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rich-c: bomsoir, Daniel
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings All!
rich-c: hello Guy, you are early
rich-c: by the way, I fuinally downloaded teh utilities from your site
rich-c: now all I have to do is find out how to use them
rich-c: and oh yes, install a 5-1/4" floppy in my computer adn hope it works
Guy B.: Yes I Am. I'm editing the recordings I've finished, so I can burn them to CD's
rich-c: how difficult a process is teh editing? and what software are you using?
Guy B.: Audacity is the software I'm using. It's open source and free
rich-c: yes, I have a copy of it, downloaded but not installed yet
rich-c: I have seen very enthusiastic reviews of it
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Daniel Bienvenu: hello
Guy B.: It's excellent, especially the click removal
Daniel Bienvenu: be right back in a few minutes
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rich-c: whoops, we seem to have lost Daniel
changed username to BobS
Guy B.: He's here
Guy B.: Hi Bob
BobS: HI kids
rich-c: aha, Roberto has found his way in - how goes it?
BobS: pretty good
BobS: and ya'll?
BobS: trying to get a computer ready for father in law
rich-c: just telling Guy I finally got the Emulator installed on my desktop computer
BobS: faster than his P1 166mhz
BobS: cool, but does it work????
rich-c: that shouldn't be too difficult, Bob - just buy lots and lotsd of memory
rich-c: no, don't know how to make it work and don't have the 5-1/4" floppy installed yet
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changed username to Dale
rich-c: good evening, Dale - gang's coming in early
Guy B.: HI Dale
Dale: I'm not really here.
Dale: I'll be back in a bit.
Guy B.: Where are you then?
BobS: hi Dale
rich-c: OK, you've made your number, look for you later
rich-c: Bob, with a USB 3.5" floppy - will it accept DD discs, do you know?
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changed username to Judy
rich-c: hello judy, got the laptop working I see
Judy: Hi, Rich, Daniel, Dale, and Guy
BobS: it should, haven't tried though
Judy: yes, I do
BobS: should read them just as in an internal floppy would
Judy: I am trying Sarfari tonight
rich-c: nor I - I will do so
rich-c: next question will be whether teh Adam DD format is the same as teh IBM 720K format
rich-c: I wasn't taken with Safari when I tried it, but your mileage may differ
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BobS: now THERE is where you gonna run into all kinds of doo doo
changed username to Pamela
Guy B.: Hi Judy
BobS: you need to use the convert disk program on all those disk sizes to make them adamem compatable
Guy B.: HI Pam
rich-c: I tried Firefox 3 erlier at it is a total disaster - yanked it out in 24 hours
Pamela: good evening everyone
BobS: hiya Pam
rich-c: hi daughter
Guy B.: I had no problems with Firefox 3
BobS: GuyB....listening??????
Pamela: it's snowing! : (
Judy: but I don't think it is working any better than any others
Judy: Hi, Pam
rich-c: you have big problems with FF3, guy. Do you do ANY of your banking online?
Pamela: Dad, what was that key combo you told me last night - function F what?
Judy: everything hangs up with this computer, and the chat doesn't come thru all the time
rich-c: Fn = F7
Pamela: nope
Judy: not here, Pam, was raining earler today
Pamela: didn't do any good
rich-c: sorry, Fn + F7
Pamela: yeah, I tried that - no go
Judy: don't want anymore snow
rich-c: guess Sony does it differently from Acer - figures
Pamela: Dale, did I see Jillian say she doesn't want to go sledding? Where do you have enough snow to be sledding?
Daniel Bienvenu: Ok, I'm almost online with you guys... and girls
Daniel Bienvenu: just need to finish something first
rich-c: you and GuyB, Daniel - he's sort of half here too
Judy: so I may go back to the dot system
Pamela: what the heck does that little puck on F4 represent???? Bob, you have a Toshiba, can you translate?
Judy: kids were sliding around here yesterday
Guy B.: Rich, getting back. I do some online banking through Firefox 3 and I always make sure that I have the latest version
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm working on a tool to help composing music to make even more cool music for the colecovision.
rich-c: Guy, FF3 records every website you visit and your password in teh Library-
BobS: looks like a speaker function used when you depress the Fn key (function)
Judy: ..
Guy B.: That's one thing I do not do. I always type mine in
rich-c: anyone who steals your laptop or the hard disc from your desktop knows where you bank and your account password
Pamela: on mine that's the Fn Esc
Daniel Bienvenu: maybe you didn't know yet that I did release a video during the week-end on my youtube channel... made strickly as a 32K rom file for ColecoVision, and become a 6 minutes video on youtube.
Pamela: weird
rich-c: if teh doesn't scare you, then I suggest maybe it should
Guy B.: No it doesn't and don't forget. You can always change your password
Daniel Bienvenu: well, the tool I'm trying to make right now is to help coding the notes in coleco sound format
BobS: if you say so my dear
Daniel Bienvenu: It's almost done actually
Pamela: amazing what happens when you actually take a good look at your keyboard : )
rich-c: yes, Guy, but FF3 records every site you visit including those you type in - and the password you use
Judy: I don't need to know that much about it for the little I really use the computer
Dale: Back.
Dale: Hi all.
Pamela: hey Dale, see question re: snow above : )
BobS: SNOW ?????? sucks
Pamela: that's not really a question : )
rich-c: I am not going to use a browser that will not delete everything I tell it to at the end of a session
Judy: ..
Dale: It snowed freshly yesterday.
Dale: We got two or three new inches of power.
Dale: powder.
Pamela: holy cow - it was bright and sunny here
Dale: We went to the park in town with the best tobogganing conditions.
Pamela: just goes to show you what 50km or so will do for your weather patterns
Dale: It was -3 most of the day here.
rich-c: well, now it's enough to put a layer on the street and sidewalks and stuff
Dale: It was +2 when I went to pick up Jeffrey at the bus.
Guy B.: We had a little snow over the weekend and now that's melted
rich-c: we actually saw +4 when we went out shopping at noon
Pamela: yes, was a nice day today
Dale: It is always a little cooler here "in the country" than it is in the city.
Pamela: wow, it was sunny and gorgeous in town here yesterday
rich-c: yes, and we are now placed well enough in to get the urban effect
Pamela: oh Dad, tell Mom thanks for the pictures
Judy: ..
Dale: Sledding was great fun today. The snow was a little melted, so the hill was quite fast.
rich-c: she is glad you like them - btw teh cup came up try again
Dale: And the area we were in had only the tiniest of patches on it.
Pamela: I haven't been sledding in many, many years
Dale: and that grass was frozen too.
Pamela: I've been looking at tubing too, and thinking it loos like a lot of fun
BobS: we went last year with the grandkids
Pamela: sorry, looks
rich-c: we still don't have that much melting, though there's a lot a teh base of the bird feeder
Dale: I would have taken pictures but it was still dark there, and I forgot to bring my camera with the flash.
rich-c: too much body heat from the squirrels, no doubt
BobS: It was melting all day today
Daniel Bienvenu: except in the center of the city, sometimes like near the house, the snow is taller than me (if I can express it that way)
Pamela: them's some fat squirrels you've got there Papa
rich-c: our snow hasn't got that deep, Daniel, but some places we've been close
Pamela: I was looking at one running around in the trees yesterday and thinking he looked more like a groundhog than a squirrel
BobS: most of our snow it gone but is the river ever high
rich-c: considering we've got at least eight nests on adjoining lots, and more on the street, we see a lot
Pamela: yes, between the warmer temps and the more powerful sun, much of the big snow pile is gone
Pamela: which is interesting - one of the pics Mom sent over is of an ice sculpture in front of the museum
Pamela: no melting there at all as far as I can tell
rich-c: we still have big roadside buildups and streets narrowed to one lnd by snowbanks
rich-c: I'll bet the have some way of keeping it cold
rich-c: lane
Pamela: I don't see how - but it is out of the sun
Pamela: I don't think it gets any sun at all
Pamela: and that's probably key
rich-c: the sun is powerful now - it's good at clearing the car if not the driveway
BobS: we are in the melt, snow, melt cycle
BobS: and we are getting rid of most of the snow now.....only a couple inches on the ground
Pamela: as cold as it was early yesterday morning, when i was was sitting in the parking lot at CAA facing the sun, after I used the washer fluid there was steam coming from the windshield
rich-c: we're due for a string of near-freezing days balance of the week - but overnight the temps are to really frigid
Pamela: shows you how powerful the sun can be
BobS: we had a real cold night here 6* F and tonight is almost near freezing
rich-c: yes, on our errand today I had a river down the windscreen at every stop sign
BobS: hoipefully the temps go UP from here
Pamela: it looks like we're going to get a cold front on Friday: +7 Friday, -3 Saturday
Pamela: celsius, that is
rich-c: we're forecast for about 10F overnight next few nights
Pamela: it
Pamela: 's gonna make my morning commute interesting
Judy: that is the pits, Pam, hopefully we don't
BobS: tis the lastest blows from a record winter....... we had the 2nd most snowfall in history here
rich-c: yes, -12 or -13C overnight, 0 during the day
Judy: is supposed to rain/snow later tomorrow
Pamela: I can cope - it's only for a few minutes
BobS: AND since today is Judy's birthday.....the year she was born; was and still is a low temp record !!!!!!
Pamela: it would be different if I had to stand on the platform for half an hour
rich-c: yes, but you park in a heated garage
Daniel Bienvenu: For those who didn't take a look at my Youtube channel reccently... Look here :
Pamela: Happy
Daniel Bienvenu:
Pamela: Birthday Judy!
rich-c: well happy birthday, Judy - many happy returns
Daniel Bienvenu: today? it's Judy's birthday?
Judy: thanks, it was a great day, I love birthdays
Guy B.: Happy Birthday Judy
Judy: yes, today
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't know that.
Judy: now you do
Pamela: I thought you wrote all that down Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: well, sorry to forget it
rich-c: birthdays are good for your health - the more you have, the longer you live
Daniel Bienvenu: I have no memory for dates... and numbers too... except coleco numbers
Pamela: there are funny noises coming from my pile of bags of bags - I suspect an imminent avalanche
Judy: that's okay
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I think I've only talk about my last youtube video in facebook and a few other sites, but not at adamcon mailing
Judy: very true, Rich
rich-c: yes, it's tricky exiting a script program like this, so we have to copy the url and look at it later
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, Judy, I did make a cake, and put it in a ColecoVision rom file, but I'm not sure it's the cake you wish to have because of the pixelized bikini model inside it.
Pamela: LOL
rich-c: hmmmmm
Judy: went to swimming this morning, went shopping with Meeka this afternoon and out for supper tonight
Pamela: sounds like a lovely day Judy
BobS: But I'd like that Daniel
Judy: no that is okay, Daniel
Judy: bought my own cake today
rich-c: Pam and Frances were at the Diamonds exhibit at the Museum yesterday
Pamela: I have to remember to show that to Russell when he gets home : )
rich-c: Frances is half out on her feet today
Pamela: me too Dad
Daniel Bienvenu: well, you can see it at my youtube channel if you want... I made it for my 10 years of coleco programming... it was in february
Pamela: both knees are complaining
Daniel Bienvenu: I like the happy birthday music I added with the picture
Judy: it was, and at swimming this morning there were Marines doing survival training in the pool, was something to see
Pamela: really!
rich-c: we both slept late, then had to hurry to shop because Frances had a doctor's appontment after
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm going back to my codes for a few minutes.... be right back
Pamela: I took an extra long shower this morning, both to wake myself up and to soak my sore everything for a little bit
rich-c: I promptly fell asleep for two hours, all teh time she was out - didn't even get teh paers read till 8.30
Judy: first they jumped in with clothes on, then they added their boots, then their backpacks riffles and helmets
Judy: and had to swim across the pool wearing all of that
Pamela: rifles? I didn't think they were compatible with water : (
rich-c: that must have been quite a show, judy
Judy: don't know but in they went
rich-c: yes, their buoyancy would be decidedly negative!
Judy: one of the guys was having a hard time swimming across but they talked him thru it
BobS: either had to be OLD rifles, or props
Judy: it really was
rich-c: I suspect military rifles are not botherd by a little water - even salt water across an invasion beach
rich-c: you can affod to call off the shooting when it rains or whatever
Judy: and made quite a noise when they jumped in
rich-c: can't afford
rich-c: I'll bet!
rich-c: Bob, does Convdisc work on the Adam or under DOS?
Judy: sure made the class time go fast
rich-c: it was a swimming class, not free swim?
Guy B.: Under DOs
Judy: do wonder how long it all lasted, they were there before we got in the pool and were still going strong when we left
Pamela: I'll bet Judy. Just how big is this pool?
Judy: yes, it was a class
rich-c: I can't figure how I can get Adam to write a disc that DOS can read
Judy: very big, at lease a couple of hundred feet square
Pamela: hoo, that's big - where is it?
rich-c: is that a big pool or small lake?
Pamela: yes : )
Judy: it is the forest hills school aquadic center
Pamela: high school?
rich-c: Guy, suppose my USB 3.5" drive will read 720K discs under DOS
Judy: which is just a few miles from our house
Judy: for all grades
Pamela: private school?
rich-c: Suppose I copy a 1989 ANN disc onto an Adam 720K disc
Judy: is a great place to go in the winter
Judy: no, public school
Pamela: I'm jealous : )
rich-c: How do I get teh data into DOS readable for? Or make a disc image to send it to you?
Judy: I brought Ryan for swimming lessons last summer there
Pamela: I guess you'll just have to show it off this summer Judy : )
Pamela: since i gather our hotel does not have a pool
Judy: it will be closed this summer, for some updates
Guy B.: Try it and see. If it doesn't, then you will have to use a desktop that has a floppy drive installed
rich-c: naw, the motel has a pool, doesn't it?
Judy: no,the hotel does not have a pool
rich-c: guess Pamela will have to do some travelling, then
Pamela: I've been eyeballing those rooms with hot tubs
Judy: where
rich-c: my desktop only has a connection for one disc drive, and I'm thinking a 5-1/4 there
Pamela: at the hotel - wondering if we could afford one for a couple of nights
Guy B.: That will work with standard Adam disks
Judy: we could check for you how much they are
rich-c: don't understand what you are telling me, Guy
rich-c: I do know a 5-1/4 floppy is what the Adam uses
Pamela: If you get a chance
Judy: no problem, can do that for you
rich-c: but that doesn't mean a DOS machine will read it in Adam form because it won't
Judy: just a phone call away
Guy B.: Rich, your 5 1/4" you will need for Dcopy for transfering the disk images between your hard drive and the Adam disk
BobS: a DOS machine reads ADAM data in block form, it doesn't know or care what it means..........
Guy B.: Exactly
Pamela: I was thinking that the hot tub would be welcome if we do any touristy stuff
rich-c: Are you talking about my DOS hard drive? Do I have to transfer to that? I'm sort of at sea
Judy: are you planning on staying longer, Pam
BobS: NO, your IBm type dos type computer itself
Guy B.: No, your PC is the one for that
rich-c: sorry, I am still missing something in this sequence - I need a step by step guide
Pamela: we're still trying to decide when we're coming in
rich-c: if I want to send you and ANN disc - what do I do? I have both size drives
Judy: we would love to have you here longer
Pamela: Russell has Tuesday to Tuesday off so we'll have to work it out
Pamela: ie. the 23rd to the 30th
BobS: ADAM disk into ibm type dos machine thru a 5 1/2 disk drive. Copied using DCOPY.exe with parameters applied. Drive reads block form and stores it in a file eith extension .dsk AADMEM can read this file
Judy: you could come over to our house for dinner
Pamela: has to work the 22nd and the 1st
Pamela: we would love that Judy
Judy: so would we
rich-c: Bob - can I have an English translation of what you just wrote?
rich-c: remember I do not know how to call a program within the Emulator, and I'm shaky in DOS
Judy: don't know what happened to Meeka she was going to come on when they got home
BobS: Win XP disk drive..........ADAM disk......transfer program.....dos ADAMEM programs reads end disk
rich-c: Huh? I still don't get it - plain English, step by step is what I need
BobS: we gonna fix it all at ADAMCON Richard
Judy: ..
BobS: 1. new computer with windows and a 5 1/4" disk drive
BobS: 2. ADAMEM program by DeKogel called DCOPY.EXE
BobS: 3. run porogram
rich-c: I hope so because I have so many items I could share if only I could convert
BobS: 2.5 instert ADAM disk
rich-c: I have not yet managed to install teh 5-1/4 drive in the new DOS machine
BobS: 4. resulting file (on new computer) can be read and used by properly installed ADAMemulator program
rich-c: remember tehre are physical limitations - like lifting it to open it
rich-c: I do have Adamem and Adamemmam and teh utilities installed now
rich-c: which is why my question about the USB drive, that I can just plug in if it will work
Pamela: BTW Bob, you might want to make a couple of quick fixes on the AC21 form and website
BobS: ok
BobS: what
Pamela: the form asks if you want to buy an AC16 t-shirt
rich-c: do I run Dcopy within the Emulator or from a DOS command line?
BobS: well???????
Judy: well, you could
BobS: dos prompt
Guy B.: Dos command line Rich.
Pamela: but I have those already : ) I want AC21 shirts this time!
Judy: our t-shirt guy is out of business so that could work
rich-c: is the same true of Convdisc?
Pamela: LOL
Guy B.: Yes
BobS: yup
Judy: we are looking for another one
rich-c: OK, the Emulator then doesn't get into the act at all, is that it?
Pamela: gotta check the other one - hang on
rich-c: you may have fun finding one who will still be in business in June, judy
BobS: not for disk transfers
rich-c: although I suspe ct teh prices will be pretty good
BobS: the Emulator RUNS the resulting files called xxxxxxxxx.dsk files
BobS: or in computerese <filename>.dsk
rich-c: OK, that tells me a great deal then Bob
Pamela: on your home page it says "so make you plans now to attend"
Pamela: you might want to change that to "your plans"
rich-c: so how do you get teh Emulator to run any file?
BobS: fussy fussy fussy
Pamela: sorry : )
BobS: that is what ADAMEmmam is for, tis the graphical front end of the ADAMemulator program
Judy: no, we have some ideas, Rich
rich-c: great, but how do you use teh thing? what do you do to tell it to run a file?
Judy: one does all the clothes for the place that Doug works
Daniel Bienvenu: Still working on my codes... aorry
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry
rich-c: hang in there, Daniel
rich-c: pray that the USB floppy works, Bob - then we could even have two on a laptop
rich-c: and do file transfers one to t'other
BobS: tis ture Richard
BobS: true
Judy: I am fading fast, really getting tired
Pamela: yes, I'm losing it too
rich-c: so if I can get my external USB floppy to r/w and format in DOS DD, we're in like a dirty shirt, right?
Pamela: also having trouble keeping up with conversation in the room and conversation on the screen
rich-c: Russell giving you some backchat?
Pamela: always : )
BobS: what you need to do to go to Guy's ADAMEM site, download his utililities and find the one for transferring to your windows machiine disk drive. I belive that they are called
rich-c: I have all of Guy's utilities, got them yesterday
BobS: names like 160-em.bat OR 720-em.bat Or the like..
rich-c: huh? didn't see those - which page are they on?
BobS: remember seeing files likek that?
Judy: ..
BobS: Adam Emulator and Utilities Direct Download - click on
Guy B.: Ok good Rich. There's another one that Bob mentioned that it will convert between different sizes. I believe they maybe in the Qbasic batch page
rich-c: nope, none with that name, Bob, and I downloaded all I could find
Daniel Bienvenu: shit, my java is going nuts... I may be kicked outside the chatroom... be right back
rich-c: I think I got an error message from teh Qbasic page, Guy
BobS: Adam Emulator tab-click on
rich-c: also btw all teh files named readme cuased conflicts when I unzipped stuff into the same folder
Judy: ..
Pamela: I think it's time I went away
BobS: Adamemut - click AND adamemdcopy - click on...........unzip........follow doc readme files
rich-c: OK daughter, get your sleep and take it easy
BobS: nite Pam
rich-c: yes, I think I got those, Bob, but didn't see teh file size files in them
Pamela: goodnite everyone
rich-c: nite Pam
Pamela: nite Daddy, thanks for checking my cup for me - you can toss it now
rich-c: didn't see any 720-em.bat - where is it?
Pamela: kerpoof!
Pamela left chat session
Judy: ..
Judy: I am going also, so night all
rich-c: my problem is that I unzipped a few of the files into Adam/Utilities in DOS
rich-c: didn't realize that this resulted in duplicate filenames so lost me some of the readme files
Judy left chat session
BobS: yo right Richard.......will send them to you email
rich-c: night, judy, and many happy returns
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, it looks like my code is buggy
rich-c: anyway, if I have teh front end all set up, and have images, how do I get the images to run?
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry to stay quiet tonight
rich-c: that's OK Daniel, I'm giving everyone enough hard time for three anyway
rich-c: and, I have all the zipped CV game images, but no SmartBasic or File Manager or stuff
rich-c: although I guess from what you've told me I can make that myself anyway
rich-c: the images that the Emulator runs - are they DOS or Adam?
BobS: actullya dos files
rich-c: so if I want to run Adamcalc I must used - Convdic? or Dcopy? to make an image the emulator can use?
BobS: BUT in a form like Dr D used for ADAMserve......................ALL computers read in 0's & 1's and in block takes the specific computer type to translate those blocks into a readable file
BobS: thus how the windows machine can take ADAM files and give them to an emulator called ADAMem so that ADAMem can use them
rich-c: yes, and teh Emulator is working in DOS so if I have a DOS disc of Adamcalc it runs, right?
BobS: "so if I want to run Adamcalc I must used - Convdic? or Dcopy? to make an image the emulator can use?" actually, YES !!!!!!!!
rich-c: except of clurse I don't know how to tell the Emulator to run anything
BobS: convert disk will only come into play IF the disk you want to breing to ADAMem is bigger than 160k
rich-c: like, say, 720K?
BobS: yup
Guy B.: Right
BobS: that is why I ALWAYS said........."keep things simple, ADAM was born with 160k disks, lets keep it that way......plain vanilla"
BobS: still works the best
Guy B.: Same here
rich-c: yes, but DOS was born with 360K an d grew up to 1.44
BobS: that is Dos' s problem, not ours
rich-c: it has a bearing on which flavour DOS prefers, though
BobS: the ADAMem utilities take into account that the stupid dos machine uses a funky disk drive
BobS: trust me it works
rich-c: OK, I still need to know how to run an image once I make it
BobS: we are going to go into ADAMem and utilities HEAVILY this year
rich-c: I will certainly hope so - I've been trying to get this information for years
rich-c: the roadblock is the lack of directions written in English instead of geek
BobS: what you need to do is to get your desktop (or laptop) all set to put ADAMem on, then run Guy's powerpoint instruction video on the other computer; and "program" the first computer to work with ADAMem
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm still here?
rich-c: what powerpoint instuction video? although my computer for some reason doesn't like powerpoint
Guy B.: Well folks, time for me to go. Will see you all next week
rich-c: you are, Dan iel
BobS: tis time for you to print out the ADAMem instructions if possible, study them, play with different senario's, experiment, and aim for Jun 25th......D-day
rich-c: printed them out years ago - but they've never made sense
rich-c: they always assume the user has knowledge teh average user does not have
BobS: power point video's on Guy B's website along with the utilities......those powerpoint files are labeled .ppt on his webpage......
rich-c: the dfact they are translated from Dutch doesn't help either
Guy B.: Rich, i'll help you out when I see you at the con
Guy B.: Ok, I'm gone
Daniel Bienvenu: Did I tell you that the tool I'm working on tonight is also to be used for the presentation I want to do at the Adamcon? It's about sounds.
Guy B.: Poof
Daniel Bienvenu: Bye Guy B
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: night, Guy
BobS: tis the bewitching hour......REMEMBER Richard, ya can't break the computer by trying things........jsut get ticked off
BobS: nite!!!!
BobS left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bye BobS
Daniel Bienvenu: they are fast
rich-c: nite, Bob
Daniel Bienvenu: I guess I should say goodnight too
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale is not there ... yes?
rich-c: they sure are, Daniel - actually time for me to go too, and try that USB drive
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight Rich... bonne nuit
rich-c: or Dale is at least partially present
Daniel Bienvenu: talk to you next week... a la semaine prochaine!
rich-c: so I'll leave you two to chat
rich-c: bonsoir - a la prochaine!
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LucMiron: Yo Dale!
LucMiron: Um... Dale? :)
LucMiron: Well, Dale, if you ever get around to reading this, please let me know by e-mail if you received your 300 casings.
LucMiron: Bye!
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