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rich-c: test
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changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi Richard.
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rich-c: hi Dale
Dale: I was certain that I would forget about the chat tonight.
changed username to <unknown>
rich-c: hmmm, we have a self-proclaimed lurker
rich-c: too much on your mind, Dale?
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changed username to BobS
Dale: Hi Bob.
BobS: hi Guys
rich-c: greetings, Roberto
<unknown> changed username to Adamite
rich-c: hello Adamite
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Dale: Hi there.
rich-c: and welcome
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings All!
Adamite: My name is Zn2AsO4OH, but people call me Adamite.
Dale: Hi there Guy.
rich-c: hello, Guy - and our condolences. How are things going?
Guy B.: I'm doing Ok. I'm returning to work tomorrow
Dale: You're a biological chemical?
Adamite: I'm a zinc arsenate hydroxide mineral.
Dale: But do you like datapacks?
rich-c: zinc arsenate sounds more like a pesticide to me
Adamite: Isn't this a conference about Adamite?
rich-c: that is putting on a lot of pressure, Guy - can you really handle it?
rich-c: sure, but that isn't the formula - it's a variegated fossil
Adamite: I will mix Adamite with a can of Pepsi... and we get...
Guy B.: Yes, I can. I couldn't sleep Sunday night after my sister called me with the news. But, I managed to sleep much better after that
Adamite changed username to Guy F.
Guy F.: G'day guys.
Dale: I get it now: Adamite is defined as:
Guy B.: Hi Guy F
Guy F.: Dale: hehe
rich-c: the notorious Mr Foster has joined us!
Guy F.: AKA Adamite (for tonight)
rich-c: now we have two Guys
BobS: MRF Foster sir !!!!!
BobS: how's things in Montreal?
Guy F.: Just finished stripping some 25 yrs old wall paper, so most likely the glue fumes got to me.
rich-c: how are things in Montreal? any melting yet?
Guy F.: Montreal is great, beautiful city to be in, things are not melting yet, but nice weather is coming our way I hear for Friday.
Dale: Daniel says there's a CCJVQ meeting coming up this month.
Dale: Are you attending?
Guy F. changed username to Guy "Adamite" F.
rich-c: yes, we are actually over freezing today, and scheduled for days of the same
Guy "Adamite" F.: Yes, I usually attend those.
Dale: I was considering taking the train in to visit it.
Guy "Adamite" F.: They're lots of fun, will you be joining us?
Dale: I haven't been to one for two or three years, but last time it was good.
Guy "Adamite" F.: You can stay at our place if you can handle 2 kids yelling and screaming all the time.
rich-c: is there a VIA stop out your way, Dale?
Dale: There is one right at the edge between Oshawa and Whirby.
Dale: But 15 min drive from here.
rich-c: really? I thought from Union the Montreal train ran non-stop to Kinston
Guy "Adamite" F.: Why not take the bus?
Dale: On the famous Montreal-Windsor corrodor.
rich-c: buses are not always nice places to be, Guy
Dale: rich, there are about 3 non-stop trains, and the rest stop in Oshawa.
Dale: (and a few other spots.
Dale: )
rich-c: OK, I've ridden them adn don't recall an Oshawa stop, but my trips have been few
Guy "Adamite" F.: I went to New York once by train and it was very enjoyable, much more than the bus.
Dale: Yelling and screaming sounds promising.
Dale: I'd bring my sleeping bag.
rich-c: still haven't lost your tolerance, Dale?
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Guy "Adamite" F.: Well, you're welcome over. Our basement is a bit cold these days, but easily livable. Let me know!
changed username to Pamela-achooo
rich-c: hi daughter
Guy "Adamite" F.: and as for yelling and screaming, they're angels, they're not that bad! :)
Dale: Sounds good Guy.
Pamela-achooo: Hi there
BobS: hi Pam achoo
rich-c: you two will likely get some good work done, I'd guess
Dale: Hi Pam
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Guy "Adamite" F.: Hey, if I can convice Dan to stay over too, we can have a slumber party! :)
Dale: Sounds great!
BobS: evening Daniel
rich-c: salut, Daniel
Pamela-achooo: allo, Daniel
Dale: Evening Daniel.
Guy "Adamite" F.: Speaking of the Devil, I mean Daniel... Hey, Devil and Daniel both start with D and finish with L. Is there somethign we should know Dan? :)
Daniel Bienvenu: a slumber party?
Dale: Pam, you should cover your mouth when you sneeze.
Pamela-achooo: Sorry Dale, it snuck up on me : )
Guy "Adamite" F.: Never been to a slumber party Dan?
Dale: I was working out where to stay if I can get a ticket to Montreal for CCVJQ
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Rich, GuyB, Dale, Pam, GuyF
rich-c: how bad is the cold, Pam? stay home bad?
Guy "Adamite" F.: Allo Pamela.
Dale: I was thinking of taking the train in.
Pamela-achooo: nah, just feel like complete crap bad
Daniel Bienvenu: train?
Guy "Adamite" F.: choochoo train, not achoo train.
Guy "Adamite" F.: that's Pam's train.... the achoo train.
Dale: Yeah, the VIA rail train.
Dale: That is how I like to get to Ottawa or Montreal when I am traveling alone.
rich-c: they have computer power points on those now, don't they?
Pamela-achooo: it was this morning - why they were a/c the place I don't know
Dale: Internet too.
Pamela-achooo: got to Union and I was freezing
Daniel Bienvenu: what is the party you are talking about ?
Guy "Adamite" F.: A slumber party? Interested Dan?
Guy "Adamite" F.: Bring your PJs and flashlight. :)
rich-c: well, insolation can do strange things, but I didn't feel any need for a/c today
Dale: Well Guy invited me to stay at his place while I'm in town for the meeting.
Daniel Bienvenu: flashlight? what kind of party is that?
Dale: If you came to his place too, then we could have a reunion.
Pamela-achooo: a mini-con!
Guy "Adamite" F.: Yeah, it would be fun!
rich-c: well, more a gaming session actually
Guy "Adamite" F.: I have an old CRT tv and my coleco in the basement... waiting to be fired up!
rich-c: well hey - go for it!
Daniel Bienvenu: did your colecovision converted for rca cables?
Guy "Adamite" F.: Yes Dan, works with RCA cables now.
Pamela-achooo: Guy, when is Sandra due?
rich-c: though the Adam does work better with a monitor
Guy "Adamite" F.: I live very close to the subway, can pick you guys up from there.
Dale: sounds perfect.
Guy "Adamite" F.: Sandra, she's due June 3rd.. but usually is late.
rich-c: he really just wants help with that wallpaper ;-)
Pamela-achooo: well he's already got the bedroom done : )
Guy "Adamite" F.: Wallpaper is done, all gone... now I need to prime the room and repaint it. Will be all done before he arrives. :)
Pamela-achooo: you're turning into a regular handyman, Guy
rich-c: happens to young homeowners, Pam - or else
Guy "Adamite" F.: More like a regular homeowner stuck fixing and renovating things around the house.
Pamela-achooo: still it sounds like you've gone above and beyond with a lot of things
Pamela-achooo: I hope you're taking pictures of all the changes
Guy "Adamite" F.: Well, I did a lot last year and this year, I can't wait to sip ice-tea in my backyard and enjoy life.
rich-c: babies don't lend themselves to much ice tea sipping time
Guy "Adamite" F.: Dan: Alors, ca te tente de rester chez moi le Samedi soir de la reunion CCJVQ? On pourra parler Coleco avec DALE.
Pamela-achooo: what are you going to do when you run out of things to fix?
Guy "Adamite" F.: Rich: That is why I have a wife for. :)
Guy "Adamite" F.: Pamela: Sell the house and get another one to fix!
Pamela-achooo: that's what I thought : )
Daniel Bienvenu: The ccjvq meeting usually starts around 17h30... and ends when you want to leave.
Guy "Adamite" F.: I have lik 3-4 boxes of stuff I'd like to sell, Atari 2600, Vic-20, Nintendo stuff mainly, TG16, Panasonic 3DO also
rich-c: more an evening meeting then - then do you eat, Daniel?
Dale: I'll try to be back before everyone leaves...see you then.
Pamela-achooo: ok
rich-c: right
Guy "Adamite" F.: Dale: Leaving us so soon?
Daniel Bienvenu: Because I eat before the meeting, I'm never there before 18h30
Guy "Adamite" F.: I usually go there for like 7:00 PM or so, I eat before and take my time to get there.
Daniel Bienvenu: I try to eat before to be able to stay with my stuff during the entire meeting.
rich-c: I'd consider that a late afternoon lunch, but others do differ
Pamela-achooo: is this a swap meet?
Guy "Adamite" F.: I hope that guy with the Vic-20 cartridge won't talk my ear off again this time...he's really passionate about the Vic-20! :)
Guy "Adamite" F.: yes, a swap meet of sorts, indeed.
rich-c: think he'd like another? I have one surplus
Pamela-achooo: gee, we don't know anyone like that . . . : )
Daniel Bienvenu: during this meeting, we talk about video games (vintages and new ones), we trade and sell video games (and related stuff), and we talk with friends if we did make any in this group of course.
Pamela-achooo: it's still freakin' freezing in here - I need a blanket
rich-c: thought you had that under control, Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: Reccently, there is a girl who talk by signs... GuyF meet her at least once.
Guy "Adamite" F.: Yeah, bought an Atari 2600 from her.
Daniel Bienvenu: the same you are selling now?
rich-c: is siogn language teh same in French and English?
Guy "Adamite" F.: well, I am selling Atari 2600 cartridges actually.
Pamela-achooo: we did until they painted in here over the weekend - they left the windows open in the stairwells for 24 hours in minus 20 degree weather and we lost a lot of heat
Guy "Adamite" F.: I think it's an international language.
Pamela-achooo: was 20 in here the other night
Daniel Bienvenu: I will have coleco and atari games for sale probably too. I'm just starting to take a look of what I could bring at this meeting.
Pamela-achooo: sweats, sweatshirt over turtleneck, socks, blanket and I'm still cold
Guy "Adamite" F.: Woohoo, 9 degrees C for Friday! YaY!
rich-c: we need something like that in Toronto, maybe I could unload a fw joysticks
Guy B.: We might hit 60 on Friday
Daniel Bienvenu: meanwhile, I was able to plug again my colecovision... and I tried my newest roms, that's cool to run my projects on the real thing.
Guy "Adamite" F.: Well, Dale could bring some of your stuff and sell it off for you, if you guys are not too far away from each other.
BobS: sounds like your fever Pam......Judy says she remembers when she had the fever when we were traveling one time......we roasted and she was STIKLL cold
Guy "Adamite" F.: Awesome Guy!
Pamela-achooo: no, I checked my temp Bob - perfectly fine (98.4 I think)
Guy "Adamite" F.: Isn't it 96.9?
Daniel Bienvenu: I have no idea if the signs are similar between english and french... I guess some are similars but because of the differences of phrase structures and shortcuts, I guess the signs are not the same.
rich-c: I think the language is based on meaning not grammar, so it might be multilingual
Guy "Adamite" F.: exactly Rich, what I think too, after all, it is called the intertnational sign language
Daniel Bienvenu: anyway, we usually use paper and pencil to talk with her.
rich-c: international, not interlingual though, Guy
Guy "Adamite" F.: Did I miss the last meeting Dan? Of CCJVQ?
Guy "Adamite" F.: intralingual
Daniel Bienvenu: she can read and write in french and english... not perfect in both, but it's really understandable.
Daniel Bienvenu: I wasn't at the previous ccjvq meeting.
rich-c: she's doing better than I could!
Guy "Adamite" F.: well, if you don't show up, I have no realy incentive to show up, it's mainly to catch up with yu that I go to those meetings.
Daniel Bienvenu: Based on the messages, GuyF, you didn't miss a nice meeting.
Guy "Adamite" F.: really? what was wrong with the meeting?
Guy "Adamite" F.: Pam
Pamela-achooo: it wasn't me!
Daniel Bienvenu: The announce of someone with the cancer... it was a shock and the meeting was not really "happy joy joy"
Guy "Adamite" F.: Pam: I found a cool applet for my GPS, the "Lick's" applet, tells me where the closest Lick's restaurant is from my current position. The closet one from my house is in...... WHITBY.
Pamela-achooo: LOL - got you hooked, did I?
Guy "Adamite" F.: Not very good timing to announce their cancer at such a meetinG!
Guy "Adamite" F.: Yeah,last time I was there was with you, but we've been wanting to go back ever since.
rich-c: well, isn't Whitby about half-way between you two?
Guy "Adamite" F.: Whitby is far for me... at least 4 hours I think.
Pamela-achooo: you'll have to have Dale bring you a burger when he comes down : )
Guy "Adamite" F.: yeah, haha
Daniel Bienvenu: now the shock is passed, but the cancer still there (didn't vanish during this period), and this guy will probably die before the end of the year because the traitements are unefficients giving a lifetime prediction of about 6 months left. And this guy is named Frank, and he is one of the managers of this video game shop.
rich-c: you have to remember Pamela lives way west in Toronto :-)
Guy "Adamite" F.: hamilton?
Pamela-achooo: no no, I live in Weston - far west end of Toronto
Guy "Adamite" F.: we will all be dead within 100 years...
rich-c: just about ; - )
Guy "Adamite" F.: no way around it unfortunately.
Pamela-achooo: but still in T.O. despite what the post office thinks
rich-c: insist on Weston
Guy "Adamite" F.: Weston, that's the bread I eat.
Daniel Bienvenu: I checked twice about "poutine"... and some restaurants uses cheddar, and some uses gouda. I personnaly prefer with gouda.
Pamela-achooo: where do you think it came from? : )
Guy "Adamite" F.: If I had a chance, I have to bring Dale to the best Poutine restaurant in Quebec.
Guy "Adamite" F.: "La Banquise"
Guy "Adamite" F.: Pam: Ahhh, I learn something new everytime on chat!
Daniel Bienvenu: never try this one... La banquise... I think I saw a review about poutine talking about this place.
Pamela-achooo: have you seen the new PC commercials with Galen Weston?
rich-c: there was quite an article on poutine in the Star a week or two ago
Guy "Adamite" F.: La Banquise is next to Mt-Royal metro on the Plateau, very trendy poutine restaurant.
Pamela-achooo: trendy usually means $$$$
Guy "Adamite" F.: Which one?
Guy "Adamite" F.: Yeah, $10+ for a good poutine, that's for sure, but they're the best you'll ever have.
rich-c: were you asking about the article, Guy?
Guy "Adamite" F.: no, the PC commercial...
Guy "Adamite" F.: but the article sounds interesting, was probably reprinted in the montreal gazette, we outsource all our articles from Ontario newspapers.
Daniel Bienvenu: I was able to program the first seconds of the music "Smooth Criminal" for the ColecoVision. I'm using it to test some emulators. It will be my next video on youtube.
rich-c: where's Judy, Bob? Laptop gone terminal?
Guy "Adamite" F.: Nice.... I love tht song.
Pamela-achooo: any of them - my point is that Galen Weston is the CEO of the Loblaws family of stores and I believe Weston Bakeries is part of that group
Guy "Adamite" F.: Adam are you OK, are you OK Adam, you've been hit... you've been hit by a... smooth criminal.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm going to download some emulators because I've only 2 right now on my computer.
Guy "Adamite" F.: We like the PC brand, lots of good quality products.
BobS: nope, she is "too pooped to pop" as the saying goes. she is sitting here just watchin TV
Pamela-achooo: as do we
Guy "Adamite" F.: I'm a fan of their diapers and baby products, very good prices.
Daniel Bienvenu: This is what he said? I didn't realized. Sorry but I did only concentrate on the music.
Pamela-achooo: we've tried a lot of PC products over the years - there are very few that we wouldn't use again
rich-c: I'm finding their "blue menu" stuff a little too thin in some cases, though
Guy "Adamite" F.: Dan: Wel,l, he actually says "Annie are you OK"...
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Guy "Adamite" F.: Haven't tried the blue products yet.
changed username to McRonald
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Ron
McRonald: allo
Pamela-achooo: hi Ron
Guy "Adamite" F.: I've been tempted to try the PC beer, but am scared of wasting my $$$>
McRonald: you got cold Pam?
Guy B.: Hi Ron
McRonald: If so you are not alone
Pamela-achooo: can't help you there
rich-c: hey, Ron! welcome aboard!
Guy "Adamite" F.: Hi RoN wElCoMe to the loony bin!
Pamela-achooo: yeah and I'm in the "I feel like complete crap" stage
Daniel Bienvenu: I will be back... I will get a soup because it's very cold right now
Guy "Adamite" F.: (we're mostly canadians here, hence the loony reference)
rich-c: well, with any beer, either it matches your taste or it doesn't
McRonald: Hi Bob
rich-c: I even have an American buddy who thinks Bud Light is fit to drink
McRonald: silly man
Guy "Adamite" F.: Dan: Usually people turn on the heater when it's cold, but a soup will do! :)
Pamela-achooo: Guy even if you don't like it you can probably find someone to offload it on : )
McRonald: of course I don't drink it no tired of waking up on the floor
McRonald: hot rums Pam
Guy "Adamite" F.: Well, I am off to sleep, have to wake up at 5:00 AM, 24 yrs left to retirement, and counting every day.
McRonald: Just got rid of a cold. Took a week's worth of anti-biotics , and prednisone too
BobS: nice flavored coffee with Kahlua in it !!!!!
Pamela-achooo: you were waking up on the floor after Bud Light? Is that possible?
McRonald: I think not
Dale: See you later Guy.
rich-c: OK Guy, good to have you here, get back soon!
Pamela-achooo: gnite Guy - hi to Sandra
McRonald: Nite Mr. Foster
BobS: don't even think about that Guy, too long a time to contemplate
Guy "Adamite" F.: Take care all, Dale, leave me an email if you want to make it down to Montreal.
McRonald: don't do anything I wouldn'
BobS: nite GuyF
McRonald: t do
Guy "Adamite" F.: Thanks PAM, I will! See you all next week.
BobS: how's the weather coming our way Ron.......?
Pamela-achooo: if I go the alcohol route it will be straight to the good stuff - there's a bottle of Bailey's in my fridge
McRonald: we finally got rid of the snow after 2-1/2 months
BobS: lately you have been falling down on the here has been yucky
Guy "Adamite" F. left chat session
McRonald: out this afternoon raking gravel back onto the driveway
McRonald: You don't put Baileys in the fridge Pam
BobS: ah...........PAM.......Baileys ?!?!?!?
Pamela-achooo: all the stuff that got tossed aside by the snowblower?
BobS: don't waste it ! DRINK IT
McRonald: sorry.... I stand corrected..... just got advice to the contrary
Pamela-achooo: thanks, Sue!
BobS: we never did either Ron, but seems like the last bottle said after opening, refirg
McRonald: Sue says men don't know nothin
Pamela-achooo: yes, it has cream in it
rich-c: why are you taking prednisone for a cold? that stuff is a killer
BobS: YES WE DO !!!!!
Pamela-achooo: if you don't refrig it, it will eventually go bad
BobS: we just don't flaunt it !!!!
McRonald: I took it because the Doctor gave it to me
Pamela-achooo: chest cold Ron?
McRonald: I have a pre-disposition to pneumonia and also Athsma, so stronger measures are needed when a cold goes to my chest
Pamela-achooo: that's why
Dale: I've never stored Bailey's in the fridge.
McRonald: I am informed that Bailey's has cream in it
McRonald: shows you what I know
BobS: si senor
Pamela-achooo: I do like your wife, Ron : )
Dale: It never hurt me.
BobS: Baileys Irish CREME
Dale: The alchohol is a preservative don't you know.
McRonald: thank you she says
rich-c: yes, I was an it for my COPD until very recently, Ron, and it really tears you up
Dale: I'm not so sure there is actually creme in Baileys.
Pamela-achooo: she is very welcome : )
Pamela-achooo: it doesn't get used a lot around here so once open, it goes in the fridge
rich-c: I believe it is honest Irish dairy cream, Dale
McRonald: I just had to explain to Susan what and emoticon is
Dale: I see it does contain 44% cream according to wikipedia.
McRonald: :)
Pamela-achooo: also, it's easier to make a Bailey's freeze if it's cold
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm back
McRonald: That's what I like about Dale - he researches stuff
Dale: And should be stored between 5 and 35 degrees Celcius.
McRonald: Susan says she's had one of those, says it's very good
Dale: So that's fridge or shelf kind of stuff.
McRonald: Wants to know if you've had a vodka Jelly
rich-c: you people are making me thirsty - brb
McRonald: Rich is off to the fridge again
Pamela-achooo: oh yes, I made one on a Friday last summer - lasted all night and was incredible
Pamela-achooo: the Baileys that is - unfortunately, vodka is not my thing
McRonald: Susan says you're her kind of person Pam
Dale: Apparently Bailey's actually uses up 4.3% of the total milk production in all of Ireland.
Pamela-achooo: why thank you, ma'am
Dale: So it really has cream in it seems.
rich-c: yes, Ron, getting my Wednesday chat beer
McRonald: enjoy my son, you deserve it
Pamela-achooo: I'm partial to the girly drinks - baileys, kahlua, long islands, fuzzy navels, Wild Vines wine
rich-c: weeks I miss chat, I nearly perish of thirst
Dale: And it was invented in 1971-1974 as a good idea for an export product.
Dale: Who knew that there is no real R.A. Bailey.
McRonald: Seems it was a hit Dale
Pamela-achooo: I'll say
McRonald: sort of thing you wish you'd thought of
Pamela-achooo: well, they had all this Irish hanging around . . .
rich-c: trouble is, it takes the express track to the waistline, with a load of freight aboard
McRonald: Could finance Adamcons forever with the proceeds
Dale: I'll be back again.
McRonald: next life?
Pamela-achooo: really really swanky Adamcons at that
McRonald: I'm coming back as a drummer
McRonald: you bet Pam
Pamela-achooo: I wish they would bring back Grand Marnier cream
rich-c: don't worry, if I win the 6/49 tonight, next Adamcon is on me
McRonald: remember who your friends are Rich
rich-c: see above Ron
McRonald: :)
BobS: ahhh....didn't know we loswt Grand Marnier cream
Pamela-achooo: by the way, why are you McRonald? Is that the Mac play?
BobS: sounds great though
McRonald: didn't even know we HAD Grand Marnier Cream
rich-c: it came, it got seen, it didn't conquer
McRonald changed username to MacRonald
MacRonald: ok.... that should clarify it
Pamela-achooo: yes was available for a while shortly after Russell and I got together - so around the end of the '80s
rich-c: copycats do not always prosper
MacRonald: yes... I am on a Mac
rich-c: which one this week, Ron?
MacRonald: it is an eMac, rather crudely name by Susan as "bigass"
Pamela-achooo: somehow I didn't think it had anything to do with McD's :)
BobS: THAT was a lifeltime ago
MacRonald: Susan does not like computers, nor the amount of time I spend on them
rich-c: that suggests Susan is a Windows advocate
MacRonald: by protest only. If she had her way, Windows 95 would be alive and well
Pamela-achooo: computers are addictive
MacRonald: Her's runs Vista, but only because that's what it came wit
rich-c: I was getting a new battery for my laptop week or so ago
rich-c: computer shop guy said he can't sell Vista - commercial customers won't accept it
Pamela-achooo: was?
Pamela-achooo: ah
MacRonald: never in the field of modern computing was so much fouled up by so few
rich-c: have to show Susan ow and where a computer caters to her prejudices
MacRonald: ??
BobS: si......but I have to admit, the upgrade to XP solved alot of harware problems on installation for novice like me
BobS: hardware
rich-c: that's what has Frances addicted - what she wants to know about, it tells her
Pamela-achooo: sometimes I wish it would tell me
MacRonald: That's pretty much where Susan is too. She's quite capable of finding out stuff
BobS: it is a dumb machine...BUT a great tool if it gives you what you want
MacRonald: exactly
rich-c: Frances has her cycle of websites she's on almost daily
Pamela-achooo: unfortunately sometimes what i want to know about isn't available to tell
BobS: the PROBLEM is it alwasy can give me what I want
Pamela-achooo: or I'm not asking the right question
BobS: exactly !!!!!
rich-c: big ones at the moment include sleep apnea and hip replacement - got curious about mine
BobS: kind of garbage in = garbage out
MacRonald: yes, an anti-gravity device, a tree that grows money, and a way of looking into the future as far as next weeks loto
MacRonald: If I get 3, I don't need 2
Pamela-achooo: if you get two, you don't need three
MacRonald: whatever Pam
rich-c: aside, Pam - did you get my Instant?
Pamela-achooo: especially if it has seeds - just plant your way to your fortune
MacRonald: ah, one can always dream
Pamela-achooo: oh s*** Dad, I forgot
Pamela-achooo: I'll put it on this week's list
Pamela-achooo: I was not at my best on
Pamela-achooo: Sunday morning
rich-c: no big deal - but when you bring it by I have anotehr Indigo credit
Pamela-achooo: putting it on the list right now
Pamela-achooo: wait, where's my list???
Pamela-achooo: heck
Pamela-achooo: think I buried it
MacRonald: It will be in the last place you look Pam
rich-c: must be in your purse - have to mount an expedition
Pamela-achooo: welcome to the disaster I call my living room
Pamela-achooo: no, too big for my purse
Daniel Bienvenu: it took many minutes, but I was able to try MESS (a multi computer-console emulator)... and the sound emulation is deceptive
Pamela-achooo: aha!
MacRonald: MESS - is that a new one
MacRonald: ??
Pamela-achooo: found it - with the flyers, strangely enough
rich-c: Daniel, where do you cross the line from where a multi-emulator is better than a virtual machine?
MacRonald: I admire your sense of organization Pam
MacRonald: lists go with flyers, and flyers generate lists
Daniel Bienvenu: mess is not a new emulator, I tried it the first time around year 2000.
Pamela-achooo: problem is Ron, they're in a pile on the floor, where I dumped them last night looking for something else
Pamela-achooo: and they're last week's flyers
Daniel Bienvenu: mess was the first coleco emulator I tried that came with a debugger
MacRonald: @Daniel: oh, ok..... hadn't heard of it
Pamela-achooo: as I said, welcome to the disaster that is my living room
rich-c: so much for organization - she gets it from her parents
MacRonald: comment have I not
Daniel Bienvenu: For Mac, Mugrat seems to be the popular ColecoVision emulator
rich-c: Susan teaching you tact?
Pamela-achooo: I said recently, I'm an organized soul in a procrastinator's body - I know where everything should go, I just put off getting it there : )
MacRonald: Must try that one. Mugrat
Pamela-achooo: no, he knows better : )
MacRonald: Now trying to find one that will allow bigass to run Ubuntu 8.10 without choking
MacRonald: Virtual Box almost resulted in the death of the poor beast
MacRonald: VM Ware, I refuse to pay for
MacRonald: There's gotta be something out there
Daniel Bienvenu: a virtual box... I think there is one named QEmu
rich-c: where Mac is concerned, I know from nothing, but one of my carnuts buddies might
MacRonald: Yup, ok... haven't tried that yet. You're quite right Daniel Thanks you very much
rich-c: got an IT guy who uses virtual machines exclusively, I believe on a Mac
MacRonald: run that by him Rich, ifn youd be so kind
Daniel Bienvenu: a page about qemu and kvm... here
Daniel Bienvenu:
rich-c: of course he can charge his to the company, but I've ehard him mutter about VM Ware not being worth it
MacRonald: thanks Daniel
Pamela-achooo: there, flyers in recycling
MacRonald: Yes, so I've heard Rich
Pamela-achooo: brb
rich-c: in Windows I can get all sorts of comments, but Mac users are fewer
MacRonald: Might just have to revive the Windows box sitting at my feet and so far unplugged
Dale: Well when I've used VMWare, it was amazing.
Dale: Completely indespensible for the work I was doing.
MacRonald: really Dale?
Dale: It allowed me to wind back changes to a system, so that I could always do a clean install.
MacRonald: Have not tried it for a while. Last time, the wanted $90. to let me continue
MacRonald: Problem is that room is at a premium, unless I go back to piling one on top of another
MacRonald: Promised I wouldn't do that
Dale: Well, vmware player is now free at least:
Dale: I'm not clear if that would be enough or not though.
MacRonald: ok, thanks Dale, I'll give it a shot
Dale: QEmu is always getting better though.
MacRonald: T'is my latest project.
Dale: My business partner uses QEmu because he likes open source stuff better.
rich-c: I'm trying to figure out what you would want it for
MacRonald: Of course, I take flak from my new spouse for being interested in such things, but slowly she is getting used to me
MacRonald: Now Richard, you're sounding like Susan
MacRonald: BECAUSE IT'
MacRonald: IS There!
rich-c: OK, just making sure youi hadn't succum,bed to normality yet
MacRonald: right
MacRonald: there is pressure so to do
rich-c: I'd likely do it too but never can find the time
MacRonald: well yes, that's always a problem
rich-c: resist it - we have too much around already
MacRonald: yes, I must, I must
MacRonald: Just looked up at your comment re Open Source Dale, and yes..... it has come a long long way in the past few years
Dale: is a guy siting beside some adamite.
rich-c: now if I could only learn Linux...
Pamela-achooo: any one we know?
MacRonald: Copied that Link Dale..... you've got me curious
MacRonald: I've only learned enough to be dangerous Rich. Works some of the time
Dale: It is a giant Adamite rock.
Pamela-achooo: ohhhh, ok
MacRonald: Wow! What the heck is that
MacRonald: a rock eh?
MacRonald: Some rock
Dale: A more normal sized one:
MacRonald: ok. Is that like Kryptonite?
Dale: Funny thing about mineral rocks is that they aren't picky about color:
Pamela-achooo: interesting
rich-c: there really is a mineral called adamite? whaddya know?
MacRonald: We must get one for the 'cons
MacRonald: we could transport it around
Dale: Adamite is a zinc arsenate hydroxide mineral, Zn2AsO4OH.
Dale: Says so in Wikipedia.
Pamela-achooo: with pj's tee
rich-c: what is it good for, if anything?
MacRonald: it causes people to chat profusely
MacRonald: from long distances
Pamela-achooo: LOL
MacRonald: does it affect Superman's strength
rich-c: long as at doesn't disable any Adam when placed in the vicinity
MacRonald: ??
rich-c: like kryptonite
Dale: It glows brilliantly in UV light.
Dale: So that is what it is known for.
rich-c: aha, a stelth critter, lurker in the dark
BobS: ok, so we buy and unltraviolet light and shine our aDAMs
MacRonald: there ya go Bob!
MacRonald: And then we will control the WORLD!!~
rich-c: and that would show how a computer gets a glow on
MacRonald: somehow this discussion is going down hill
rich-c: I better go rinse the beer glass - brb
MacRonald: Have one bored German Shepherd here....he wants me to play
MacRonald: more pressure to get off the computer
MacRonald: it's everywhere
Pamela-achooo: y'all are getting silly on me
rich-c: well, tell him in 15 minutes you'll consider it - but this time is your time
Pamela-achooo: so what happens when a German Shepherd gets bored?
MacRonald: exactly Rich
rich-c: lies there and looks up at you with big reproachful; eyes
MacRonald: He licks my arm, and wimpers, and brings in a toy for me to try and get away from him
MacRonald: yeah, the eyes get you every time
BobS: for cryin out loud, he doesn't know you are bigger, smarter, and faster ???? ok, maybe not faster
Pamela-achooo: big puppy eyes
MacRonald: Wouldn't put money on that Bob
rich-c: I've seen the schtick - gets you every time
Pamela-achooo: there's a reason it works
MacRonald: Anyway people, I'm going to bid you a fond goodnight
Pamela-achooo: and it leads to puppy talk too : )
MacRonald: hopefully next week will be back
Dale: Hope to see you then Bob.
rich-c: right Ron, glad to have you by, do come again soon
MacRonald: yep. Be well all!
Pamela-achooo: night Ron - say goodnight to Susan for us
MacRonald: G'night
MacRonald: done!
MacRonald left chat session
BobS: nite Ron
rich-c: looks like we have a definite subversion job to do on Ron ; - )
BobS: gone in sixty seconds
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Pamela-achooo: where did you go Daniel?
rich-c: you get knocked off, Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry.... I had a problem with my chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: I was unable to type any text and it became suddently very slow
rich-c: your end, or the Java applet here?
Daniel Bienvenu: I did kill the process, and reload the page
Pamela-achooo: that was quick
BobS: oops. and we thought that it was just a US problem !!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: well, it's the first time I tried to record video and sound at the same time of a chat session
rich-c: when you know your way around computers like Daniel does, anything is quick
BobS: ahso
rich-c: but none of us are using webcams - are we?
Daniel Bienvenu: using builtin web cam now with my laptop
Pamela-achooo: well, I think I shall take my cold and put it to bed
Daniel Bienvenu: well, not now... I'm using my desktop computer
Dale: Goodnight Pam.
BobS: nite Pam
rich-c: OPK Pam, keep us posted - your mother is fussed, as usual
BobS: and we need to go here also.......
Pamela-achooo: tell Mom not to fuss Dad
rich-c: well, you ditch the cokd, then ;-)
Pamela-achooo: I'm trying, believe me : )
rich-c: right Bob, take care, see you next week
Pamela-achooo: goodnight all
BobS: yes, see ya on a warmer Wed
BobS: nite
BobS left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight all, I'm leaving too. I will try to finish the video with emulators tonight.
Daniel Bienvenu: you will get an email by the mailing list
Daniel Bienvenu: (if it works)
rich-c: bonne chance, Daniel - bonsoir, a la prochaine
Pamela-achooo: gnite Daddy
Pamela-achooo: kerpoof
Pamela-achooo left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Pam, Rich, GuyB, Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: take care
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Dale: Goodnight everyone who just left.
rich-c: that rather cuts back the group in a hurry
rich-c: Guy, are you still with us?
rich-c: guess hye's busy with other things - time for me to go, too
Dale: Have a good night.
rich-c: thank you dale, and same to you - good luck in Montreal
Dale: Sure.
Dale: Should be fun.
Dale: Bye Guy B.
rich-c: Guy, our thoughts are with you - see you next week
rich-c: night both
Dale left chat session
rich-c left chat session
Guy B. left chat session
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