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Foz: hi bob
BobS: Hi Foz
BobS: new here arew ya?
Foz: Well, it's really Fos
BobS: ok
Foz: As in Foster, Guy
BobS: the rest of the gang should come dribbling in shortly
BobS: alwasy got a new name, eh?
Foz: So I see you posted up details for adamcon 21, cool!
BobS: how's things in Montreal?
Foz: good, we're supposed to get some white stuff tonight, tomorrow and aftertomorrow.
Foz: I wanted to calculate the distance between montreal and adamcon 21, but didn't get a chance.
BobS: long waysw......if wqalking
BobS: farn dingers
Foz: hehe
BobS: we missed out on a LOT of white stuff last night and todah
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Foz: we can save some for you if you're in need of the white stuff
BobS: got only rain, and it looks like the system is going to bring only rain to Toronto also
BobS: sick of all the white stuff mon
Foz: Torontonians always get the better end of the stick, compared to us.
changed username to rich-c
BobS: true
BobS: you seem to get the cold that bypassed the golden triangle with Toront in it
BobS: hey Richard !!!!!!!
rich-c: comes from living in the banana belt
BobS: meet FUZZ
BobS: I mean foz
Foz: Yeah, Fuzzter
Foz: Guy Fuzzter
rich-c: right - how's the kids, Guy?
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Foz: Kids are keeping me awake, sucking up all my time and making me go broke...
BobS: as in GEEEEy
Foz: But I wouldn't have it any other way! :)
BobS: that's what they do Guy
changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: so what else is new ; - )
Guy B.: Greetings from snowy Chicago.
rich-c: hello Guy (other Guy)
Foz changed username to Fuzzy Guy
Fuzzy Guy: Hi Guy
rich-c: getting to you agaain, is it, Guy?
BobS: hi GuygB
BobS: snow missed up and looks like it will miss Richard
BobS: but HIT Montreal
Fuzzy Guy: We got hit already a few hours ago, a few cms, waiting for more.
rich-c: we were watching the radar today - lots of urban effect, stuff came but sort of dissipated as it hit trhe city
Guy B.: All of our snow melted with the recent warm weather
Guy B.: Right now, it's enough to cover the grass and the roads
Fuzzy Guy: yes, same here we had some pretty nice weather recently, but, it'll change within the next 24 hrs for us in Mtl.
rich-c: we had snow this morning, rain this afternoon, snow again before dinner
Guy B.: Brb
BobS: we got somesnow last night, but then rain overnight and almost gone this morning
rich-c: yes, there's quite a system headed towards you, Guy
Fuzzy Guy: Well, 4 weeks until spring! Yay! I went to Zellers today and they started selling BBQs, haha.
rich-c: there is a sort of evil fascination in watching it approach on the radar
Fuzzy Guy: which radar are you looking at Rich?
BobS: yes, the spring stuff is out here also...but who's gonna buy furntiure and a new grill now-look outside
Fuzzy Guy: I even saw Lawnmowers last week at Home Depot. No snowblowers, lawnmowers! What the hell?
rich-c: environment Canada firsdt, then later NOAA Buffalo
Fuzzy Guy: .
rich-c: they figure everyone who wants a snow blower has bought it, but the demand for lawnmowers will begin soon
Fuzzy Guy: I'm waiting to buy my snowblower, at 50% OFF! I don't mind buying it a year in advance if it means saving $$$.
Fuzzy Guy: Guy: How's your canine friend?
Fuzzy Guy: woof?
BobS: we have had the 6th snowiest winter with over 100" of snow so far, and Menards still has snowblowers to sell.........should be all gone
rich-c: hmmm - Pamela is on the phone talking to her mother - wonder why she isn't on here?
rich-c: well, times are tough down your way, Bob - you're one of teh worst hit states
BobS: casue she is talking to mom
Fuzzy Guy: 100" of snow? holy crap, we're at 154 CMs or so (quick Rich, since you're a Canadian/American you should be able to do the conversion to inches)
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changed username to Judy
rich-c: 2-1/2 cm. per inch, Guy, or 5 cm. = 2"
Fuzzy Guy: is it really, or some weirder number?
Judy: Hi, Guy, Guy, Rich and Bob
rich-c: hi Judy
BobS: so have had about 60-65" of snow
BobS: that is about our normal, little more
Fuzzy Guy: So, you guys have had 250 CMs of snow? HOLY!
rich-c: well, precisely, Guy, the conversion fac tor is 2.54
Guy B.: Hi Judy
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Fuzzy Guy: OK, will try to remember, I always forget it.
changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi ya
BobS: wouldn't ya love to be here Guy ???????
Judy: now you know why we are really sick of snow
rich-c: hello Dale
BobS: Hi Dale
Judy: hi, Dale
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Fuzzy Guy: Hey, we had over 300 CMs last year, we know what snow is. This year, it's not as bad though as last year.
changed username to regjess
Guy B.: HI Dale
Judy: we need spring soooo bad
rich-c: hello, reg, glad to see you decided to join us
Fuzzy Guy: hey Dale.
rich-c: how are things down in Kitchener?
regjess: It is good to be here.
rich-c: it's good to have you here - how did you do with the snow today?
regjess: Good not the best weather
Judy: Hi, regjess
regjess: Hi Judy
Dale: Today is a sleepy day for me.
rich-c: GuyB is getting snow in Chicago, but Bob in Grand Rapids is mostly getting missed
Dale: Last weekend was a 4 day weekend for me
rich-c: been off on another redeye flight, Dale?
regjess: Rich I would like to come down Friday if ok.
Dale: so readjusting to getting up at 6:30 is tiring.
Fuzzy Guy: Dale: Try 5:00 AM every morning. :)
rich-c: OK, phone me Thursday evening to confirm, but it looks OK
BobS: thanks but NO Guy
regjess: Great I will call U.
Dale: I have somewhere in the 2 cm range I think.
Fuzzy Guy: I love waking up at 5:00 AM, no traffic, finish work at 2:00 PM, etc... lots of advnatages.
rich-c: OK anytime noon to midnight is OK - us old folks keep late hours
Judy: we are getting lazy, Bob has been off for a week so we have been sleeping in
rich-c: run out of projects in your area, Bob?
rich-c: I got up at 8.30 this morning so I needed a nap this afternoon
regjess: Great around noon.
Judy: has been a little slow but he is back on Sat and Mon
BobS: tis my cross to bear
rich-c: Pam is now off the phone and will be with us later
regjess: So what do u do at the ADAM shows
BobS: was going to be off until next Wed or Thurs.......but got a help call for
BobS: Sat and Monday
rich-c: Dale, you're one of the regular presenters - how would you describe your Adamcon sessions?
BobS: Dale tries to get us to programthe ADAM
BobS: we get to see any wild inventions which Coleco had no idea of implementing
BobS: we get some game times in forthe gamers
rich-c: yes, but he does more than that - remember the Waterloo Adamcon when he got the Adam onto the in ternet?
BobS: a little history and background of the internet, ussing it, etc
BobS: could do that today if we could get the correct hookup and run tex mode
BobS: text
rich-c: well, yeah, if Dale did it once, the internet hasn't gone away ;-)
BobS: soinstead Reg, we use our laptops (ibm type and apple) and make themthjinkthey are ADAM computers
Dale: We talk about anything interesting about computing, with the Adam as an example.
Dale: Some sessions are hands on.
rich-c: we also mount exploring expeditions - what do we get this year, Meijer Garden and teh Ford Library?
Dale: Some are history.
Dale: Then we explore all kinds of computer related subjects.
Judy: we are not sure yet
BobS: you don't want me to spill the beans, do you Richard???????
rich-c: well, we will likely come home early and go home late
BobS: we were thinking about going to the nude beaches on Lake Michigan..............................
rich-c: Frances thinks Dominion Day may have lighter traffic for the trip
BobS: jujst kidding men
Judy: ..
BobS: tain's none around here
rich-c: are you sure Jean would approve? (I'm sure Melanie would, she's a sport0
rich-c: aw gee, raise our expectations like that then crush them
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rich-c: do we have enough architectural interest to go to the Frank Lloyd Wright house?
changed username to regjess
rich-c: Dale, check teh server, looks like it dropped reg there
Dale: I always liked the "Host House Safari" option of AdamCon. I guess that's an unofficial event.
Dale: Alan Neely's house (from AdamCon 5) was quite fascinating.
regjess: I am here Rich
rich-c: Bob and Judy have corenered teh world market on goldfinches in their garden
Dale: I got my 300 shells in the mail today.
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Dale: Well, not actually.
Judy: ..
changed username to Meeka
Judy: ..
Dale: I went to the post office to pick them up. But I didn't have time to get the notice this morning from my mail box.
rich-c: a mail parcel would hold 300, Dale?
Meeka: hello
Dale: So actually what happened is that they didn't have the ColecoVision cartridge shells.
rich-c: hi Meeka, wondering where you were
Judy: hi, Meeka
Meeka: forgot it was chat night :-P
Dale: They weren't there. But last night, I saw online that they were.
Judy: so Bob called her
Dale: So I went and checked the mail box, and sure enough there was a parcel tag there marked "Heavy"
rich-c: with Canada Post online or a note from Luc?
BobS: so the note was .... solly cholly, but no have the cart cases?
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Dale: And the address of the main post office branch in town.
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Judy: the finches were scarce for a while but are back in full force again
BobS: bummer mon
regjess: can anyone tell me who made the game Squares for Colecovision
Dale: So tomorrow I need to go to the "real post office" not the one in the drug store.
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Dale, Meeka, Rich, GuyB, Judy, Bob, GuyF, and Jess.
rich-c: salut, Daniel - comment ca va?
Meeka: hello
Dale: And then I'll actually have my newly fabricated shells.
Judy: hi, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: salut Rich ! - bien, et toi?
BobS: andn do yo have something to pput into them ????
Dale: But apparently Richard, the 300 shells are in one package.
rich-c: Dale and Daniel, did you catch reg's question? it could be your work
Dale: Good to see you Daniel.
Dale: I'm sorry I didn't make it up to see you last weekend. I was looking forward to it.
Daniel Bienvenu: Minigames volume 2 will be release during the adamcon, I presume. that will use the rest of the casings we didn't sell yet.
rich-c: sheesh, Dale, you're going to need to borrow my truck!
rich-c: how did Luc get them to the post office on his bicycle?
Meeka: very carefull;y
rich-c: (groans)
BobS: and has some good games on it, Daniel ???????
Dale: He said it was a very long trip to the post office.
Dale: But somehow he sent the package on Sunday.
Dale: regjess, I think "Squares" is by Harvey de Kline.
rich-c: maybe thaat's when you can take a hand cart on the Metro, or something?
Judy: ...
Dale: He lives in Ontario as well I think.
Daniel Bienvenu: I was working on a music for a test coleco project... something that I may be able to use for the presentation I want to do during the adamcon. unfortunatly, I still don't know if I can be at the adamcon this year. I will need to release by myself a new game and take all the money to pay for the transport.
regjess: Take care everyone I have to get back to the RedWing game I will be back next week rich I will call u Thurs.
rich-c: see you reg
Dale: Ohay regjess, until next time.
Daniel Bienvenu: who is regjess... ?
rich-c: he is an Adam user, lives in Kitchener - found us on the 'net
BobS: nite reg
rich-c: we talked on teh phone earlier this week - he wants some supplies from me
regjess left chat session
Judy: we hope you will be able to do it, Daniel
Guy B.: I'm here. A friend on AIM is chatting with ne
Guy B.: me
rich-c: which reminds me, Syd Carter is on Facebook now
rich-c: Frances sent him a hello and told him about the chat
Dale: I think that Syd was suggested as a friend by Francis.
rich-c: have I fallen off or has everyone gone to sleep?
Daniel Bienvenu: Fuzzy Guy is alive?
Daniel Bienvenu: Guf?
Daniel Bienvenu: GuyF?
Daniel Bienvenu: any chance you finish boxed?
rich-c: I think his lifestyle is trying to kill him but hasn't managed yet 8-)
Judy: ..
Judy: ..
rich-c: you're here, Judy - can't tell about the others
BobS: who, Sid?????
Daniel Bienvenu: Question to .... I don't know .... it's about one of the dsk christmas cards.
Judy: I am still getting stuck
BobS: ya
rich-c: no, judy, we are just having long pauses from time to time
Judy: we just got up for our evening snack
Judy: but
BobS: most of the last years will run as is under ADAMEM
Judy: Bob is getting more chat faster than I am
BobS: some of the earlier xmas cards need for SmartBASIC to be booted first then run HELLO
Daniel Bienvenu: Question to you about one of the christmas disks : In one slide, there is a picture of a young girl wishing for a pokemon game for the colecovision... can you tell me who she is?
Dale: Syd Carter was the person in the MTAG club in Toronto who made lots of hardware.
BobS: dont' remember that one Daniel
Dale: He made the 1200 baud sydmodem, the sydclock, a 64k ram expander, and the tape duplicator
Dale: I forget the name of the tape duplicator though.
rich-c: yes, I still get occasion questions about his 1200 baud Modem and clock chip and speech unit
BobS: MegaCopy
BobS: yes speech synthsizer
Dale: And he helped us by importing the IHSC double sided disc drives.
rich-c: right, I actually still have mine, though teh software is dubious
BobS: and Eve Electronics made a speech thinky also
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: hi Pam, noticed you'd finished your chat
Pamela: yes well, my evening got away from me
Pamela: hi everyone
Meeka: hi pam
rich-c: evenings tend to do that, Pam
Pamela: Guy, why are you fuzzy?
BobS: hi Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Pam!
rich-c: he's been getting up at your kind of hour
Pamela: ah, that would do it
Judy: ..
Pamela: I'm going to be back and forth for a few minutes yet
Pamela: still trying to rein things in
Judy: hi, Pam
Pamela: why does that look like it's spelled wrong?
rich-c: why, what's teh problem, Pam?
Pamela: dinner, for one : )
Daniel Bienvenu: My question is because I was surprized to see a request for a pokemon game for the coleco game system inside a christmas dsk before I started to chat with you. And thanks again Bob for sending me the dsk files.
Dale: Which Christmas card?
Dale: We used to always watch them at the MTAG meetings, but we haven't met for a couple of years, so I've fallen behind.
Pamela: brb
Judy: where is Russel?
BobS: yes Daniel, chich year??????
BobS: which
BobS: I want to see it also
rich-c: aren't they online somewehre, Bob?
Judy: our grandkids like to play pokemon
rich-c: what is pokemon?
Meeka: i dont see the apeal with pokemon
BobS: yes, on the ANN website
Dale: pokemon is a card game
Dale: but they've made video games, toys, tv shows, etc.
Judy: is also a game boy game
Daniel Bienvenu: I can'T remember the year, but it's before 2005 for sure
Dale: novels, clothing, (Jeffrey has pokemon sheets on his bed at the moment)
Judy: the kids trade cards of pokemon
Dale: Two of the 10 best gameboy games are Pokemon games, according to many people.
rich-c: I'd heard the name but wasn't sure what it was - it's sudoku Pamela is hooked on
Meeka: i am too Pam :-P
Judy: I play sudoku also
Dale: Basically a battle between two creatures at a time which the "trainers" (or players) are controlling.
rich-c: me, I still haven't graduated beyond Free Cell
Daniel Bienvenu: There is many pictures of Dr.D and others in the christmas dsk I'm talking about
BobS: I lean towards solitaire
Pamela: Russell just walked in the door, Judy
BobS: and the picture you questin is what??????? a girl asking for pokemon games for the ADAM ???
Judy: okay, was wondering because you said you were cooking for one
Pamela: oh, I meant dinner for one thing
Pamela: no I always have to feed at least two
Judy: got ya
Daniel Bienvenu: I think she said for Coleco without specifying for Adam or ColecoVision.
rich-c: given the audience for the discs, they'd understand anyway
Judy: Bob is looking at an old Christmas card
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changed username to Long Lost West
Daniel Bienvenu: LLW?
Long Lost West: Hey!
Judy: is that Ron?
Daniel Bienvenu: Ron?
Long Lost West: yup
Meeka: hello ron
Long Lost West: howz everyone?
rich-c: hey, you have been long lost
Judy: Ron, Bob says to check out the web site
Long Lost West: indeed...... life around here tends to tie me up Wed nights
rich-c: mind you, marriage tends to do that to a guy fro a while...
Long Lost West: exactly
Judy: welcome back to us Ron
BobS: gots convention info on it and we would LOVE to meet your bride
Pamela: Hi Ron
Long Lost West: Yes, I got the info Bob. Unfortunately we won't be able to make it.
Long Lost West: case of timing and money
Meeka: thats to bad ron
Judy: not a good thing, Ron we miss you
rich-c: oh damn Ron - that's a pity - show or something?
Meeka: we will miss you
Long Lost West: So I shall have to content myself with online and video tech attendance
BobS: bummer dude
rich-c: at least we will have your electronic presence
Pamela: unhappy! : (
Judy: you will be missed
Long Lost West: hopefully - Ive got enough webcams around here, I ought to be able to do something like that
rich-c: we will sing a chorus of "Wedding bells are breaking up that old gang of mine" ;-)
Dale: Sounds like a good comprimise Ron.
Pamela: however, we understand how it is
Judy: we will want to see both of you, Ron
Long Lost West: I'm being handed a toy by a 90 lb German Shepherd. He wants to play
Long Lost West: That can be arranged Judy
Judy: they are hard to say no to
Long Lost West: ya got that right
Judy: that is good!!!!
rich-c: is that a hint you may make your way east some other time soon?
Daniel Bienvenu: enough webcams? how many webcams is enough?
Long Lost West: well we had intended to Rich, but Susan's dad is in ECU now, having had a stroke last summer (think I might have mentioned that) and several since. Difficult to make plans for any kind of a trip until that situation resolves itself
Long Lost West: So we've deferred any major travel indefinately
Judy: so, how many dogs do you have,Ron?
Long Lost West: I go along as a shoulder to cry on
Long Lost West: 2 Shepherds. Ages 2 and 6
Pamela: wow Bob, I'm impressed
rich-c: story of our life, Ron, so we can surely sympathize
Long Lost West: I find myself quite liking him. Would love to have known him when he was well
Pamela: website up and everything
Judy: we do understand that, have parents that could have problems anytime
Pamela: It's nice to like your in-laws : )
Long Lost West: yes it is
rich-c: yes, I was looking at my probs - the pension actuaries give my cohort an average of about five more years
Long Lost West: How many webcams are enough - well - Daniel, I have 2, plus a point and shoot that will perform as a webcam. You ought to get my ugly mug from several angles
Judy requested to ban BobS
Guy B. confirmed ban
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Meeka confirmed ban
Dale confirmed ban
changed username to BobS
Judy: Bob died
Long Lost West confirmed ban
BobS: I IS BACK !!!!
rich-c: but his ghost has returned
Judy: but is coming back
BobS: si Richardo
Long Lost West: aha! I guess I pressed the right button
BobS: darn battery operatied crap anyway
Meeka: lol
rich-c: at the moment we don't even have a battery
BobS: everything was good, plug in....lit screen. but alas, plug just out a little and puter DIE
Long Lost West: you need the Ever Ready Bunny - what just keeps on goin' and goin' and goin!
rich-c: it's over at teh shop as a model for a new one
Judy: we will be glad to have your face anyway it can come thru
Long Lost West changed username to Ron
Ron: better get real
Pamela: brb
Ron: use the right name and all
BobS: well your peenies and we plan on seeing ya next year then
rich-c: yes, and batteries are so different tehy have to be physically matched tro get them right
Ron: The good Lord willin' sir
BobS: good
BobS: maybe we can come to you!!!!
Ron: I wish to remain a member of this group intermittent behaviour notwithstanding
Ron: attendance that should be
rich-c: now all we have to do is talk Danie, and Guy into doing an Adamcon in Quebec City
BobS: or Montreal
Ron: Are we at that point where west is ok? Or would we be next year?
BobS: or someplace not expensive
BobS: who knows
Ron: yeah - well airline travel ain't cheap
BobS: who knows what will be ahead of us pricewise in a year..........
Ron: Susan keeps reminding me that air to the UK is much cheaper than air to eastern Canada
BobS: heck, we are all going to move to Canada for jobs man
rich-c: who knows what fars will be like next year? though the outlook is for oil to be very reasonable
Judy: I am good to go anywhere
BobS: heck oil is getting cheaper and the oil companies are cutting back on refining so theyu can push the price up
Ron: She's of British extract
rich-c: well, Saskatchewan is looking for people, Bob
BobS: ah a brit........
BobS: but he grandkids are here
Dale: AdamCon 22 in England?
Ron: supply and demand. restrict the supply and bingo
BobS: the
Daniel Bienvenu: Shipping fees is a good reason to not be in Canada. I don't know why I can ship to Alaska for $7 when it cost me $21 for BC.
Ron: Oh I say! Absolutely capital what?
rich-c: simply wizard, old boy
Ron: :)
BobS: taht stinks Daniel
Judy: but right now we are in a much better place than two years ago, so we will stay
rich-c: is there an emoticon for the tongue sticking out?
Dale: :-P
Ron: Susan took her nurse's training in Leeds England. That is my late father's home town, and also where I spent the first 4 years of my life
Ron: these days, it's uncanny - Susan sounds like my Dad.
Ron: probably one of these karma things - sometimes I have to wonder who is in the room
BobS: no kidding, you are a born Brit ?????
BobS: never woulda guessed it Ron
BobS: yo utalk like a canadian
Ron: No but I went there at age 13 months, and stayed until I was 4 yrs
BobS: eh?
BobS: I LOVE it
Pamela: that's one of the places UI want to explore with my future lottery winnings - the UK
Ron: At the tender age of 4, I had blond hair, short pants and a British accent
Ron: I was such a cute little boy
Ron: wonder what happened
Meeka: everyone is cute at that age
BobS: now, now, don't go getting prim and proper on us Ron
Ron: <evil grin>
BobS: next thing you will tell us you knew the queen
Judy: love it, Ron
Ron: nah, but I do recall being waved at by Winston Churchill
BobS: cool
Judy: the wind is blowing like crazy, sounds bad
Ron: there's a trivia question on your e-mail. What was the name of the first Midi-Mite music player. (Hint) it was not Sequel
rich-c: all I managed was to see George VI and Princess Elizabeth on various occasions
Ron: that certainly dates you Rich
BobS: but he is proud of it Ron
BobS: right Richard?
Ron: aha
rich-c: well, when I was born, Herbert Hoover was president (remember I'm US born)
Ron: oh yes, I'd forgotten that
BobS: Herb?
Dale: Didn't it play Video Tuves songs?
Dale: Are we allowed to guess?
Ron: yea go for it
rich-c: in fact, Frances and my first "outing" was a stroll over to Hart House, where Princess Elizabeth and Philip were visiting
Judy: when did you leave the US, Rich?
Dale: Sequal seperate program that was sold seperately.
rich-c: 1938, Bob
BobS: ....
Dale: I thoight it was VTplayer.
Ron: yes, and it came out after the Midi Mite
Dale: Or it was the christmas card program.
Ron: yes there was a VT player, but I remember Ron Collins doing a demo of something else at AC 4
rich-c: wasn't Vidoe Tunes a standalone that was sold before Chris built the midi interface?
Dale: Which is called sludge or something. <wink>
Pamela: I thought you were older than that Dad - does that mean that Gordon was born in Toronto?
Ron: you're right Rich.
Dale: Yes, Video Tunes was standalone from before
Dale: But Chris wanted to support the format.
Meeka: well folkls, i gotta run...I need to kick Doug off the PS2 so he goes to bed on time, has a meeting first thing tomorrow
rich-c: yes, Gordon was Canmadian
Pamela: gnite Meeka
Judy: ..
Ron: When Joe Blenkle asked the question today, I had to think, and I'm drawing a blank. He thought VT Player was written by Chris Braymen
rich-c: nite Meeka
Pamela: see you next week
Ron: Nite Meeka
Judy: night Meeka
Meeka: night
BobS: nite Meeka
Meeka left chat session
Dale: I really think that VTPlayer was written by Chris.
Dale: Video Tunes didn't come with a seperate player program.
Ron: Nope - Futurevision - Steve Pitman replied to Joe's email
Ron: Or was it just Futurevision that marketed it
Dale: I think that the first demo of the MidiMite was actually at lunch at AdamCon 01.
rich-c: well, there was one, Video (something) that played through the Adam sound generator
Ron: You might well be right Dale. I didn't see it until Adamcon 4
Dale: Video Tunes did just that Richard.
Ron: or was it 3?? Memory fades
Judy: she will have to take Doug to work in the morning, car problems and are down to one car
Dale: But "VT player" was made later by Chris to play on the MidiMite.
Pamela: what are they driving at the moment?
Ron: Bob - have a question for you
rich-c: anyway, Video Tunes ws written by a guy over in the Boston area
rich-c: he ended up with about four dozen cassettes in his gatrage but wouldn't sell them
Ron: That power supply that goes with the CF Flash card - IDE interface. Could you send me the name of the supplier that you got it from?
rich-c: essentially too much effort to go to the post office
Dale: AdamCon 01 was the only AdamCon that I didn't do a presentation.
Ron: Had made a note of it at AC 20, but lost the note
Judy: ..
Dale: I didn't really think that I knew enough to make a presentation. But then I met Rob from CompuServe.
Judy: Meeka's van
Dale: And he convinced me otherwise.
BobS: pointing mouse is the seller name on Ebay ron
Daniel Bienvenu: I did only 2 presentations if we don't consider those presented by Dale
Ron: Thank you sir
Dale: The other ones count I think Daniel.
rich-c: that's OK Daniel, you're getting there
Dale: I didn't prepare anything, you did it.
Daniel Bienvenu: I did 3 presentations
BobS: or just search for "hard drive power supply" on Ebay
Ron: Good - ok thanks Bob
Pamela: it certainly makes public speaking easier when you're among friends
Daniel Bienvenu: 1 about tools and projects at whiteby with GuyF, 1 about homebrew games at Gatineau, 1 about minigames (cartridge) at Niagara.
rich-c: Dale, what is the score on the IDE interface for Adam?
BobS: keyhere another seller I have bought from with good results
Ron: Gonna have to say good night folks - hopefully will see ya's next week.
Pamela: night Ron
Dale: Bob has some still last I checked.
BobS: nite Ron
Pamela: hi to Susan
BobS: si
rich-c: OK, our best to Susan and the pups too - see you soon
Dale: Only 64 MB drives are supported.
Ron: will do G'nite all - sleep well
Dale: But that does include things like Zip drives.
Ron left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: (too late again)
Judy: ..
rich-c: well, I'm still not clear on using an IDE interface and CF card (or flash drive) as an Adam hard disc
Daniel Bienvenu: so, GuyF didn't manifest himself after I loged in tonight. I'm ugly or what?
rich-c: I know some of you folks are doing it, but not how
BobS: tis simply ussing memory instead of a hard drive richard
Dale: Sorry Daniel.
Guy B.: Ok, folks. Back
Dale: He said 3 things after I arrived.
rich-c: yes, but a CF card is static memory anyway, writeable but static, isn't it?
BobS: had to get up at 5am
BobS: who knows Richard,.......all I know is that it works
Pamela: a horrible hour
Pamela: how long are you off Bob?
rich-c: yes, Daniel's worried about Guy Foster who was very quiet
BobS: is that in my hours of a regualr day ???? NO!!!!!
BobS: till Sat and MOn, then a day off and then back full time I guess
Pamela: sobasically a week - not bad
Judy: ..
BobS: bout 10 days or so
Pamela: what's our outing this year?
BobS: secret
Pamela: or has that not been decided yet
Judy: we don't know yet
BobS: was going to be a nude beach, butreality took hold and we decided NOT
Pamela: good call :
Judy: and there are none around here
BobS: so there!!!!! for asking
BobS: actully there was some sentiment for the beach
Judy: we live in a stuffy area
Dale: There's one in Toronto if that's a consideration for AC22.
Dale: :-)
rich-c: Bob, when negotiating, ask about us coming early and/or staying over, same rate
BobS: probably not
BobS: got it Richard, you are covered
BobS: jsut let me know when and I will set it up
Judy: we already talked to them about that,Rich
BobS: gongto go talk to them tomorrow or Fri again
Daniel Bienvenu: So I guess you didn't find back the christmas dsk I was talking about, Bob. It's not important anyway, just wanted to know who she is because I've never see her.
rich-c: don't forget teh stuff in my email, either - that is critical, I need to know
BobS: looked at 2004, 2005 and 2006 and not babe
BobS: have ot unzip more to find it
Judy: yes, Rich will check it out
BobS: although.......what ones did I send you??????
Daniel Bienvenu: I said before 2005, bob
BobS: anybody got Murrays email??????
Pamela: i do
BobS: ok
BobS: what is it????
Pamela: gotta find it
Daniel Bienvenu: I think it was around 2000-2003
Pamela: sec
BobS: ok daniel
rich-c: Oh, does anyone have Jim Walterd email adress? in case he'll talk to Joe Blenkle about PrBoot?
Pamela: Daniel are you trying to figure out who someone is?
Dale: I bet she is Rich Drushel's daughter.
BobS: nope
Dale: Maybe Elianor?
BobS: good idea Dale.....possibly the girl
rich-c: well, he has four daughters, take your pick
Dale: From an ANN Christmas card disk from several years ago.
Judy: ..
BobS: could prolly have been Elanor
Pamela: Bob, I'll e-mail Murray's addy to you
BobS: ok Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: that makes sense, probably her, yes. knowing that there is a lot of pixelized pictures including one of Dr.D.
Pamela: is the sbc addy still active?
rich-c: you can likely find some pictures of her on Rich's personal site somewhere
Pamela: or on Meeka's
rich-c: Murray is at but I don't know his username
BobS: yup
Judy: ..
BobS: IF I didn't delete allmy old emails (which I prolly did) I would have Murray's email...........
Daniel Bienvenu: But, I don't know for sure if it's her picture in the christmas dsk where it says "pokemon game for coleco".
rich-c: no, you'd hav e so many stacked up you couldn't sort his out anyway
Pamela: okay, I just sent it from my pevpersonal gmail account
Judy: time to say goodnight, until next week
BobS: Igot one on gmail for murray
Pamela: that's it
Judy left chat session
BobS: so as my bride says......................................GOOD NIGHT ALL, AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT!!!!!!!
Pamela: night Judy
rich-c: Judy, good night, sleep tight, enjoy that days off to sleep in!
Pamela: night Bob
BobS: nite
rich-c: goddn ight, Roberto
BobS left chat session
Guy B.: Night Bob
Daniel Bienvenu: I think it's my turn to leave the chat session for tonight. talk to you again next week.
Pamela: unlike Bob, I have kept most of my e-mails
Pamela: so I have everyone's e-mail addy from last year
rich-c: I must confess to doing a certain amount of yaawning myself, at the moment
Guy B.: Well folks. I'll be taking Annie out soon. Will see you all next week
rich-c: Daniel, bonsoir; a la prochain
Dale: I must vaporize too I'm afraid.
rich-c: nite Guy
Pamela: good night Guy
Dale: So until I reapperate next week.
Dale: See you all later.
rich-c: see you then, Dale
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: night Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Rich, Pam, Dale and Guy (too fast)
Pamela: g'nite Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
rich-c: looks like we're the only ones left, daughter
Dale: poof
Dale left chat session
Pamela: just about Papa
Pamela: sounds like you need to go to bed too Dad
rich-c: so I'll fold too - good night now
Pamela: I have the day off tomorrow so I'm good for a while yet
rich-c: colour me gone
Pamela: g'nite Daddy
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
rich-c left chat session
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