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Meeka: hello
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Meeka
Meeka: how are u
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm having a problem...
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: test... 1.. 2...
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, it works
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Meeka
Meeka: hello agian
Daniel Bienvenu: Sorry, the chat applet wasn't working for me. I had to close and open again.
Meeka: np
Daniel Bienvenu: Will you be part of the Adamcon this year?
Meeka: yes
Meeka: doug and I along with mom & dad (bob & judy) are hosting it this year
Daniel Bienvenu: so now I feel stupid.
Meeka: np
Daniel Bienvenu: Which one will do the "welcome" speech?
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Meeka: prob dad
changed username to rich-c
Daniel Bienvenu: hello rich
Meeka: hello
rich-c: greetings Daniel adn Meeka
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changed username to BobS
Daniel Bienvenu: I was too earlier this week.
BobS: HI kids !!!!!
rich-c: both of you very prompt today
Meeka: hi dad
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Bob
rich-c: hi Roberto
rich-c: you get my reply about the ribbons?
BobS: Meeka, got some 'stuff' for you......was foing to get to you today with the car pickup, but didn't happen
Meeka: ok
BobS: yessir I did and I also emailed Julian and said I would leave it in your capable hands to work out
Meeka: will prob be over your way tomorrow or friday
rich-c: I also just sent a message to teh list giving two alternate webmail addresses if needed
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changed username to Guy B.
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Guy
Guy B.: Greetings from the Windy City
rich-c: hello Guy, you're early tonight
Guy B.: Just finished my taxes
rich-c: doing more recordings?
Guy B.: Yep
Meeka: hi guy
Guy B.: HI Meeka, how's Doug?
rich-c: I still haven't had time to open my box
BobS: did some graphics for a cart game called Penguin Land........
Meeka: good i guess
BobS: some fool wants $750 for it
Meeka: his head is burried in ps2 coding :-P
rich-c: tell the fool to move his decimal two spaces to the left
BobS: might be a great game, and you graphics on the cart are awesome, but $750.00 ??????
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Guy B.: $75 still is high for a game anyway
changed username to Judy
rich-c: at that rater Daniel should offer a new, revised, updated limited edition - at $70.00 a pop
Meeka: hi mom
Judy: Hi, Everyone
Guy B.: Hi Judy
rich-c: hello Judy
BobS: AMEN, Daniel, go for it....trouble is Steve Befin wrote the thing and Daniel did the pics onthe cart
Judy: How is everyone?
BobS: begin
rich-c: my back is really cranky at the moment - we've been having toilet troubles
BobS: oh oh
Judy: not good, Rich
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Judy
Meeka: goofd, i am 1/3 done with the very last row of my tablecloth
rich-c: the problem is, I can't bend to look underneath, and I can't turn taps and stuff
Judy: the weather bothering your back?
rich-c: so we have to hire a pl;umber for things we used to do ourselves
Judy: that is exciting, Meeka
Meeka: yup
BobS: well get him in there and fix it
rich-c: no, judy, broken vertabrae don't heal teh way they were, they are always misaligned
Judy: my ankle is hurting me, think it is this rainy weather
rich-c: oh, we got the flapper valve on the basement toilet dealt with, no problem
rich-c: then we decided to have a Toilevator put on the main one
Daniel Bienvenu: I've lost contact with Steve Begin and I gave to him all the labels I have done for Penguin Land. And I don't think I can do anything to help you finding a Penguin Land cartridge... but I have mine.
BobS: whats a Toilevator ??????
BobS: bummer Daniel
rich-c: it's an invention of the Assistive Devices lab at Sunnybook
BobS: and
rich-c: essentially it's a platform onto which a toilet fits and attaches, which raises it three inches
Daniel Bienvenu: Where did you saw a penguin land for 750$ ?
Daniel Bienvenu: it's insane
BobS: on Ebay under ColecoVision stuff for sale Daniel
BobS: someone in Montreal has it
rich-c: they can ask anything they want - doesn't mean they are going to get it
BobS: cool Richard, NOW you can say you have your own throne
Judy: Meeka, haven't heard from Sher and Doug, wonder how the flight was
rich-c: yes, our problem is there isn't enough clearance between our toilet adn tub for one of teh new extended bowl jobs
Meeka: nope, i havent heard from them
rich-c: and all teh higher bowl models are also extended
Judy: got the car and took ours out to the body shop, so we are now driving an SUV
rich-c: but with the toilevator you use teh old one that fits
Meeka: lol
Judy: Dad called but didn't get a return call
rich-c: why did your car need to go to the body shop, judy?
Meeka: they are prob getting settled in
Judy: had a little boo boo
Meeka: been a long day for them
Judy: in the parking lot of Sams
rich-c: knocked a corener off, did you? it isn't hard these days
Judy: yes, thought they would let someone know that they made it okay
rich-c: I get handicap parking, otherwise I'd likely be doing metal bashing every other day
Judy: no, right in the front, knocked out a tooth in the grill
rich-c: meaningless to teh functionality, but devestating to your pride
Judy: would like to use the bigger parking spots, before we even got this fixed we discovered a mark on the passenger side
rich-c: anyway, yesterday about six hours after the plumber left, we developed a mysterious leak
rich-c: small, but it did minor flooding before we discovered it adn took countermeasures
rich-c: well, even if you have the necessary permits, teh spaces are often too few
rich-c: fortunately Toronto keeps the unauthorized out - it's a $300 fine which gets their attention
Judy: yes, there is quite a fine here also for parking in a handicap spot
BobS: it is a big fine here also, don't know the amoun t, but......
rich-c: I like the wide slots - my van has a turning circle like an oil tanker
rich-c: though actually I load and un load my walker through the back doors
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changed username to Pamela
Judy: ..
Pamela: hi everyone
Meeka: hi pam
Daniel Bienvenu: Because the ebay auction about Penguin Land is from Montreal, my guess is it's from someone I may know. I will ask in the forum and see if it's someone I know.
Judy: going away for a minute
Judy left chat session
rich-c: hi daughter
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Pam, see you later Judy
BobS: it doesn't make any difference Daniel ..... I just found it a littel hard to chew on for pricing
BobS: you have to have some reality when you put yourself out for acution
BobS: auction
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changed username to LucMiron
Daniel Bienvenu: There was a condition behind selling this game to the members of the CCJVQ, and it was to never sell it on eBay.
Pamela: Hi Luc
Meeka: hi luc
BobS: oops
rich-c: salut, Luc
Pamela: I need advice on laptops
LucMiron: @Daniel What game are you talking about?
LucMiron: Hello people!
rich-c: what's the problem, Pam?
BobS: use it Pam
BobS: you are running a faster one that me
Daniel Bienvenu: Luc, tu dois chercher sur ebay pour penguin land. quelqu'un de montreal vend sa cartouche.
Pamela: Cynthia's laptop has died and we're vetting used laptops online
Guy B.: Hi Pam
Pamela: a lot of this stuff is gobbledygook to me
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Guy B.: HI Luc
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changed username to Dale
changed username to JudyS
Dale: Hi all.
Guy B.: Hi Dale
Pamela: Hi Dale
LucMiron: Oui, je l'ai spotté. :) Si elle n'etait pas si chere, je l'acheterais et lui ferait imprimer une boite. :)
Daniel Bienvenu: welcome back judy
Meeka: hi dale
Daniel Bienvenu: hi dale
rich-c: evening, Dale
JudyS: back again
LucMiron: Hey Dale! Just the guy I wanted to see!
rich-c: Pam, talk to me on landline when you have an hour, I'll try to help
JudyS: I am trying firefox now
JudyS: see if that works any better
Dale: Hi Luc.
Pamela: what the heck is a Pentium M?
LucMiron: Pentium Male?
Dale: I'm definately going to have you mail those cartridge shells by Xpresspost.
rich-c: it isn't that much better, jusdy, but I do find the interface more comfortable
LucMiron: You should get a Pentium F.
Dale: I'll send you the rest of the money tomorrow, I guess.
Daniel Bienvenu: par principe, steve ne voulait pas que son jeu se retrouve en revente sur internet... c'etait sa condition pour lode runner et penguin land
rich-c: it has a huge number of really neat extensions (add-ons, plug-ins)
LucMiron: @Dale: Okay, no problem. :)
Pamela: I guess I need to know where in the Pentium lineup it falls
Dale: Mobile.
Daniel Bienvenu: comme la vente se fait depuis Montreal, je crois que l'un d'entre nous a oublie
Meeka: pam - doug says that whats in my laptopo
Meeka: its above a p4
Dale: The Pentium M is a "mobile Pentium family processor"
Pamela: ok
Meeka: its designed for lower power consumption
rich-c: best when combined with the Centrino architecture
LucMiron: Sorry to have to leave so soon tonight, but I'm currently contacting everyone who placed a pre-order for Pac-Man Collection (for ColecoVision) and I'd like to have 40 people contacted before I go to bed tonight (I'm at 25 right now).
Dale: Which is redesigned to be more efficient than a non-M processor to encourage longer battery life and so on.
rich-c: but not necessarily teh best CPU available
Dale: So it is shipping now?
Dale: It's all done Luc?
LucMiron: @Dale: Yep, but only with the yellow cartridges, and they're all already tied up in pre-orders.
rich-c: neat, Luc - that's a good order book
Dale: It probably was the best one for laptops at the time.
Pamela: I thought the Centrino was a chip too
Meeka: no, mine is a pentium m with centrino technology
Pamela: or is that the next step up the ladder?
Dale: But if you don't need portability, a massively parrallel super computer with 2048 CPUs comes to mind.
LucMiron: @rich: I've got 80 pre-orders for the yellow ones, and 43 other for the next batch (with regular black carts, which will become available in late March).
Pamela: well done Luc!
rich-c: well, are you looking for a new or used laptop, Pam?
Pamela: used Dad
Dale: That's what they have at Los Alamos super computer facility.
Pamela: a little much for us, Dale : )
Dale: But it is the best there is, last I checked.
Dale: I'm probably out of date now though.
LucMiron: Welp, gotta go! I'll see you all next week, unless I'm too busy packing up boxes! ;)
LucMiron: Bye!
Pamela: good luck Luc
Pamela: ciao
JudyS: bye Luc
rich-c: OK Luc, good luck on the cartridge sales
Meeka: i like mine,,,,,I can get 5-6 hours out of a battery on this laptop
Meeka: bye luc
LucMiron: @Dale: Please don't forget to send the rest of the money tomorrow!
rich-c: Pam, did you say this was for Cynthis or Erin?
Meeka: my old one was luck to get 2-3
Pamela: Cynthia
Dale: Centrino is a chip set that includes things like Wifi and other networking ability.
Pamela: battery life is not necessarily an issue but good to have the info anyway
rich-c: used laptops are a minefield - she might be better to repair teh old one
Dale: Sounds good Luc.
LucMiron left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bye luc...
Daniel Bienvenu: too late
rich-c: pity I gave away my old desktop - she could have used that
Meeka: we have only ever had used ones,,,,but then agian i live with a computer geek :-P
Pamela: she has a desktop in Windsor Dad but no where to put it at the moment
Pamela: care to loan him out for a couple of days, Meeka?
Pamela: : )
Daniel Bienvenu: But meeka, maybe you can save on the starting time by doing a clean up in the services Windows is opening. I have a Vista here and I did save a few seconds by not loading parental control and table pc services.
Meeka: lol, i thinkin not
Daniel Bienvenu: (just to name thoses useless services)
Meeka: we dont run vista
rich-c: daniel, have you ever used Win Patrol from BillP services?
rich-c: It's basically an anti-malware guard, but it tells you lots about your internals, too
rich-c: shows auto startups on boot, services, what's currently active
rich-c: easier to use than msconfig, I have found
Daniel Bienvenu: i admit it's the first time I've heard of Win Patrol. But to active or deactivate services, there is a tool specific for that in the control panel, msconfig is good but sometimes we should use the appropriate tool to get more informations.
Pamela: Meeka where do you get your used computers?
rich-c: I see your point, Daniel, but find convenience pays too.
rich-c: look at it at - it is a free download, works on XP and earlier
Pamela: and does anyone have a brand you should stay away from?
Meeka: doug has gotten ALL ours off e-bay
Pamela: what about you Bob?
rich-c: has he ever got one worth what he paid for it?
Meeka: they all have been worth it rich
BobS: off Ebay and from Doug
rich-c: you're the only person I have heard of satisfied with an eBay computer, meeka
BobS: Doug head for off lease ones Ricahrd
Meeka: we have tecra m1's right now and they are great and we only paid under 200 for them
Dale: I buy lots of off lease computers
rich-c: don't ask what that translates to landed in Canada - if they will even ship to Canada
Dale: I also have got some amazing servers off of EBAY.
Daniel Bienvenu: So, you really suggest me to try winpatrol
Meeka: he figures out what he wants and does the research then bides his time and picks them up for a price we can afford
Dale: But it is all about knowing what you're getting before biding.
Daniel Bienvenu: there is a facebook page about winpatrol
Meeka: you just have to be patient
Meeka: and dont get caught in a bidding war
rich-c: really? then see if it would work for you - I am very happy with it - and it is free
rich-c: if she can stand an 8.9" screen, maybe she should get one of the new net computers for $400 at Future Shop
Pamela: I don't think a small screen is an option
rich-c: well, how big is big enough?
Pamela: 14"
BobS: or BIGGER]
Pamela: yes, Bob : )
rich-c: I doubt you'll get any that size as off-lease
BobS: 14" is good, I like the 15" also
Meeka: mine is a 14 or 15 (i cant remember)
rich-c: how much can Cynthia spend, Pam?
Pamela: it's a starting point
Pamela: hasn't been discussed, Dad
Pamela: I can find out more
Meeka: makes a diffference if it is a 14 reg screen or a 14 wide screen
Dale: I've bought both laptops with 14" and with 15" screens off lease.
rich-c: no point in discussing it if she can't afford it - you need a number
Meeka: i dont like the widesccreen on laptops
Pamela: me either Meeka
Pamela: brb
BobS: hey Meeka, tell Doug I bought some 14" hinges, dissassembled them and put on the 15" bracket and got my old computer up and working....mionus a few screws left over
Meeka: cool
BobS: same bases onboth
BobS: take a hammer to the hinges and voila! it works
JudyS: the wind is picking up here
rich-c: here the rain has heavied up for the evening
Dale: I have to go early tonight.
Meeka: lol, he said your should have extra screws, but good for you
Dale: But I'll be online next week I think.
Pamela: is Jillian home now Dale?
Dale: She is, so I want to spend some extra time with her tonight.
Meeka: should not***
rich-c: good, the gamers are counting on you, Dale
Pamela: go for it : )
rich-c: they are always asking when you will be on
Pamela: tell her we said hi
Dale: Will do.
BobS: everything made has too many screws in it
BobS: leaving a few out lets the computer "breath"
JudyS: tell her hi and we do understand, Dale, spend time with her
Dale: lol Bob
Meeka: he is shacking his head at you
Pamela: my reaction exactly, Dale : )
Dale: poof
Pamela: wow, it's really raining out there
Pamela: nite Dale
Guy B.: Nite Dale
rich-c: yes, it really picked up around 8.30, I gather
rich-c: nite Dale
BobS: we were supposed to get alot of rain but it never came, guess you got it instead
Pamela: I've been noticing it for the last half hour or so, since I opened the other window
Dale left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Dale...
Daniel Bienvenu: too late again
Pamela: I gather that Windsor got dumped on, from Garth via Cynthia
Daniel Bienvenu: I was downloading winpatrol.
rich-c: yep, got to keep watchimg, Daniel ; - )
JudyS: \
rich-c: OK, and if you like that sort of thing, there's another I've found also, Daniel
JudyS: has been raining off and on all day here
Pamela: here too Judy
BobS: but not heavy here
Pamela: fortunately, not during my morning or evening walks to and from the train station
JudyS: not the day it was yesterday that is for sure
BobS: off an on slight to all out rain, then stop and repeat the sequence
JudyS: it was raining some every time I was out today
rich-c: Daniel, look at - you might also find that attractive - it's free too
Pamela: it was a pleasure to wear my shoes today for the first time in ages
JudyS: rather than what? Boots?
Pamela: yes
rich-c: yes, I was able to leave off my rubbers, which was a great relief
JudyS: nice to see grass for a change
rich-c: with luck this will give us back most of the width of our roads
Pamela: my boots are quite comfortable, but there's nothing quite like my worn-in shoes
rich-c: the snowbankd are in srious retreat
JudyS: it has here and you can see to pull out to a different road
Pamela: I hope so, a lane and a half just wasn't cutting it in some places
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't want to install things because it's free. Last time I did that my system became unstable.
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Daniel Bienvenu: So, I will try one thing for tonight
Pamela: I passed a school bus one day last week and there was about four inches between us - scary stuff
changed username to Sly DC
rich-c: you were seeing the wide ones, Pam - we had many single lane, especially with parked cars
JudyS: we now have our whole driveway again
Sly DC: Hi everybody!! :)
Pamela: Hi Sly
JudyS: Hi,Sly
JudyS: even the extra stall
Pamela: yes, navigating some roads was becoming a bit of a challenge
Pamela: coming home from the dr. last week, I drove across Fairlawn - big mistake
JudyS: but we may be in for snow again this week-end
Daniel Bienvenu: salut Sylvain
Sly DC: Salut Dan!
Pamela: oh I have no doubt we'll get lots more snow Judy - but at least we'll be starting from scratch again : )
rich-c: hello Sly
JudyS: reminder, Meeka, the tea is Sat at 10 AM
Guy B.: Same here for us. All the snow is pretty well gone. And Annie already misses it
Meeka: ok
Sly DC: Hi Rich
Meeka: meet at your house about 9:30?
Pamela: I believe it Guy
JudyS: very true, Rich and it gave us a taste of spring
Sly DC: Are some of you ready for another round of questions ? :D
JudyS: sounds good
rich-c: Daniel, with freebies, you need to know what are the safe places - I know where to find out
Meeka: dressy or blue jeans?
rich-c: if I recommend a freebie, the source I suggest will be clean
Pamela: fire away, Sly
Meeka: hello sly
BobS: more dressy mom says..........she be right back
Meeka: ok
Sly DC: Thanks Pam. Ok, where can i get the "File Manager" program ?
Sly DC: hi meeka
rich-c: go for it, Sly - we're all ears
BobS: Tipsy needed to go outside
Daniel Bienvenu: I did try a lot of opensource programs, mostly from sourceforge and I still like the web site to get some software.
Pamela: who is Tipsy?
rich-c: I have teh right to sell it, Sly
Meeka: sherri's dog
Meeka: mom/dad are babysitting while they on vacation
Pamela: oh, okay
Sly DC: Rick. great, how much it is ?
rich-c: Sourceforge is good, Daniel - so is and Cnet, and Pricelessware
rich-c: I think it's $10 on disc, Sly, subject to verification
JudyS: will be wearing a dress pants and sweater I think
rich-c: you do mean Tony Morehen's program, I assume
Meeka: ok, sounds good mom
JudyS: depends on the weather exactly what I will wear
rich-c: I find version 2.x best, but have 3.2 if you have an Adam hard disc
Sly DC: Rich, yes, the program by Tony Morehen. No prob for 10$ but i need it in DSK image format, don't have a real floppy reader
JudyS: we have been asked to be at two different tables, nice to be wanted
Meeka: yup
rich-c: not sure I can manage that, Sly - GuiyB keeps trying to show me how to make his utilities go, but we have problems
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changed username to Sly DC
Pamela: what's the tea alla bout judy?
rich-c: at the moment I haven't even got the 5-1/4" drive installed in my new computer yet
Sly DC: oups...closed wrong window!!
Pamela: (oops, sloppy fingers)
rich-c: you made a quick recovery!
Daniel Bienvenu: Who did the disk images in Adam News Network web site?
Sly DC: i have the URL in my bookmarks!
JudyS: a Valentine tea at our church
BobS: that would be me
JudyS: for ladies only
rich-c: either Bob or Ron, I'd imagine
Pamela: oh, that's nice : )
JudyS: oh, Meeka, dad will be home he is not working for a while
JudyS: so if Doug wants to do something with him
rich-c: Bob's going to take some time off?
Meeka: just a sec, i will find out
BobS: well Richard, if you get paid for the Filemanager, I can put it inot dsk form and email it to Sly
JudyS: they gave him some time off,
Sly DC: Dan just pointed out my next question: when are the old A.N.N. disks (before 2005) will be online ?
BobS: should have ithere to use ADAMem to change it over
Pamela: for good behaviour? : )
Meeka: ya, doug says he will can prob come and keep dad outta trouble :-P
JudyS: they are too far ahead and spending too much money
Sly DC: Bob, that would be great!
BobS: got to have time to put it together sly
Pamela: too far ahead - there's a switch
BobS: BUT, it all hinges on Richard getting paid for the program......assume it is still copyrighted
Sly DC: Bob, no problem.take your time :)
BobS: he and I can straighten itout at convention this summer
rich-c: actually, I suppose I could copy it onto 3-1/2 on the Adam, use that on my USB port on the PC...
BobS: ya
rich-c: I think I may have the untilities on one of my computers
rich-c: all I need really I guess is to know which to use and how to use it
BobS: or Richard, holler and we can email you the utility to run and make the dsk file
rich-c: except mine are outdated and I haven't got Guy's new website to update them from
JudyS: ..
rich-c: first, tell me which utility I need adn how to do it - I have Adamem and utilities on the laptopop
Pamela: oh boy, I'm drifting
Pamela: I think it's time I called it a night
Meeka: night pam
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight pam
Guy B.: Night Pam
BobS: GUY !!!!!!!!
Guy B.: I'm here
Sly DC: Nighty night Pam
BobS: Richard needs ya
rich-c: going to cut out early, are you, daughter?
Daniel Bienvenu: (yes, I say it just in time)
Daniel Bienvenu: bye
Pamela: yes, snoozing at the computer is not recommended
BobS: bye Pam
Pamela: good night all
Pamela: good night, Dad - I'll call
rich-c: then look at freecycle at yahoo, craigslist, and kijiji after you go
BobS: disk drive is drive A ...... on the ibm......Richard?????
Daniel Bienvenu: I will have to leave now... I have something to finish before sleeping and it's somehow urgent so take care and talk to you next week.
Daniel Bienvenu: bye
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
JudyS: night Pam
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
Sly DC: Bye Dan!
rich-c: night Pam, bonsoir Daniel
rich-c: it's ok Bob, just busy with the others
JudyS: Meeka, are you having trouble with Sat TV tonight
rich-c: anyway, I do have flash drives and an external USB 3.5' floppy, and a 3.5" drive on the Adam
Meeka: not sure, we are not watching "live" tv
rich-c: this is the sort of weatehr for satellite troubles, Judy
Meeka: we are watching ncis from last night
JudyS: we watched that last night
JudyS: it is really blowing and raining right now
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rich-c: well, give you a fresh base ofr the next snow buildup
changed username to Sly DC
Sly DC: &?*&??? Hydro-Quebec...power went down
JudyS: only lately, since they started to get ready for the change over which is not happening any time soon
rich-c: I'm surprised we aren't out - teh grid must be taking a beating here
BobS: IF the ADAM will copy the 5 1/4" disk onto the 3 1/2" disk with 5 1/4" properties, it just might work to use the utility on the ibm drive to make a dsk file
rich-c: there's wind-driven rain from Chicago to Toronto, that means lots of lines down in between
JudyS: not good, don't want to lose power
Sly DC: no power = camping!! cool!
Meeka: lol, NOT
rich-c: or if I made a 3-1/2" DSK copy, wouldn't Sly have a 3.5% blank image in the emulator anyway?
JudyS: no power in the winter is a very bad thing
rich-c: fortunately, I have the computer on a UPS, but I need more light than just the monitor
Meeka: there... 1/2 a row left now
JudyS: multi-tasking I am impressed
Meeka: yup
JudyS: get the thing done, will be such a good fealing
Sly DC: hehehehe...before power get out again... :P
Sly DC: nah! just teasing!!
rich-c: don't notice Guy offering any comment; that's a bad sign
Meeka: no power involved sly
Meeka: we are talking about a crochet tablecloth i have been doing for the last two years
JudyS: I got another prayer shawl done this week and Mom came today and picked it up
Meeka: cool
BobS: I just sent you a batr file for the ibm side to turn a 160k ADAM disk into a .dsk file
Sly DC: oohhh...didn't know that, my mistake Meeka
Meeka: np
Guy B.: Doing some defragmentation on the notebook
BobS: 3.5" drive actually should use a different bat file
Meeka: we digress to odd conversations at times and know that not everyone will automatically know what we talking about
rich-c: OK, but it will be a while until I get teh 5.25 screwed in - remember I can't lift teh computer
BobS: Guy, have you got the bat file to use an ADAM 3.5 disk and turn it into a dsk file ??????
Sly DC: Just notice...i'm doubled ?!?
Guy B.: I might, I'll have to look at the main PC and see if it's on there
JudyS: I am very tired tonight
rich-c: and does it run under DOS or Windows? or in a commadn window in Windows?
Meeka: lol, that happens to everyone on occasion sly
Meeka: happens when you get dropped out and come back in
Sly DC: heheh...double the questions!! LOL!!!!
JudyS: twins as it were
rich-c: yes, use the edit function to change the name of the active one
BobS: command prompt under windows
rich-c: then just have the other deleted - that's in Extras
rich-c: I hate having to use command prompts, especially in XP where DOS isn't really under there
Sly DC changed username to 00000
00000 requested to ban 00000
Guy B. confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Meeka confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
rich-c: hope we popped the right one for you, Sly
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Sly DC
Sly DC: Double again....sigh!
Meeka requested to ban Sly DC
rich-c confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
JudyS confirmed ban
Meeka: not anymore
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: oops I suspect we didn't quite get Sly's correction right
changed username to Sly-DC
JudyS: now you are only you
Sly-DC: i've deleted myself...arrgghh!
rich-c: Sly, under Edit, choose Change user name, change it to SlyDC1
Guy B. confirmed ban
JudyS: single again
Sly-DC: ok...seems my twin is gone now
Meeka: thats good
rich-c: in that case, forget it
BobS: Richard, just sent you ALL the ADAMEM utilities, with instructions. Unzip the file and type or edit the bat files so you can see what they do.
JudyS: going to go and make some coffee for the morning so night all
Sly-DC: When are the old A.N.N. disks (before 2005) will be online ...anyone knows ?
Sly-DC: goodnight Judy
BobS left chat session
Meeka: night mom
rich-c: night Judy
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to BobSl
JudyS left chat session
BobSl: ok just killed myself, but aam back
Meeka: ann is dads (bob's) site so hes the one to ask
BobSl changed username to BobS
BobS: what I really need to do is to have the time to dsk all the old ANN disks and hpe they are not victims of bit rot
BobS: I know some are bad
BobS: and my good ibm 5 1/4 bit the dust as of late
rich-c: if you have a problem with some oldies, let me know - I have the first few years
rich-c: if all else fails I can just bring them with me to Adamcon!
BobS: I have some sporatic months before late 1989
BobS: si Richard, in June at convention
Sly-DC: Thanks Bob & Rich (for the ANN question) =)
rich-c: that's only four months away, Bob - feeling a bit scared?
BobS: nope
rich-c: we're working on it, Sly
BobS: hotel is promised, weather will be warm
BobS: wht more can ya ask
rich-c: really should leave you negotiations to later, maybe - see if there's a better price
Sly-DC: Take all the time, just wanted to know when that's all
Meeka: we alr4eady got a good price rich
rich-c: I hear teh hotels are already getting hungry, but there's more to come
BobS: got to pput up the hotel pics, registration and price info, etc up on the web. maybe this weekend
BobS: need people to come and all will work otu well
rich-c: right - put a live link intol your email announcing when it's there
Sly-DC: where & when is the next Adamcon ?
Meeka: last weekend in june in grand rapids michigan
rich-c: well Frances and I will likely buy some extra days, maybe so will Jean
Meeka: june 25-29
BobS: talked ot Jean, and she is all primed to come, as is Melanie
rich-c: Frances thinks if we head home on Dominion Day traffic may be lighter
Sly-DC: In Michigan ? drat....a long drive from where i live
BobS: fly..........or take 2 days to come sly
rich-c: yes, there might be a flight there through Toronto
Guy B.: Well folks, going to take Annie out soon. Will see you all next week
rich-c: can't see a flight from Montreal, but there could be one
Meeka: night guy
Sly-DC: goodnight Guy
rich-c: night Guy
Sly-DC: humm...depends if i have my kids this week-end
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
BobS: nite Guy
rich-c: it runs into the national holidays, Dominion Day and Independence Day
BobS: tis time for myself to run on home also guys and gals
BobS: and I will NOT stop at the local watering hole tonight, I SWEAR
rich-c: I guess so Bob, see you next week
BobS: will go straight home, for sure
Meeka: night dad
BobS: till we meet again !!!!!!
Sly-DC: goodnight Bob
BobS left chat session
rich-c: behave yourself and mayb e I'll bring some REAL beer to Adamcon ; - )
Sly-DC: when you say REAL beer, you mean Canadian Beer right ? :P
rich-c: peut-etre - quelque chose de Chambly suffira?
Sly-DC: Blanche de that's beer!
rich-c: Jamais - Trois-Pistoles!
rich-c: Maudite or Fin du Monde, ils sont assez bon aussi
Sly-DC: heheeheh....we can debate about beer all night, especially that i drink ONE beer by 2 years
rich-c: I have one beer a week, during chat - tonight it was St. Ambroise Biere Noire
Sly-DC: En effet, la Maudite ou la Fin du Monde sont tres bonne eux aussi
Sly-DC: never tried St-Ambroise
rich-c: next week it will be Mill St. Coffee Porter - nectar
Sly-DC: that one i never eard off
rich-c: in summer, St. Ambroise Apricot Wheat beer is an acquired taste, but very worth acquiring
rich-c: no, it's a local limited production
Sly-DC: oh...that's why
rich-c: Yes, we have our boutique beers, too - I wish we could get your Boreal Stout, that's really nice
Meeka: allright, i am off to
Meeka: see ya next week
Meeka left chat session
rich-c: OK Meeka, see you next week - take care
Sly-DC: Boreal ? That's is made in my's about 3 km from where i live
Sly-DC: goodnight meeka
rich-c: I tend to feel I should be trying to negotiate a pipeline - you may be proud of it!
Sly-DC: If you ever need Boreal beer, just LMK
rich-c: anyway, I feel sampling the good local beers is fun and worthwhile
rich-c: LMK?
Sly-DC: heheh...the problem is there's too many local beers in one lifetime!
Sly-DC: LMK = Let Me Know
rich-c: right ;-)
rich-c: anyway, time to go, I fear
Sly-DC: Your right...It's already 11:15
Sly-DC: so goodnight Rich and TTYS!!
rich-c: oh, see you next week, I hope - a la prochaine!
Sly-DC: ALP!! = A la Prochaine!
Sly-DC: poof
rich-c: coolur me gone
rich-c left chat session
Sly-DC left chat session
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