings...
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: yes, well ours now takes direct orders too - maybe they will survive
BobS: time for us to go also gang..........
JudyS: night Guy
BobS: morning comes early enough lately
Dale: I'll send it tomorrow morning Luc.
Pamela: yes, time for bed soon
Dale: I ran out of time today.
rich-c: there's at least four other Pizza Huts folded in the cal centre era around here
Daniel Bienvenu: Luc, are you using a bank account with caisses desjardins?
BobS: till next time..............guten tag
Pamela: gnite Bob and Judy
BobS left chat session
rich-c: night, Bob and Judy - till next week
LucMiron: @Dale: Okay. Well, do have a look at those shipping quotes, just to have the info... :)
Dale: Thanks Luc.
Daniel Bienvenu: every day I forgot to call desjardins about accesd service.
Harvie: Goodnight Bob & Judy
LucMiron: @Daniel: Yes, and I have an active Accès-D account.
JudyS: time to turn in, so night all
rich-c: night, judy
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit judy et bob.
LucMiron: Night Judy!
JudyS left chat session
LucMiron: 'night Bob!
Daniel Bienvenu: that was fast
rich-c: well, us old folks need our beauty sleep you know, Daniel
Dale: I'd better go too.
Daniel Bienvenu: Harvie... I'm still trying to find out if we do meet in person or not.
Dale: morning comes early.
Pamela: oh yeah especially tomorrow
Dale: Jillian is away this week, so it's just me and Jeffrey for the morning routine.
rich-c: pretty much same here - anyway night, Dale
LucMiron: @Daniel: You still have until the end of March to get that Acces-D account reactivated. No rush.
Harvie: At Adamcon in Whitby Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: yes
Daniel Bienvenu: YES YES YES
Daniel Bienvenu: that's true
rich-c: any hope you'll make Grand Rapids, Harvie?
Daniel Bienvenu: too bad you didn't stay during the entire adamcon.
Harvie: I intend to be there but I intend to go every year
Pamela: don't get distracted Harvie : )
Daniel Bienvenu: Unfortunatly, I think I can't be at the adamcon this year. I have a passport but the cost for the transport and hotel will ruin me.
Dale: What's the rule with passports and driving over the border?
rich-c: I know what you mean - just do your best - it's a good time and good place
Pamela: don't count yourself out yet Daniel
LucMiron: Gotta go guys. I get up at 6AM tommorow morning...
Pamela: we have lots of time yet to work it out
Dale: I know there was an extension for non-passport crossings.
rich-c: bonsoir, Luc
Pamela: need passports now, Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: I suppose I'm the only one that will stay online in the next 10 minutes.
Pamela: night Luc
LucMiron: See y'all!
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Luc, on se reparle
rich-c: not sure on passports driveing, Dale - we have them anyway
LucMiron left chat session
Pamela: try . . . hang on, lemme check
Daniel Bienvenu: well, driving to us is still possible without a passport... it's just faster and easier with a passport.
rich-c: and Obama may very well improve that, too
Daniel Bienvenu: it took me one month to first make a certificate about me, when I was born, etc. and then ask for a passport with it
Pamela: a birth certificate, Daniel?
Dale: It says on the site that "oral declarations of citizenship" was phased out on Jan 31, 2008.
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, the "baptistaire" was not accepted
Dale: So now a birth certificate + photo id is required for adults, for example.
rich-c: oh, we just walked into the passport office, fillled out a form, gave them our pictures, and they mailed it to us in about two weeks
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, I had to take a picture at a special place, make someone sign the picture telling that it's really me, etc.
Daniel Bienvenu: a month of work
rich-c: yes, it's a pain, Daniel
Dale: Now the "someone" can be anyone who also has a Canadian passport.
Pamela: try Dale
Dale: The rules are quite different to how they used to be.
Pamela: or something like that
rich-c: and I hope they will change to more liberal - folks are getting fed up
Pamela: I've got our applications completed, we just need the pics, guarantors and the bucks
Daniel Bienvenu: in my pasport the picture is somehow a little bit darker than it's supposed to be but after a month of work to get everything I decided to use it anyway
Dale: So no passport required for driving over the border, if you have proof that you are Canadian.
rich-c: anyway it's time for me to go - so good night / bonsoir, touter le monde
Pamela: goodnight Daddy
Daniel Bienvenu: you have a proof with the driver license
Daniel Bienvenu: because of the picture
Daniel Bienvenu: and the address
rich-c: see you all next week'
Daniel Bienvenu: aurevoir
Pamela: I think that as of January 2009 a passport was required Dale
rich-c: colour me gone
Daniel Bienvenu: transparent
rich-c left chat session
Dale: Well, you also should have a birth certificate or citizenship card with it Daniel.
Harvie: I have two contract bids to prepare so I will say Goodnight All
Pamela: gnite Harvie
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight harvie
Dale: Not according to
Dale: They relaxed the rules Pam.
Harvie left chat session
Pamela: what ministry is that Dale?
Daniel Bienvenu: and maybe we can manage to go to the adamcon together to save a little bit on gas (I guess)
Dale: Since most Americans didn't have the passport, and the passport offices were really behind.
Dale: Homeland Security.
Daniel Bienvenu: pam, dale, talk to you next week
Pamela: night Daniel
Dale: Bye Daniel.
Daniel Bienvenu: and dale, maybe we can try to figure out a way to make bigrun effecient and also flexible
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit!
Daniel Bienvenu: bye!
Dale: Sure Daniel.
Pamela: suppose I'd better go too Dale
Pamela: since allegedly I"m going to work in the morning
Dale: Later Pam.
Daniel Bienvenu: sure... go!
Pamela: gnite all!
Pamela: Kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
Dale: Zip zap zonk!
Daniel Bienvenu: when poof is not enough, try kerpoof
Dale left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: zip zap zonk? that's a new one
Daniel Bienvenu: my friend sylvain will probably say zouki zouk
Daniel Bienvenu: bye bye
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
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